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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm AST

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here that these are temporary solutions to bring you move award winning documentaries and live need ah this is al jazeera ah hello, i haven't seen this is the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes? the thought about takes over parts of cobble airport will have live updates from both afghanistan and neighboring pockets on the u. k. last military flights leave. it's evacuated nearly 15000 afghans, but hundreds are left behind. louisiana's worst storm since $1850.00 will hit new orleans in the coming hours. tens of thousands are forced to flee that home. the
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stepping up, the mood artist in garza bring joy to the lives of thousands living under an israeli siege and battling a pandemic. and i'm sorry, i must not have all the time for both. the next day is expected to make these highly anticipations debut for the following. his move from barcelona. ah, the us forces in afghanistan are in the final phase of evacuations. from the capital just over 1000 civilians are waiting to be lifted from cobble airport. more than 100000 have been moved out since the taller bond took over 2 weeks ago. the american troops are the last western forces to withdraw from afghanistan by the
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august 31st deadline. as us forces move out, the taller bond is moving in the arm groom aiming for a swift hand over of the airport. the final evacuations come under the threat of another attack. their u. s. president joe biden has warned of a specific credible threat in the next few hours. but afghans are still trying to make it to the airport. and pakistan for ready hosting millions of afghan refugees is preparing for more when a moment will have the latest from pakistan. come on, hider is standing by force in islamabad, but 1st let's go to charlotte bellis in the african capital campbell. so charlotte, just a couple of days to go until the u. s. completes those evacuations that they have set themselves for for tuesday. how are those evacuations going right now? or they're certainly slowing their a few planes. so us air force planes in the year than they were even yesterday. if
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you look on right, there are no usa for planes, at least at cobble airports. i can tell you that there was a b 52 bomber coming towards afghanistan at the moment, but for your playing us allies also ending beer evacuation operations. the british, the last playing took off last night in the military prisons in afghanistan, off the 20 long years. now we understand negotiations and talks of planned between turkey, katara, and other g 7 nations for the coming days about what happened with cobbled air force. when foreign forces leave will continue to operate and how will continue to operate. we understand this what the exodus of people that the telephone a very few people less skilled people who can say run an airport run in traffic control. so here our conversations continuing in the background about what will happen with the airport as far as of accusation score. well, we met some people this morning right outside our office who were getting onto buses in an attempt to evacuate. we talked with some of them,
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they were very hopeful that they said, you know, where we think we can get out. we haven't even 2 by 2 families who just making a run for us. i talked to them afterwards and they said that they had failed. so it's unclear as to how many people are evacuating at this time if you need. and then you as president joe biden, talking about the still very credible threat of another possible attack from ice. ok. what are we hearing about that? you know, we're being told that i will attack is court, highly likely, at least today prison by them to bed last night 24 to 36 hours. so everyone is on high alert. i've heard from multiple sources not to go anywhere near the pool today, particularly concerned about the south entrance, which the telephone is guarding. that's the main entrance around the ministry of interior also and then on the north side, which the telephone just took over yesterday. and we went down there with them last night and they were very teens. and very concerned about the rate of another ice
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will attack. they had increase their security measures, they could put barbed wire on the streets and they were, they were trying everything to get people to go home. but still thousands of people were coming. desperate knowing that the clock is ticking. all these evacuation lights trying anything and it's a calculated risk for me knowing that and i feel threat is highly likely and yet still they come. charlotte, thank you for the non shell, a balance life force income less tend to come out harder in islamabad now. so come out, what are you hearing from the border area near in afghanistan of any more haskins trying to get into pockets on well as far as the situation on the line bar day is concerned, the situation appears to be no minutes. although you have thousands of on go widget focus on a regular basis day coming for medical attention,
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the focus on the military spokesman major general barber. if the car said that the situation on the country western board was completely enormous of august on know that the thought that bon had given an assurance in writing to the americans that day, readily, not let anybody use outline stories. and he also said that the situation was quite normal on the border. however, the nice thing to do, why they said that was important and grew sure that the washer to engage with the dollar bond or the bond. and so they don't repeat the 990 and i put that question to him as to whether there was indeed an influx of being there for the cross that border thankfully, we've been spared. if rejected conflict and bloodshed, the we things have evolved in a fun is done. that hasn't been that protected country. the taliban have literally walked in. and so there isn't it after the crisis went on board is thankfully,
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there are 20 to 25000 people who cross every day anyways, and many without documentation, which is something focused on has been agitating against, as asked again and again for the international community to help man, the border. it has never happened. we've been a boss, but it, that is one of the issues that buckets on has to face. but unfortunately we haven't gotten much support. that is not if you crisis of this one the message from august on the essentially that we cannot prepaid the mistake of the 1998. at that time, the dollar bond had not given anybody that showed and said that they would not be used against any other country. and the fact that there was a chance for peace, they pockets on port notion that the wire nice reengaged that dollar bonds because they have been able to go based off the almost 2 decades off by day one is done so that indeed the position from the buckets on the side. yeah. can hotter in
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islamabad, thank you. hundreds of afghans have protested outside banks in cobble, while others formed long lines of cash machines. government employees were among those marching, demanding their salaries. they say they've not been paid for the past 6 months. banks reopen 4 days ago, but many people have been unable to access their money. it's almost 10 days that i've been waiting here to get my salary. i am an employee of the government. we have a patient at home. we have a problem is we cannot take or sell it is out. a few days ago, the banks reopened, but closed again. give us our salaries so that we can be able to solve problems or not through the law hop wall is a political analyst, jonas via skype. now from cobbled to talk more about this. thanks very much for being with us. so 1st of all, what is, what is the priority right now for,
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for the taliban as it tries to form this government we were just telling view is there about the situation with the banks and how so many people are desperate to get to get hold of their money that truly has to be at the top of the list of net will. absolutely. this is more challenging issue or the bottom vendor. she did a lot of times to should in most of the people are depending on the banking for their caches. and, but it did in the banking, so there's lots of regime and that's the government. now, it is almost entering 2nd week in about the aim that people can access and, and get your money on that bond or cash machine. so it re, did a big problem or that would be fine. and i'm good. and how does all people are
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every day giving bond on there? and they demand openness, banking and funding on the bank in the taliban repeatedly released the segment. and they asked that by the bank the open to do the normal. and i was to let the person in a we have $200.00 or $20000.00 funny weekly. and they cannot put out more than this money. but to now that i am talking with you and the taliban unable to can be the private bank officer to fully up there is no central bank or government bank off of there, but the bankers released also didn't. and they said that until the opening all the central bank will not open around in the not run our banking system. therefore we defense and we are watching seeing
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a central bank. we are not going to open our banking after the announcement of decided bond or government within $3.00 to $4.00 days or at the end of the 1st august, 1st or september. they will not need the government and we have some sort of thing. but they said that they were the 1st government after the top rated. you may be opening an operation off bank in uniform. was that the people are in but a big and hard problem there are they do not have who was for the problems in daily life. well, what else? what else to people? what, what, what else does the taliban need to do to gain the confidence of people there? because obviously if they, as we've been reporting the last couple of weeks,
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thousands of already left the country because they fear tyler bomb will. but for those left behind, what does the taliban need to do to? to reassure them? 3 things for managers are very top priority for the leadership. the 1st one is to announce the government and the type of government, what, what the government announced for the war did us watching people are watching. vince and also on previous by the jason brewer, the addition of ex government dad watching about more than what the government sick and people are in a desperate and uncertain situation on the when there is not official government official in official government who no one is into opens has their own business, private sectors. the thing is object. the 1st one is announcement of the government
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and they can find energy will be to operational banking system. it also extend your interest or you just thought it was done. and the 3rd one is to offer and provide services. and to this century, people are mostly depends on services, public therapy, this of the government board from 2 weeks almost we can see on the stick to our audit and it is no public services just as sister and an expensive and if the operational risk. alright, appreciate your thoughts on that. no, not the law. bob, thanks for the was thank you. the warning of an imminent attack comes the attack in cobble comes after the pentagon said it targeted members of isolate
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wings in afghanistan in a drone strike on friday. the strike in naga har province was in response to the cobble airport attack. gabrielle is on the reports from washington. friday's drone strike big killed 2 ice o k members and wounded another was the 1st retaliatory strike against the group. but according to president joe biden, it won't be the last. it's unclear if those killed had a direct roll and thursdays airport attack the killed over a $150.00 afghans and over a dozen us military personnel. the pentagon won't release the names of the ice or k members. they killed only thing they were planning future attacks. i am not going to talk about specific capabilities. isis may have lost, and in the strike they lost a planner and they lost a facilitator and they've got one wanted. and the fact that 2 of these individuals
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are no longer well, longer walk in on the face of the earth. that's a good thing, a good thing for the people who can stand. it's a good thing for our troops and our forces at that airfield and i think i'm just gonna leave it there for the u. s. and the taliban are coordinating on airport security. that cooperation did not extend to the drone strike. a taliban spokesperson told reuters news agency they should have been informed before the air strike took place in a statement saturday afternoon. biden said the chance of another terrorist attack in the next 24 to 36 hours is very high. it's believed round. $4000.00 us troops are still at the airport. cobble and commanders say, despite the risks, the mission continues in till the august 31st deadline biden has put in place threats to our forces and to this operation remain real and significant. i'm sure you can appreciate that. and now with the military mission trip begin to in and couple thousands of service members are working across the globe and within the
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united states. to complete this incredibly important mission, caught in the middle innocent afghan civilians at an airport near washington on saturday. afghan evacuation continued to arrive in america after an arduous journey . well, i will say the last 6 or 7 days have been the toughest days of my life. honestly, i don't want to lie, or i don't want to. but how things are really bad all around the airport, all the entrances, and you kind of feel lucky if you can get just to that. those gauge over the weekend, america was learning more of the u. s. service members killed the suicide attack mac. soviet, a navy medic was one of them. he was only 2 years old when the us invaded afghanistan in 2001 friends and family back in his hometown of ohio
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are grieving his death. he was just a really good kid that everybody liked. everybody loves the family to very well respected. the u. s. military pull out from afghanistan was measured in months and then weeks. and now it's down to days. and it could be the most unpredictable and dangerous phase of all. with president biden's simultaneously warning americans that there could be more attacks against us troops in capital, while also more strikes against those. the u. s. says his responsible gabriel as hondo out as ita washington. and we got plenty more head on this news. i including the 10 thousands march through washington, d. c, against efforts by some states to make it harder for some to vote in sport. scary
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moments in qualify for the belgian grown for more details later in the news news. well, i feel ahead but 1st, hurricane ida is hours away from making land for on the u. s. gulf coast forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their home city is expected to hit near new orleans late on sunday. the category for storm is forecast to be the worst to strike louisiana since 1850, and many people are rushing to petrol stations to fill our tanks, while others a boarding up buildings present. joe biden is issued an emergency order for food, water, and other supplies to be sent to the state was hearken. ida bears down on louisiana . many fear it could bring damage similar to that of hurricane katrina. 16 years
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ago, katrina struck the same area general rating. a storm surge, 6 meters high. the devastated new orleans and other cities along the gulf of mexico . that search cause more damage than the winds and rain because it cause new orleans levy system to fail, leaving 80 percent of the city on the water. katrina became one of the worst natural disasters in american history and left more than 1800 people dead. because the state of louisiana, more than $100000000000.00 in damage and left millions of people homeless. the half a 1000000 left new orleans and never returned. a billions of dollars have since been spent to protect the region. new levies have been built, but with rising sea level fuel by global warming, there is widespread concern about how stable that system is. an ida is the 1st major storm to be put to the test. well, i just here is where the expert to jeff harrington is following developments force
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and joined us now. so jeff, situation developing rapidly right now, not now, idea is a category for storm. that's right has, and this is exactly what we feared that this would be rapid, intensification. that's exactly what we're seeing right now. so here is i'm going to take off the name just so you can see the signature, a pinhole i there as it starts to swoop in to louisiana. and this is where it is going to make landfall. so come on, we'll track this one out together by the numbers here it is. we're putting it a few hours for south west of new orleans, and this is going to have a catastrophic impact. so we're going to break it down now by the numbers again. category for right now, and it is expected to maintain that intensity as it makes its landfall sunday evening. let's go over the numbers right now. winds are just going to be destructive anywhere from about 209 to 220 kilometers per hour. so what this is going to do, it's going to pick up the ocean and it's just going to drive it into the coastline . this is what we call storm surge thing, 45 meters high. so coastal sections,
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anything under that will be buried in water, then add on top of all of that half a meter of re $500.00 millimeters of rain. so all of this to say, this is the strongest hurricane to hit louisiana since the 18 fifty's. so what's going on, why are we seen this? rapid intensification all has to do with these warm waters in the gulf of mexico. so the darker the red here, that's the higher the temperature. but this thing still has to pass through the northern coast here, the northern gulf, where the temperatures are even higher at about 32 degrees. so we could even still see more intensification. k. want to bring you up to speed with hurricane nora, as well as it did make it's landfall toward the pacific coast of mexico, the south west and look at the damage done were already starting to see some rainfall amounts come in, in particular for mens neo over the past 24 hours scooping up a $172.00 millimeters of rain. but watch this. what you should get for the month of august about $216.00. so almost
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a month's worth of rain in the span of about 24 hours. so here's where hurricane north going right now. going up the pacific coast rate through the gulf of california. going to watch to see if there is any impact to the popular tourist hotspot of cobbler san lucas. so to hurricanes that were watching, but of course, hurricane nora has them will be catastrophic. thanks so much jeff. now, australia is reporting more than a $1300.00 daily corona, virus infections. and you record, since the pandemic began, there is no sign yet that the outbreak that started in mid june is slowing more than half of australia has been on the locked down. now for weeks. the largest city struggle to control the delta various of the virus australia rushing to vaccinate its people and its aiming to have 80 percent of its population inoculated by mid november. new zealand corona virus outbreak is continuing to grow with another 83
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new written cases reported on sunday. the number of infections now at 511 with 2 people in critical condition. the entire country isn't locked down until tuesday. thousands of protesters across the us have been demanding an end to what they call vote to suppression. in some republican controlled states, states like georgia and texas have enacted laws that many see as restricting the right to vote. demonstrate is also urging their elected officials to pass a federal bill that can review state election laws which are seen as being discriminatory reverence rob reynolds is at a rally in washington, d. c. thousands of people have gathered once again on the washington ball to demand the voting rights. they are here to call for the passage of a voting piece of legislation named after the former a late congressman. john lewis was
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a hero of the 19th sixty's civil rights movement. the bill would make it easier for people to vote and enshrine certain rights to vote, such as voting on sundays and things like that. now to date, there are 18 states which have have a restrictive legislation that would make it harder for people to vote. those are republican dominated states. they pass these laws to, in response to president x president trump claims of a fraudulent election claims which have been proven false and have no basis in reality. but yet, these states are passing these restrictive legislations, and many people here say the burden will fall on voters of color. unfortunately, the de generation, they not aware of the struggles for authors. i went through all back and you know,
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they had to try to fit the calendars, fight the road. right to go to school. so we hear the make sure that we don't go back a 150 years, even 20 years, even 50 years. recognized as a poor, maintain what are those who have provided for us the john lewis voting rights act has passed the house of representatives, which is dominated by the democratic party. but it has not yet passed the senate and republicans in the senate, which is divided 5050 between republicans and democrats with the vice president, commonly, harrison having the hybrid vote. they want to block this legislation using a parliamentary maneuver called the filibuster, yemen who the rebels have attacked the country's largest air base in the south with drones and miss off at least 15 soldiers were killed at atlanta military base in
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large province. it is used by the saudi u. e backed jamini government forces, dozens of people were injured and some are being taken to hospitals. in aden. francis president is in northern iraq to meet kurdish leaders. he's arrived in that been where he will meet the president of the semi autonomous kurdistan region. next year yvonne bus arnie macross has promised to keep the french troops in iraq to help combat what he calls terrorism. on saturday, iraq coasted a regional summit aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in the middle east. it was aimed improving ties between saudi arabia and iran, or among the countries taking part as well as france, egypt. the u. e and katara would have been whitehead reports from back to iraq. stability is key to the stability of the whole region. this is how regional leaders participating in that conference for cooperation and partnership concluded it on
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saturday. the summer twitch discussed economic integration and investment projects between the participants also addressed political and security challenges facing iraq, including the possible resurgence of sil iraqi officials say it's an opportunity to ease tension in the middle east. s o d and rain, you know, official hill talks on the sidelines of the summit. the fact that we managed to bring private countries together on the same table and initiate dialogue between them is not only important to them in us, but the whole region. the meeting, which was called denial by france, also addressed the water crisis, what he did the war in yemen, and the devastating economic and political situation in lebanon. when milan, when i was, i think it's promising because it's laid the foundation to involving iraq in more
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bilateral meetings with the participant countries in the future. the presence of france and the international organizations gives credit to this summit. international and regional comments have been held to discuss in his ability in iraq for the cage. now it's hosting this one to show it's ready to regain a rule in the region and says, it will be neutral in ongoing conflicts. back in june, iraq has a trilateral summit to establish trade integration and development projects with egypt and jordan. saturday summit is another step in sending a message of solidity with a rock of 30 years of isolation. withdrew or had al jazeera but are still ahead on edge 0. 5 flyers put on epic display in central mexico to find out why they were under threats. plus cape canaveral it isn't for that these
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parts of the point i'm reach helen's in cornwall and cut me off. i'll be explaining why this small side is one of a number in the u. k. trying to be the big players in the commercial space market. and in sport, another wild day for this big hitting american details coming up later in the show . ah i nice to see you. let's begin. we're the active weather is in it's hanging out toward the adrian c, both for the east coast. so impacting the balkans. also toward the west, so we'll see some sundry downpours in italy. bulgaria romania may catch a lot of rain. torrential downpours here about 90 millimeters in a short span. it's all plugged into this luggage disturbance moving across central
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parts of europe swinging down wet and at times windy weather. so we see those winds through the baltic sea, the north sea impacting the low countries and now yeah, germany right through to switzerland. we've got some heavy falls, mostly smooth sailing across iberia. except check this out toward valencia. we've got some pulses of heavy rain look into pick up. we'll call it 30 millimeters of rain within a single hour. temperature is above average in turkey. cloudy for is stumble, but the sun will dominate, and over the next 3 days and it's stumble, you may catch a thunderstorm on monday, but your temperature is well above that september average. now could do is for beneath picking up more range for the north of the country and we have seen flooding right across the country, but that rain backs off as we head toward sunday heavy as falls reserved for nigeria as we heads were.


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