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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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but the stories that sera ah jazeera, when i me this is al jazeera ah, from joe. hi, i'm hello. i'm here with the al jazeera. these are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes, tight security and combo as the us launches a drone strike against eyes or in retaliation for thursday's airport, attack iran and say the relations in the store light as leaders
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and diplomats from across the middle east. meets in fact, dad's 50000 beds. russia records its highest monthly total phone call with 19 vaccinations. well, behind government targets and how can either barrels towards the southern united states where it's expected to strengthen to its dangerous storm when it hits the fan, how much was a christiano. and although returned to his former club, the man to se nighted, the english side has to deal with you venture to resign the portuguese superstar. ah, the united states says it's carried out drawn strike against i saw in eastern afghanistan, the strike a non gar province, full of warning from precedent. joe biden,
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he said his forces were hung down those behinds, thursday, suicide bombing. i'd say couple airports, at least 175 people were killed, including 13 us soldiers. well, the u. s. embassy in kabul is morning americans against to traveling to the airports because of security concerns. the pentagon says there are credit specific credible threats against the facility. officials say any americans waiting that should leave immediately. the us and allied forces are racing to evacuate their citizens and vulnerable africans before a deadline to withdraw. troops on tuesday will be speaking to charlotte balice about the situation in afghanistan, and just a moment 1st though gabriel elizondo has more on that drone strike. the us central command to saying that a drone attack strike if you will hit a,
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i saw k planner in the words of the us central command, and that the strike was successful and killed that person. they said this happen in eastern afghanistan in anger. har province has units province in the eastern part of the country, part of it borders pakistan. they say that there was no civilian casualties that the u. s. military knows about. now the reuters news agency here in the united states reporting for that information from unnamed us officials, that it was a drone that was launched from a base in the middle east and it killed this. i saw k planner who was driving a vehicle with another associate and they both were killed. we do not know exactly when this operation took place. and we do also do not know if this was one of more that or to be expected in the future. but clearly the united states,
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1st retaliation for the attack outside the capital couple airport on thursday was get more nigh from charlotte balice his life for us in kabul. charlotte's the u. s . is warning of more threats and with the cook taking the full cost us remain on carpool airport. this or just give us a sense of what's happening right now. we went down to the airport earlier and i can tell you that the telephone is slowly taking more areas of the water and inside the permit. and then also externally the telephone told us that they moved in extra forces inside the fort last night. the version, essentially official forces, they call them the victorious strike unit, and they move them in the commercial side. they now say as the us starting to evacuate, they've taken over 3 areas, the military side of the airport today, or externally on the north side of the airport. that have been one of the few areas
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they hadn't been in charge of the us to put a cia funded militia as almost a buffer zone between beam and the telephone for the last 2 weeks. i talked to the unit, people in those unit early this week and they said we're going to be evacuated. at the end of this, we went down today and sure enough, most of them had been evacuated in the telephone when are in control of the areas, the family control of the entire exterior, airport. now with the us just holding a small area on the inside. there were also thousands of people still down there still undeterred by the massive explosion and attack that happened here on tuesday . we also taught some victims of that attack. his report to come to had served as an escrow and soldier. he went to cavalier port on thursday, hoping his service would be enough to qualify him for an evacuation flight. the father of for was killed at the game show years ago. so he's
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a martyr because he died for a good course. he wants to the best future for his family because there's no work here and so much fighting. he wanted out of this place and he died for it to come to spend his childhood and final days, under telephone rule. he wanted life to be different to his children and hope to raise them in the united states. the people here say the us has offered little and taken a lot music about, but he's all this misfortune and all the explosions are or does he had attacks all this because of the american mason? i'm tom wished us it's outside emergency hospital with her mother. her uncle has called from california, they are all waiting for news on her father who survive the explosion and is being treated in size. they didn't give us permission to see him and his abdomen and hat . he was brought here in a cart. we've only seen pictures of him and he was bloody thousands of the wounded were brought here to emergency hospital. these are some of the most severe and
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everyone here had been at the airport hoping for an evacuation flight to escape the violence and stairs. they're going to stones latest victims in the intensive care unit. patients explain why they ignored i saw threats and remained outside the gates to argue the case for evacuation. below had tried to get through with his uncle who had a foreign passport. he said it was red color. his uncle died at the scene. in the aftermath, many victims was separation from the family members as the della seine went to the airport with 15 relatives. maybe some of them be maybe do the skip the whole, i don't know. i tell you anything. i hear. i know. i don't know rid of my family. it's my why?
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my children. as evacuations, wine down. this is not how many africans expected to see us forces to pause. there were warnings of more eisler tax at the airport. the taliban has increased security and expanded the perimeter. the thousands who did not make it onto a slice. it is likely a dream last for others is so much more will charlotte? let's talk about those thousands who are still trying to leave afghanistan. time really is running out for those who want to leave the country was going to happen to these evacuations that are still take place with now. and he got 3 days to go into foreign forces. have to be out there off 2 planes coming and go and you can see on the fly track a you can see see 17 coming up from the gulf through pakistan, landing and convoy us will find russia were playing. we saw the pale of
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a military across the tarmac this morning, but from everything we understand. evacuations are flowing. most allied us allies have in their evacuation programs. it's really on the us now getting out the last few people, but the count down as well. and truly on and yet still thousands of people waiting outside, hoping that they may still get through the gate. ok. charlotte bellis? everything is up to date from kabul. charlotte, thank you. will british troops r g to end their evacuation mission for mass canister in the coming hours and it's fear to hundreds entitled to the settlements in the u. k. will be left behind. let's get more from daisy barbara. he joins us live from london. 19. it's not being confirmed that the us evacuations and today that's right. the head of the british armed forces. general nick carter said on saturday morning, british time that the operations,
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the evacuation flights would be ending on saturday. he said that there were, it was a matter of hours now based was expected because defense forces were quite a few days ago. it's saying that there were probably 36 hours left for these flights. but it's a sad realization for many people in kabul about that reality. nick carter said that it was heartbreaking that there were people being left behind the government and admitted that would be all along. now we have seen flights on friday night into saturday morning arriving in which north of london at a rural air force base dead. but they're likely to end by sunday. nick carter, the head of the armed forces, said that there were numbers in the hall, you hundreds of people still in afghanistan who are eligible to come to the u. k. on friday, the government said that there were between 811 hundreds eligible afghans and up to
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150 britons who hadn't been evacuated many sources in the u. k. you say that based on the number of coals desperate appeals, they're getting from relative said. they think the number could be significantly higher. well, whatever the case, nick carter says they will continue to do whatever they can in these last few hours . and he says it's gone as well as it could in the circumstances. well, the circumstances as we've been hearing are tragic and chaotic. so it's far from ideal and it's really unclear exactly how many people are stuck and what they do next. the defense secretary, ben wallace, pretty battelle, the home secretary and the foreign secretary dominic rob, have written to politicians here from thing the u. k. will use every lever to continue to try to help people leave the country off to next tuesday. and they think if these evacuations are effectively ending this fast as a,
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this does been to a close the case 20 your presence in the country. are people reacting to this? because it really is the end of something significant for many in the u. k is not well, yes, that's right, significant for the thousands of people who served in the armed forces in afghanistan, including a number of conservative m. p. 's right now. and some of the biggest anger towards the government has come from from them. they are using words like betrayal over the way that the u. k. has failed to evacuate all of the interpreters and other staff who worked with the armed forces over the years in afghanistan. there is also a network of people in the u. k who say they've been doing over the last week or more the job that the british administration authorities should have been doing in
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trying to literally get people on the line in the cub old through those checkpoints, through the pool kate's on to planes. they say that it has been left to them in a shambolic way, and they are really worried about what's going to happen to the people left behind . now tom, to going to has a conservative member of parliament says that the phone if as committee, which he shares is going to investigate a report in the times newspaper that far off his staff in kabul at the embassy compound, actually left strewn around documents detailing the contact details of afghans who worked for the british and of afghans who applied to work with them. so obviously a big security risk if that proves to be true, and there are other embarrassing or worrying incidents such as on thursday. the government blaming a technical glitch over the fact that the several hours when calls were put through to a helpline for relatives of people trying to get them out into britain. those calls were going through to
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a washing machine repair company in the midlands here at england. extremely well. embarrassing is a polite way of putting it. and this just adds to a sense of the government not to putting in the resources and not getting it right . which has been growing, the government say that they are now committing to getting to allowing 20000 afghans to come and settle in the u. k. over 5 years. what a lot of people want to know is how quickly can people who are, for example, trying to get to pakistan, neighboring countries get to britain. most of those evacuated were under a recreation scheme, but there are many others who don't qualify for that, but it's still desperately trying to leave a country and want to come. for example, to join family members here in britain. ok, and 18. thank you very much indeed. for that update meeting, but joining us that for lunch as well as foreign troops to light over ghana. stan, it's unclear who will help run campbell airports. it was hosting daily commercial
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flights for that stopped when the taliban took control. now it's small, lots of august, 31st is uncertain with a v ation. experts warning the army group doesn't have the expertise it needs to operated. sullivan java reports from near the african pakistan border. this was the scene on one of the last commercial flights out of cobbler airport. a week ago, after gunston fell to the fall upon in all the chaos, the boss of the airline came to the airport himself to take control. i decided to go myself and i think that be a huge be in taking on site to see and assessing the situation. and i found it that if you conducted in a professionally, that is, that is up of the problem is the local, valid bonds or whatever. they are restricting or discouraging those people who come to the board and get help. that's like was able to go ahead. but now,
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all commercial operations are at a standstill, the fall upon, unlikely to be able to run them. our assumption going forward that at all, that it will, that will be operational right up until, until, until we're gone. and we're working with the international community or several nations that want to contribute to the effort to keep it operational and willing to work with the taliban. to that end, passengers in much needed a required or functional airport. but with so many professionals gone questions remain on what happens when international forces leave. i doubt the taliban will be able to run board in a way that would allow commercial airlines to buy and you need quite a complex operation with quality stuff. you need traffic control, we need approach control. you need a credit, but unreliable and rescue and fire fighting services. you need people on the a pain apron to provide services to the aircraft,
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and that is necessary to attract any commercial airlines. on the one hand, solid on fighters have turkey to remove all its troops as it is part of the need to alliance. on the other hand, turkish officials say they've also been asked to help secure a copy of a port. but with a double bombing carried out by key on thursday. the risks have been exposed, as acknowledged by the turkish president mashanda the firm. the taliban had made a request in regarding the operation of cobble airports. who was just request me to, to us. they say would insure security and you can operate it. so we have not made a decision yet because there's always a possibility of that. so we know agreement with turkey and western forces leaving days. these evacuation flights by the military could be the last summer. bon jovi down there near the african border. well, let's bring in the christian element. he's the effective director of the norwegian
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sensor for global analysis and join says, live for me also. it's good to have with us on the news. i've been hearing about the challenges that civilians inside afghanistan face the challenges the taliban face when it comes to running the infrastructure of the country. but there are also challenges for the departing foreign powers, particularly the us as the court weinstein to august 31st. what sort of challenges do you think will be key for the americans as they faces deadline to leave? well, fight too much for having me. and i think firstly, we must be aware that most of the evacuation is have ceased. simply because they're such a high number of personnel and in the horses, what is important is protection of your own personnel. so the key challenge and number one, there is to secure the safe exit of the troops that are currently present, both the u. s. and the lives and the, the risk that, of course,
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the, this will be a massive logistical challenge for the americans to get that volume of troops out of the country. but do you have any indication that they know what's going to happen after that deadline? because fact, huge american presence did a lot more than just fights on the grains they were, they were there to gather intelligence. they were there it's, it's, it's keep all eyes and ears. what do you think happens in terms of regional security when, when the us tools, i mean, who fills up voids that enormous voice? because as you said, it's a significant number of personnel. i have to get out while absolutely, and as i said, the immediate situation is that you have to ensure that you get the personnel off and it's always personnel over equipment. and, but that, that also means that you to that time was not the, the 31st of august on to say that their lines actually already passed for the
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evacuations. so, so now it's far too to get the troops up and the void this be, unless there's going to be an interesting one, because we know that foreign fighters have to moving into god. it's done over over the last year from gulf and mailed east and also from other places. and we also know that the colony network is slowly linked to the bomb and the account network is building 2 all plus we have these different isis groups as well, with life as far as on the in the logic. and i think hockey is actually going to play, we have a super power in this region which bordering not only we have china, but pockets on the as has a historically, a close relationship with what is going on in the, in the of the stuff. and i think engaging with is pakistan for all countries that
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have remaining people there. and in addition to countering the, the terrorist threats engaging with hockey song is for him to be variable. can you say in terms of intelligence gathering for the us as a western powers? do you think that v 2 will be relying quite heavily on pakistan because that present something of a challenge as well? does it not? because there's always been the push pull relationship with pakistan itself. are they a reliable partner in your view with the west when it comes to tackling groups like iso and so on? while i think with regard to, to iceland, the threat of i. so there's actually a co aligned interest pocket on fighting them as much as they can with regard to the situation and, but these are still fairly small groups. dangerous, but, but small groups with regard to the why. the situation in afghanistan, of course,
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has been a complete collapse in terms of information flows from anyone inside of it. and that's going to be very hard to, to replace. also because very many of the individuals who work with, with the allied forces there are and said, should have been left behind for sure and turn is very hard for them to get out of the got his phone and they fear talking is as well. so there will be additional reluctance in collaborating with allies, and many of these groups are learning that any use of communication is very dangerous to look at the terrorist groups in particular. so we've been in the us draft, i'm sorry to jump in there. do you think this exposes a weakness that in the u. s. strategy going forwards, if they do not have this capability anymore,
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which people work with them to get intelligent sites? is this an error on the part of the u. s. and your view when it comes to vital intelligence in this region. well, i think it was the effect that the fact that the, that the us is pulling out of, of dollars. and it's a consequence of that. of course if, if i think the thing, so it's been there a very long time. we're talking not about days and weeks, but years in terms of the taliban taking control that step by step and taking control of the districts for a very long time. so it was hardly any surprise that it would eventually come come to this. but i do think that there has probably been this focus on mon, feigning sex in the region, and then that should be, but it is a very difficult situation and follows the fact that when you're falling out of a country, you are going to lose a lot of the, of the assets that you had in the region. ok christian. now men from the region
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sense for global analyses. thank you very much. indeed for joining us on the news. our assigned to more as fil a heads on the show, including a birthday policy. this left about after taste argentina's presidency is dated for breaking cobra, 1900 rule. they've been protected for years, but my remaining government is considering a return to bear hunting uninstall and the us open up the last challenge. we'll have the details for you later in the show. ah, iraq is hosting a regional summit, same job promoting peace and reconciliation in the middle east. it's also hoping for improve ties between saudi arabia and yvonne were also attending the meeting.
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lebanon's economic crisis on the war and yemen are also expected to be on the agenda live night to move up the why has, who's that conference in baghdad? my moves, what would you say the aim of this conference is because there is rather a law. so the agenda isn't well, yes indeed. and this conference indeed, actually, summit, it is called that summit over the conference over partnership and corporation. and that entails to main aspects economic political despite the fact that pushes here, say that its main title is the comic integration and building partnership, economic partnership with this take holders and that entails areas related to energy, electricity, also the water crisis, as you know, iraq is one of the,
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of the countries that is severely impacted by water short, which is especially at this year and also trying to continue the previous summits and conferences with neighbors. namely, the last june summit with egypt and the kingdom of jordan. at that is it regarding the economic and trade aspect. but on the other hand, it has also a political aspect because it's discussing crucial issues. the crucial conflict in the, in the region, including the war in yemen, viewed comic and political crisis in lebanon. and also the general ravens, remember that both sides ravia and iran are invited. and there have been talks about bilateral meeting between the 2 delegations, sponsored by iraq. so also iraq is trying by,
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by hosting these stakeholders and also trying to gain support in regard to continuing fighting against isom, especially recently that have been the percent of rising up. and that's what's been distressed on by the french president micron. here today, during his press conference with the iraqi present, but hum holler. he promised to continue cooperating with iraq in regard to the fight again to isolate ok, so we'll have to leave it there. but thank you very much indeed for bring. is that quick overview of what will happen at the summit? let's get some analysis now for marlon. bushera is on to 0. senior political analyst enjoys is by skype from paris mar. when we were here, we got quite a lot of faculty at this conference, lebanon energy security drives, and also the thorny issue of relations between iran and saudi arabia. but one of
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the main points that you'll be looking for as the summit unfolds. no, i think there's, there's 22 issues to focus on. everything else could be done, you know, and besides the conference by that it gets bilaterally. but i think the most important bit of this is that this is an attempt to move iraq into the post post war period for the last 17 years. in the postwar period, iraq has suffered enormously, sectarianism corruption, terrorism separatism, and so on, so forth. and this is about time now to move beyond the course for her are into something a bit normal for a stable, prosperous iraq. this conference is meant to help her august the 1st conference which kind for the last 2 decades. so it is important even if some of the leaders upset and nobody can, these are not showing up. but this is a very important conference for iraq. and it is ahead of 3 important deadlines. one that was all the com, back us troops from iraq, by the end of the year,
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early elections in iraq again before the end of the year. and this is going to be 2 years to the beginning of the so called october pricing that started in 2019 when again, a lot of iraq is, are saying enough to the 6th period. is it not the post war era? we need to move beyond that. i think prime minister kind of me is trying to do exactly that. and the little a lot in the, in the work for rock. but in terms of the other countries there, what are they looking to get out of this? so much, is it likely what precisely i agree with because this is precisely the case halla, iraq is not, may be able to move forward as long as regional neighbors or regional powers are competing in iraq, like saudi arabia, neuron for the past 17 years, iraq has been sort of the field of conflict between iran and the united states among others. so it's important
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a rock not to be the landscape of conflict for regional international powers, but had to be, you know, a place of conduct as the prime minister said. that it may be iraq should become more of a place where people meet that where people fight and i think that's, that's a decent. and that's an important thing to say whether he'll be able to deliver it as some other getting in this other story. but clearly the idea that cut on the merits and so the on the, on your wine and cutter and for sort of turkey and france are showing up in rock. that's a good sign in this middle east region. where yeah, man is suffering, i've gotten stand isn't a mass, syria is a misery. the idea that your walk could begin to pull from the post where era and certain countries in the region as well as in france and others, could help in that endeavor, could help iraq get get backward. she could or could only be a positive thing, you know, iraq is at a crossroads. it's a cliche but it is.


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