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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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for the wake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster and a story that needed to be told from the hall of the affected area. to be there to tell the people story was very important at the time. the town about 45 to clear house from cobble airport. the us says it's killed to high profile i, phil target foot. another attack is highly likely in the next 24 to 36 hours. u. k joins france and ashley and completing their evacuation emissions in behind hundreds of afghans eligible for resettlement. ah, hello, i'm marianne murphy, watching al jazeera life from london,
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also coming up on the program. prepare your staff if you're going to lead me to do that. now. new orleans residents brace the harken ida, which is due to the 50. exactly 16 years after katrina. and why romania is brown bears may have put their own protective status endanger ah, come to the program, our top story this now us president joe biden has warned that. and now the attack by i feel is highly likely in afghanistan. in the next 24 to 36 hours. the taliban has now boasted security around cobble airport after 1st a suicide bombing, which killed at least $175.00 people that included children. and 13 us service personnel the sound of
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gunfire rang out near the international airport earlier. wrong witnesses said the taliban was firing to disperse people, gathering now hoping to get only like ation flight crowds outside the airport have reportedly been officer increase and taliban checkpoints near by. the group is now escorting some afghans into the airport. american forces of reported be given some of their gone posts on the outskirts of the complex to the taliban. well, united states has killed what it describes as to high profile ice l. k targets. and a drone strike in afghanistan. the pentagon says one of the armed groups planners, and a facilitator or both killed in the strikes in the eastern province of manga hom, another. i feel k member was injured. the strike comes 2 days after i so claim responsibility for the suicide bombing cobbles, airport president joe biden says the strikes won't be his last response.
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well, asked about the impact of the strikes, the pentagon, spokespersons, that the threats from i still remains high. they have to high profile planners or facility 11 plan i want to fill there that are no longer on their muster role. so they have lost some capability to plan and to conduct missions. but barbara make no mistake. nobody's writing this off and saying, well, we got them. so we don't have to worry about isis k anymore. not the case. as i said earlier, that the threat stream is still active, still dynamic. we're still laser focused on that and forced protection. and we are thinking for a minute that what happened yesterday gets us in the clear, not a minute, but do we believe that we hit valid targets, bad guys who can do bad things and can plan bad missions? absolutely. and why do we think that that will have some impact on their ability
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going forward? absolutely. get more from gabriel, as on to his in washington. any more details or information about the possibility of another attack on campbell airport? the u. s. is not saying what sort of details or intelligence they have other than to say that they think it is very likely with the next 24 to 36 hours. but they're not specifying exactly what the threats are. other than to generally say that there is very active threats and very credible threats against us military personnel and any innocent civilians outside the airport. it's very unusual for the president united states to basically say that the, to verbalize to the american people, that an attack is potentially eminent against us interests. but that's exactly what joe biden did in this statement that he released late on saturday here in the u. s
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. washington basically saying exactly that it just shows you how delicate and fragile and quite frankly dangerous. the situation is there and how seriously the white house is looking at it. also saying, joe biden, and that statement also saying that the air strike from an unmanned drone against the 2 they killed the 2. i saw k members would not be the last and the u. s. would be doing more of that in the future, but did not specify of course when or how that would take place. but clearly the white house is worried because these are, we didn't turn to the final days. now. coming up to this august 35th deadline, it's clearly a very dangerous moment. very dangerous moment, and in issuing this warning about some sort of attack being eminent, the presumably trying to manage expectations and to also issue
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a warning to, to people incorrigible itself. but gave, what could it mean for the president, if there were to be further american casualties, it would make his situation even more difficult. and he knows that there's a reason why previous presidents have not completely pulled out of afghanistan because it's dangerous. and it means that it could, could mean the deaths of american service members as we just saw in the last 24 hours, 48 hours. i should say, that is why this decision was very difficult. and they knew that this could be a possibility. and they know that it could be a possibility that with another attack at or near the airport, that not only more innocent afghans could be killed, but also us service members. listen, the decision to pull out of afghanistan was one that most of the american public
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agree with, according to, to polling here in the united states. but how it's been done and the lives that are being lost is clearly having an effect on the american psychic. if you will, on how this is being done, and if there's another attack and more u. s. service personnel are killed or injured. that will certainly make this even more difficult here in the final days. thank you very much. gabriel, arizona in washington. well, as those evacuation efforts continue, hundreds of afghans still inside the country marched outside the bank and campbell with long lines forming cash machines. their protest is outside new combo bank. included many government employees demanding their salaries. they say they haven't been paid for at least 3 to 6 months. ags reopen 3 days ago, but many people were unable to access them money, even when functioning a gm's of limited cash withdrawals to about $200.00 every 24 hours. while brian has
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the latest now from the afghan capital a cobble international airport, it's a real sense that we're now getting into the end game of this very long and often chaotic and traumatic evacuation process. the sure side of that has come with the taliban now taking over some of the guarding duties from the us military, they reduce that perimeter in preparation for their final departure for the final american boots to be off the ground. we have seen the taliban fighters take over god post on the perimeter and actually inside the airport itself. the evidence end of this evacuation though, has not stopped, says still crowds of people around the perimeter trying to get on some of the last flights you do get a feeling that a lot of people will have given up hope by now i'd have not going back to the airport, especially with warnings of possibly more attacks. for others,
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though at the imminent ending of this whole process has probably made it added to the desperation of trying to get on one of the last remaining flights. but there are relatively few left. now as we see, few of flights arriving and taking off. meanwhile, in the city of cobble itself, there is a mixed picture here at the city, goes back to work after what for many has been the weekend here in afghanistan, businesses have likely reopened. some ministries have reopened as they did last week, but other ministries have remained close. and crucially for many people here again, the banks are close. the banking sector here has been a real problem ever since the fall of the government and the take over by the taliban. they some financial services open to briefly just over a week ago you could the cash machines opened, but with very tight limits, all the amount of money people could take out. finally, they opened a few days ago, but now they were meant to reopen saturday,
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but they have remain closed. and so people have not been able to get access to their funds, access to salaries. in some cases, people are complaining, they haven't been paid for months. it has led to angry scenes outside many banks, protests and it is a bad, bad sign for the country. and this new taliban government moving forward. the french present emanuel microns has preliminary talks of being held with the taliban in the hope of facilitating further evacuations. and humanitarian operations of the foreign forces leave new some upon them and the we are currently having discussions which are very fragile on the preliminary. that is why i am being very comfortable in my answer. but yet, discussions have begun with the taliban on the issues of humanitarian operations and the ability to protect reports off guns, water, 3 guns. and yes, we are working alongside. we gotta to allow this operation to proceed. meanwhile, france and italy have joined the number of european countries that have now
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completed their evacuation missions. us says it's weighted at least 117000 people so far, most of them afghan nationals as well as more than 5000 americans on the final u. k. military flight is now supportive combo with all military and diplomatic personnel evacuated, hundreds of afghans eligible to fly to the u. k. have been left behind, and the mother has warm evacuation campaign. her name is however even english, and she's just into the world full of hope and uncertainty. her african parents were evacuated from couple to dubai where they caught a turkish airlines flight to the u. k. helped by the cabin crew, her mom so man had to give birth on board as have arrived, the british military confirmed it was ending its flights carrying civilians. frances, on the same, shakira and afghan actress living in france, managed to get her mother and brother out of afghanistan at the last minute. as in
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so many cases it involved days of frantic phone calls to people on the ground at the airport. what they do, does my name my never, i've rediscovered the smell of my mother and it's something that i'd forgotten. my mother's tears reminded me of the tea she shed when i left half dentist on. it was really moving a lot of emotions today. shabbier and afghan journalist filmed himself as he and 9 close relatives waited to get onto one of the final evacuation flights. he's now in spain, spending the night and day and the air force. and the good was one of the worst experiences i have ever had. i never was forced to spend the night with my family and in an open place like that with thousands of people, not in dev last the day. so for fun on shapiro and his family and now seeking asylum. but the british government admits up to 1100 afghans,
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eligible to be re settled in the u. k. mainly because they worked with british troops, a being left behind. the head of the u. k. armed forces said it's heartbreaking personally. i've probably had over a 100 messages from different afghans who i know in my long association with the country and many of those friends of mine, what make it out? well, there's a lot at this small organization near london, this grumbling to help people still trying to get out of afghanistan. they found, as it's clear, there are many still in danger. the beat is government should be needed in order to save the life. out of thousands of people been working for the past 20 supporting they need to mission. as these afghan civilians arrived in rome, a nato representative said, his team had done everything they could and satisfied because we have left
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a few behind which we are not abandoning but which we will try our best to take back home as the sunset on the military evacuations. the question now is, how many more people who fear for their lives will be able to leave afghan? it's done. and how nadine baba al jazeera, of course, cobble and force has one way out of the country. and then large numbers of africans have been crossing into neighboring pockets down, but only those with focus on residents, you're traveling from medical treatment to currently being allowed in at least 12000 people pass through the chairman spill bowl spin bolduc crossing on fast today. august on is denied, there's been a significant movement of refugees. national security adviser says the country already has more than 3000000 african refugees and cannot allow more. and some have been delayed is near to come on the pockets on afghan border. when buckets on southern borders,
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they've gone to san thousands of people in the last 24 hours. have tried to cross over the hearing reports that a lot of people from the northern parts of august on because they cannot enter focus on from the north. are moving to words can hard trying to cross the spin bull the crossing and seek refuge in progress bun, or take their onward journey from pockets on you have to bear in mind that it is a lot of people who are coming from provinces as far north as these trying to come to words this border crossing and trying to enter budgets on. many of these people who are being told are the has are as the ethnic minority which has come under attack various on various occasions. and they've got a son. much funny is already, on the other hand, say they're allowing people to come in. if they have valid paperwork, they can apply for a visa and get a visa from the functional embassy in couple of besides that, they're not going to allow people to enter pocket on. we've been seeing desperate scenes on the border here in the north has been where people are treating with the box. any officials with the paperwork trying to come and enter barcus on,
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on humanitarian grounds, trying to seek medical help, trying to visit families. because you have to remember that on both sides of the divide, there are people who have bible and s ties. and they say that the deteriorating security situation in afghanistan is cause for concern, and many just want to leave. so early we spoke to matthew salt marsh from the united nations rushing g agency of the you and hcr. and he says that countries neighboring afghanistan are going to be more help as people continue to flee the international community, the, you and agencies have gathered together and they do have a contingency plan for the event reality of up to half a 1000000 people going into neighboring countries, but that is very much a worst case scenario prediction. but in the case of large movements, of course, countries like pakistan will need significant international support. they obviously have the support of the united nations and years. but there will need to be
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significant global support. and there was a meeting on friday where an appeal was made for $300000000.00 for those countries that would be hosting a new african refugees in the event reality of significant flows from afghanistan. he was out there a life online and much more than i had all the thousands march through washington d. c, against efforts by some state to make it harder for people to mode in china or accuses the united states of picking political manipulation over signs of white house when he sits, reports on the origins of cause. and i hello, it's looking largely fine and dry with many parts of australia,
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particularly in the central and northern areas. we are seeing a lot of heat building up in the north and no showers along the coast of queensland are going to develop in the next few days. but for the wet a windy weather, we have to go to the southeast and to the south west and got a weather system bringing the wet and windy weather to post. so rain expected here for the next 2 days. honest. some of the story for tasmania and victoria within brisco when some heavy showers and storms. but come monday, we all going to see temperatures pick up and the warms come back in. we look at the 3 day from melbourne by tuesday will be well above average with some sunshine breaking through. now as we move across to new zealand, it's looking very wet. indeed for the north island, we've got a weather system bringing fund a storms to gives ben and plenty of rain to the bay of plenty. it sweeps east, but it remains with some showers. the weather on monday. isn't a story for the new filing though. we've got a bit of a wintry mix creeping in and that's going to bring the temperature down in christ. it's christ church. now as we move to south east asia,
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we think some heavy rain continue across much of indo china. we've had some flash flooding in cambodia. we could see more as those rains continue to for that. sure. update the i'm a like a boss in the south of india and find out call me back in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a gun. corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife chase earth right on our euro. ah
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ah, welcome back our main story now. the u. s. is killed what he describes as to high profile ice ok targets and try and strike in afghanistan. president joe biden says he's been told another attack on cobble airport is likely in the next 24 to 36 hours with a ton of mine and saying that campbell, that will be under that complete control very soon, both at security around the complex on thursday suicide bombing, and now it's causing some afghans into the app. and then the u. k is joined, france and italy in completing their evaluation mission. the final british military flight is now departed cobble with all military and diplomatic personnel evacuated, hundreds of afghans eligible to fly to the u. k. have been left behind
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now for cost as a saying the hurricane either is gathering strength as it chance towards new orleans expected to maitland fall on the u. s. gulf coast on sunday. exactly. 16 years after katrina hit devastating the barrier and killing 1800 people. on friday i just smashed into cuba small i'll of use of the southwest. in end of the caribbean island nation, toppling trees and tearing the roofs from buildings. there was also flooding and landslides in jamaica for cause to say either will maitland fall in the u. s. is a dangerous category for hearken. generating winds of 225 kilometers an hour and dumping several feet of water on the flood prone new orleans. it will be the 9th named storm and force hurricane of the 2021. atlantic car can season. gillian wolf reports. the fierce winds batter cubic coast as the streets of the capitol. havana light empty. hurricane ida hit the caribbean islands south west toppling trees and
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tearing roofs of homes where the strong winds has been weeping all over. it took a roof there. winds of nearly a 130 kilometers an hour force people to take cover, but many felt relief saying it could have been worse. the category one hurricane is now heading for the united states, but expected to make landfall as a category for. we do have a major storm heading our way. we are activating every single resource at our disposal so that we are prepared to respond from mississippi to florida. state are on high alert with the us national hurricane center warning of catastrophic danger. winds are expected to reach up to 225 kilometers an hour before ida makes landfall along the gulf coast late on sunday. life threatening storm surges are predicted to hit coastal communities. tardies are
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urging people to seek higher ground. this will be a life altering storm for those who are prepared. but time is running out with people rushing to stores for sandbags and supplies. oil fields in the region that supply nearly a 5th of the nation's oil have halted operation. louisiana has declared a state of emergency and told tens of thousands of people to batten down or evacuate immediately. hurricane ida is the 9th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season and is expected to make land for 16 years to the day that hearken . katrina struck a day no one wants to relive julian wolf al jazeera right away and i doubt it. now, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in washington, dc demanding an end to vote. suppression demonstrates the calling on elected officials to improve access to polling stations off the state flight,
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georgia and texas. enact and laws which many see as making it harder for some people to load. found today's the $58.00 out of our 3 of martin luther king historic. i have a dream speech. unfortunately, the day generation, they not aware of the struggles for fathers. i went through all back and you know, they had to try to fit the counters, fight them both right to go to school. so re here to make sure that we don't go back a 150 years, even 20 years, even 50 years. recognized as a poor and maintain what are those who have provided for us? our future is at stake. so we're here today to move to solidify our future. the future of people of color is that the future of our nation is at stake. our democracy is china is
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dismissed and declassified us for force on the origins of cove at 19 calling it political manipulation virus was 1st attacks in the chinese tissue. were hon in 20 . 19 us intelligence agencies agree cove. it wasn't developed as a bio weapon box. they are divided on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal, as the chinese government says, only from the bar tree or the what's the truth should. we have stressed on multiple occasions that over genes tracing of coffee 19 is a complex issue or science showed and could only be undertaken by scientists around the world. for joint research, i mean the united states, however disregard science. in fact, instead obsessed with political manipulation and obedience tracing by the intelligence community without providing any evidence, the united states is cooktop on the story after another, to defame and accuse china. demonstrators in france have been back out on the streets of the capital parish for a 7th weekend,
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protesting against the new coven health path. anyone who wants to visit restaurants, museum sporting events, or any other public venue, is required to show proof of vaccination or, and negative test, which has to say the pass infringes on their liberties and personal freedoms. cobra cases all rising in france with almost 80800000 new infections reported in the past week. now a brown berries a protect. the brown bag is protected species in romania, but there is growing pressure to reintroduce hunting. being filled by a rise in bear attacks at a time when the government is trying to encourage terrorists to return to national parks from armina in the campaign, mountains. under simmons reports. it's a wilderness like few others in europe. the copy of mountains, primeval forests, absorbing the poisons of modern life greenhouse gases. but they're endangered, just like the wildlife with romania as ranges,
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are aware that illegal logging isn't the only threat. here we have 2 or 3 conflicts . laureen alice one's mind is firmly set on animal welfare. and there we welding project he's working on, but he can't ignore a new issue. there are 2, it's a small one. he finds footprints of 2 brown bears the wild animal. and he already feel us. if it's around here, he run a long time ago. more than 300 kilometers to the east. the bad population is higher and there has been 137 attacks on people in the past 2 years. some of them fatal fear has spread with social media posts of attacks. here a bare has been disturbed by a wild boar hunt. the hunter, assuming this survived the attack in 2016, the brown bear became a protected species in romania. but because of the attacks,
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the governments planning a population census, if the numbers are deemed too high, it isn't rolling out a return to hunting. vincent for me, if the density is low, we will not bring hunting back in italy. we have a number of options to protect the funds, the villages, the people. but i'm not prepared to say whether we will bring back hunting in one area that scene some attacks. there's a political determination for hunting to return. and so the future for the bad population here may well be in doubt. but for another wild animal, the european bison hunted down more than 100 years ago when lost from this vast wilderness, its future is assured. these are the latest arrivals set free here 3 months ago. there are now more than a 100 bison, roaming wild finding their own food. and florine has monitoring them for a re wilding program, tracking them by gps and radio links. the buys on marcia,
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before 100 years ago. here they have they own roles. it's a chain for this. we said we need 1015 years from now to demonstrate today, own roles in the forest, in by diversity in the area and the bison. already breeding, born into the wild, one of the cars is seen here. this we wilding program does look successful. the face of the bears is causing consternation hunting lobby on one side. conservation is on the other. andrew simmons al jazeera in the copy of mountains of romania. one of switzerland leading ski destination has taken extreme action to protect it slopes from melting through the summer. the glassy angle bug has been covered by a giant fleece blanket around a 100000 square meters in size made of a special material that reflects the sun result. managers have been using blankets for several years, but this is the biggest yet. despite that,
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the class has been shrinking, and that's continued and it's expected to actually disappear completely by the year 2060 on a look at the main stories. now u. s. president joe biden has warned that and now the attack by ice hill is highly likely enough gun. it's done in the next 24 to 36 hours. the taliban has boosted security. around cobble airports after thursday, suicide bombing, which killed at least a $175.00 people, including children, and 13 us service personnel, of crowds outside the port report to be banned off to an increase in taliban checkpoints near by. the group is now escorting some afghans into the airport, the u. s. and reportedly given some of its.


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