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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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then 200000000 cases of covered 19 worldwide government backing to fight fresh wave of the virus. a new barrier that had been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from the human coast to political and economic pool out. i'll just bring to the latest on the pandemic. this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to democracy. special coverage on algebra lose . this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm mariam demising. welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the us can funds it targeted ice. okay. fighters planning. another attack on cobble
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airport is evacuation. if it start to wind down, we'll have an exclusive report from the airport. i taliban fighters say that ready to move in and take control in the united states. how can i to make full south of new orleans the strongest? don't res addison. hurricane katrina. k can i wrote it isn't, but that is part of the point my memory challenges in comb will and coming up i'll be explaining why the small side is one of a number in the u. k. trying to be the big players in the commercial space market. and i'm, we're harding and dough. how with sports, the much anticipated debut of lin messy for ph. p. s g has finally happened. the origin time legend coming off the bench on sunday night. we'll have more on his 1st match later in the news. our ah hello to program. our top story, us forces of launched
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a drone strike in the afghan capital combo targeting suicide bombers. they say we're planning to attack the fifty's airport. the u. s. it early a warned to further attacks as the withdrawal of its forces from afghanistan and to the final stages of our reports that children are among 6 civilians who been killed of course follows a suicide bombing on thursday at campbell airport. 175 people again including children, were killed in that attack. while there was at charles stratford has more now from campbell. it was late afternoon where we began to get reports of what then was been described as a rocket attack on a building north of the airport just beyond the the perimeter. some photographs have been released since and it shows what seems to be a vehicle that is as being hit close to that house by the side of that
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house. we heard that there were casualties as well. it was about an hour and a half later were sent. come put out a statement saying that the u. s. military had launched a drone strike against what is described as a vehicle carrying suicide bombers intent on carrying out an attack on the airport . that is what we know so far interesting. there has been no comment from the taliban. and they were very keen to comment on the back of the 1st drone strike we saw yesterday, which kills to what was described as high priority targets to i saw members now it's all about came out and say they were unhappy because they had not been consulted by the americans before that strike, we've heard nothing from the taliban about what the us military says was, was the strong strike the south. so things are still on clear. what's important to recognize is that this evacuation operation of the 2 weeks is winding down very,
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very dramatically. we've heard very few planes taking off this afternoon from the airport. we know that there are still many people we understand who want to do get on planes and leave afghanistan. we spoke to a group of people on the buses this morning that were intent on getting there. that said that they had all the requisite papers, the passport, some sort of official documentation or, or a visa, or official invitation or a visa they made. they tried to get into the apple but, but were turned back, we understand by taliban security. so i am now joined by a camera bahati, the director of analytical development at the new lines institute for strategy and policy joins is from virginia. so the united states retains the ability to carry out drone strikes and afghan dawn after this to withdraw. as it does in other countries, the secretary state was emphasizing that point to day. but to what extent has
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withdraw complicated their ability to identify a strong resurgence of ice. ok, and parts i've got is done, particularly when they don't, they might not have the benefit of intelligence gathering that comes from that physical presence. yes, that does become a challenge, especially as the state that or the government, the, the ruling authority in cargo has collapsed. the united states was relying on that as a partner both in cobble and in the various regions throughout the country and the security partners, whether it was the national director of security, the intelligence service, or african national defense security forces. or, you know, other allied partners that already regional militias and whatnot. they're allied against the top one now that we're not being there. according to the u. s. deal with itala bon. it was the entire deal was about to call about making sure that
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their country will not be used by transactional charges to logic attacks against other countries. so now that in theory, that works, you know, if you'll just leave it to the taliban. but in reality, it doesn't because a, the taliban did not have an incentive to go after people on behalf of the united states. they lose credibility as i already did my piece for the wall street journal . second, that creates a dependency on the part of the united states on the taller bon to share intelligence. and then the question is, how reliable is that intelligence? and so the yes, there are many, many complications that the united states is just trying to sort through as we speak precisely what's happening now. low the americans already relying on the taliban to keep american life safe. just during the process of this withdrawal. and there is already that cooperation and intelligence or shang, particularly,
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perhaps after meeting with the cia direct it was reported to have been in campbell absolutely in that meeting was very critical. it comes at a great risk to mila brother who actually met the director burns. and because it's sort of pains him as an ally of the united states, you can't tell your foot soldiers and all the 10s of thousands and you know, the numbers are actually exceeding 100000 who fought for the taliban. during the insurgency. you can't tell all those people that we were fighting with the united states and now all of a sudden were allies. and so it's, it's, you know, it's the warping of their indiana logy. and so this is a real conundrum for the taliban to do this. and then of course, if the top one cannot maintain internal coherence in addition to their intent, which is, you know, unclear at best. and so what is the united states supposed to do in terms of that human aspect, the human intelligence aspect. mean we're good on the lent him single intelligence
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and satellite imagery, but we need eyes on the ground to augment these operations. so i think this is going to be a bit of a challenge. how is the taliban going to manage iso k would the commitment you mentioned that it made to the us in that deal to secure withdrawal of american troops? it would prevent afghanistan being used as a base groups like ice ok to operate freely. how are they going to balance that the those 2 factors? well, that's a great question, but i am, i am the. so here's the issue. i think that there will be those actors that the taliban want eliminated. and if the united states is doing it for then, then that works fine for that. i just depends upon how badly they want those to eliminated. are these high value targets? do they weaken isis k, you know, and where they are? i mean, there are a lot of foreign fighters who are, can't be easily distinguished. are they taught on, or the isis k, or the connie,
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or the a q or the other. you know, you, how does from other countries in central asia and the russian federation. wiggers for example. so these, this is going to become a complicated battlespace. it already is in many ways. and therefore the taliban cannot be trusted to sort of be ready to provide intelligence when the united states needs. if, if the united states see something going on electronically, then, you know, i don't think it's good. we're going to have to rely on that. all of them say to play ball. and i don't think they'll play ball because they can't go too far in this direction. so they'll be probably be behaving like the pocket bunny state has over the years. were drawn strikes were, you know, facilitated from pocket money soil and there was sort of like, ok, you know, plausible deniability that, you know, there was the, the argument that all of our sovereignties being violated. but yet there was cooperation at the intelligence and military level. i think we're going to have
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that kind of a gray area in which the taller one are going to operate. but look, you know, this is a very terrible situation to be and thank you cameron hardy for joining us there from virginia as well as american forces drop down the taliban is taking control of more areas in around campbell at fort us military across, continue to land as the final evacuation take place, just meters from taliban fighters. charlotte balance reports now from campbell airports. the telephone has taken over. the fight is drive us, made humvees laden with us, made weapons around the last us military installation in afghanistan. they look and acts like former afghan government soldiers, the white flag, the only indication this is the telephone. it has been 20 years since the telephone controlled cobble in port fight is into the capital 2 weeks ago and
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quickly encircled it. the armed group had an agreement with the us, that it would remain outside and secure the perimeter until evacuations came to an end. now, with only 2 days to go, the u. s. footprint is shrinking. when did you get hold of this area? to have 2 hours ago. yes, we come here and we're going to come in. so they've evacuated. clutching the us, made in full rifles of commandeered tele bon fighters. watch is american troops move inside the perimeter, destroy equipment and bus in evacuation. behind that door is american. the me to come and told him and you tell him and they are and this watch how also the so it is me to go. this is all the
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know you're all due to the sizes counts, the number of c 17 across departing from the end of the runway. itala bon, secure the commercial side of the a port almost 2 weeks ago, but only pushed into military areas on friday nights. the version of special forces, known as the battery, 313, and victorious strike force are in charge of security. we are not here to protect americans. we are here to prevent looting of this place in the military equipment. the promises we made in the heart. we are standing by them. one of these taliban officials a walking from the neighboring ministry of interior compounds, they now control well, kill, shall we have been in war for 20 years. and we believe one day we would get up going to stand back. the foreign forces who came to a gun is done,
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could not stop us from getting our country back zika de, how did you go patiently. they wait for the last american plane to take off into the after 2 days and with the permission of our commanders, we will push fully inside the airport. after 20 years, thousands of people killed and billions of dollars schemes. the us is leaving afghanistan. these are the final hours of americans longest charlotte bellis o jazeera to well, i've got him. missy evacuation fights of being encouraged by western countries to try and leave through land borders. authorities, a neighboring pakistan are denying me the reports of unprecedented numbers entering via spin bo back and tar come. some have been job aid has worn out from tor come every day, thousands of guns and purchased on east cross the border here. it's been boulder
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since the taliban stake over upon the sun. their numbers have increased significantly. among them are members of the has our ethnic group from central of understand. they told out there that some of them are trying to find the flight of like a son to other countries. while it is seeking refuge with families in the city of quarter. the for the north people appealed to officials at the door home crossing to be allowed through some desperately want to be united with family members. as a seeking medical care focused on says only those with valid passports and visas that are allowed to cross. the taliban says it's not blocking people from leaving that have guns must have the correct paperwork of an official at the border. acknowledge people are suffering economic hardship and gun is done. but say things will get better over time. as you saw, the ticket there is it's all about inflation at the door from crossing. he says the country's new rulers have restored peace and ended lawlessness. but between
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professionals like engineers and doctors, leaving many are convinced where he's at the border to greet his families, returning from boston. he also wants to go to the united states. no one can. actually they are thing because everyone has has the experience that i did want to go to my previous 20 years before. so i know no one can no one can. i also have reason to be doing testimony. the united nation fears up to half a 1000000 people could leave a gun on in the next few days and be like sunny officials on this side of the board to say that they're already hosting millions of africans and further in flux. but further post challenges, not just for aid, for security as well. there are 222-5000 people who cross every day anyways, and many without documentation which is something focused on has been agitating against, as asked again and again for the international community to help men,
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the border after the army with the way it's all about to go over without much resistance and has made promises of peace and forgiveness. but the next test is to convince people to stay under its rule. so i'm a majority down to 0 dos on border crossing. well, harding lang as the vice president for programs and police for refugees international joins us from washington via skype. so can i start by asking you how the threat of another attack a combo airport past the fact that the, the true withdrawal deadline is now pretty much upon us. how that is going to affect the, the choke points, land borders for refugees. are we going to see you expecting to see a wave of refugees flooding those land borders in the country? thank you very much for having me. i think your question sort of goes to the heart of the matter that we're facing now from a humanitarian perspective. for, for some months now, many of us sort of the refugee rights community have been concerned about what we
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would see as the sort of tall one, marched north and surgical large chunks, a territory. what the implications would be for those afghans will be seeking safety. as we see the end of the us evacuation just let evacuation effort out of the airport and cobble it's just no surprise that we're seeing increasing numbers of people trying to make their way to the pakistani border to try to get across. we heard the same thing happening in the border in the wrong. in essence, this is the natural thing for folks to do in the challenges that the evacuation itself really only got the tip of the iceberg of afghans who will be feeling vulnerable or at risk under a telephone regime. so we absolutely anticipate that these numbers are going to increase in the short term and then growing over time. not only because of telephone repression potentially coming, but also because afghanistan is in the heart of a pre severe humanitarian crisis. we'll have to population needs, humanitarian assistance, and the ability of the nation to me to provide that assistance in these temporarily
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has had a major obstacle with the ease of avenue, the taliban control the country. can i ask where particularly in the country? obviously it's a vast country, many different provinces, and the humanitarian crisis is mounting. but is there any way that you're particularly concerned about right now? can you shed some more light on people's basic needs right now where particularly they might need assistance? sure, there are certain parts of the country where drought is a very, very real thing in levels of food and security are particularly challenging and difficult. the most immediate population. i would say that we're worried about are those who made their way to cobble sort of as the last bastion drive safe area before the capital fell to the taller bond. and so there are the numbers, you know, in the immediate weeks prior, we're numbering something out, 820000 understanding is that about 30000 of those who are gone home at the stage. so you're still dealing with about 90000 people, you know,
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maybe 100000 people who are shocked. so they had to leave their homes and they're not able to go back yet for they have something to fear from the telephone. now the most natural thing for those people to do is to try to make their way to the pocket on the border, the other job all about road. and so our sense of this is going to be the main place, the people are going. and one of the things that we've been pushing very hard for the national community of the un with us government. and that was really to see some sort of opening of a humanitarian corridor. now it's gonna require very careful negotiation between the us government, the pakistani government and the total of on to make that happen. i think the you and love an important role to play in it. but at the end of the day, we need to see some sort of free passage area where people who need to leave cobble and then the me surroundings can do so. and 6, safety and pakistan. and of course, focus on already over 2000000 african refugees. this we seen as does iran also has many refugees, so we've seen a crisis like this play out before. now how have you had any communication with the
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authorities in pakistan because they seem to be now denying reports of many thousands of african refugees passing through the the spin, spin bolduc and talk on board is sure enough, gone is done and pockets on how do you what do you, why do you think that's the case? so i think the, the officials are, does your policy and pocket on is in essence to have a border that's closed, except if you have the appropriate paperwork to get across your visa, et cetera. and most africans were trying to seek safety will be able to have access to those kind of papers. so, but it is, that's an insurance policy. defacto. there are a number of afghans who are getting through not in large numbers, probably needs to happen, but it's the beginning. and the pakistani authorities have had conversation sort of informally now for some time about the possibility of opening refugee camps very close to the pakistan. the african pakistani border and this will be the place that people will be channeled to. and while that may very well be sort of the 1st thing
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that needs to happen in terms of brian need assistance for people come across. we are going to be very strongly advocating for africans who make their way across to have some sense of freedom movement, access to baby basic services and basic rights. are things that are called for under the un refugee convention. but in addition that you asked me really does need to step up because pakistan is right. they've hosted the vast majority packets on ron host, you know, over 2000000 of the 2500000 or african refugees that are currently out there and pockets. i'm going to need a tremendous amount of assistance moving forward, not just with the immediate stages, but with longer term resettlement, and integration, and the resettlement. going to be a key thing. i think the pakistani government is looking very much to the united states and other western governments to see a commitment to resettle refugees who will be coming to pakistan and elsewhere. they want to see a number, right. we've been pushing quite, we've been pushing for a quite a big number of the us government. so i would like to see the us raise the refugee camp 200000. all those are not going to be afghans. we need to make
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a series commitment and show leadership so that pakistan feels as though it has it's sharing the responsibility with other countries. harding lang from refugees international. thank you. thank you for your time. with the news ally from london was still had on the program, the gift of giving an outpouring of support for a london charity helping african refugees who have recently arrived from campbell and informed me to one max's tap. and when's the belgian grown brain? without racing, a single laugh will find out one in sport ah, ark and ida is made land for along the gulf coast as a powerful category for storm and hundreds of thousands of people in the us take shelter. authorities, a warning of extremely dangerous storm surge and catastrophic wind predicted to be the strongest harkins, the region,
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1850 stories threatening new orleans some 16 years to the day since it was devastated by hearken. katrina, well either is already packing. wind speeds of more than 240 kilometers per hour, making it just 10 shy of the category. 5 storm in these types of harkins, high percentage of huns are destroyed, trees and power poles, a toppled with electricity blackouts. last thing for weeks, most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or perhaps months. the biggest concern is storm searches in 2005 hurricane katrina generated 6 meters just that decimated new orleans levy system to it caused it to fail, leaving 80 percent of the city under water. more than 1800 people died and millions of people were lifetime this. katrina cause a $100000000000.00 worth of damage. billions of dollars has since been spent to protect the region. new levies have now been built, but with rising sea level fuel by global warming, there is widespread concern about how stable that system is. and ida is the 1st
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major storm to put back to the test for level is life for us in new orleans. and i suppose this will be a major test of that new defense system, particularly off the devastation the area. so 16 years ago to the day yeah, absolutely, and you know, it's almost inevitable that how it's all going to be destroyed. the question is, how many i will not kind of know that until the storm is tough because believe it or not, the storm is not even here yet. i mean, it feels like it is quite high over this position. so you get a good vantage points are relatively safe and even still we've not been blown over a few times. now there are ground level, it is absolute chaos. i mean the water is coming down, the rate is coming down in sheets. the wind is so strong, it's knocking people off their feet. there is nobody on the roads in fact. and even the mississippi river, a one point to mississippi ref, mississippi river,
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the flow went in the other direction because the wind was wrong or the president violently speaking about this, he says that the country is going to be the hi, this is going to get you will leave to pick it up on the other, are going to get the full federal whatever is needed. there are $200.00 ambulances on the way that it's part of the world's millions of liters of water because it says the central supplies. and in the coming days will be needed. i would say we have to wait for the store to pop out to wait for it to arrive, but give it a couple of hours if it's going to go even worse. i mean, hurricane ida is only accounting before i think only because it could have been a category 5. as you said, just then it was very closely was expected. category 5. it hate lum. at it. as a catholic reform which is higher than katrina was when she 1st found that although katrina later became a category 5 store on it is being causing chaos across louisiana. we have so native warning in mississippi and alabama and in florida. now here in new orleans, those flood defense is all much stronger than they were 16 years ago. the good
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trina, there was this feeling that that must never ever happen again. so they spent $15000000.00 in strengthening those levies. and we are told at least the whole case from the authorities, but they will be able to hold up. they will be some flooding. of course the so i just can't be you can't stop them. but he wouldn't speak to the extent with katrina where we saw 80 percent of new orleans underwater. that's why in central new orleans, it is only a voluntary evacuation in the lower lying areas. places that don't have that levy protection. it is a mandatory evacuation, or the people have been told you must leave. this is a life altering, still not how the call to get life altering which basically means they didn't leave . you are a risk of death, but lots of people have decided to say regardless, citing because quite simply they don't have the financial means to leave. they don't know where to go. or they don't want to go to the occupation centers, because the evacuation senses are going to be by nature, lots of people indoors in a confined space. and louisiana, in particular,
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is one of the worst places in this country. at the moment. with regard to the coven vaccination rate of only around 40 percent hospitalization rates. and i see use all through the roof. so when people don't want to put themselves in a situation, they can help it, where they have to go to a place where they're going to be surrounded, potentially opening themselves up to infection. and then the people who just don't want to leave homes, you know, they spent a year rebuilding them getting them back up up the hurricane laura. exactly a year ago. hurricanes eat up. and they also frightened of luther, which was a big problem with katrina. the issue ways, but you get one or 1.2 meters of water in your home. that's a problem. got 2.73 meters of water, which is what they're expecting. that is an entire floor so much. so then you have to go up to the next floor, but only if you have enough says if you live in a single level home as lots of these people do, the only place you can go to is the route. so we are expecting to see some things like we saw katrina where people have no option to go on to the roof and wait for
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the restroom on the pharmacy. so that's for the 1st 72 hours you are on your own. the really difficult situation that thank you from new orleans for lavelle. meanwhile, hearken nor has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves its way out mexico's pacific coast. but torrential rains and heavy winds of course, flooding fell trees and damage roads and power lines in several states, or may land for a category one hurricane on saturday. last week hearken, grace killed 8 people. after it hits their crews. was more sled for you on this news out from london, mexican light display put on by mother nature. could these fire flies be a victim of their own success? and in manchester, united primarily records a consecutive away game without losing ah
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hello there. it's still a conflicting picture weatherwise across europe. we've got high pressure holding on in the west, and that's keeping things warm and dry. but in the east that slow moving low pressure is hanging in there and that's bringing the wet and windier conditions. so on monday we've got lots of rain across the central areas, pushing out to the east. heavy falls for germany, for poland, austria as well as for switzerland. and as we go into tuesday, it's going to be ukraine bellows. and the baltic states that see some of those heavy falls as well as western parts of russia. now, further north of this, it is looking a lot fina and dryer for much of scandinavia, with some sunshine breaking through there. and for the british isles, it is also looking rather fine and dry, but a cloud cover, but the sunshine will break through. now further south of this, we are seeing some pretty heavy rain across the iberian peninsula for the east of
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spain and found the storms on schedule for barcelona become choose day. it does clear up slightly and the temperature will pick up across the southern parts of italy. and in the north, we are seen quite a bit of rain kick in, but the heat is still there because of the story for greece. athens sitting at $32.00 degrees celsius and there's going to be more wet, warm weather come, that's your update. the in ledger yes, lived, the beach or the use of the ball is one of you with you, right? i do not know any of the joint that is followed in that you are like football. my nigeria is manager is development manager. it's excellent. big is my niger my, my dear on i'll do there. ah,
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most people will never know what's beyond these don't the deafening so.


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