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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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midst of it's 4th way, things are really bad here. and not cents alone. they couldn't get any energy. and some businesses do have generators. i mean, you could probably hear a few of them in the background, but then you've got people who are relying on their cell phones to communicate with the outside world. they've got no internet because there's no why fi because there's no power. so they're using their phones, that heading emergency services where they all because the 911 lines of be down as well, various points. they're using their phones, but the cellular that works all down in some places as well. so their phones will be searching for signals are going to be doing in the hot temperatures, hot weather, that signal the 2 things that kill batteries very quickly on mobile phones. so they've got limited time and there are people trapped in these homes. so the only way that people can really be discovered is by driving around if you can get them all by from the i. so that's what people are looking for. but for those trap, this is a very dangerous situation. still, even though the storm as well. thanks for all day. stay safe. thanks so much phil laval. so i had an i'll just say up children,
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orphaned by decades of war, enough gonna stand worry about the future. on the bond rule, china cranks down on a multi $1000000000.00, private tutoring industry, putting thousands of jobs at risk formula along like this happened when the belgian grant free without racing a single lack coming up later in the pool. ah hello. there is looking sunny and dry as expected for much of the middle east. an event in the days to come. the temperatures are sitting where we expect them to be for this time of year that they will pick up slightly in guitar over the days to come. we've got some winds blowing in across coastal areas of saudi arabia. and that's kicking out quite a bit of dust,
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creating some hazy sunshine. and by the time we get to wednesday, they'll be a shemelle pushing down through iraq kicking up some of the dust for q 8 for 4 guitar. and for the you a, some more hazy sunshine to come. for the south of this we've got a wind blowing into those coastal areas of amman, keeping things cool. and it's a similar story for yemen. we've got the showers in the west that are going to develop. we could see a storm or 2 and these join up with those showers across ethiopian rift valley. it is looking do i across the central areas of africa, but further west we are seeing the down port for cameroon. and parts of nigeria. we have seen flooding here around coastal areas. we could see more of that in the days to come. but as we move down south to southern africa, it is looking rather fine and dry. lots of sunshine coming through for johannesburg in south africa. it is looking cooler in cape town, the temperature will pick up, but it's going to drop down by the weekend. the who's on county,
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the cause type of sonic missiles and the world of new alms rates as russia takes the lead and missiles that can fly up to 20 times the speed of sound rwandan for this help, clear up motion beats militants. insurgency will oil, johnson migrant workers for to come to the cost analysis here that emma analysis era as morocco records would be impacted with $19.00 the country votes in parliament re election that will shape the future by listening post dissects the media, how they operate, the stories they cover and the reason why the 911 attacks over the world 20 years on the war that followed. that's finally ended and i've got a son. but that's what caught this a didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on afghan, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision. we still make it. germany goes to the poles and elections the the i'm going to merkel replace after 15 years in power.
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what will the result mean for germany and european union september on al jazeera? ah, ah ah, welcome back, watching out just 0 time to recap the headlines now. several rockets have been 5 at cobb lab orders the last us flights take off before tuesdays departure deadline. i saw k says it was behind the attack un security council members a meeting to discuss the continuation of aid efforts in afghanistan separately. the u. s. is holding a virtual meeting with allies and regional partners, turkey and come out to discuss the future of the country. the head of the un refugee agency says as evacuations from cobble come to an end,
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a larger crisis faces millions of afghans who stayed behind decades of conflict. the severe drought and the pandemic of already made life difficult. the u. n. is describing the humanitarian situation. there is catastrophic. it estimates at least a 3rd of afghans of facing hunger. up to half a 1000000 more afghan refugees are expected to seek shelter elsewhere by the end the year. thousands are already crossing land borders into iran and pakistan. some have made it out on evacuation slides. they're being taken in by more than a dozen countries. several of them in europe. route, i mean, is a spokeswoman for the middle east and north africa region with the united nations high commissioner for refugees. she says there are several key issues that need to be addressed immediately. the main concern is the safety of safety from the fighting of the deepening prices from any further bombing. second concern is
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concerned with people who may need to speak safety across the board. and on that we advocate that need to keep open even finally keep the order because that's a right after practice. right? because the 2nd thing that as over the past year, since the beginning was the $50000.00 and up to the lead within the and they have a huge increase in growing we want to be able to stay on the ground to reach these people and to ensure that they are not had not and keep its attention on the needs of the people and a commitment to continue supporting the organization. like the other partner. what
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on the ground to be able to dance at such a great pakistan's army says 2 of its soldiers were killed in an attack along the afghan border. the military size attack is from inside afghanistan. 5 minutes reposed him by jove, district focused on, says, retaliated and killed some of the attackers. it's the 1st such assault since the taliban sees cobble over 2 weeks ago and come to the time when thousands of afghans are at border crossings, trying to enter focused on come on high that has the latest from the focus on afghan border. this is progress on major border crossing i dot com. as you can see, that dollar bond have now taken for additions on the other side. their flag gets flying high. and on the other side, you can see those off on who are trying to return to budget on or off, and you want to go back to on it on that situation. it calm and quiet budget on
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said that visit or humanity area and gesture to allow people to be able to cross the border into august on many have relative. go ahead and up august on your target date. i've got one percent signal that it is business as usual. if i get on the military spokesman, major general barbara, if the car duration on the on board, it normally isn't the 1st time and that this particular bar day. now quite as you can see, there is no records, there's no rush people are walking in and organized manner, but this is also the lifeline to i've done. it is true, discarded. all that fun. if don had the logistic, a lifeline, all it's angelica more days. have to go into this country to budget on and budget on of god for years as been a major supply line for the one s, dawn, thousands of children have lost their parents in decades of war in afghanistan.
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many of them live in orphanages. but the rough is some of the facilities could now be shut down. child stratford said this report from just north of campbell. these children and most of their parents were born into conflict in war. many of their fathers and mothers were killed by nato air strikes or in attacks by the taliban. and many of them will be scarred for life. just read a thorough, see where to go every year during eat celebrations. we especially feel the emptiness because he is not here. and when we hear a child call its father, it's very painful. for susan rose, one's father was a policeman. he was shot dead by the taliban as a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan, 6 years ago. resort describes how they felt since the taliban took control of his town earlier this month. did that. he will when we see them around, it brings us pain and sadness, but we can't do anything about it. so we have left,
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a punishment to god sitting next to the brothers is was sillier of body. his dad and 2 of his uncles were killed in a nato as strike 11 years ago. his mother could not cope alone in bringing off his brother and 3 sisters, chosen hydrogen. so without a father, we didn't have a home to live amos. but here we have a home, i am said, but i don't bet a grudge in my heart in the evenings when it's cool, the boys play crickets on a dusty playing field at the orphanage. 2 sides in teams sport. but every one here has similar stories on that piece and a better future i've got to stand has suffered more than 40 years of conflicts and was in the country now. it's starting a new chapter, but it's difficult to be optimistic about the immediate future at least. but children like these 56 children are living at the orphanage and it's funded by
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local donations. about half a girl's not all of them last parents in the war. she's here and maria's father recently died of a heart attack. hello. i want to be a teacher says she's year. i want to teach english push to math filter, move her to cottage in our fears that taliban won't let us work because of the girls that are here. but the girls and boys are separated from each other. girls are taught by female teachers. only. we are afraid that if we change the law, our girls section will be shut down. it's only bomb says who is over and it is promised to respect women's rights with his own vision of islam. these children and millions like them a waiting to see where the promises of peace and prosperity are not just empty words shall strafford al jazeera, they subs of cornerstone for the 1st time in
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a decade. palestinians and israelis have held high level talks. palestinian president mahmud bass spoke to israel's defense minister benny gans more than 2 hours in ramallah. gans says they discuss security and the economy of the occupied west bank and gaza. the meeting follows is ready. prime minister nestali bennett's visit to the us where he met with president joe biden. natasha, what aim is in west jerusalem? prime minister, natalie bennett, is already down playing the meeting. he's saying there was no quote diplomatic process with the palestinians, nor will there be one huh. the group that governs the gaza strip is condemning the meeting, say that is or characterizing it as a political failure. we've reached out to the palestinian authority or the p. a for comment. we have yet to hear back from them. it's this meeting is happening as there are nightly protesting clashes between palestinians in the gaza strip and
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israeli soldiers since last week to palestinians have been killed. and israeli soldier shot in the head. anger is simmering over the fact that israel has been slow to allow desperately needed aid and reconstruction materials into the gaza strip. so while there might be a pivot in terms of engagement, been a decade since mahmoud abbas, the president of the palestinian authority, has met with such a high level member of the israeli government. do not expect a pivot in terms of policy. rather, it's in keeping with what this new government in power since june has said it would do. the syrian government forces are increasing a tax on the southern city of data activists that posted these images showing the moment missiles hit, one of the main mosques in a residential neighborhood. thousands of people have fled. the heavy shelling in the past few days. city was put under a blockade in june off the residence refused to surrender weapons in our forces to
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such houses. the un nuclear watchdog says it has evidence. north korea has restarted its main reactor. analysts believe it may be a tactic for future talks with the us, but worn a new approach will be needed under chappelle reports. without inspectors in north korea, dia relies on satellite images. using these it says is detected a discharge of cooling water at the main nuclear plants and young beyond. and that suggests the reactor is operating. if the latest findings are correct, the you and nuclear watchdog set, it's a deeply troubling development and it's believe young beyond react to produce plutonium for north korean nuclear arsenal. in the past, the white house says the a report underscores the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy. whatever warmer relations that appear to be cultivated under former president donald trump seemed to have grown cold under his successor joe biden. as u. s. military exercises were held with the south. unfortunately,
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the biden administration has been slow off the mark on the north korea file. of course, they were dealing with the renewal of the strategic reduction pd with russia, which happened in february. the resumption of talks with iran on the comprehensive plan of action by thing with it. and also there were draws from of, not just on. so these are a number of important programs. but unfortunately, it seems that the united states traditional position has not changed the all demand for complete irreversible verifiable. disarmament of north korea's nuclear program has never worked at is not likely to work to subject of consternation and negotiation for decades. young beyond the heart of north korea's nuclear program, it's cooling tower was famously destroyed in 2008 as part of an international drive to dismantle parts of the program. in exchange for relief from sanctions, the following year, north korea kicked monitors out. nearly a decade later,
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kim jung own offered to dismantle young john in return for the same concessions. the trump administration rejected the offer that would have left came with other reactors in secret sites, not to mention possible nuclear weapons. weapons i would give north korea leverage, right. and they've got, you know, 30 and 20 or a 100 instead of, you know, 50 or whatever. we don't know how many they have been this, give them more bargaining chips when eventually you go station take place by apparently allowing the world to see this new activity at young. beyond the north korean leader may be signaling he's ready to talk and are chappelle al jazeera. if he has 5 minutes to abby, i met his meeting regional leaders as international pressure builds to end the conflict in the north and to grow region his life. this trip took him to rwanda, where he met president polk army. earlier he met the leader of uganda president, where the most of the united nations secretary general and tony with that she's calling on all foreign troops. levy c o u quoterush urged all parties to push for
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a last thing, sees fire into gray van b as new. the like to president is made sweeping changes. their president, hacker in the july was appointed new military chiefs and replaced all police commissioners. the president says he hopes to launch a new era in zambia by restoring the rule of law and respect for fundamental freedoms. for me, the miller has more from johannesburg, zombie as newly elected president icons his. lemme says, the new appointments have been made to replace. what he calls the previous governments. heavy handedness rights groups had criticized his predecessor, in lieu of cracking down on descent and opposition parties, including at that time now president teacher. lemme, he'd been arrested several times as leader of opposition party the u. p. n. d. and they also continued to be some pensions during election. earlier this month on sunday, he spoke to church leaders and attendees saying no one would be sent to jail,
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criticizing the u. p in the alliance government and also that he pants to fix the problem areas the in the new government, which include tackling poverty, hunger, joblessness, and a lack of business opportunities regarding the new commanders which include the army and the it was chief who chill. emma says they should restore the rule of law, and there's also indicated that more changes should be expected of a single country in the world is using let it petrol any more. algeria was the last to provide the products ending sales in july. it's a combination of a 19 year campaign by the u. n. environment program. initially let if you was used to more than a 100 nations, mostly in low income countries, be un says eliminating it prevents 1200000 premature death. because let a few illustrate in a nutshell the kind of mistakes that humanity has been making at every level along the side who's the kind of mistakes that have brought us to the triple planetary
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crisis. the crisis climate change, the crisis bite of us to last, and the crisis of pollution. in china, many teachers and education workers have been banned from tutoring students. so profit. the government hopes the band will ease financial pressure on families and reduce the cost of raising a child. katrina, you reports from beijing wolf street english once old, private tutoring session to chinese students. he knew improved through extra study . ah, now it's one of more than $1000.00 companies, forced to close their doors. following sweeping education regulation tutoring companies can no longer teach compulsory school subjects teach during school hours . not earn a profit. thousands of foreign juices like catherine peterson, has suddenly found themselves redundant. the american i taught english and critical thinking skills in china for 5 years. this is going to impact the industry
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a lot. and especially now with coven, it's so hard for foreigners to come into the country to. i think it might mean a huge downsizing of the industry. many parents invested and chooses to help their children boost their results in hyper competitive exams known as cow cow that they need to pass to get into universities. but many say john is tutoring industry that was once worth an estimated $140000000000.00 is now decimated. can you shop lost her job as an administrator in one of china's biggest tutoring companies and is now struggling to find work? sure, yeah, you know, the had hired to go visit him issues or just because of the huge demand this industry was blooming, but it put a lot of pressure on parents because extra tutoring is not the chinese government. it's cracked on private tutoring, reduce the cost of raising a child and ease pressure on family. china's birth rate is lowing and authorities
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a desperately trying to encourage couples to have more children. but analysts say this isn't the only goal. authorities also want to encourage investment in more innovative areas of china's i. t industries to create greater competition with high tech companies in the west. amazon the nothing. how lee in the space technology is the country mars budge knows the i t giants in china and they are making money of parents and dieties. but some worry that the government may just lead to a black market in private tutoring, just because the government has banned or is trying to cut back on a certain kind of education. and i don't mean that was thought parents from trying to pursue it. the government says it's offering support to thousands of people affected by the measures, but that may not be enough to help all of those really from the shock of seeing that teaching career in china. suddenly at an end,
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katrina you are the 0 aging sport is next to now this era including one of the most talks about dave youth in football, history details coming up in a few moments a the news news news
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with me. ah ah ah, i bought bands that catch up on the game, his lia thinks sammy will. leonor messy as i'm sure, you know, as played his 1st match for parasite as your mom, the origin time legend came back off the bench and what was one of the most highly anticipated debuts of all time. so hell malik report it was all eyes on leon l m s
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. c, as parents time man took on ran away football, found we're excited to see the legendary argent time makers. p. s g debut on much to their annoyance though messy was done on the bench in the stars. the p. s. g line up didn't do too badly without him. french international killing him back me put the visitors the head early on. kennedy the 22 year old vin, back to the 2nd. go just past the hour. yeah, the strike nicely king of the moment. everyone was waiting for the leon l messy. finally made his big entrance. he replaced the form of barcelona teammate nima. a bittersweet moment perhaps might deny, supported the chance of ever seeing messi, the brazilian unimed pappy inaction on the same team. with the frenchman, linked with an eminent,
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moved around madrid. having nonetheless the fans did get the chance to see half an hour cameo from p. s. g, a new number 30 in which he did offer some nice touches. and while he didn't school or provide and he did get a personal introduction to french football courtesy of his opponent, the father was hopeless. the game ended to new giving methods when on his p s. g debut is the result that leads them top of the table as they look to regain the title. but moreover, you will think they have a real chance of winning the champions league. so now that they have messy in their wranglers to the, to have molly algae 0 to golf. and patrick catley came out on top in an epic battle with bryce edition bo, to win the b m. w. championship. the pair started the day together at $21.00 under par, and were neck and neck to the last 18 holes in the play off to shun bo. missed 4 puts for the title as kindly emerged as the winner with
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a birdie on the 6th extra. i'm a little tired but you know, very, very happy. i mean, i played really well week, you know, at the beginning the week i didn't realize it would take that many 100 par just for the playoff. but i had, you know, a lot of good shots today and it was just enough. well, louis hamilton has come out criticising formula one over the aborted belgian grand prix, saying it was a farce. how officials ran the rained out event. the race was initially suspended, while drivers were making their way to the starting grid. more than 3 hours later, the restart lasted just for laps behind the safety car because of the dangerous condition, mac for stop and was awarded the victory without a single lap of racing. half points were awarded george russell earning for the 1st f, one f o d m, and louis hamilton. well, he took the 3rd basically, you know, the conditions just became worse and worse from 3 o'clock onwards. so maybe we
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should start the race at 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock, that will be a bit better, really sorry for the over supposed to out that was on the television safety and it was, it was incorrectly check out and i can, i was in 2nd and i couldn't see a single thing. i've been telling everyone i think they deserve the money back today because we didn't give them a show that wasn't a race, shouldn't be counted the race either race by the you still get the get the point. so it's hard to be choking. well, that's all your sport for now, but we'll have another show for you coming up in the 18 g, but hand you back over to semi bank some months near from me as well. so this news our bug, i'm back in a moment with another full bullets and how they will get you something coming up in
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the future ration enough. ah, news news. news. news. countries like 9 people have been killed to be when the united states have privatized the ultimate public war. this was a deal with saudi arabia. things were done differently. saudis, and other areas, when they came to britain to be all, to help the moms deals. you'll rumsfeld was meeting saddam, is it that interesting? there? i am. shadow on al jazeera, me,
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the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take, great people with the racial fund has killed thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon or for those who managed across the border. se, if not because they have improved back home, they say to continue to be targeted because many of these are being reported and all they come to taking refuge conditions here. last time, idea in 1085 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you've gone solve the problem by removing the guy, you could keep that 36 years on a family's quest for justice. reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. and must all be convicted for taking my father away from me and exposes the influence,
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the former a part i just stablished, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this of people empower investigation on al jazeera, the. ready news tensions. hi and i saw rocket attack targets cobble lab pulled ahead of the deadline to all of us forces from us gamma stan diplomacy takes center stage plan being worked on to address the living humanitarian crisis unfolding enough can i.


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