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the stepping up the mood artists in garza bring joyce, the lives of thousands living under siege and battling a pandemic cape canaveral it isn't, but that is part of the point. i'm going to challenge in cornwall and coming up. i'll be explaining why this small size is one of a number in the u. k. trying to be the big players in the commercial space market. and leo, now messy is set to make his debut for palestine sharma shortly. we'll have more in this for a hello from dell. how good to be with you. rising sand and dust. we're still seen it being kicked up in some places in saudi, particularly toward the southwest, up against the red sea is where we're seeing that. but i also want to show you what
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the monsoon winds are doing for the onshore breeze in moscow, where at 33 degrees, so that is actually below average. if i show you the next few days, here's what we can expect. the winds will ease on thursday, so that will pump up your temperature to 35, which is closer to where you should be. for this, from the year, off to pakistan, karachi, $32.00 degrees, we've got some what, whether it's worth the north spilling into northern areas of afghanistan as well. from monday in turkey, we're talking about high temperatures here, well above where they should be on kara, 35, but we may catch some thunderstorms rolling through the boss for it's impacting its stumble off to the tropics of africa. we've got our storms flaring up through the democratic republic of congo central african republic. so bungie, $31.00 degrees will be the high for you. temperatures starting to bounce back as we look towards south africa, namibia, and also botswana. but another front pulls into cape town, so we'll see those winds kicked up to pretty close to about 6 feet kilometers per
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hour on monday. that's a snapshot of your weather. thanks for watching. the news in countries like mind people have been killed to be when you in the united states have privatize the ultimate public war. this was a deal with saudi arabia. things were done differently. saudis and other areas when they came to britain to be all to help the moms deal. zillow, your room. so was meeting saddam. is it that interesting? there, i am. shadow on al jazeera joy, africa lined to trade and investment in south africa into african trades. that gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers. and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $35.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and
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government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import. back at the premium partners, the atl 2020 was transforming africa. o . a. i'll come back here watching out. is there a time to recap those headlines? us military forces have launched a drone strike hitting a car they say was carrying suicide bombers planning to attack cobble airport. there are reports for children are among 6 civilians killed. the us evacuation mission from cobble is in its final phase ahead of a deadline on tuesday. tyler bond is taken over parts of the apple and says it's
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ready for a swim over us president joe biden has been taking part in the ceremony to bring home the bodies of 13 service personnel killed in cobble. they were among victims killed by suicide bombers at the airport on thursday. i saw okay, is claiming responsibility the u. k is completed it's evacuations and is bringing back its troops. this marks the end of nearly 20 years of british military presence. prime minister boss johnson has laid out conditions for the top bond to engage the west in the future. we will engage with the taliban, not on the basis of what they say, but what they do. and if the new regime in cabal, once diplomatic recognition, or to unlock the billions that are currently frozen, they will have to ensure a safe passage for those who wish to leave the country. to respect the rights of
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women and girls. to prevent f canister from again, becoming an incubator for global terror. and the dean barbara has more from felt him near heathrow airport. elena, one of the hotels near heathrow airport where new newly arrived off guns are encouraged seeing under the coffee 19 roads for the time being largely they are being supported by the efforts of the general public can of volunteers. we've been at a center not far away where they have been inundated with donations of things like clothes, nappies for babies, toiletries and sanitary products. really, the essential is that have been brought to these guns who are not allowed out. so they know that they are being supported by, by local efforts. but what i don't know is exactly where they're going to go off to vis. it's up to local authorities on the home office to coordinate to find
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accommodation for these people. now, in the 1st instance, they are going to be going to try to house them in existing counsel accommodation. but many local councils are in england, at least a saying that they don't think they have got enough money. the program that's bringing thousands of afghans to the u. k. is cold operation warm welcome. the u. k says it has a duty to help them and others considered to be at high risk. if they stay in afghanistan, eventually up to 20000 may be resettled under the program. round half worked for u. k. forces or other institutions. we placed in hotel warranties for 10 days, but as we heard, it's not clear where the evacuees will go next. campaign a se, there's a lack of suitable housing clam mosley is the founder of care for cali, charity working with african refugees in the u. k. she joins us on skype from
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liverpool. good to have you with us. first of all, who currently thought with the question of who can qualify for resettlement in the u. k. at chase and where you have been working the whole you have helped them. so say people who have come out fast and the next consultant will be the people who qualify. and does he supplement theme of bone, the smells of his 2 separate screen at the one that cannot pay. and then the one that hasn't started yet, which is the phone. okay. what is the process? so people, once they get to the u. k, what practically is happening to them. can you hear me still? alright,
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we seem to have lost connection there. afghan to miss the evacuation flights of being encouraged by the west to try and leave by land. borders for authorities. naval focused on denying major folds of unprecedented numbers entering by spin bolduc untold on boarders. saw ben ga has more from home everyday. thousands of off guns and budget fun east across the border here it's been boulder since the taliban stake over upon the sun. their numbers have increased significantly. among them are members of the has our ethnic group from central atlanta. and they told us there at the time of trying to find the flight of like a son to other countries. while there's a seeking refuge with families in the city of quarter. the for the north people appealed to officials at the door home crossing to be allowed through some desperately want to be united with family members. or there's
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a seeking medical care focused on says only those with valid passports and visas that are allowed to cross the taliban. says it's not blocking people from leaving that have guns must have the correct paperwork and officials at the border. acknowledge people are suffering economic hardship and have gone to sun. but say things will get better over time. all taken there is, it's all unfortunate that from crossing he says the country's new rulers have restored peace and did lawlessness. but between professionals like engineers and doctors, leaving many are convinced where he's at the border to greet his families, returning from pakistan. he also wants to go to the united states. no one can actually damn thing because every one has, has the experience. when you go to my previous 20 years before. so no, no one can. no one can. yeah. i also really don't testimony.
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the united nation fears up to half a 1000000 people could leave a gun on in the next few days and be like sunny officials on this side of the board to say that they're already hosting millions of africans and further in flux. but further post challenges, not just for aid, for security as well. there are 222-5000 people who cross every day anyways, and many without documentation which is something focused on has been agitating against, as asked again and again for the international community to help man, the border. after the, i've gone army with away with all of on to go over without much resistance and has made promises of peace and forgiveness. the next test is to convince people to stay under its rule because i'm a majority down to 0 door from border crossing. now people have rallied across canada, this raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis. enough again, it's done in toronto, crowds cold on the government to do more for those left behind with demonstrations come days off the canada announced it would end evacuations. we want to make sure
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that the ration is not the same time but the building. we need the canadian government all be party enough that is going to get people in our house. we want them to take action. we want them to death like august 31st acceptable. and not only that, they decide to do and evacuation. why fi earlier was just on thursday. that's unacceptable. our families are still stuck there. in italy, fire has destroyed a high rise building on the southern outskirts of milan. dozens of fine crews tried to put out the blaze in the 70 families the thought to live in the building. rescue work the checking if there are still people trapped inside. yemen has received its 1st batch of johnson and johnson covey. 19 vaccines. more than 151000 does,
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is arrived at aden airport under the global kovak scheme. demons expected to receive a total of more than half a 1000000 jobs from the u. s. more than 1400 the emmys of died from the virus. and 6 years of civil war is left the countries hospitals and health care in ruins. australia is reporting a new record of more than $1300.00 current of virus infections. the day the outbreak started in mid june and there's no sign of it slowing more than half of a stray has been locked down for weeks. as the largest cities struggle to control the delta variance, australia is rushing to vaccinated, population names to have 80 percent inoculated by mid november. new zealand current of virus outbreak is continuing to grow with another 83 new cases reported on sunday. the number of infections now stands at 511. 2 people are in critical condition. the entire countries in lockdown until tuesday,
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despite the blockade and these rarely bombings during the 11 day conflict in may, artists finally returned to give some glimmer of hope and cheer to people. in garza, you're going to say it reports the events like these haven't been seen in because district for years. the co still in clay has suffered during decades. separate pizza drowns of conflict with israel. and 15 years of located and along with the poor economy and the panoramic people's lives have deteriorated. but now many are again filling hotels and give phase offering the summer of are to stick is then we still have you'll have these artistic concepts even if only a few entertain the people of the besieged gaza strip. and therefore, they reflect the side that is full of love of life and peace and joy that characterizes the people of gaza. and despite all the tragedies that are exposed to
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the despite being home to some of the world's oldest musical traditions, like the depth, eric folk dance, palestinian musicians from classical to wrappers has struggled for years to have their voices heard. beyond this strip. ah, bill b. c. holds a degree in multimedia, but chose a career in music, his refining his talent for singing, and has learned to play the piano guitar and would for now his singing is welcome relief for many here in god's done i isn't that we like to attend such musical events because they bring us joy and relaxation despite all the wars we've lived in and all the problems that we live with. we still deserve to be happy and enjoy life . you to travel
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restrictions. b. c has been unable to take part in several international music festival, but he's now performing at weddings and birthday parties in local hotels. and it's hoping to one day go on to her approach. and roughly because i'm on the i said i was accepted and several famous single competitions, but i never made it to the auditions because of the blockade and the closure of the crossing which prevented me from making my dreams. come through the mob. beyond your ta patel has come to see artistic evening as any kind of make lifeline people . you guys are trying to get their mind. got their daily struggle through some of the big news, the cook summer event. but if the really every aspect of life here, there is always to be afraid to join the l g. b, god's police in peru have rated the offices of president federal s t is rooting.
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policy offices have been investigating the campaign. finances of the left wing pedo libra a. the re became a day off the castillo, as capital was approved by congress, that dominated by right wing parties for more than 6 decades. since cold war rivalries fuel the space race between the 2 superpowers, the u. s. and soviet union will, these days space is open up and is much less ideological. more than 70 countries now have space programs and increasingly private companies are doing a lot of the heavy lifting for re challenge reports from cornwall. in a modest hanger on the scruffy edge of a regional u. k. airport lies a new chapter in space. exploration. this is virgin orbit launch, a one, a rocket deployed from a plane that will take satellites to space and space for cornwall. the new key airport expects this to happen for the 1st time. next june. getting here hasn't
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been easy. it's been a long journey. lots of up and down. we've had funding issues. we've had breakfast, we've had changes in administration. we've had a panoramic. we've had this airport almost having to be shot because of the pandemic. we've had a lot of challenges, but we've overcome all of them to get to the point where we're so close to launch. for the 1st of these virgin o bit will use space for cornwall as little more than a runway to take off from that construction is underway to build a facility for loading the satellites. next will be a hanger for the specialized plane. even when this is all finished, that would actually be that much more to see here. certainly nothing to rival the kennedy space center in florida, the united states. but that small footprint is a defining feature of new spaces the inside as call it nasa the giant is stepping aside. small project conscious commercial operators are a big part of the future. the u. k is trying to position itself as one of the main players in commercial space flight. the government's considering license
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applications from several contenders. besides spaceport como, they include space hub sutherland, a vertical rocket launch site on the northern tip of scotland. the shetland space center on the fish on an events and spaceports know donia in wales the past decade or so. as soon as the explosion in the desire to have access to space. and that means that having launch access, having the ability to actually support launches is a very potentially lucrative endeavor for any country to be taking parted, to have a space sought in the u. k. does make a lot of sense because we want to be a part of the streaming space sector. there are other motivations breaks it. britain wants to beat the you and become the 1st european country to launch a space rocket from its own soil on the continent. although the coming commercial space era will be much less geopolitical than the 1st space race, last century, international rivalries do still feature rory talents out as era combo fill ahead
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and i'll just verify flies put on an epic display in central mexico. find out why they're on the threat. and in sport mag, that's the pan wins the belgian grand free without raising a single laugh will tell you why shortly. ah! one of the last remaining ancient forests and se asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive. ah, we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through extreme condition together and transport the dangerous but precious cargo risk and get all borneo on al jazeera when the news breaks on wednesday,
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it was the 8th largest fire in california history. when people need to be home and the people who are writing people even know what, i am with exclusive interviews and so forth. the teams on the ground with intensifying rain. people here appear that these are temporary solutions to bring. you move toward winning documentaries and lies need oh a we'll come back down to 2 months a year, tens of thousands of visitors, flocks of the forests of skyline, central mexico,
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where fire flies put on epic display. but the visitors and the tourism industry might be putting the luminous bugs on the threat. john holman, explains a symphony of light in the force of plus gala central mexico. these 5 flies pulse and cease in unison. great group participating in a joint courtship ritual that coordinated displays. what makes this species 14 as plus your c special. and in the last few years, they've had never increasing audience. this is a present for guy l from his girlfriend, erica. they've come all the way from france. they thought it was a nice idea for his where they already did a lady a different it was a surprise into today. so i'm here for the state authorities say the number of visitors to see the 5 flies doubled in the 6 years before the pandemic level. and that's cool. so celebration,
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but also worry for scientists like carlos called darrell phill as almost have it in a moment or element that critical. this was me. we're going to see them in a critical moment in their lives. and we disturbed that we disturbed the relationship between them and therefore their reproduction in torchlight phones spoke. distract them sound too if tour is straight from the path, they can also tremble the females who can't fly. the concern is that if tourism operators here don't take care, they might lose what attracts their clients. in the 1st place. we had an up to see the fall flies right now, right? you were quite smooth to group. and each tour operator has a number of people that they're allowed to take up to see the fireflies each night we're being told is that the problem can be, is that to operate, to sometimes exceed that number or people that haven't got a license to just take people up anyway and class design tools.
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it's a problem in a region with a lot of economic necessity. no need to months a year to make money from the luminous b 2. but many are aware am regulating themselves in quantum lucas in columbus like i like in a lot of the education we give to people is about what not to bring repellant white clothing to be silent for a waiver to begin. let's just begun. hopefully go. i'm paying recycling local materials to reduce the environmental impact with mass song they are listening to these platforms are from an industrial part of tuscola. there is would not only for the platform, but also for the bed basis. we use this wood that was in place for these quite rustic tape and all the while he's trying to reuse would others chopping down trees all over the forest? it's perhaps the biggest threat for the fireflies logging which squeezes their living space. the now every june to august,
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the visual symphony continues. the challenge for the future is to keep the lights from going out. john holman out, is it a plus gala mexico? alright, let's catch up on all the sports news now with lia think sent me the much anticipated debut of little matthew for paris in german. it'll have to wait a little longer than expected. that's because the argent time has started sundays match against dream on the bench fellow superstar name or is making his 1st appearance though for p. s g. this season. manchester united have broken the premier league record for consecutive away games without losing, and they mainly have their goal keeper to think for surviving against wolverhampton, david, to have with us sensational save midway through the 2nd half united found a winner and atheist minutes, courtesy of mason. greenwood, one mill, the final score and the premier league, tottenham have gone top of the table after winning their 3rd straight match to start the season 1st. got the points. thanks this on when men just before halftime,
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tottenham is the only team with 100 percent winning record so far this campaign. that doesn't mean anything at all. doesn't mean anything. honestly and i invite everybody, not only the players, but our fence to dance won't pay attention to that. don't pay attention that let's keep on working. if you have a long way and want to see aspects to improve on in formula one rain. so belgian gram pre ended with max per stop and awarded victory without a single lack of raising. the rates was initially suspended while drivers were making their way to the starting grid. more than 3 hours later, the restart lasted just for left behind the safety car because the dangerous conditions have points were awarded with george russell earning his 1st f, one podium, and louis hamilton taking 3rd. his championship lead has been cut to just 3 point that they knew when they sent us out at the end there that the track wasn't any better. and they did it just so that we could start to lapse behind the safety car, which is the minimum requirement for re i really hope the fans get their money back
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today. in moto g p 6 time world champion, mark mark has crashed out of the british from pre on opening lap. yamaha fabio cards are r o grabbed victory. the frenchman, extending his championship, lead with a 5th victory of the season. figured alex friends was 2nd ahead of compatriot alley sh, as thought a guttural formal world number one. andy murray believes tennis players have a responsibility to be vaccinated against corporate 19 murray has been vaccinated and to himself on like almost half of the men and women on tour as poor as per the rules at this week's u. s. open players and members of their teams do not need to get the job. ultimately the, i guess the reason why all of us getting vaccinated is to look out for, you know, the wider the wider public. and you know, we have a responsibility, you know, as players are traveling across the world to yet to look out for everyone else as
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well. so i'm happy that i'm fascinated and i'm hoping that more players choose to choose to have it in the the coming month to afghan athletes have arrived in tokyo . a mean to compete at the games. taekwondo athlete. zach? yeah. with the idea and track runner has saying that i solely left afghanistan last week and spent a week training in paris before flying to japan. having the athletes here isn't, isn't about getting media coverage. this is about these athletes selling night dream of being able to attend the paralympic games. and because human life is the most important thing and the well being a mental health of the athletes is, is our top priority. the athletes will be doing no media during these games and we finish with some sad news. former ios, the president jack rog has died at the age of 79. the belgian became the 8th president of the international limpid committee and 2001 serving until 2013 a former orthopedic surgeon rog competed in sailing the olympics in 6872 and 76.
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all right, hands back over to sammy. thank you so much, fair. well, i'd say for this news down the back in a moment doesn't stay with us. the news news, news, news blue say small 6 columns, so each city centers around britain is lockdown. the lucid people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come an ongoing nightmare for the environment. this video shows stuff at a wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded later. it's a face mask made of plastic. now
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a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable mosse didn't realize they were using single use prospects, researches at university college, london. so if every person in the u. k. used one despite almost every day for a year, it would create $124000.00 tons of waste, half of which would be on recyclable factory. they're trying to provide an alternative financial borrow coaching like other such mosques can be washed and reuse. the design that we've come up with, ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like facebook to the parts of many people's lives, at least in the short term, whatever, calling the way they're being urged to consider where it comes from, and where it'll end up. talk to al jazeera, we can what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories
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that matter on sera did you know, you can watch out for english, streaming light, and i do 2 channels. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. and you get to choose a subscribe to. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, us confirms it targeted isis. k fighters planning another attack on cobble airport . this is evacuation. if it's dark to wind down, we'll have an exclusive report from the airport. taliban fighters are ready to move in and take control. ah hello i my.


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