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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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have been fired a combo airport as the last us flight take off before tuesdays departure deadline. i still cases it was behind the attack. us says the airport remains operating us is holding a virtual meeting with allies and key regional partners. turkey and casa, are discussing the future of the country 5 permanent security council members, also meeting separately to talk about the continuation of 8 effort as western allies leaves the country. let's talk now to kristen salumi, whose life from the united nations headquarters force in new york. so chris, in an action packed day at the you and what are we expecting? absolutely. while the world's focus has been on efforts to evacuate people from cobbles, airport, the united nations has been very concerned about humanitarian access for the people who are being left behind in afghanistan, there are some 3 and a half 1000000 displays. people inside the country,
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a half 1000000 of them displaced just in the last year, and they need help. and what is happening today is a resolution is in the works. it was spearheaded by france and great britain to guarantee that agencies will be able to get food medicine and other supplies into these people. the draft is being very tightly guarded. we have not seen copies of it, but from what we are hearing. the idea is to make sure that civilians are protected access for humanitarians is unimpeded to airports in cobble, excuse me, in particular, french president, emmanuel macross, describe this as a safe zone. diplomats here are not using that word. they're shying away from that perhaps because it implies some sort of a military presence. but we know that this is expected to go to a vote within hours time. and that suggests that there has been negotiations and that other members of the council are on board. and we are expecting this to happen
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later today. we know over the weekend or earlier today, the us got it. the 1st shipment from the world health organization was allowed into the country. the u. n. has been sounding the alarm about medical supplies in particular, not being available to you and has been relying on work around flying into mazar, e sharif with a to get this. these needed supplies into the country. this resolution would allow access to cobble and put the international community on record demanding that the taliban allow this kind of access to continue for the people who are in such great need in the country. christian, thank he christmas salumi at the united nations. now the head of the u. n. refugee agency says the, as the evacuations from cobble come to an end to far larger crisis is looming for
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millions of afghans who stayed behind decades of conflict. the severe drought and the koran of ours and demick has already made life difficult. un describe the humanitarian situation there as catastrophic. it estimates at least a 3rd of afghans are facing hunger. up to half a 1000000 more afghan refugees are expected to see shelter elsewhere by the end of the year. a 1000 already pouring through the land borders into iran and pakistan somehow made it out of the country on evacuation flights. as we've been reporting, they're being taken in by more than a dozen countries, several of them in europe or will, i mean is a spokeswoman for middle east and north africa region for the united nations high commissioner for refugees. he joins us from a man, thanks for being with us. so talk to us a little bit more about the concerns that you and hcr has about the situation for afghans inside the country. once, once all of this, you know,
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coverage of what's happening in afghanistan, right? now is no longer in the public mind. yeah, we have a few concerns. the main concern is the safety, safety from the fighting of the deepening prices from any bombing. second concern is concerned with people who may need to speak safety across and on that we advocate to keep their opens even find a way to keep it open because that was the practice the right across. the 2nd thing that christine over the past year, since the beginning i have is $50000.00, at least within the true. and they have huge increase
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a growing we want to be able to stay on the ground to reach the people who are to ensure that they do not have to be knocked off and keep attention on the, on the needs of the people and a commitment to continue supporting the organization like the other partner, what on the ground to be able to agree. so how do you get an issue like this back in the public mind, or keep it in, in, in, in, in the public mind, so to speak with, so much else that's going on in the world right now that's, that's competing for our attention. that is true, there's so much happening and many countries facing different challenges, not to mention, call it. so what we are doing is we are actually, we are to advocate with government when public, with the general public,
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with anybody, please do not turn your eyes away from up against the minutes. we don't have this flow of pictures and videos, dramatic pictures a lot. and there are really, and you know, they're picking at the end should go on to it. but the minutes you saw, we want the world to stay to want the world state committed the international community and capable to continue support to ensure that we have enough resources to help we are advocating with against that now. and to me how i'm i'm restrict access to the people on the ground. and of course, that means we want to ensure that our call, the grounds, we know that they have a b, s. they try people desperate and what's your,
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your reading right now of the various diplomat matic efforts that we've been reporting on. much of which is focused on the humanitarian situation in afghanistan and, and trying to deal with that. you know, so it was almost every call in progress in all the to the district. but there are, there has been some. busy challenges due to the security and we are looking to be stabilized to ensure that it's consistent, it's unrestricted. we need to come into the country, need to be able to we have to the, not so many, not quite the on the keeping. the banks have not been opened for almost 2 weeks, except for a few people are concerned about their futures date and can
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only ensure that that families if they have and they get a receipt, international protection. so we have to work on all these different aspects of what is important, millions of them they need help. they need our commitment to support them going from one another. busy one to another traffic, and i think it's 5 quickly for with the, with the power bill we'll have a bunch of permanent for the weather bills in the country. what else do we have to do? only in the more than 2200000 afghans who have been refugees for years and people when you bet these people will need to be to stay even
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support for them to be able to continue the mission. and possibly, what is critical wonder can choose like sci fi is also supported by when we support these countries and help them to africa and flood leads. looking for stages rule, i mean a good to speak with you. thanks for your time. now pakistan's army, it says 2 of its soldiers were killed in an attack along the afghan border. the military says attack is from inside afghanistan, fight at a military post in by shower district. pakistan says the retaliated and killed some of the attackers. it is the 1st such as salt, since it's hot bon seas cobble over 2 weeks ago. it comes at a time when thousands of africans are at border crossings, trying to enter pakistan. come on as more from the tor. com border crossing between
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afghanistan and pakistan. both the border door hum, address screened boys that got open idea of lunch rela, our district didn't aren't able to cross into budget on an august i need going to, i want it done or one family wishing to go back to of why there's done are crossing that border, however, that hideous incident along the border and budgets dawn of god condemning that and strong doug saying that dig backdate the president government and the future government of, of don to ensure that these are dag, do not take place. because that would be undertaken, given by that dollar bond, that they will destroy will not be used against any other country. now, also important to know that the air traffic comes to a hard the oil light will be on the border because there is still a lot of wishing to leave the country. some of them may choose to come across into
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budget on and you, the line bordered red budget on a thousands of children have lost their parents in decades of war in afghanistan. many of them now live in orphanages. but there are fears, some of the facilities could now be shut down. charles stafford as this are for from just north of come these children and most of their parents were born into conflicts in war. but many of their fathers and mothers were killed by nato air strikes or in attacks by the taliban. and many of them will be scarred for life. just read a thorough, see where to go every year during eat celebrations. we especially feel the emptiness because he is not here. and when we hear a child call its father, it's very painful. for susan rose williams father was a policeman. he was shot dead by the taliban as a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan, 6 years ago. resort describes how they felt since the taliban took control of his
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town early this month. did that. he will when we see them around, it brings us pain and sadness, but we can't do anything about it. so we have left, a punishment to god sitting next to the brothers is was sillier of body. his dad and 2 of his uncles were killed in a nato as strike 11 years ago. his mother could not cope alone in bringing up his brother and 3 sisters chosen hydrogen. so without a father in law, we didn't have a home to live amos. but here we have a home, i am said, but i don't bet a grudge in my heart in the evenings when it's cool, the boys play crickets on a dusty playing field at the orphanage. 2 sides in team sport. but every one here has similar stories on that piece and a better future i've got to stand has suffered more than 40 years of conflict and
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wore in the country. now it's starting a new chapter, but it's difficult to be optimistic about the immediate future at least. but children like these 56 children are living at the orphanage when it's funded by local donations. about half a girl's not all of them last parents in the war. she's here and maria's father recently died of a heart attack. hello. i want to be a teacher says she's year. i want to teach english, push to math, filled them in to hydrogen. our fears that the taliban won't let us work because of the girls that are here. but the girls and boys are separated from each other. girls are taught by female teachers only. we are afraid that if we change the law, our girls section will be shut down. it's only been says, who is over and it is promised to respect women's rights with his own vision of islam. these children and millions liked them, awaiting to see where the promises of peace and prosperity are. not just empty
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words shall strafford al jazeera, they subs of cornerstone. if you please find mister abbey asked mattie meeting regional leaders as international pressure bills to end the conflict in northern te gray region. as late as trip took him to rolanda, where he met president polka gummy. earlier he met the leader of uganda, president william of 70, the united nation sick to general general. antonio gutierrez is calling on all foreign troops to leave. if you could tell, urged all parties to push for a last thing. see why integration? mama data has this update from neighboring, kenya. we don't know whether the prime minister is any close to agreeing to wall pots with the ticket rebels, something he has been refusing for a while now, despite lot of international pressure on him and the war as a prime minister,
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football refusing to take off the people's liberation from rebels from the the, the ridges thought of organization as something that will pay the way for talks between his government and the rebels who seem top is certain in the past couple of months by the smaller groups in the venetian will go much region as well as the for the all region joining runs with them on 2nd, the war to the government causing even more problems for civilians across the country. and we are seeing a lot of shuttle diploma in the past few days. the president of can you know what the subsidies for the sober kid paid a visit to prime minister i be trying to convince him to hold the stock love to continue. and i was appointed for my gideon president of global fund, or something that's already been rejected by the rebels will calling the african union biased. so at this point in time,
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we do not know whether these talks will be held of total. but that despite all the fighting continues, and many, many people have been uprooted from their homes in the past few months as the war in europe. and in this region they sent up a cabbage and they real and culpable fear that any out all out war in europe, you will have them if occasions flop you want it's borders. zambia as newly elected president is already making some big changes. president, how kind of lame as appointed new military chiefs and replace the all police commissioners you labor says he owes to launch a new era in zambia by restoring the rule of law and respect for fundamental freedoms for me to mila has more from johannesburg, zambia, newly elected president icons here, emma says the new appointments have been made to replace what he calls the previous
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governments. heavy handedness rights groups had criticized his predecessor of cracking down on descent and opposition parties, including at that time now president, lemme, he'd been arrested several times as leader of opposition party the u b n. d. and they also continued to be some tensions during election. earlier this month, on sunday he spoke to church leaders and attendees saying no one would be sent to jail. but criticizing the u. p in the lines government and also that he pans to fix problem areas in the new government, which include tackling poverty, hunger, joblessness, and a lack of business opportunities. regarding the new commanders which include the army and the if was chief, he chill, emma says they should restore the rule of law. and he's also indicated that more changes should be expected. at least 11 people have been killed after 2 boats collided on a river in peruse amazon region. it happened on the whole like
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a river in the northeast. about 60 people were rescued. 9 are missing. a major fire in milan has destroyed a high rise residential building housing about 70 families. local officials say the place started on a high floor and spread to lower levels. all residents were evacuated and non reported to been killed or injured in china, many teachers and education workers have been banned from tutoring students for profit. the government house, the bank will ease the financial pressures on families and reduce the cost of raising a child. katrina, you reports from beijing wolf street, english once old, private tutoring sessions. the chinese students came to improve through extra study . ah, now it's one of more than $1000.00 companies, forced to close their doors. following sweeping education regulation tutoring companies can no longer teach compulsory school subjects teach during school hours
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. not earn a profit. thousands of foreign juices like catherine peterson, has suddenly found themselves redundant. the american has taught english and critical thinking skills in china for 5 years. this is going to impact the industry a lot. and especially now with coven, it's so hard for foreigners to come into the country to. i think it might mean a huge downsizing of the industry. many parents invested in chooses to help their children boost their results in hyper competitive exams known as cow cow that they need to pass to get into universities. but many say john is tutoring industry that was once worth an estimated $140000000000.00 is now decimated. can you shop lost her job as an administrator in one of china's biggest tutoring companies? and is now struggling to find work to sure. yeah, you know, the had is hired, i got his name, is she just because of the huge demand this industry was blooming, but it put a lot of pressure on parents because extra tutoring is not the chinese
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government. her, it's cracked on private shoes or reduce the cost of raising a child and ease pressure on family. china's birth rate is knowing and authorities a desperately trying to encourage couples to have more children. but analysts say this isn't the only goal. authorities also want to encourage investment in more innovative areas of china's i t industries to create greater competition with high tech companies in the west. i amazon the mapping how lee in the space technology is the country. mars budge knows the i t giants in china and they are making money of parents and dieties. but some worry that the government may just lead to a black market in private tutoring. just because the government has banned or is trying to cut back on a certain kind of education, i don't mean that was thought parents from trying to pursue it. the government says
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it's offering support to thousands of people affected by the measures that that may not be enough to help all of those reeling from the shock of seeing that teaching career in china. suddenly at an end, katrina, you out 0 paging. are still ahead on i just in support the day view the world was waiting for details coming up in a few moments. ah . the the who's
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with me oh i found that before. thank you very much. hi them. while lynn l messy has played his 1st match for python sharma,
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the entire legend that came off the bench in what was one of the most highly anticipated debuts of all time. family reports. it was all eyes on leon, l. m. s. c, as parents times your man took on ramps away, football fans were excited to see the legendary arjun time makers. p s g debut from much to their annoyance though messy was done on the bench in the stars. the p. s. g line up didn't do too badly without him. french international killing him back. he put the visitors the head early on. call. kennedy. the 22 year old. been back to the 2nd goal. just past the hour. yeah, the strike nice meeting of the moment. everyone was waiting for leon l messy. finally made his big entrance. he replaced form a boss to learn a teammate, name of a bittersweet moment,
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perhaps in the might deny supported the chance of ever seeing messi. the brazilian unimed pappy inaction on the same team. with a frenchman, linked with an imminent moved around madrid. now that they haven't, nonetheless, the fans did get the chance to see a half an hour cameo from p. s g, a new number 30, in which he did offer some nice touches. and while he didn't school or provide in the city, he did get a personal introduction to french football courtesy of his opponent. the father was so plays the game ended to nil, giving mfc a win on his p s. g debut. is the result that leads them top of the table as they look to regain the title. but moreover, you will think they have a real chance of winning the champions league. so now that they have messy in their wranglers to the who have molly algae 0. and now most the night have broken the premier league record for consecutive away games without losing. and they may be
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have their goal, keep a handful of avi against that we had the sensational phase midway through the 2nd half united fund winner in the a few minutes could be of me when would be fun. cool. one mil 1000 them have gone top of the table on the winning the said street match the thought the season 1st got the point thing to song he'll name just before her son is the only team with the one that the sent winning records that so far to that doesn't mean anything at all, doesn't mean anything honestly and i invite everybody, not only the players, but our fence to dance won't pay attention to that non plantation that. let's keep on working. you still have a long way and want to see aspects to improve on golf and patch a candidate came out on top in an epic battle with a bryce additional bull to win the b m. w. championship. the pair thought of the
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day together, $21.00 on the palm and were locked through us at the final 18 holes in retail for additional mr. for parts, for the title. as the winner with the, the on the 6 extra home between give currently be 6 and final, automatic on the us. why the team a little tired but you know, very, very happy. i mean, i played really well week, you know, at the beginning the week i didn't realize it would take that many 100 bar just for the playoff. but you know, a lot of good shots today and it was just enough formula, one and rain. so belgian gone, he ended with a max of the stop and awarded victory without a single lab of racing. race was initially suspended while drivers were making their way to the starting grid. more than 3 hours later, we saw last just all laps behind the safety car because of the dangerous conditions
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call points were awarded with george russell and his 1st f one podium. and that was hamilton taken. basically, you know, the conditions just became worse and worse from 3 o'clock onwards. so maybe we should start the race at 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock, that will be a bit better, really sorry for the over supposed to out that was on the television, the safety and it was, it was incorrectly check out and i can, i was in 2nd and i couldn't see a single thing. i've been telling everyone, i think they deserve the money back today because we didn't give them a show that wasn't a race, shouldn't be counted the racy the race by the you still get the get the point to be shocking. and as well for me and you back to has them. thanks sena. that is, they go this news. i'll be back in
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a couple of minutes in one day's news. ah, on county, the cool type of sonic missiles can the world of new alms rates as russia takes the lead and missiles that can fly up to 20 times the speed of sound. and rwanda's forces help clear up motion big militants. insurgency will oil, johnson migrant workers for to come to the cost on algebra. frank assessments, by way, it is a lesson against freedom, surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is from market to there was 40 to there was also put soon as the critical debate, the ria gong here. it's not between any other conference here between 34 years re running to keep them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera to know where the fires are and where
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they are going. the greeks look to the skies worrying sign helicopters have been getting close to major towns and cities. this one has just become much bigger. and if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up michelle just behind us on the ground, this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back inevitably of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting. we're trying to give whatever we got, the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything inside i'm a like of us in the south of india and find out call me back in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects. and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife slave. here in vietnam,
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we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global war. rise on our euro. ah . on americas last day in afghan install, a rocket attack that combo airport as the pullout answers its final stage looming, humanitarian crisis in afghanistan, sets in motion a flurry of diplomacy. ah, i haven't think of this is i just live from the house that coming up a ram meeting between top israeli and palestinian leaders of the prime minister natalie bennett, returns from the united states.


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