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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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i think i do all of that america for most of my career, but mil country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why i i'm money inside and with yourself. stories on al jazeera, us forces have launched a drone strike off chemist on capital kabul targeting would be suicide bombers. they say plan to attack the airport. according to some media reports, non members of one family, including 6 children, are among the dead. the us central command has responded to those media reports. gabriel alexander has more on this the sent come spokesperson saying that they are
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investigating that they are aware of the media reports and that they are saying that they can not yet confirm that. but in the statement, they are saying that there were powerful subsequent explosions after the drone strike insinuating that the drone strike is the vehicle. and then there were that caused one explosion, killing those inside. but then there were perhaps, according to that sent com, subsequent explosions as well emanating from the vehicle. they say again, they're still investigating, but they say sent. com says that if any innocent civilians were killed they would be deeply saddened by by that just to back up again. what al jazeera has been able to to confirm from our sources at least is 6 people killed and including 3 children . but late on sunday, there were more media reports coming out of the u. s. and elsewhere identifying
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that it was actually 9 members of one family, including 6 children that were killed al jazeera, still working to independently verify that information, nevertheless, still sent. com responding and saying they're aware of it. they're continued to investigate. meanwhile, us president joe biden has taken part in a ceremony to receive the bodies of 13 us service personnel killed in cobble on thursday. there were among the 175 people who died in a suicide bombing at the airport. hurricane ida has made land full along the u. s. gulf coast as a category for storm. hundreds of thousands of people are taking shelter. the storm is threatening new orleans, 16 years to the day since it was devastated by hurricane katrina, killing more than 1800 people. most important thing i can say right now is that everyone, everyone should listen to the instructions from local and state officials. just how
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dangerous this is to take it seriously. it's not just the coast, not just norman's. it's north as well. the rainfall is expected to be exceedingly high. the people with gulf coast, i want you to know that the train for the best planning occurred for the worst. meanwhile, hurricane nora has been downgraded to a tropical storm, as it moves its way mexico's pacific coast. torrential rains and heavy winds have caused flooding, operated trees and damage roads and power lines, nor made landfall as a category one hurricane on saturday. and last week, hurricane grace killed 8 people off that hit vera cruz. several palestinians had been injured during protests along the borders separating the gaza strip from israel. israeli army father demonstrated who especially small fires and throwing rocks in explosive devices at the fence. approaches took place, hours oft,
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is already war. planes carried out a series of ass strikes on an edge i must tell gets on saturday, 8 the rebels have attacked yelman's largest base in the south with drones and missiles. these 30 soldiers were killed at l. a nod, military base, which is used by yeah, many government forces backed by saudi arabia and the u. e. u m, and has also received its 1st batch of johnson and johnson's cove in 19 vaccines. more than 151000 days. this arrived at aden airport under the global kovak scheme. the country is now received about half 1000000 doses through the un back to initiative, or the 1400 japanese have so thought died from the virus. israel is offering booster shots of the coven, 19 vaccine, to any one above the age of 12. the country began administering fed shots of the 5 the job to the elderly. last month. the headline news continues here,
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officer out there. well, let me ah! the me. i use
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i use the social window, but she gave me a little bit halting me. anesha mad at the simple way me somehow kept moving on the little halting. even the duck shall go. yes. and if you don't know the name of benny, good, let us know him tell mamma should be a lot of fun. but if a show of him who took kish leah and the lawyer
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dirt him in my social on the team, he has deal so clearly a or she my social, my or my team a. i need a little on your not your, their choice. when of silence, the going to say was the so well a gum my was subbing you can you load that? yes. shay album meters? same shaney me every now. same law holding me o o. l e co, code name agent, 88 works for the israeli intelligence service most while his story goes back 50 years, many key details are only emergent out. most of that has never spoken publicly
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about any course, but simeon sources have now shed new light on the case. cohen was recruited as in his railing spy, but then sent under cover in south america, using an alias to prepare for his eventual deployment to series. the stakes could not have been hired as the man, the israelis called supers 5 would ultimately discover cost. a story that begins with politics in 1950 s egyptian president gammel. i've done nothing. signed a treaty with syria to form what was known as the united arab republic. israel viewed the new state which concerns syria. it was a big mystery to, well, israel, early in the whole world because it was going through his state of flex in part,
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that's because general nasser down in egypt wanted to create a pan arab league or nation, and syria would be part of it. the me me lisa, later of if i billiard duleigh milch a lot of our last stomach collection dumb. she was nice and i should be sleep by the us near me tunnel or see them or dean shirley coin via the famous the me to i can get them. it's a lambda, william magazine, the 2 i can gumbo thumbs the money please call. she will be in la boyle b. it may mother harden, while boyle,
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p a i love learning about it would require some highly placed agents and that meant l. the co and the and eco, and was born in the egyptian coastal city of alexandria. in 1924, his parents had moved to egypt from a leper in syria. in 1957 cohen moved to israel ah, 3 years later, his language skills and background caught the attention of his military intelligence. well, shame on me. we don't see me. william. the old name man was the william o. d e a shall a show, but colonel chil noise suit was shown key shovel and she's the most shalean of
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a civil. because when i show a daily kiddo and a v lawyer to go to little twins and should initial term glue a who the hell? no, i'm in the bloom alone meets him in the militia shipment all of what he said the huffman, although ever delivered shallow. no dis, so do you know we are those tell me so far of the to the commerce, the foot of a mom, old villa we m o d t lee again t j. shelly, i'm a small eloquent shell to our to village and so eat mode. let me see mushroom anemic, usually for hort machine show you to be mega limb dog,
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vein mission money. rob, when i get at the clinical, is it yet? if you, if you look to you because told, told shad cohen was recruited after the muslim director general spotted his name among files of rejected candidates. he was given the fate of a syrian businessman, come al top in israel. it had the training camp set out for spies. that's where he went to get his identity. that's where he went to learn. his spike craft was there that this handler helps shape the cover identity that they were creating for him. i mean, to operate in syria, l eco and needed to talk like syria. a specialist is really linguistic training
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section. unit 131 set about changing his accent. they also created a cover story for the new agent. every one of them will let the dollar went. dead yelled, i don't know. i should be out of the island about christmas. yes. if you will use all we don't get the candy and the court said leg and the under the jesuits by the bill. she's a loony mazili. i'm or jada be affected. definitely in iowa is almost a mean my about almost, i mean one that's really to build a credible back story. most vincent cohen by then known as come l. target to argentine . the going siena, ducky shell, galindo,
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ma skyline commission. i may talk very cashier who miss enough. shambly clinical whole list. i will call it the village beard. i never saw much. navarro the holy been my last 2 months. he looked dull cornel guarantee, and i would be 50 pork official keisha a came the vish a must say when the seal see what the little sick bill she will shave, shall we live? domestic. what dog showed such um a sucking stuff like gum. i mean, they had up to you free for all woman. how was your wife still, john? why do you go no through hung?
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no, i do on magic out. i'll be good address. i the story and that started the father shot a story of my little of the for the fission. easier. my lot them and i was young. a lot of the last recession, but the majority of the above the will be what i wish. sure it got to be given. my ha, the good always left them enough though. so human had been dudley, but what he thought he was on your part that of non show you the avenue from out of fission 11. i love the video michelle from the how you smoke emory among me. meanwhile, nasa is egypt, syria lions fell apart. last the house. we had
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the fish model from our live. yeah, i had the candidate a comma ladder. hannah has emphasized kind of loud but the moment and he can do emphasis on whom you want to do but does not get a meal. half oldman must go under that gun puddle. mother yelled him through the whole new reed after you, but most of the value value, you know, if you don't, you don't get mad. hide you from a foster law. scary. yeah. yeah. i mean, know how face, who would later become syrian president was sent to watch and tina as military attaching. but did he meet eli cohen there any co, in lesser way? yes, i had the navy steam or the higher had me living in the you look good going
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to 30. yeah. you had sleeping of my why this to now? you will actually mirage the option for hulu doing the value i had was the number in the coin i a 1000000000 the unless good deal of assistive book if we shall be fed well, the soft. oh goose. it if tell me what you she the hut. i mean a half is a monopoly of the building in tina, but my book came. i mean a half is ok. surely ot sure me me huff is bisman. show you the p log. let's nicole and call it a be taught by a him been me time live in sewer. we are, or dinah bicker here. not going to show them. i say. gummy tough is it?
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i sat down with me and a half. is it the teeny show show militia all but mostly i mean, how come has lula sylvia to mil to la? holla sharma, ella, look to bill we're going to increase my fish warmer all low miles loma. i will not. i may, i don't even half of the month i went to look to move in in late december 1961. cohen's deployment to syria was ready to begin. he stopped off for the italian port city of genoa. there he met another spy, measured shape, and form for the sci fi genoa stud, or sha, hospices merger ship, a lot of how the army run now to best of luck. good lucia,
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noah. lot of who knew how the net to know guy me. i mean, it, i mean, and not to but you know, the last already. yeah. but now with sad that that can be a man, no major shift a lot, all the way sure is off with jani, white, let them know all most on died off jobs a yadda, this him majesty auto bill. and he had his v hila coffee and read us little not even have this would make any follow the video with i believe the man shot fun as my say, your bill murder will all be. and i'll do the story. you know, we did,
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it was bustle mall along. are you on the on this i shouted was little bit manny. why the man, you can robasho to show the fossil that they are all measure her day to allow me far for her doing when i'm the enough for being windy and over doing and a bare room or a j. i show my say, mess it took is i won't get lay out more now. do you may wanna sierra or co hain mo, doing nothing dean, while ne, me can be honest by just check the j o.
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a riving in damascus in january 1960 to eli colon or comment target set about establishing himself in the upper echelons of serbian society. he settled in the market, abu romano district home to several ambassadors and leading politicians high above them. they're not going to diplomacy. and was to find out about unless a set laska. yes. cobra little can and that he at the on that motion multiple oh and how much how yeah.
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it was on a metal cushion. walk up. we sallied lim was you how well do that, can i don't was done the saudi can i mean it to for sure. but do or moral data for our study. william, i say keith law misspelled a and the shame with theodore the been me stuff and color than the stuff i'm latasha, but i'm a little thought it a little bit of domestic so illegally domestic mo. bobby them look so hard. my, my me stuff sure. must certainly be nauseous. a lot different hush in the who killed a little to look a little more. don't cute little bit further. develop it. young sheila, on my car. okay. mother is i haven't been around the same time as eli cohen arrived in syria,
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the world was watching the verdict of the dramatic trial of idols. iceland. iceland was one of the architects of the nazi holocaust. when between 5 and 6000000 jews were exterminated during world war 2, he was captured in argentina by more side agents, tried and then subsequently executed in israel following lights when his capture and execution. israel turned its attention to his assistant, always bruna list. there are no salon knew how to be. there was a small letters from george fin, showed shirking od. who will shop on many, danny, or shove saudi is my father. if i begin my shop or can we start who actually had you saw this job? how do you just figure out one of cohen's 1st
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tasks was to track down and louis put on for his role in sending europe, ian, jews to nazi concentration camps with him to see again that with the major difficulty and yet i wish there we said if my shad, if mon luck estimate help from john d and and none of them have, sorry, i know that the father lucian, but i know that know all i'm up to 5 or 5 but the burden i'm sure hot hot hot weisman the wrong. so you said the new bought all our my fun, but you little john, do you much? yeah. and you must law. your doctor always thought ralph had
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a lot of the new food now mr. george fib should know about the soul call him cetera. that, that the much, the, the coyote that yeah, and the muscles having spent several months in the syria colon was ready to return to israel to be debriefed by his most i've handles i don't want to go to local in depth a little while article a minute me a minute minute, my trasky i'm, i don't want to ask you how you can go in can data for us like to read and out of the what are the do it went up a little tyler read up a little, tyler. how about the slave? does allows katie, does she know that can multiple feel cut out of this?
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one might weigh a lot, a hope all is, well, i think it was stuck, but mom did that with the larger bad soul. do much a little and jani had had, because not enough that i used to had room got oscar, mature for the smart man, gonna finish up the cupboard and knocked down in order to get this. ma ha! on the csc, i will, will ask already, come on the show on the will not him know, just done. not if you saw the rest of my some
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must have medical side of the matter of medical supplies. i love to thought for you, but as you have money oh, in part to the net gradually causes in on more side agents. all. i'm a like of ours in the south of india and find out call me back in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's wisely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in
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vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife chase. earth arrived on al jazeera, think of some of the biggest companies in the world today. all of them big take with algorithms that they're called, the move that we use, the more data we pritchard, we're in the midst of a great rates. the data and big companies around the empires are rising on a wealth of information and we other commodity in the 2nd 5 part series. 90 re examines where the corporations colonizing the internet, like meet the popularity and power of big techs on a jessina, investigative journalist and government panic. they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised results in 5 days. but it's been a year examining. the headline is this another potential flash point for conflicts voice is from different corner. every house here has someone who has made it to the
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top of ever. it's not just one of the several time program that has been your i to not punitive you one day on allergic in countries like mine, people have been killed to be when the united states have privatized the ultimate public war. this was a deal with saudi arabia. things were done differently. saudis, and other areas when they came to britain to be all to help the, the path from your, from so was meeting saddam. is it that interesting there, i am. shadow on al jazeera bus clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees once too tall and she puts a use role conservation to say the area is warming with eagle timber, lockers and butchers. 4 years ago, the government is theory in the, on the east, the ban on the timber trade. not only opened a flood and controlled leak and lugging,
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sierra leone is home to more than $5000.00 was, did you receive more than $1500.00 of them? i found them the loan amount, regional, and their problems. because the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking under kind of the money inside. and with the headlines on al jazeera, us forces have launched a drone strike in afghanistan. capital kabul targeting would be suicide bombers. they say plan to attack the airport according to some media reports, 9 members of one family including 6 children are among the dead. the us central command has responded to those major reports. gabriel alexander has moved from washington dc.


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