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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm AST

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and resume change in the ball a very in republic of venezuela. people empower the bay of pigs on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello. hello raman, watching the all the news. i lost my headquarters here in the hall coming up in the next 60 minutes, the death toll from the explosions of the international volt and the afghan capital passes. $100.00, the us president says those responsible will pay. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down. the american i live from, i got a son, continues the u. k says this evacuations will end in
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a matter of hours. also had counts the charities in lebanon, was that the country's economic collapse is putting thousands of people in danger. where the chronic shortage of medicine and truce between rival gangs in haiti helps to free up a flow 8 earthquake victims across the country. about them. it was a thought matches the city and from the international benjamin mandy appears in court. the football a is charged with full counts of rape and one of sexual assaults. ah, welcome to the news. i've got this phones capitol remains on edge. there's thousands of people in deterred by to bomb attacks trying to joined evacuation flights at cobbles, international airport. they've been desperate scenes near the location of thursday's twin. glass claimed by i saw that killed more than 100 people who are at
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one of the apple gates. the taliban has condemned the attacks as it tries to bulk up security in the city. us forces are also on high alert, a mid warnings of more attacks by the group. us president joe biden is facing growing criticism after 13 american soldiers died, his val, those responsible will pay, and the u. s. i left is continuing until august 31st deadline, but other countries including the u. k, ending or have ended evacuation missions. charleston ford begins all coverage with this report from cobble must be lindsey's rushed through the streets to collect the wounded bodies or lifted on to stretches. the 2 attacks by suicide bombers happened close to the abbey gate entrance seat of cobble airport. yet the baron hotel. he was a sudden explosion. we climbed down and saw that there were many people effected. people were held everywhere their brains with scattered. there were also foreign
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forces who were form. i saw at least 4 or 500 people there. the explosion was really powerful. half were held into the water, others on the ground outside. we carried the wounded here on stretches, and here my clothes completely bloody. the bower hotel is controlled by the u. k and they 2 forces. it is one of the places where tens of thousands of afghans had been gathering after the taliban took control of cobble on august, the 15th. they've been going there to have their papers processed before being evacuated out of the country. western governments and security experts in cobble had be warning about a potential attacks around the airport for days. the taliban told al jazeera it had intelligence about potential car bombs in the area, and also people to stay away. an increasing number of nato countries have already announced the halts to their evacuation operations. and these attacks jeopardize remaining flights. meaning many afghans who want to leave their country and they
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have all the necessary documents to do so, could be left behind. this is charles dropping the correspondent in cobb or charles early afternoon. that was the state of play so far. well, we saw restarting of those evacuation price this morning. i saw a number of planes taking off, but it's fair to say now there is very much evidence of over wind down in the plains coming in and making those connections of people we saw again earlier today, huge crowds around the eastern gates, but we've been speaking to people in the area of the last hour or so. and they telling us that the taliban had pushed many of the people back behind the cordon of around 500 meters beyond the outer perimeter of the of the airport. and those that remain in the area between the ones that since you still to be processed. let's not
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forget that there are a lot of people who want you to get on those planes who have the requisite documents, the passport, or the visa, or some sort of official invitation that will not have made it. of course, the capital, the country, the world is still really actually for most horrific photographs. sort of terrific pictures of that of the suicide attacks yesterday about establish security has been wrapped up in cobble by the taliban. but if you drive the streets, there's no immediate evidence of that. the taliban, as you say, denounced, denounced these attacks and vowed that they will find and punish the perpetrators. but there is a change mood in the capital this afternoon. and it's fair to say how understanding is that the threats of other attacks remains high. and of course, there is a potential problem, charles of,
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of another attack at any times the eiffel continues to be a threat. yeah i still, it's very much a threat to not a ton of them, but of course the stability of this region and arguably the world as the taliban moved in on their offensive capital, they freed lots of their own prisoners from prisons. but then, so we have from analyst, thousands of i, so prisoners escaped to the thought about and i saw k as an own here to philip of i . so i'm not, you know, they are enemies and i only say that the child about have done pretty well on occasion in beating preventing attacks and dealing with iso. but this group considered to be one of the better word, the most extreme of all the, all groups in afghanistan, they be responsible for tax on hospitals and schools. and they considered to be growing threats also because of the sheer amount of weapons that have suddenly be
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made available in afghanistan. because it's the taliban have slipped through. they've taken control of a lot of the, a weapons after national me weapons and weapons from nato forces to and analysts say, a lot of these weapons of falling in the hands of i. so what is going to be very interesting though is whether there's going to be any level of over or cova corporation which we in the us and tyler and the chat about going forward in dealing with this threat of iso in this country. we heard from the pentagon yesterday that there had been cooperation between us and nato forces and this out about during this evacuation operation. but whether we're going to see any obvious cooperation in dealing with iso, which of course is not only a threat to this country, but as i say, the wider region and world it's all about by the looks of things are going to need all the help they can get because we'll continue to check in with you throughout the day charles dropped for the correspondent in cobble now the president is haley
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military personnel killed in the attacks in cobble apples as heroes jr barton promised that those responsible will pay. and he insisted the evacuation of americans and afghans will continue our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. washington d. c. i barry sponsibility for fundamentally all the chap and commander in chief of the us military, joe biden, holding a moment of silence for the americans killed and thursdays bombings in cobble the deadliest day for the us military in more than a decade. but despite the death, biden says, the evacuation and withdraw will continue until august. 31st. we will not be deterred by terrorist will not let them stop our mission. we will continue to evacuation why this despite at least 13 us service members killed on thursday and at least 18 more injured. dozens of afghans civilians have also been killed or
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hurt by the blast outside the cobble airport at its abby gate and the nearby barren hotel. the u. s. is blaming the group. i saw k, a rival of the taliban for the attacks. we thought this would happen sooner or later is tragic that it happened today. the us says it's mission to evacuate. all those wishing to leave afghanistan will not change. the president says the united states will retaliate against those responsible for thursday's blasts. we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay. but some republican members of congress are outraged at or calling for biden's resignation. their furious by reports us officials allegedly gave the taliban the names of americans. an african allies permitted to enter cobbles, airport perimeter. the moon was designed to speed up the evacuation. but critics
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accuse officials of generating a kill list for america's enemies. former navy seal republican congressmen down crenshaw wrote on twitter, if true, this qualifies as borderline treason. we need to find out who's responsible for giving the taliban a hit list, and they need to go to prison. biden's not denying such a lift may exist, but also did not confirm some republicans and democrats argue the taliban cannot be trusted with america's security. they blame biding for the crisis, but by the insist will the taliban is not america's friend in their self interest that we leave. when we said once us troops have withdrawn, president biden says that the united states will still have the ability to evacuate any one left behind, but his orders remain unchanged. the military will depart. on august 31st.
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kimberly healthcare al jazeera, the white house, my calories at the united nations where the un secretary general expressed anger. the attacks in cobble the security council continued with its previously shuttled meeting on the tea gray region of ethiopia, but speaker off to speak began by expressing anger at the taxing couple and expressing condolences for the families of those killed. the secretary general will be holding a meeting with the 5 permanent members of the security council on monday. and on his way into address today's meeting. this is what he had to say. first of all, i'd like to express in the strongest possible way my total condemnation about the or refill terrorist attack in coupled to send my condolences to the families of all those that perished afghans and those were
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hoping that the african since died serving the lives of others earlier, the un spokesman confirmed that there had been no u and casualties in the couple bombings. and he said as well that the us would continue with operations in a bit to relieve the mounting humanitarian crisis. well the but the valuation in cobble is in, it's fine allows. let's get more this. need bach, a choice, you know, from london broadcast and i need, i mean, the british wrapping up their evacuation operation. what lawyers london saying about it or britain's defense secretary, ben wallace has confirmed the british efforts in the country are in the final stages in that final hours of the words. he said, he said there any processing around a $1000.00. so people who have been brought to the field itself waiting for plains, out of the country, ordinary protocol and how many people should be allowed on flights has been suspended. we gather also that some military hardware,
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including british military land rovers, will be left behind. so that more people can be pat on to flight out of the country . they've also suggested but so they will do the utmost to try and play people out of the crowds as well. but the sad inevitability so well as is but some people will be left behind. the message for those people is to head, to kinda start land borders with other countries, such as pockets where people may be able to be processed by british officials in those given countries in the hope of getting them eventually here, united kingdom in terms of the processing facility of the buyer and hotel clothes at o $330.00 g m t several hours after the tax for the airport and close close to the barret hotel itself. but it's a visual said that the closure was not as a result of those attacks and that it was mainly going ahead with the original plans to close it. then the situation though is very much up in the air for people
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who, who are left behind and whether or not people can make it to those land borders may be much easier said than done given the current chaos in the country. but the message for the time being is that we are reaching the final stages over british pull up. another story that we keep a place on that seems to be developing is that russia is talking about. so a military exercises the board is with us going to start what should be read into this we should read in deep, deep concern about the instability and i've got to stand in security implications for surrounding countries, particularly in russia. polk soviet sphere of influence in central asia, which is why moscow has announced that it will be holding joint exercises with kirk, it's done and to g. between september and october involving thousands of troops, russia and no stranger to the attacks on its soil carried out by foreign foxes who have travelled from the region to carry out attacks in the capital. moscow,
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there's been violence like that ever since the chechen was in the 1990. so clearly moscow, deeply concerned about what this may mean for security in its partner states. and also in russia itself, the kremlin, released this statement, saying that it's intelligent services working around the clock to prevent any spillover into neighboring regions. clearly a big concern for the criminal pocket in london. thanks very much for the update. well took, he says it's held, it 1st talks with the taliban present recipe or the one is considering the groups request for turkey to run comp, lab, port to western falls of the draw. now the telephone says it'll secure the facility, but needs technical assistance to run it. jewish made him is in our friends held the 1st meeting with the tale man, and this was a 3 and a half hours longer meeting under the supervision of our ambassador and council. and if necessary, we will have the opportunity to hold such talks again. soon consider has more from
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the talks from stumble, turkey and taliban having conducting these talks, which are in a way and a type of negotiation for, for some time i don't, i don't stop at the 1st talk was held after the turkish embassy cobble was moved inside the cobble international, a ports military section where the turkish military was also station turkish military has been there as a non combat mission under nato's umbrella for almost 20 years. and don also mention that these talks they are trying to pursue these talks in a, a health way. they are trying to understand each other. what is the expectation of the town about what is turkey is expectation and he says this is conducted it through diplomacy. we are doing diplomacy, our diplomats and politicians are involved in these schools. but during
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a national leaders summit law student turkeys president add on open lists added, but then we heard the taliban saying that turkey, even though it's a muslim country, it among other nato countries. they're welcome, but they came to off down a storm as a 4 and 4. so along with other foreign troops true, you must also withdraw from afghanistan. that's why the turkish troops also are being evacuated from cobble a port. and we're expecting that the evacuation is going to be complete by the end of today. but turkey is willing to continue to stay in a way to assist people. well, let's take a closer look at the ice le, let known as i silicone san claimed responsibility for those cobble attacks. so the armed group was formed in 2014. it was made up breakaway fighters of the pockets on taliban and finds this form of gun song pledge allegiance to the late isolated bucket by godaddy. but of course on it's
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a historical region isis k. as it's known as being responsible for some of the worst tanks in it's going to some unpacked is done in recent years. talking girl schools, hospitals, and the maternity ward. the group has major differences with the taliban accusing it of abandoning our struggles in favor of negotiated peace deals with washington. let's speak to david lloyd. he's the author of the law war, the inside story of america, and i've got a phone since 911. he was also a strategic advisor to the former african president, usher of gaudy jones now via skype from aberystwyth in the united kingdom. good. have you been still showing on the program just from international view as who all i saw k. and how worried should we be about the phones from dissident taliban initially who'd fallen out of leadership? and they, they gained support from a variety of people across, including particularly in the north, interestingly, in the, in the early years. and they are, as you play roots or a brutal,
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but i think recruiting tara was to say the taliban of may to the motor concessions . and i think that's going to be one of the taliban challenges. this is in korea song. i try to say that we're in a real sort of jihad, even this region on the taliban here this more place to the world are trimming and much too compromising. so they're an extremist group with an internationalist ideology, with an inferior try and create on government space. and the united states has had a huge campaign against the summer months, killing more than 2000 of them in the last 5 years, including many of the leaders. so if, without looking at the battle of ideology, i was looking at the battle of deployment in terms of how they may be positioned across got a son, sleeper cells, individual. i saw operatives all or pass those escape from the prison that we've
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been talking about that were liberated by the taliban. these past few weeks. what anything they want they put on the cobble. and when the empty got jail 10 days ago they executed, they clearly knew they're looking for him. but on the ground, they this be a logical either a real leadership differences. there are some lines in some parts of the economy network, the pakistan on elements in the band and islamic states that it's not a clean line as opposed to the taliban and, and a group. i'm the kind of them so, so i think, you know, we came to see some quite big challenges for the taliban. and i don't really control the whole country with, with any stability that facing civil resistance and also the kind of government bringing in there. not huge in times at all, or they don't have institutional capacity. they run the government, they have
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a poor load not, and i think it's into that space of instability, that islamic state will be able to try and operate. you talk about the fact that they have links to the connie network, which are already on the other pockets on the side of the border. do you feel that inadvertently no pakistan is going to get dragged into this, whether they like it or not, they going to have to try and talk to the taliban as they are right now. even though pakistan has made a very clear undertaking that it will not recognize the government under the taliban in cobble, unless it's internationally recognized by its partners. well, i think i mean parties done is up to excel in, in on already. i mean, you said, be able to tell you connie pretty significant player in our county network, $5000000.00 and he's now in charge of cumulative topple. a city where a connie malicious, carried out the worst of the bigger truck for the last 1015 years. you know,
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the very significant pakistan, the very significant be involved in not going to now and, you know, we'll have just the same security chart. we seem to have lost the david law in general just of certainly where ice. okay, stand what they stand full. we'll continue, continue, obviously, to keep a very close eye on them. here on al jazeera, early on out there, we'll suspect to saeed abdulla he'd catallo, he's a senior advisor to former president of connie. now he fled cobble 4 days ago and is now in castle. why i'm a philander shock us and we're all in shock right now. and we don't want and we'll never accept the taliban as a government for the sake of those who have been killed for the sake of those girls who wanted to be enough. gone for the sake of the journalist filmmakers, teachers who wanted to stay here by the way, we will continue our struggle. we don't want the world to come and arm us, then take the arms off of us and send this out to the taliban. so we have to rescue
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our country and we will not rely on the lives of the world, all those promises that the world meet to us. and then they sold us out overnight. yeah. there's the people and there's the government. the government had its own agreement with the taliban, but what the americans did to the people of afghanistan is not acceptable on the u . s. as in debt to the african people, even if they give their entire country to our people, this will not fix the wounds that has been inflicted on guns ass people do not support the taliban and all 34 provinces of a gun is done. even those not happy with the government, they do not support the taliban. of course, the government was corrupt as a very, very corrupt but this was because of a long war because of the war. the corruption was there, but a corrupt government is better than any government run by terrorists. but there is no justification that the country should be handed over to them to have them what that are on a some people are in extreme poverty. the taliban cannot provide people the
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services. they don't have the capacity. all services will just stop in afghanistan . we call on the international agencies to reach out and help people who have nothing. we also need to change the methods of evacuations for the people who are in grave danger. at one of the explosions on thursday went off near the bower and hotel in cobble, well does muslim, is the owner and state town just about how it stuff and guess holding up well said and it was devastating. this was the 1st attack ever near the battery. jazz, we have been there and since 2009 there has never been such an incident. and since our initial years until yesterday, it was a big blast. our people, of course, everybody heard, but thankfully, instrument outside of the property instrument outside our 1st line of defense. which is that main gate where there were more than 15 or 20000 people standing trying to get and to get those and say these, this result from the british were inside the home. since the 15th of all those,
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the british busy, long with the investor and military and then to the baron there took some rooms from us and they started processing the people who wanted to leave a couple of our staff remain safe. no injuries to anybody. lo remish to any property and of course everybody was shaken up. but then because we had so many guests inside everything under normal racial or ccp camera, the upside were gone actually, but not actually see the alarm at the outside. but we saw the some videos they drawn as of last night. everybody left the bridge and also left the journalist also left and there is nobody at the property right. well, phil had hillman, these are dozens of students in niger area,
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free to 3 months after they were kidnapped by gunman sheeting thing school of thought went to china as you will be told, the political views of the nation's leader and the battle of the 2 big teams in europe either have the details of the champion, the draw coming up in full, but ah hello, hope you're doing well, nice to see you. we had a solid band of rain run through italy's, a multi coast drop in a $150.00 millimeters of rain within 2 and a half hours. so we often show you the numbers. let me take your ground level and this was the scene that played out this area about 360 meters above sea level to the rainfall sky above and rushes rate down to the ground. we could see similar scenes a play out today. striked with them what weather through the eastern shores at the
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atria see, and we do have amber weather alerts in play for croatia and bosnia, where we could see scoop up 60 millimeters of rain within a short period of time producing scenes of flash flooding. it is also say that with this disturbance spinning around central europe, a generating wet and also at times windy weather. and so because of that, we've got low temperatures, product just a high, 17 degrees toward the south, different story wall to wall sunshine lives been 24, madrid up to 35 turkey's looking quite nice as well as stellar forecast in it's the poor, $34.00 degrees and on kara, up to $35.00 off to africa, we do have some sand and dust spinning around for more attain yes, so new ox shut that's going to impact you with the high 31 degrees. and our storms rolling across the gulf of guinea on friday. that sure weather update. see you in a bit. the jealousy that she does with very glamorous, it's part of our whole job to,
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to our very, very special occasion. and for that, people who spend money, everything you see on the wall, they do it is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and come things alone. my my on out there in 2009, a torture victim of the brutal argent time vidalia regime. confronted his interrogator . torture? no, no, no, no. i wasn't trying to. i was interrogating. has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier. i didn't, you were telling like an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3 wind interrogating a torture on al jazeera? oh,
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a talk about kill what field there is nice to hear from the reminder of all top stories have gone to the phones capital. com will remain on edge as thousands. undeterred by says they bomb attacks trying to joined evacuation flights. uncle sam, with behind the glass that killed more than 100 people at one of the airport gates, while the attack also killed 30 members of the us military president, tre biden. has to strike back against those responsible, and he's promised. the evacuation operation will continue despite the violence. now dozens of school children have been freed in northern nigeria after being abducted from an islamic school 3 months ago. 136 students were taken by government from the
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town of beginner does not know exactly how many have been released, but it's reported that 6 students died while being held. well, we can speak now to kabir adama. he's the managing director at beacon consulting, where he specializes insecurity, risk management. and joining us now from a boucher good talk with us on the program. so i mean the relief of parents and students as well as the teachers. but this is sort of becoming a very popular way of getting your demands met by the authorities, by kidnapping individuals and children, mainly and for extorting money. oh, for many years. and if you believe the pupils the way you are very young children from the age of 32 are 18.


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