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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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ah, when ever you ah ah, the u. s. is carried out as strikes against i fill in the afghanis, john, in retaliation to those days attack outside cobble airport. they killed more than 175 people. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from dough house, so coming up the man convicted of assassinating us senator robert f. kennedy is granted parole after more than 50 years in prison. us intelligence agencies, de cove at 19 was not developed as a buyer weapon,
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but remained divided over it's linked to a lab in china the and protest in peru op to congress president petro licked us cabinet. the green line. ah, we began with ranking news out of afghanistan, the us says it's carried out a strikes against iso kay in the eastern manga province of f canister. it says the drawing strike was in retaliation for thursday's attack. fad cobble airport that killed at least 175 people. there were no reports of civilian casualties yet for more on this breaking story. let's cross live to gabriel. elizondo who's in washington, d. c. l. o. the gabriel, the u. s. has described, these strikes is counter terrorism. what more can you tell us?
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well, joe biden said that the u. s. would hunt down any one they felt was responsible for thursday's attack, that killed 13 us service members and over a $150.00 afghans at the airport. clearly now the u. s. is doing exactly just that us central command spokesperson putting out a release about 35 minutes ago. so just came within the last half hour or so. as you mentioned, it was an unmanned air strike against what the us military is calling a, an eyesore k planner. planner being singular, so it appears that it was against one person, u. s. military is saying that they believe that the strike was successful and that the target of the strike was killed. also saying that the best of the knowledge of the us military so far, no civilian casualties to report. as you mentioned,
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this took place, but according to us military, nangle har province in eastern afghanistan, which is a province that partially borders. pakistan. what we have not been told is when exactly this military operation or counter terrorism operation is u. s. military calling it exactly when it took place. but clearly the us said they would strike back and it appears that now just a little over 24 hours after thursday's attack outside. couple airport. that's exactly what the us military has done. and gabriel, what are you hearing about yet? another warning being issued about get another attack on cobble airport. yeah, also tonight, and this just came in in about just about an hour before we got word of the counter terrorism operation that killed the iso planner. is that the u. s. embassy in cobble put out an alert,
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advising all us citizens that are at the gates outside of the cobble airport. to leave immediately. it's unclear if this is because they knew about this counter terrorism operation or not. or if they're expecting some sort of retaliation by i, so we just simply do not know we did call the state department about that security alert at the airport. they said they would not give us any more details or specify what the specific threat is. but clearly tensions are high, and we do know that military and intelligence officials did brief joe biden on friday and told him that another attack at the cobble airport was in their words, likely. so this is new information tonight about another security alerts being
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issued by the u. s. embassy and cobble advising again, all american citizens that are outside the airport at the gates at this hour to leave immediately and seek shelter. thank you for that update. gabriel, alexander, i live for us in washington dc. appreciate that. us forces have resumed evacuation operations in afghanistan after those days. i still attack there are only 4 days remaining before deadline for all foreign forces to leave the country. but there are warnings at another attack, as we heard from our correspondent, eas, likely. and the next few days will be the most dangerous charlotte bell. it says in cobble where she spoke to victims and their families facing an uncertain future to come to had served as an escort soldier. he went to cavalier port on thursday, hoping his service would be enough to qualify him for an evacuation flight. the father of 4 was killed at the gate, shaders goes forth and he's
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a martyr because he died for a good course. he was the best future for his family because there's no work here and so much fighting. he wanted out of this place and he died for it to come to spend his childhood and final days, under telephone rule. he wanted life to be different to his children and hope to raise them in the united states. but people here say the us has offered little and taken a lot music about all this misfortune and all the explosions are all those. he said attacks all this because of the americans. and i'm tom wished us, it's outside emergency hospital with her mother. her uncle has called from california, they are all waiting for news on her father who survive the explosion and his being treated in size and much of a have they didn't give us permission to see him on his abdomen and hands. what hurt he was brought here in a cart. we've only seen pictures of him and he was bloody dozens of the wounded
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were brought here to emergency hospital. these are some of the most severe and everyone here had been at the airport hoping for an evacuation flight to escape the violence and stairs. they're going to stones latest victims. in the intensive care unit, patients explain why they ignored i saw threats and remained outside the gates to argue the case for evacuation. below had tried to get through with his uncle who had a foreign passport. he said it was red color. his uncle died at the scene. in the aftermath, many victims was separation from the family members as the dela saying he went to the airport with 15 relatives. maybe some of them be endured. maybe do the skip. the all. i don't know. i tell you anything. i hear, i know, i don't know where my family is. it's my wife,
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my children. as evacuations, wine down. this is not how many africans expected to see us forces to pause. there were warnings of more. i still attacks at the airport. the taliban has increased security and expanded the perimeter. the thousands who did not make it onto a flight. it is likely a dream lost. for others. it is so much more. charlotte bellis, l. to zebra cobalt. the u. n. is wanting up to half a 1000000 afghans could flee the country before the end of the year. its calling on afghanistan neighbors to keep their borders open for those wanting to lay. these are dramatic times and you and hcr the u. n. refugee agency has worked with the people of afghanistan for over 40 years, and we will stand by them and do what we can to support them in terms of numbers, we are preparing for around 500000 new refugees in the region. this is
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a worst case scenario. well, we have not seen large outflows of africans. at this point. the situation inside afghanistan has evolved more rapidly than anyone expected. more than 100000 people have been evacuated from afghanistan since the taliban took over on august 14th. but it's not clear how many of those were afghan nationals, us, president joe biden had found to evacuate as many people as possible before. next tuesday. the united kingdom says it's taking in $20000.00 african refugees over the next 5 years. more than 7000 evacuation have been flown to 8 european locations in south korea. approximately $390.00 afghans have been granted a short stay phases, but they are likely to be extended and several 1000 afghans have flayed into pakistan using the spin bold at crossing points. for more on this story, hard and lang is the vice president for programs and policies with refugees
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international. he joins us live from washington, d. c, via skype. thanks for joining us. hot and the u. n. has urged country both within and also outside the region to allow refugees in but where of a half a 1000000 people likely to end down? yes, thanks very much for having me. i think the, the pretty clear answer to that would be a couple of major countries in the region. so we anticipate that the majority of that $500000.00 would end up having to pakistan or something that had the pocket on the 1st quarter called. and then or wrong is the 2nd country likely to host the most of the running pockets on host close to $2200000.00 of the $2500000.00 african refugees and we're currently out there. so we anticipate that they will be the countries received the most. the concern here right now is that africa as a pakistan and wanna largely keeping their bores close to african refugees. and we can see in places where major border crossings exist,
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that flows are already beginning to develop. and there's locker just at those cross points as people try to get across. so i think we're in for a very difficult couple of weeks and months ahead. in one phase, refuse to actually make it into a country what needs to be provided through them. great question. so when, when the refugees actually cross, when they're allowed to actually cross like partisan, could like knock on what we want to see, or basic reception will be granted refugee status. and we will be given access to services, the right to work the right to get education right to get health care. so the basic necessities of life. now that's going to be definitely a challenge and some of these countries, some of signed the refugee convention, are bound by multitude national to do so. others have not. the key thing is going to be a systems going to those countries from western donors and other large donors to make sure that they can help share the responsibility for, for taking the so on. in addition, it will be important that refugees can be resettled out of focused on the 12
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countries in europe and the united states. so they can do their furniture. what complications the pandemic haven't all events? one thing the panoramic is actually had a chemist and incredibly hard right now inside i've got them was a drought high food insecurity. in addition to the conflict and the pandemic, and all these factors are actually creating a humanitarian situation. over half the population needs access to assistance. and so now you can just see that the kind of pressures that are existing inside the country when it's going to be incredibly difficult to get humanitarian assistance into afghanistan, least in the 1st couple months. it's all been consolidate the control. this is going to make it increasing your build pressure for people to want to flee across the border. and they're when they're received, how you sort of manage that process as people come across with potentially with the risk the spring covered will be a challenge in those same havel airport, that we saw over the loss of waco. so have been heartbreaking who really needs to
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take the lead on half a 1000000 refugee exec. i don't think any of this happens if you look at what's happening in the region. if you look what's happening farther afield in countries we're, afghans will likely transit turkey trying to make their way to europe and other definitions. you see the trend lines are going in the wrong direction, right? orders are closing walls are going up. if we don't see incredibly strong leadership for the united states, right as the country, this was the question involved in the course of the events that led to these, these options. you're not going to see them next week coming together and supporting countries in the region. doing their fair share in the united states going to require very strong international leadership in the by the ministration is going to need to be at the forefront of that offer. we appreciate your in the hot and laying there, the vice president for programs and policy with refugees international still ahead on al jazeera. why a birthday party for continuous 1st lady as led to an indictment of her husband,
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president albert fernandez. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello, good to be with you. here's an update on our summer rains across the sub continents, and you know what spawn sooner moisture dances rate back in to go up your nets. and careless states on saturday, also into time on the due drive toward the northwest. but we may see some rain sneak into new delhi, so we'll be on the look out for that. but really our heaviest falls reserved toward the ne indian states of dish west bank gall sick and asked them into our natural pradesh rate up against the foothills of the himalayas flooding a be concerned here in the days to come. so get conditions across the yangtze river valley. we've got our plum rains falling now by sunday they'll migrate further
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toward the north along the yellow river valley. and this will become a story for young joe, for there is for the east japan, many of the main islands here are under heat alerts. so we're talk in chicago, q shoe, and han shoe tokyo is included in this $34.00. but it will feel in the forty's for the south around indo china. we've seen rounds of rain. so southern areas of thailand scooping up almost $200.00 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. we'll see dry cross java jakarta high, 33 degrees and we've got some big storms across the philippines. dow has a height of 32 on saturday. that sure weather updates here. soon. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best airline of 2021. which she does with it, very glamorous. it's part of our whole job to, to our very, very special occasion. and for that people who spend money,
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everything that they do is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and tell me things around my, my dear on out there. ah, ah, ah, ah, hello, you're watching out 0. i'm emily angland. a reminder of that tough stories is our us has carried out drawn and strikes against i f. okay. in retaliation, but those days attack that killed at least 175 people. it happened in the east and named a province of afghanistan, there, and no reports of civilian casualties. the u. s embassy in afghanistan has put out
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another alert for all american citizens to leave cobble a port immediately there, a warnings that another attack is likely and the next few days will be the most dangerous for you ends. refugee agencies is up to half a 1000000 people could flee the prices in afghanistan by the end of the year. its appeal to all neighboring country to keep borders items. the man convicted for the assassination of us, dennis robert f. kennedy has been granted parole. after seeking it for the 16th time, 77 year old to hon for hon, has served 53 years for shooting kennedy at a campaign event at the ambassador hotel in los angeles. in 1968 when california abolish the death penalty, the sentence was reduced to life with the possibility of her own. phil laval is in los angeles and he is this pearl hearing. so a number of changes from the previous 15. the parole board felt that he had shown
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enough remorse, he had apologized in the past, but they felt that he hadn't showed enough contrition. but he spoke at this hearing and he said, and i quote, over half a century his past thought, young, impulsive kid, i was, does not exist anymore. senator kennedy, with the hope of the world. and i enjoyed and i harmed all of them, and it pains me to experience that the knowledge for such a horrible deed. not only that this was the 1st time that the district attorney didn't count, didn't push for him to remain in prison. in previous years, previous attempts, the district attorney of los angeles has said that he should remain behind bars. there is a new district attorney here, one that you might say is more progressive. one that is actively looking at sentences where people have been in prison for many years. they are no longer deemed a threat to society. they are, it is felt that they are no longer a threat and that they have served enough time and he didn't endorse the release. but what he did say was that he wasn't going to count against him leaving. so he
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was remaining neutral that most likely help, but what also probably helped a lot was the intervention of the kennedy family. douglas kennedy, who was a toddler, but his father was killed. he actually turned up at the hearing. he wasn't expect that he did turn up, he said i am overwhelmed just by being able to view his face. i've lived my life both in fear of him and his name in one way or another. i am grateful to him today today to see him as a human being by the compassion and love. he said that he thought it was time that he should be released that it would be in the, in the spirit of his father, who was a very forgiving man. that sounds should be released. authorities in northern nigeria, i have reported 3 separate releases of abducted children in the past 24 hours. the latest were 32 high school students in can. during the day that follows 15 pupils released in zam farah and 90 students will let go in niger stage. earlier on friday, gunman took them from islamic school 3 months ago,
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and nigerian officials say one child died while held hostage and for others. and now receiving medical treatment in corona virus, hospital admissions, in some us states have searched levels not st since january there and now 100000 people in the hospitals across the country. those in the southern states found the most full topic list is florida with 17000 people, carly and hospital. the latest outbreak is driven by the more infectious delta variance, as well as widespread vaccine hesitancy. and gallagher has the light. it's from miami. well, the situation here in florida frankly hasn't been worse. over the past few days. we've got north of $200.00 deaths per day. around 23000 new cases reported every day and 17000 people in the state alone are hospitalized. now all of this, of course, being fueled by that delta vary, and most of those people in hospital,
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all the unvaccinated things are so bad that doctors are holding press conferences, all mass just to appeal to people to get those vaccines in their arms. now, governor ron defenses has just been over ruled by a judge. he was trying to stop schools from putting mask mandates in place, but a judge said you have exceeded your authority. so in, in terms of parents who want my children to stay safe. that could be seen as a good thing by them. obviously, there are people that will not agree with that, but the governor has been overruled now in many ways. what's happening here in florida is a microcosm of what's happening across the entire country, particularly in states like alabama, mississippi in louisiana, where those vaccination rates are pretty low, and the cases are ramping up. although i have to say over the past few days and weeks, those vaccination rates have been going up as people realize they have to make a choice. they may be vaccine hesitant, but the alternative could be followers. american intelligence agencies are divided
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over the origins of the corona virus, but a great it wasn't developed as a buyer weapon. that's according to a now declassified report ordered by us president joe biden carver 19, was 1st to take it in the chinese city of wu han, in 2019 intelligence communities is china's latest. didn't know about the virus before the pandemic began, but they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal or late from a lab. aaron serrano is the director of the elizabeth griffin, the buyers safety program at georgetown university. she's calling on global cooperation to understand where the outbreak of coven 19 started. it's very challenging, i think without having transparency from the government of china and having access to bills, clinical samples, material, and data from early on in the outbreak, it would be very challenging to be conclusive on the origins of the outbreak. i
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think unfortunately, this outbreak in this panoramic has become exceptionally politicized. and i think what's important right now is to stop laying blame and to stop politicizing the issues and really get at hand at what we need to find out in order to stop this outbreak. and to stop this pandemic, and that's going to require global cooperation, global collaboration, and primarily right now that, that train transparency of understanding, again, where this outbreak originated. i think what's important to consider is, what are we going to do with that information? once we have it, understand the origins will help us think about risk assessments for future pandemic outbreaks, future pandemic risks. but having the data that we have at hand right now, we can, we can respond to this pandemic. so how do we get countermeasures and vaccines to the global population to be able to stop the spread of kind of virus. we don't need to understand the origins in order to stop this pandemic right now. and in the
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chinese city of wu, hannah study has found around half of the people hospitalized that the virus still had symptoms a year later. research is found, one in 3 patients still suffered shortness of breath, fatigue and muscle witness were also commonly reported. a prosecutor in an agile taina has indicted the president for violating his own coven 19 rules. last year, albert or finance is imposed in national lockdown while throwing a birthday party for the 1st lighting. it's proving to further damage his popularity as to raise the bar reports from want to say. it was one of his trick. dest locked downs in the world. security forces were deployed on the streets of origin, tina to prevent the spread of covered 19 but a few weeks of videos that have just been revealed show president america for him and he's wife john. yes,
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we're not respecting it. now. a prosecutor in argentina has accused president tremendous of breaking the quarantine and celebrating a party at the presidential residence you. but if you think that the president is an expert in lying, he said there were no parties and the picture appeared. they said it was a fake. second picture, they admitted there was a party and then he blamed his wife of the party every day he changed his version last week about the man this apologized for the incident and can sorta see the julio on july 14, 2020 on my dear, fabulous birthday. fabiola gathered with her friends and had a toast, which shouldn't have been done. i definitely realized that this shouldn't have been done. and i'm sorry, did. i'm clearly sorry. on thursday, the president went even further and presented a written statement with his defense in front of a judge. he also offered to donate half of his salary to a research institution,
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even though the president to apologize and has offered to donate part of his salary to compensate for the celebration that happened at this presidential arrested. and the incident has angered many people in argentina. they say that while they couldn't attend the funeral of a family member or children missed school, the president was celebrating his wife's birthday over 100000 people have lost their lives to go over 1900 tina. even though the country was one of the 1st in the region to close borders and impulse logged down, members of the opposition saying the president could view peach for breaking the post to go. we've made 2 requests for an impeachment one signed by r block and another one by congressmen in my party. we believe he violated all the rules of incompetence and abuse of power. the opposition does not have a majority in parliament, and impeachment is unlikely for now. but our jan tina will hold midterm election in
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november and while the government is trying to control the scandal and only say this incident could cost more damage and oppose than in a court of law. so i will, i'll defeat it when a fight. if i reckon, ida has made landfall in south with cuba, ida has brought down trees and torn off roofs, packing wings of 130 kilometers per hour. the us national weather service predicts it will become an extremely dangerous category for hurricane. by the time it reaches louisiana light on sunday, the political divisions in peru have spilled onto the straight south to the new government, one vote of confidence in congress opposition protest. this scaffold with police after the vote in favor of president patrick has left wing cabinet. the borders of the government also turned out to back the president's radical social policy can say is free. poor party has a minority in congress, which is controlled by
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a center right coalition. mariana sanchez, has this report from lima was wanting to 73 legislators in favor and 50 against a cabinet approved plagued with questions like of experience allegations of corruption and prime minister. either we either accused of making a so called apology for terrorism by appearing to support the shining path extremis group. it put off, even some of the moderate legislators shouted a be either for making remarks in the indigenous kit to a language, even though he was calling for a new start, we want to face a different future difference from the unfair, centralize, liters and deeply exclusionary country the newly inaugurated left his government will now focus on peruvians left behind. the either says, the priority will be to tackle depend demik that left nearly $200000.00 prove,
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instead of 30 percent of the country in poverty. did that they should be the priority of our social policy. it is time to begin to close this gap and access to rights the chambers, as peruvians, the it will be easy. it's been a confrontational 1st month in office for precedent. civil castillo, analysts say a powerful and united right wing alliance in congress request, gusty, you and his team looking again to hone in norman. there is an enormous lack of knowledge of how to govern a very complex state of understanding power and what you need to do if you want to achieve a certain governance and the country in crisis. castillo is the 5th president in the last 5 years. some of the politicians who give him the cabinet, a green light are also sending him a message. fire the ministers and start over proceeding castillo tweeted, thanks for giving his cabinet the vote of confidence. he said the consensus will
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allow them to govern with the people. however, and only see the political battles will likely continue, nearly 50 percent of peruvians didn't vote for castillo, and the political opposition in congress may guarantee an appeal battle for a precedent and a cabinet. with hardly any experience in governing, madana santas, i'll just see that lima be to ah, your what, you know to 0. these are the top stories this hour. the u. s. has carried out drawn air strikes against iso k in retaliation for thursday's attack side capillary port that killed at least 175 people. it happened in the eastern manga province of afghanistan. gabriel elizondo has moved from washington. d. c. was an unmanned air str.


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