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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah ah, what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it just either we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah, they lost a planner and they lost a facilitator and they've got one wanted. the u. s. says it's intelligence lead drone attack targeted to leading members of the eiffel k groups, which was behind this week bombing and cobble the taliban forces fun shots to clear crowds, desperate to leave couple airport on the remaining military flights before tuesday . the us pull out deadline.
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ah, hello there, mr. k, and this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up, hoping to ease tensions in the middle east coast regional summit with saudi arabia and iran. hi, on the agenda. 50000 dead. russia records its highest monthly, told from cobit 19 with vaccinations. well behind government target and hurricane eda barrow towards the southern united states where it's expected to strengthen. ah, now the pentagon says to high profile i, so k members were killed in a drone strike in eastern afghanistan. the taliban has since told reuters, it should have been. they should have been informed of the move fast and the 3 others were also injured. now that attack followed thursday's bomb attack had
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couple apple that was claimed by the group. it killed at least $175.00 people, including that teen american service. members. i am not going to talk about specific capabilities isis may have lost, and in the strike they lost a planner and they lost a facilitator and they've got one wanted and the fact that 2 of these individuals are no longer well, longer walk in on the face of the earth, that's a good thing. a good thing for the people who can stand. it's a good thing for our troops and our forces at that airfield and i think i'm just gonna leave it there. while the u. s. is now one of the last countries still evacuating afghan civilians trying to flee after the taliban take over. the u. k meanwhile says it's final flight civilians is now left cobble that means hundreds of africans eligible to fly to the u. k. will be left behind. now, for afghans who didn't manage to leave or who decided to stay, life is getting more challenging. hundreds, as you can see, gathered outside a bank in cobble after failing to withdraw cash. many civil 7 say they hadn't been
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paid in month. it's almost 10 days that i've been waiting here to get my salary. i am an employee of the government. we have a patient at home. we have problems, we cannot take or sell it is out. a few days ago the banks reopened, but closed again. give us our salaries so that we can be able to solve our problems . while the taliban has yet to announce the makeup of its can't take a government, but it has just appointed governors and police chiefs and 33. and that's kind of on $34.00 provinces. robert bride is across the latest 4th from couple you do get a real sense at the airport so that finally we are getting into the game of what has beta very long and often chaotic and so matic process. this whole evacuation exercise we show as signs of that are coming with the taliban now taking over
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a lot of the guarding duties from the us military. this is the process that began i friday evening with the us agreement with the taliban, withdrawing from some of the god post on the outer perimeter and withdrawing from some of that god duties inside the airport. and those jobs now being taken over by the taliban themselves, is the us reduce the size of their perimeter in preparation for the final withdrawal of the final boots on the ground. if you like, it is not meant that people are staying away from the apple. you do get a feeling that a lot of people by now will have given up hope of getting onto a flight. they will realize that it is fairly hopeless, but as flights are still going for others, it will probably make it even more desperate quest to try to get on to some of these last remaining slides. but we do know from the noise is of aircraft to go and go ahead and so on, though we are seeing few flights now arriving few flights, departing, as we're getting closer to this deadline for the end of this evacuation. rob
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reynolds is in washington, d. c. with more on what the pentagon saying about those ice will k targets being claimed by the us military. while he described the 2 individuals who were killed by this drones, reagan, one who was injured as high profile members of ice or k, he would not commit to saying that they were in any way behind the planning of the deadly attack on the cobble air, air base, cobble airport that killed 13 u. s. service members and many, many africans over a $170.00 africans. he would not say that he would not go that far. so we don't know at this point officially whether these individuals were involved in planning that or whether they were more or less targets of opportunity, that the u. s. was able to identify through intelligence of various types and then
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unleashed the drone strike against them. some other items that we learned from this, kirby saying that there is an active and dynamic threat at the, at the airport in cobble of that the u. s. forces there are aware of this and are taking every step. they can to prevent any further attack to prevent loss of life. he also said that the us will continue. well, general taylor said the u. s. will continue to control the airport right up until the 31st of august, which he indicated was still the end date for the operation of removing afghans and american citizens. while glen call is a former deputy national intelligence officer for trans national threats at the cia, and he says, intelligence gathering enough chemist on can still be done, but it will now be more difficult. there are multiple kinds of intelligence
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that are used to form assessments. it's called all source, all source intelligence collection, so you will have satellites. you will have a radio transmission intercept. you'll have traffic analysis. literally. you're studying the movement of vehicles and people. and then what we all think of, you have human sources. the advantage that human sources have is that they are humans are best at providing plans, ends in pensions, of your target, the, the group or individual you are seeking to understand and learn about. and that will be harder to ok. now. access to f ganna stand will be much, much, much more difficult. so if you can't get access, then you can't cultivate sources or interpret people's actions. but you can still
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be done. will be work more closely with to rely on the pakistani so that i would not say there has been a troubled relationship between united states and pakistan for decades. and i, i anticipate that the relations will deteriorate. this is what's happened to that. gaston is a triumph for the facts, any intelligent service, and the failure of our american and western hopes. so yes, the us and u. k. and everybody else will, as they are able work with the pakistan is. but i don't expect to pakistan is, will provide anything except what they think will help them, which is not the same as what we want. i mean, my british troops have now stops evacuating afghans from cobble. but the head of the u. k on forces says hundreds of people entitled to resettlement in the u. k.
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will be left behind. i'm afraid, it's absolutely heartbreaking that we can't bring everybody out. and i think my point to be made very strongly certain by the defense sector and other civil last 10 days or so. personally, i've probably had over a 100 messages from different afghans who i know in my long association with a country. and many of those friends of mine would make it out. and for me, you know, the day passed through my without me having a bit of a chair in my boss. what was that on the and baba is in london with the latest on the british evacuation. operation in afghanistan, they said earlier on via the head of the armed forces. the civilian evacuations were ending on saturday. but now we've got it confirmed from the ministry of defense. the last flights purely for afghan civilians to be evacuated out a couple and to the u. k have actually taken off, there may be further flights in the day, which do have
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a few down civilians together with british diplomatic stuff and british military personnel. so really, this is confirmation that things have moved to a new phase that they are continuing to both assist people beyond next tuesday who want to leave the country, but also to assist efforts in neighboring countries to welcome refugees. people fleeing in fear for their lives into places like iran and pakistan on the british government. save it nearly 15000 people have been evacuated to the u. k. since mid august. but in the words of nick carter, the head of the armed forces they, they've done the a good job in the circumstances. well, there are some criticisms that more than a 1000 people who worked for the british on services are being left behind and questions about exactly how much assistance can be provided to them right now. a
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large numbers of afghans are still crossing into neighboring pakistan. 20000 people pass through the chairman spin, boulder, crossing on saturday, learn now or neither is with talk of sony residency or people needing medical treatment being allowed in the u. n. refugee agency has warned half a 1000000 may flee afghanistan in the coming months, or some been jade is out the past on africa border with this update on buckets on southern border, we'd have gone to san thousands of people in the last 24 hours. have tried to cross over their hearing reports that a lot of people from the northern parts of venice on. because the can and to cosign from the north are moving towards kandahar trying to cross the spin bull the crossing and seek refuge in progress bond or take their onward journey from pockets on you have to bear in mind that it is a lot of people who are coming from provinces as far north as like the trying to come to work. this border crossing and trying to enter budgets on many of these
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people we're being told are the has are as the ethnic minority which has come under attack various on various occasions and they've gone on like sunny, has already, on the other hand, say they're allowing people to come in, if they have valid paperwork, they can apply for a visa and get a visa from the functional embassy in couple. besides that, they're not going to allow people to enter pockets on. we've been seeing desperate scenes on the border here in the north as well, where people are treating with the box. any officials with the paperwork trying to come and enter barcas on, on humanitarian grounds, trying to seek medical help, trying to visit families. because you have to remember that on both sides of the divide, there are people who have tribal and ethnic ties. and they say that the deteriorating security situation in they've got a son is cause for concern and many just want to leave. now moving on and iraq is hosting a regional summit aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in the middle east. and also hoping for improve ties between saudi arabia and iran,
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who are amongst the countries taking part, their cit. question, it's just you, this participation is regarded by the iraqi people as a message of support and solidarity by the brothers neighbors and partners. this conference has held during critical and historic circumstances reflecting a need from a mentor for iraq's endeavors to strengthen its foreign relations on the basis of cooperation, solidarity mutual understanding, internal relations and common interests. muslin of my head has an ac forrest from baghdad. the leaders of the stake holders spoke of the call to be the prime minister of the iraqi government. and all of them have stressed on the fact that iraq should not 10 loan facing get these multiple security and also political and economic challenges. iraq, on the other hand, looks at this summit with great hope as officially spoke earlier. they say that
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by holding this summit, the are trying or iraq is trying to regain its positive effect. it's positive rule in the, in the region. also by holding this summit, it's trying to show for the water that it's taking a neutral it's 10 in regard to the ongoing complex. and that region leaders also affirming on the fact that the rise of isolate, especially the per cell recently that have been recently raising up in since in several areas in iraq, that they show support with iraq. and we got to fighting ice in regard to fighting, get through them. the president of france. emanuel macross also said that we help the iraq lighting or the feeding ice, and then we'll continue that there. now that it is now in
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a closed door session and it is expected that they will find a number of agreements in regard to economic integrations and also trade deal that also entails the energy electricity infrastructure. as you know that iraq needs a lot of projects and development project in regard to infrastructure in the regards to electricity, energy and also power power plants. homestead ahead here on our they're, they've been protected for years. now romania government is considering return to hunting bez ah, hello from dell, how good to be with you. we're crank it up the humidity and that's because where it's happened in, along the gulf states because for tapping into
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a south east and an east wind at times. so the humidity will bump in big time. i'll show you more on that in just a sec. sand and does being tossed up toward the southwest of saudi up against the shores of the red sea. ok, so for don't relative humidity on sunday, up to 80 percent. so your core temperature of 41. but with the heat index, it will feel about $54.00. we are also going to heat up temperatures in pakistan. i'll tell you more about that in a sec, but toward the north we have this mon sooner moisture impacting the hor right through to islam about ok, so you caught me, it's karate, that we're getting up to pretty close to 40 degrees on the 1st day of september on wednesday, temperatures and turkey also above average for is stumble starts. cloudy, will see the sun poke out on kara, getting up to a 137 degrees, tropics of africa. we see those storms, light up, p. c o, b, south sudan into the south. what certain portion of the democratic republic of congo and that cold spell has really infiltrated across south africa,
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namibia embodied warner. but temperatures will bounce back in johannesburg, up to 25 by wednesday soon. the frank assessments, by way, it is again freedom suppression informed opinions. what you saw happening, give market, it was what it was was petune is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between kula and any other conference here. the baker ship that for 60 years re running to keep them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. oh,
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a holiday watching al jazeera that's remind you about top stories. the salad. the pentagon says to high profile i f o k numbers killed in a drone strike in eastern afghanistan, for taliban told voices, it should have been informed of them or faster than the 3 others were also injured . the attack followed thursday's explosion. a couple apple that was claimed by i full came in while the u. s. embassy in capital is wanting americans against traveling to the airport because of security dangerous. the pentagon says specific, incredible threats against the facility remain on the united arab emirates, vice president says he's meant wrong. foreign minister on the sidelines of a regional summit in baghdad. iraq is hosting the gathering in an effort to promote peace and reconciliation in the middle east. its aiming to improve ties between saudi arabia and run. how careful reunions have been held in northern nigeria after
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the release of more than a 100 abducted students with ours. he's reported 3 separate releases, all in the last 24 hours. they include 90 children, taken by gunman from their school in niger stage 3 months ago. nigerian officials say one child died while being held hostage and for others are receiving medical treatment. today it's a grip. this d is an oil deal due to the people of taking a community we have encountered different kind of pity, ablation. we have encountered a different kind of effect sleepless, light sleep last night, and a days with hunger that we cannot it, and it's him because we, i think in the fall, she read me. i'll
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tell the pandemic now. and russia has reported its highest monthly coban, 1900 death toll. since this pandemic began revised figures from the states statistics agency, ross stat. so more than 50000 people died from the disease or related causes in july learn. and that brings the total number of deaths to more than 365000. that's the 4th highest in the world after the u. s. india and brazil. less than a 3rd of russians have been vaccinated so far. that's well below the government target of 60 percent by autumn. and still russia has no lockdown measures in place . they are seen as unpopular ahead of parliamentary elections in september. well, victor olive is a political analyst and also the lead expert at the center of the actual politics. he is of the opinion. it's unclear how effective rocked downs can be in reducing cove in 1900 related death. while the russian government knows very well that strict stringent lockdown measures that were instituted last spring were
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extremely unpopular among the russian population. in fact, there were even some civil disturbances in an area called the north in the south of russia last year. during the lock down, and of course, ever since them, the russian government and local officials had decided to deal with this demik with this medical crisis. in less strict ways. russia is in the 4th place as far as guarantors, deaths. of course, the united states is a poor thing officially more than $700000.00 deaths. and even though the population of the united states is more than twice the size of the russian population. but those figures are also quite, quite high. so the it is still a question as to how,
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how effective for various large balance and other measures have been around the world. since we have seen that even the countries that have instituted large downs have kept serious issues with their death rates as the united states did. well. meanwhile, demonstrators and france had back out protesting in paris against a new code, the 1900 health power system. and requires anyone visiting restaurants, museums sporting events, and other venues to show proof of vaccination, or a negative test, and protest to say the pass infringes on their liberties and personal freedoms. a china has dismissed a u. s. report on the origins of clover 19 calling and political manipulation. president joe biden ordered that that report be declassified. it shows that intelligence agencies are divided over where the virus began, but agree it wasn't developed as a buyer weapon. the corona virus was fast detected in the chinese city. we'll hand back in 2019 hurricane eden has made landfall and cuba and is now
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making its way towards the us. bringing winds with it of more than 220 kilometers per hour should in wolf has the fierce winds better cuban coast as the streets of the capitol. havana light empty. hurricane ida hit the caribbean island south west toppling trees and caring roofs of homes where the throng winds have been weeping all over. it took a roof there. winds of nearly a 130 kilometers an hour force people to take cover, but many felt relief saying it could have been worse. the category one hurricane is now heading for the united states, but expected to make landfall as a category for. we do have a major storm heading our way. we are activating every single resource at our disposal so that we are prepared to respond from mississippi to
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florida. state are on high alert with the us national hurricane center warning of catastrophic danger. winds are expected to reach up to 225 kilometers an hour before ida makes landfall along the gulf coast late on sunday. life threatening storm surges are predicted to hit coastal communities. stories are urging people to seek higher ground. this will be a life altering storm for those who are prepared. but time is running out with people rushing to stores for sandbags and supplies. oil fields in the region that supply nearly a 5th of the nation's oil have halted operation. louisiana has declared a state of emergency and told tens of thousands of people to batten down or evacuate immediately. hurricane ida is a 9th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season and is expected to make land for 16 years to the day that hearken. katrina struck
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a day no one wants to relive julian wolf to al jazeera right away. now the man convicted of assassinating us senator robert f. kennedy could be released from prison after more than 5 decades now. 77 years old. sir humphrey hum shot and killed kennedy at a campaign event in los angeles back in 1968 to lavelle report for 53 years, it has been no after, no hemmed. number 16 got so hansa hun, the result, he wanted to live in the shooter convicted of murdering robert f. kennedy, a man many believed would be president, and the progressive was gone down in a busy hotel in 1968 by a palestinian furious about his support for israel, a crime. so hon has never denied but says he doesn't remember. i always say i was there,
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but i don't remember the exact moment. remember pulling my guns out of my bike now to be freed on parole. after intervention from the senate says children some douglas appearing in person to say, so hands should be released along with another man shot on that night. they are busted a hotel, was a murder place was knocked down years ago, replaced with this memorial, which really highlights what that moment took from this country. the man who killed robert kennedy not acquitted, but you to be released on parole. and all these years later, many still believe he wasn't even the government. among them, some of senator kennedy's family, his son roberts, who wrote in favor of hans release, even visited him in prison, saying i went because i was curious, undisturbed by what i had seen and the evidence. i was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. that theory that there was a 2nd gunman because more bullets were fired than sir hans good could hold. and he
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was facing the senator who was shot at point blank range in the back one medical expert telling this book's author there is very compelling evidence that sir hannah was nothing state at the time of the shooting. i was somehow program to be a distraction for the real shooter who was behind edge behind kennedy's right ear, so he won't be freed immediately. there is a long administrative process that could take months or even see the release block altogether, and he's likely to be deported to jordan because he is not a us citizen bringing an end to one of america's most high profile and shocking criminal cases. philip out al jazeera los angeles, he still has now a reported rise in attacks by bears in romania, as fuel and calls for them to be hunted again. conservation is so say the problem is while the jews a human activity, that's all a dilemma for the government as it's trying to attract tourists to its national parks. under simmons reports now from ominous in the copier mountain. it's a wilderness like few others in europe. the copy of mountains, primeval forests,
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absorbing the poisons of modern life greenhouse gases. but there endangered, just like the wildlife with romania as rangers, are aware that illegal logging isn't the only threat. here we have 2 or 3 conflicts . laureen malice, one's mind is firmly set on animal welfare. and are we welding project he's working on? but he can't ignore a new issue. there are 2, it's a small one. he finds footprints of 2 brown bears wild animal. and he already feel us. if it's around here, he run a long time ago. more than 300 kilometers to the east. the bad population is higher and there has been 137 of tax on people in the past 2 years. some of them fatal fear has spread with social media posts of attacks. here a bear has been disturbed by a wild boar, humped the hunter. assuming this survived the attack
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was in 2016. the brown bird became a protected species in romania. but because of the attacks, the governments planning a population census, if the numbers are deemed too high, it isn't rolling out a return to hunting vincy that they're looking for to me. if the density is low, we will not bring hunting back in. if it's holly, we have a number of options to protect the funds, the villages, the people. but i'm not prepared to say whether we will bring back hunting in one area that seen some attacks. there's a political determination for hunting to return. and so the future for the bad population him may well be in doubt. but for another wild animal, the european bison, hunted down more than a 100 years ago when lost from this vast wilderness, its future is assured. these are the latest arrivals set free here 3 months ago.
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there are now more than a 100 bison, roaming wild, finding their own food and ranger florine. holostar wong is monitoring them for a re wilding program, trucking them by gps and radio links. the bible, marcia before 100 years ago. here they have they own roles. it's a chain for this. we said we need 1015 years from now to demonstrate the day on rolls in the forest in bio diversity and company in the area and the bison, already breeding, born into the wild. one of the cars is seen here. this we wilding program does look successful. the face of the bears, though, is causing consternation. hunting lobby on one side, conservation is on the other. andrew simmons al jazeera in the copy of mountains of romania ah.


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