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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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now just era, there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places the state or really invests in that. and that's a privilege as a journalist lose . ready the taliban now has complete control of the combo. therefore, down the country, up to the last of the us troops lead me. the final american military flight was greeted by celebratory gunfire. mocking a new era for us gun stone. i hello, i'm down. jordan, this is out there at night from also coming up. most of the u. s. state of louisiana is still without electricity after papa storm blows through mobile
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services, offered cobra. 1900 vaccinations in georgia, but many remain skeptical of getting the job. ah, we begin in afghanistan, where for the 1st time in 20 years, taliban fighters have taken charge of cobbles, airport hours off to the last us soldiers throughout the country. members of the group are at the airport now posing for the cameras and military fatigues on the tarmac, along with taliban elders. the group is celebrating america exists and what it calls for independence. but taliban spokesman held a news conference at campbell airport a short time ago and he's going to check the shot. but let me know, afghans will surrender to force the way americans left us gun. this done as a good lesson for the future generation. they were damaged financially. it's a good lesson for everyone else. it's a historic day with no doubts. it's a free country, it's a sovereign country. america was defeated. they could not achieve their targets
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through military progressions. and on behalf of my nation, we want to have good relations with the rest of the world. well, these are live pictures of campbell airport at the moment as taliban takes over the wrong questions about what afghanistan will look like under a new government will be ly from the capital in just a minute. but 1st, here's robert brides report on the american exit. the, the final departure at the u. s. military off the 20 years. and the taliban adversaries celebrate across cobble from multiple guns of all sizes and description. automatic gunfire lit up the night sky in a rolling thunder. throughout monday, as the evacuation from the airport continued speculation mounted about when the us would complete their withdraw patrolling across, circled over, cobbled together with a b $52.00 bomber as a steady stream of transport. planes lumbered off out of afghanistan.
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then soon after midnight, local time on august 31st, the day sat as the deadline for the u. s. departure, the cross sounds died away and as we were on air would began to spread. the final us aircraft had already lifted off and was on its way home. there's an awful lot of speculation here at the moment that the lot of chatter that we may be seeing finally the end of this evacuation exercise. and if that is the case, that is the end of the us military involvement, enough kind of done. soon afterwards came the official word from the u. s. pentagon of the end of america's longest war. i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens for country nationals and vulnerable afghans. for the 1st time in 2
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decades, there are no us soldiers on afghans soil to the delight of the taliban. many still disbelieving the pace of developments that has brought about this victory the last time god. we are here now in control of the potent without any problems. thank god . but for many afghans, the fear of what the u. s. departure means leaving them under a future taliban government. public cried al jazeera couple. we'll look at more on this historic event in a moment. we'll go to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit, but 1st chance dr. has more for us from combo charlie said we heard that taliban press conference area where the spokesman said, america's been defeated in the country is now fully independent. but what's the mood on the streets where you on what ordinary guns make of all this? because it is still very much waking up to this new chapter in its history, but certainly the people that we've spoken to about this kind of stuff in recent
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days, it very much depends on who you speak to. it's really important to recognize that it's all about to have a support base per normally in the south of the country and held the province around kandahar where we understand these sort of talks amongst talking about leaders and tribal leaders. we're going to try and form a new government when you speak to supporters of it's all about though they'll say that they see this is a victory. they say that this is finally their independence. they say that despite, there's always been about motions of national sovereignty and they were very unhappy with the former government go so heavily supported by the west for being what they say as being corrupt and unable to manage this. these countries politics and the challenges that it, that it faces. so that's one side of the coin. certainly here in the capital, the majority of the people you speak to are anxious,
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even afraid of some of them. they lament the passing of the form of government, but they are also accusing the west of not doing enough to support it of not doing enough to force that government to be more transparent, to be less corrupt. to less miss manage the countries finances and they are nervous about what a future under the taliban brings. i'm concerned, for example, about the releasing of finances of money that he's being withheld in the west by western institutions and governments until the government say that's all about make good on their commitments and their promises. so these people are saying, well, we are actually all being collectively punished for crimes that we didn't commit. they use words like the trail. so it's very much depends on who you speak to, but no matter who you do speak to it's, there's a hell of a lot of work that the,
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that the taliban need to do. and the 1st it seems is to get some solid sort of legitimacy inside afghanistan. and in the eyes of the wide world. yeah, an interesting point. you make that charlie and taliban clearly trying to present a new face going forward. but what sort of challenges then, do they face in trying to govern the country? well, as i say finances, this is probably the biggest one. we know that the u. s. pros bought 9, not in the hall $1000000000.00 worth of assets are frozen in the us bank. the met has done a similar thing. so has the world house, sorry. the world bank. they're saying, well, that's not a bad has to prove itself before this money comes through. of course, the longer the money is delayed, the greater insecurity, more insecurity. this country faces which has huge ramifications with respect to
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the tale barn to deal with the same having to deal with some of these groups. these are groups, the pose such a threat, not only to stop as we've seen in recent days that are really good at the airport killed 110 people. but also these groups, the threat that they face the, they present to countries outside of afghanistan. so there is a huge challenge ahead for, for, for this government getting legitimacy in the eyes of the west. so we could free that money in it's going to need help with the security as well. many analysts say, well, frankly, the telephone call deal with people like i so on that of that going to need western western intelligence services to help the endeavor. and of course, if there isn't security, if there isn't money, there isn't. if there is, there is no rebuilding of this country, it becomes a vicious circle, a catch $22.00. and so yeah, we're not in
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a critical moment in this country's history. certainly the child about saying you've got to believe in us. you've got to give us a chance. we're not the organization. we're not the movement that we were. all right, our child life was there from college ali. thank you. well, you affective state anthony, bring concerns. if working with a new african government will serve his country's national interest in washington, we'll do it. we did with a ton of under, in the past few weeks to enable our evacuation operations going forward. any engagement with the taliban government and the ball will be driven by one thing only or vital national interest. if we can work with a new african government in a way that helps secure those interests, including the safe return, my fears, the u. s. citizen has been held hostage in the region since early last year and in a way that brings greater stability to the country in region and protects the gains
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for the past few decades. we will do it. but we will not do it on the basis of trust or faith. well, i white house correspondent, kimberly how can join us live now from washington, d. c. kimberly's to the taliban said in that press conference. they want good relations with all countries and we heard the u. s. secretary of state anthony blink. and they're trying to frame the future diplomatic effort. what shape they like to take then going forward? well, you heard from the secretary state as he finishes comments there. he said that this relationship will not be based on trust. this is something that the united states firmly believes has to be earned and that'll be contingent on the taliban. convincing the united states that it is really now a more modern and not the sort of movement of the 1900 ninety's. there will be a relationship that will contingent on not only human rights, but women's rights. and that is something that will not happen overnight. it has to
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be demonstrated, and so the united states, as watching very carefully, but it's important to know that this is something that the united states is kind of crafting on the fly in terms of its diplomatic relationship. moving forward with afghanistan that it says it's willing to engage in and that the taliban says it was because you have to remember there is no diplomatic presence right now in afghanistan, as of august 15th, the embassy was closed. and right now they are operating out of katara, and so it's, it's remarkable to even consider that as we come up to the anniversary of the september 11th attacks, which we should point out was the initial withdraw date. the joe biden proposed, obviously he accelerated that the united states is they'll have to grapple with whether or not to reopen, it's embassy and move forward with this relationship in advance of that anniversary . so, so that's one big issue that the united states is grappling with. and we should
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point out has not even informed the us congress yet with respect to the bike and ministration. that's how new and how sort of fleshed out this is. and so this is kind of a draft in progress, if you will. and the other point to, to remember, and all of this is the united states says not only just one a diplomatic relationship, but it also wants to continue its humanitarian aid, but says it will be doing that through party group such as a non governmental organization. so that doesn't bode well for the kicking off of this diplomatic relationship. the fact that the united states does not want that money to go directly to taliban had so in terms of a diplomatic relationship, it is complicated from the outset and the united states is firm that this is really something that is going to be on the part of the taliban to demonstrate that this is a relationship that can work. yeah. jim lewis talk about president binding because he's come on the growing criticism because of the i don't think us withdraw. what
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sort of long term political fallout is the president likely to face several this well, it's all writing on the speech that he's set to make in the coming hours where he's going to make the case to the american public. that there was a need for this hasty withdrawl, and this is where he's being so heavily criticized. so all eyes on joe biden as he tries to make this case because again, initially his. c withdrawal date was september 11th, the anniversary of the september 11th attacks in the united states in new york and the pentagon. and the problem for the president is he stuck to august 31st. even as members of the republican party in his own democratic party said come on. 7 we need you to, to extend this there, everybody's not out yet. and so the president has a problem here because he's assured those members of congress, everybody that wants to get our vast canister will be able to get out. that includes americans. now the administration to say, well, there might be
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a couple 100 that we left behind, that's not sitting well with the american public. add to that the american public is still reeling from the loss of those american service members. 2 and the african nationals that assisted in many cases the, the service of the united states for a generation. and so this is all kind of adding to an already, we're what war weary american public that is saying. we're not quite sure what we just paid for for the last 20 years. what was accomplished? and that is the question that joe biden is going to have to answer and how he answers that really could dictate his political future. all right, kimberly, how get life or stay in washington? kimberly, thanks for that. all right, let's bring him come. i'll hide from the talk. i'm crossing in pakistan that f along the border without chemist on that's an important economic route for both countries. and the taliban is not in charge on the afghan side. come out. so if dentist on wakes up to a new dorm this morning with the taliban family in control,
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what impact is, is having on that border crossing where you are right? first fall, it has to be understood that did have the 1st time and little were trinity winery on that base. all the transition is still under way bug. it's dawn of god had been dealing with a dollar bond when david didn't fall war last time in the $990.00 data. good working relationship and therefore bugger signage, hoping that stability and understand would all go well for the entire region. in fact, we've been ordered from most of the senior government officials that bug it's gone, had sent out a signal to the outside world. that one is done needs to be engaged, the dollar by need to be engaged. otherwise, you may see, i repeat of the 990 read. all of the militia went against the drug store. indeed,
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the dollar bon take off work at seen from august on a array of hope for bringing back stability to that war, torn country. all right, come on, hide a life of the talk and border crossing on the pakistani pianist on buddha. come all, thank you for that time for a short break here. now just when we come back, this concern to the afghans who still wants to leave the country the you and adopts the resolution urging safe passage, but is accounted by listening and another news. a massive wildfire and california threatens a resort town more enough to stay with us. i hello, that is more hot, dry and sunny weather on the way for the middle east and levant in the next few days. temperatures are going to pick up across iraq and kuwait, that would be a lot of heat around. and also quite a bit of when we got wind blowing in,
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across the red sea, kicking up dust in saudi arabia creating some hazy sunshine. and we've also got a shamar wind blowing down through a rock, bringing some of that hazy sunshine to q 8 and into a top down in the south though, we've got a coastal wind keeping things coolant, oman, hand in yemen. but some of those showers that could turn into thunderstorms for western parts of you have an edging up into saudi arabia. but for the very heavy rain we have to move to those western and central parts of africa. this was the scene in cameron and its main port city as torrential downpours caused flooding there. now we are seeing some more rain happening here, but also farther west, we got swirling, windy and wet weather, affecting parts of sierra leone and guinea. and that system could turn into a tropical storm, as it pushes out into the atlantic. we will keep an eye on that. now for the south, it is looking rather sunny for large parts of south africa. is wet weather for cape town on tuesday, but it's the eastern cape that sees the rain come wednesday. the
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story of lonely deception life and death, an israeli spelling operating on the deep cover in syria. knowing that discovery would mean that and al jazeera well health gripping story by l. e. cohen operated on the cover in syria, in the $960.00 notation career that ended in public execution. eli cohen, most of agents 18 on al jazeera. oh, the me
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welcome back. a recap of the top stories here on al jazeera taliban and fight, as opposed in military fatigues at the time i accomplish airport just hours up to taking a total control group is celebrating america's exit from the dentist. but just before midnight, local time on monday, the last american c, 17 transport plane took off from the airport. and in 20 years of us military presence, a new effective state, anthony lincoln says, washington will work with a new out gun government if it serves america. national interest abide and administration has suspended embassy operations in afghanistan. and now while the un security council has adopted a resolution urging for the safe passage for people who want to leave afghanistan, but it's not known if a taliban will go along with this. kristin salumi reports now from the u. s. as the u. s. was completing its withdrawal from afghanistan. the security council was voting on a resolution meant as
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a message for the taliban that the world is watching. one such commitment which the taliban has made publicly and privately, is that those who wish to leave afghanistan will be able to do so. today's resolution signals just how seriously the security council takes that commitment along with the commitments to allow humanitarian aid to flow and prevent terrorism . russia and china expressed concern that afghan, a stan could again become a safe haven for armed groups who could attack other countries. but they abstained from the vote. more perhaps please had more time. the result of the vote would have been different. at the same time, we can see in this an attempt to shift the blame for the failure to collapse after 20 years of the presence of the united states and their allies in the region onto the taliban. and all the countries in the region that will have to deal with the results of western powers had hoped for unanimous support and even stronger wording
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. but said, further action is possible in the coming weeks, including when the mandate for the un assistance mission in afghanistan comes up for renewal in mid september. today's resolution is an important step towards a unified, international response to the situation in afghanistan. we will continue to build on this to ensure the council holds the taliban accountable on its commitments. what leverage the security council have over the taliban? one possible tool is will lifting of sanctions. the taliban wants existing ones removed. council members said they could impose even more if the taliban doesn't follow through. on its promises. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nation. in now the u. s. has been removed from the european union's list of safe countries as
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cobra. 1900 cases continue to rise. the e u is recommending a pause, an old non essential travel from america. daily hospital emissions in the us have risen passed a 100000 for the 1st time since last winter. georgia has the worst current of virus infection and death rate in the world. currently, the health care system is close to buckling, but the government has reopened the country for tourism to help the economy. critics say, if it's going to stay open, people must be encouraged to get vaccinated. robin forest walker reports now from the capital to briefly, queuing up for the vaccines. this converted sports hall is being used to administer around 3000 shots a day. no chatty, she needs wait is over. my uncle died actually with my, with the me and my friends and my family are scared. we want to see each other freely. we will be looking for so yeah. and i think so, we'll be more safe and we will be more able to see each other. georgia has the
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worst report greats of corporate 19 infection and death per capita in the world. intensive care units are almost bo, this field hospital stands ready to take patience. yet only around 13 percent of georgia adults have been fully vaccinated. many more are reluctant to do so. oh, really a lot. they remember how this nurse died last year, shortly after encouraging others to take the astrazeneca vaccine. and they're listening to the orthodox church. these priests compare the vaccination program to nazi science experiment, the prime minister himself a devout man, only recently got vaccinated following public criticism. i blame government of georgia and the prime minister to be not active in this process. they could have conduct more aggressive,
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more active campaigning support of explanation process. but they haven't done it. i put that to the ministry of health these days. we are actually working more actively and we are trying to educate people like to have them decide on getting a vaccine, considering what her benefits already extend. we want to respect their decision at the stage with georgia death and infection rate topping the global charge. the authorities are scrambling to react one of the solution if the public will come to the vaccination, clearly bring the clinic to the public and this mobile service offering vaccinations is just being rolled out. there's no appointment needed yet. many remained skeptical or misinformed. in women told me she had copied 900 twice and wasn't allowed a vaccine. this by the to be said, she wasn't either. will help guidelines suggest otherwise. this man said, give it
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a try. people in georgia are getting vaccinated, but not fast enough yet to bring the pandemic here under control of in 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi hospital is in the us state of louisiana, had been forced to evacuate dozens of patients after a hurricane, either knocked out power to many errors, including the entire city of new orleans item a landfill on sunday, and has since been downgraded a tropical storm. at least 2 people have died. philip reports now the mississippi hurricane either took everything it had passed. this is the grand aisle of the coast of louisiana. one of the 1st places she roared into it was back from above either ripped off the roof after re down below, she brought him the water with ankles, me almost chest level. so we just put the dogs on the counter and then we climbed
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into the attic across louisiana. they watched as either cause the payoff and devastation, one of the worst storms to ever hit the us, mainland. i beg of damages, status traffic is worth it. i've seen the 20 years that i've been the parish and we think there were hurricane even hospitals were not immune from ida inside code with patients fighting for their lives on like outside the roof, coming off one across the state. doctors try to ignore the store and get on with what they do best. treating the l. knowing more will be on their way. we had their kind of move out of certain parts of the emergency department because there was debrief falling onto the roof. the when to the water came hand in hand the rain hammering from the skies. the storm surge is pouring along streets and trapping. drivers in their cars. power lines being ripped south electricity to the whole city of new orleans and beyond. just as the daylight was fighting, we've got
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a 1000000 people in louisiana without power. the people of louisiana have been told that power is likely to be all the way, not just days. this is not just a short time outage. it is being caused by officials, a catastrophic failure, which is why here and neighboring mississippi, you got all of these trucks is about a 100 of them. it goes way back. they all being sent across the border back into louisiana to help try to get the power back on as soon as possible for some seeking safety. the only way was up this woman having to climb into her re space from highway one in it came in quick setting only thing. we could climb in the attic as did many others. he couldn't walk out through the water. it's pretty clear that if you have evacuated now is not the time to return. this is very much a search and rescue operation. now it could take days or weeks. basic supplies are
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all on the way. we're going to stand with you and the people in the gulf as long as it takes for you to recover. and louisiana needs all the help they can get phil laval al jazeera, gulfport, mississippi. in california, the entire resort city of south lake tahoe was ordered to evacuate because of a wildfire. the blaze broke out on august 14th and has already been through more than 700 square kilometers. destroying hundreds of buildings, scientific climate change has made the region warm in the past 30 years and will continue to make the weather more extreme and wildfires more destructive. when we spoke to photo journalist christian montero said, who's in echo lake, that's just south of that result that's been threatened by the y fi. he said the weather conditions are allowed to fire to spread further and faster. the colder fire is currently one of 2 major incident in the up there being in the fire, not 2 hours north from here. this area has now become known as fire country
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because we're seeing dryer winds less rain and more hinder, basically more fuel for these buyers to grow. and so it's been a real challenge for firefighters from what i've seen them to be able to keep up with it. every, every sort of trigger point as they call it or, or check point that they set for themselves to try and manage for the day has been completely demolished by the fire. and it's going to be a long next. lot of people, you know, obviously are, are full of emotion, very nervous. they all mostly just want to ask questions and kind of be able to know what the situation is. you know, as soon as you hear that there's an evacuation, there's really not much else that you not much information that you receive after that. so a lot of people are scared or nervous. i spoke to one woman who was on oxygen in
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her r as she was trying to evacuate from south lake tahoe. and you know, she had just a handful of belongings on the back of her car. and she only had one question for me, which was you don't think the fire is going to catch up to us, do you? and i just didn't have an answer for her. the type of critic headlines here on the 0 telephone fight as opposed and military fatigues at the time. mike campbell airport, just hours up to taking total control. the group is celebrating america's exit from afghanistan. and then what it called full independence for the 1st time in 20 years . but taliban sportsmen held a news conference at the airport.


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