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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 9:30am-10:00am AST

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or why didn't think to me in the end 3 wind interrogating a torture on al jazeera. ah, i'm not madison until the tops tony's analogy 0. the number of people killed in 1st . his attacks had couple important have got to stand, has risen 210. that includes 13 members of the us military. the on group ice ok has came responsibility. the taliban has condemned the attacks of us. president joe biden, the says the service personnel killed our heroes. he's wanting to make those responsible pay biden and says the evacuation of americans and afghans will continue to those who carried out just attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm. no.
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this, we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. how defend our interest in our people with every measure at my command. that the school children have been freed in northern nigeria after being abducted from a slimy school 3 months ago. 136 students were taken by government from the town of keana. it's not known exactly how many have been released. peruse new president pedro castillo is facing his toughest test yet. is congress debates a vote of confidence in his new cabinet around 2000 pro and anti castillo demonstrations gathered outside congress, and police had to step in to separate them. brazil supreme court has started debating a landmark case that will determine the land rights of indigenous people. around
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6000 protesters are in brasilia to demand. judges protect to protect them from land grabbers illegal miners, loggers and farmers. protesters in columbia are urging congress to adopt the emergency policies to benefit the poor. they want lawmakers to approve a union bags package of 10 measures. it includes a minimum basic income of $235.00 a month. hundreds of sizes of people in the u. s. could be evicted from their homes after the supreme court ended. a monitor him imposed during the pandemic. had been extended until october, but a coalition of landlords of real estate groups requested the bank. the lifted easy island is extending its nationwide locked down until tuesday, after reporting 70 new cases of corona virus. all kinds going to remain locked on for another 2 weeks. and those are the headlines knowledge back to odyssey world, the by the,
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in the early 960 s l e cohen was an important agent of the as really national intelligence service, most a flu and speaker of the syrian out of the dialect. he was embedded within the upper echelons of damascus society or trusted by influential syrians and by international diplomats. any tone posed as a syrian businessmen using the name commonwealth target. adoption is last learned yard that. so he mode she late curve, let them in. you can whole shut them, you can have machine sitting still among them on the montana medina. medina, dim and similar, yet will you will. it's normal was clearly coined who lived in a hotmail, maloney class more alarm labor, sisterly. i say it was the i'm the uncle should stifle about the low, low,
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more lovely stuff above the hot watch in it. no law kid, they should. william, she bought select, i mean been of the chalet and he called it how much made the more that the whole the who live the commissioner myself, she will buckle tylenol all the more him may issue coming from god or the big one in terms of this is his contribution to taking the golan heights in the 9676 a war he gets a lot of credit for that. that's the 110 bowl of his legacy. one other sort of your local drive,
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my mother. most of the stuff about the as a she sort of the senate meant a lot of be going island doesn't have to. that will be me and every one i'm and all of it or a little monkey, i meant to ask ali a, but is julia and my other issue well, are you learn? yes. well, law illegally thought about that. and i believe that the general looked up under a lawful asleep if he could forward another that on the totally honest beta were the low also followed by the la la la la, i'm on that too much. you give me dusty the bill of the bill on the model. so we, we said that the markets, all the money slippers, the mother shit man will pay today. because the, to me as the only day, you know, normally she only proven
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a shot. the holy and boys who must, who, who, because the so the law your me below got out the whole evasion of the goal and life is a lot more complex than what one particular spike or the given it was a hard fought that all he got to give a lot of credit to the take forces of these railey defense force. you've got to give a lot of credit to their air force. you gotta get all the credit to other intelligence venues. an outlet that they had. it was a massive, massive project. and of course, he was part of the puzzle that contributed to that, and that was part of that. but there's a lot of sources been saying for years that his role and that has been exaggerated . and i think there, right, if you will him most happy if you saw the other
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one is the small mission fab. but the media in order to live on the welcome a lot. i mean one. okay. have you been listening to me? i mean, not been yes, well, not rather the east in oregon, but on may. so the little help about that sort of you don't a little me. yeah. natalie. and i love your new not having hope a silly michel fall. will you talk to you about them? and if i do on the hook you up on the shell, see what her mother, i'm on one of the one hand way copier. i live in the glade. well, you know, and so i leave the off the mark is the wheel the novel or don't
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eligible out of the words i to 63 that very it was very, very eventful in siri. and then there's really affairs for what the biggest, the most important was the takeover of the, by this party. huge shift. well, it was just in our critical time and then shifts of the israel even telegraph. and then the syrian government to that was very eventful, period. cohen paid a visit to israel in march 1963. the same month as the out of nationalist boss, party seized power in syria in a major coup. he returned to israel the following year for family reasons. the l e last visit israel took place in november
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1964 and he came back without the permission of is handlers because he wanted to be present for the birth of his 3rd child. his 1st son is the $102.00 name lily, shy, dan bets. bernard show com michelle 30, but this is should be told him, but the normal b r for van is a to the hospital. i mean, they load coal is been going me the co tunnel a cut them a dos daniel. wow. told the holly far they may even feel what's because they look carefully the yard more lately because she missed l. t. a that's been not easily mailed by the name, it should give no call. tom, i wish release his wife,
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natty later said that he was nervous. he was frustrated. he was worried, he wanted to come in from the cold, but bosses would let him was he ready to give up? was he nervous? was he thought if that had been burned out? he probably should have been pulled in by maza, but he was so ear replaceable. returning to syria, his associates measured shake aloud told cohen that france rather mocker nazi war criminal was hiding in damascus. brought him okay, had fled germany after being convicted of the murder of serbian jews. the court which love of the shot record should be the yeoman. the more familiar visual figler my fame will the limits of rule not seek his shift than donnelly for global because you'll see pictures of the ocean over the ocean
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before he saw the holy. physically holton. i'm sure it will all read to me. i've heard people call some book di, done the kuda will gum a valid soon. feel me call is the of of the need to and just suing. oh, what is my name? it should do my love a book for listen to shauna. she should i name miss emily. there will be unless of course kimberly would mostly she'll give you holy sh just looking to me and we will send them surely. mom me. there was any puzzled lack of a report, but i had to go lucky him how you use him, but it's a cannot only for short. shaleeko miss last sylvia w sharma surely ship you trim lots. all may only mahogany. let me look, the cars are going to be able by best you can say about why he was not slowing down to the civil arrogance self importance sets of invulnerability.
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but he just thought he couldn't be god. he thought he was just too damn good to be now. and he was wrong big time. so he kind of set up his own downfall. and that just has to be accepted that master spy. he was in so many ways. but his weaknesses were big weaknesses. with the ultimate weakness it was in that cockiness was he is over use of the radio, especially in 64 and early 65 before they captured him, caught him. he did that to himself by simply staying on the radio much, much,
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much longer than he should have. he violated trade craft shaleeko and keep in the latter dyllis mixed in other ha, she didn't hold the level of the machine or more natalie should then they should, they will go much. just did the cook. i should also you of built a duly mushroom. did the cook? oh, came to mushed in the cold tone, had company his radio transmissions had been intercepted by syrian intelligence, but were using specialist russian equipment. they suspected that a spine was operating in damascus, yet he thinks about the thought best. why? yes. at the school and the mom that that yeah. and if you reach ownership,
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help them origin this week by my model for it was a let it work, the letter that i do. that's why you, what you saw, the muscles for. don't mean how much really benny would you let him know when she does she usually notice of the play i didn't use any show how this is my with district law. sad lucky. this is donny and nolan and on the top of it. okay. and just, and i'm at are couple, well, i mean, how will not, if my own should shakita and you're going to best enough to so father in the, the
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the 7 intelligence initially failed to find the colon and his transmitter at one point they believe the signals were coming from a french cultural institute. their response was to launch a surprise rate on it. as soon as you got, i've got 3 foot feet high, just 2 and a young lord john peter. and i am to go for the hustling j. u. fucking on. look at the slow, puffy hunch for answer. how will us and god, would you go while i would hand for thought, we had me
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confused, but we didn't. one disco? the 2nd amount of money to my money. she had thought we had one guinea found for them. again, what i'm in then. one of them was hundreds of money. a few not a whole lot higher about a lot of lucia c and c for good. the thought of stood out, not a little more rooted on demand. there's any one. why? yes, and i wanted to see donnie will further have the federal slot. how do you smoke?
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you had to hold up one or more. julia knew that met him on this obvious blockage with your coming half all was young. again. i'm just your mouth. cumberland go love loyal does love the michelle in show what the chinese she needs bus be cool. she. oh billamore. i need to in the vote. bisman, all i miss you should get to take the whole of a shaft. well, i'm not law and they just saw the law if the who it the new. sure. like syrian politician and writer mode one, how bush studied the cohen case, gaining access to key documentation and even attending the trial. now for the 1st
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time, he speaks publicly of the dramatic events of january $965.00. how does it when they built lemonade, beth, i got all the, when i shot off the, how about was why braces, junior and know that's a studio that's for my mom, for sure. i will be in a bus. as usual, beth does have a visual notification about god who love to phosphate. there's probably a lot of it that might not hush my walked up the treasure until one shot at it, measured all the holiday to let us
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know what a year jada lockey just would. haven't lied them. how much does but she went off. i did my duty in which i did wrong, none of the forward but not in my phone. you had to come all of us are down in denver. sure. you saw the fact message, you had no one who thought him a few she can take you got you on your side. we've got to leave a message. she multiple offers one of the show to have the intelligence agents were baffled to find nothing. despite clearly evident civil radio signal coming from the apartment
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with that. but i thought it was a good day have a good day. so on monday she has the hot before they knew that about your salt salt as you had just moved for her. and also we had to go when she had this min, no, just got half of it done in the mail and the re they have room with them. and one is along a li says you has, we must dunham a trucker or no school. my food or a little bomb died factor. so my best to walk us died of them and do should be should we lead them with glow
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loan on a lo, it shall other v road to me for it was a show of issue with them for by a memory. sure. name. sure, boy, you mimi told me to the hospital, but i will shoot him and all much will cream to emulate him and see me. so the a and the ship should buy him. a level of the villa seemed a little natasha boy of shaquille local development. the russell them the similar to myself should one called him she doing them the same? sure. the law license lay slightly informative, then him show me more nicely. let me show on it. if told you, she kamisha your boy. i taught she to show me, how can she a boy would be aim before? shame to so many guilty me back by a mean shoot it over the name of your name was m, but let me show him. i mean,
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the coffee with, i mean of is portland, who are mailed back a lot o key, an issue because of the who you the, we did the need for that. them your, what your marshal had come a short and will show sure of a shot with issue and i tell you, and i had mission in our lab managers. madame, i says abraham in more jazz and it's more flu have to because they kind of 70 and it can be large until your move jack. now sell to go and ticket bill jump t mean tallies. zika smith about what like mar gimme to dig. hollywood couldn't was suddenly the jam slim and only about 4 bill hours until last year. quin erica jen and it was to me all you took how
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fall and mr was sally lacking your love seat or go shall you collect the nitty or do i am a l katie on this. ok the headman moment him get you a l. d embassy galleria, who and what killed on fisher would love to be said. are you dick and tell him hotter screen on that can been thickly o d u. we have 3 sash delicately ali, while i a who and a as he and a hollister, that he or as it am she are or your i cannot while did a good a hold the me you had to mom has have bout that, bobby that we should have couldn't cover said jolanda called back a call on friday holding me giving me shirley of
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the damage to alaska mac and ask us about that. can see a heck him at them. i know you should come up, but we plan in the 11 earlier but it was in had gone to the tomato suddenly monday had them had them feel free 30 that lead can live with grow, know a lot less and then the that the political age him can play jam about to be slay the mother could love to talk with him,
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was goodness and i did that on the mother's level. has to be sort of we're trying to do them id in the bottom, which i will see you will see on the model for all but doing just manual that we can chat a little bit of luck will help you know i left off to your new master whether my i did it, i know she had the message she had the on the module and we'll we'll have to wait on you over 50 years after his execution.
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mystery still surrounds l. e. cohen's life as a spine be israeli national intelligence agency ma side has never spoken publicly about his mission in damascus. and although syrian sources have filled him key details of his capture, the syrian government as never revealed where cohen's remains are kept in israel and the co and continues to be celebrated as a super spy. plaza chief minutes are marked in popular culture with streets, neighborhoods, and monuments named after him. but as with old real spies stories, we can probably never know all the facts and the details of koans additions career may never be revealed. amber and rocco record would be impacted with 19 the country vote in parliament. the
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election that will shape the future by listening post dissects the media. how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 attacks that the world 20 years on the war that followed that finally ended and i've gone to sun. but that's what so didn't real office a unique perspective on afghan, happy lind, history through the eyes of the fearless and vision refill makers. germany goes to the poles and elections the, the angular merkel replace. after 15 years in power. what will the results mean for germany and european union september on al jazeera? ah, hello, and here's her whether story for the middle east. the way we go. and we do get to talk about some sand and dust swirling around. thanks to this wind blowing down from iraq with the sand rate there for q weights in that northeast corner of saudi on friday. now in terms of kuwait or wind speeds that we're going to see this
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rising dust, gusting to about 50 kilometers per hour with a high a 50 degrees winds back off a bit on saturday, but still very humid conditions to contend with. speaking of those winds for southern airs, pakistan, karachi, you know, i still got to put it in there about gusts of 50 kilometers per hour. can it be expected on friday, over to turkey, and we've got stellar forecasts for is stumble with a high of $33.00 degrees. some sunshine, that winds will be brit scott times, but nothing major over to the tropics of africa right now. and we do have activity lining up through the democratic republic of congo central african republic, right into southern sections of chad on friday, further toward the south pole weather disturbance now plaguing the eastern cape. in fact, we could see wind gusts here of about 75 kilometers per hour and it will bring a cool pool of air across south africa. johannesburg is down to 17 degrees on saturday that your weather update. bye for now.
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the a tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors, me american mass, and reese, ah, and the bazaar dangerous attempt at regime change in the ball of every in republic of venezuela. people empowered the bay of pigs on al jazeera when the news breaks on wednesday, the 8th largest fire in california history. when people need to be heard, any people who are writing don't even know what i am with exclusive interviews, and i'll just be around teens on the ground with intensifying rain. people here fear that these are temporary solutions to renew,
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reward, winning document trees, and live need. ah, me that tell from the cable for the tax pass is $100.00 us president says those responsible will pay. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down the american ellis from afghanistan goes on, but you k evacuations will end in a matter of.


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