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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 11:00am-11:30am AST

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what's important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here. it does either. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing ah, tight security and couple as the u. s. launch is a drain strike against isolating retaliation for thursday that ah, 11 o'clock, this is out of your life. coming out, hoping to ease tensions in the region, iraq host to summit, which will be attended by saudi arabia and iran. hearken either barrels towards the southern united states where it is expected to strengthen, into hiding dangerous, told by the time in renault the return, most united to degree a deal to resign,
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that form a strike. ah, so the united states says it carried out a drone strike against i saw in eastern afghanistan the attack in nangle province follows an early warning from president joe biden. he said his forces would hunt down those behind thursdays, suicide bombing outside couple airport. at least a 175 people were killed, including 13 us soldiers. while the u. s. embassy and couple is warning americans against traveling to the airport because of security concerns. the pentagon says there are specific credible threats against a facility official say any americans waiting, i should leave immediately. the u. s. and allied forces erasing to evacuate their citizens and vulnerable afghans before deadline to withdraw. troops on tuesday. let me speaking to charlotte. better about the situation in afghanistan, just a moment. the 1st gabriel is under as more on that thread strike. the us central
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command to saying that a drone attack strike if you will hit a, i saw k planner in the words of the us central command. and that the strike was successful and killed that person. they said this happened in eastern afghanistan in anger, har province in that province and eastern part of the country, part of it borders pakistan. they say that there was no civilian casualties, that the u. s. military knows about now the reuters news agency here in the united states reporting for that information from unnamed us officials, that it was a drawing that was launched from a base in the middle east and it killed this. i saw k planner who was driving a vehicle with another associate and they both were killed. we do not know exactly
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when this operation took place. and we do also do not know if this is one of more that or to be expected in the future. but clearly the united states, its 1st retaliation for the attack outside the capital couple airport on thursday. all right, let's speak to sean about us now. who's in a couple life for us. charlotte, you've been up to the airport this morning. what's happening that the telephone off site is starting to take control of more areas inside the airport and outside the airport. last night, they told us that they had moved some units, additional units inside the airport perimeter, essentially their version of special forces, known as the victorious strike for the units. so the slowly taking over more territory inside as the us and foreign forces drill down. and then also today we saw on the north side of vehicles around the perimeter that had been controlled for the last 2 weeks by a c. i funded militia,
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they known as the 0. they had sensually created a buffer zone between western units and forces and the tele bomb. they have been evacuation for the most part. there was only a small pocket of them there this morning and in fact, the telephone had taken control of that area to slowly gaining more ground around and in the airport. also have to say that there was still a thousands of people down there this morning trying to get on evacuation flights. there were still ice will threats around the airport. and, and of course it was that very deadly attack on thursday. and yet these people were not deterred. we actually spent some time with some of the victims from that attack from thursday. his report to come to had served as an s good soldier. he went to cavalier port on thursday, hoping his service would be enough to qualify him for an evacuation flight. the father of 4 was killed at the gate. shaders, the ghost. he's
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a martyr because he died for a good course. he was the best future for his family because there's no work here and so much fighting. he wanted out of this place and he died for it to come to spend his childhood and final days, under telephone rule. he wanted life to be different to his children and hope to raise them in the united states. but people here say the us has offered little and taken a lot about all this misfortune and all the explosions are all those he had attacks . all this because of the americans. and i'm tom wished us, it's outside emergency hospital with her mother. her uncle has called from california. they are all waiting for news on her father who survive the explosion and is being treated in size and much of a have they didn't give us permission to see him on his abdomen and hands. what hurt he was brought here in a cart. we've only seen pictures of him and he was bloody dozens of the wounded were brought here to emergency hospital. these are some of the most severe and
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everyone here had been at the airport hoping for an evacuation flight to escape the violence and stairs. they're going to stones latest victims in the intensive care unit. patients explain why they ignored. i saw the threats and remained outside the gates to argue the case for evacuation. below had tried to get through with his uncle who had a foreign passport. he said it was red color, his uncle died at the scene. in the aftermath, many victims was separated from the family members as the dela saying he went to the airport with 15 relatives. maybe some of them be maybe do the skip the all. i don't know. i tell you anything. i hear. i know. i don't know rid of my family. it's my life. my children. as evacuations,
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wine down. this is not how many africans expect you to see us forces to pause. there are warnings of more. i still attacks at the airport. the taliban has increased security and expanded the perimeter. the thousands who did not make it onto a flight, it is likely a dream lost for others. it is so much more for the airport remains and incredibly dangerous place to be. there are still, i full threats and yet as i said, there were thousands of people down there this morning. still trying to see if they can get on some of the flights, where it's unclear exactly how many people are able to evacuate at the time. because a lot of the us allies have stopped there, evacuation programs, but when we were down there today, we could see the tail of a military across near the thomas. if you look at flight rate, you can see see 7 teams still coming and going from africa and if space, but it's on clear how many people at this point will be able to get out before the
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deadline on tuesday. or i saw that thanks for that show it, but it's there in a couple now iraq is hosting a reasonable summit in an effort to promote peace and reconciliation in the middle east. so, so hoping for improve ties between saudi arabia and around which are also attending and meeting lebanon's economic crisis and the board. yemen are also expected to be on the agenda. mood up. why does that conference invite me to tell us more about what to expect to well, it can almost integration. it is the main title of this summer. but it also entails tackling political, crucial issues in the middle east, iraq, through this summit, according to iraq hill physicians here telling gas that iraq is seeking economic integration with this take holders, especially in areas like energy, trade, economics, infrastructure and also in terms of water and power and
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guess too. but on the other hand, regional crises, political crises that monitor to this take orders in regard to the world in yemen. the water crises that is sweeping over the region and also they can amik, i'm political view at christ is in liberty and are also on top of the agenda of this summit. iraq as also a keen to benefit from the stakeholders expertise, especially in the areas of infrastructure like brought home paula sat in the oppressor with the french president macro. that's also iraq is keen to continue the fight against iso to benefit from france and also micron. also as placed on the fact that france was an important ally with iraq in the fight against
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eisen and it will continue on. i remember the records hosted similar summit over the past year. what was the government hoping to accomplish it? when it seemed that the government of prime minister, it must have caused me, it trying to retrieve, regain iraq's positive rule in the region by inviting get civil. i say call those including get adventures like saudi arabia and iran. it seems that iraq is trying to play a rule of neutral mediator in the middle east neutral madrid that believe that disability and prosperity of iraq is a part of the stability of the region. especially that rec, trying to take a neutral tide in the middle of all these crises and conflicts in the middle east. remember that iraq has hosted before meetings between saudi
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and iranian officials in the past. also it has hosted summit including dedications from egypt and from the from joseph. so it seems that iraq is trying to retrieve this role and trying to send a message to the internet to come in here. the iraq can be a stable country and internally, especially the upcoming election, the prime minister multiple public and government is trying to say to the director that way we can make it we can reach the parliamentary election, especially with the recognition of the stakeholders and the system of the international community. me, thanks for that moment in baghdad. there calling it's a life altering storm. harken ida is make its way to the united states, gathering strength as it hits towards the gulf coast. either has already hit cuba,
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where it's brought down trees and total roofs, as it crossed the western part of the island on friday. the us national weather service predicts it will become an extremely dangerous category for her. it can, by the time it reaches louisiana late on sunday, or whether presented jeff harrington has the details. so here is where a hurricane ida is right now. as you mentioned, just barreled through western cuba. and the biggest threat it's going to leave behind is bud slides when you consider sunspots, picked up about 200 millimeters of brains. so here's where it's go. and this is a worst case scenario rate through the gulf of mexico. we'll talk about that in a sec. but 1st so landfall. here we are on sunday. this is looking to make landfall as a category for hurricane late sunday. and i want to prepare you for the worst case scenario here. so a cat for top wind speeds, we could see upwards of 250 kilometers per hour. you consider winds that intent that you're going to pick up the ocean and drive it into the coast. otherwise known
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as storm surge, about 45 meters high. and we have to remember places like new orleans are actually below sea level, about 6 meters. and this is looking to make landfall toward the southwest of new orleans. so what's allowing for the intensification here? it's the very warm gulf of mexico waters, especially on the northern shores there. the temperature is about $32.00. so that's going to add fuel to the fire here, just as it makes that land falls south west of new orleans. now all of this is actually happening around the anniversary, the 16th anniversary of katrina, which also went through the gulf of mexico. it became a category 5 hurricane, but then weekend into a category 3 storm before i may combine fall in louisiana. also we're keeping tabs on tropical storm nora, which is expected to also form into a hurricane, a category one, but not looking to make landfall. it will go through the bay of california again as a category one, but that's still going to brush up against the baja california peninsula. so this will impact the popular tourist hotspot of carbo san lucas. so nick,
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a lot of tropical activity going on. but of course, all lies on ida. still ahead herron out 0. the protests in broo, the congress give green lights. the left is covered president steele. man convicted of assassinating us, senator robert f. kennedy could soon be freed up more than 50 years in prison. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hey there, hope your weekends go. and while, while it happened again, we had another deluge this time in southern crecia, 50 millimeters of rain within a single hour, and we may see a repeat performance on saturday, particularly along those eastern shores of the adria exceed montenegro bosnia into
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croatia and some stormy down ports for central areas of italy, you know, we do have amber alerts in plate for crecia warning of the potential to see 65 millimeters of rain. but this time over a space of 24 hours. it is all associated with this disturbance swirling around central parts of europe, spinning white sand at times windy conditions, particularly windy through the baltic sea and also the north sea were co stole exposed areas, could see windows up to about 60 kilometers per hour. smooth sailing, mostly for iberia, some showers for lisbon, and also maybe in and around barcelona. meantime in turkey were talking temperature is well above average, assemble $33.00, but a bit breezy at times. an opera, we've got you up to 36 on saturday, off to africa. we go and look at the temperature in northern areas of egypt, cairo at 39 degrees, and we see our storm clouds gathering through northern areas of gonna on saturday means the ivory coast stubby john has a hiv 26 degrees. see you soon?
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sponsor cut on airways in 2009. a torture victim of the brutal argent time the delivery gene confronted his interrogator. torture? no, no, no, no. i wasn't trying to. i was interrogating. has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier. i didn't, you were telling like an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3 wind interrogating a torture on al jazeera? ah, the me
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again, you're watching out. remind about top stories is and the united states, as it believes it's killed and ice will member responsible for planning attacks and then drain strike needs enough guns done. that's after president joe biden warned his forces would hunt down those behind thursdays to a sub for me, a couple that the u. s. embassy and couple is morty, americans against traveling to the airport because of security concerns. pence consists, specific credible threats against the facility, remain tens of thousands of people in the u. s. state of louisiana being told to evacuate park. and either near the u. s. gulf coast i made landfill twice over west cuba on friday for cost to say it will become an extremely dangerous hurricane. well, it's furniture it's pull out of afghanistan. it is unclear who will help run couple airport was hosting daily commercial flights, but that stopped when the taliban took control. now its role after august, 31st is uncertain where the asian experts warning the arm group does not have the expertise to operated. it's only been job aid reports now from near the african
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pakistan border. this was the scene on one of the last commercial flights out of cobbler airport. a week ago, after gun install failed to the fall upon in all the chaos, the boss of the airline came to the airport himself to take control. i decided to go myself. and i think that be a huge be in taking on site to see and assessing the situation. and i found it that if you conducted in a professionally that is, that is up of the problem is the local value of whatever they are restricting or discouraging. those people who come to the board and get out that's like was able to go ahead. but now all commercial operations are at a standstill. the taliban unlikely to be able to run them. our assumption going forward that at all, that that will be operational right up until, until, until we're gone. and we're working with the international community or several
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nations that want to contribute to the effort to keep it operational and willing to work with the taliban to that end. passengers in much needed a required or functional airport, but with so many professionals gone, questions remain on what happens when international forces leave. i doubt that taliban will be able to run board in a way that would allow commercial airlines to buy and you need quite a complex operation with quality type stuff. you need traffic control, we need approach control. you need a credit and reliable, and rescue and fire fighting services. you need people on the a pain apron to provide services to the aircraft, and that is necessary to attract any commercial airlines. on the one hand, solid on fighters have asked turkey to remove all its troops as it is part of the need to alliance. on the other hand, turkish officials say they've also been asked to help secure cavalier port. but
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with a double bombing carried out by key on thursday. the risks have been exposed, i've acknowledged by the turkish president mashanda the firm. the taliban had made a request in regarding the operation of cobble airports. who was just request me to, to us. they say would insure security and you can operate it. so we have not made a decision yet because there's always a possibility of that. so with no agreement but turkey and western forces leaving days, these evacuation flights by the military could be the last summer. bon jovi out there near the african border for the political divisions in through who spilled on to the st software, new governments. one of the conference in congress opposition just the scuffle with police also vote in favor of president. patrick is left with cabinet. supporters of government also turned out to back the president's radical social policy. because he is free, free party has the minority and congress controlled by central right condition or
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an essential to this report. now leave a lot of things you 73 legislators in favor and 50 against a cabinet approved plagued with questions, lack of experience, allegations of corruption and prime minister. either way, you accused of making a so called apology for terrorism by appearing to support the shiny pass extremist group. it put off even some of the moderate legislators shouted at b, either for making remarks in the indigenous good language. even though he was calling for a new start, can we want to face a different future difference from the unfair centralize, elitist in deeply exclusionary country? the newly inaugurated leftist government will now focus on peruvians left behind the. this is the priority will be to tackle the pandemic that's left nearly 200000 prove, instead of 30 percent of the country in poverty did. they should be the priority of
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our social policy. it is time to begin to close this gap and access to rights the chambers as peruvians, the it will be eastern. it's been a confrontational 1st month in office for precedent. federal castillo, analysts say a powerful and united right wing alliance in congress. me crush, gusty, you and his team looking into one enormous, there is an enormous lack of knowledge of how to govern a very complex state of understanding power and what you need to do if you want to achieve a certain governance and the country in crisis castillo is the 5th president in the last 5 years, some of the politicians who give him the cabinet. a green light are also sending him a message, fire the ministers, and start over preceding castillo treated thanks for giving his cabinet the vote of confidence. he said the consensus will allow them to govern with the people.
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however, and i will say the political battles will likely continue. nearly 50 percent of peruvians didn't vote for castillo. and the political opposition in congress make guarantee an appeal battle for a precedent and a cabinet with hardly any experience in governing madana santa. so just see the lima be to me. so china has dismissed us reports on the origins of code 19 describing it as political manipulation, president joe biden ordered them for the declassified. it shows that intelligence agencies are divided over where the vars began. but they create wasn't developed as a buyer weapon for advice was 1st detected in the chinese city. and in 2019, the intelligence community says that chinese leaders didn't know about the virus before the pendant begun. they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal or neat from a lab. erin, sorrow,
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listen director of elizabeth griffin, bio safety program at georgetown university. and she's called on global corporation to understand where the outbreak started. it's very challenging, i think without having transparency from the government of china and having access to bills, clinical samples, material, and data from early on in the outbreak, it would be very challenging to be conclusive on the origins of the outbreak. i think unfortunately, this outbreak in this pandemic has become exceptionally politicized. and i think what's important right now is to stop laying blame and to stop politicizing the issues and really get at hand at what we need to find out in order to stop this outbreak. and to stop this pandemic, and that's going to require global cooperation, global collaboration, and primarily right now that, that train transparency of understanding, again, where this outbreak originated. i think what's important to consider is,
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what are we going to do with that information? once we have it, understand the origins will help us think about risk assessments for future pandemic outbreaks, future pandemic risks. but having the data that we have at hand right now, we can, we can respond to this pandemic. so how do we get countermeasures and vaccines to the global population to be able to stop the spread of crowd of ours? we don't need to understand the origins in order to stop this pandemic right now. the man convicted of assassinating us senator robert f. kennedy could be released from prison after more than 5 decades. 77 year old, so hands on, shot and killed. kennedy at the campaign event at the bassett, a hotel in los angeles, in 1900. 68. phil laval has this report for 53 years. it has been no after no hemmed number. 16 godsa hanser hon. the result he wanted. i got the shooter convicted of murdering robert f. kennedy. a man many
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believed would be president and the progressive one gun down in a busy hotel in 1968 by a palestinian furious about his support for israel, a crime. so hon has never denied but says he doesn't remember. i was there, i was there, but i don't remember the exact moment. remember when my guns out of my bike now to be freed on parole after intervention from the senate says children some douglas appearing in person to say, so hands should be released along with another man shot on that night. the. i'm busted a hotel with a murder, took place was knocked down years ago, replaced with this memorial, which really highlights what that moment took from this country. the man who killed robert kennedy not acquitted, but you to be released on parole. and all these years later, many still believe he was even becoming among them. some of senator kennedy's family, his son roberts, who wrote in favor of hans release,
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even visited him in prison, saying i went because i was curious and disturbed by what i had seen and the evidence. i was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. that theory that there was a 2nd gunman because more bullets were fired than sir hans good could hold. and he was facing the senator who was shot at point blank range in the back one medical expert telling this book's author there is very compelling evidence that sir hannah was nothing state at the time of the shooting. i was somehow program to be as distraction for the real sure who was behind edge behind kennedy's right ear, so he won't be freed immediately. there is a long administrative process that could take months or even see the release block altogether, and he's likely to be deported to jordan because he is not a us citizen bringing an end to one of america's most high profile and shocking criminal cases. phil of al jazeera los angeles, one of the world thought football as is heading back to the club way, made his name christiana, rinaldo is making
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a shock. return to english premier league johns matched united his david stakes. kristin, 12 years after leaving them. christiana rinaldo is once again a manchester united player. the news broke just an hour after he landed in lisbon for international duty with portugal. after deciding to leave a tommy inside the aventis, he'd initially been in talks with united rivals, manchester city. but when city pulled out, united stepped in to snap him up. it's reported event is accepted, an offer of around $30000000.00. were now i was 36 years old and regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. it was at united where he 1st made his name during his original spell at the club between 20032009, brought in by alex ferguson from sporting lisbon. he went up to score 118 goals and 19 trophies, including 3 premier leagues, the european champions league, and fif at club world cup united current manager ali going to south get used to
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play with him. speaking before the deal was done, he refused to speculate, but clearly thinks highly of his former teammate the let's see what, what happens with chris on august the such a legend of of this club. yeah, after united we're now but i moved around madrid. but what was then a record breaking fee of $110000000.00? he was that star player knowing years and racked up 15 trophies with the spanish joints, including 4 champions, leagues in 2018 left to join the event us in a deal with $117000000.00 and very one to leave titles. success in europe. eluded them. he let his manager know on thursday that he wanted to move on and on, you know, more to do another things change is the law of life event. this remains, which is the most important thing that it has been 3 years. he made his contribution. now he's leaving and life goes on. the muti united is subject to an
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agreement of personal terms, visa and medical, which we're now though could complete while in lisbon. portugal captain will then focus on woke up qualifiers against ireland and as a by john before joining up with his new teammates, the united david stokes al jazeera. ah, so this is alex here. these are the top stories in the united states says it's current out of drain strike against i still in eastern afghanistan and pleases, killed a member responsible for planning attack that follows a warning from president joe biden, those behind thursday, suicide bombing outside capella. what would be hunted down u. s embassy in a couple is one americans against traveling through the airport because of security concern, depends can says specific credible.


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