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and i think a ton of on will have a challenge on their hands, trying to convince everyone that a participatory system is to their benefits. so our policy has to come up with a system that is inclusive or disciplinary that reflects the diversity. so what, what is the kind of system and what are you talking about? basically, holding more loyal jo, good sort of traditional meeting of african elders, let me finish my sentence. so a lawyer guy is a traditional gathering of elders and leaders. it is something that has more legitimacy in the past year. those have been held to stamp elections or. ready big decisions, but as i told you, democracy in the past 20 years was taken right in upon his son. it did not when the trusted people, so now we have to rebuild it. you have to rebuild an ad system that represents the
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up on people in the present, the constituencies in the represents the diversity of all right. it's going to be interesting to watch that process. thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us . thank you. still ahead on al jazeera, thousands of people in the u. s. could be without power for weeks as hard can either leave the trail of destruction. schools reopen in mexico off the being shop for more than a year and a half. but some students may never come back and it's for this man is already made a big move. who will follow suit related from the deadline day coming up later in the new ah hello, that is more hot, dry weather on the cards for the middle east. an event we are seeing the
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temperature pick up in iraq, baghdad, nearly touching 50 degrees celsius. it will come down as we go into thursday, across parts of syria and iraq. we will see that heat is slightly. we are seeing some bluster, we winds blowing across the red sea into saudi arabia, us kicking up quite a bit of dust, creating some hazy sunshine. we've also got a sham out picking up the dust for pots of q 8 and cut lots of hazy sunshine around here. it is looking cooler in the south thanks to a southerly breeze. so coastal areas of oman and yemen, likely to see the temperature for slightly in the days to come. now for the wet weather, we have to move to that central band of africa. we've got those thunderstorms rolling across. we are going to see some heavy falls in cameroon, and we could see more flooding there. the democratic republic of congo will also see. so the heavy rain rolling on thursday, now was we move to south africa. we've had a cold front bring someone usual snow to the western cape. it fell quite heavily in the mountainous areas. now the temperature in cape town is looking rather low for
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this time of year, but it is gonna pick up on wednesday before things get cooler at the weekend. the discover a world of difference determination. i am coming down when we are moving freedom. we saw the 16 people corruption and compassion, the al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels around the world. a powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence the controls, taking algorithms that are being developed and designed to push the content that says, click me every click, we make that value them. so what,
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what end in the 3rd of a 5 last series raise in mexico, examining how the propaganda and proper shape content. all hail the algorithm, jeviana. ah ah, welcome back you watching out the 0 time to recap those headline. that's on the bottom. the take control of cobble international airport hours after the last american soldiers flew out of us can ascend. the group says it wants to establish good relations with the international community. the withdrawal of us troops marks the end of america, the longest war and
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a 20 year present to knock down the stand for lost. the 17 transport plane took off from the live port just before midnight. local time. us secretary of state, anthony blink and says, washington will work with the new afghan government if it's the american national interest, the added any thought a bond design for the just misty and support have to be earn this concern in afghanistan about what the future holds for the nation baton bond says government will be announced in the coming days that here it is a story the day we proud to have reached this day. we congratulate the people, the arabs and all muslims. we are finding, gain our freedom and independence. the future will be bright and we will peace and stability that has the government will take shape in the coming few days. is too early to speak about who will be part of it, but we have covered about 90 to 95 percent and will announce the final outcome in
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the coming days. so now thank you for a senior political unless model on the shadow. he joins us via skype from paris model on the soviet withdrawal from afghanistan proved to be a turning point in global affairs. all we witnessing one to what you would hope. so in the sense of learning the lessons of the 21st century. because what we've seen over the past 20 years is the opening chapter all over the warfare of the 21st century starting against on, on iraq and globally through the war on terror. so clearly. ringback the chapter of the war on terror has ends up badly for the united states. and that chapter has defined international relations in ways that could probably surpass of kind of stan meeting. clearly the united states and it's warrant that are continue beyond that, can span even if counter insurgency was the,
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was one and america last, but certainly the war on better as we've nowhere in terms of imperial usual drones and special forces. and also some other course of measures would probably continue . the logic of the water remains to be the sort of 21st century mindset in america. although some are trying to move always 20, but surely from the so called never ending wars. but it's too early to tell me whether or not sits has learned that the greater the larger, the more important lesson of gun war. because for the last few days, we've been only talking about the mistakes and the blunders of august. but the mistakes and the blunders of the past 2 decades are yet to be revisited. whereas the war on terra, it's cold in the u. s. where is that heading model one is the u. s. winning that i
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mean it entered i can stand to remove the tale bond destroyer pie that leaves with a totally bonding power car. the still exist. plus there is now i saw yes. but then this stage of course, has a different logic altogether on the one hand it instrument allies is the warranty. better because the warrant, there's not just actual conventional warfare. if anything, it's not supposed to be that it's a whole other thing of projecting forces electronically. and otherwise, whereby the united states could control the skies of satellites to information technology and so on, so forth. so the war and better, as far as we know, it has to do with your bank account has to do with your travelling. agend does have to do with your lifestyle and so on, so forth. and in many ways the united states did succeed over the past 20 years to regulate so many ways of the way we live our lives around the globe.
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that i think that will continue to be the case until some other transformation happens more globally. but clearly as you said, for president some 20 years and the united states ended up replacing the bond with the thought of on and beyond that we still see more and more as the vis valuable victory could inspire more. she had the groups, marcella, whose groups from nigeria to somalia, from from the middle east through the greater them at least one to china on other places on an all we are still i believe in the logic of the war on better even though the wars. busy and iraq and afghanistan are coming. ok, thanks so much. not a long shot of ass hurricane ida has left thousands of people on the us gulf coast without drinking water and electricity. louisiana,
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as governor called the destruction catastrophic. several communities under water for people are known to have died in the storm, including 2 in mississippi when a highway collapse. flash flood warnings have been issued for tennessee is either move ne and b, c. j gray joins us now from new orleans. so j. what are people waking up to in the city of new all and well, send me a real mess. no electricity, many, no water. i want to give you an example of what this storm left behind and you can see the devastation here was a building in the downtown area, just left as a pile of rubble at this point. looks like a tornado. then a hurricane. and that's how forceful these winds were. gusting over a 100 miles an hour for a followed 4 or 5 hours here in the new metro area. there is devastation like this and the even worse,
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that stretches across all of se louisiana right now. you've got 5000 national guard troops on the ground. you've got teams coming in from around the country 30 state sending in to help, and it's help they're desperately going to need at this point. this is a process that's going to take a lot of time getting back from this is going to be very difficult and it starts with getting some more power here. the entire new all in metro area is without electricity right now. and it appears it will be that way, sammy, for quite some time. all right, thanks so much. de gray there. now, rapidly expanding wildfire is threatening the northern california and resort city of south lake tahoe. the fire has prompted unprecedented evacuation orders for thousands of people. residents have also been told to leave some areas in the
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neighboring state of nevada. california has closed all its national parks for more than 2 weeks. the firefighters works put out the flame 6 members of an untie. the link group in bangladesh have been sentenced to death for the killings of 2 gay rights activists. in 2016, the murders were part of a wave of attacks targeting atheist moderates and foreigners and decker to other members of the unsolved same group were quitted by a special entity, terrorism tribunal. defense lawyers say they plan to appeal in health officials in new jersey and say they expect the number of new code 19 cases to continue falling. the country's been dealing with its 1st major outbreak in more than a year during the past 2 weeks. but it's way in, hey reports, the government is now easing restrictions. the new zealand governments decision to
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lock the country down 2 weeks ago was met with shock and even ridicule in some parts of the world. the prime minister jacinta roger, made the announcement when just one new case of cove 19 was found in the community . new zealand 1st in 6 months, in that 2 week period there have been 612 new infections and the peak of the outbreak may have already passed. today there are 49 new cases of code 19 to report . all of these are in oakland. obviously that's a fair the decline on yesterday. daily case number for fewer and is the lowest number of cases in 6 days. it does provide for the reassuring indication that our public health measures rapidly slowing the speed of the bars. the largest city, oakland, where the outbreak started, will remain under lockdown for at least another 2 weeks. but for the rest of the country, restrictions will ease slightly, allowing some businesses to reopen under tight rules around mosque wearing and contactless service. this outbreak started with new zealand 1st case of the delta
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variants, which is seen big increases in infections in depth, in many countries. to try to prevent that happening here. the government moved quickly into a strict lockdown, which like last year in the early stages of the pandemic, appears to have worked in contrast, lockdown in australia is worse. depicted. state isn't working. the rules in new south wales, onto strict his new zealand and very indifferent aries of the states. it's recording more than a 1000 new cases a day, and there were concerns. the hospitals may not cope. these patients with some of the thickest, we've ever saying they require so much support and monitoring and physical care, wherein layers of p, p a sometimes for hours at a time. this is really physically hard work. in both countries, the focus is also on trying to recover from a slow start to vaccinate, as many people as possible before the end of the year. to speed up the process, australia announced an extra 500000 doses of 5. the vaccine will arrive this week
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in a swamp deal, arranged with singapore, australia will reciprocate and say in half a 1000000 doses to singapore. later in the new zealand government says it may secure a similar deal with another country amid concerns. its rapid increase in vaccination rates is dwindling supplies wayne, hey, al jazeera toner, new zealand time, and parliament is holding a special session to discuss prime minister pro channel as handling of the code $900.00 pandemic. that a basic thanks. it's the last 4 days and end with a confidence vote on saturday. politicians say the country was put in a vulnerable position needing to a 3rd wave of the virus. tyler has recorded 1200000 infections, and more than 11000 deaths. georgia has the worst corona virus infection and death rate in the world. its health care system close to buckling, but the government is reopened. the country for tourism to help the economy. critic
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say if it's going to stay open, you must be encouraged to get vaccinated. problem for us or walk on reports now from tbilisi, queuing up for the vaccines. this converted sports hall is being used to administer around 3000 shots a day. no cottage beneath the weight is over. my uncle died actually with my, with me and my friends and my family are scared. we want to see each other freely. we will be looking for so yeah, we will be more safe and we will be more able to see each other. georgia has the worst report greats of cobra, 19 infection and death per capita in the world. intensive care units are almost bo, this field hospital stands ready to take patience. yet only around 13 percent of georgia adults have been fully vaccinated. many more are reluctant to do so
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they remember how this nurse died last year, shortly after encouraging others to take the astrazeneca vaccine. and they're listening to the orthodox church. these priests compare the vaccination program to a nazi science experiment, the prime minister himself a devout man, only recently got vaccinated following public criticism, i blame government of georgia and the prime minister to be not active in this process. they could have conduct more aggressive, more active campaigning support of explanation process. but they haven't done it. i put that to the ministry of health, as they said, we are actually working more actively. and we are trying to educate people and to has them decide on getting vaccine considering what her benefits already extend. we want to respect their decision at the stage with george's death and
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infection rates topping the global char. your thirties are scrambling to react. one of the solution, if the public won't come to the vaccination, clearly bring the clinic to the public. this mobile service offering vaccinations is just being rolled out. there is no appointment needed yet. many remain skeptical or misinformed. it's woman told me, she'd had coffee 900 twice and wasn't allowed a vaccine. this by the to be said she wasn't either. well, health guidelines suggest otherwise. this man said, give it a try. people in georgia are getting vaccinated, but not 1st enough yet to bring the pandemic here under control of in 1st year walker al jazeera, tbilisi, students and mexico of return to in person classes. the move is widely backed by
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the public safety concerns of sparks protests, and some schools have chosen not to reopen my note upon a report from the state of what area along mexico specific coast, the parents, students and teachers are eagerly preparing classrooms in mexico's get a little state for return to in person classes. for the last 18 months, thomas l. the edison elementary school, in the outskirts of a couple equal, has remain closed. the effort underway is to have the facility up and running by the august 30th back to school deadline. lab at about your sped cathy, one of her classes, product. i hope we can pretend to classes so that our children can study and have an interest in their education. because it's not the same to study at home when i me my to the point like i know everyone is linda, get hand many here or worried. the effort may not be enough. parents say the facility lacks many basic necessities like sanitation supplies. and at times even running water, whether i'm, if it's the school needs many things, as you can see,
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even the wooden windows are rushing away. the corona virus contagion is still quite high in this part of mexico. and so our concerns over going back to school, then i'm off with them and we have to get the school in good condition with good ventilation and enough space on that. as you can see, the classroom is quite small. social distancing is complicated not just the reopening of schools has been a divisive issue in mexico, sparking protests against the government, where many claim authorities have mismanaged the response to the pandemic. this demonstration in downtown mexico city was organized by students and their parents, many of whom say they want a return. the in person classes were concerned that the mexican government cannot guarantee the safety of student government statistics suggest more than 5000000
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children have dropped out of school during the pandemic. children's rights organizations also point to other alarming trends, like a 24 percent increase in cases of domestic abuse. international organizations like unicef, and the w h o c fears over contagion or warranty. but also warrant of the negative impacts. the last year to half has had on children and adolescents, our particular give me nor do we have only beliefs in risk of reopening schools is lower than the risk children and adolescents already running by keeping them out of school. education is not only about knowledge is about learning. social skills is the question of development. it's a matter of reaching wants potential in life. and we have to prioritize this. the most schools in mexico began welcoming students on monday morning. many others have decided not to reopen thomas l. the edison elementary and get little state is among those choosing to keep their doors close until corona virus. contagion,
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rates in the state are adequately reduced. monumental up a little al, jazeera mexico city. so i had an al jazeera will have action from day one of the us open as naomi tacos. job title defense with victory. ah ah ah ah ah
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me me ah ah, the ah ah. all right, both fans let's catch up on the game. his lia thinks semi it's transfer deadline day and football clubs, and europe's biggest li are expected to complete some major last minute business and the biggest name to finalize the move on tuesday is piano rinaldo,
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manchester united have reportedly paid you dentist, an initial $17000000.00 for the portuguese superstar, rinaldo returns old trafford after leaving 12 years ago, having scored $118.00 goals and $292.00 games and his 1st spell at the united well pear things your moms, killian and bob a is the other hot topic with the possible move to real madrid, but according to reports, the french international won't be leaving p. s g before the deadline. the world cup winner is out on contract in 10 months. naomi osaka has made a winning return to grand slam tennis. the japanese star is through to the 2nd round of the us open as she looks to defend her flushing meadows crown. so home out because this report the naomi osaka is back in grand slam action. and with fans also making a come back to the us open. having been locked out last year due to the pandemic, the japanese dom month,
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the occasion with some of the best form here. the 23 year old had pulled out of the french open, citing mental problems. she did complete the olympics but went out earlier than expected in new york, however, the 1st round opponent marie booth cova post a very few problem. osaka, cruising into the 2nd round, 6461. so i didn't feel pressure today, but i know i think i felt nerves because i wanted to perform well to time grand slam when a mona held up has also progress. but having miss roland garrath, wimbledon and tokyo 2020, due to a cough to her, she struggled to find her best form against camilla georgie. after winning the 1st set, halleck was pushed to a tie break in the 2nd she managed to battle through though winning it $73.00 to advance. i struggled a little bit in the end to finish the match,
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but i'm happy that actually i've been strong enough in the, in the end. arguably, the much of the day came in the men's role. 2012 champion and b murray looked to have turned back the clock as he faced the seat depth of fits dependent on the british door was looking good for the women to set one up. but it's a pass proved to be too strong. the greek shattering maurice hopes of a fairy tale run. taking cit, 456364. there was also a bit of controversy though with murray unhappy with the past for taking length the toilet break during the match. i think he's great for the game, but i have 0 time for that stuff, a tall and i lost respect for him. i don't thing
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a broken arrows i played by the guidelines and how everything is 2nd, see done in med with. it is also threw off. the dominating front is richard, gas, gay, and straight that the russian was the runner up in 20. 19. but judging by his 1st drawn form, it will take quite an effort to stop him this time round to him. malik algeria, world number one, novak jock of it starts his campaign on tuesday night in new york tennis channel commentator john worth, i'm says, the serb could shatter more records. i'd say, consider all hype that's only good to accelerate. the more he will be, no male has pulled this off and more than 50 years, stephanie graph was the last player, male or female. that was 1988. so for novak yoke of, it's not just to read the grand slam, which is sort of the holy grail tennis. but also if he doesn't hill, also vault ahead of rock in the dahlan. roger federer with 21 majors the all time record. so an awful lot at stake here,
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and i suspect with each round he wins that the pressure on the hype is only going to accelerate. well, that's it for me and you back over to sammy. thank so much. that's it for me, for this news out. but i'll be back in a moment with another full show. there was a ah, ah, ah, ah, i'm a like of us, the sort of india and find out call me back in this, steve brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in
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vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife earth rise on al jazeera to know where the fires are and where they are going greeks to the skies worrying sign helicopters have been getting close to major towns and cities. this one just, you're welcome to become much bigger. and if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground, this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back the inevitable city of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting. we're trying to give whatever the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything inside one of the last remaining ancient forests, in se asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive. ah,
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we follow that treacherous journey as they walk to extreme condition together and transport the dangerous but precious cargo. risking at all, borneo on al jazeera. ah, us forces have gone and the tawny bonds taken over afghanistan main airport, but the dismay behind they're disappointed. they are angry, they say they feel betrays because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. ah,
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my sammy, a damn, with continuing coverage and reaction to events in afghanistan, celebrations in the birthplace of the town.


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