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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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free of charge and tina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3, wind interrogating, a torture on our 0? 0 hello, i'm emily, angling down. these are the top stories on al jazeera, us forces have resumed evacuation operations in afghanistan. after 30 days. i feel attack outside couple a port that killed at least 175 people. the vast majority of the victims were afghan civilians, 13 us military personnel were among the de gabriel elizondo has moved from washington, dc. the french minister of the armed forces tweeted out that the french have ended their evacuation mission from cobble. they say that they evacuated about
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3000 people. of those about 2600 were afghan. so the french are now no longer taking part in the sort of evacuations. in terms of the americans, they very much still are just some latest numbers here on august. 15th is when the taliban, when cobble fell to the taliban, the latest information from the united states. is 881-1000 people in the last 13 days or so, have been evacuated from afghanistan and the u. n's? refugee agencies is up to half a 1000000 people could flay the crisis by the end of the year. it's appealed to all neighboring countries to keep their borders open. to other news now, when president joe biden has commanded what he's described as strong relations between the us and the realm. he's met with israeli prime minister nestali bennett, of the white house bennett wants to stop us from returning to the nuclear deal with iran. us intelligence agencies say the corona virus was not developed as
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a buyer weapon fight in a newly because if i report they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from animal or late from a lab in a position, protest is have scaffold with place in peru after president pedro has theos government, one of the vote of confidence in congress opposition is promising to challenge the members of custio's left when cabinets is one by one. and how it can either is gathering strength as it heads towards the u. s. gulf coast on brought down trees and tore off the roof as it crossed the west of cuba. on friday, the u. s. national weather service predicts it will become an extremely dangerous category for oregon. by the time it reaches louisiana light on sunday, those of the headlines i'm emily angland. the news continues here on al jazeera, after shadow, shadow world, the, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires the global response
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w h. the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across the board as to speed up the development of treatment and the vaccine. working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. advocating for everyone to have access to a central health services. no more than in the world needs w. h. making a healthy world to use for everyone. ah, in the joint hearings of
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the house select committee to investigate covert arms transaction with iran and the select committee on secret military assistance to iran. and the nicaraguan opposition will come to order. congress began to address what they perceived to be an insanely out of control series of covert actions with little to no congressional oversight. we eventually blank lethal weapons to cherish nations involving the u. s . government in military activities in direct contradiction of the law and lying through the congress. now i believe that democracy cannot revive that kind of abuse . and people like dick cheney and donald rumsfeld, who were relatively new to government at the time, did not like when congress had, we need to step in and confront the national security state. and what's become
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a very out of control pill program cheney that went on during the reagan years in the eighty's to serve in congress. and when the iran contra scandal broke out into the open, chaney did not like congress being involved with anything that the executive branch was doing. and you had the 2 others handle that emanated from the highest echelons of power. and the reagan administration was acting as though it had nothing to do with it. i've told you all that i know and you know, the truth of the matter is for quite some long time. all that you knew is what i told you. it was our witness this morning is mister robert mcfarland, the former national security adviser to the president. mr mcfarland. we welcome you to the committee and we look forward to your testimony. mr. mccall, and did you have any discussion about the possibility
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of an effect farming out the whole contra support operations in nicaragua to another country which will cor country one? yes, that's correct. and did you, in fact, succeed in obtaining money from another country, which will cor country toe the that's correct. ah, i had the practice of meeting periodically with the official from country to about assistance. we could provide some cases arm or sales. and he intended to provide a contribution of a $1000000.00 per month to the contras through the end of the year. you have no problems working with us. we have no problem working with the united states government. and unless it does not work for the government, then i think we have
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a big problem. there have been a case when some question that a, you know, well thank having those occasion was not in connection with ah, i think that there was a substantial shadow government trying to run foreign affairs. united states means advance have been characterized by some pretty strong statements. we've heard talk of a grave constitutional crisis and even been treated to talk about a coup in the white house. not only does cheney sort of defend around contrast, but he argues that iran, contra is actually a model for how the u. s. should be conducting its national security policy. he is a radical subscriber to this notion of the unitary executive effectively. what you're doing is saying on certain parts of american policy, we don't have
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a democracy. we have a dictatorship. as a matter of fact, i was very definitely involved in the decisions about support to the freedom fighters. my idea to begin with. in my opinion, there is no justification for further restrictions on the power and flexibility a future presence. ah, the national security lead today is mostly composed of people who hit the revolving door multiple times during their life. and i'm an agent of richard b chaney. to be secretary of defense is the make a name for themselves in the private industry. and then they come into the go. this revolving door keeps the national security late, very small, then very wealthy and increasing its wealth as it goes up the chain to the extent that then when you get to the top, as cheney did, then you can become a member of the flu talker. see that runs the country to this is an impressive
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crowd to have. and they have morse cheney commission to study by halliburton to find out how much more of the defense department can be privatized. halliburton, proud to serve our troops. elberton was elated to get this $1000000.00 contract and of course returned a verdict that oh mister secretary, lots more of it can be privatized. um, dick cheney leaves the apartment and goes and hes halliburton himself. and he spent the entire 1900 ninety's, building up the halliburton war empire. well, if we're going to talk about star wars, we might as well invite darth vader. happy to accept that. and then he comes back into power as vice president. and then they start hiring halliburton too, you know, in advance,
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even of us troops going into iraq, halliburton, personnel and equipment was being deployed to the golf. it's hard to, to look at this and not say, these guys had a very long term plan for how they were going to increase the powerful infrastructure of private companies. what we've essentially done is to create a network of corporations that have the fire power of small nation states that could, you know, over throw some small governments around the world. nations we in the united states have privatize the ultimate public function. lord, fine, you know bombs, i've got a time limit delay food emissions to us. so by that through
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the in iraq, the f sixteens and f, a teens were firing 6000000 dollars within seconds, coming back re army and going up again. there is no hope of any more because there's always a small cobble of people for more is really, really good business. it doesn't matter that we're losing or stamp albert careless. good for them. good for profit.
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me. i don't want to show you the well we've undergone a corporate qu data in slow motion to cult quote john austin, sol, 35000 lobbyist, washington. they write the legislation, they write the bills. all it takes is one phone call from somebody on the hill to
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someone in the pentagon saying, hey, turn on the dogs, the hills out to get our program. the guys in the center on on board, we need you to turn on the gucci. shoot guys to straighten this thing out the gucci . she guys being the lobbyist. and what this does is just lock the system up and that's the whole name. and again, it's called political engineering. and unlike political science, political engineering is real in one of the most important things to understand. it essentially creates what we call a self like in ice cream cone. and it's like a perpetual motion machine. forgetting ever increasing defense budgets, the way we do it is by downplaying the future consequences to start a new weapon, we over promises performance under promise its cost. we then systematically spread dollars, jobs and profits to as many congressional districts as quickly as possible so that everybody has skin in the game. ah, the people who are invested in this state or people like the largest defense
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contractor and world lockheed martin, they will die before they see go, was going to change the world next. we're probably already working on it. a good margin basically, gifts, intellectual, octopus and listless, tentacles, you know, in all branches of the government and then the helman and that's how they make them. i feel like a bunch of schoolboys fiscal year, 9992.3 trillion missing fiscal year, 2001 point, one trillion missing the pentagon is claimed year after year. that the reason that can't account for the money is because it's computers don't communicate with each other. one trillion $1.00 bill dec tie would reach nearly 68000 miles into space. one 3rd of the way to the moon, the i got
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a phone call from the of the i thing that i was a target of a death rick. and that's what happens when you go against the big boys who had the contract today to make those systems communicate with each other and how much have the tax payers paid for them. there are times that corporations do things they should not do, in which case they tend to be suspended for some period. there are times then the corporations can get out of the penalty box. it was never in the penalty box. if you could proceed to my 2nd question, please. the 2nd question i forgot what the 2nd question was. individuals operating in the shadows and never having their names called are able to leverage the power of the military and the foreign policy apparatus for their
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own personal pecuniary ins. what now? who's the enemy? how do we justify all the settings oldest planes, all this bullshit. what better new enemy done, and i pathetic o invisible enemy called the war on terror. the o 2 minus so they then yellow mysteries. so unity by the i don't know, see those who needs to
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know, but she to she, buddy, victoria committee will know middle, so then you'll see really she's total need any assistance in missouri? i'm a senior beverly in order for the new ah money i'm in front of my my fee. you are seeing the 79 in the ship, those from the use i sophie lemon. morrison, to get the we and i see on the get that going to be
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rodeo. ah, advancing that the most basic level when we realize how we've entered into a permanent state of war like when often proponents of counter terrorism on a global scale. think of as a long war, a war without in something like that. and i think that what we've accepted is a political regime that is sustained by fear is a very old, very old political tactic. i mean machiavelli us and the prince is a better for the printer to be feared or loved. and his conclusion is because the locus of fear, the, the source of fear resides in him,
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in the prince. it can be constant for his role, whereas the locus of love resides in the people. it's in their power, and some for them could be constant and long lasting mean. so monkey valley already opens a question that he, he probably doesn't provide us the answer with what would it mean to have our social arrangement like the basis of our social choices be founded on love. i don't think one has to justify the cost in nature or the national security state . one just has to keep the people fearful enough to support it. but what i want to bring to your attention today is the potentially much more sinister nexus between iraq and the kite a terrorist network. every word in that speech was gone over by the director of central intelligence and his deputy directory after we slept. so it's nothing that i made up, it was nothing that i stuck in there, and in fact,
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some people tried to stick extra things in there that the intelligence community wouldn't verify with multi sourcing. and i said no, active rec, powell grab me physically, which was unlike him and drug me into a space at the ca, langley, and said, throw all the material in my presentation about terrorism out, cut it out out this amount. this is just within an hour large tenants, the director of central intelligence made a spectacular bar michelle presentation. we have just to learn from a high level al qaeda operative under interrogation about significant context between baghdad, mood of rot and al qaeda. this was devastating. here's the director of central intelligence telling the secretary of state that he has interrogated evidence. while the secretary turned to me and said, put it back in how kind it continues to have
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a deep interest in inquiring weapons of mass destruction. as with the story as the car we in his network, i can trace the story of a senior terrorist operative telling how rac provided training in these weapons to al qaeda. later i learned that that was shake out. libby that had happened just instantly happened. it happened months before that he'd been water boarded in egypt . 20 did this, no us personnel were present and he had recanted within a couple of weeks. and we never were told about that. every statement i make today is backed up by sources solid sources. these are not assertions. what we're giving you, our facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. we were indisputably, we were lied to me at this hour. american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free people, and to defend the world from great danger. as karl rove famously said to this
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reporter, you guys a reality based communities. we make reality by the time you figured out what's wrong with our reality, we moved the creation of another reality. did you sell or cause to come into the possession of saddam hussein, weapons of mass destruction? did the united states yell to him? absolutely not. a run around such a scale. i was only run inside and i went down to the back. i was actually given a gas kit. and so let me take the train back. right all the way up there on the carriages were crammed with iran and soldiers had been gast, such as coughing and wretched. and a one man was reading a koran, put a handkerchief white glove to his lips gradually to car. those became permeated with a sort of $36.00 smell and i realize it's the smell of a gas they were coughing up from the lungs on is going wrong, the car, those long windows on the night trying to clean the train out of this smell of
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obviously of chemical water after 2003 i was being attacked on radio shows, especially for america complaining about the american event you pro saddam. and i said, excuse me. i was on the train of iranians, guessed by the iraq is and the chemical components came from the united states. at the very time that your rumsfeld was meeting for you were meeting with saddam hussein. i think we have some video that of that meeting. tell me what was going on during this. where did you get this video from the iraqi? tell them this is from iraqi television. when did they give it to you recently or back then we've dug this out of the sea and in library, i say, isn't that interesting? there i am with the
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our war on terror begins out. but it does not in the 33 war on terror is irrational. it's like saying a war. and when the serious pro office launched his investigation into the crimes that we were uncovering, it turned out that many of these arms deals had been forced through by tony blair personally. he's a dedicated arm salesman and once you start a war you open and kind of pandora's box, you don't control and it controls you
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today. good, dennis, and matt did is the bad better said those in yemen who the united states names to be a threat. the good terrorists are those who are inferior. the joke here is we've been there before. i mean, if you consider the amount of time story, there was nothing to do. if i say that the saudis are giving money to groups that are in the city and that not only but also the i s i s people who say you want to come to me that can really put
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$1000000.00 each to give them arms training equipment, we are the ones who are clear, all those people to go. we a new piece, that's what we want. freedom and in the doctrine that has endured from bush to obama is that the world is a battlefield. and that the united states has the right to go into any country around the world to conduct what they call kinetic operations, lethal operations, regardless of what international law says, if you're a small state like we were for 150 years, in essence, reasonably, spain, france angling and even russia, you gotta be exquisitely good diplomacy. you've got to be able to talk yourself out of lots of things and make deals and compromises and so forth. but if you're the world's hageman, you don't deal with anybody. you smack your military, you smack up the
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ah, they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weapon. that was 6000000 pounds in commission. there was no hope of any more because there's always a small combo people for really, really good live in athens, we in the united states, have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al jazeera news, news, news, news, news,
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news. hello heres her headlines for the americas. we could have 2 hurricanes make landfall around the same time. the 1st we're talking about is a tropical storm ida, but it is expected to strengthen once it enters those warm waters of the gulf of mexico. let me put this on this is showing those high temperatures are brown, the golf. in fact, the northern gulf coast, your water temperature is about 32 degrees. so what this means, this will allow for the rapid intensification of this disturbance and either could make landfall as a category 3. hurricane late on sunday, and new orleans just west of new orleans. we know it is below sea level, so this area will be inundated no matter where the track is. now we're also keeping tabs on tropical storm. nora will press play, see where it goes. i in the baja peninsula and this one looking to make landfall as a hurricane as well, late sunday, and it will impact the popular tourist hotspot of carbo san lucas. now to south
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america, heavy rain still falling toward the northwest of venezuela through the venezuelan alps where we have seen deadly mud slides toward the south in front to keep in temperatures cool for the southeast of brazil. and as we head toward the western us, not cool here, a phoenix at 42 degrees, and we'll see that heat and humidity build from the st lawrence river right through to the great lakes. that's it. for me. the talk to al jazeera we owe what gives you hope that is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing out the way. listen, we were never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sera ah,
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which is a you, ah, ah, the us is, it carried out a strike against i fill in the afghanistan. it's in retaliation to those days, attack outside cobble airport. they killed more than 175 people. ah, hello, i'm emily. angry. this is al jazeera live from dough house, so coming up the man convicted of assassinating us senator robert f. kennedy is granted parole. after more than 50 years in prison. us intelligence agencies say colbert 19.


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