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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm AST

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to the refuge in africa, never to return again an epic or to see every memory is our homeland on our era. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. how long has i'm secret? this is the news out live from dawn, coming up in the next 60 minutes. on america's last day in afghanistan, a rocket attack at campbell airport as the pullout enters its final stage. harken ida back to the u. s. state of louisiana cutting power to the city of new orleans. a rare meeting between top israeli and palestinian leaders off the prime
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minister of tale bennet returns from the united states. global nuclear watchdog raises the alarm off the reports. north korea has restarted operations at its main nuclear plant. and for the much anticipated deb, you fall in now messy f o p s you have funny happened? judgment on legend. coming off the bent on sunday night. we'll have his highlights later in the news. our ah, us evacuations are in that final hours as it winds down it's 20 years mission in afghanistan. last few flights are taking off from cobble airport under threat of further attacks, several rockets were flying towards the airport just a few hours ago. somewhere intercepted by an anti missile defense system, the white house says the airport remains operating fewer than $500.00 americans
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still need to be airlifted out us troops. all the lost among allied forces to leave more than 110000 people, including afghans and risk, have been flown out in the past 2 weeks. but thousands are still there. those who are not able to fly out hope to travel across land borders, neighboring pockets on that already house more than 2000000 african refugees is preparing for more. it's also increasing security after 2 soldiers were killed in a cross border attack. and we have 3 correspondence covering the story force in a moment will go to come our high to who is in talk him on the past on afghanistan border charlie angela is standing by force in the u. k. capital, where there's a flurry of diplomatic activity, but the 1st shot bella joins us live from the afghan capital. cobble so charlotte, what is the latest that we're hearing on the airport attacks 1st? well,
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this rocket attack happened around 45 this morning actually woke up who are thunderous noise, which is the ram, and you miss all system coming into play to take out some of these rockets are going to coast across cargo this morning. we talked to residents in the area where the rocket, where these rockets were fired from, which is about 4 kilometers directly waste at the end of the runway. the residential area, 5 rocket fired from the trunk of a car in the direction of the residence, telling us that one building was hit with or found out. the one rocket did actually or inside be remitted. but that the c ram anti missile system did manage the into others. and it's worth noting that this missile system was need stored in early july. we've put the by the former afghan government and the us because they were worried about attacks from the telephone. but now of course, the telephone a in control, and it is a 3rd party firing these rockets. no one has claimed responsibility. although this
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does have all the hallmarks of eiffel. they often do do walk attacks and explosions in the capital. and of course there was that us drone strike on sunday. any new developments on that front? well that is really what most people are talking about in cobble today because the death toll is rising and that is of civilians. the latest numbers we have her of 12 people killed in this and have 6 children and coming out of america last night out of d. c, security experts and representatives from the government were talking about how they had struck i some targets and a vehicle in a residential area that they were planning a suicide attack. we had intelligence earlier in the day as well. think it was highly likely that i will try to target the airport again and that they conducted a joint strike in the afternoon to take these people out. it wasn't done in the nation with the taliban,
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but good news was that it did stop the attack. the problem is, is civilians were killed and people are quite upset about that as issue with foreign forces have to be out by tomorrow night by midnight. and the television quite upset about this being done without consultation with him. shot a bell lifeless there in the cobbles. nice, charlotte, let's go now to come out. ha, whose live at the top of the border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan and come all, many governments have been telling the people that they haven't been able to get out of afghanistan to, to look father route through land borders like pockets on what's happening there. right. now well the situation is quite an aw, mulanda bar, meaning that open because august on the g major card and do it for all essential supplies that go into a don being show for decades. and so we did
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a crucial border indeed, but focused on that also being concerned about the change from of why it's dawn from the border nor judge the dollar barton where didn't fall were now. but primarily from those groups, richard short sanctuary or not. enjoy that fighting in the bridge gods to bargain on a shoulder. judge tony den retaliating and claiming that 2 to 3 of the fighters are where they're tagged them. we're carry today. we're injured buckets on it. also keeping a close watch on the border edge because as you've seen, this live can become a risky proposition. the americans are saying that there has to be other ways. so people will be watching to see whether some of dogs will wish to go back to our us by august on the garden. it will be coming or what linebarger today. also the buckets on the military. gordon parliamentarians to brief them on the wall. the kitchen ration, bugger, thought has condemned their dag because the dollar bond have ensured budgets done
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and all they bring countries that destroy re, to not be use for our dag against any other countries. so bargenson will be hoping that the future government bridge is about to take shape in cobb will be cognizant of the fact that budgets don warns more action on the side in order to ensure that there are no such future attack. come out. thank you. come out harder at the talk crossing less turn to the u. k. now, where the government is holding a series of meetings with international partners to make sure the taliban sticks to its commitments. charlie angela is live for us in london, said charlie, what more we hearing about those depth efforts on the diplomatic front? well, the 1st meeting plan for today is going to be hosted by the us next tuesday and in the blink. and that's going to be with key allies and g 7 powers, but also including representatives from tacky and castle who are considered to have
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more influence on the new taliban rulers than most countries. and it's expected that they will discuss running the airport and resuming civilian flights. as soon as possible, we're also expected to hit the u. k. foreign minister dominate rob setting out pragmatic steps for how the u. k. will engage with the taliban, including making sure that they stick to those counter terrorism commitments that they made in doha. and then there's also going to be an emergency un security council meeting later tonight in new york, and that's where they're going to discuss creating a safe so incredible so that people can access the court. now on sunday the taliban said there's no need to create a safe thing because the war is over. but we know that president, my caller frances, really throwing his weight behind this proposal. it's one that's been joining proposed by the u. k. france and germany. and it has been used in operations before
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. we know that they're going to be efforts to really bring russia and china on board 2 countries also, who are considered to have considerable influence with the new power brokers in afghanistan. so a flurry of fanatic efforts now, as the military efforts, and i'm charlie, we know the u. k. government is taking in a number of afghans. how is that progressing? how people they are dealing with yes, the, this countries bought $15000.00 asked guns added to them out under the ira scheme, which is the african relocation and insistence policy. now the government estimates they've left behind 802-8002 eligible to leave, but just couldn't make it to the airport opposition. ministers saying that number is far greater around 5000. and they're saying that in the chaos of the last weeks, thousands of emails was sent to the foreign office for an office work is on the ground in afghanistan. and they will,
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they will announce that partly because of the chaos. and they would just, inundated, now the foreign office is saying that are working through that backlog in books. and they will offer as many places as they can to those gas guns. and they're advising them to, to find a land that they can cross safely across, which is why there's diplomatic efforts that we're seeing today. so vitally important, but they're going to be route for afghans to seek asylum in the u. k. that scheme, which is really for those who are associated with the british government in afghanistan, mostly interpreters, but they're also starting a new scheme. the african we settlement policy hasn't opened yet, but in the 1st year, plans take 5000 africans in the long term. $20000.00 and priorities going to be given to women to children, to religious minorities, other minorities, anyone who is at risk of human rights abuses, but already opposition minutes is saying the discount you should be accepting
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a much larger number of africans. and for those who already arrive as already questions about where they're going to be, how's the 11000000 has been allocated by various councils here. but council say there's just not enough housing. so that, looking into a tentative opening up how the day comes, even old military accommodations. so there's a lot of work to do this, and johnny, thank you whole as the us. so rushes to complete its evacuation from cobble president joe biden has paid tributes to the service personnel killed. he attended a ceremony at an air base as the bodies of 13 people arrived. rob reynolds has more from washington a day of sorrow and promises of vengeance. president joe biden and 1st lady jill biden attended a solemn transfer ceremony for 13 us service members killed in thursday, suicide bombing at cobble airport. there remains arrived home in flag draped cases
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and an air force base and delaware. 5 of the dead were 20 years old, just babies when us troops began fighting in afghanistan after the september 11th attacks. their lives lost in the final chaotic chapter of america's longest war. whiten has pledged that the u. s. will hunt down, members of the group that claimed responsibility for the cobble airport attack. the president will stop at nothing to make isis k pay for the death of those americans service members at the cobble airport. he will ensure that we get the people responsible for this as they're killing to senior isis came members on friday, another u. s. drones strike destroyed a vehicle outside cobble airport. on sunday, the pentagon said the car was carrying ice ok, suicide bombers, preparing to target the final stages of the u. s. military evacuation. with
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tuesday's deadline approaching the u. s. and 97 other countries say the taliban has committed to keep providing safe passage out of afghanistan to foreign nationals as well as afghans with travel authorization. we've rally dozens of countries from around the world to stand with us in saying that the tall bond that if they do not follow through on those commitments, there will be significant consequences. and with a new government taking charge, official say the u. s. will continue to strike at groups and individuals it deems to be threats in country after country, including places like like yemen, like somalia, large parts of syria, lydia places. we don't have boots on the ground on any kind of ongoing basis. now. we have the capacity to go after people who are trying to do us harm will retain that capacity and f canister. us national security advisor jake sullivan says the
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groups like isis k operating in afghanistan do not have the capabilities to carry out attacks in other countries. at least not yet. robert shields al jazeera washington will join us now to talk more about the current situation in afghanistan . is michael sample visiting with such professor queens university, belfast and a former deputy e special representative to afghanistan and join us from dublin. thank you for being with us. let me ask you 1st of all, then is the taliban up to the security challenges in afghanistan, right? now, particularly given what has happened around cobble over the last couple of days. originally the taliban having fought for 20 years against the u. s. and the u. s. back to government in kabul now inherits many of the challenges that, that government faced. so i don't think the tyler bonds are going to have an easy
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job of stepping into the shoes of the government. they face multiple security threats only the 1st one of which is the i s k p which we have seen heading out against them. and the, the population over the past few days. i want to ask you about that as well. how would you assess the threat from, from ice. ok right now? well, there are much smaller groups done by the taliban and they don't control territory, but they do have some dedicated activists. part of the irony of this is that the original suicide bond trainers, essentially they were the same group of people. some of the went on to train suicide bombers for the taliban. others went on to train suicide bombers for i s k p. and now the 2 groups are fighting against each other. i t p is smaller, but they have dedicated people. they are extremely ruthless. they seem determined to try and get across the message that the taliban will not be securely in control
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. and they have and they have really cultivated that techniques of spreading terror on they seem determined to use them against the taliban and against taliban control to them. and what is all this going to mean for ordinary africans then, is there, is there a real threat of this getting worse and becoming a full blown civil war? was already as a civil war, that they are some ordinary ordinary civilians who have got no political connections who weren't directly connected with the security forces. they may hope they can keep their heads down not be targeted by the taliban. they will only have to struggle with the fact that the economy has collapsed. however, many, many people are not honest on those who are associated with the security forces. those who have got money. those who are part of religious minorities now find themselves being targeted by the taliban. of course the taliban. p. r. machine tries to claim that there's an amnesty and everything is fine. but our attention
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shifts away from the airports to understand more broadly. we are finding that today and multiple places rates are being conducted. the people are being dragged out of their houses. some of them are just facing other facing oppression, like ridiculous tax demands and extortion. others have been taken out and shot so that ours african civilians are frightened of the taliban. taliban arthritis of islamic state. and we're also waiting to see how strong will be they organized resistance to the taliban from the traditional opponents of the taliban. from the old northern alliance and the remnants of the now collapsed regime. the off amazon is in a new stage of the civil war. good to speak with you, michael sample joining us from w. thank you. thank you. plenty more ahead on this news now. what's next for the orphans of afghan? some millions of children have been left with our parents for decades with cultures
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be t o p as prime minister meets regional leaders, is international pressure grows for a settlement in the t grey region. and in sport, max vest up and wins the belgian grown pre without racing a single lap details coming out later on in the show. ah at least one person has been killed after harken ida, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the u. s. struck its gulf coast. the storm knocked down all power in the city of new orleans to wrench rain and high waves triggered flash floods. the storm made land for as a category for, but has since been downgraded fill, avail reports for new orleans. they will want to prepare, but how do you prepare this water pouring through this hope and all the owner can
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do is helplessly watch a live feed on camera. hurricane ida as well and truly are right now bringing 240 kilometer an hour. winds chaos to louisiana. the storm is a life threatening storm. that big one hits the big easy, 16 years to the day since katrina arrived in new orleans. kelly more than $1800.00 people on closing billions of dollars worth of damage. now a storm that hitler with even more power to give an idea that is a picnic table between those poles, the water just pouring over the top of the skies. this flight taking us into the eye of the storm. it is called the fair. but what is the difference on the ground? hurricane either path is taking around the west inside of new orleans, which means best safety is being hit by the when, when the 8th inside of the storm. and that is not place he wants to be in the midst of a catholic, re full hurricane because those eastern wins tend to be stronger. they said to be
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more powerful and cause much more devastation on the risks here. all huge, everything from dave re flying through the fence is coming loose and hitting people down power lines and that's before we even get onto the subject at the water. the flooding from the rain. i know storm searches which is what we saw with hurricane katrina. where 80 percent of this city ended up submerged. new orleans total evacuating case. this happens again at central areas. it was voluntary. governor edwards know friend is characterized. it is one of the strongest hurricane strongest in the region. the history since 1850. and it's devastation is likely to be met. we shouldn't get ourselves in lower lying areas. it was mandatory, still some state that would say half the neighborhood to stay in and the other half is evacuated. so it's, it's more just to kind of be here to help. as the soul had north, it'll be hours before the extent of the devastation becomes clear,
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most hunkering down but some refuse the hurricanes may cause damage and death. but in true style, you will, lanes refuses to give in phil laval, al jazeera, you orleans louisiana or a neighbouring mexico. hearken. nora has been downgraded to a tropical storm, as it moves up the pacific coast to wrench rains. and heavy winds, of course, flooding. damaged roads and power lines, nor a maid land for a category one. hearken on saturday, last week. hearken. grace killed 8 people in vera cruz. well, let's bring in. i just need a senior meteorologist evanson fox everton. let's, let's talk about harken. ida, a lot of comparisons of course to katrina. 16 years ago. how bad is this one been? yeah. well the main comparison is of course see the coincidence with the dates that has arrived. this has been bad but it's not been as bad as katrina. katrina was such a big storm. this is pretty big but no one was big as katrina. in fact,
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the train wasn't quite as strong as this one so bad, but not quite as bad in terms of the effect of his head. you can see how well organized the storm was as he, i have a storm as it started to push up towards louisiana. running up just to the west of new orleans is now making his way into mississippi has been downgraded as has been assigned the tropical storm either now windsor around 95 kilometers per hour, maybe get around 13 kilometers, print out. so another thing with regards to katrina, that's moving reasonably quickly. it's going to continue making its way further north, which is nice, but we do still have concerns about that storm search and about the continuing heavy rain is going to push in new orleans incidentally, had around 100 millimeters of rain in 24 hours. that's a sort a total we can expect to see if it pushes across mississippi and grass. he makes his way further northward. so over the next 24 to 48 hours or so running up towards
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the tennessee valley, just running through kentucky, easing further northwards. andes, which you can see those 10 little draw behind to plenty, a showers that into the southern parts of the gulf of mexico. as you make our way to the 2nd half of the week, the storm will run across west virginia, pushing up towards that northeast corner, pennsylvania. sing some very heavy rifle. really wet weather, also making his way into a good part of new york that's going to run further north and east was just we go on through the cross the thursday and on into fried and this we go on into fried as you can see. it punches its way back out into that western side of the atlantic. lots of very heavy rainfall coming in across the fall is east of the us as a result of that. grassy making its way across the canadian maritime. the dry, bright weather does come back in behind. we'll see much quiet conditions there across see the gold states of the us. because the good news there is that it will be settle things starting to calm down. but we are like to see plenty of rain as we
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go through the next 24 hours or so. parts of the deep south could see maybe 200 millimeters of right, and it will cause flash study hasn't. thank 17. now for the 1st time in a decade, palestinians and israelis have held high level talks about us. the new president moved our bus. speaking to israel's defense, mister ben against for over 2 hours in ramallah against says they discuss security and the economy in the occupied west bank and gaza. the meeting follows is ready prime minister authority, bennett visit to the united states where he met president joe biden. that's the name is live for us in west jerusalem. so natasha, how significant is this prime minister? natalie bennett is already down playing the meeting. he's saying there was no quote diplomatic process with the palestinians, nor will there be one. huh. the group that governs the gaza strip is condemning the
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meeting, say that is or characterizing it as a political failure. we've reached out to the palestinian authority or the p. a for comment. we have yet to hear back from them. it's this meeting is happening as there are nightly protests and clashes between palestinians in the gaza strip and israeli soldiers since last week to palestinians have been killed. and israeli soldier shot in the head. anger is simmering over the fact that israel has been slow to allow desperately needed aid and reconstruction materials into the gaza strip. so well, there might be a pivot in terms of engagement. as you mentioned, it's been a decade since mahmoud abbas, the president of the policy and authority has met with such a high level member of the israeli government. do not expect a pivot in terms of policy. rather, it's in keeping with what this new government in power since june has said it would do. a few months ago,
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the defense minister benny gant said that he thinks that the p a needs to be strengthened, that it needs to play a significant role. not only in the west occupied west bank, but in gaza, he added with the participation of the united states, europe and europe. countries and the prime minister bennett has said that he has 0 interest in seeing the establishment of a palestinian state and 0 interest and plans to push forward the peace process. his focus is on the economy and security. and of course the to go hand in hand from the palestinian authority perspective, the p a is thing what i would call a credibility crisis since late june. there have been protests allegations that there is rampant corruption within the p. a violations of human rights and a feeling among many protesters that there is to come the relationship between the
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p a and israel, when it comes to security. the p a is also facing a financial crisis. so there's definitely a sense that what we are going to be see is a maintaining of the status quo. and to underscore that is worth mentioning, that in october, human rights groups will attend a hearing to protest. israel plans to build 3400 more than 3400 actually housing units in occupied or outside of occupied east jerusalem. natasha, thanks for that in natasha. when even in west jerusalem for swell up. my one be shot is just a senior political analyst, the joins us via skype now from paris are going to get his thoughts on this. so my one what, what do you make of this meeting? particularly given the fact that these really a prime minister appears to be down playing, it attaches said that we haven't even heard any acknowledgement of it from the palestinian authority was clear to the timing is related to the
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return of the prime minister from washington. clearly there is some sort of an american pressure to keep up appearances, to maintain the appearance that there is some normality of some sort between israel and the pepsi policy. and that it is, and israel's best interest that the palestinian authority continues to survive in order to maintain the security israel, secure, specially border security. so in a sense, since this government, this is really government and the previous government have been so sadistic towards stuff at a senior xander, tennessee, and product over the past 4 years. the by doing this session feels that even if it is not the blue market process, even if there is no negotiations, even if there is no future palestinian state as it were, at least israel should be dealing with a c in or in
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a way to make sure it survives to make sure it's not too weak. so not able to maintain security, but yet yes, not too powerful. that it could stop asia. and as all of this then feed into how palestinians themselves feel about their government. right now, we saw those protests that took place in july against the palestinian authority, the accusations of corruption and, and the fact that they are seen as, as being partners with israel. upon his, in, in the continued occupation of their land. well, certainly there is the impression, it's a growing impression that p a is doing is roused bedding and hence my previous answer that america and a good part of the establishment. believe that that that p a c product is
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indispensable for is secured again, if it didn't exist, it should be created. and that even, you know, of course, our bus would probably be even better with all the security people that actually attended that meeting with the defense means to they see what is happening today. that will be a defense minister, or these are the government. there's no more than improving or attempt at improving the conditions a part aid these they see this not more than improving docket. patients status quo not reversing or getting rid of a patient not stopping or freezing or getting away with getting rid of the settlements. the indigo supplement, what they see today is a policy authority that is embedded with even though there is not diplomatic process. of course.


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