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conservation process on al jazeera part of the time. both must always love. we are the was reveling the extra mile there are the media, don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sammy say that this is the news out live from dell coming off in the next 60 minutes. tensions hi and i saw rocket attack targets cobble laugh old ahead of the deadline to withdraw us forces from us. can the stan diplomacy take center, stage plans being worked on to address the looming humanitarian crisis in the
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country? and also i had a stock message to europe, the w h. i was as many as 2 136000 people die from cove at 900. by the end of the year, the global nuclear watchdog raises the alarm over north korea, believing its restarted operations and its main reactor. and i'm we harding with sports. it's all smiles at paris danger, mom, after the eagerly awaited the view of little messy, more on that later in the news. our ah, us evacuations are in the final hours. is it winds down it's 20 a mission in afghanistan, the pentagon has announced a 122000 people have been flown out in the biggest air lift in us history. the last few flights take off from cobble, several rockets were fired towards the airport. early on monday,
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i saw the affiliates in afghanistan says it is responsible. there was in fact, after we took this air strike against this vehicle. there were rocket attacks, indirect fire rocket attacks on the airport. so the threat stream is still real, it's still active. and in many cases it's still specific and we're taking it very seriously. and we will right up until the end of the us. troops are among the last international forces to leave, and while huge numbers of afghans have been flown out, many who want to leave are stranded. the un security council is planning to vote soon on a resolution that would increase pressure on the taliban to keep granting people safe passage out the country. a draft seen by al jazeera also calls for the rights of women, children, and minorities to be respected. we have 3 correspondence covering whole developments across afghan. san christian salumi is live at the united nations to give us more details on what's being discussed there for the latest on the ground
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in cobble. we have rob mcbride 1st says take you to alan fisher. he's at the white house who addressed that pentagon briefing, which took place a few hours ago. so these are the final as alan of the us evacuation, i made more rocket 5. what are us officials saying about this? well, joe biden is being briefed on a constant basis by his national security team here at the white house. he's being kept up to date with the final hours of us involvement in afghanistan. there was that rocket attack. as you say, 3 of the rockets did not land in the airport perimeter one did and cause no damage . the other was intercepted by the us military's rocket detecting system and managed to knock out of the sky. clearly, everyone here in the united states, particularly the white house and the pentagon, were really just like to wake up and went in the morning and find out that this operation is over. that managed to get out as many people as they could. and that
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there has been no part or loss of life because undoubtedly the loss of 13 marines on friday was on thursday was a black day for the, for the vice president state. so they would like to get the end of this process. and clearly they believe that they are doing all they can. essentially what is happening now is what they call the retro great the, the sensually moving out all military equipment and all the, the, the soldiers who have been there up until the last moment to get them out of the country by the dead light. what is interesting is that the us says along with other countries around the world, they have an agreement with the taliban that after august, the 31st people with the correct paperwork, the like us citizens, us green cardholders. those have been given immigrant visas and others from around the world. if they have the proper papers, then the taliban will let them leave. what the say is that they've got to trust the taliban at this point. let me rephrase that. they're not using the word trust,
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they've got to believe what the taliban are saying at that point, but they approach with a great deal of skepticism. they want to see the taliban follow through on this. and jim sullivan, who is the national security advisor, says the us has leverage. they know that the taliban wants international aid international recognition and he believes available. those can be used to make sure that the taliban stands by his word and this cycle that we've seen increase in the last few days of iso and us rocket attacks only under schools. the question of what sort of intervention will be us maintain after it withdraws its troops and how much coordination will there be with a ton of all over it? well, i think what is clear is that the u. s. might be ending its mission over in afghanistan in the next few hours, but it's not ending its involvement. it continues to say that it will carry out what it costs over the horizon missions, if it believes there's any threat to americans or the american whole month that
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will be in the form of joint strikes or air strikes. perhaps even special forces if that is required. so how much coordination will there be with the taliban? well, one expert said to me that that's simply not going to happen. it's just not realistic . it's far too complicated. they think that the taliban and i still enough got done, have too many links, that there are too many commonalities, that they won't be sharing evidence with information with the taliban before they decide to launch any future attacks. join kirby, the pentagon spokesman, was asked about that and use that while we're talking about future involvement. that's a high, pathetically, but it's not a hypothetical because they've been working with the taliban over the last week or so. since campbell fell to make sure that the operation at the airport continued to go the way it was going the also what with the taliban to provide security on the outskirts of the airport. so it's not actually a hypothetical, but it would be massively complicated for the us to try and evolve the taliban. we
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saw the taliban criticize the joint strike on the iso leader that the u. s. targeted over the weekend and also the drug strike that targeted. what it said was a car bomb and ended up killing. we believe innocent civilians and the, the taliban absolutely condemned that. they went informed in advance and that could well be the pattern going forward that the us will decide when it thinks that there's a threat to americans or the american home line with no consultation with the taliban. essentially what they're doing is saying, we're done with i've got this done unless we want to get involved. all right, i'm going to thank you very much for the outside, the white house there. let's take this now live to cobble where rob mcbride is standing by with talking about those rocket attacks. how much damage have they done on the ground there? i think very little actual damage. i think they may be more psychological,
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but i think it is a reminder to the us, a contingent still at the app or the just how vulnerable they are if they needed reminding of it. because of course, the u. s. themselves have warned that said they might be and probably would be more attacks, even warning, specifically about a rocket attack, which they have had early monday. but they, they prove to them that these systems work. they deployed this and to bucket system it apparently managed to intercept several of those rocket. they say that in the end only one rocket fell near the airport, nope. and land which fell pretty harmlessly. meanwhile, it is being claimed as someone give a victory by islamic state, the claims responsibility for it. they say there was a total of half a dozen rockets being fired, apparently from a vehicle which was then seen to be burning afterwards. me, while the evacuation operation continues throughout monday the the afternoon going now into the evening here. that's been a constant take off a bunch of transport, crop the low rumble,
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in the average. they go overhead above us. but there's been an awful lot of other sounds in the air bag cropped movement as we've seen in the past few days. there have been the shopper a sound of american war. busy plains jets, high overhead, but interesting. they also some of these jets making lower passes, which they tend to do when they want to make a point. and they've done that before the jet. so because they'll fly low enough that they become louder. you can actually see them in the sky and it said they, they're able to be seen that the americans want you to see them. they're sending a message basically to its troops on the ground that this is a morale booster that we're here to protect you. i also sent the message to islamic state that yesterday to few hours for the bow, they might not be any american boots on the ground, but it is a reminder that the u. s. still has this awesome fire power in the widget can that is prepared still to deliver. and we've had news of an aide plane making some mazata sharif. does that mean that aid can now be flown in regularly into
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afghanistan? does it mean the other airports are operational i think you have to be careful not to eat too much into it, but it is a very interesting sign. we've been talking all the time about cobble airport. there are other airports around. i've got this done because i receive as a big city in the door, it has a big pull deck airport, which is used to having international flights. and this is the arrival of an airliner from pakistan international i always carrying on board a supplies for the world health organization i for the that organization. this is very significant. they did was that in the middest midst of this humanitarian crisis, it was down to just 10 days supplies. so it's important for them. but it does mean that they have managed to get their traffic control up and running at it is something which cobble is going to have to do in the coming hours and days. once the americans go, they take with them all the traffic control they've been using for all of their
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evacuation flight. so basically the taliban will inherit something of a shell of an airport. it has to put in place all of its different systems. and so that traffic control is going to be a huge, the important part of that the turks have said that they will help with that also with security. so that will be the way ahead probably to get it up and running. it will be welcomed by the taliban. that once said they have an international airport . we welcome by 8 organizations. and also of course, the population here in afghanistan. one seems to know when there might be one small commercial flights that was rob mcbride from cobble. now the u. n. is calling for urgent aid for the most vulnerable afghans. unicef stuff kind of stand representative is warning of the severe conditions threatening the lives of children. there is clearly a child protection growth is in a country that is already one of the worst places to be a child against the backdrop of conflict and insecurity. children are leaving
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communities are running out of water because of the drought. they're missing lifesaving vaccines including again for you are disease that leave the paralyze for life and many are so my nourish that the like hospital beds 2 weeks to graft and i'll stretch finger. let's take you over to the united nations. now kristen salumi joins us live from that. so kristen, where things stand now with the security council getting that resolution out while they are expected to meet and just one hours time the outcome is anything but certain. but the resolution is being pushed by the united states, the united kingdom and france to ensure the safe passage not only of foreign nationals, but of any afghan citizens who want to leave the country as the resolution notes. the taliban has promised as much in prior statements, but this is
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a sign of the international community looking to put it on paper to signal to the taliban just how seriously they are about them, upholding these commitments and safe passage applies. not just to people from afghanistan and people who want to leave afghanistan, but also to humanitarian aid and aid workers and agencies who are very concerned that the situation on the ground will go from bad to worse. once international troops leave the cobble airport. now how all of this will be enforced remains an open question. we know that there has been intense negotiations going on behind the scenes. un diplomats have told us as much. so there could possibly be a follow up resolution or action down the road. but right now the emphasis really seems by the security council to send
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a strong message before the us pull out is completed to have that strong message in place for the taliban. all right, thanks so much. kristin salumi the head of the u. n. refugee agency says as evacuations from cobble come to an end, a larger crisis faces millions of africans left behind decades of conflict. severe drought and the pandemic already making life difficult for you, and is describing the humanitarian situation there as catastrophic. it estimates at least a 3rd of afghans a facing hunger. up to half a 1000000, more african refugees are expected to seek shelter elsewhere by the end of the year . thousands are already crossing land borders into iran and pakistan. some of made it out on evacuation flights there being taken in by more than a dozen countries. several of them in europe rule, i mean as a spokeswoman for the middle east and north africa region for the united nations
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humanity high commissioner for refugees. she says there are several key issues that need to be addressed immediately. the main concern is the safety of safety from the fighting, the deepening prices from any further bombing. second concern is concerned with people who may need to speak safety across the board. and on that we advocate that to keep open even finally keep the order. that's right. the practice, the right. the 2nd thing that as over the past year, since the beginning was the $50000.00 to lead within. and they have huge increasing growing. we want to be able to stay on
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the grounds to reach people and to ensure that they are not had not and keep its attention on the needs of the people and a commitment to continue supporting the organization. like the other partner. what on the ground to be able to dance at such a great on the eve of the us withdrawal from afghanistan, senior taliban figure on his hop. on the tells al jazeera, the movement is unified and who wants to leave the country? charlotte bellis sat down with his connie in cobble blue muscular chauffeur. one thank the problem is going to stand was because the foreign is now the biggest goal is achieved. and assa connie tells us from his new accommodation and leafy suburb and western cobble hare, he is a diplomat talking with former government leaders to encouraged them to join a new tele bond government. still, he's wanted by the us, which cause him
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a terrorist and is also under un sanctions. the taliban of phil, organizing the government. but what are the aims of the government prefer she, how was she, you know, overall, to maintain and be faithful to what we were fighting for, to serve the african people into therapy. slum the people who were working towards the school have been fighting for 20 years, have given their lives, lost family members, and have been locked inside jails. he, connie himself, was in prison for 5 years and seen him 2 days. he was released 2 years ago to accelerate stored peace talks with the us in cutter. do you know what position you haven't government had in santa was an comes with l. g to every human having weaknesses? i question my ability. but we have our elders orders, and we have to do what they tell us. according to our ideology, we are, my personal desire is to finish my education, live freely and help the muslims. and connie network was started by his father
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july dean. and since folded into the 10 abum, it's been responsible for some of the worst attacks in afghanistan in recent years . his uncle had legal non lead security operations in kabul. his brother, sergio dean, is the tele bonds deputy leader. often when governments come into power, their internal divisions is the taliban unified or are the divisions though the bully? i didn't know the problem. but we took control of cobble and other provinces peacefully and reduced the damage to infrastructure and bloodshed. this shows our unity and alliance. we hope that we will prosper and pray that we never desire designations. pod wealth. we've seen the images of people running to the airport. they say they terrified the escape of the telephone. is it warranted? and what can you do to reassure them? i will hutton, which way did he have a little money or the we've implemented a sci fi now. when they say the scared of the taliban,
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it's just an excuse. in reality, the americans have created this issue to degrade our nation. they want to show a comparison of getting me hanging on to us helicopters, after thursdays attack, there's been a lot of concern about iso in afghanistan. what is the telephone strategy to counter iso? didn't he has had him for cash last monday before with the world empty handed and came this far as we can get rid of such a group like we have in the past. this is not something to be stressed about the and yet many skins are municipal reasons not just by. i saw that by the telephone. no knowing what to expect from the group. 20 years since it was last in power. charlotte bellis al jazeera kaboom. plenty of all still ahead on the news out including new zealand, extends the curve at 19 locked down and its largest city while relaxing restrictions the rest of the country and took almost 2 decades. so the world is
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finally free from using a harmful feel. any more coming up and it's fort saca opens up about dealing with the media baffled with mental health. ah, not a single country in the world is using leaded petrol anymore. algeria was the last before ending sales in july. it's a combination of a 19 year campaigned by the u. n. environment program lead. his fuel was 1st sold almost 100 years ago to increase engine performance, but has been linked to heart disease strokes and brain damage. the un says eliminating it prevents 1200000 premature deaths because let, a few illustrates, in a nutshell, the kind of mistakes that humanity has been making at every level of the scientists,
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the kind of mistakes that have brought us to the triple planetary crisis, a crisis of climate change, the crisis bite of us to last and the crisis of pollution. jane a coma is a program officer at the u. n. environment program. sustainable mobility unit to join us on skype from nairobi. good to have you with us. so how much of an achievement is this given that some parts of the world that moved away from letting fuel move towards diesel we did the major some major achievement because of course, the health impact highly toxic as you read is said. and it also has to pull it up from vehicles. so now we've been able to fix late from been true. they're still in the top of that was in the fuel, especially that is the fuel that they need to continue to walk. we already
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a few countries, how are $8050.00 folk reduced the offer that was but 80 something that we're looking forward to. hopefully the next less than i did to come. ok. so overall is progress. it's not enough though. is it especially when you talk about containing the effects of climate change, right? definitely it's not enough in terms of climate change. it's not enough in terms of we have a position in the team. we know that transport is a major contributor to air pollution in the lot of the developing countries. for example, never be. we know that about half of their pollution lock deprivation is actually from traffic. so definitely there's a lot that needs to be done in terms of claimant developing countries. for example, in africa, they still contribute many money, but looking at the
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e as the ahead. in the next 23, d k, there will be major contribute to clement change as well from traffic. so the need to start looking at what kind of vehicle as clean as possible, and actually also moving to to why it's not just clean vehicles, becomes fossil fuel. but also in terms of electron mobility, this campaign has been successful. why? why is it been more successful? haps, than some other climate relate to campaigns which are still struggling i think it's all out say the need to bring all that together. if you look at the campaign was able to, you know, bring in the policy makers who are able to also do a bit of public co in. and because a lot of you know,
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you'll find in the developing was in africa for the, for example. those lead and lead bedroom into salvage titian. so the consumer needed to know what the impacts of learning been. we also brought in one with the oil industry, the vehicle industry to come up to a common position. so i think that's one of the main contributed. so when you look at the issues and know when. busy the areas i think it to be good to bring all the stakeholders to that table and then identify what the when, when solutions for all of us. all right. good talking to you. thank you so much, jane. a coma. thank you. oh, take you now to washington dc. we're the white house press secretary jen. fact he's giving a briefing on the situation in afghanistan. i'm going to speak to private conversations between the president and the parents of service members who lost their lives,
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saving others. he was grateful to be there with the families yesterday and to honor both the rogue service and the incredible sacrifice of their sons and daughters and well his son did not lose his life directly in combat, as they did or directly at the hands of a terrorist. as these terrorists, as these families did that, their morning, he knows, as i just said, 1st hand that there is nothing you can say nothing. you can convey to ease the pain and to ease what all these families are going through. but he was honored to be there yesterday and to, to be able to spend some time with the families. go ahead to one other question 6. been committed or otherwise departed. yeah. is that happens apples to the 5400s that had been activated? are we now including people who have registered but forgot for did not register on their way out and trying to understand. sure. well, as we're assessing there are people, as we, as the state department goes through in paul's or e mails, who say i have departed or i have left that doesn't change the total number of
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evacuation that we have. obviously provided to all of you every day on planes and transport. but right now we're of course at the point where we are trying to assess and get a final number below. remember the present been very clear. his commanders on the ground have the way to do what they think it's necessary on the ground for defensive strike. what we saw last night and definitely that he signed off on that or exec committed on the ground. that says, well, i can tell you that the president has made clear to his commanders that they should stop at nothing to make ice pay for the deaths of those american service members. at the cobble airport. they have the authority is not necessary. it is self defense, obviously they are, these are is terrorist who killed us, service members and the president is regularly brief, but he as directed them to go after and to kill these isis terrorists who have taken the lives of the men and women serving our country. were more dealing with 2
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very high 6 issues right now. why not didn't, if i transfer you to the house dangerous part of commission right now, a category for hurricane fleming. you go, you talk about what the white house has been like for the last 48 hours given very, very high speed to address. well, i would say that addressing crises is what government is supposed to do when any president is supposed to do when any vice president is supposed to do and what the senior members of a president's team are supposed to do. and so when you have moments like this, where you are facing, as you said, multiple crises, i would, i would add, of course, that we're continuing to fight a pandemic that has continues to take the lives of thousands of people every week. you have to rely on strong capable team members, and you have to you have to be nimble enough to adapt quickly. but i think we would argue this is actually government working to do our best to function as best as we
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can. is a tough yes or the days long? yes. is it always going to be perfect? no, but this is exactly what government is supposed to be doing. go ahead. back on the why not paying reports for the company data about fuel fuel for with the liver finery impacted in real life is something we're monitored closely just we have not seen to date that as an issue, but we will closely monitor that and will continue to over the coming days, commanders on the ground have all the necessary authority, the message that from the white house press secretary, jen sanky responded to a question about the jones at the chain of command and who makes the decision for strikes on the ground in afghanistan. federal government has the world health organization is warning another 236000 people could die from coven 19 in europe. this year, the di projection follows an 11 percent increase in death across the region. this
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past week. infection rates have been rising across the e u, the w h o blames the highly infectious delta variant easing of restrictions and summer travel. it says the regions poor nations, including the balkans and caucuses, are experiencing the highest rise in new cases. and estimate 1300000 people across europe has died from covey. 1900 kuda is the regional director for the w. h. o. europe. he says you is, learn some valuable lessons since the panoramic began and must do more to tackle rising infections. the main jellyfish is some kind of crease, then lack access to vaccines and other countries which do have back things. we see a lot going over the vaccine uptick. so a priority is stored in the vaccine hesitancy. so we need to understand the protection of the people and address their concerns, including concerns about vaccine hesitancy. it
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a whole range of reasons that if there's an issue of production, an issue with axis issue of uptake. so if we have to do is definitely whose eat with ro, out of the vaccinations and work very hard with the community to decrease the hesitancy. and if need be, as a number of countries have been doing, considering mother nations in some professions and population groups reach are most exposed. i think by all means we have to avoid look down and it shouldn't be necessary, maybe some local don't. but we know what has to be done, vaccines and the mux is very important then we have seen a number of concrete. we declare to soon the funding over when it was just.


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