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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2021 9:00am-9:30am AST

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last thousands of our program award winning documentaries. debt need to call a subscribe to you cheese dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah . come down, jordan unto the top, stories here now to 0. for the 1st time in 20 years, taliban fighters have taken charge of cobbles, airport hours off. the last 2 us soldiers flew out of the country. members of the group posed for the cameras on the tarmac along with taliban elders, the group is celebrating americans exit and what it called full independence. but only a taliban spokesman held a news conference at the airport and he's going to charge me no afghans will surrender to force the way americans left us. going to stop is a good lesson for the future generation. they were damaged financially. it's a good lesson for everyone else. it's a historic day with no doubts. it's
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a free country, it's a sovereign country. america was defeated. they could not achieve their targets through military operations. and on behalf of my nation, we want to have good relations with the rest of the world. well, the, the live pictures now of cobble airport and the taliban takes over. there are questions about what afghan install will look like under a new government to zeros. rob mcbride reports on the american pull out the the final departure at the u. s. military after 20 years. and that taliban adversaries celebrate across, cobbled from multiple guns of all sizes. and description, automatic gunfire lit up the night sky in a rolling thunder. throughout monday, as the evacuation from the airport continued speculation mounted about when the us would complete their withdraw. patrolling across circles over cobble together with
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a b $52.00 bomber. as a steady stream of transport, planes lumbered off out of afghanistan. then soon after midnight, local time on august 31st, the day sat as the deadline for the u. s. departure, the cross sounds died away and as we were on air would began to bread. one of the final us aircraft had already lifted off and was on its way home. there's an awful lot of speculation here at the moment that the lot of chatter that we may be seeing finally the end of this evacuation exercise. and if that is the case, that is the end of the us military involvement and that kind of done soon afterwards. came the official word from the u. s. pentagon of the end of america's longest war. i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan in the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens for country
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nationals and vulnerable afghans. for the 1st time in 2 decades thereon, no us soldiers own afghans soil to the delight of the taliban. many still disbelieving the pace of developments that has brought about this victory the last time god. we are here now in control of the potent without any problems. thank god . but for many afghans, the fear of what the u. s. departure means leaving them under a future taliban government. public cried al jazeera couple. well, he secretary of state antony blink and says, washington will work with a new afghan government if it serves america's national interest. we engage with a ton of under, in the past few weeks to enable our evacuation operations going forward and engagement with a ton of them and government control will be driven by one thing only or vital national interest. if we can work with a new afghan government in
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a way that helps secure those interests, including the safe return mark free ridge, the us citizen has been held hostage in the region since early last year. and in a way that brings a greater stability to the country in region and protects the gains for the past few decades. we will do it. but we will not do it on the basis of trust or fate. in other news, the united states has been removed from the european union's list of safe countries as cobra. 19 cases continue to rise to use, recommending a pause and all non essential travel from america daily hospital admissions. in the us, a recent past, a 100000 for the 1st time since last winter infections are soaring in part due to the delta there and you had lifted travel restrictions on american travelers in june. but those were the headlines. the news continues here, analysis era opt out of the world. thank you. thanks for watching the
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news. ah . i i use i
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use the social media but she gave me little halting the ne anesha market. the simple way me some kick molding on the lobby. halting, not even your duck, she'll go yes and if you don't know that it's been a good level. so no human earth report. tom ma'am, must be a lot of fun. but if a show of him who took kish a lead to go yes. and the lawyer,
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the team met social on the team p as legal. so it clearly is awesome. and social my old, my team a, on the low on your luck, you'd actually be when a size, the going to say was the soil a gum? my was subsidy. you couldn't lower that. yes. shay album meter same shaney movie now same haunting me o. l. e co code name agent 88 works for the israeli intelligence service most. and while his story goes back 50 years, many key details are only emerging out most that has never spoken publicly about
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any course. but simeon sources have now shed new light on the case. cohen was recruited as in his railings by but then the sent undercover in south america using an alias to prepare for his eventual deployment to syria. the stakes could not have been hired as the man, the israelis called a super spine would ultimately discover to the cost. it's a story that begins with politics. in 1950 s a gyptian president gamble. i've done nasa signed a treaty with syria to form what was known as the united arab republic. israel viewed the new state with concerns. syria was a big mystery to israel early in the whole world because it was going through a state of flux. in part,
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that's because general nasser down in egypt wanted to create a pan arab league or nation and syria would be part of it. the me lisa, later of if i billiard duleigh milch a lot of our last stomach collection dumb, she was nice and i should be sleep there by the us near me tunnel. i see it, the more dean shirley coin viewed to the famous cream of 2, i can get them. it's a limb to all the machine to i can gumble thumbs of money and of course she will be in law boil be it may mother while boil p a i love
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learning about it would require some i li placed agent and that meant l. the co it the any call was born in the egyptian coastal city of alexandria. in 1924. his parents had moved to egypt from a level in syria. in 1957 cohen moved to israel ah, 3 years later, his language skills and background caught the attention of his military intelligence. chamonix, we are soon me. i'm the old name mun, one. william or the shell. a shallow put canoe shall noise over the shoulder, keshawn fizzy, most shall i and number. sybil will not be not shown to switch daily, you know,
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in a v lawyer go to live twins and should initiate chime glue. we all thought, no, i'm in the blue. my low midst, i'm in the blue militia, the shipment, all of what he said the huffman, although if it delivered shallow no dis. so do you know, we are those tell me some of the 3 of the commerce, the foot of a mom or villa we m o d p, the again t j, showing the small eloquent shell to our, to village and meet to eat and let me see mushroom anemic, usually for hort machine show you to be mega limb, dog vein mission. one, rob, when i give it the much nicole a. nicole,
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is it the it yet? if you, if you look to you because told, told share cohen was recruited after the most, and director general spotted his name among files of rejected candidates. he was given the fate of a syrian businessman coming to top it in israel. it had the training camp set out for spies, that's where he went to get his identity. that's where he went to malware and his spike craft was there. that is handler help shape the cover identity that they were creating for him to operate in syria, l eco and needed to talk like syria. a specialist is really linguistic training section. unit 131 set about changing his accent. they also created
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a cover story for the new agent. if you watch the, the more the dollar. i'd love the way that y'all, i don't know, i should put on out of the island. i mean, yes, if you will use all we don't get the family on the on. i said i leave leg and under the judge lot of by the bill. she's a loony loose really i'm cool. are you out of the fact that there is some mean my about almost, i mean one that's going to build a credible back story, most time. vincent cohen, by then known as come out target to watch and tina again. tina ducky shell, galindo, ma skyline, king lucian, and we are talk,
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was the cashier who miss enough. shambly called whole list. i will call it the village bit. it never saw it wasn't even the holy bear my last 2 months. he looked dull cornel guarantee, and i would be sensitive work official kesha sir, came the whole air vish a muscle when the seal see what the little sick bell she will shave, shall we live domestic. you will leave dorcas shortly. such um sir, keep stuff left. come with me. said that they had up to you sir, for all woman. how was your wife here, john? what do you know through hon? no, i do on nadia. out of the good address,
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either story and father shallow story of my love, the physician easiest them a lot of them. and when i was young, a lot of the last session. but the majority of the above will be what i wish. sure it got to be given. my ha, the good wish left them enough though. so human had been dudley, but what he thought he was on your part that of non show you the avenue from out of fission 11. i love the video michelle from the how you smoked, maria. love me . meanwhile, now says egypt syrian lions fell apart. la. how's
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the head of his model for an hour? i had the candidate in a common landa. hannah has emphasized kind of long but the moment and he can get information on who you want to do but does not get a meal. half old men must go doors that can puddle. mother yelled him through the whole new reed after he must have the whole value value and you don't get mad. hide you from a law. scary, but i mean, no hoffers who would later become syrian president was sent to watch and tina as military attaching. but did he meet l e cohen? there any co in lesser way? yes, i had the native steam or the higher had me living in the how you look good going to 30. yeah. you had sleeping
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of my why this p. now you will actually mirage the la option for hulu. do the value i had received the number in the coin building in the, in the could they live assistance work if we shall be fed well the so of august it, if child will, she she the hut. i mean, the huff is numb monopoly of the building in tina. but leave a key me. i mean a half is ok. surely ot sure. me me huffy. bisman. sure. yeah, it the p log. let's nicole nicole. is it a be taught by a half him been me time live in soule? we are well, dinah baker, he'll not tell. show them i got my coffee. i sat down with me in the coffins on
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it. the continuum show shall militia all but there must be a mean hug of him. has all sylvia to mil to la. holla, gillis sharma ella, look to bill. we're going to increase one going well, it's my fish while my all low miles loma a fisher or not? i may, i don't even have as much time to look into more lumber getting in late december 19 . 61 cohen's deployment to syria was ready to begin. he stopped off at the italian port city of genoa. there he met another spying measured ship aloft, an inform for the sci fi genoa, study shots major shift. how the army will run now to administer lockwood, lucia noah. lot of a full knew how the net to know guy me. i mean it, i mean,
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not to but you know the last already. yeah. but now with sad that that can be a man, no major shift a lot, all the way sure is off of jani. let the solar know all most on died off job say, your majesty, i don't see the hillock coffee and i'll read a story. a little non behaviors would follow the muscular video with the menu shop. find his name. i say, your majesty will all be and i'll do the story, nanny. we did it both of us, almo, along,
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are you on the, on this, i shot, it was a little bit manny. why the man, you can visual bosh on the shelf. the fossil that they are approved measure her day to allow me far for her going when i'm the know from being windy and over her doing and a bare room or a j. i show my say less it is i won't get my eyes more now. do you my sierra or co hain mo? hi dawn. nothing didn't need me. can my be honest by just check
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the j o blood arriving in damascus in january 1962 eli colon or com l talbot set about establishing himself in the upper echelons of serbian society. he settled in the up market, abu romano district home to several ambassadors and leading politicians. hey about a man not going to debrief unless he was to find out about my success, laska. yes. cobra let the can and that he at the wrong levels with ethical multiple and how much how yeah, i'm going to cushion last saturday. was you how well do that was done
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the more that ever saudi camel, i mean sad to fulfill that door moral data for william, i say keith law we spoke a and the shame sham with theodore b. b. me stuff and color the me stop. i'm latasha, but i'm a little concerned that there little bit of domestic so illegally domestic bobby film. looks on the hud. ma'am. i me stuff. sure. certainly nor surely let different hush in the who killed a little like a whole more. don't the acute law this 1st of all, it young sheila, i'm a call. okay mothers. i haven't been around the same time as ellie cohen arrived in syria. the world was watching the verdict of the dramatic trial of idols.
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iceland. iceland was one of the architects of the nazi holocaust when between 5 and 6000000 jews were exterminated during world war 2. it was captured in argentina by more side agents, tried and then subsequently executed in israel following isolated capture and execution. israel turned its attention to his assistant, always bruno list salon. knew how to be. there was a small letters from the george fin, showed fatter, shirky odd. who will shop on? many danny, who shove stories for i will be if i begin my shop all around your son who actually had you saw last year, but it gives you figure one of cohen's 1st
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tasks with the truck dump lois for his role in sending europe in jews to nazi concentration camps with him to see you again at all with the measure for your and yet our love, i wish there was sad, sad i have money left her estimate from the absentee and, and none of the new story. i know that the father lucian, but i know that know all i'm up to 5. if i live on the burden shall hope, football, the hops. wife my the rough buddy said the new bought all my fun, but little john, do do much. my young. you must always thought ralph, i've had
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a lot of the new food nuts mister george fib, should know about the food call him fat that that must be the coyote. and the pirate muscles having spent several months in syria cohen was ready to return to israel to be debriefed by his more side handles. i don't want to local in depth a little while article a minute. me a minute and i don't my trasky. i don't want to ask you how you can go in can data for us like to read and out of my daughter, what are the do it went up a little tyler was up a little tyler, my how with his dad, alaska. he does. she has a low majority because i can multiple feel cut out of this area,
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cut me off with my mom will i hope up as well. i think it was stuck, but as i'm, i'm viewed the ministry to the manager that sold it. i do much and do end up jani had had, because i'm not enough that i used to have got oscar a bit. sure for the smart man, i'm gonna bring this up to me, but i'm not going to show this. ma ha, i love this. yes, i will. i will ask the command button on the will not him no. done. not if either one of your saw the missile off my some the must have medical decide if medical medical 0,
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florida i love to slot for you. but as your home oh, talk to the net gradually causes in on more side agents. yet all julia lived. the beach or the use of the ball is one of you. when you're right, i do not know any of the junk that is followed in that you are like football. my name is nadia is you development manager? it is my niger my my jerry on out there.
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ah. new zealand is a good watches paradigm. but this south pacific nation has one of the worst extinction records on racks and other interviews. president have decimated the navy bird population. the kline is still ongoing. if we let it roll for another 50 years, they won't be much left to restore. now you 0 and he's leaving the world with an extraordinary goal to why pap, the country's worth pay by 2050. there's nowhere else on the planet like this. and we now have the technology, the well in the know, facing. finally, after 2 days of searching success, we made out 1st k way. those birds will join 14 are the key we released in the last few months. it's a vital step in saving wall,
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which will almost walked out across this region 2 decades ago. when freedom of the press is under threat, you know, you just call thought genuinely about your thoughts towards that they can government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement. here's just some of access court to shift the focus. the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little prefect, the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on i just, i'm always going to have on washing and asia and africa. there'd be days where i'd be choosing and editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now where confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together. that's
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well 0. so important. we make those connections. ah, i'm down joining the headlines here on out 0 for the 1st time in 20 years. taliban fighters have taken charge of combat port hours after the last year, a soldiers flew out of the country. members of the group posed for the cameras on the tarmac. taliban, celebrating american exit and what it calls for independence the shot. but let me know, afghans will surrender to force the way americans left afghanistan is a good.


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