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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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people in power, the bay of pigs lives on al jazeera ah . evacuation flies resume out of afghanistan a day after a suicide attack outside cobble a port that killed at least $175.00 people. ah, hello emily, i gwen this is al jazeera, alive from joe, also coming up the man convicted of assassinating us senator robert f. kennedy is grounded parole after more than 15 years in prison. us intelligence agencies, bank, harvard, 9, came, was not developed as a buyer weapon,
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but remained divided over its links to a lab in china and a booth for peruse. new president congress gave petro has left the cabinet, the green light. ah, us forces have resumed evacuation operations in afghanistan after thursday's ice will attack outside cobbler a port that cool at least 175 people. there are only 4 days remaining before the deadline for all foreign forces to leave the country. but there are a warnings that another attack is likely and the next few days will be the most dangerous, shall a balance is in cobble where she spoken to victims and their families facing an uncertain future to come to had served as an escort soldier. he went to cavalier port on thursday, hoping his service would be enough to qualify him for an evacuation flight. the
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father of 4 was killed at the gate. shaders goes on. he's a martyr because he died for a good course. he wants to the best future for his family because there's no work here and so much fighting. he wanted out of this place and he died for it to come to spend his childhood and final day, under telephone rule. he wanted life to be different to his children and hope to raise them in the united states. the people here say the us has offered little and taken a lot music about birthdays, all this misfortune and all the explosions are all those who had attacked all this because of the americans. and i'm tom wished us, it's outside emergency hospital with her mother. her uncle has called from california there all waiting for news on her father who survived the explosion and his being treated in size in much of the they didn't give us permission to see him on his abdomen and hands hurt. he was brought here on a cart,
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we've only seen pictures of him and he was bloody thousands of the wounded were brought here to emergency hospital. these are some of the most severe and everyone here had been at the airport hoping for an evacuation flight to escape the violence and stairs there are going to stones later victims in the intensive care unit. patients explain why they ignored i saw threats and remained outside the gates to argue the case for evacuation. below had tried to get through with his uncle who had a foreign passport. he said it was red color. his uncle died at the scene. in the aftermath, many victims with separation from the family members. as adela seine went to the airport with 15 relatives. maybe some of them be endured. maybe they don't. i don't know. i tell you anything.
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i hear. i know. i don't know rid of my family. it's my why my children. as evacuations, wine down, this is not how many africans expected to see us forces to pause. there are warnings of more ice will attack at the airport. the taliban has increased security and expanded the perimeter. the thousands who did not make it onto a slight. it is likely a dream lost. for others. it is so much more. shall at bellis out to 0. couple. let's course live now to gabriel. alexander in washington. they say hello, they gabriel. the deadline of august 31 eas, looming. what's the latest on the evacuation f and f kennestone? well, just within the last hour, the french minister of the armed forces tweeted out that the friendship ended their evacuation mission from cobble. they say that they evacuated about 3000 people. of
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those about 2600 were afghans. so the french are now no longer taking part in the sort of evacuations. in terms of the americans, they very much still are just some latest numbers here on august 15th is when the taliban, when a couple fell to the taliban, the latest information from united states. is it 811000 people in the last 13 days or so? have been evacuated from afghanistan, some more numbers the, the us saying that just in the last 24 hours. while the, after the attacks tech took place, 540-5400 people have been evacuated. and that right now, it's believed that there are about 5 to 600 americans still in afghanistan, that the state department says they have direct contact with that they are trying
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to get to the airport to get them out of the country. so those are some of the latest numbers that we're having that we're hearing here from washington. bottom line always is that the evacuation continue. all administration officials here in washington say that it will continue until august 31st because they say that is the mission. and it is now more urgent than ever given the attack on thursday, the killed so many people, some crucial days ahead. the guy ro, obviously have a port is crucial for evacuation. but also it's really important to get a into afghanistan. what more do we know about who is in control of it at the moment? well, the american say that they are very much in control of the airport itself. now the taliban is controlled. controls the outside perimeter of the airport. how far that perimeter goes out and how close it comes into the airport kind of
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varies if you will. but you know, there were sources that were telling al jazeera that the taliban might have been partially control of the airport on friday. i'll just here's white house correspondent, kimberly how kit asked the press secretary during the briefing about that, she said we simply don't have any information on that. bottom line is right now. the american military says they are very much in control of the airport and will be until august 31st. that's the plan. although there will be a handover if you will, to the taliban at some point and hand over is probably going to be gradual over the next 4 days. because as you mentioned, the airport is critical. and the taliban want to be able to control at once the americans leap. so there's going to have to be a hand over. and that is probably going to be a gradual process. you would imagine over the coming days. but as of right now,
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the american say that they are in full control of the airport as he still tried to evacuate people from cobble. thank you for that uptake gabriel alexander live for us in washington dc. appreciate it. may mult herky says it's considering a request by the taliban to help operate cobble a port after western forces withdrawal. the facility used to host daily commercial flights, but stopped when the taliban took control. now its role after august, 31st is uncertain. with a v i should exports experts warning, the armed group doesn't have the expertise to run it. some of been jervey reports from pakistan, knew the african board on this was the scene on one of the last commercial flights of cobbler airport. a week ago, after gun is done, fell to the fall upon in all the chaos, the boss of the airline came to the airport himself to take control. i decided to go myself. and i think that be
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a huge be in taking on site to see and assessing the situation. and i found it that if you conducted in a professionally that is there is up of the problem is the local value of whatever they are restricting or discouraging. those people to come to the board and get help. that's like was able to go ahead. but now all commercial operations are at a standstill. the taliban unlikely to be able to run them. our assumption going forward that at all, that that'll be opertitional right up until, until, until we're gone. and we're working with the international community or several nations that want to contribute to the effort to keep it operational and willing to work with the taliban to that end. passengers in much needed a required or functional airport, but with so many professionals gone, questions remain on what happens when international forces leave. i doubt that tyler bond will be able to run board in a way that would allow commercial airlines to fi and you need it quite complex
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operation with quality type stuff. you need traffic control, we need approach control. you need incredible and reliable rescue and fire hiding services. you need people on the a pain apron to provide services to the aircraft, and that is necessary to attract any commercial airlines. on the one hand, valid on fighters have turkey to remove all its troops as it is part of the need to alliance. on the other hand, turkish officials say they've also been asked to help secure a copy of the board. but with a double bombing carried out by i c k on thursday. the risks have been exposed, i've acknowledged by the turkish president, shawn levy the firm. the taliban had made a request in regarding the operation of cobble airports who was just request made to, to us. they say, would insure security and you can operate it. so we have not made a decision yet,
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because there's always a possibility of that. so we know agreement with turkey and western forces leaving days. these evacuation flights by the military could be the last summer. bon jovi down there near the african border hotels in pakistan have been ordered not to accept gifts for the next 3 weeks to make banks for thousands of people expected from afghanistan. security measures outside hotels have been beefed up as the countries also expecting a number of foreign diplomats and journalists to arrive. thousands of afghans have been crossing into pakistan with many saying they've given up whiting to be flown out of the country. the u. n. is warning up to half a 1000000 afghans could flee the country before the end of the year. it's going on afghanistan, neighbors to keep their borders open for those wanting to lay. these are dramatic times and you and hcr the u. n. refugee agency has worked with the people of
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afghanistan for over 40 years, and we will stand by them and do what we can to support them in terms of numbers, we are preparing for around 500000 new refugees in the region. this is a worst case scenario. well, we have not seen large outflows of africans. at this point, the situation inside afghanistan has evolved more rapidly than any one expected. still ahead on al jazeera, why a birthday party for june. the 1st lady is to be diamond of her husband, president alberto demanded. ah, ah, hello. here's her headlines for the americas. we could have 2 hurricanes make landfall around the same time. the 1st we're talking about is a tropical storm ida,
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but it is expected to strengthen once it enters those warm waters of the gulf of mexico. let me put this on. this is showing those high temperatures are brown, the golf. in fact, the northern gulf coast. your water temperature is about 32 degrees. so what this means, this will allow for the rapid intensification of this disturbance and either could make landfall as a category 3. hurricane late on sunday, and new orleans just west of new orleans. we know it is below sea level, so this area will be inundated no matter where the track is. now we're also keeping tabs on tropical storm. nora will press play, see where it goes. i in the baja peninsula and this one looking to make landfall as a hurricane as well, late sunday, and it will impact the popular tourist hotspot of cub san lucas now to south america. heavy rain still falling toward the northwest of venezuela through the venezuelan alps where we have seen deadly mud slides toward the south in front. keeping temperature is cool for the southeast of brazil and as we had toward the western us. not cool here. a phoenix at 42 degrees,
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and we'll see that heat and humidity build from the st lawrence river right through to the great lakes. that's it for me. ah! in countries like mine, people have been killed to be william, the united states have privatized the ultimate public war. this was a d. saudi arabia. things were done differently. saudis and other arabs when they came to britain to be all to help the bombs deals along your rum. so this meeting, saddam, is it that interesting there i am. shadow on al jazeera. ah
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the ah, hello, you're watching out to 0. i'm emily, anguish, reminder of agile stories for us forces have resumed evacuation operations and have chemist on thursdays. awful attack like couple horse killed at least 175 people. the vast majority of the victims were african civilians. again, american military personnel, the u. n. f t g agency, up to half 1000000 people could play the crisis by the end of the year. its appeal to all neighboring countries to keep forward it on the matter convicted for the assassination of us. senator robert f. kennedy has been granted paroled. after seeking it for the 16th time, 77 year old sir, hands are hon. has served 53 years for shooting kennedy at a campaign event at the ambassador hotel in los angeles in 1968th. when california
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abolish the death penalty, sir hon. sentence was reduced to life with the possibility of parole for more than the story. let's go live to phil laval in los angeles. hello. they feel the high had been denied pearls so many times. what made the difference this time? yeah, there were quite a few things that change to a festival. the parole board felt that he had showed enough for me to see, had apologized in the past, but they felt that he hadn't showed enough contrition. but he spoke at this hearing and he said, and i quote, over half a century his past thought, young, impulsive kid, i was, does not exist anymore. senate kennedy was the hope of the world, and i injured and i harmed all of them. and it pains me to experience that the knowledge for such a horrible deed. not only that this was the 1st time that the district attorney didn't count, didn't push for him to remain in in prison. in previous years,
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previous attempts, the district attorney of los angeles has said that he should remain behind balls. there is a new district attorney here, one that you might phase more progressive one that is actively looking at sentences where people have been in prison for many years. they are no longer themed. a threat to society via it is felt that they are no longer a threat and that they have served enough time and he didn't endorse the release. but what he did say was that he wasn't going to count against him leaving. so he was remaining neutral that most likely help, but what also probably helped a lot was the intervention of the kennedy family. douglas kennedy, who was a toddler, but his father was killed. he actually turned up at the hearing. he wasn't expected, he did turn up. he said, i am overwhelmed just by being able to view his face. i've lived my life, both in fear of him and his name in one way or another. i am grateful to him today today to see him as a human being by the compassion and love. he says that he thought it was time that he should be released that it would be in the, in the spirit of his father. it was
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a very forgiving man. that sound should be released also. robert f kennedy also wrote to the court. he didn't appear himself, but apparently he learned that the los angeles county sheriff had written to the parole board. and it said that they did not want him released, so he wrote an adult and the last minute. and he said, i believe mr. hunt should be released also a member of the public, or rather i, as he was in the hotel at the time of shooting somebody who was shot himself by the hand, wrote and told the prob, sorry, appeared in the parole board and told him he felt that he should also be released, so those, all of those factors help contribute, but this is not an immediate release. this is not going to happen overnight. so, hansa hart has to go through this whole administrative process. now, there is a whole 90 day period where it can be reviewed, then it goes to the governor who has 30 days to decide whether or not it can be scrapped or endorse. or it can be sent to a 17 person parole board. but you know, up to 53 years for so hands on a few more months is probably unlikely to make
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a huge amount of difference. sounds like a very, very powerful dang court. thank you for that update. phil laval there for us. president joe biden has commended what he's described as strong relations between the us and these round he's met with these rally prime minister nestali bennett at the white house talks were postponed for days by them. focused on dealing with the attack in kabul. bennett wants to stop us from, we're turning to the nuclear deal with iran. he's called on to ron to stump it's centrifuges warning of other options if diplomacy fail. corona virus, hospital admissions in the us have search to levels not st. since january. there are now 100000 people in hospitals across the country. those in the southern states are the most full topic lifted. florida with 17000 people are currently in hospital . the latest outbreak is driven by the more infectious delta variant, as well as widespread vacancy vaccine rather hesitancy. and gallagher has the
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latest from miami. well, the situation here in florida frankly hasn't been worse. over the past few days. we've got north of $200.00 deaths per day. around 23000 new cases reported every day and 17000 people in this state alone are hospitalized. now, all of this, of course, being fueled by that delta variant. and most of the people in hospital, all the unvaccinated things are so bad that doctors are holding press conferences, all mass just to appeal to people to get those vaccines in their arms. now, governor ron de santis has just been over ruled by a judge. he was trying to stop schools from putting mask mandates in place, but a judge that you have exceeded your authority. so in, in terms of parents who want my children to stay safe, that could be seen as a good thing by them. obviously, there are people that will not agree with that, but the governor has been over ruled now in many ways, what's happening here in florida is a microcosm of what's happening across the entire country,
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particularly in states like alabama, mississippi and louisiana, where those vaccination rates are pretty low, and the cases are ramping up, although i have to say over the past few days and weeks, those vaccination rates have been going up as people realize they have to make a choice. they may be vaccine hesitant, but the alternative could be far worse. american intelligence agencies divided over the origins of corona virus, but a great it wasn't developed as a buyer weapon that's according to a now declassified report ordered by you as president joe biden. covert 19 was 1st to take it in the chinese city of war, hand in 2019, the intelligence community says china's leaders didn't know about the virus before the pandemic began. but they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal or late from a lab for more amazed aaron ceramic is the director of the elizabeth griffin buyers safety program at georgetown university and directs the masters program in buyer
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hazardous threat agents. she joins us live from washington dc via zoom. hello, the aaron, thanks for joining us now without child corporate corporation now. and also when the virus 1st emerged, how difficult is it to come to any conclusions about the viruses origins? thank you for having me. it's very challenging, i think without having transparency from the government of china and having access to bills, clinical samples, material, and data from early on in the outbreak, it would be very challenging to be conclusive on the origins of the outbreaks. paging, describe the report as political instead of scientific as an assistant professor and an expert in this field. you agree with that assessment? i think unfortunately, this outbreak of mis panoramic has become exceptionally politicized. and i think what's important right now is to stop laying blame and to stop politicizing the
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issues and really get at hand at what we need to find out in order to stop this outbreak. and to stop this pandemic. and that's going to require global cooperation, global collaboration, and primarily right now that, that train transparency of understanding, again, where this outbreak originated. i think what's important to consider is, what are we going to do with that information once we have it? understanding origins will help us think about risk assessments for future pandemic outbreaks, future pandemic risk. but having the data that we have at hand right now, we can, we can respond to this pandemic. so how do we get countermeasures and vaccines to the global population to be able to stop the spread of crowd of iris? we don't need to understand the origins in order to stop the stand on the great. now it, china has tried to focus on this us military lab in maryland as a potential source. is there any scientific proof to back that up?
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not to my knowledge. and again, i think this, this idea of trying to delay blame on different institutes is just the wrong way to approach the situation where tear from here. i mean, what lessons can we take out of this pandemic? and is there the option to prevent another one, or is it much more complicated than that? i think it is quite complicated, but there are always lessons to be learned than to apply. and that's the important aspect is. it's hopefully that we move forward with some of the, the, the knowledge that we've gained in the end of mac. i think we need to applied the efforts that were done very early on from the laboratory, diagnostic and research community to be able to develop tools to characterize this virus to develop countermeasures and the vaccine platforms to allow us to combat infection. i think we've learned a lot about how diseases spread in this global world and how
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misinformation and information can impact our readiness to respond in our ability to recover. so there's a lot that we can gain from this unfortunate experience to apply to future public health friends. well, that is some small mention of good news. thank you for your insights aaron survey. they're an assistant professor at georgetown university. thank you. thank you very much. a prosecutor imagine tina has indicted the president for a birthday celebration, violating code 19 rules o bitter if an end is event, did not abide by regulations imposed on the time population. theresa by reports from want to say that it was one of his quickness locked downs in the world. security forces were deployed on the streets of argentina to prevent the spread of covered 19 but a few of the videos that have just been revealed show president l. america for
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amanda and his wife. have you as john? yes, we're not respecting it. now. a prosecutor in argentina has accused rested in tremendous of breaking the quarantine and celebrating a party at the presidential residence you. but if you think that the president is an expert in lying, he said there were no parties in the picture appeared. they said it was a fake. second picture, they admitted there was a party and then he blamed his wife and hearty every day. he changed his version last week about the fundamentalist apologize for the incident. sort of silly julio . on july 14, 2020 on my dear fabulous birthday, fabiola gathered with her friends and had a toast, which shouldn't have been done. i definitely realize that this shouldn't have been done. and i'm sorry i did. i'm clearly sorry. on thursday, the president went even further and presented a written statement with his defense in front of a judge. he also offered to donate half of his salary to a research institution,
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even though the president to apologize and has offered to donate part of his salary to compensate for the celebration that happened at this presidential arrested. and the incident has angered many people in argentina. they say that while they couldn't attend the funeral of a family member or children missed school, the president was celebrating his wife's birthday over 100000 people have lost their lives to go with 1900 tina. even though the country was one of the 1st in the region to close borders and imposed logged down, members of the opposition saying the president could teach before breaking the rules. to go, we've made 2 requests for an impeachment one signed by our blog and another one by congressmen in my party. we believe he violated all the rules of incompetence and abusive power. the opposition does not have a majority in parliament,
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and impeachment is unlikely for now. but our gin tina will hold midterm election in november. and while the government is trying to control the scandal and only say this incident could cost more damage and oppose than in a court of law. so i will, i'll defeat it when a fight if peruse. congress has confirmed president pedro his day is new cabinet, giving him some rest fired after a difficult 1st month in office affairs left his fray. parole party holds a minority in congress which is controlled by the center. right coalition. he's peruse, 5th president in 5 years, and one and deeply divisive election by a rise in margin. mariana sanchez has moved from lima. well, more than 24 hours after kevin to achieve neither were you went to congress to present the government plan for the next 5 years enough for a vote of confidence. finally, legislators, 73 of them approved to confirm the cabinet and 50 voted against it. on thursday,
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give over, you will have given a 3 hour long speech, a conciliatory one. however, many voices loud voices after the speech said that the president castillo should have found another prime minister, other ministers, without any investigation, be either himself. it's under investigation for apology, for terrorism, and other ministers have investigations for corruption, and others, lack experian for the job. now one on this are saying that the moderates are sending a message to president. cathy are saying, we are giving you a chance to govern. but now after we have confirmed this cabinet, you have to get rid of all those ministers who have questionable backgrounds. harrigan ida is gathering strength visit heads towards the u. s. gulf coast. i'd brought down trees and tore off. roofs is across the west of cuba on friday.
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packing winds of 130 kilometers in our the u. s. national weather service predicts it will become an extremely dangerous category for harrigan. at the time it reached reaches louisiana later on sunday, the governor of the state warned residence anyone who isn't consent has got something wrong with them. a this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. us forces have resumed evacuation operations in afghanistan. after those days i feel attack outside cobble a pull that killed at least 175 people. the vast majority of the victims were afghan civilians and 13 american military personnel. gabrielle elizondo has moved from washington. they say the french minister of the armed forces tweeted out that the french have ended their evacuation mission.


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