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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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algorithm instead of being developed and designed to push the content that says, click me. every click we make is value. so often what, what ends in the 3rd of a 5 last series raise in mexico. examining how the propaganda and proper shape contact. all hail the algorithm, jeviana. ah, me as a lot of us military flight leaves up canister on the taliban and 5 guns into the air to celebrate their full take over the country. the kale take us departure from i got his dog brings to an end and along them. sometimes dog 20 a presence in the country. ah. hello, i'm down, jordan,
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this is out there. are you from? also coming up. i was all of the job. we didn't progress on, on the i've gone border and i'll tell you how to do with your name and being beat up because of threat. like, i feel okay. and schools reopen in mexico after a year and a half. but some students may never return to the classroom. ah, we begin in afghanistan, where for the 1st time in 20 years, the country's waking up without a u. s. military presence. american troops left cobbler several hours ago. he's alive pictures overlooking the city. the taliban is celebrating americans exit and what it calls for independence. but there are questions about what i've got to start would look like under a new government from abroad reports from conduct the, the final departure at the u. s. military, off the 20 years. and the taliban adversaries celebrate cross cobbled,
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th from multiple guns of all sizes. in description, automatic gunfire lit up the night sky in a rolling thunder. throughout monday, as the evacuation from the airport continued speculation mounted about when the us would complete their withdraw. patrolling across circles over cobble together with a b, $52.00 bomber as a steady stream of transport planes, lumber off, out of afghanistan. then, soon after midnight, local time on august 31st, the day sets as the deadline for the u. s. departure, the cross sounds died away and as we were on air would began to spread that the final us aircraft had already lifted off and was on its way home. there's an awful lot of speculation here at the moment that the lot of chatter that we may be seeing
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finally the end of this evacuation exercise. and if that is the case, that is the end of the us military involvement and outcome is done. soon afterwards came the official word from the u. s. pentagon of the end of america's longest war . i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens for country nationals and vulnerable afghans. for the 1st time in 2 decades, there are no us soldiers on afghans soil to the delight of the taliban. many still disbelieving the pace of developments that has brought about this victory the last time god. we are here now in control of the potent without any problems. thank god . but for many afghans, the fear of what the us departure means, leaving them. andra. future taliban government? public cried al jazeera couple. well,
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only out 0 spoke to mohammed name the taliban, political spokesman in dough, half his reaction. thought if she thought a copy of this is a historic moment, a turning point in the history of the afghan people, we congratulate all the african people. our leaders, which i, dean and all muslims. this is a historic moment with god's help with the sacrifices and jihad of our people, for the independence and freedom of our nation. we reach what we have been looking forward to. there is no doubt, this is a great moment in the life of any people on the face of the tank. all our people almost limped and everyone who supported it. we want to send a special tanks to the family of the martyrs who gave up their lives for the freedom and independence of the country and the people. so let's get more now on this historic event in a moment. it will go to our white house correspondent, kimberly how can but 1st, charles stratford has more for us from campbell. charley suff, dennis don, wakes up this morning with allison american military presence. so what's the mood on the street? somewhat of ordinary afghans make up?
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well, yes, cobble afghanistan is waking up. now. it's still early in the morning here. the atmosphere is calm. what we understand having spoken to people in recent days, certainly is it very much depends on who you speak to. it's important to recognize that the taliban does have support in this country, amongst certain demographics. and if you speak to them, it is a day of victory. they are, they will tell you that they were tired of what they accuse of having been a corrupt form of government, a government that mismanaged finances that manage the, the, the rebuilding of this country. they will be very relieved that the telephone on now in power, it's all about of always frame. this is being a battle for national sovereignty about to, for independence. so now the stage is set for them to act on their commitments and many of these commitments. we've been speaking about in recent days, but it is
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a huge challenge so that taliban supporters, however, it's fair to say that the majority of the people that you do speak to in the city, in cardboard. certainly those that come out and balance here information. they are very anxious. they are very afraid because many of them remember what the taliban were like during that previous time in power 996 to 2001. they are scared that the child about will not, for example, actually promise not to punish people for working for western organizations, but working for full nato. those that remain. they don't believe that's all about when they say when they taught about and say that they've got to be more inclusive government, for example, including women and, and all the ethnic minorities that, that exist here. and many of them see that the west has actually they say, let them down the u. s. nature let afghans down by not properly heavily supporting
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that government enough. i'm not supporting the a and a, the afghan national. all of a to defend the country against a group that they consider to be a threat to the future. many of them with respect to, for example, the withholding of money that this country so desperately needs that he's now being done by western institutions and governments because the child in pal. but he is the people they will say, well, we're being punished collectively and they even use words like betrayal. so it's very much depends on who you speak to, but there's no doubt now it's not about really have to step up and put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. yeah, charlie and the taliban now say that the dentist on is fully independent but will sort of challenges then do they face in trying to govern the country? the 1st chinese i suppose, is the formation of a government,
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a government. as i mentioned that they probably will be inclusive. we know that taliban leaders have been beating in recent days in kandahar and the south of the country, the traditional stronghold. the 2nd challenge, of course, once that got but he's for this is really, really getting reaction started and rebuilding this country after decades of war. and as i say, that is very much beholden on money being freed up the m f. the world bank, the americans who got what's believed to be around 9 and a half $1000000000.00 held up. i've got money in us banks that has to be released, but in order for that money to be released, so this rebuilding can stall. so the western world is saying, is the tale about needs to be seen to be legitimate. it needs to be acting on the promises that it's made. so you know that that money is not going to seemingly start coming through until it's not about as seen as being trustworthy partners. we're assuming that quite a long while from that and of course the other,
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one of the other main issues is the security question. in this country, we've seen how rhythmic attack by isis in the last few days, a 110 people killed, including americans, other attacks, even the sorted by with the help we understand of will on quickly with the help of nato forces. they are no longer here. so i says, sorry, the thought about really does have a serious challenge in dealing with those kind of security threats on its own. all right, touch all the stuff that life is there from cobbler, charlie. thank you for that. well, your secretary of state anthony blinkin says if working with a new african government will serve his country's national interest, then washington will do it. gabriel, alexander has this report. after 20 years of war, america has gone from bombing the taliban to complementing them. i can tell you this though, about what the taliban has done. they established a firm perimeter outside of the airfield to prevent people from coming on the
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airfield during our departure. and we worked that with them for a number of days, but they were actually very helpful and useful to us as we close down operations. the u. s. military released this photo, they say is the last us commander on the ground cobble airport boarding. the last u. s. military flight out of afghanistan. in the past 2 weeks since capital fell, the taliban, 823000 civilians, and 6000 us citizens had been evacuated, making it the largest mass documentation undertaken by the military in us history. secretary of state antony, blinking, estimated under 200 us citizens were still in afghanistan, wanted to leave, but couldn't. and called on the taliban to live up to their pledge to allow them to do so. we will hold the taliban to which pledge to let people freely, depart, afghanistan. the taliban is committed to anyone with proper documents,
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leave the country in a safe in order to be mad. they said this privately and publicly, many times lincoln indicated to us would keep lines of communication open with the taliban. but said it would do so from doha katara with a us which set up a diplomatic mission to cobble. the u. s. s. ended its presence in afghanistan, but not necessarily its involvement. but what would future u. s. involvement in afghanistan look like president joe biden is expected to address that very issue. in his speech on tuesday. gabriel sandow al jazeera washington. well, our white house correspondent, kimberly hockey, join us live now from washington, d. c. kimberly. so you effective state, anthony blink, and talked earlier about how diplomacy will replace the military effort in afghanistan. what more do you have to say, and what does it mean?
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well, what this means is essentially the secretary state was kind of carving out what this relationship will look like moving forward, because it's not just africans who might be confused, but also the american public. so this was both an international domestic audience and the main thrust of this message was not only that, this is a diplomatic mission moving forward, but also sort of outlining the relationship with the taliban. given the fact that the united states heavily relied on the taliban kind of in the closing hours of its withdrawl. but morden area, american, see the taliban still is america's enemy, not a friend. and so there is some confusion about how this diplomatic process will work . moving forward, now, what this administration has continued to suggest is that what the taliban wants most of all is legitimacy. particularly on the international stage. and so as any blake and the secretary state was very clear that he said,
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this is something that will have to be earned in terms of living up to international commitments. the other part of the speech was really just to reassure the, the afghan populace. if you will, that america is not going to even though it's withdrawn. forget about the people, not only that are still there, but also in terms of humanitarian assistance. what the united states promises to do and what can be expected. kimberly and president biden's come on the growing pressure because of the chaos thick us withdrawal. what sort of long term political fallout is the president likely to face them? yeah, well, not good from his republican critics. you can expect that, but the problem for the us president is that his democratic supporters are also pretty happy with this. withdraw both sides of the political spectrum for different reasons. well, republicans are really upset that the by ministration broke one of its promises
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that everyone who wants to get out of afghanistan will be able to get out. democrats are unhappy that this was an extended much longer so that this would not be the sort of chaotic image is that we've been seeing on the television screen for the last couple of weeks. so this was a problem for the us president because already america was war weary. americans are wondering what they spend billions comes in because we need to take our audience straight now to cobble airport, where the taliban spokesman is holding a press conference. let's just listen to what they have to say. ready yeah, that one up on monday that just get a shot aggression country. it's gonna get about this the law office to pull it away. americans, if that's going to give me some people might have done that. they put in damage
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financially for the body, but that is, that want to give them the nature of what i run on the fidelity side. i think it's dave, we did what we didn't have out in this. it's 3 countries. so when country from one fund me at all, but they have had them. if i miracle for them, it would be stupid. i mean that they could achieve their targets military preparation for a moment. on behalf of my nation, we want to have a good relationship with this, but it's either on the high majority
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but the moment we got all the claim was denied. we want to have a good listen. she would not wanna mom who want to have a phone actually was in the company. we are let us from us online solutions a moment and if you have any questions, let me know what you it's ricky. all right, to apologize for that so that so you're watching live pictures of the taliban press
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conference, the 1st one since the exit of us forces from us. it's done in the early hours of this morning. if phil, let me just recap for you what the taliban spokesman was saying that he said, this is a good lesson for everyone. he said, i've got install is now a free and solving country. he said the u. s. could not achieve a military victory, but he did say that taliban wants good working relationships with all international countries. let's go back to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit, who joins us now from washington. d. c. kimberly. so we were talking to you earlier about president biden because he's come under extreme pressure about the chaotic us withdrawal. how much political fallout is that going to be for the president? well i think the us president is going to have to make the case that the taliban can be trusted. and i think it's important to notice we just heard that spoke person speaking there from the airport. i believe it was that what we heard him say
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was that what he was looking for where the taliban is looking for is a sound diplomatic relationship. in other words, there is this desire, as we heard from the secretary of state and from the president of the united states to work with the international community. but tony blinking was very clear that this is something to tell about is going to have to earn. and i think what's important to underscore and all of this is that so far, early indications are the taliban may not be heading in the right direction with respect to women's rights with respect to human rights. some of the reports about those that have worked with the allied forces already being sort of segregated at best and at worst having their lives threatens. so these are the kinds of reports that are not going to sort of forge well in terms of that earned relationship that the united states is looking for. so to get back to your question with regard to
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the president of the united states, and the political fallout with this administration is working very hard to make the case that the taliban can be we can have a working relationship with the united states. but americans are already skeptical, given some of the media reports they're hearing, given the fact that they feel that the taliban let the united states down with respect to that security perimeter around the cobbler airport. that led many americans believe the death of 13 service members. so this is going to have some bad political follow for the us president. and so there's a lot riding on his speech in the coming hours in order to make the case that not only there was success in afghanistan for all the money that was spent, the time that was invested. but secondly, that the taliban is, is a government that can be trusted and that is going to be a hard case to make to the american public. yeah, that's an important point to make can be just a final point to you before we go back to charles stratford. in the afghan capital,
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this appears to be at 1st glance over a different face to the taliban. how do you see any kind of diplomatic effort then with the gun is on shaping up under the taliban? well, i'm not sure that the by the administration fully knows the answer to that question itself. given the fact that none of this really went according to plan. and so the fact that there was sort of at a rapid collapse of the government that was not anticipated, even though there had been warnings. and the other point that the u. s. president is expected to make is in terms of defending this relationship that he desires with the taliban. the fact that many people really feel that this is something that is not achievable. and so he's going to have to make the argument that this is and that there are benchmarks in order to achieve this. and so it's
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going to be interesting, given the fact that this policy has kind of been crafted on the fly. and this is another point of contention for the american public, given the fact that america was there for a generation. this is america's longest war. and yet this execution of withdrawl and the aftermath really doesn't seem to have a concrete plan. and that is very frustrating for millions of americans. all right, so kimberly how get live 1st there in washington dc. kimberly thank you for that. let me just if you missed that the taliban had a brief press conference. the 1st press conference since the exit of us forces from afghanistan. let me just recap for you quickly. what they said, they said this was a good lesson for everyone. they said, i've got this done, is now a free and southern country with food independence. they said the u. s. could never achieve a military victory in the country despite 20 years of war and conflict. and they
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said they want in terms of going forward good relationships with international partners and countries. that's bringing child stratford just to put some context on what the taliban have said. a child interestingly, the last point i made there. but taliban wanting good relationships with international countries. this is the new face of the taliban. what are we to make up at charles? yes from, from the start since they took control here of gobble. that's all about it being very, very key and false. right. and trying to convince both that guns and the international community that they have changed, that they are more aware of the kind of needs of a functioning country in the modern world. they are aware that many of the people here that have lived under the former government have experienced a different life since then, with the support of the u. s. and nato forces on the pay and the pay always is basically,
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we have changed. we were different were different political entity and we can help each other. we want to cooperate with you as long as you take us seriously. but of course this is issues of trust. there's the, the main issue as the american administration to say that trust has to be. and i think also it's worth noting though, is that there are other countries big countries, indeed american rivals that one could interpret as already having changed simply reached out to the top of i'm talking about china, about russia. and indeed, arguably, iran, we know that talk about officials of met with chinese officials. we believe that bar where we know went to china a few weeks ago met with a chinese foreign minister. we know that there was a delegation of tyler, bon officials, that room bite you to moscow, but all as well. i believe in july, the chinese embassy never closed in cobble, nor did the russians that,
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as those both those embassies have remained open throughout this crisis. and even arch enemy of the taliban and the iranians, the iranians, which cause share a border even they have been a lot less. should we say false, right? in their language, suggesting that they may be willing to give the taliban a charles. and that's also not forget, the very vital thing that the americans will need help with. and that is the security challenges in this country. as we've seen in the last week. i. c, s k r a very, a very big threat to not only to the afghan, to the tale ball, but of course, to the wider international community. so the americans are going to need to get the child on board the maximum cooperation, if those kind of threats from groups like you are going to be thwarted. alright, to charlie, just to final point from you. i mean, you put some international context to what the taliban spokesmen were saying that
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the taliban now say that the dentist on is fully independent. whatever that means. but what sort of challenges do you think they face and trying now to govern the country? well the 1st one is cash. ultimately they need, they need money. this, this country is a catastrophic state of disrepair off to so many years of war at the moment. a lot of that money is being held up is being stopped from coming through from the i m f from the world bank. the americans are holding more $9000000000.00 worth of assets in the us banks as well. they've, they've been frozen. but as we were saying in order to get hold of that cash in order to get money in to start rebuilding going to the international community, that's all i need to step up and prove that that commitments are more commitments that they've mentioned are more than just words, so i mean that the immediate challenges i've already spoken about, i saw the security threats and i still have not the only group here that the
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potentially pose a threat not only to the stability of afghanistan but to the wider world. so there are huge challenges here for the taliban, but, and see seemingly until they're taken seriously until they prove that they're, these are not just empty words. it seems as if we're going to be almost in some sort of stalemate here, which of course massive potential ramifications for the stability inside afghanistan. and, and by that fact, the wide world, all right, to chop a life us day in the afghan capital, charlie, thank you. we're here in security council of adopted a resolution to let people who want to leave the country do says safely, but it's not known. if a taliban will go along with that, the u. s. hopes the revolution would protect people's rights to leave afghanistan. no matter what the reason consistent with the right to leave any country including one's own, everybody must be allowed to safely leave afghanistan for whatever reason. when ever they want, by air or by land. this is the most. this is of the utmost importance
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to us. what china and russia both abstained from that un resolution. let's get the reaction out of china now and talk to katrina used to join us live from beijing, katrina. so china has always maintained some links with a taliban, regardless of who was in power. so how will basing be viewing this american exit was china's political game plan going forward? all china bubble is concerned about instability in the country and causing wider and stability in the region. the worried about it's gonna start becoming a strong hold for various forces which china considers to be terrorists and they're worried about their investments in the country as well as in neighboring pakistan as well. so china, very much seeds working with the taliban as the world's best bet for achieving stability in the country. now china, since the beginning of this whole process, the beginning of the takeover has maintained
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a non interference approach. at monday's un security council vote count china abstained from the vote. it's also against any withholding of funds it's against international sanctions and against the creation of any foreign safe zone in cobble china seas. these move, this potentially antagonizing the talent and it wants to see tensions east not intensified. at the same time, the aging is concerned about the hasty and complete withdrawal of the u. s. presence that they see this is potentially being dangerous. seen is not the truancy for other arm to groups. so china, chinese foreign ministry, one e, held a phone call with you a secretary of state anthony blinking on sunday. and during that call, china demanded that the us play a role in guiding the taliban and possibly even contribute shantarian and even financial support to the country to help smooth out that transition child in foreign minister has made it very clear that they see this whole situation going on
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as a mess caused by the us and they want to see the us play a role in cleaning that up. no time hasn't recognize itala bond officially, but it is dealing with the taliban as a legitimate political force. taliban leader up to gunny bar of visited china in july and trying to maintain close communication with the taliban. since then, beijing's embassy and couple is still open and aging has pro mr. prey player, a very important role in the economic reconstruction of afghanistan, which is something to help on very much want. and in return that held on his promise paging that will keep those groups that it considers to be terrorists at day. i think baiting whole approach here is to really give the taliban space to prove itself and it's waiting to see what the group does next. alright, to katrina. you live us there from beijing between up thank you. or lessons give you a few other stories are following this hour here and i'll just hear a hospital is in the us state of louisiana. had been forced to evacuate dozens of patients, not to hearken, either knocked out power to many areas,
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including the entire city of new orleans item a landfill on sunday, but has since been downgraded to a tropical storm for cost to say its still poses a threat as it moves ne, into the state of mississippi. in california, thousands of people have been forced to flee after the entire resort. city of south lake tahoe was ordered to vacuum because of a wildfire the cold, a fire which broke out on august. the 14th has already been through more than 700 square kilometers to strike hundreds of buildings. scientific climate change has made the regional warmer in the past 30 years and will continue to make the weather more extreme and wildfires more destructive. ah. type of critical headlines here and i'll just here at the last american troops of left combo marking the end of 20 years of war in afghanistan. the last c, 17 transport plane took off just hours ago clearing afghan aspects. i'm here
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to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military mission.


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