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suddenly at an end, katrina, you are the 0 of ok? no. on the italian island of sicily has wrapped it again, sending ash and lava into the air. mount aetna is the largest of italy's 3. active volcanoes is last routed in february. the display could be seen by a residence in the nearby city of catania. ah, time let's take you through some of the headlines we're following here now to sierra. the un security council meeting to discuss, i've gotten a stan draft resolution calls on with holly bonds, to keep its promise on upholding human rights. and also urges the group to allow civilian and agency safe passage. once foreign forces leave several rockets have been 5 at cobble international airport as the last us flight
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take off before tuesdays departure deadline. i fouquet says it was behind the attack. the pentagon is promising to take action against the group at approximately 11 pm eastern time. last night, as many as 5 rockets were fired at the football airport, u. s. military forces successfully employed our force protection measures to thwart that attack. us forces retain the inherent right of self. busy defense in are authorized to meet threats with a swift and forceful response. people on the u. s. gulf coast on waking up to damaged homes, flooded streets and no electricity. that's off the hurricane, either made land full near new orleans as a category for storm late on sunday. either has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, but full cost as a warning. the danger isn't over. the world health organization is wanting another
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230000 people could die from cove in 19 in europe. this year it follows an 11 percent increase in the number of deaths across the region, past week palestinian and israeli leaders of held high level talk for the 1st time in a decade. president mahmud, i spoke to israels defense minister ben gans for over 2 hours in ramallah gan says they discussed economic and security cooperation. syrian government forces are increasing attacks on the southern city of that are activists that posted these images showing the moment miss l hits one of the main, the mosques in the residential neighborhood, the un atomic and g agency says north korea appears to have restarted a nuclear reactor the site is able to produce weapons, grade plutonium. the us says urgent dialogue is needed to the nuclear eyes, the korean peninsula. it's counting the cost. now.
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news, news, news, news. news, news, clark, this is county the call center algebra. you'll look at the world of business and economics, and this week piper sonic missiles can the, well, the virtual new arms race. russia takes the lead in the new technology. it can evade conventional defenses and can fly at 20 times. the speed of sound. also this week, rwandan forces help clear up moves and beats militant insurgency will oil, johnson migrant workers returned to the gas rich fields in the north of the country
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where in tuscany home to leave cultural hotline has also become a target of organized crime. and then behind a toxic legacy. ah, so president vladimir putin dubbed the invincible and with good reason, russia knew hypersonic missile can travel at 7 times the speed of sound. and can hit a target before existing missile systems have time to react its technology as well . beating with united states months away from a comparable missile. that's talking to the miss all is nato aircraft carriers. and if a nuclear warhead is attached, it would only require one missile to knock out the carrier a week or so later. earlier this month, putin inspected a prototype lightweight, still fight a plane. the plane comparable to checkmates has it's known, is the u. s. built f $35.00, causing more geo political headaches for the penitent. moscow hopes to sell a single seat, a radar. evading fighter to india,
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the united arab emirates into vietnam, priced at about $30000000.00, is cheaper than the $120000000.00 f. 35 and could open up new markets. i'm selzer a key part of moscow is pushed to increases. geopolitical clouds from the middle east to africa. russia is no longer receive power, having seated any pretence to that claim with the collapse of the soviet union. it lacks the global reach of the united states, but is still ranked as a world's number to military power. if a good reason, it continues to be a major concern to western powers and close european neighbors is demonstrated its ability to project force abroad with its deployments of forces to syria and where it can't directly send troops. moscow still managed to reshape battlefields through messen reason, the ukraine, libya, and central african republic. or russia's military expenditure increased by 2 and a half percent in 2020 to reach almost $62000000000.00, putting it behind india,
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china and the united states. that's according to the home international piece. research institute. russia is the 2nd biggest exporter of conventional weapons with 20 percent of the market. the united states maintains its lead with 37 percent. and despite the pandemic military sell held up according to the moscow times, its order book remained at a level of $50.00 to $55000000.00. in 2020, in 20192018. russia received orders for its weapons were $51000000000.00 and $55000000000.00, respectively. all right, let's get some analysis with dmitri stefan, which joins me now from moscow by stripe dimitris. define of, it's welcome to counting the cost. so 1st up, the, the technical challenge with hypersonic weapons is enormous, isn't it? how's russia managed to get ahead of the game here? in russian case we have invested a lot or even during the harshest year, so the 90 to thousands in the strategic weapons. and now it's paid off, while in other countries probably there were not the investments were not as stable
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as rush in case. and now the important factor is that the, well, we must understand that hypersonic weapons are not but new actual research should date, decades ago. so probably now what we get, what we've got during the last decades last year says that we actually achieve the reliable systems due to materials due to the hardened electronics you to communication. so things like that. why is russia developing this technology? the reason for rapid investments in the of in the vase in sick is actually us withdrawal from the abm treaty to the limit of missile defenses and hyper sonic weapons. i considered as a good tool to overcome any foreseeable michel defenses or take on me. so defense assets on a, dr. go scale. and now the reason why probably there was some speed up and deployment of for not yet will develop systems,
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is the general iteration of military political situation. because a despite all declaim, saw, like rush and aggression, and the greatest things like that. the actual reason for that is the russian sense of will not be with you, russian sense of meal dream theater. that it could be, would you solve for the u. s. central with some other states. sure, evidently is a dangerous weapons. what needs to be done to ensure there isn't any proliferation in this technology? i'm afraid that if we speak about proliferation, as in the development all this weapons in other countries or selling those, the only tool to do is to strengthen. they exist an expert control regimes like they've missed out acknowledging control regime and probably some other instruments . and i remind everyone that russia will be ahead of the m pcr over the michelle technology control regime. the next had in 20212022. and i'm looking forward to see
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saw my initiatives that might address hypersonic work, but as well, on the other hand, it is impossible to limit their national developments in this field. and the probably, if we country, if the so that country will believe that these type of weapons are necessary to achieve, to ensure the security. but what about this is that checkmate fighter that we were just talking about? it's that is a real door opener to market to the check. my fighter is developed to actually help 3rd countries and cons better security and also enhances the are relatively cheap without wasting too much resources a. and at least this is the idea. it remains to be seen whether the check made will actually fly both in terms of flying as an airplane flying as a project bought, i believe that the varies. there are reasons for some caution subdomains,
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because as well definitely there is no comparable offer on the market at all because we have the f 35 single engine generation jed, but it is expensive and as any us weaponry, it comes with a set of 4. well, well, if you go obligations, something like that, and hyper on a weapons, old fighter jets, the straight out rule for russia is very important and most indeed than it's oil and agriculture exports. if we speak about the weapons today, export contracts also contribute to the well to the well being of the russian meal, 3 industry. because obviously you can sell weapons abroad for great prices, then you need to sell them to the national armed forces. now what about afghanistan? russia and not a superpower, but it certainly wields a great deal of influence. and the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan will be perceived as a great victory for the great of answer. russia went, well,
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i can't agree that there is a victory or advantage for russia because in the and we have another hold sport. well, it was there for a while, but now we're getting a quarter near borders border so far our allies within the a c. s. t o the collect the security threats organization within our partners of the c o corporation organization. and it also leads to a number of possible disagreements with india we spoke is donnelly's a china, which are all very important for russia and international policy. and actually, russian calling as well, so i wouldn't painted as in like black and white. don't like bad for you as good for russia. it's much more complicated. although, of course, russia tries to be a break to fin, called doug. so we get this then, and the early a new leadership in august, and russia try to keep things manageable,
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but it remains to be seen who will be they, who will get the advantage until they say, greatest iteration. indeed, i just great to get your analysis. dmitri, the front of it, thank you very much. thank you. it was a pleasure. ah, no investigated, say one of the most powerful criminal organizations has been dumping thousands of tons of toxic waste and it's allegedly being left. and one of the countries my scenic regions from tuscany is that i'm ready on the edge of a farm. and tuscany, environmental police check for toxic run off from a leather tannery water treatment plant. it looks clear now that solid i but this officer says until recently this plant was releasing waste into the river . this is only asking, the commander shows us footage of the same river. he says it shows have in brown
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get her one of italy's most powerful criminal organizations allegedly dump tons of toxic waste from leather plants. and he showed us how they allegedly buried toxic mud under highways across tuscany. a wealthy area of italy considered far removed from historic mafia strongholds in the south, and only indulging a complex say, it's a complex investigation going on 3 years now. we charge people with various crimes for taking part in a criminal conspiracy that's, that's aggravated by dealing with the mafia trafficking waste, including the environment. the police say suspects pocketed tens of millions of euros to clean up the byproducts of italy's letter, industry by products that include heavy metals that can cause cancer. we drove by the tannery with mighty or recently who worked in a leather plants for more than 45 years. when i'm interesting, they started, pollution has always been common. the problem is the mud and ash the byproduct from
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the tannery should be treated and made harmless to use as landfill. but they didn't do that. i asked mattie or for this pollution was an open secret here to show green . i mean, pollution and cancer have always been considered a necessary evil. but that's the job. the tannery sit at the top of the food pyramid. it highways like this one that cut across the landscape of wineries and small farms where the waste was buried. we're here long and embankment where investigators found toxic waste buried under the highway. they took soil samples and coveted backup with his sharp. police say they've found 10 such sites across tuscany, but they acknowledge there may be dozens of others across the region since we met with citizens groups who are pushing local officials to give them answers. we have a 1000 tons of dangerous, but serial. we know exactly what it is made off any it's exactly there.
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so we are really very care mafia expert. renata scalia has repeatedly warned tuscan authorities voltage. i've been more than 2 years. we've been raising the alarm to the mafia here in tuscany, but it falls on deaf ears. the conventional wisdom says we shouldn't raise the issue because it's seen a smearing tuscany honor, and reputation. a reputation and more importantly, in environment. now, in need of being cleaned up. well, only this month of force including rwandan troops captured the ports of mockingbird . prior from mister surgeon's could be a turning point in the 4 year insurgency, which was crippled motion, biggs, gas, rich north has foreign companies evacuated their stuff over that time, thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displaced . catherine, so i has this report these are soldiers from was in big and wonder in the port city of may seem what da, prior the region in north and muslim bix cobbled l data province was the last
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stronghold of an armed group locally known as also about the fighters had used it to launch attacks across the province since 201712000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. the soldiers, he r updates, the commander said will now take less than a month to complete the offensive, and then tie a province of the enemy. how about was this most in what they put on? as you have seen along the way, most of the enemy, our kids, we have killed along the way. so as i have disappeared in the 40, we are now planning to pass through doors to enemy pocket along. bo was them because been struggling to fight against the armed group, which is believed to have ties with. i saw the town of paul, my 80 kilometers away is a scene of the most recent major. a talk fighters laid siege for days in march,
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killing several people, and causing many to free from their homes. it was one of several at hawks that was planned for me was seen what the prior. so the town falling back into the hands of government forces is a strategic victory. wanda deployed its troops in july to help more than big national army. the enemy was estimated to be between the $28000.00. but he was put in a model. whoops, yeah, so. busy course on in the 4th over the ground. it is very important because it is hard to go over the terrorists. many people i feel afraid to go home and continue to leave rough uncomfortably displeased when i said i do not. we did not cause the conflict. we are suffering what is without knowing the cause. we are just ordinary citizen and when i was, am becomes in this region rich in oil, gas and other minerals, say they want peace,
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they want to rebuild their towns, and they hope the troops will keep them safe enough to go back home. well, what little is known about the rise of the islamist and says he has been attributed to inequality and the lack of jobs in a region which is expected to deliver $100000000000.00 in gas revenue in the coming decades. ironically, the insurgency started after a $2000000000.00 loan scandal came to light in 2016 for one of the poorest countries that represents 12 percent of g d, p. and according to independent development institute c, m, i, the scandal may have cost the country, at least 11000000000, nearly the countries in tar 2016 g d p is estimated the almost 2000000 people have been pushed into poverty. the off budget military spending involve companies that were partly owned by mose. i'm big security forces. $500000000.00 was to be spent on patrol aircraft boats and radars, $200000000.00 was to pay middleman. $1300000000.00 has still not been accounted for
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. and that's the starting point of our analysis with jasmine argument. jasmine is in africa analyst at north 14 strategies as technical based think type of joins us now from pretoria. jasmine, our 1st up, has anyone being held to account for this missing money? no, no one is going to be. no one has been held the count and i don't speak, we must expect that it will be quite soon already. it seems flag the extradition orders on hold. we must keep in mind. they are high profile people linked to this case. so there is a question mark over what will happen next with those that have been arrested and whether indeed he will face justice. a good question, i mean, all eyes are now on the motion beacon judicial system. and i think that's where the problem lies. both from shot africa and the united states is healthy at trial. it
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will be when it comes to be people being involved and will be used as a diversion from those that actually benefited from a massive amounts of money that started the downward spiral from mozambique and financial position. i do not think at the end of the day, we all go truly see that day will be a conclusive judgment and prosecution and incarceration. all those that benefit that just like we have seen for the past. how many years you know that be with organized crime, it is really big for refinement, finance, minister who's, who's in the frame. and the concern, as you say, is that he could get off lightly compared to what might happen if he would say, extradited united states, where investors will conduct a millions of dollars. yes. correctly. and i think that is why i think though, issue of united states comes down to diplomatic relations between shut african
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united states between most and big in the united states and been also shot united states. and those names being mentioned and companies involve thomas exposure. do the action you want in terms of the benefits that obviously would have gone to specific individuals. and as far as the ongoing violence is concerned most and make cause part of the south african southern african development community. yeah, the president was slow to get military support from some historians, allies likes, and bob were in south africa. why was that? i do believe that we need to realize they walk on to me at play. we need to understand that they are contracts with boss amounts of money at play. we need to understand that, carbo doubt, god, who has the story called conflicts of b shows, gaining from organized crime syndicates. so by involving said it by getting
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control, it has to be accompanied by accountability. how much is the government willing to accept responsibility for what they have contributed to the forgotten cob del garden? and i do not see a shift in that mindset. i do see a shift that development is needed, that when that they need to look at just certain crucial aspects in terms of bringing people back to the land. but in terms of accepting responsibility and accountability, we seen the government in my put to sol reluctant in putting the costs on the table . dimensions. rwanda, what do they get from this? i think one must start off by saying that they've made a difference jayce, but they've made a difference on what i call the low hanging fruits. that is to say the areas we
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expect have been to move in. but if you look at the deployments each all palma muslim border prior, although non gaudy, can be added now with the 10s indian border that clearly the g sector and the security core ido, group gains paramount importance. hinge, we going back to france and we gain back to the stronger, more than likely is contributing excessively to the financial deployment in cobb l god to with intending to get the l. a. g total of 26 percent interest in this drawing as quickly as possible. and what that expanding strange interest and that isn't undeniable reality. secondly, ad crucial aspect is how this plays into the audience in one day.
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immediately had journalist accompany them immediately. they were reports on the successes, they have gained excess of numbers to start off with. i see that down playing the numbers now, but base also a message back home of idea, faint force in control capable of dealing with a situation where and work that ball string, the position of president, gama. and it's interesting, you mentioned processes, because the comparison, we can look at frances counterinsurgency efforts in this a whole which actually have to, you could say that violence is increase. what i guess, if you look at to hell and they're trying to withdraw, and it is not as easy, and if you look it up garnished on just to throw that into this whirlpool of political agendas and interest. but if you look at, in terms of stepping into saw hell was quite easy, stepping out, he's not that easy. so for france to make in years all grew wanda and i did,
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i hate the word proxy as he does connotations, but late use the word proxy for the lack of a better word without any direct involvement. gives thing that need breach of behind the scenes pressure influence and leave each other than the most bacon government which stole prioritize the l. n. g sector as an important economic development which it is, but not the way it was done. the last 34 years. just went overman, appreciate that. thank you. it's a pleasure now to high profile sexual assault cases have brought to china as me to the movement back into the spotlight. chinese canadian popstars chris wu is under investigation after being accused of rape follows an outcry over an alleged assault of the tech jauntily baba to treat a year reports now from aging. video of
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a woman protesting in her workplace canteen was viewed hundreds of millions of times. in chinese social media, the employee of tech giant alibaba had been silenced after accusing her boss of raping her during business trip last month. security cameras recorded her supervisor entering her tell her several times. the women took the social media after management failed to act. alibaba, human resources team or slow and indifferent, they didn't take you to seriously. i was shocked because alibaba is such a big, famous company, but i'm also used to it because these incidents happen again and again in public outrage around the case prompted a police investigation. alibaba slide the many question, and also several executives for miss handling her complaint. the incident came the week after the arrest of chinese canadian celebrity chris lou, the pop singer, actor and variety showed judge has been accused of luring under age women for sex.
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more than a dozen brands, including louis the tall and portia have severed ties with ruth, and they have been cause for him to be deported. both incidents have turned to spotlight on cases of sexual assault and misconduct in chinese workplaces. it's also given birth to the countries me to movement, which has been stifled by authorities in recent years. here's the concerns of sparking social unrest. the might is wouldn't rights activist who is detained in 2015 for protesting about sexual harassment on public transport. she says women working for chinese companies often suffer harassment and are forced to drink during business events. alibaba has a serious problem. i would say there's a culture of haunting women or using women as sexual resources. this phenomenon also exists in many of the big companies state enterprises and even n g o c d 's. in recent years, china has introduced laws dealing with domestic violence and sexual misconduct. but
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active is said they're poorly defined and difficult to enforce. police are often reluctant to interfere with what are traditionally seen as private matters. alibaba says it's reviewing company guidelines and has set up an emergency hotline for employees rights group. say they hope the alibaba and chris were scandals will encourage more victims to come forward. and for employers to change their work cultures, that is i'll show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything you've seen, you can tweak me, clark, al, jazz, please use a hash tag, a j, c, c o, drop us an email, come to the cost at al jazeera dot net is our address, as plenty more online at 0 dot com slash cdc. that will take you straight to our page, which is entirely new to catch up. but that's it for this edition of kind of the cost i'm to clog and the whole team. thanks for joining us. the news on algebra. ah
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news news. news, news. news. stories that need to be tow signed away and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perception. witness documentary but change the way on al jazeera. i'm the like of us in the south of india and find out call me back in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus. west, across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the
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call for an end to the global wild. rise on al jazeera ah al jazeera as a you ah, all ah tensions. hi and i so rocket attack targets, car lab pulled ahead of the deadline to withdraw us forces. diplomacy takes center stage plans being worked on to address the looming, humanitarian crisis unfolding. enough chemist i i'm sorry to say that.


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