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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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this is extremely important service that they provide to the city. we say we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah, hating back the us says it's carried out air strikes against i saw enough gases done following the cobble airport attack. i don't know whether my family is right. why my children. we hear from the victims of the airport bombing that killed at least a 175 people. ah,
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i'm about this and this is alive from doha. also coming up the man convicted of assassinating us senator robert f. kennedy is granted parole after more than 50 years in prison, and a birthday party. this left a bad taste. argentine as president indicted for breaking colbert 19 rules. ah, the u. i says it's carried out air strikes against i sold k in eastern afghanistan, the attacks and anger har province follow a warning from president joe biden, that his forces. would hon. done those behind thursday, suicide bombing outside cobble airport? at least $175.00 people were killed, including 13 us troops and afghan civilians. good morning assume gave out on whose life in washington dc gave what more to be know about this. well,
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president joe biden said that the us would not forgive, not forget, and you mentioned would hunt down anyone that was responsible for the attack on thursday. that's clearly what appears to be happening. the us central command saying that a drone attack strike if you will hit a, i saw k planner in the words of the us central command, and that the strike was successful and killed that person. they said this happened in eastern afghanistan in anger har province, as you mentioned, that province in the eastern part of the country, part of it borders pakistan. they say that there was no civilian casualties, that the u. s. military knows about. now the reuters news agency here in the united states reporting for that information from a named us officials that it was
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a drawing that was launched from a base in the middle east. and then it killed this. i saw k planner who was driving a vehicle with another associate and they both were killed. we do not know exactly when this operation took place. and we do also do not know if this was one of more that or to be expected in the future. but clearly the united states, 1st retaliation for the attack outside the capital couple airport on thursday. gabriel is a back talk to this is a 2nd warning about a possible threat to a couple airports. do we have more details about that? he also on friday evening, eastern time here in washington, the u. s. embassy in cobble issued a warning for all us citizens that were at the gate outside of the cobble airport, to leave a mediately, this security alert came down about an hour and
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a half before anyone knew about the strike killing. the alleged i saw k fighter. so it's unclear if this security warning had anything to do with that drone strike operation or not. we did talk to call the state department and ask for more information. they simply said they will not give us any more details on the nature of the the immediate threat at the airport. but we do know that national security officials and military officials did tell joe biden, president joe by non friday, that they thought that the chances of another attack at cobble airport were very high. and so there's a lot of people on edge quite frankly, in the u. s government over the next few days until the august 31st pull out of us
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troops out of couple airport. in the meantime. no, the u. s. says they are continuing to evacuate as many people as they can until that august 31st deadline gave thanks very much and give it out on july 1st in washington dc. reuters is currently reporting a line saying, quoting on an identified western official saying that don't strike and the ongoing evacuation plan at campbell airport or not into length. presumably we're going to get some details about that as it emerges over the next few hours. but let's take a closer look at the eiffel affiliate known eyes i saw called a son that's claimed responsibility for the capital attacks. but the ongoing was formed in 2014. it was made up by break away fighters of the pack taliban fighters from a kindness done through pledged allegiance to the late ice. the leader bobo had a buck study on us on is a historical region which included parts that would today be in iran. chemist on pakistan and took medicine ice ok has said to be responsible for some of the worst
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attacks. enough ganna stand on pakistan in recent years, targeting girls schools, hospitals, and the maternity ward. the groups made major difference has major differences with the taliban accusing it of abandoning on struggle in favor of negotiated peace deals with washington. david 70 is a former deputy us as soon says that assistant secretary of defense for canister and pakistan. he is currently a senior fellow at the center for strategic and international studies, is joining us live from doha via guides. good, happy with us on ologist era. the details about this attack appeared to be very specific, at least according to the united states. one would imagine that that has come, at least in part from intelligence that's been gathered on the ground. what do you think is going to happen to that intelligence gathering when the foreign forces finally pull out? well, the further away you are, the less, you know, even if you have satellite intelligence and grown intelligence and all that,
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it's been proven pretty conclusively that those kind of methods can be deceived and can be wrong if you rely on them. so you need human intelligence and he's local sources. you need the ability to really understand the situation on the ground rather than just having things by pictures or by listening to intercepts. so that will get worse. and the problem with that is that intelligence gets worse, and the ability for strike gets worse, and you are more likely to like amazon civilians. when you inflict damage on civilians you create more terrorist. so over the horizon, the over the horizon packages that united states is considering are likely to make things worse rather than better. what's your perception of the threat from myself enough, janice, done? i think it's quite high. as you sure report mentioned, the people who joined, i saw ok. i came from the parlor bond somewhere. indigenous fighters that they were
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people for whom and mine was to moderate people whose vision of the world and it was of a lasting war in which all who were not of the particular sex islamic they were part of would be destroyed, would be killed. they have killed babies, said the tech hospitals, and this is a very dangerous group. and with the all government that can stand gone, and the restraining influence of the, of the civil society in the past, we're going to go stronger the taliban during the attack. so shortly after the attacks of couple airports recently said that they too were under threats from isolate. do you think that there is a possibility that intelligence sharing could be part of any sort of future agreement or understanding between foreign governments and the taliban? after the august 31st date or as perhaps isolated tax increase in afghanistan, certainly any such thing as possible, but there is an old selling f you make
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a deal with the w u n t and he ends up getting what he wants, which is your soul so such deals are often made and in the end, the people who make them tend to regret them sometimes very bitterly. what is your assessment of the taliban is ability to maintain security within afghanistan we're going forward. it's a fairly weak thought of bonds, able to maintain civil order by beating people you re bossy pictures of the taliban fighters club, the people with guns and using whips on the same things they didn't, they weren't power before so they can maintain a superficial order. but a serious ability to govern society and in a positive way, the top one has never shown any ability to do that. and ice ok and other groups attract adherents in a way that's the problem. i have a difficult time. over time,
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people will likely tend to become more radical slide away from the top of on. so just because it's all a bunch of over doesn't mean africans and more secure over time, it will be less secure. david said a, we appreciate you being with us, and ours is here and giving us your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed, sir. thank you. us forces have resumed evacuation operations, enough garrison after the airport attack. only 4 days remained before a deadline for all foreign forces to leave the country, but they're not wanting. another attack is likely and the next few days are going to be the most dangerous shot about us has spoken to the victims of the airport attack. to come to had served as an ask and soldier, he went to cavalier port on thursday, hoping his service would be enough to qualify him for an evacuation flight. the father of 4 was killed at the gate. shaders, the ghost. he's a martyr because he died for
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a good cause. he was the best future for his family because there's no work here and so much fighting. he wanted out of this place and he died for it to come to spend his childhood and final days, under telephone rule. he wanted life to be different to his children and hope to raise them in the united states. the people here say the us has offered little and taken a lot music about birthdays all this misfortune and all the explosions are, or those who had attacked all this because of the americans. made that i'm tom, wish to sit outside emergency hospital with her mother. her uncle has called from california. they are all waiting for news on her father who survived the explosion and his being treated in size in much of the they didn't give us permission to see him and his abdomen and hands hurt. he was brought here in a cart, we've only seen pictures of him and he was bloody thousands of the wounded were brought here to emergency hospital. these are some of the most severe and everyone
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here had been at the airport hoping for an evacuation flight to escape the violence and stairs. they're going to stones latest victims. in the intensive care unit, patients explain why they ignored i saw threats and remained outside the gates to argue the case for evacuation. below, he had tried to get through with his uncle who had a foreign passport. he said it was red color. his uncle died at the scene in the aftermath, many victims with separation from the family members. as the dela hussein he went to the airport with 15 relatives, maybe some of them be maybe do the skip the all. i didn't know. i tell you in a gauge i hear. i know. i don't know rid of my family with my wife, my children. as evacuations,
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wine down. this is not how many africans expected to see us forces to pause. there are warnings of more isolate tax at the airport. the taliban has increased security and expanded the perimeter. the thousands who did not make it onto a flight. it is likely a dream lost. for others, it is so much more. shall at bellis out to 0. couple of the year ends warning up to half a 1000000 afghans could flee the country before the end of the year. it's coming and i've got some neighbors to keep their borders open for those wanting to leave. these are dramatic times and you and hcr the u. n refugee agency has worked with the people of afghanistan for over 40 years, and we will stand by them and do what we can to support them in terms of numbers, we are preparing for around 500000 new refugees in the region. this is a worst case scenario. well, we have not seen large outflows of africans. at this point. the situation inside
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afghanistan has evolved more rapidly than anyone expected. ho, telson and pakistan have been ordered not to accept guests for the next 3 weeks to make space for thousands of people expected from left canister on security measures . outside hotels have been beefed up as the countries also expecting a number of foreign diplomats and journalists to arrive. thousands of afghans would be crossing into pakistan with many saying they've given up waiting to be flown out of the country. still ahead and al jazeera in the us in peru after congress gives president. pedal castillo is left his cabinet, dream light and christianity ronaldo, head back to the truck, but he became a foot falling legend. ah
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hello. here's her headlines for the americas. we could have 2 hurricanes make landfall around the same time. the 1st we're talking about is a tropical storm ida, but it is expected to strengthen once it enters those warm waters of the gulf of mexico. let me put this on. this is showing those high temperatures are brown, the golf. in fact, the northern gulf coast, your water temperature is about 32 degrees. so what this means, this will allow for the rapid intensification of this disturbance and either could make landfall as a category 3. hurricane late on sunday, and new orleans just west of new orleans. we know it is below sea level, so this area will be inundated no matter where the track is. now we're also keeping tabs on tropical storm. nora will press play, see where it goes. i in the baja peninsula and this one looking to make landfall as a hurricane as well, late sunday, and it will impact the popular tourist hotspot of carlos and lucas now to south america. heavy rain still falling toward the northwest of venezuela through the
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venezuelan alps where we have seen deadly mud slides toward the south in front, keeping temperatures cool for the southeast of brazil. and as we head toward the western us, not cool here, a phoenix at 42 degrees, and we'll see that heat and humidity build from the st lawrence river right through to the great lakes. that's it for me. ah. with the cushion sit to ride on the cookie, paralytic, the one i want you to investigate in japan. problem history of caring for people with disabilities on i'll do 0 me play an important role. protecting human 9 phase i ah
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ah, the ah, you're watching, i'll just remind of our top stories this our, the u. s. is wrong, the air strikes against ice ok in retaliation. the thursday is a taco so couple airport that killed at least 175 people. it happened in the eastern, none the hard problem of canister that no reports of civilian casualties. the u. s embassy in afghanistan has put out another, allows for all american citizens to leave campbell airport immediately. that a warnings that another attack is lighting and the next few days will be the most dangerous. the refugee agency says up to half a 1000000 people could flee the crisis enough can stand by the end of the year to appeal to all neighboring countries to keep boarders open.
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a prosecutor in argentina has indicted the president for violating his own coven 19 rules. last year on both fernandez, imposed on national lockdown for throwing a birthday party for the 1st lady. it's proving to be further damage damaging to his popularity theresa bowl reports from. but i said is it was one of his weakness locked downs in the world. security forces were deployed on the streets of origin, tina to prevent the spread of over 19 but a few weeks of videos that have just been revealed show president l. about the for the members and he's wife john. yes, we're not respecting it. now. a prosecutor in argentina has accused president, man of breaking the quarantine and celebrating
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a party at the presidential residence you. but if you think that the president is an expert in lying, he said there were no parties in the picture appeared. they said it was a fake. second picture, they admitted there was a party and then he blamed his wife and hearty every day. he changed his version last week about the foreign madness, apologized for the incident. sort of silly julio. on july 14, 2020. my dear fabulous birthday fabiola gathered with her friends and had a toast, which shouldn't have been done. i definitely realize that this shouldn't have been done. and i'm sorry i did. i'm clearly sorry. on thursday, the president went even further and presented a written statement with his defense in front of a judge. he also offered to donate half of his salary to a research institution, even though the president to apologize and has offered to donate part of his salary to compensate for the celebration that happened at this presidential arrested. and
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the incident has angered many people in argentina. they say that while they couldn't attend the funeral of a family member or children missed school, the president was celebrating his wife's birthday over 100000 people have lost their lives to go over 1900 tina. even though the country was one of the 1st in the region to close borders and impulse logged down, members of the opposition saying the president could beat for breaking the post. you go. we've made 2 requests for an impeachment one signed by our blog and another one by congressmen in my party. we believe he violated all the rules of incompetence and abuse of power. the opposition does not have a majority in parliament, and impeachment is unlikely for now. but our didn't, tina will hold midterm election in november. and while the government is trying to control the scandal and only say this incident could cost more damage and oppose
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than in a court of law. so i will, i'll defeat it when a fight. if the american intelligence agencies are divided over the origins of corona virus, but the agree it wasn't developed as a by a weapon that's according to a now declassified report ordered by us president joe biden cover 19 was face detected in the chinese city of juan in 2019, the intelligence committee community says china's leaders didn't know about the virus before the pandemic began, but they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal or liter from a lab. hadn't started as director of the elizabeth griffin bio safety program at georgetown university. she's calling on global cooperation to understand where the outbreak of covered 19 started. it's very challenging, i think without having transparency from the government of china and having access to bills, clinical samples, material, and data from early on in the outbreak,
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it would be very challenging to be conclusive on the origins of the outbreak. i think unfortunately, this outbreak in this panoramic has become exceptionally politicized. and i think what's important right now is to stop laying blame and to stop politicizing the issues and really get at hand at what we need to find out in order to stop this outbreak. and to stop this pandemic, and that's going to require global cooperation, global collaboration, and primarily right now that, that train transparency of understanding, again, where this outbreak originated. i think what's important to consider is, what are we going to do with that information? once we have it, understand the origins will help us think about risk assessments for future pandemic outbreaks, future pandemic risks. but having the data that we have at hand right now, we can, we can respond to this pandemic. so how do we get countermeasures and vaccines to
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the global population to be able to stop the spread of kind of virus. we don't need to understand the origins in order to stop this pandemic right now. corona virus, hospital admissions, and some states have serge 2 levels. not seen since january, but are now 100000 people in hospitals across the country. those in the southern states of the most full topping the list is florida with 17000 patients. the latest outbreak is driven by the more infectious delta variants, as well as widespread vaccine hesitancy. oregon. ida has made landfall in south west cuba, idaho brought down trees and torn off roofs, packing wins of 130 kilometers in our. the us national weather service predicts its going to become an extremely dangerous category. 400 and the time it reaches louisiana late on sunday, the governor of the state one residence. anyone who isn't concerned has got something wrong with them. by tomorrow night tropical storm force man's will begin to move onto the coast of louisiana. and so the next 24 hours are very,
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very important. now is the time to finish your preparations. and i wanna encourage everyone to understand that by nightfall, tomorrow night, you need to be where you intend to ride out the storm. the man convicted of the assassination of us senator robert f. kennedy has been conduct parole off to seeking him for the 16th time 70720253 years were shooting kennedy at a campaign event at the ambassador hotel. and the fancy is in 1968 when california abolish the death penalty. second sentence was reduced to life with the possibility of parole. lavelle is in los angeles, he says this pro hearing so a number of changes from the previous 15. the parole board felt that he had shown enough remorse, he had apologized in the past, but they felt that he hadn't showed enough contrition. but he spoke at this hearing
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and he said, and i quote, over half a century his past thought, young, impulsive kid, i was, does not exist anymore. senator kennedy was the hope of the world, and i enjoyed and i harmed all of them. and it pains me to experience that the knowledge for such a horrible deed. not only that this was the 1st time that the district attorney didn't count, didn't push for him to remain in prison. in previous years, previous attempts, the district attorney of los angeles has said that he should remain behind bars. there is a new district attorney here. one that you might say is more progressive. one that is actively looking at sentences where people have been in prison for many years. they are no longer deemed a threat to society. they are, it is felt that they are no longer a threat and that they have served enough time and he didn't endorse the release. but what he did say was that he wasn't going to count against him leaving. so he was remaining neutral that most likely help, but what also probably helped a lot was the intervention of the kennedy family. douglas kennedy, who was a toddler, but his father was killed. he actually turned up at the hearing. he wasn't expect
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that he did turn up, he said i am overwhelmed just by being able to view his face. i've lived my life both in fear of him and his name in one way or another. i am grateful to him today today to see him as a human being by the compassion and love. he said that he thought it was time that he should be released, that it would be in the, in the spirit of his father, who was a very forgiving man. that sounds should be released opposition. protests of scuffled with police in peru after president petro castillo. is government, one vote of confidence in congress. the opposition is promising to challenge the members of casinos left wing cabinet, one by one. i was saw that it was plans to adopt the crypto currency bitcoin as legal tender has spot protest in the capital. hundreds of people rallied. and since salvador over concerns that pensions will be paid in bitcoin instead of us dollars . the protesters are also worried. people don't understand the technology needed to use the cryptic currency. bitcoin is going to become legal tender on september the
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7th. many, it's going to be on an equal footing with the dollars that have been tearful reunion in northern nigeria after the release of more than $100.00, abducted students authorities reported 3 separate releases and the last 24 hours include 900 children taken by government from this school in the states 3 months ago, and jerry and officials say one child dying while held hostage for others or receiving medical treatment. today to get this d is an all new to the, to the people taking a community. we have encountered different kind of pet abolition. we have encountered different kind of effect sleepless, light, sleepless night. and a days with hunger that we can look at. and it's him because we, i think in the fall, children, one of the world's top football is, is heading back to the club. but he made his name, generals, and all those making
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a shock return to english premier lee giant's manchester united. david stokes has the story. kristin. 12 years after leaving them. christiana, rinaldo is once again a manchester united player. the news broke just an hour after we landed in lisbon for international duty with portugal. after deciding to leave a tammy inside the event us he'd initially been in talks with united rivals, manchester city. but when city pulled out, united stepped in to snap him up. it reported event is accepted, an offer of around $30000000.00. right now that was 36 years old and regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. it was united where he 1st made his name during his original spell at the club between 20032009. brought in by alex ferguson from sporting lisben. he went up to score $118.00 goals and $19.00 trophies, including 3 premier leagues, the european champions league, and 5th club world cup united current manager only going to south get used to play
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with him. speaking before the deal was done, he refused to speculate, but clearly thinks highly of his former teammate the let's see what, what happens when chris on august the such a legend of of this club. yeah, after you know, it did were now by me to round madrid for what was then a record breaking fee of $110000000.00. he was that stop playing for knowing years and racked up 15 trophies with the spanish giants, including 4 champions, league in 2018. he left to join event us in a deal with $117000000.00. and although we want to leave titles, success in europe alluded them. he let his manager know on thursday that he wants to move on and on, you know more to another. another things change is the law of life event is remains, which is the most important thing. it has been 3 years. he made his contribution. now he's leaving and life goes on the movie and it, it is subject to an agreement of personal terms, visa and medical,
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which were now though, could complete while in lisbon. the poach captain will then focus on will cut, qualifies against ireland. and as by john before joining up with his new teammates, the united david stokes outages era, the gun used to kill us outlaw billy. the kid has been sold at auction for $6000000.00. it's the highest em i'd ever paid for a firearm. believe the kid killed 8 men and was pursued for months until he was shot dead in new mexico in 18. 81 and 21 year old story is been told many times in u. s. pop culture, including several films. ah, this is all just, these are the top stories, the u. s. is carried out zone air strikes against iso k in retaliation for thursday's attack outside couple airport that killed at least 175 people. it happened in the eastern.


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