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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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object to an agreement of personal terms, visa and medical, which were now though, could complete while in lisbon. portugal captain will then focus on woke up qualifiers against ireland and as a by john before joining up with his new teammates the united david stokes outages era. ah, so this is out there are, these are the top stories in the united states says it's carried out a drain strike against i still in eastern afghanistan and please, it's killed a member responsible for planning attack that follows a warning from president joe biden. the those behind thursday, suicide bombing outside couple app. what would be hunted down? u. s. embassy in a couple is more americans against traveling to the airport because of security concern. depends content specific, credible threats against facility remain? charlotte, but us is more now from couples. last night we were told by some telephone context that they were moving more forces inside the perimeter. what they were calling the
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victoria strike force unit, which essentially like the a version of special forces. and they've moved more of those personnel inside the airport. the u. s. denied, but they had taken control vehicle fully, but we do understand that they are slowly taking control of more areas within the actual airport perimeter. iraq is hosting a regional so much in an effort to promote peace and reconciliation in the middle east. so, so hoping for improve ties between saudi arabia and iran, which are also attending the meeting. lebanon's economic crisis in the war and yemen are also expected to be on the agenda. tens of thousands of people in the u. s. state of louisiana. i've been told to evacuate as hearken, ida hits towards the gulf coast. i made landfill twice over west and cuba on friday for causes predict it will become an extremely dangerous hurricane. peruse. new government is won a vote of confidence in congress opposition. protest is scuffle with police often vote in favor of principal petro cassie is left. when cabinet, you see a party has
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a minority and congress that control center. what kind of american intelligence agencies are divided over the origins of corona virus, but agree? it wasn't developed as a bio weapon. that's according to announce the classified report. the intelligence community says china's leaders didn't know about the virus before the pandemic began. aging describes report as a political manipulation the man convicted for the assassination that the u. s. senator robert f. kennedy has been granted parole of to see him for the 16th time, 77 year old son hunter. hon. has served 53 years for shooting kennedy at a campaign of into the ambassador hotel in los angeles, in 1968. you're up to date with headlines. more news coming up right after rewind. set him back on our theera as morocco record would be impacted with 19 the country vote in parliament the election to shape the future by listening post the media,
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how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 attacked over the world 20 years on the war that followed that finally ended and i've done it. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously unique to catch it on ask and help you in history through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make. germany go to the polls and elections the the i'm going to merkel replace after 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera? ah, me welcome to rewinds. we're here at the museum of his amec allen in doha,
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revisiting the best, the most memorable documentary we've made. this week, we turn our attention to argentina. we're over the past decade. hundreds of people have been tried for atrocities committed during the so called dirty war. the 970 and 80 waged by the countries then military regime against the left wing opponents . back in 2009 out of there was people in power series went to watch and seen as these prosecutions gained momentum and investigations to hold the worst actors to account were under way. he'll make. rodrigo vasquez captured, a gripping and timeless account of one victim. who got the rare opportunity to interrogate his own torture? that's watch. the march, the 24th 1976, a military june. the headed by general retailer overthrew urgent tina's democratically elected government, and launched a campaign of terror against all 4 post the code. if you have
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a more brought it can be no more valuable. that would be avoided. engineers that for the 15000 people were executed and 30000 disappeared. 250 concentration camps were set up throughout as in tina where so called terrorists were teen lee. and systematically tortured while being interrogated. i mean, it was separated that he needs who were blindfolded and tortured from the seemingly normal life of bestsellers by thousands of people accused of terrorism were illegally detained, tortured and killed. within these walls in argentine armed forces were trained and torture from the 1900 sixty's. these torture training sessions were sometimes photographed by those taking part in them. mm.
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33 years after the fall of a military regime, only one torture is in jail. he's known the gap was to call in his was the 1st voice that detainees heard behind their blindfolds when they entered one of the 3 different concentration camps in which he operated simone played the role of the good cop offering t and cigarettes to the detainees between torture sessions was already seen coming today. he refuses to collaborate with the courts there who buffy me on, if there is all of those race members that us and that the nurse case in the gun, ah, in bernard, are today but ill gone by seal. you're lucky,
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come in. this will be seal. i tell you. when the trials against human rights abuses started in argentina in 2003, many survivors of the concentration camps went to win osiris to give their testimonies. but very few were willing to confront their tortures face to face get out of the recess. he was different. you know why a journalist. he'd been tortured by who you see me on in 2003 hit out of the came back to i didn't tina to confront him on film their 1st meeting. he's aim to find out the true names of the other 2 officers taught your german divorce, you know, you know, usually interior amenities easy. it was like any of us, how shape do you have to say to him?
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am i gonna go beyond the jewelry general printing from us, you will get more. i go on
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the following day, i drive to the high security prison where simone is help. we hope that he won't be willing to give us the real names of get out of those 2 other tortures who had been known as glorious and come full digital digital. the don't know joe or i don't know. i guess we're going to run in full dr. don't know, basis or may not give me a moment or 2. i don't know if it was too late, but i guess simone is awaiting trial and torture charges brought
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about by 2 former detainees. hit out of the hopes to use the mon situation to get the names he needs and to be able to send the records as well. but his time is limited. ah. isaac willow. you don't really think, mitchell, i don't make an appointment. we should have been with the financial advisor for the 2nd method done that i thought of the you
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know who got juma, romano. ah no, no no, no, no, no. today was to get him come. no man, no. one of us i don't know. don't do. and then you know, if there was she was or no, i'm in theater. i have lost them and see them to get him know me. right. also the market to didn't i didn't know that i meant it to him. i did this
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last year like i kind of montana and i mean some toys us people on a monitor dish. no, just to me to. she knew i know somebody legacy to see on the 2nd up was here. that was done. but i'd love to hear you, but i don't know, but i'm, i think, and i don't know. what did i mean? my love to hear that i'm doing that by studying that meant or can you tell me was about us. you are going to see, i'm going in want to be with you on i wanted to see go no, no, no. it's almost under the simple shooting to started going to the, you know, in the book lenika dement, i get to a major when i got butcher electro unless you me money. no, no,
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because you're my work, one go to come and then they call it a go for like in take it, do you take on them? i don't know. i'm just not a good job putting data that is either in the that the moment or can show but of the mean on. but it may be no matter what you do, you know, the quality of ankle. that's not much i rankle like on demand like a video that you may use, but i think i got to call me you might ask one michelin for randall. let video commission data and let me know that he's got to take him to do it in the
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unicorn them and you know what i'm saying? let me talk to not only go here or maybe natalie in the numbers i got out of. no, no, no, get no better with it. i'm good. i mean which? michelle? michelle, i'm going to challenge michelle. michelle got on the bottom. there was a message that was under my head, went on a need to age away. so anyhow. and they came out of the new going to need if we want to be there to get us, he's getting that he can't take with him. i got but i thought that i hinted kim put into the can't hear me out of it. okay. oh wow. or let me know, you can call me and you told me that he might go to listen to that, but i understand that you bring in that little bit under your daughters
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formerly known as soon as he got to think. i think he did go to that. they one domain, i got on the machine out of daughter and she's telling me it should be, you know, like when you go now you can, they let her know that you guys are going to give them a lot of nominated new get. i mean, i've got another one i've been john, any not even went to go show months or job a little bit tricky. she did on the way one of these are going to see me and don't know, i don't, i don't want to go or she got chip is going to
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get a no, no, no i think of a and i can think of a little look at me and joe, and i didn't say anything about the print out that was the very will go, i'm anti colonus, equal for what is the story a going address? shouldn't benefit anyone good to go? most of the things i needed his if he was a good morning in with him over here on a computer, we get lucky me. i thought that he got the was in the morning the see the poor k. forget knowing that on i feel
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comfortable saying you may want to hear good job. one of our i mean i mean, god bless you. i want to go, you know, maybe but, but i'm gonna come in to see if i can go to the bass. i called the job interview up in with an already though. again, loving. gotta propagate medic. once i get no gideon tomorrow and answer me because he wanted to me have to get another guy that was in the know it don't even when it shouldn't document content to get it to remain physical comment that he showed me, you know, mean to join us lamented the mythology. they can make sure. can you hear muffled? no. if a, if a media job okay,
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most i can see in think it was last. become a the boss i just went to the audio but i was over on the case. you don't want to be on your own vision or just we are not ready to go to me. you just don't i was you need show me. are you sure that we know you need to learn more? just body shall job to focus industrial got it. and any derogatory, gotta be more than what i mean when everything done on the job, it should be interesting. nobody. nobody got
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it. what did i mean? me when i called the get the record, you know, one no one message at the gym, which i guess you got to get there when june took a look at that one on julie from your company. she was, i was wondering because i guess, you know, getting ready to ship on dealing on the line. don't have to believe up, but she didn't know what i might do in order to get started last room that i was also, you know,
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i got home and then you know what if i was going on the human human on the end, you know, the video mash, okay, you go to one more channel. i mean, usually when she went to what i didn't really want to do all that one day and she the girl and she was just
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i am intrigued by that relationship between head out of and simone. so i go back to judge, fake us to ask him about the nature of this relationship asap, or sort of curly. so, and if the st. joe's object us know how the sort of serious let us know them off to us near muggy this people or until i got home from the room now. but i saw enough for hinted. alan, being called us this year passing by the me, get out of the visit simone. again, the court hearing against a former torture is about to take place. it is out of us last chance to find out the names of his 2 other tortures. simone is the only torture willing to talk, but he's afraid it isn't easy to break the 3rd year long back the files between the
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torturers and their superiors hit out of the plan is to make simone overcomes retaliation by his former colleagues before the court case begins. in order to you know, more like different means it doesn't that, that obviously not that i'll get, but i mean if we know lorinda emotionality again, that goodbye cindy. don't forget we're going to don't forget shane cage on memorial. no. no matter what it will be. the one on one hand, telling us what to tell them. they don't, don't we don't know why the only showing
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there was only up over guns. what about an injury handy each one of the other got it wasn't my job to take a bit of what you're looking to give me. she's got indeed he added a show simone, photographs of torture, training sessions to induce him to talk through. it doesn't get if the song for the issue, the issue is i got home or vision. know yes. i mean, she's, she's junior, jackie. no,
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she taught me and i told joe dora i want to show that. no, no, no, no, no, no, just one that i want to make sure that she has don't always have a just the she was totally the view that she was full. full. sure. demick full. we're going to go in this moment
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for that. we don't have to go when, when really young my job do dish. oh jose, it probably shouldn't. it would be thankful i been to get out of the to get some one chance that i just found him to be available in the gym. when again, can, you weren't given her by the door and you know, not mine. okay.
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oh, simone refused to meet him again. he was sentenced to life in prison. someone's case was the 1st to deliver justice to torture victim, snowden, tina. although the torture glorious was a 10 defied hit out of them has still not been able to identify for just one of the thousands of tortures still at large. ah, ah ah ah
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ah ah, how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their, our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. on air or online, be part of the debate, or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the, when no healthy get off the table, it's
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a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p, tfc like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others can all, i was just thrown dear guy by the police on purpose. if i said i'm going, i'm going to be fine. or the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. a tale of 2 presidents: venezuelan, military defectors, me american mass, and reese, ah, and to bizarre, he had told daisha attempt at re gene change in the bond of every republic. venezuela. people empowered the bay of pigs
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on al jazeera the. ah,
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the tide secure is interval as the us launches a drain, strike against iso recommendation for ah, at the clock, this is out of your life and also coming up hoping to ease tensions in the region there. right? coast summit, which will be attended by saudi arabia and the wrong car can either barrows towards a certain united states where it's expected to strengthen into a dangerous storm.


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