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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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go risk and get all bonia on al jazeera ah madison and tell her the top stories on al jazeera, the number of people killed in, so's these attacks as couple airport and if kind of stand as wisdom to $110.00, that includes 13 members of the us military, the on groups i saw k has claimed responsibility taliban has condemned the attacks . us president joe biden says the service personnel killed our heroes is vying to make those responsible pay. biden insists the evacuation of americans and afghans will continue to those who carried out just attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm. no. this we will not forgive.
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we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. how defend our interest in our people with every measure at my command? charlotte has more from campbell. well the taliban as so far, we know that they have be pulling in fighters from the provinces to try and better protect cobble. they've been doing that for the last few days. but as the attacks yesterday proved seemly too little effect. although the target bomb blamed the americans for causing the hysteria and causing pushing the amount of people in that direction to try and get out of the way. because of what they're offering and evacuation out of the country. it's going to be said that the taliban
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are actually supposed to be in control of the area outside the perimeter fence of the board. and yesterday, as we were beginning to really feel increasing warnings of an imminent attack, the situation in that area was incredibly changed. it's all about for aggressive, arguably than we've seen them before trying to keep people out of that area. they put up an additional barrier, a couple of buses across the road entrance into the airport. that's the southern gate, and that's where one of these attacks happened. the other one close by the, by our hotel. we know, according to the pentagon, that the americans and the taliban have been working together in trying to protect civilians and the airport from attacks. although we're seeing at this stage. and so the pentagon, se, cooperation between the 2 sides, that in theory all ends in
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a couple of days and it is obviously the debatable as to how competent the taliban are going to be dealing with this iso threat does as a school children have been freed in northern nigeria not to be abducted from an islamic school 3 months ago. 136 students were taken by government from time to hey, now it's not known exactly how many have been released. peruse the president's pedal kasteel is facing his toughest test. yes, his congress debates a vote of confidence in his new cabinet around 2000 pro and anti casino demonstrators have been gathering outside the building. i did a lot of radicalism in the sense that we really want all the problems of better to be removed by the route. so we have a lot of hope and we are going to mobilize because the people have on and in that sense it's very democratic. brazil supreme court has started debating a landmark case that'll determine the land rights of indigenous people. around 6000
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protesters are in brasilia to demand judges, protect them, land grabbers illegal miners, loggers and farmers protested in columbia, urging congress to adopt to emergency policies to benefit the poor. the sizes march to the capital, the top. they weren't lawmakers to approve a union back to package of 10 measures. it includes a minimum basic income of $275.00 a month. hundreds of thousands of people in the u. s. could be evicted from their homes after the supreme court ended monitoring them, imposed during the pandemic. it had been status until october, but a coalition of landlords in real estate groups requested the ban should be lifted. and those are the headlines. the news continues here on algae 0 in about half an hour after all just 0 world by me the.
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use the social media but she gave me little halting the ne anesha market the simple way me some of them kick molding on the lobby, halting, not even your duck. she'll go. yes. and if you don't know that it's been a good live, it's a no human flip. tom man must be a lot of fun. but if a show of him, hallway kish li lead to go yes. and the lawyer the
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social on the team peers deal. so it clearly is awesome at so show me or my team a on the look on your luck, you'd actually be one of us the going to say was a gum. my was somebody do that? yes. say, i'll be me to same shaneesa moving the same law holding me o. l. e. cohen. code name agent. 88 works for the israeli intelligence service most. and while his story goes back 50 years, many key details are only emergent out. most of that has never spoken publicly about any color,
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but simeon sources have now shed new light on the case. cohen was recruited as in his railing spy, but then the sent undercover in south america using an alias to prepare for his eventual deployment to syria. the stakes could not have been hired as the man, the israelis called a super spine, would ultimately discover to the cost. it's a story that begins with politics. in 1950 years egyptian president gammel, i've done nasa signed a treaty with syria to form what was known as the united arab republic. israel viewed the new state with concerns, syria was a big mystery to, while israel really in the whole world because it was going through a state of flux, in part,
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that's because general nasser down at egypt wanted to create a pan arab league or nation and syria would be part of it. the me me lisa lived. if i do love military, lot of our last summer class she dumb. she was ny, and i should sleep there by the us, me, me tunnel. i see it, the more dean shirley coin via the famous ravine of 2. i can get damaged, so linda will the machine to i can gumble thumbs money. me a call. she will be in latoya be it may mother while boil p a. i love
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learning about it would require some highly placed agents and that meant l. the co and the ne cohen was born in the egyptian coastal city of alexandria. in 1924. his parents had moved to egypt from leper in syria. in 1957 cohen moved to israel ah, 3 years later, his language skills and background caught the attention of his military intelligence. well, shame on me. we don't see me the way i'm the old name man. what? the william o. d e a shall show up, but colonel chil noise suit was shown keyshawn. she's the most shalean of
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a sybil because they're not showing such daily kid or mcclay v lawyer twins. and should it should chime glue we ought to want know? i'm in the blue, my low mit, some in the blue militia military, the shipment, all of what he said the huffman, although over delivered shallow with this. so didn't know we are those tell me some of the to the commerce, the foot of a mom or villa we m o d t again t j. shelly, i'm the only coin shell to our to village and meet for each node. let me see mushroom anemic, usually for hort machine show to be mega, limb, dog, vein mission, money. rob, when i give it the most clinical,
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is it it yet? if you, if you look to you because told, told shad cohen was recruited after the most of the director general spotted his name among files of rejected candidates. he was given the fate of assyrian businessmen come at the top in israel. it had the training camp set out for spies, that's where he went to get his identity. that's where he went to learn. his spike craft was there that this handler helped shape the cover identity that they were creating for him to operate in syria, l eco. and needed to talk like syria, a specialist is really linguistic training section. unit 131,
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set about changing his accent. they also created a cover story for the new agent at the, the must, the more, the dollars. i'd love the way that y'all, i don't know, i should put on out of the island. i mean this yes, if you will use all we don't get the family on the on that i leave leg and the under the, judging by the bill. she's a loony loose really? i'm cool. are you out of the fact that there is some mean my about almost, i mean want to build a credible back story, most not vincent cohen by then known as come out target to watch and tina again. tina ducky le, shall go. linda ma sky, me came lucian and we are talk,
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was the cashier who mismatched the shambling conical hole. i will call it the village beard. i never saw much. navarro the holy bear my last 2 months. he looked dull cornel guarantee, and i will be 50 pork official. kesha sir, came the holy vish my way the seal. ma, what are you? who will ship? shall we live? domestic you will leave dorcas shortlist some stuff. come with me said that they had the 15 years for all woman. how was your wife here, john? what? oh no, through hon. no, i do on nadia. out of that address either story and feel that the father
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shot saudi. a mob will not be for the fission, yet easiest from a lot of them. and i was young people, lot of the last session. but the majority of the above will be what i wish. sure you got to see. i was given, my ha, the good always left them enough though. so human had been dudley, but what he thought he was on your part, that of non show you the avenue from out of fission 11. i love the video michelle from the how you smoked mary of love me meanwhile, now says egypt, syria lions fell apart. last the house. we had
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the fish model from our live. yeah. i had the candidate a comma. hannah house in fish. kind of a lot of the moment and you can do in fish on whom you want to do but does not get a meal. half oldman must go, don't go that gun puddle. mother yelled him for a whole new goody, but must have noticed the ideal. i'm bad to see. i don't you don't get mad. hide you from the la. scary, but i mean, no hoffers who would later become syrian president was sent to watch and tina as military attaching. but did he meet eli cohen there any co in lesser way? yes. i had the navy still had me living in the how you look good going to 30 you had sleeping
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of my why this t now you will actually move to the option for halo do we had received the number in the coin building in the, in the could they live assisting, work if we shall be fed well, the other so of august it, if tell me what you see the huck. i mean the huff is numb monopoly of the building in tina. but leave a key me. i mean a half is ok. surely ot sure me me huffy, bisman show you the p log. let's nicole. and call it a be taught by a him been me time live in soule. we are or dinah a bicker here? not the show them. i say government offices. i know it off in order to
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continue show, show malicious all but mostly i mean, how come has rules? sylvia to mil to la. holla, gillis sharma, ella, hook door bill, and we're going to increase the loan going well, it's my fish. while my old low miles loma, i will not i may i don't even half of the month i went to look to move in in late december 1961. cohen's deployment to syria was ready to begin. he stopped off for the italian port city of genoa. there he met another spying measured ship aloft, and inform for the si fi genoa stud or measure shift on how the army will run now to best of luck. lucia noah was a fool. no other than that,
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no gun. i mean it, i mean, not to but you know, the last already. yeah. but none with that that would be a man. no. my just ship a lot. all the way sure is offered, jani, white, like the minimal solar genoa must only on died off job se yada. this, in majesty, i don't want bill and how heavy the hillock coffee and read a little bit. i just would follow the video with the menu shop. fun as my say, your bill murder will all be and i'll do the story. you know, we did. it was
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a bottle mall along. are you on the on this i shouted was labeled with manny why the man you can do on the bus? will bosh on a shelf the fossil that they are all measure her day to allow me soft or hard doing when i'm the enough being one me doing and a bare room or a j. i show my say this is alone. chris lay out more now. do you may wanna sierra or co hain, mo, nothing dean, while ne, me can be honest by just check the j o.
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a riving in damascus in january 1960 to eli colon or comment target set about establishing himself in the upper echelons of serbian society. he settled in the up market, abu romano district home to several ambassadors and leading politicians. hey about a man not going to debrief unless he was to find out about my success, laska. yes. cobra let the can. and that he at the wrong levels with multiple mom be much higher. yeah, ross, i'm going to cushion last saturday. lou murphey,
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how well do that was done the 30 saudi camel, i mean sad to fulfill that dollar more data for it after the warrior must say keith law misspelled a and the shame sham with theodore the b me stuff and color the me stop them latasha but little started their little bit of domestic so illegally domestic obama. the film looks on the hud. ma'am, i me stuff sure must certainly be nor surely let different hush in the who cute little to look a little more. don't the acute law this 1st of all, it young sheila, i'm a call. okay, melissa howard in around the same time as eli cohen arrived in syria, the world was watching the verdict of the dramatic trial of idols. iceland. iceland
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was one of the architects of the nazi holocaust when between 5 and 6000000 jews were exterminated during world war 2. he was captured in argentina by more side agents, tried and then subsequently executed in israel following lights when his capture and execution. israel turned its attention to his assistant, always bruna, list salon. knew how to be. there was a small letters from the george fin, showed shirking. odd. who will show on many danny, who shoved saudi is my father if i begin my shop or can we start who actually had you saw last year, but it gives you physical saturday. i one of cohen's 1st
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tasks was to track down louis for his role in sending europe, ian, jews to nazi concentration. camps with him to see you again at always. 3 major. the 40 your and you yet are off. i wish there was sad. i've my shad, i'm man dr. estimates from john d and, and none of the industry, you know, that the father listed, but i know that know all i'm up to 5 or finally but the burden, i'm sure hot hot hot wife. my i thought the new bought all my fun. but you little john, do do much. my yan is mess up law your doctor, are we thought ralph of had
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a lot of the new god for nation, mr. george fib should know about the food call him federal that the, the mostly, the coyote and you know, yeah. and the most of us having spent several months in syria cohen was ready to return to israel to be debriefed by his most. i'd handles him. i don't want to put a local in death facility a little while article a minute. me a minute and my my trash kitty. i'm, i don't want to ask you how you can coin can data for it's like to read and out of the what are the do it went up a little tyler list went up a little. tell them how about this and logical. yeah. does she know you're not in a, any like in multiple colors? this one?
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can we allow the whole purpose to i think it was stuck, but why did that ministry to the manager? so how much of a ruined the end jani had had? because i'm not enough that i use the hydro, got oscar mix. sure for the smart man gonna bring up the me but not enough that down in order to show this. ma ha, i love the she asked i will of the will ask already come on. i will not touch him done not if i love you saw the funeral after my son must have medical just medical medical 0. which
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blood i love to slot for you, but you have mom. oh, in talk to the net gradually causes in on more side agents. it all frank assessments by way it was a game surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on to. it was 40 to come up with 2 is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between cool and any other. great. then we have corporate here between 34 years re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our
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jazeera, the taliban has taken control of f. kennesaw for 20 years. also it was the whole from power the country. now faith is a new reality. how will that impact the people as events unfold in the world, react with the latest news and analysis from us going on with jealousy? she does with it very glamorous. it's part of our whole job to, to our very, very special occasion. and for that people who spend money, everything because what they do is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and turn things around my, my dear on out there. ah, the city of cobble has experience so much people for decades and they says another
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change to get used to. and one that's far from easy situation. for now, it's not clear. the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic crime, in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to true punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again, parental now together. that feeling that way forward into the new reality in 2009 a torture victim of the brutal argent time the della regime confronted his interrogator . torture? no, no, no, no. i wasn't to ensure i was interrogated, has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier. i do that to you were telling like an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3 wind interrogating
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a torture on al jazeera. oh i'm not that isn't until the tops tony's analogies in the number of people killed. infirmities attacks at campbell airport and have got to stand has risen $210.00. that includes 13 members of the us military. the on group ice. ok has came responsibility. the taliban has condemned the attacks of the us president joe biden . the says the service personnel killed our heroes. he's wanting to make those responsible pay. biden insist the evacuation of americans and afghans will continue to those who carried out just attack.


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