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britain to be all to help the bomb steal your from. so this meeting, saddam isn't that interesting there. i am. shadow on al jazeera ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera . ah, hello, i'm hasn't speaker in the how the top stories on al jazeera, as american forces draw down and f canister, the taliban is taking control of more areas around chicago. airport u. s. military aircraft continue to land as the final evacuations take place. just meters from taliban fighters. charlotte bellis reports. the telephone has taken over the fighters drive us made humvees laden with us made wittons around the last
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us military installation in afghanistan. they look at acts like former afghan government soldiers, the white flag, the only indication this is the telephone. it has been 20 years since the telephone controlled cobble in port fighters into the capital 2 weeks ago and quickly encircled it. the armed group had an agreement with the us, that it would remain outside and secure the perimeter until evacuations came to an end. now, with only 2 days to go, the u. s. footprint is shrinking. when did you get hold of this area? to have 2 hours ago. yes, we come here. so just so they've evacuations. yes. clutching the us, made in full rifles of commandeered taliban fighters, watch. it's american troops move inside the perimeter,
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destroy equipment and bus in evacuation. behind that door is america. let's just go to the medical rivers i. busy told him, and you tell him and they are in this watch how also the so what does it mean because this is all the time the hold on? no. oh do to okay. the sizes counts the number of c 17 across departing from the end of the runway telephone, secure the commercial side of the port almost 2 weeks ago, but only pushed into military areas on friday nights. the aversion of special forces, known as the battery, 313, and victorious strike force are in charge of security. we are not here to protect the american. we are here to prevent looting of this place in the military equipment. the promises we made into her,
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we are standing by them on the hook they sell these taliban officials a walking from the neighboring ministry of interior, a compound they now control. as the us evacuated, the telephone is taking control of more areas inside the airport. they say they are very happy, but they wouldn't express that on camera because they say i'm a woman and not traced appropriately. instead, they discussed among themselves how to secure the area and survey the territory. they now controlled well killed the, shall we have been in war for 20 years and we believed one day. we would get a gun to stand back. the foreign forces who came to a gun is done, could not stop us from getting our country back. now how did you go patiently, they wait for the last american plane to take off during the after 3 days and with the permission of our commanders, we will push fully inside the airport. after 20 years,
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thousands of people killed and billions of dollars spent. the us is leaving as going stone. these are the final hours of america's longest. charlotte delis jazeera to oregon ida is hours away from making land full on the u. s. gulf coast. tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes. it is expected to have new orleans. the category for storm is forecast to be the worse to strike, louisiana since 850 humans who the rebels have attacked the countries, the largest air base in the south with drones and missiles. at least 15 soldiers were killed. australia is reporting more than 1300 daily corona, virus infections. a new record since the pandemic began. there's no sign yet that the outbreak that started in mid june is slowing. those, all the headlines, such as your world is next.
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i use the schmidt social ben don't give me local halting knowledge to me. aneesha mad at the simple way. me for the summer. kip person morley and the little halting. not even the duck. she'll go. yes. and if you don't know that it's been a good level. so know him tell mamma should be alert so fun. but if
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a show of him hallway kish leah go yes. and the lawyer that much so shallow my team he is legal. so it's clearly a shame at social mil lateem a needle and you're lucky the choice when a silence the going to say was the soil a gum? my was somebody do can lower that. yes. shay album meters? same shaney movie nation loan mahoney. mm. o. l e t o and the code name agent. 88 works for the is really intelligence service most while his story goes back 50 years,
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many key details are only emerging out most that has never spoken publicly about any course. but simeon sources have now shed new light on the case colon was recruited as his railing spy, but then sent under cover in south america using an alias to prepare for his eventual deployment to syria. the stakes could not have been hired as the man, the israelis called a super spine, would ultimately discover to cost the. it's a story that begins with politics. in 1950 years egyptian president gammel, i've done nasa signed a treaty with syria to form what was known as the united arab republic. israel viewed the new state with concerns. syria was
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a big mystery to israel, really in the whole world because it was going through his state of flex in part. that's because general nasser down in egypt wanted to create a pan arab league or nation and syria would be part of it. the me lisa lived as i billiard de la milch luck of our last stomach clutch. dumb she was nigh and i should sleep there by the of us, you near him the tunnel, i see it. the more dean shirley coin, if you will be famous cream of 2, i can get them. it's a limb to all the machine to i can gumble thumbs of money and of course she may
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be in latoya be it may mother dylan while boil p a. i love the learning about it would require some highly placed agents and that meant l. e, call it the any call was born in the egyptian coastal city of alexandria. in 1924. his parents had moved to egypt from a level in syria. in 1957 cohen moved to israel ah, 3 years later, his language skills and background caught the attention of his military intelligence. shamar ne, we'll see me. william the old name mun. one. william
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o. d. e, a shall a shallow put colonel chil noise over the shore. keshawn. she's a most shalean of a sybil. of a lot of that because when i show and she's the switch daily, you know, and the tv lawyer go to the twins and should initiate chime glue. we all thought law amid the blame alarm, it's him in the militia shipment, all of what he said. huffman, although every television shallow. no dis. so do you know we are those tell me so far between the commerce, the foot of a mom, old villa. we m o d p again t j. shelly, i'm a small eloquent shell to our to village and so eat and let me see mushroom anemic usually for hort machine show you to be mega
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limb dog vane. mission man. rob, want to give it the most mechanical of it yet? if you, if you look to you because told, told shad cohen was recruited after the motion. director general spotted his name among files of rejected candidates. he was given the fate of a syrian businessman, come in a tub, and israel had a training camp set out for spies. that's where he went to get his identity. that's where he went to learn. his spike craft was there that his handler helped shape the cover identity that they were creating for him. i mean, to operate in syria, l eco, and needed to talk like a serious
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a specialist is really linguistic training section. unit 131, set about changing his accent. they also created a cover story for the new agent. at the what the, the, the more the the way that y'all that'll i should put a lot of the island about this. yes, if you was all we don't get the family and then put on i said i am leg had i'm judging by the bill. she's a loony mazili. i'm putting out of the fact that there is almost a mean my about almost, i mean one that really to build a credible back story most had to vincent cohen by then known as come out target to
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watch and tina again. tina a key. la shell galindo. ma sky, me king lucian, and we are talk was vicar shell who mismatched shambly the whole list. i will call it the village. the beard. i never saw much new out of the holy. where my last 2 months, he looked down cornel guarantee, and i will be 54 official kesha sir, came the holy vish from my cell when the seal ma, what little sick bill shall we must this ship should we live? domestic, what dog showed such, um a sucky stuff like that. i mean they had up to you for all woman. how was your wife
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still john? was you know, through hon. no, i do on nadia out of the address either way you feel that the shower story is my little of the for the fission is my lot, lot lot of the last session but the majority, if you love the will be what i wish. sure. you got to see i was given my ha, but good. always have about them enough bosa human how to build. but that's what he thought he was positive. non show you the avenue from out of fission live and i love the video myself and how you're smoking. one
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me. meanwhile, now says egypt, syria lions fell apart. how's the head of his model? and i had the candidate a comma. hannah has emphasized kind of louder but the moment and he can do emphasis on whom you want to do but does not get a meal. half old men must go. don't go that gun puddle. mother yelled fun home, but must have noticed value value. you know, if you don't, you don't get mad. hide you from the law. scary. i mean, no hoffers who would later become syrian president was sent to watch and tina as military attaching. but did he meet l. e. cohen there any co in lesser way?
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yes i had the navy still had me living in the how you look good going to through your head clicking of my why had this p now you will actually ross option for hailey? would you had to see the number in the coin? i a 1000000000 dina. could deal of assistive work if we shall be february, the so of august if chombo teaching the huck, i mean a half is monopoly of the building in tina, but leave a book came. i mean half is ok surely ot sure me me huffy. bisman show you the plug in because it's a be taught by a have been me time live in sewer. we are well dining
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a bic here not to show them. i say gummy tough is in the go with me and coffee a god in the name show shall militia hall by mushroom. i mean, how come has all is sylvia to mil to la. holla, gillis sharma ella, hook door bill and we're going to increase lung and my fish while my old low mile loma. i will not. i may, i don't even half of the month. i went to look to move in in late december 1961. cohen's deployment to syria was ready to begin. he stopped off for the italian port city of genoa. there he met another spy, measured ship aloft, and inform for the sci fi genoa stud, or shall measure shift on how the army will run. now to best of luck. good
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lucia noah larva. full? no. i mean that i knew no gun. i mean, it, i mean, not to but you know, last year, but none with that, that can be a man. no, my just ship a lot. all the, with sure is off with jani, white, like the minimal sort of, you know, all must only on died off job say, yadda, this, him majesty for i don't or bill. and he had his he the hillock, or you read us the little night? yes. would follow the video or through the menus shop fund is one my say your bill murder will
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all be and i'll do the story. you know we did. it was possible mall along. are you on the, on this i shot it was the man why the man you can do on a studio, bosh on the shelf. the fossil that they are loved measure her day to allow me far for her doing when i'm the know from being windy and over her doing and a barrel or a j. i show my say this is a little get my eyes more now. do you my
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sierra or co hain mo? nothing. dino, on the me can be honest. the budget or the jo arriving in damascus in january 1960 to eli colon or com l. talbot set about establishing himself in the upper echelons of serbian society. he settled in the up market, abu romano district home to several ambassadors and leading politicians. hey about a man not going to debrief unless he was to find out about my success, laska. yes. cobra let the can and that he at the wrong levels with typical multiple oh and how much,
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how yeah it was on my location was uh, saturday was how well do that was done the move. 30 saudi. i mean sad to troubadour, moral data for it. absolutely. well you must say keith law misspelled a and the shame with theodore the miss dove and the color, the stove on latasha basketball started there. little bit of domestic so illegally domestic bombs. the film looks on the hud. ma'am, i me stuff. sure. certainly nor surely let different hush in the who killed a little like a little more. don't cute little this portion of it. young sheila, i'm
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a cold. okay. mother is i haven't been around the same time as ellie cohen arrived in syria. the world was watching the verdict of the dramatic trial of idols. iceland. iceland was one of the architects of the nazi holocaust. when between 5 and 6000000 jews were exterminated during world war 2. he was captured in argentina by more side agents, tried and then subsequently executed in israel following lights when his capture and execution. israel turned its attention to his assistant, always bruna list they're not still on the non you had a bill that was a small letters from the george fin, showed shirking your od. who will shop on many, danny, or shug, story as my father will be. if i begin my shop or can we start to actually had you
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saw the job that you guys, are you guys like that? i one of cohen's 1st tasks was the truck dump lois. but his role in sending europe in jews to nazi concentration camps with him to see again at all with 3 major just for your and yet our father wish there was sad if my shad, if mon constructor estimate of from the anti and none of the new story, i know that the father lucian, but i know there are no all him up with our family but the burden, i'm sure what the hot hot wife might the rough buddy said the new bought all my fun,
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but little john do do much. do you, how ya must law? your stock, are we thought ralph? i've had a lot of the new food now. mister george ford should know about the food call him fat that, that must be the coyote. and the muscles having spent several months in the syria cohen was ready to return to israel to be debriefed by his most handles m. i don't want to put a local here in death facility a little while article a minute. me a minute and i don't my trasky. i don't want to ask you how you can go in can data for us like to read and out of my data, what are the do it went up
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a little tyler was up a little tyler, my house with his dad, alaska. he does. she has, he will not be there because i can multiple feel cut out of this one minute. well, i hope all is, well, i think it was stuck, but i'm, i'm the ministry to the manager voucher hold it. i do much. what i do and do end up jani had had because i'm not that not that i used to have got oscar. mature for the smart, my mac. veneer guy up the me. but non enough that down you going to get this? ma ha! on our doctor saw the will ask already come on. gosh, i will not talk to him. no done.
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not. if i love you saw the funeral after my son must have medical side of the motor of america there will blood. i love to thought for you, but are you home? oh, in part to the net gradually causes in on more side agents, yet i will online the parts at the debate for pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no help take it off the table. it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted,
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and many health care workers are experiencing tfc like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're on live on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this dream now does era me hold him in the city in vietnam once. so i gone the old capital of san vietnam at its heart, his lamb sewing, square, journalist, diplomat, military staff and spies, rubbed shoulders in its famous hotels during the vietnam war. i was assigned to yet by the associated press. and i arrived june 1962. the caravel hotel burst under the headlines in november 1963. when there was a military coup date, which led to the assassination of the president. and as over 24 hour period, the center of saigon was, was zone. the press retreated,
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in effect that the caravel hotel. and many of the story is mentioned we were saying was from the care of me. one of the last remaining ancient forest from southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive. ah, we follow the treacherous journey as they walk through extreme condition together and transport the dangerous but precious cargo. risking at all, borneo on al jazeera there's a wave of sentiment around the world. you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report on the big events going on, but we also tell
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a story that people generally don't have a voice. i mean, whenever chance my dad never be afraid to hand up knock a question and i think that's what they were when he does the all the questions for people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. ah, hasn't c k and all the headlines on the u. s. evacuation mission from cobble is in its final phase for tuesdays deadline. the thought on has taken over parts of the airport and says it is ready for a swift handover. the u. s. is warning another attack on cobble airport is highly likely on thursday 2, suicide bombs killed more than 180 people. i saw k claimed responsibility shot
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