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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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or writing even know what, i am with exclusive interviews and so forth. the teams on the ground with intensifying rain. people here appear that these are temporary solutions to bring you more award winning documentaries and lies need i this is al jazeera. ah. hello, i'm sammy a dan. this is the news out live from dell coming up. the next 60 minutes. us full of gone and the bombs taken over the stands main. apple of this man remains at what's left behind. they're disappointed. they angry. they say they feel
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betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. celebrations though, in the birthplace of economy, bond and elsewhere who declared victory off the 20 years who i was all in job in july about. and i'll tell you how people on the board celebrating after the withdrawal of us troops has many afghans line up outside bank housing, an economic challenge with a new ruler. and we have harding with fort christiana, rinaldo finalizes, his move to manchester, united and naomi osaka, makes a winning return to grand slam action and her us open title, defend me for the us. it marks the final act of a 20 year war for the tale bomb the end of foreign occupation. now the last
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american soldiers have left afghan. the stand, the taliban is in full control of cobbles and port. that is, except for one small province north of the capital cannibal is promising to united guns and form an inclusive government for washington says we'll have to and it's legitimacy through concrete action, from cobbled child straps and begins our coverage. the morning after what the 20, barney's calling a historic victory over foreign invaders after 20 years of war was wearing us military fatigues and holding american weapons taken from africa army depose. taliban special forces are in control on the tarmac. cobble international airport, the saba destroyed, and abandoned a stand in what remains of the nato bass and he's going to charge me. no afghans will surrender to force the way americans left us. going to stop is a good lesson for the future generation. they were damaged financially. it's
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a good lesson for everyone else. it's a historic day with no doubts. it's a free country, it's a sovereign country. america was defeated. they could not achieve their targets through military operations. and on behalf of my nation, we want to have good relations with the rest of the world. but there is little if any trust on which those good relations can be built for the time being at least child and lead is say, the movement has changed. it promises inclusive governance women's rights according to the groups own interpretation of islam. promise is a free media and the right for anyone to leave the country. afghans including taliban supporters say they want action. not words, though let's check it out. whenever a new government is formed, it has to prove itself to the rest of the world. and we are worried. what if the taliban con my children are anxious that they won't be able to go out and live their lives and be involved? maybe in politics and civil society, crowds of people gather outside cobbles,
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banks, many withdrawing the last salary they will ever received from a western bank government that no longer exists. a government widely accused of corruption and mismanagement. the challenges are immense, especially when billions of dollars a funding an afghan cash remains frozen by the west. since that's all the bonds of control, women who say they want the same opportunities as men, no matter any expected changes to the law. not to say that it was still not on them . i don't have a problem where in the booker longest as security and justice is just a piece of fabric. they have said that men and women will be separated at work. well, that's ok too. i will work on another tale. bon says, give us a chance. they say it is the 1st day of a new gun. it's up to 20 years of forward interference and occupation. the wide world may have no choice but to engage with the new leaders of this country. if peace and stability is to prevail,
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tossed off at his era. cobble sharla bennett was inside cobbled international airport. shortly after taliban fighters took over his once. she saw where on the military side of the airport, this is where the americans vacated from last night. you can still see their planes . equipment helicopters here. the tele bond was us here. and last night they moved was one of the joy celebration they were shooting in the sky. there were, there were fireworks, they were very happy that the americans had left the movies here today is quite different. they are disappointed, they are angry. they say they feel betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. they say that they expected the americans to leave helicopters like this in one piece for their youth. when i said to them, why do you think that the americans would have left everything operational for you? they say, because we believe it is
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a national asset and we are the government now. and this could have come to great years for us. so they are very disappointed that a lot of this quippman se cannot be used any longer. over to my left is where the commercial side of the airport is. viola much ahead who's a spokesman for the taliban said that they hope to have this area operational in the coming days, which would allow people who want to fly out on commercial flights. to do so with these is so all the evacuation if it's have finished because foreign forces have a lift, the telephone se, but they are going to stand by the word which is to allow people to fly out commercially when they get everything operational we understand that turkey and casa, are assisting that with them. i can tell you that i, for dozens of people, arrive even to our own hotel with equipment and personnel ready to support the if we're getting back on it's feet. engineers that type of thing to try and get these,
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these planes running again. but here on the military side, nothing will be operational anytime in the future. the taliban disappointed as this is what the americans have left behind in national talk. so taking place about the management of cobble apples, france is foreign minister says commercial flights must resume as soon as possible . due consider security dick at the security council, resolution of and securing the airport must be implemented. there are talks underway with the categories and talks about management of the airport. we must demand that access to the airport, se families that we could do. so with turkey and carter involved in talks about the future of carbon apple. these are some of the challenges in getting it up and running. the tale bond wants to reopen it to stay connected to the world and help maintain aid supplies. but it's off limits to civil operators because of a lack of and traffic control and a functioning civil aviation authority. while the runway appears to be usable, towers and terminals on the military and civilian side of the airport are in bad
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shape. so let's bring in now keith, my keys president at mackie, international aviation consulting firm, specializing in safety. and risk management joins off now via skype from color in florida. good to have you with us. so what will it take to get the airport up and running to get in the civil aviation authorities to get in the, the flight operators on traffic controllers? well, hello, sent me to thank you very much. there's quite a few things will lead to be done. there's a lot more to securing the airport than just securing the parameters before the airport can be used effectively to transport passengers. a system of security is going to have to be developed as any other airport to screen passengers, and keep people who might be dangerous off airplanes. if this is not done properly,
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a terrorist keyboard, an airplane, and cut bowl, and then be transported to some other place in the world or get onto another flight without going through any additional security and be certain layer risk that will have to be taken care of my understanding is that the air traffic control equipment has been damaged by the what's been going on lately, so that'll have to be repaired or replaced the functional. then we're going to have to have people who are qualified to use the equipment to act as traffic controllers . and they're probably not resident amongst the television. so they'll bring in farmers, perhaps some church, some cut or folks, but i understand have been discussed with the taliban about taking over the operation that might be a satisfactory solution. the regulations are actually
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now control by taliban. however, the un sanctions, international civil aviation organization, right standards for air, traffic, control, and security that are adopted by countries worldwide. and if the taliban is not able to adapt or to maintain the standards, likely they're not going to be very many airlines don't be permitted to fly into our goal. so this will be another ongoing challenge that we have that will be related to that, assuming that needs to be some kind of certification process, right? it's not just not through the taught a bond to say, hey, we've provided the requisite level of security that will take time and assume it li, is the question of how interested or willing will international civil aviation
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authorities be to start that process right now? well i think the process will have to be in place before the airport can resume normal operations. how fast the taliban is able to accomplish. this is still an unknown factor, but since they've got so many other things on their plate, this may not be a very high priority. but i spent that before a couple airport resume operations as a normal civil aviation airport. these problems are going to have to be resolved. how interested do you think, even if seemingly they, they get the traffic controllers in place in the equipment. but will commercial airlines want to resume flight? do you think right now? well, of course, commercial airlines are cur, commercial for a reason because they want to make money. and if there's money to be made, there's passenger traffic or freight traffic and,
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and out of control. certainly that will be attractive. but the. ringback whole country and airport operations will have to meet international safety standards before this ever happens. all right, thank you very much for your thoughts and analysis on that. have a good day. thank you. at a news conference thought on spokesman's, i'll be how long john had said the group wants to begin a new chapter. yet it was part of the 90, but we are stretching open our hands for amicable friendly relations with all countries based on reciprocity and mutual respect. and if the international community has any concerns, let these concerns be presented to us and we will iron them out amicably. and in a diplomatic manner whether al jazeera has gained exclusive access to con, the ha, the birthplace of the taliban. and from where much of its decision making is taking place. they bode m id reports from their done or
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should he be medina? thea, the hydrogen will be we're at the monta square in the heart of kandahar south of afghanistan. as can see there was a march as people took to the streets, carrying taliban bennett. they are celebrating the withdrawal of all foreign forces after 20 years of occupation. the syllabus tore mood is sweeping the city and beyond the body, but not above the did the taliban flags are also waving on shops and residential houses as an expression of support to the movement of the 2 decades of occupation. the last american soldier left the country last night with the grounds of changing slogan as afforded the current leader of the telephone movement. also praying for the late leader who passed away years ago, but they are also changing slogan, celebrating their freedom, the freedom they have been longing for and believed to have restored with withdrawal of the last foreign soldier after 20 years of occupation. springing now,
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some of the jade he's been given rare access to the east and afghan city of july. the bad so summer as i'm sure you know, july about a very significant city inside afghanistan. how people reacting there to the end of 20 years of us military domination was the move here so far that we've seen in the street has been of jubilation. we've been seeing a lot of people coming out in the streets. there were a lot of fall of on flags earlier on in the day we thought about picking up like much as themselves, just very close to us in the stadium where we saw taliban needed gathered from kandahar, commanded. coming in, the dressing crowds gathered here from the people on the hearth, assuring them that they are going to establish a government of peace and justice. and they're going to bring prosperity to them as well. again, being vague on those promises,
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but they seem to be addressing those people as they have been concerned in the city . there was earlier a flag dispute where people came with the flag and wanted to put it forward and they were passive during that run and thought about it by and large, it has been peaceful since then. the people who want to put the the gun fly rather than the taliban flag on their homes are allowed to do. so we've seen that flag posted on a number of buildings here as well. so by and large people on the street seem to be adjusting to thought about rule. they say there are no more check posts. there are no more bribes that they have to pay. their mobile phones are not being snatched. people not not being kidnapped in the streets and the killing have gone down significantly. so that is something that we've seen. obviously we haven't seen the whole city. we haven't gone to most areas we've been concentrating on the consent. there was a lot of movement. we saw children in bremond coming out and right after that
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meeting of the thought of and ended in the stadium. it was quite interesting to see children come out in the playground. they were playing, we saw people very charts running in the playground in the stadium, playing football. so it seemed like people in of gone gone, especially in the eastern part away from the seat of power. adjusting to taliban, who led by lodge are happy with the way things are going and july about of course, a very important city on that key artery connecting afghanistan to connecting cobble, and the rest of us going to send to pakistan and the outside world. through that route, how important is it for the taliban rule that the able to keep things running smoothly and in july about especially if the airport doesn't pick up and just start getting running running soon. sounds like fun has been absolutely. so focused on has been a very important as
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a nato supply route in july about that's why coming into this place, we saw a number of the air strips, military installation barricade, the was a 45 positions all abandoned, with a singular taliban flag on them. and this is a very important area for not just the taliban, but for the people of the band themselves because it is, as you said, a major trade in supply route. so the faded and truck drivers we spoke to were quite relieved because now the amount that they have to pay in taxes has gone to almost a 4th of what they were paying before. because of bribes that they had to be at the cross each province. now what the taliban have put in place is that a single amount is paid by those drivers, which is a clickable from july about all of a to couple and further north. so that is something that, especially the traders have told us that they are enjoying the people on the board, bring down the have seen a drop in trade fuel trucks coming in trade dropping significantly and also facing
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economic hardships with the prices of everyday items going up and when we asked these commanders on what the reaction to this is, they've been not very forthcoming about what the plan of actual governance is. but they say that the, the initial steps, they've only been in charge for about 2 weeks. they are consolidating their grip. they are setting up checkpoints on the entrances, trying to provide relief to the people, and then eventually, once stability comes to the country, that is going to be economic prosperity is rough. thanks so much has been divided. let's take a look now. what's next for the us and its allies that speak to alan fisher joins us live from washington. d. c. island. i'm sure you probably remember 20 years ago, november the 13th. i think it was the day that us bank forces took cobble from the county bond. today. the mirror image is happening. how is that going down in
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washington d. c. it's a very subdued city because of course people were so desperate to avoid comparisons with vietnam. but they're, they're an obvious because the last vietnam with no i right victor. this time it could be considered even watch because 20 years ago they moved into gannon to remove the taliban from power. there were negotiations on the way that the americans really supported. those were carried out into high and they were hoping that somehow there would be some sort of coalition national unity government that would be agreed. and then there was an agreement that the united states would fill out initially by may 31st. and here we are, 20 years on and the taliban is back in power. and there's no sign that they're interested at this stage and getting back into those negotiation in do because they
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are in the government, they have all the country. and so here in the united states, it's interesting that over the last few days we've had a number of on common everything at the pentagon. nothing is scheduled on afghanistan today. really, as far as the pentagon is concerned, their mission done, they did what they were asked to do, which was to continue to get everything, all american troops. by august, the 31st from the state department might hear from and to be blinking later today. but that will be an appoint everything it will be on camera instead there depending to your biking, who is currently in the oval office and expected to address the country just before 3 pm. many people are spoken to a surprise. he's not doing this as a prime time address, going live on all the american networks sometime this evening. instead, he will give remarks just before 3 o'clock eastern time this afternoon and is unlikely to take questions. although there are many, many,
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many questions that the americans after, after what's happened over the last 2 weeks. and what's happened over the last 20 years. what can people expect him to say now at this point the he will express his concern for those who died, including the 30 marines who died just at the end of last week. but also the more than 4000 the american lives that were lost. the new civilian lives that were the people that were killed in the conflict as well. he will talk about the success of the left side of the mileage to almost a 120000 people in such a very short space of time, including 6000 americans. and he will promise that they're going to get the others . i estimated that somewhere between 10200 americans who want to leave the country still in there. but that is going to be a source of attack for republicans. kevin mccarthy, who is the leader of the republicans in the house, is due to speak in about 20 minutes. and he will be very strong on joe biden,
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because we can go to a bite and give interviews and that the american troops will not leave until every american who wants to leave is out of the country. that clearly has not happened. he has failed to do that. he's the commander in chief of us are forces. so often they say no one left behind. and yet you're more than 100 people left behind. he will talk about how they're still discussing with the taliban and there are diplomatic ways of getting with people i did the country, but that won't take away from the promise that he made and fail to deliver. and kevin mccarthy may also call for resignation because of what has happened. the chaos of the last 2 weeks was a security failure. was it an intelligence failure? was it a military failure with a diplomatic failure? there is a feeling among republican, someone has got to pay for this with their job and they're even talking about the i don't capital. well, that's right. impeachment, there are some republican, maybe the usual suspect, but they're saying joe biden to be in peace because he failed to do his job,
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which is to protect americans by leaving more than $100.00 of them. in afghanistan, i see left the war that he didn't start, but was given the responsibility to finish. all right, and that was alan fisher from washington d. c. charlie angela is monitoring reaction from europe and joins us now from london. so where does the u. s. withdrawal leave europe's evacuation plans and policies. well, we understand the german chancellor under merkel has been in touch with the leaders about the possibility of maintaining some kind of e u presence in kabul to keep up contact with the taliban. although she stressed that this would not be the same as diplomatic recognition, and we'll bring him on that as soon as we care about it. but here in the u. k, the government says that it's too early to decide if and how they would work with the taliban and what kind of capacity they want to see whether or not the taliban stick to it. commit its commitment to allow africans who want to leave the country
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safe passage and they got behind them now as well that un security council resolution that was passed on monday. the foreign minister here in the u. k. dominant is admitted. there are still a few 100 british nationals, still enough gun has done and many thousands of us guns who they deem eligible for relocation to this country. he says it's going to be a real challenge for them to leave now across the border route. what they've done is boosted staffing numbers in the countries neighboring afghanistan, and the foreign office it's been circulating names and details of ask and who they've marked for relocation to the u. k. to those board posts. so if they do make it to the border with pakistan to pakistan, then they can be offered through and put on flights to the u. k. the german, he's actually gone one step further. they seem to be a little bit of
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a step ahead. the u. k. because chancellor, i'm glad she believes as between 10 to 40000 local staff working for development organizations in afghanistan, who have the right to be evacuate to germany if they, if they want to sell a lot of people that they still want to get out. so that foreign minister, high co mass has been doing a whistle stop to turkey, pakistan and his back has done, he's currently in cattle and will that she could be hearing from him in about an hour. and he struck a deal with is bacchus don. he's currently closed saying look, these are the names of the people that we believe should come to germany. there's a long list with africa names on it. if they turn up at your board or let them 3, we will lift them immediately from tashkent to germany. so there's definitely been a lot of movement that and he's going to be speaking as i said in an hour, along with his cash re counterpart. hopefully bringing up some word on the
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reopening of the cobble pool. as you were discussing earlier, sammy, but the minute she put out is becoming a diplomatic push. and all eyes are ready now on the taliban to see whether or not they will stick to those promises to allow people safe passage if they need it. not charlie angela. thanks so much. indian government has held a rare official meeting with tommy bon officials in the country, capital doha discussion focused on india's national security and mutual travel for citizens of both countries. the meeting of the indian embassy came at the request of autonomy. bon, the previous afghan government had strong ties with new delhi, while the tale bond has been closer to india's rival pakistan and speak now to almost a summer. he's a former afghan ambassador to france and canada, and a former adviser to africa and chief executive abdullah gonna join us now. why from
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washington dc? good to have you with us. so how optimistic are you at this point about? i've got to stand being o, especially on the taliban rule being accepted and welcome back into the international community. without very much will depend on what to do in the site over the next few days in the next 2 weeks. first and foremost would be the issue as setting up informing a government the government that has the mfc will be looking for legitimacy and recognition at both inside the country as well as in the region and beyond. nationally. the understand what to take, especially in terms of you many june assistance when they can amik hunting that has that we stopped well over the last 2 weeks or so. so i think that you're talking about we have several, this major decisions in how this government is going to be representative of the
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diversity of policy on and how competent are the government they're going to form. because after all, this very important to have people running these government agencies who not only have the trust, but also are comp competencies that can help the country, both on the security, diplomatic in economic and military sites. and does it look to like so far the time bonnie's heading in that direction of an inclusive government? what do you make of the talks that have been going on so far? the rhetoric and what they are saying, even as of today, talks about a broader approach to african politics. i think that obviously is good news, but we can't just bank on the rhetoric. we need to see what they do in real terms. what kind of decisions, political decisions, policy, decisions they adopt, and what type of people the trust to help them governor. so it's,
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it just goes beyond words that we have to see what happens in real, real time action. how much do we know about the taller bonds, political thinking at this stage of it's evolution? or are they open to elections, to letting people choose their leaders, or they simply going to cobble together groups of, from different ethnic minorities that they think represent the people of afghanistan. say, here we go, this is your inclusive government, right? so there are 2 issues here. one, we have a very bad record again, next year on, on that we previous governments called us up and republic. it called the self and elected government. it really was in the elections and the democracy in a cornerstone was taken for granted and undermine. so the on people unfortunately have lost some trust and those slogans. the real democracy obviously would be nice . and i think a ton of on will have a challenge on their hands,
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trying to convince everyone that a participatory system is to their benefits. so our policy has to come up with a system that is inclusive, that is, or to super 3 that reflects the diversity what, what is the kind of system and what are you talking about? basically, holding more loyal jo, good sort of traditional meeting of african elders let me finish my sentence. so enjoy jury. there is a traditional gathering of elders and meters. it is something that has more legitimacy. in the past year, they have been held to stamp elections or big decisions. but as i told you, democracy in the past 20 years was taken right in upon is done. it did not when the trust of the people, so now you have to rebuild it. you have to rebuild an ad on system that represents .


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