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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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what ends in the, for the 5 part series raise in mexico, examining how the propaganda and problem shape content all fail the algorithm on just the, the i as the last us military flight leaves couple the taliban 5 gums into the at celebrate that will take the city, country ah, i money side of it is out there alive from doha, also coming up k all think us departure from afghanistan brings to an end a long and sometimes dog, 20 presence in the country. i want to commend are standing differently. who worked
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around the club and around the world to coordinate the operation more than a 1000000 homes without power in the u. s. states have louisiana as the remnants of hurricane ida move inland. ah, it's 5 30 am in the afghan capital kabul and the city and the country are now waking up for the 1st time in 20 years without a u. s. military presence. the last american troops left cobble several hours ago, leaving the airport and the country in the hands of the taliban. while the la c, 17 transport plane took off nearly 6 hours ago, now clearing afghan s space before the announcement was made. i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military
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mission to evacuate. american citizens are country nationals and vulnerable afghans . alas, c. 17 lifted off from hammered cars international airport on august 30th this afternoon. at 3 29 pm east coast time. and the last manned aircraft is now clearing the air space above afghanistan. while the taliban hail the departure of us troops describing it as a historic moment, saying, i've got this dawn hath now gained full independence. there was celebratory gunfire and fireworks across couple of thousands of people still want to leave the un security council as adopted a resolution to let them go safely. but it's not known. if the taliban will comply . more than a 110000 people have been evacuated in the past 2 weeks. those left behind include many who worked as u. s. allies. rob mcbride has very laces from couple people in
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cobbled people across afghan. this dan will start to wake up to what is a new reality that for the 1st time in 20 years? no. us soldiers on afghan soil, this is obviously the welcome to by the taliban and the taliban supporters. but for many people here in afghanistan, they will be trepidations about what the future holds. the departure of the americans in such a sudden fashion, the victory and the ascendancy of the taliban equally as suddenly here, inheriting control of cobble and the rest of the country. with the collapse of the form of government and really looking ahead to a very uncertain future now solely in the hands of the new taliban governments. all of this started to unfold really quite quickly, late monday, through into the early hours of tuesday morning here local time. that's been growing speculation with the continuing pace of the evacuation flights with so much
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activity in the air over cobble with the lumbering transport plays, taking off from the airport and, and heading off out of afghanistan just when this evacuation exercise would be completed. well, you said you say, anthony blinkin says if working with the new government will serve the country's national interest than washington will do it. we did with a ton of under the past few weeks to enable our evacuation operations going forward and engagement with the taliban. like government and campbell will be driven by one thing only or vital national interest. if we can work with a new asking government in a way that helps secure those interests, including the safe return, my fears. but us citizen has been held hostage in the region since early last year . and in a way that brings greater stability to the country and region and protects the gains for the past decade. we will do it. but we will not do it on the basis of
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trust or faith as bringing gabriel elizondo who is in washington dc. gabriel, the military effort is now complete. the focus now tends to diplomatic efforts and this evening we heard from us sex, you say anthony blinking outlining how they would go about that took us through exactly what he had to say. yeah, that's how i got a lot of information from the state department and pentagon in the last couple hours. but from the diplomatic side, 1st things 1st, the u. s. has no diplomatic presence whatsoever in afghanistan anymore, at least for now, blinking announcing that the us would be doing any sort of diplomacy with the taliban government or diplomacy about afghanistan from doha, qatar. and that's where they would be basing themselves out of any diplomats that are dealing with any afghan, a stan issues. he kind of,
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as you heard there he is leaving the door open for cooperation with the taliban to a degree. but the u. s. government and blake and myself has said over and over that the u. s. simply does not trust the taliban. they want to see there were their actions more than their words in terms of the number of us citizens are still in afghanistan that want to get out. but we're not able to blink and said that number is less than 200 people. and he said that he expects that the taliban will live up to they're both public and private assurances to us officials that those people will be allowed to leave freely as well as any other afghans that want to as well. but bottom line is the military and diplomatic presence of the u. s. is now completely out of afghanistan for the 1st time in 20 years. and you referred to the pentagon there. we've also had from general frank mckenzie,
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who over saw that pull out for kennesaw, and he gave us a very frank and detailed statement about what that exactly involves. what were the highlights? yeah, i mean there are several how i mean i think what struck me is that he was after 20 years of the us bombing the taliban, essentially. now the u. s. on their last day in the country was complimenting the taliban. the general was said that the taliban was very helpful in his words, in securing the perimeter of the airport for so long, especially in the final couple of days. he said, he said that was very, very helpful in order to allow the evacuations to go forward. that was quite interesting and then he, he also said that the last 5 planes that left a couple airport, the very last one carried the top commander on the ground as well as the top us
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diplomat there. and once that plane left, essentially, that was all she wrote, if you will. he said that they destroyed more than a 100 pieces of u. s. military equipment at the cobble airport. but said the, the u. s. left all the civilian infrastructure at the airport. so that the airport can come back working again in a civilian capacity. he said that's going to be very critical moving forward for the country. and lastly, he said on the ice ok, he said that the u. s. military believes there about 2000. i saw k fighters within afghanistan, he said that they posed the biggest threat to the u. s. over the last few days and not the taliban at all. but he said it's now and he said essentially, well the u. s. is no longer has a physical presence in afghanistan, they still have a very capable and probably the world's most powerful air force and are still able to carry out any sort of military operations that are the
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commander in chief would deem necessary. should that be the case? still, the u. s. has many bases within the region. of course, the bottom line though is it was a pretty frank assessment of where things were at. but very interesting. and the last day that the u. s. was in afghan stand sort of complimenting and tipping their hand to the afghan to the taliban for their help securing the airport on those critical final days and weeks money. thanks for that. gabriel and his andre efforts in washington dc. well, as we mentioned earlier, the you unsecure to council adopted a resolution to let people who want to leave afghanistan de so safely. but it's not known if the taliban will go along with this. the u. s. hopes the resolution will protect people's rights to leave ask, honestly, no matter. the reason kristen salumi reports now from the u. n. as the u. s. was completing its withdrawal from afghanistan. the security council was voting on
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a resolution meant as a message for the taliban, that the world is watching. one such commitment which the taliban has made publicly and privately, is that those who wish to leave afghanistan will be able to do so. today's resolution signals just how seriously the security council takes that commitment along with the commitments to allow humanitarian aid to flow and prevent terrorism . russia and china expressed concern that afghan, a stan could again become a safe haven for armed groups who could attack other countries. but they abstained from the vote. more with perhaps a fleet had more time. the result of the vote would have been different. at the same time, we can see in this an attempt to shift the blame for the failure to collapse after 20 years of the presence of the united states and their allies in the region onto the taliban. and all the countries in the region that will have to deal with the results of western powers had hoped for unanimous support and even stronger wording
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. but said, further action is possible in the coming weeks, including when the mandate for the un assistance mission in afghanistan comes up for renewal in mid september. today's resolution is an important step towards a unified, international response to the situation in afghanistan. we will continue to build on this to ensure the council holds the taliban accountable on its commitments. what leverage does the security council have over the taliban? one possible tool is will lifting of sanctions. the taliban wants existing ones removed. council members said they could impose even more if the taliban doesn't follow through. on its promises. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations pockets dawns, the government is warning of the increasing threats from ice. okay. and the pakistani taliban on sunday to pakistani soldiers were killed in an attack near the
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afghan border. islam about blamed fighters from afghanistan. some have been job aid has been given right access to the khyber border area with several armed groups operate. the northwest focused on is one of the world's most inaccessible regions. the soldiers are stepping up surveillance as cross border attacks ro lunchtime intensify. offense spanning nearly 2600 kilometers, act as a deterrent, but haven't been able to stop all infiltrators on sunday to park sunny soldiers were shot dead. it was the latest of more than 100 attacks by different groups that have killed a 133 people this year. as coalition forces have pulled out of atlanta thumbs, funerals like this have become routine. but the country stop general says the military won't be deterred, focused on abi, if fully cognizant of it and taking it because it be as further bolster our defense cavity by sharply focusing on for competencies and need technology for
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a long time on the us. drones have been able to monitor and find targets in this remote area. now it's under the armies control because of the evolving situation on the gun border pocket signs realty says it has had to close at least $75.00 of the $78.00 water crossings between the 2 countries. i sit on the pockets on the bond or t t p, and by the offshoots all operate from this mountain range. while we thought here is a wanted d d p commander with ties to and i the focus on the efficient asked of one 3rd to hand him over when he was arrested in 2015 but were denied. now he's free off the taliban empty jails. a took over we're going to need our fight against pakistan will continue until we establish it as a new state. we will not spare the dollar dependence soldiers and politicians. security forces told are 0, do i some k cells have been dismantled in the last few days. they reportedly came
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from villages like discipline and of glanced on historically used by british and us forces. that's now under the dollar bond control. recently it's been home 2 major groups. soldiers here who've lost colleagues say they need to see proof of the dollar bonds promises to ensure peace and an end to have gone territory being used to attack pakistan. some majority of era hyper border and we'll have more on those developments in afghanistan for look back at the different strategies by the u. s. during 20 years of war and the country will so half the rest of the days news a school is reopened in mexico. in shop for more than a year and a half, some students say they'll never return to the classroom. ah. in countries like mine, people have been killed to be we in the united states have privatized the ultimate
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public war. this was a deal with saudi arabia. things were done differently. saudis and other arabs when they came to britain to be all to help the moms deals along your room. so this meeting, saddam, is it that interesting? there, i am. shadow on al jazeera, the people have come to expect a lot from of era over the years if they're reporting the commitment to, to report the type of the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people speak to us. they want the question answered, that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue to do. women use great. on wednesday, it would be a largest fire in california history when people need to be heard. any people who
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are writing don't even know what i am with exclusive interviews for the iraq teams on the ground with intensifying rain. people here fear that these are temporary solutions to renew moore, award winning documentaries and life when freedom of the press is under threat. you know, you just because i thought, genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access port shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered the listening post on the just o
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the me watching out 0 mind about top stories. this out. the pentagon has confirmed the last american troops have left combo marking the end of 20 years. we're not going to allow the 17 transport plane to couple. my 6 our go now clearing, ask on space before the announcement was officially made taliban hail the departure of us troops describing it as a start them and saying, i don't know. again, full independence, celebratory gunfire. and far away had been heard across a couple of thousands of guns have been left behind the un security council as adopted a resolution to let them go safely. but it's not known whether the taliban will
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comply. how they go, hey, take a look at the decades of different strategies and goals by for us presidents with regard to the war effort in afghanistan, most people will remember how it started and i'm not the down arrow of a demand. the tell dan turnover, osama bin laden and al qaeda unanswered a few weeks later on a massive bombing campaign along with the small force of around $1000.00 special forces, soldiers and see agents combined with the northern alliance in afghan, a stand. and the taliban fell within months. the u. s. along with its allies turned to nation building with big premises of lessons learned. we know this from not only intelligence, but from the history of military conflict in afghan stands. it's been one of
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initial success. followed by long years of floundering an ultimate failure. we're not gonna repeat that mistake critic say that is exactly what happened as the us turned more attention to the war in iraq. d u. s. announced an end to major combat operations in afghanistan in 2003. a constitution was written elections followed. a new president, a new legislature with women taking positions of power. but as the years passed, the fighting continued. and as the taliban fought back and civilian casualties mounted, a new us president had to make a decision. go bigger or go home. or overarching goal remains the same. us president brock obama decided to send in an additional $17000.00 troops. then $30000.00 more by 2010, around 100000 us troops would be in afghanistan, in may of 2011,
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solid bin laden was found and killed in pakistan. but the war continued obama promise to bring most us troops home by the end of 2016. and then a new us president took over. a hasty withdraw. would create a vacuum that terrorists, including isis and al qaeda, would instantly fill. president donald trump announced an open ended deployment, but eventually signed a deal with the taliban. if they promised to keep out terrorist groups and not attack us troops, a full withdrawal will happen by may of 2021. but then yet another new us president was sworn in, and president joe barton announced the war was ended. most american forces would leave. he promised it would be an orderly exit. unlike vietnam, the tale vaughan is not the south, the north vietnamese army. they're not, they're not remotely comparable terms of capability. there's going to be no
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circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all come from . but his critics say this is actually worse than vietnam. as the taliban search, the u. s. deployed more than 5000 troops to the airport. chaos in the streets as the taliban took over the country and the capital after just 11 days, the airport overwhelmed as thousands tried to flee some desperately clinging to the outside of us cargo planes only to plunge to their death. the airport later secured the united states military decided the best solution was to work with the taliban, which was then in charge of deciding who stays and who goes into the airport. but then suddenly, americans were told to stay away from the airport in attack was imminent, and it came to suicide bombers believe to be isis k. more than 170 afghans dead.
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along with 13 members of the us military, american service members who gave their lives. so overuse word but is totally appropriate here were heroes. dear vacuum options continued the promise to get every american out. every afghan who help us broken us officials say they will continue to try and get everyone out. but they say a will not be a job for the military. but the state department likely using the only leverage of really have money that the taliban needs 20 years of bloodshed and battles of promises and unimaginable pain of encouraging signs and setbacks to decades of war and in the end, a hasty, some se, humiliating retreat for the united states leaving afghan, a stand like it was and the day the war started with the taliban back in control. but now better armed with us weapons. and it is the taliban who hold the power to
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decide the fate of tens of thousands of afghans who helped us only to be left behind. as the last us troops had at home. patty calhoun, al jazeera washington. andrew brockovich is the president of the quincy institute for responsible state croft. he says the u. s. involvement in afghanistan ended in failure. the real significance is not in the evacuation which began as something of a disaster. great confusion on the part of us authorities ended in something of a success if we think about 123000 people being evacuated. but i don't think that's the real story. the real story is the 20 years that preceded the evacuation. the longest war in american history, a war that belonged to 4 different presidents, belongs to the military award that had many meteor cheerleaders,
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but one which was radically mismanaged and ended in failure. that's the real issue . i think that deserves our attention from the u. s. point of view, it's imperative for us to find a way to work with the taliban. however, disagreeable that may be to us authorities and to the american people. we're now in a damage control mode. we need to try to limit the negative fall out from this. the feet that we have experienced and limiting the negative fall out requires whether we like it or not, excepting the fact that our adversaries in this war having one are now in control of afghan. instead, in other news, the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen, says it intercepted a drone launched by who the rebels. according to the coalition,
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it was targeting about airport inside saudi arabia. but there's been no comment from the fees. no injuries or damage happen reported hospitals in the us state of louisiana have been forced to evacuate dozens of patients off the hurricane. ida knocked out power to many areas, including the city of new orleans on the mainland, full on sunday, but has since been downgraded to a tropical storm for cost to say it's still poses a threat as it moves ne, into the state of mississippi. the laval has very latest. this is what the effort to get power back on in louisiana. it looks like we're actually across the board and mississippi where we've got hundreds of trucks, electricity repair trucks, by all being lined up to go across brackets, louisiana, some of that the ready because this is i major, major outage is just a localized issue. all of new orleans is without power, so 1000000 residents,
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the power went off about 6 o'clock just as the storm came in. i did just be described as a rocket transformation played on the head of the boss of the power company. said that the grid is 100 percent mush bite down power lines down telephone lines. and this is a real issue. this is not just about people not being able to charge that phones. people all living people are stranded rather in the house. so you didn't leave, they have no air conditioning. this is louisiana, it is war. if i could very hot, it's humid, it's the end of august, and it's always warm at this time of year. so for those people who are stranded at home, the power really needs to come back home, which is why here in mississippi, they are doing everything. they can't lend a hand. i get the lights on. the sockets working in the united states has been removed from the european union's list of save countries,
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as cars and 19 cases continue to rise the ears recommending a pause and all non essential travel from america. daily hospital admissions in the u. s. have risen passed 800004 the 1st time since last winter infections are soaring in part due to the delta variance. while students in mexico had returned in person classes on monday, most of the country is in favor of that move. but concerns over the safety of students has sparked protests, and some schools have chosen not to reopen annual report. has this report from get it all in mexico. the parents, students and teachers are eagerly preparing classrooms in mexico's get a little state for returned to in person classes. for the last 18 months, thomas l. the edison elementary school in the outskirts of a pool has remain closed. the effort underway is to have the facility up and
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running by the august 30th back to school deadline lab, and i guess battle cathy, what about her class product? i hope we can return to classes so that our children can study and have an interest in their education because it's not the same to study at home with me. my food at this point though everyone is linda hand many here or worried. the effort may not be enough. parents say that facility lacks many basic necessities like sanitation supplies and at times even running water. when i miss the school needs many things. as you can see, even the wooden windows are rushing away. the corona virus contagion is still quite high in this part of mexico. and so our concerns over going back to school. then i'm off with them that we have to get the school in good condition with good ventilation and enough space on that. as you can see, the classroom is quite small. social distancing is complicated. and
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the reopening of schools has been a divisive issue in mexico, sparking protests against the government, where many claim authorities have mismanaged the response to the pandemic. this demonstration in downtown mexico city was organized by students and their parents, many of whom say they want a return to in person. classes are concerned that the mexican government cannot guarantee the safety of student government statistics suggest more than 5000000 children have dropped out of school during the pandemic. children's rights organizations also point to other alarming trends like a 24 percent increase in cases of domestic abuse. international organizations like eunice of and the w h o. c fears over contagion or warranty. but also warrant of the negative impacts. the last year to half has had on children and adolescents, our particular give me what else we have. we believe some risk of reopening schools is lower than the risk children and adolescents already running by keeping them out
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of school. education is not only about knowledge is about learning. social skills is the question of development. it's a matter of reaching wants potential in life. and we have to prioritize this. the most schools in mexico began welcoming students on monday morning. many others have decided not to reopen thomas l. the edison elementary and get little state is among those choosing to keep their doors close until corona virus. contagion, rates in the state are adequately reduced. monroe ended up a little al jazeera mexico city. ah, hello, i'm not involved with a headline on al jazeera, the last american troops have left combo marking the end of 20 years of war in afghanistan on the last seat, 17 transport plane took off, the clearing off, gone as space before the u. s. made the announcement.


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