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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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but the stories that sera did, you know, you can watch out for english streaming live, and i get 2 channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary. and you get to choose, subscribe to. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, us confirms it targeted isaac k fighters planning another attack on cobble airport . this is evacuation. if it's dark to wind down, we'll have an exclusive report from the airport. taliban fighters are ready to move in and take control. ah, hello i mariam demising in london. you're watching al jazeera,
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also coming up on the program. seeking century in pakistan, displaced afghans arrive on foot, hoping for better life. and in the united states, hearken item makes land full south of new orleans the strongest storm to hit louisiana. since hurricane katrina. ah. welcome to a program, our top story, us forces of launched a drone strike in the afghan capital kabul targeting suicide bombers. they say we're planning to attack the cities airport. the u. s. it early a warned a further attacks, as the withdrawal of its forces from afghanistan enters the final stages. now, there are carnie reports that for children are among 6 civilians killed on thursday, a suicide bombing at the airport killed at least 175 people. and those casualties
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included men, women, and children. algae, there is child stratford joined. this live now from the afghan capital confirmation from washington. then the vehicle was targeted, but any more information about who was inside vertical information from this side this afternoon, i suppose about mid afternoon. we additionally got reports of what was then described in the local media here as a rocket attack on a building outside the perimeter fence of the airport. on the north side of the airport, we made a few calls, 2 contacts in that area. and they said that a rocket attack had happened and there had been a number of civilian casualties. we have heard nothing from the taliban to that effect. it was in a few hours, i suppose a couple of hours later that we got that statement made by sent. com saying that the u. s. had launched a drone strike against the vehicle,
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saying that there had been a number of suicide bombers intent on launching an attack on the apple that had been hate. they described multiple explosions, suggesting that there were also be more than one suicide bomb i inside the vehicle . but what's interesting is to say that whereas yesterday we pretty much got an immediate statement from italy by condemning that drug strike yesterday that killed what was described as to high priority target members of ice. ok by the americans. the top of, i'm a very unhappy with that saying that the americans should have basically been in contact with them and told them that that strike was going to be launched. what is clear though, is that the situation here is increasingly change the closer we get to this scheduled end to this huge evacuation operation and seemingly that's all of on all,
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on their own, at least unable to deal with the kind of security threats that, that have been made apparent, most horrific li by that attack on thursday that killed 110 people including 13 americans. so yeah, in terms of exactly what's going on the south noon, still things remain unclear. but certainly while intensive purposes, the americans very much it very important. obviously for the taliban to, to keep this ice will threat bay as we go into what the next 48 hours or so when they say evacuation campaign or sorry, operation is due to end. exactly. august 31st is engine close. there isn't it? and that will be the final withdrawal of us troops. but what's happening with the evacuation efforts given this increasing the vala tile situation around the airport . we understand that evacuation efforts was suspended today.
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certainly we have heard far less planes taking off from the airport. it's interesting, now i can hear what we presume is a nato to jet, circling above. that usually suggests intelligence gathering eyes on the ground as to say, image, this ongoing security threat. but the evacuations have slowed down very much. we understand the talk about of their security and a very nervous about allowing people close to the board. but of course there are many people reported that have the requisite, the necessary documents that would allow them to board a plane and not being allowed through. and that was the case, this our apologies, that shall strap reporting to me afghan capital campbell of tear the us drone strikes in combo following the they say specific and credible threats of another
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attack in the capital. the president joe biden saying that another attack by ice ok was very likely next 24 to 36. i want to get a bit more detail on that now because us actually say, anthony blink and maintains that the u. s. will continue to have the ability to attack targets in afghanistan, even without soldiers on the ground. we have the capacity around the world, including an afghan stand, to take, to find and to take strikes against terrorists who, who want to do us harm. and as you know, in country after country including places like like yemen, like somalia, large parts of syria, lydia places where we don't have boots on the ground on any kind of ongoing basis. now, we have the capacity to go after people who are trying to do us harm will retain that capacity and f canister. or in addition to pulling out troops, the us is also withdrawing all diplomatic staff from afghanistan. so let's be to
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rope reynolds. he's monitoring all these developments from washington and world festival. what is the pentagon saying about the drug strike? well, maria, the us central command, which oversees that part of the world, including afghanistan, issued a fairly short statement several hours ago saying that there was a strike by an unmanned aircraft from over the horizon. that means a drone on a vehicle near the cobble airport. the report, the statement said that there were secondary explosions after the drone hit. that means that they said there were considerable amounts of explosive material or bombs in the truck itself. so they also say that this was a eiffel k mission. and that the, the drone of missile did hit its target and eliminated what they termed an imminent
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threat. there was no word of casualties civilian casualties that is in the cent come a brief statement that doesn't quite jive with what people like, charles stratford on the ground or seeing or hearing. but there will be some kind of follow up report said com says about whether or not there are any civilian casualties in this naturally very, very densely packed area around the airport in cobble. now, earlier today, there was a reminder of the, the severe costs of the afghanistan military operations than what they've cost the united states as president joe biden. and 1st lady jill button stood with their hands over their hearts in silence as one by one. the flag draped caskets of 13 us service members killed in that suicide bombing last week were brought off
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a military truck transport plane and placed in in v calls for for transfer. it was a solemn and silent ceremony. the president did not speak, nor did any of the other dignitaries present. the president spoke off camera to some of the family members of those who were killed. and it's interesting and sad to note mario, that 5 of these service members were just 20 years old. when they were killed, so they were babies at the time of the 1st boots on the ground from the us into afghanistan after the september 11th attacks. and it was their fate to be among the last us casualties in america's longest war. thank you very much. thank you from the washington, dc. little related for randolph. well,
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as american forces draw down, a taliban is taking control of more areas in around campbell airport. u. s. military across continues or land as the final evacuations take place. just meters from taliban fighters. charlotte balice reports now from cobble airport. the telephone has taken over. the fight is drive us, made humvees laden with us, made weapons around the last us military installation. in afghanistan, they look and acts like former afghan government soldiers, the white flag, the only indication this is the telephone. it has been 20 years since the telephone controlled, cobble a port fighters into the capital 2 weeks ago, and quickly encircled it. the armed group had an agreement with the us, that it would remain outside and secure the perimeter until evacuations came to an end. now, with only 2 days to go,
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the u. s. footprint is shrinking. when did you get hold of this area? to have 2 hours ago? yes, we can do i'm going to come in. so they've evacuations. clutching the us, made in full rifles of commandeered taliban fighters, watch is merican troops moved inside the perimeter, destroy equipment and bus in evacuation behind that door is america the me to come and told him and you tell him and they are. and this watched how also the so it is me to go. this is old time the problem. know you're all due to the sizes counts, the number of c 17 across departing from the end of the runway. itala bon secured
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the commercial side of the a port almost 2 weeks ago, but only pushed into military areas on friday nights. the version of special forces, known as the battery, 313, and victorious strike force are in charge of security. we are not here to protect americans. we are here to prevent the looting of this place in the military equipment. the promises we made in the her, we are standing by them. part of the cell phone. please telephone officials a walking from the neighboring ministry of interior a compound they now control as the us evacuated, the telephone is taking control of more areas inside the airport. they say they are very happy, but they wouldn't express that on camera because they say, i'm a woman and not traced appropriately. in state, they discussed among themselves how to secure the area and survey the territory they now controlled well killed,
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shall we have been in war for 20 years and we believe one day we would get up going to stand back. these foreign forces who came to have gone to star, could not stop us from getting our country back. the how did you go patiently, they wait for the last american plane to take off during the after 3 days and with the permission of our commanders, we will push fully inside the airport. after 20 years, thousands of people killed and billions of dollars spent. the us is leaving a scanner stone. these are the final hours of america's longest charlotte, dennis al jazeera to boot, watching out their life from london. phil ad on the program, we're going to take a closer look at the challenges faced by african refugees who've arrived here in the u. k. also coming out cape canaveral it isn't, but that is part of the point. i'm re challenge in comb will and coming up i'll be
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explaining why this small sites is one of a number in the u. k. trying to be to big players in the commercial space market. ah, ah. hello there, it's still a conflicting picture weatherwise across europe. we've got high pressure holding on in the west, and that's keeping things warm and dry. but in the east that slow moving low pressure is hanging in there and that's bringing the wet and windier conditions. so on monday we've got lots of rain across the central areas, pushing out to the east. heavy falls for germany, for poland, austria as well as for switzerland. and as we go into tuesday, it's going to be ukraine barriers and the baltic states that see some of those heavy falls as well as west and parts of russia. now further north of this,
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it is looking a lot fina and dryer for much of scandinavia, with some sunshine breaking through there. and for the british isles. it is also looking rather fine and dry, but a cloud cover, but the sunshine will break through. now, by the south of this, we are seeing some pretty heavy rain across the iberian peninsula for the east of spain and thunderstorms on schedule for barcelona become choose day. it does care up slightly and the temperature will pick up across the southern parts of italy and in the north, we are seen quite a bit of rain kick in. the heat is still there. so some of the story for greece, athens sitting at $32.00 degrees celsius and there's going to be more where warm weather come, that's your update. the news that the light and they said from history kept alive only in the family tails of those is to buy, had to believe people who didn't seem to these damaging story of the polish women
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and children who endured the siberian refuge in africa. never to return again. an epic or to see billions memory is our homeland unknown error. oh, i welcome back our main story. now. you are the forces of launched a drug strike in the afghan capital cobble targeting suicide bombers based a plan to attack the fifty's airport. there are reports coming in that for children are among 6 civilians who's been killed and us. president joe biden has taken part
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in the ceremony to bring home the bodies of service personnel killed in campbell. they were among the 175 people killed by suicide bombers at the cities at port on de well, afghans who missed evacuation flight there at campbell airport to be encouraged by the west to try and leave through land borders. the authorities in a bring pocket st on a deny media report unprecedented numbers entering via spin, bolduc and toll come. some of angelina has worn out from tar, comes every day, thousands of guns in by just on these cross the border here. it's been boulder since the taliban stake over upon the sun. their numbers have increased significantly. among them are members of the has our ethnic group from central atlanta. and they told us there at the time of trying to find flight of like a son to other countries. while there's a seeking refuge with families in the city of quarter. the for the north people
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appealed to officials at the door home crossing to be allowed through some desperately want to be united with family members. or there's a seeking medical care focused on says only those with valid passports and visas that are allowed to cross the taliban. says it's not blocking people from leaving that have guns must have the correct paperwork and officials at the border acknowledge people are suffering economic hardship and have gone is done, but things will get better over time. the 2nd there is it's all about inflation at the door from crossing. he says the countries, new rulers have restored peace and did lawlessness. but between professions like engineers and dr. leaving many are convinced where he's at the border to greet his families, returning from the sun. he also wants to go to the united states. no one can have to. i need the damn thing because every one has has the expedient. the 31 go to my previous year before. no,
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no one can. no one can. i also really don't testimony. the united nation fears up to half a 1000000 people could leave a gun on in the next few days and be the box on the officials on this side of the board to say that they're already hosting millions of africans and further in flux . but further post challenges, not just for aid, for security as well. there are 222-5000 people who cross every day anyways, and many without documentation which is something focused on has been agitating against as asked again and again for the international community to help men the border after the gun army withered away with all of us to go over without much resistance and has made promises of peace and forgiveness. next test is to convince people to stay under its rule, because i'm a majority down to the door from border crossing. the u. k is completed, it's evacuation is bringing back its troops. this marks the end of nearly 20 years
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of british military present. and he mama reports now from fall from the heathrow airport, where some afghans evacuated to the u. k. a. now in quarantine. one of the hotels near heathrow airport where new newly arrived off guns are encouraged seen under the cover 19 roads for the time being largely they are being supported by the efforts of the general public can of volunteers. we've been at a center not far away where they have been inundated with donations of things like clothes, nappies for babies, toiletries and some 3 products. really the essential is that have been brought to these guns who are not allowed out. so they know that they are being supported by, by local efforts, but what they don't know is exactly where they're going to go off to vis. it's up to local authorities and the home office to coordinate to find accommodation for
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these people. now, in the 1st instance, they are going to be going to try to house them in existing counsel accommodation, but many local councils are in england at least a saying that they don't think they have got enough money. now hearken, einer is made landfall along the gulf coast as a powerful category for storm. as hundreds of thousands of people in the u. s. shelter authorities are warning of extremely dangerous storm, such a catastrophic winds, predicted to be the strongest. hark and hit the region since 18. 50 storm is threatening all in 16 years to the day since it was devastated by hurricane katrina, killing more than 1800 people. festival is my 1st now in new orleans, and what's it like there fell now that hearken ida has come ashore in a word mariam windy, very windy at the moment. i mean we are not even in the the heart of the storm here
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in new orleans yet. we're still a few hours away from it, and already the wind is strong, the rain is coming down an absolute shape. i mean, there is not a soul around here. ready? this is the french course. have your lean so this is normally party central or we can, you will not be able to move the people who are out enjoying themselves. right now . you see the occasional cause, the police have moving people on. we've seen a few people. i mean, a woman just walk past looking like she didn't have a car in the world, but even wearing a jacket. but she's in the minority because most people are hungry down inside. they know how dangerous this storm is. i mean, it's been declared an emergency at a state level. president biden declared his emergency in advance, so they could give it some extra funds because they knew it was going to be bad. and it's been described as a life altering storm which is code to say, this could kill you if you do not take the proper precaution. ida has made land fortune a lot for about 90 minutes ago, maybe 2 hours ago, and poor fish on which is at
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a south of louisiana. it's about 160 kilometers south of north. you have new orleans. she's now steadily making how i know she is going to pass a number of oil rigs and not as a big problem because infrastructure is a huge issue here. there are 17 oil refineries which supply some of a 5th of this country's oil. you've also got the to export terminals which supply more than 50 percent of the 55 percent of the u. s. is external supply. i'm there are 2 nuclear plants. there is one new new orleans is one in baton rouge or near baton rouge. obviously they're going to be very well protected by the nature of what they are, what you are dealing with elements say, i mean this is hugely powerful stuff. this is unpredictable. and so there is a lot of concern of what that could mean if they are hit hard by this hurricane. no, she is passing or she's due to pass to the west of new orleans that is different from katrina. katrina passed around the 8th, but it's actually worse because when either passes around the west,
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it means that you will, leads will be to the east of the store. those the, some winds are the ones. if you've got a choice, you do not want to be on that they are strong sale for roses. they are extremely, extremely powerful. the good news if you could call is out, is either is now a category for her and she hadn't been expected to be category 5. but she, she was caught before which you made love full. and it's not expected that she will gain strength because typically harkins lose strength when they reach land. but here in new orleans itself, there is this voluntary evacuation evacuation process. the feeling is that the city, the metropolitan area is going to be okay. yes. it's going to be wet. yes, there will be flooding, but it wouldn't be anywhere near the state that we saw with our katrina when we saw a huge storm. so just because they were invested so much money over the years, strengthening them to make sure that that never happens again. the thing is, this area will be ok, but if the areas outside those flood defenses, they could be a real mess. thank you, phil about a new orleans as hard can either make landfall that old cross development,
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but also will bring you some the right. so the yemen. susie rebels of attack, the country's largest air base in the south with drones and missiles, at least 30 soldiers were killed at the non military base in large province. so the air base is used by saudi. you eat back. yeah. many government forces or 60 people were injured and some of being taken to hospitals in aiden. 5 of an explosion happened at the military base. it was 1st to myself, hit the barracks, and there were more than 50 people inside. after 20 minutes, a 3rd massage, hit the base. and then around 20 more minutes later, drones came, but we were able to put one down. many people were killed and injured. were yemen
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is received at the 1st batch of johnson and johnson's cove in 1900 vaccines, of 151000 doses. arrived at the 8th and airport through the global kovak scheme. yelman's expected to receive a total of more than half a 1000000 jobs from the u. s. more than $1400.00 yemenis have died of the virus so far. and then 6 years of civil war is that the countries, hospitals, and health care facilities in ruins. australia's current, a virus outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down. cases started to rise in the middle of june and the country has now reported $1300.00 daily infections at the new records. the panoramic began more than half of australia has been under locked down for weeks at the largest cities struggle to control the delta variance of the virus. australia is now in a race to vaccinate his population and it's aiming to have 80 percent of its people inoculated by the middle of november. meanwhile, new zealand karone of ours outbreak is continuing to grow as well. with another 83
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new cases reported there on sunday. the number of infections now stands at 511 with 2 people in critical condition. the entire country is in lockdown until tuesday. new sealants, largest city, oakland is the epi center of the outbreak, and we'll stay locked down for an extra 2 weeks. and to last week, the country hadn't reported any local transmission of covered 19 for nearly 6 months. now it's been more than 6 decades since colewell rivalries filled a space race between the 2 superpowers, the u. s. and the soviet union. now more than 70 countries have space programs. and increasingly private companies are also doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this. no european countries yet to put anything into space from home. so soil. next year the u. k. intends to be the 1st, where we challenge reports from cornwall in a modest hanger on the scruffy edge of a regional u. k. airport lies
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a new chapter in space. exploration. this is virgin orbit launch, a one, a rocket deployed from a plane that will take satellites to space and space for cornwall. the new key airport expects this to happen for the 1st time. next june. getting here hasn't been easy. it's been a long journey. lots of up and down. we've had funding issues. we had breakfast, we've had changes in administration. we've had a pandemic. we've had this airport almost having to be shot because of the panoramic. we've had a lot of challenges, but we've overcome all of them to get to the point where we're so close to launch. for the 1st of these virgin a little bit will use spaceport cornwall as little more than a runway to take off from that construction is under way to build a facility for loading the satellites. next will be a hanger for the specialized plane. even when this is all finished, i would actually be that much more to see here. certainly nothing to rival the kennedy space center in florida, the united states. but that small footprint is
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a defining feature of new spaces the inside as call it nasa the old giant is stepping aside. small project conscious commercial operators are a big part of the future. the u. k is trying to position itself as one of the main players in commercial space flights. the government's considering license applications from several contenders. besides spaceport comb will they include space hub sutherland, a vertical rocket launch site on the northern tip of scotland. the shetland space center on the scottish island of ernst and spaceport snow donia in wales. the past decade also is fairness explosion in the desire to have access to space. and that means that having launch access, having the ability to actually support launches is a very potentially lucrative endeavour for any country to be taking parted. to have a state sought in the u. k. does make a lot of sense because we want to be a part of the streaming space sector. there are other motivations. breakfast
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britain wants to be the hugh and become the 1st european country to launch a space rocket from its own soil on the continents. although the coming commercial space era will be much less geopolitical than the 1st space race, last century, international rivalries do still feature. reach helen's out as era combo and get neat. has all the stories we're covering on our website out there a dot com plenty of commented analysis there, especially on the current situation in afghanistan on that a few seconds. ah . now us was of launched a drone strike in compo targeting suicide bombings. they say plan to attack the cities airport. the u. s. had been warning that more attacks could be imminent, as it forces and to the final stages of that withdrawal from afghanistan. their reports that children are among 6 civilians killed on thursday,
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a suicide bombing at the airport killed at least 175 people that included women and children in those casualties.


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