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the siberian refuge in africa never to return again an epic or to see every 1000000000 memory is our homeland analogies era. ah hello, i'm emily anglin, in dough hobbies the stories on al jazeera, us forces have resumed evacuation operations in afghanistan. after those days, i feel attack outside cobble a port that killed at least $175.00 people. the vast majority of the victims were afghan civilians. to attain us, military personnel were among the dead. gabrielle elizondo has moved from washington, dc of the french minister of the armed forces tweeted out that the french have ended their evacuation mission from cobble. they say that they evacuated about
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3000 people. of those about 2600 were afghans. so the french are now no longer taking part in the sort of evacuations. in terms of the americans, they very much still are just some latest numbers here on august. 15th is when the taliban, when cobble fell to the taliban, the latest information from the united states. is 881-1000 people in the last 13 days or so, have been evacuated from afghanistan, some more numbers. the u. s. saying that just in the last 24 hours, while the after the attacks tech took place, 540-5400 people have been evacuated. and that right now it's believed that there are about $5.00 to $600.00 americans still in afghanistan. that the state department says they have direct contact with that they are trying to get to the airport to get them out of the country. so those are some
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of the latest numbers that we're having that we're hearing here from washington. bottom line. the ways is, the evacuations continue. all administration officials here in washington say that it will continue until august 31st. and the u. n. is wanting that up to half a 1000000 afghans could flay the country before the end of the year. it's calling on f kenneth dans neighbors to keep their board is open for those wanting to lay these are dramatic times and you and hcr the u. n. refugee agency has worked with the people of afghanistan for over 40 years, and we will stand by them. and do what we can to support them in terms of numbers, we are preparing for around 500000 new refugees in the region. this is a worst case scenario. well, we have not seen large outflows of africans at this point. the situation inside afghanistan has evolved more rapidly than anyone expected. the man convicted of the
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assassination of us senator robert f. kennedy has been granted parole after thinking it for the 16th time, 77 year old sir hon, sir hon. his 53 years for shooting kennedy at a campaign event at the ambassador hotel in los angeles. when california abolish the death penalty, the hand sentence was reduced to life with the possibility of parole. us president joe biden has commanded what he's described as strong relations between the united states and as well. he met the israeli prime minister nestali bennett at the white house bennett wants to stop us from returning to the nuclear deal with iran. us intelligence agencies say corona virus was not developed as a buyer weapon, but in a new lady, classified report, they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal or later from a lab in president joe biden has blamed china for obstructing the investigations
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opposition protested, have scaffold with police in peru after president petro, his stay or government, one of the voice of confidence in congress. the opposition is promising to challenge the members of because here is less when cabinets. one by one of all of the government also turned down to back the president's radical social policies. hurricane ida is gathering strength as heads towards the u. s. gulf coast either brought down trees and tore off. roofs is across the west of cuba. on friday, packing winds of 130 kilometers per hour, the u. s. national weather service predicts it will become an extremely dangerous category for harrigan. by the time it reaches louisiana late on sunday, the governor is warned residents. anyone who isn't concerned has got something wrong with them. those are the headlines. the news continues here. now, does era after shadow world? ah,
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o i still, we are responsible for the deployment of thousands of young americans to battle in a distant land. some will kill and some will be killed. and so i come into the land conflict with difficult questions about the relationship between war and peace and our effort to replace one with the other. now we've got
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like all this to say to the adams. you don't need to make them don't get them tony. yes. oh um no, i pay the
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ah ah ah, they were 5 months in a world war one, both sides were entrenched. they were just mass slaughter and cost the landscape. men were standing up sleeping. they were in their own pieces, and their dead comrades were sitting there no man's land. they couldn't even get them and bring them back for burial. was christmas eve and the german i can add a little christmas tree. it was like a stage at all of a sudden across the german front, you saw the little christmas tree lighting up. and then the allies heard silent night things done by the german and started applauding. and then all of a sudden a couple of guys on both sides get out of the trenches and start walking toward each other and expect at any moment to fall flat with the machine as
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a thing. and nothing happened. and within 2 hours we were walking about and laughing and talking and was laughing from the german lines. hundreds get out of the trenches, $10000.00 to get out of the trenches. and they embraced each other a $100000.00 men. oh no man's land as far as we see was gray and cock that he was smoking and talking, shaking hands, exchanging names, addresses after. right. one of the in the about a back and you are trying to show the gender of b. i must have seen it and going to be spacious. so what they did on those for
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about 3 of guns behind us define an officer's fire their revolvers at the jerry shout out to the war again. or we were christian and ah, this was or to and all wars. this was a war to make the world safe for democracy. at least 21000 new millionaires were made in the u. s. billions and billions of dollars with the pio. got a few emission makers ship builders, meat packers, and let us not forget the bankers who finance the great war turn blood into gold and our profits were as secret as they were maps. all of them are looking ahead.
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i i stand before you tonight. in my red star chiffon evening, the my face softly made up my fell, had gently weighs the law. the see. i own a day of the western. wow. yeah. my, my review between the united kingdom and saudi arabia, in which ronald reagan wanted to sell the saudi billions and billions dollars worth of equipment. but these really lobbies stopped it and congress wouldn't approve it because they feared arming saudi would threaten israel. so ronald reagan handed the deal is effectively to his political soulmate,
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margaret thatcher. un seen nothing yet. yeah. you have very tough act. ah, when we stumbled on the saudi alms deal, the gamma moms deal, we really started to stumble along a central feature of british politics over the last 30 years. heinous punch found on has been the heart of many of the great world events for the past 30 years. i was always curious to see him what i wish, by minister, because he brought me extraordinary insight on both proposals. she informed us, she considered salary as a strong friend and would be willing to support the kingdom with whatever the kingdom, the end of discussion from there on everything else was technical. he explained to mrs. sacha, this was
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a deal with saudi arabia and therefore things were done differently. they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weaponry. that was 6000000000 pounds in commission charity. our most people understand is bribes the we'll continue to work together against the terrorists who threaten the way of life of us to the one day my phone rang and it was a man called eddie coming to me. actually, he said, i've been working for travel company and we had a kind of slush funds we used to distribute to saudis and other arabs when they came to britain to be all to help the path of arms deals along and it always extra stories that when the saudi military officers would come along
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even present the campaigns of cutlery. that was something that they liked. another thing they liked was girls, so he would take them out in the town and get them girls. to be honest, it seemed like quite small beer payments made some of them for rather an as lumnick activities. i know gaming chips, civic talks about cool girls that sort of thing. there's only 2 things that count in business, my friend, money and sex. the rest, you can write as much as you like, is absolute garbage. you to make a weapon. beautiful. depends on the secretary. because they're more distracted looking at the secretary that you, when you're talking about. and that is sometimes older as you need to use and ask what agency called blog is because of the special taste of the street. stuff of the army, lay blonde,
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but silicon we had their secretary of the embassy, come and review the photos. you said i want this when i, when this, when i, when this, when i, when this one, i had the girls i ride one day before, but i said your oath, i know you will be paid handsomely for this, but do me a favor. you should get an appeal, a thought that is relevant, please bring it across because i could use it. and for each interesting information, i will give another 2000 year bonus. so what's 50 grand? i signed the contract with 3000000. so it wasn't ideal. and then my phone rang again, and it was another whistle. and he said, you have no idea what it is that you're getting into here. and he said a slush fund is much, much bigger than you realize. our job was to look after the really high level people, those who used to come to england who are being bribed essentially by b a. were people on the level of the head of the saudi air force who was
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a royal prince. we would fly down to los angeles and they would buy cars and dresses and it wasn't shopping like you. and i would think in the end, when they gathered together all their shopping, we would charter an entire jumbo jet to fly it all back to saudi arabia. nicholas in the attempt to try and trace through the bank accounts who the ultimate beneficiaries are, that the case became really, very serious. as the trail appeared to lead towards senior members of the sacking your family. the most outrageous example was that to be in order to speak with away with print, spend one point maybe the presence of a huge commercial airline, all of his very own which he promptly had painted in the gray and silver colors of the dallas cowboys. and his favorite very can team, and he used to fly around in that glad cheerfully. the k
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centered on establishing the ultimate beneficiaries of exceptionally large amounts of money paid by. but sherry space for consultancies services, or the evidence that mark fancier misses not just some got 12000000 for his work as a fixer. ah, no, no. no one is a beautiful 11. acosta. and if you want to sell on the market, you're looking probably about $3500.00 euros. and why you keep it in the house? because i was older and you can do that legally. yeah, so no, but yeah, more or less, you can, as long as it's in the house and you know,
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sure the kind of the me but i got nothing is money. i don't mind paying bribes to bull additions. it's part of the deal. the thing about politicians is very much like prostitutes, but only more expensive the policies. is it dated by the whims of doors? industry. politicians are nothing more than sales reps by the friends that have as much power as a middle ranking is. they could have been lucky martin at the end of the day they do what they're told. when an executive goes to bribe foreign official, he says don't self look. i've taken a lot of risk to take this $5000000.00 that i'm paying to the prime minister of x, y z. makes an arrangement with prime minister x, y, z. i'll hand over the 5000000, but you take half of that fine. i mean, you send it to the following bank account,
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and switzerland will share in this last the 1st time and executive it does. and he collect $2500000.00. he says, wow, this is a good business to be in. and within moments of that realization, he is now no longer in the business of showing airplanes. he's in the business of selling bribes and he has no scouring in the world for somebody to find to bribe ah, ah, ah ah, i was, i had to do the extension i each calls which
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is why i'm in the phone rang again. this was somebody who said, you have no idea what you're getting into. he said this whole be a thing is much, much bigger. goes right to the very top. what he had was something that you never see as a journalist. swiss bank records, all international cover payments going all over the world. he showed me how be a set up a whole system with lloyd's bank under which they channeled secret payment into a british virgin islands of your company, called red diamond from red diamond. the money went into his guys swiss bank account and he then used it to distribute to the local politicians, taking a big chunk, graham self. of course. i mean,
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i can certainly showing that we and i believe most companies are. busy not in the business of making payments, passing as you suggest, a lot of money to employees of governance is just not the way i mean business. he's got me. we were actually able to publish what was most dangerous story. the prince band had been given, not just the plain, but over the years, a total of 1000000000 pounds. we did not invent corruption. i mean, i had them and he would have him and they had hanky brown, kinda had to go down to add. so the to this is human nature neutral punch, a state one and a friend. what is great? of course, none of us are greedy. it's only the other this, the world runs on individuals pursuing their separate enters all those people who believe that greed violence, etc,
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the driver. so call primal instincts, other really things and everything else is a social construction. they've lost their mind. and for the last 50 years, at least, policy has been made based on the assumption of green. and it's ruined the one on the right pattern. i believe there is no nature of society say to nurture individualism. i don't accept that at all. i think there are very many policy for creating society. they're saying i love you is if you make it what is a society that decides that the bulk of its budget is going to go to manufacturing really have a military center. they have made a moral decision that militarism is more important than the creation of well being
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for the population. it's not the world i want to live and i want to live in the real world. and the real world is people by really emotion, including love and generosity. my god, if you want is freedom, the freedom of human beings are individuals to pursue their own values. i think what the term freedom means is economic license and the economic license of those who control property and those who control capital has in fact in a threat not only to equality, but a threat to the freedom of peoples all over the world. and not only in europe and the united states, but in africa, in asia, and in latin america. i want you to know me any society in which you've had any large measure of that freedom where capitalism and free enterprise has not been the predominant mechanism. not free enterprise system has spread through the 4th of all . those arms were wielded by government that with government intervention under the name of the free enterprise system, but a government intervention which destroyed the freedoms of many people not least of
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which the people of chile ah, yeah. i from the 1950s, all the way through the 1970s. the cia and the u. s. military were engaged in covert actions throughout central latin america throughout africa, really throughout the world where they were assassinating populace leaders. they were backing up right way, military winters, funding and army squads like the country that corolla or a battalion 316 and 100. and. and there were the state of assassinations across the globe in countries like mine. people have been killed to be quiet, to know that any they, anytime you're going to be killed, you don't know how but is coming. we were
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fighting and normally guard and still we are fighting oligarchs. mines that don't one thing we're going inclusiveness. but just to direction, it's not only about thinking from the earth, but thinking from the people even to dreams. nice the last half of what is called the cold war. not to be a very hot war for many parts of the world. from the standpoint of what it would cause, the victims, what i will think of really as of people trying to make their own futures, there was an attempt in the global 1000 to create an alternative imagination for people. but in the early 1970 is this attempt was destroyed and it was stopped through a real genuine attempt by the global law to take over the institutions of the world,
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including the world bank, the i m f. so it's not simply that the people of the south incapable of getting forward day dream i. he was a very strong this, james fascinated. it's not just the one off killing the other. cool. then it's the entire dream that had to make in me. i shall be, she told us in a book on our guardian for myself. i asked him a new meal ready orders for the way we can
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exceed your service. you me, one touch base when i say that this here indeed, you only go to him and be given div yet i am indeed each thing go to the shields i i
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join hearings of the house, select committee to investigate covert arms transaction with iran. and the select committee on secret military assistance to iran in nicaragua and opposition will come to order some of the biggest companies in the world today. all of the big take with algorithms that they call the move that we do to the more data we pritchard. we're in the midst of a great race. the data and big tech companies around the empires are rising on a wealth of information and we need other commodity. in the 2nd 5 series 90 re examined whether corporations are colonizing the internet, like the popularity and power of the big techs on jessina. september anal 0 has
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morocco record would be impacted with 19 the country votes in parliament re election that will shape the future by listening post dissects the media. how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 90 on the top of the world, 20 years on the war that followed has finally ended and i've got a son. but that's what caught this a didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on afghan, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany goes to the poles and elections the, the angular merkel replace after 15 years in power. what will the result mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera in 2009 a torture victim of the brutal argent time vidalia regime? confronted his interrogator. torture? no, no, no, no. i wasn't trying to, i was interrogating. has justice now been served for the trash, his crimes committed decades earlier, i do that to you were telling like,
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an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3 wind interrogating a torture on al jazeera. oh hello. i'm emily, angling, jo, how these are the tough stories on al jazeera, us forces have resumed evacuation operations in afghanistan. after 30 days. ice will attack outside couple a port that killed at least 175 people. the vast majority of the victims were afghan civilians, 13 the us military personnel were among the de gabriel elizondo has moved from


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