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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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to deal with people who left behind me. ah ah . several rockets have been fired towards compet airport. the us says evacuation flight forge ahead. ah! alarm down jordan, this is out there. a lie from coming up. the us target suspected suicide farmers and drones strike and cargo children are among the civilians, killed a disaster declared in the us state of louisiana as we can. how can i'd of that is the gold region and later neighborhood. what's that great trade
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link between us? we've actually managed to get misconduct with incredible communities in britain pitch in to provide support incoming outgoing evacuation. ah, we begin in afghanistan where several rockets of fire towards campbell airport. some of them have been intercepted. it comes a day off of us had warned that an attack on the facility was highly likely. meanwhile, on sunday, the u. s. carried out a drug strike in carbo targeting, suspected suicide bombers, according to some me to report 9 members of one family, including 6 children, were among the dead. american officials say they were targeting a group they suspected were planning an attack on the cities airport. that's because charlotte bell issues lie for us in the afghan capital combo. charlotte. so this appears to be a rocket attack outside the airport. what more can you tell us?
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all the information we have right now from a resident who was near to the vehicle which fired the rockets. they said that the 5 rockets were fired. they left the back of a trunk about 4 kilometers west, april, but with the trunk space in the airport shooting. and that direction we saw imagery of one building that was damaged by a rocket. it's unclear if there are actually any casualties from this, but we do know that the c ram, which is anti missile system, was activated. i actually woke up to it this morning at about 6 45 am, is quite a distinctive thunder. and we understand that that the system some of these rockets that were hitting the airport and for a little bit of context that antimissile system was only installed in early july by the, for the afghan government and by the americans. because they were worried about a tele bomb threat on the airport. now, of course, to tele, bonner and control, and they countering other threats. no one has taken responsibility for this,
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although it is the emotion of i saw this is typically the type of thing they do this and suicide bombings. now the white house has just put out a statement saying that their operations will continue uninterrupted. i can tell you that the 17th is still entering and leaving africa space, and they say until they have to be out by midnight tomorrow they will continue on solar. what more details are emerging about yesterday us trends? try combat, calm the casualties involve that? yeah, it's still incredibly murky. we're getting very little information. other than that, the us has confirmed that they did do a drone strike and that they say that they did take out suicide bombers, plural, that had intended to launch some type of attack at the airport gift today. trying to replicate something like what we saw on this day. but yeah, it's do, it's very clear we understand civilians have been potentially killed the latest
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because we had with 6 civilians killed including 4 children. and it's still very hard to figure out who has been hurt in this, i must say as well that the us is the, even though they are leaving tomorrow. they still intend to do these type of a drawing strikes and opperation. they call them over the horizon operations and they say, but they in team to us still focus in target counter terrorism mission. tell about all that. happy about it. they say we want to be in the loop on this type of thing and that we should be consulted before the us conduct strode. strikes of nature and charlotte, as you say, the taliban take over the airport in a days times the clock is ticking. what's the latest on the evacuations mountain? well, we definitely waning this far fewer people getting out there were the latest numbers i have is that there's about 25300 us possible holders that they still try to get out. the flights are still coming and going, but far fewer than they were and attorney us across,
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but we can see at least on the right coming and going the mission very much is now getting out the remaining troops getting out there equipment. and just wrapping up the only got a very small portion of vehicle that they're holding. now the taliban pushed in internally. they were just holding it from a to now they're holding the commercial side to be afforded areas sides within the military areas. so yeah, just the americans have a small island that they're protecting and they footprint and certainly shrinking. all right to charlotte, but it's life. i stay in the gun capital kabul, cobbler. charlotte, thank you for that. well, the airport evacuations winding down in the afghan capital, people are now being encouraged to leave the country by land. so let's bring in, come all hide from the talk of crossing and pakistan along the border with afghanistan. come on. so tell us what's happening. talk them where you are its business is huge. on the man border crossing at the door. august of gosh,
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had made it quite clear that they were not kept. anybody who does not have proper documentary ad, i've got that many people who are still stuck in one s, dawn. we're not able to get out on those flights from called the lab board will be using the language. i know basically the 2 major points for that would be the german border rela, dot com border. now it's interesting also to note that to bug or sunny soldiers have been killed. and the large $24.00 odd dag taking place from across the border bug or saudi military then responded to that fire and their strong condemnation because don had been tortured and the dollar bond f, garage doors, all the neighboring country that destroy will not be used for cross border attack against any country, so of god that is going to be apprehended jeanette and bug this on. but everybody also realize that the dollar bonds are forming government data pointing the
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governor de pointing the security chief across the border. so bugger started off guards. ready remain concerned that coming just 2 days after the military spokesman, major general barber, if the car said that the border was quiet, saw light again will be on the border. and there will be an expectation that the dollar bond will have to do more in order to control that border showed that there are no r deck or from choice. all right, i'll come, i'll hide a reporting there from the pakistan african border, the talk and border crossing, come out. thank joe biden, has declared a disaster in the us state of louisiana after one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the country, knocked out power to the city of new orleans. ida slammed into the area as a category for storm. but since we can at least one person has died, it made land for 16 years to the days since hurricane katrina struck and killed nearly 2000 people. the lavelle reports from the only thing they want to
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prepare. but how do you prepare the bis water pouring through this hope? and all the owner can do is helplessly watch a live feed on camera. hurricane ida, as well, and truly are right now, bringing 240 kilometer an hour winds on chaos to louisiana. the storm is a life threatening storm. that big one hits the big, easy, 16 years to the day since katrina arrived in new orleans, kelly more than $1800.00 people on closing billions of dollars worth of damage. now a store that hitler with even more power, to give an idea that is a picnic table between those poles, the water just pouring over the top of the skies. this flight taking us into the eye of the storm. it is calm of there, but what a difference on the ground. hurricane item path is taking around the west inside of new leaves, which means this city is being hit by the when,
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when the 8th inside of the store. and that is not a place you want to be in the midst of a category for hurricane, because those eastern wins tend to be stronger. they said to be more powerful and caused much more devastation on the risks here. all huge, everything from dave re flying through the fence is coming loose and hitting people the downs power lines. and that's before we even get onto the subject at the water . the flooding from the rain no storm surges, which is what we saw with hurricane katrina. where 80 percent of this city ended up submerged. new orleans tell to evacuate a case. this happened again at central areas. it was voluntary. governor edwards no friend is characterized. it is one of the strongest hurricane, strongest in history since $1850.00. and its devastation is likely to be a bit. we shouldn't get ourselves in lower lying areas. it was mandatory. i'm still some state that would say half the neighborhood to stay in and the other half is
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evacuated. so it's, it's more just to kind of be here to help as the sole heads north, it'll be hours before the extent of the devastation becomes clear, most hunkering down but some refuse the hurricanes may cause damage and death. but in true style you will, lanes refuses to give in pill lavelle al jazeera, you orleans louisiana and b c. j grey joins us live now from new orleans j. so this is one of the most powerful, hurricanes ever to hit the united states. tell us what's been happening the in new orleans where you are now well, it's really thrash this entire city, no power in all of metro newell. it's more than a 1000000 people now in the dark and the mayor says it may stay that way for 72 hours in some of the hardest sit areas. we've had some beer when driving rain getting a bit of a break right now in between bands on the back side of the system. but we're going
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to have spinning rain and, and, and at times in tempering for the next 24 hours, we're going to continue to get wind gusts as well. what is when done? we'll take a look. i mean jackson's wherever we shave some of the trees that have been torn apart now, but look at the flag here, just barely hanging on at this point. and unfortunately, so with this city you've got moved away from building to the home. you've got windows that are shattered. it is really taking a beating here. and again things are over. well, this is a city that's below sea level. so in essence, it's a bowl here. and once water gets into that bowl, it's got to be pumped out. they refurbished, replace them added pumps after katrina. and those pumps are working at this point. but there's still a long way to go in all of this. and we've got some levy problems already, some over topping in some areas in the parish and we're feed parish. we know that there is a levy bridge there and
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a concern for about $200.00 residents who decided they would ride this thing out and now water reform into their community. so the worst of it may not be over here in new orleans. and it's something that emergency team power teams, they're all staged and ready to get in. but can't until things calm down. yeah. jane, it's worth pointing out. it's 16 years many to the days since hurricane katrina devastated. new orleans. how will prepare, though, is the city this time around? yeah. much better preparation the time around staging those teams out of harm's way, but ready to rush and a lot of help from the federal government. free storm this time. hopefully that pays off for the dorm, but we've got to get there. and right now we're right in the middle of it. just a final thought to you. i mean, president biden declared a disaster in louisiana. can you remind our international audience how that help
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the states? right yeah, it does open up a lot of federal funds in manpower to come in now. so once it reaches that disaster level and the president declares after they can move more people in to help out move more money into the area to help out long term with the recovery. so that's something that's very is going to desperately need. like we've talked about, it's really beat up here and it's going to take a lot of work to get back. and we see j grey reporting live from there from new orleans j. thank you. love to come here and just they are including remembering the for them the us president received the bodies of american soldiers killed and thursday, the cobbled apple and the fireflies and central mexico around to find out why more than that. i use hello
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there. let's look at the weather in the middle east and it's hot and it's dry. temperatures are where we expect them to be for much of the region, but they are going to pick up slightly. they have been down a little bit, not just for iraq and kuwait, but also for katasha. we take a look at the 3 day for doe how we are going to temperature come up slightly, and the humidity will dip down, but the winds will pick up by the time we get wet and stay for the south of this southerly winds. keeping things cool in oman and yemen, and we are expecting no showers to strengthen around western areas of yemen. we could see a storm or 2, and those join up with the showers and storms across it, running across the open rift valley. we are going to see some stronger rains, potentially flooding as well in the eastern areas of the democratic republic of congo. come tuesday as those rains for heaviest, here. but it's really in west africa where we are seeing those thunderstorms roll out to the west, bringing with them the really wet and windy weather for gone out for sierra leone
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as well as fall iberia. we could see flooding as those rains for heavily. now moving down further south, we are seeing the wet weather effect, part of mozambique and for south africa, we've got wet and windy weather on the way for cape town. the with the cushion sit arise on the cookie paralytic. i want i want to investigate japan problem history of caring for people with disabilities on our do 0 me play an important role. protecting human 9. the doctor's face. ah ah
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ah, look back a recap of the top stories here. this hour a disaster has been declared in the us state of louisiana to hearken either knocked off power to the whole of new orleans. at least one person has died. several rockets have been fired towards complex court. some of them have been intercepted comes a day onto the us and warned that another attack on the facility was highly likely . nearly a us thought to launch drones strike in cargo targeting would be suicide bombers. they say plan for the airport. according to some me to report 6 people including 4 children are month a day. well that us strike followed a suicide bombing cobbles, airport on thursday was killed 175 people. among them, 13 u. s. service personnel,
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their bodies were brought back home on sunday, rob reynolds ripples a day of sorrow and promises of vengeance. president joe biden and 1st lady jill biden, attended a solemn transfer ceremony. for 13 us service members killed in thursday, suicide bombing at cobble airport. there remains arrived home in flag draped cases and an air force base and delaware. 5 of the dead were 20 years old, just babies when us troops began fighting in afghanistan after the september 11th attacks. their lives lost in the final chaotic chapter of america's longest war. whiten has pledged that the u. s. will hunt down members of the group that claimed responsibility for the cobble airport attack. the president will stop at nothing to make isis k pay for the death of those americans service members at the cobble
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airport. he will ensure that we get the people responsible for this, that they're killing to senior isolate k members on friday, another u. s. drones strike destroyed a vehicle outside cobble airport on sunday, the pentagon said the car was carrying ice ok, suicide bombers, preparing to target the final stages of the u. s. military evacuation. with tuesdays deadline approaching the u. s. and 97 other countries say the taliban has committed to keep providing safe passage out of afghanistan to foreign nationals as well as afghans with travel authorization. we've rally dozens of countries from around the world to stand with us in saying that the taliban, that if they do not follow through on those commitments, there will be significant consequences. and with a new government taking charge, official say the us will continue to strike at groups and individuals it deems to be threats in country after country, including places like like yemen,
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like somalia, large parts of syria. lydia places where we don't have boots on the ground on any kind of ongoing basis. we have the capacity to go after people who are trying to do us harm will retain that capacity and f canister. us national security advisor jake sullivan says that groups like isis k operating in afghanistan do not have the capabilities to carry out attacks in other countries. at least not yet. rob reynolds al jazeera washington, the 1st group of african refugees as arrived in cost of the plane carried more than $100.00 people. many women and children constable agreed to temporarily shelter 2000 afghans until they can be permanently relocated to the united states. more planes are expected to arrive in the coming days. many years ago we were victims identified ourselves and was forced to flee. therefore, as i often say,
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we know they're paying very well. we wanted to make them all just feel welcome, but most of all, to feel safe after the war that they have been going through. but at the same time, we are very proud to be joining in other lives, especially the united states of america. and extremely important. well now that the u. k is evacuation flights from afghanistan of ended, a large number of british citizens continue to wait outside campbell airport. that governments promising to continue efforts to repatriate people at risk. but there are thousands of guns in the u. k. wondering what the future holds for them. i mean, bob has met some of those working to help them. so don't just working flat out to help afghans who just arrived with almost nothing. these volunteers say they've been amazed by the support i getting from the public. not just from afghans but other members of the wider community here in west london heathrow airport turned up with while back in the nation, i managed to get some neighbors. literally in the whole was we have to box,
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i think, and then manage to the neighborhood. what's that group link in between us? you know, we've actually managed to get this kinds of responses. incredible. all these bags, if afghans who are staying temporarily in currently, hotels around the u. k, there's been a huge effort by small charities and large organizations like the red cross to make sure that you're right have the basics. this is just one of several locations where newly arrived. afghans are being held in quarantine. beyond their immediate needs, many of them will be wondering just what the new life in britain is going to look like. i'm at le uvie is one of them. he's a former african special forces soldier and fled with his wife and 2 young children . he says he hopes his family can contribute to society. here he started from the 0 it's like you need to start it from the beginning. like the career. i had it back
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in my country. i don't have it. but there are many hopes i've been women list chance enough. got it. yes, they have more chances this associations been going for 20 years. it's found that he came to britain as a refugee says their work goes well beyond the next few weeks. we hope that the local authorities, with the support of the central government will use the emergency fund to make sure that the new community really have. how does it access the housing in a church education? the government says it will allow in $20000.00 afghans over 5 years under a new resettlement scheme. but some like little warranties have already said they don't have the resources to house the. still the immediate challenges providing
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shelter a feeling of safety for the evacuees, letting them start a new chapter in their lives. nadine bob al jazeera, may he throw. now millions of children have lost their parents during more than 4 decades of conflict, enough canister. many of them live in orphanages, they're off is some of those facilities could now be shot child strap and sent us this report from an orphanage just north. a couple of these children and most of their parents were born into conflict in war. but many of their fathers and mothers were killed by nato air strikes or in attacks by the taliban. and many of them will be scarred for life. just the right a thorough see where to go every year during eat celebrations. we especially feel the emptiness because he is not here. and when we hear a child call its father, it's very painful. for susan rose, one's father was a policeman. he was shot dead by the taliban as
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a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan, 6 years ago. resort describes how they felt since the taliban took control of his town earlier this month. did that. he will when we see them around, it brings us pain and sadness, but we can't do anything about it. so we have left that punishment to god sitting next to the brothers is was sillier of body. his dad and 2 of his uncles were killed in a nato as strike 11 years ago. his mother could not cope alone in bringing up his brother and 3 sisters chosen the hydrogen. so without a father, we didn't have a home to live amos. but here we have a home, i am said, but i don't better grudge in my heart. in the evenings when it's cool, the boys play crickets on a dusty playing field at the orphanage. 2 sides in team sport. but every one here has similar stories on that piece and
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a better future. i've got to stand has suffered more than 40 years of conflict and wore in the country. now it's starting a new chapter, but it's difficult to be optimistic about the immediate future at least. but children like these 56 children are living at the orphanage and it's funded by local donations. about half a girls. not all of them last parents in the war. she's here and maria's father recently died of a heart attack. hello. i want to be a teacher, said she, i want to teach english, pushed to and math for them to hydrogen. our fears as a taliban won't let us work because of the girls that are here. but the girls and boys are separated from each other. girls are taught by female teachers only. we are afraid that if we change the law, our girls section will be shut down. it's only been says, the wall is over and it is promised to respect women's rights with his own vision
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of islam. these children and millions like them a waiting to see where the promises of peace and prosperity are not just empty words shall strap it al jazeera, they subs of cornerstone. saudi state, media reporting the country's air defenses of intercepted and destroyed 3 drones, launched by hook the rebels in yemen. on sunday, the rebels attacked the emmonds biggest base in the south with drones and missiles at least 30 soldiers killed the military base in lash province. they had base is used by him and government forces, backed by saudi arabia and the u. a. a lot downs and extended to new zealand. most populous city restrictions will now stay in place in oakland for another 2 weeks earlier, a woman died after getting a shot of the fire. that vaccine is the 1st death linked to a corona virus. job in new zealand, the health ministry says the woman died falling arrest side effect, which causes inflammation of the heart. countries battling an outbreak of the delta
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vary and dr. being virus free, nearly 6 months. now iran type of fire flies putting on quite a show in the forest of tuscola in central mexico. but the luminous bugs are the threat from the very people are flocking to see them. john home and explains was a symphony of light in the force of plus gala central mexico. these 5 flies pulse and cease in unison. great groups participating in a joint courtship ritual that coordinated displays. what makes this species for penis plus your c special? and in the last few years, they've had never increasing audience. this is a present for guy l from his girlfriend, erica. they've come all the way from france. they thought it was a nice idea for his where they already did a lady a different it was a surprise into today. so i'm here for the state authorities say the number of
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visitors to see the 5 flies doubled in the 6 years before the pandemic. a little and that's a cause for celebration, but also worry for scientists like carlos called that fil, as almost have it in a moment or element that critical. this was we're going to see them in a critical moment in their lives. and we disturbed that we disturbed the relationship between them and therefore their reproduction and torchlight phones both distract them. sound to if tour is straight from the path. they can also trample the females who can't fly on. the concern is that if tourism operators here don't take care, they might lose what attracts their clients in the 1st place. we had an up to see the fall flies right now, right? you have quite smooth tool group, and each tour operator has a number of people that they're allowed to take up to see the 5 flies each night. we're being told is that the problem can be, is that to operate, to sometimes exceed that number, or people that haven't got
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a license to just take people up anyway. and cleanser stein tools. it's a problem in a region with a law of economic necessity. 92 months a year to make money from the luminous b $2.00. but many are aware am regulating themselves in the low guessing clamps like i like. and a lot of the education we give to people is about what not to bring repellant white clothing to be silent for a waiver to begin. let's just begun, oakley, go, i'm paying recycling, local materials to reduce the environmental impact on mass. so on the, on the sunday the, these platforms are from an industrial part of tough, scala. there is wood not only for the platform, but also for the bed bases. we use this wood that was in place for these quite rustic tape and all the while he's trying to reuse would others, the chopping down trees all over the forest. it's perhaps the biggest threat for
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the fireflies logging which squeezes their living space. the now every june through august, the visual symphony continues. the challenge for the future is to keep the lights from going out. john holman out is it a plus gala mix code? ah tough a quick check of the headlines here on the are a separate rockets have been fired towards cobbled apple. some have been intercepted. it comes a day after the united states warned that another attack on the facility was highly likely. shallow. police has more now from the afghan capital. the information we have right now from a resident who was near to the vehicle which fired the rockets. they said that 5 rockets were fired. they made the back of a trunk, about 4 kilometers with a pool. but with the trunk facing the.


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