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to social pressure, these can only carry their religious if both pet and the, the, the i've been covering all of the latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike. and it's my job to shed light on how and why me, ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello there, i'm dealing with all this is the l. c. were news, our live from london coming up. that was the choice, the real choice between leaving or escalating. i was not going to extend this forever war. president joe biden defend himself against criticism over the cale surrounding the us withdrawal must come with us,
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force is gone. the taliban has swept tend to take over a gun. sounds main, airport and claim all that was left behind. they're disappointed. they are angry, they say they feel betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. more huge cues form. i've tried banks in cobble as africans, desperately try to withdraw the yeah. there are jubilant scenes in the southern city of kandahar, the birthplace of the taliban. and i'm leo harding and dough ha with sports world number one. ashley barty survived her opening tennis match at the us open. and the incredible story of harrison is your mom rejecting almost $260000000.00 for kilian and bobby will hear from us french football analyst later in the show me
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very warm. welcome to the program. us president joe biden has delivered a fierce defense of his withdrawal of troops from a gun. us down saying the evacuation was an extraordinary success is sometimes fiery address to the american people. he blamed us trained, ask and forces for collapsing, far quicker than expected. he also criticized his previous s is deal with the taliban. and the timeline. he said he had few options to change 24 hours after the last us play less cobble. he insisted. i've gone to some conflict, did not meet american attention forever. we succeed in what we set out to do against him over a decade ago. and we stayed for another decade. it was timed and this war this is a new world. the terror threat has metastasize across the world. well beyond
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afghanistan, we face threats from l. sure. bob in somalia, al qaeda affiliates in syria and the ruby peninsula. and isis attempting to create a kayla fight in syria and iraq and establishing affiliates across the african asia . fundamental obligation of a president in my opinion, is been defend and protect america. not against threats of 2001, but against the threat of 2021 and tomorrow. a president biden was speaking at the end of afghanistan's 1st stay in almost 20 years without the presence of foreign military forces in the land. major general cristo mchugh, commander of the u. s. army 82nd airborne division was the last soldier to leave marking the end of the mission. well, the moment celebrated with rounds of gunfire. cross cobble and taliban officials
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have been meeting in the groups birthplace as can the hard to thrash out arrangements for a new government. they promise their rule will be different this time around committing to a united country with an inclusive leadership. but the tell about now clearly in control, many people inside and outside the country are frankly nervous. waiting to learn what life will be like in this new i'm going to stop and we'll bring you more on that shortly. but 1st, at school gave elizondo who's lived in washington, d. c. hi there, gave. we'd been waiting for president biden to address the nation. and when he did, his toll was forceful and fiery. yeah, it was a lot of people even interpreted that is being upset or angry and away. this was a precedent that was trying to defend himself and defend his actions of under. so a lot of criticism that he's been under. but the big issue is, is i think this speech was really narrow down into 2 parts. really. it was the
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micro and the macro, the micro. he drill down on afghanistan, specifically on why the u. s. he felt had to withdraw and why he had to make this decision. he said, as he was put in a very difficult position under an agreement that was made by predecessor, remember that the original agreement by the former president donald trump, had us troops coming out in may. joe biden said i had to extend that to august 31st because it was for the safety of getting people out of the country. he also said that of the $1.00 to $200.00 americans that are still in afghanistan, he said he expects that they will get out if they want to. and that the u. s. will work with the taliban and expects the taliban to help facilitate getting them out. but he also said that the u. s. since march sent out 19 different messages to us citizens in afghanistan that they need to prepare to evacuate. and it's also,
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he mentioned that a lot of the of the $1.00 to $200.00 that are still there. he said, summer dual citizens, that maybe said they did not want to come out and then later decide did they do, did want to be evacuated. so essentially it was giving the argument that it's complicated, but we still plan to get them out. that was sort of the micro, if you will. the macro is, is that job by and took a step back. and he said, listen, i had to make this decision because i was the one on one of the 4 presidents that presided over this war. and he said, i had to make this decision to pull the u. s. completely out for our own best interests. he said, essentially the america will be safer with us troops out of the country said that the u. s. had spent trillions of dollars, and not only that, but american lives more than 2000 american soldiers killed in 20 years, not to mention tens of thousands of innocent afghans. and he said that he specifically pointed to russia and china and said, there's nothing more than russia and china would want them to have the u. s. bogged
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down in a warfare ganeth stand for another 20 years. he said, we need to focus our energies in the united states, on other more imminent threats and, and security issues around the world. and he said that the u. s. will now be able to do that, that they are out of afghanistan. but also said that if another threat presents itself from afghanistan and he specifically mentioned ice, okay, the usa is prepared to do what needs to be done in the, you know, essentially to, to go back in to get his dad either with unmanned drones or other military capabilities in the region he said of ice, okay, he said in his or his words were not done with you and gave do you think this address will be enough to convince those who say the withdrawal was, was simply a mass know they are the, the people that feel that it was not handled correctly will probably continue to
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feel it was not handled correctly. it's an interesting dichotomy we have here in the u. s. because in a recent poll that just came out today, as a matter of fact, said that more than 50 percent of americans feel that getting out of afghanistan was the right thing to do. the issue was the how the withdrawal was executed. and i think that that's where a lot of people have have concerns or have worries and, and i think that the administration did not necessarily handle that, as well as it could have been handled. biden, basically, pushing back against that criticism, essentially making the argument that any sort of pull out or withdraw in this situation would have been difficult. and he said that ultimately it was the right thing to do in the long run. and that did essentially the best that they could under incredibly difficult circumstances. getting a 123000 people air lifted out of the country, the biggest single air lift in human history,
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or at least in the history of the united states has been involved with. but bottom line is the u. s. just a little bit divided on if this was the right thing to do, but especially if the last 2 weeks or so have gone smoothly or not. bottom line, no, it's over. the u. s. is now out of afghanistan, and joe biden is hoping that this is what people will remember the most gave elephant. they are joining me live from washington. d. c. gave, thank you will. earlier, the republican leader in the house of representatives heavily criticized the us with role played out. kevin mccarthy wanted the white house to explain how it's getting remaining americans over time. what is the plan to get americans out? never in my lifetime. would i ever believe america would have it administration knowingly make a decision to leave americans behind?
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whereas just 2 weeks ago, the president promised this nation that he would not leave until every single american was out. for 2 weeks away of the 20th anniversary of 911. we now have americans stuck in afghan to spend the taliban in charge with mo, more weaponry than they've ever had in the past. and a border that is open. oh, can i speak to bret boone, who was the white house, his director of global engagement, and barrack obama's administration. he joins us by skype from washington, d. c. brett, a warm welcome to the program. it was interesting to hear that on the polar jessica told him from president by when he spoke, and he simply said the withdraw couldn't have been done better or differently. do you agree? it was as defiant as speech i have to say and regrettably so, because mistakes were made that famous phrase,
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and they have to be acknowledged and they have to be addressed. and then last until president biden and his team do that, i fear that we will continue to see damage done to our international standing endangers for americans, including those that are last enough janice dad elsewhere in the world. and it is a, it is a tragic moment for our country. tragic, i think as well. the president has not more fully address what is transpired and last couple weeks. so what did you make then break of that kind of feature map of u. s. foreign policy that he went on to build, he talked about having human rights right to his heart. and he threw all the facts after, in terms of reasoning as to why the mission and i've gone this. don had, you know, long been overdue in terms of ending it. do you think the american public will be convinced with this idea of this new foreign policy moving forward? well, look, the american public very much wanted out of town. they wanted out of some of these
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foreign intervention. so in that sense, yes, there are many americans that will find support of that policy. how it was done. i think there is less support amongst americans for the kind of images for the kind of reckless retreat that we saw from afghanistan. and then on top of it to the question of what is our foreign policy going forward? i would say by didn't use in line with where many americans are at the moment, wanting to isolate, quite frankly, from many of our international obligations. i think it will not come for our allies who are worried that the united states not only understand but in other re gauge meant you're starting to retreat. so you don't think then brett, that people will buy this explanation that by gave and he basically said something like, i think it would have been difficult and dangerous. however it happened. and then
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he mapped out this idea of being in contact with all the different organizations and americans who were enough honest on giving them a chance to plan to leave. but the picture on the ground looked so different from the picture that he painted this evening. well look, i was an american diplomat responsible for doing a massive accusation. and this is not how it's supposed to go. you are supposed to get out and try to help those americans, especially those that are most threatening most in need. and you know, unfortunately because of the real limitations that the president put on our operations in afghanistan, we were not able to get everyone out, i think is a terrible legacy, terrible statement for the united states to leave. so many hide, i would also say to the president's point as well, you know, we were sending text messages for months. i mean, they're asking, government had not all, and it was only when we saw the african military and government wall that americans
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and other africa and l. i started to panic and it was in that moment the body really needed to change his timeline, change his strategy. right, bring there, the white house, his diary of global engagement from the back of bama administration. brett, thanks very much for joining us now on the ground and i've gone astound the taliban is looking very much towards the future hours after the departure, the u. s. leaders spoke of attracting international investment and forming inclusive government. meanwhile, others surveyed what was left of america's last military installation. cobble airport. will charlotte bellis reports now? from campbell? the roar of j. t engines and the cries, the vacuum. we've gone. the united states biggest humanitarian air lift is finished . foreign forces have left and the taliban is surveying territory. it hasn't howled
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into dick today without any doubt was the day of f janice, dan's independence when we don't see a single foreign soldier and whoever invaded this country without permission, we got rid of them. and this was a proud historical moment for us, but the celebration return fell flash cobble international when we drove from the civilian to the military side of the airport. we are very sad, believe me, after we saw the situation, we're hurt. this is where the americans vacated from last night. you can still see their planes. equipment helicopters here. the telephone was us here and last night they moved was one of joy celebration they were shooting in the sky. there were, there were fireworks. they were very happy that the americans had left. then they saw what was left behind disabled planes and helicopters after the la c, 17 transport plane took off. solomon aka was the 1st to enter the former us.
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the 1st thing was they were panicking in a hurry and destroyed everything that was useful. honestly, they didn't leave us anything useful nor did they leave any dignity or pride in themselves. the telephone c as it was supposed to relationship and mutual respect with the us and international community as the group seeks foreign investment. but they say this is a bad start. this is the national betrayal. nato said we will help you and continue our assistance. what kind of help resists the focus now is on restarting commercial flights. the taliban lex, the resources and technical personnel for this sir. cutter and turkey. helping thousands of air scans still want to leave cocoa and believe they are eligible for foreign visas, meaning still fearful. the taliban will run
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a brutal repressive regime reminiscent of the 1900 ninety's. the taliban held a news conference aimed at reassuring people. it wouldn't. doesn't need to bother this. yes. yeah. we should turn a new chapter. we should bury the hatchet. we have no animosity against any particular faction, party or individual one. we transcend above this all. this is a close chapter of our history yet, but we are looking forward to the future with one goal in sight. i mean rebuilding our country. but this is a country with a long memory divisions and distrust run deep. the taliban admits it will take some years for its government to reach its potential. it may take many more the afghans to heal charlotte bellis o jazeera couple. will mcbride is live for us now from kabul? hi there, rob. so yesterday when we spoke to celebrate, you gone far, was in the background, but i'm wondering that now it's the day after the night before what, what's been the atmosphere?
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yeah. i mean, it is interesting, wait a little over 2 weeks and it seems like a very long, 2 weeks since the taliban. sweat to power. and this is really the 1st day where we haven't had the distraction of us forces or the forces of any other country here on afghan soil and the chaos continuing chaos of the airport and the evacuation. so the focus really on this day has shifted very much, squarely on to the taliban, just what there's a tile about about what, what will be its new government, which we know it is formulating and choosing the various ministers to take leading roles in that government. i just wonder what is the weight for the forward for the country. and it does seem as though they said tuesday that they have been returning to their charm offensive. if you like the same kind of message that they came in with when they 1st came to power in 1st arrived in cobble to try to lay people's
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fears. put people's minds at rest is tried to tell people that they are very much different to the previous administration. so we've seen whether it be up at the airport where they have given photo opportunities or whether they've been giving press conferences all this very kind of open government style of dealing with the media that they have been basically returning to their core messages of inclusivity that we are different from the past that we want to, to be trusted. there's no reason to fear us and really send that message to the international community because you got to remember one of their priorities at the mo, which is the economy which is in dire straits. a lot of the assets abroad are frozen . they have to try to get funding from somewhere. so it's been trying to tell potential, don't a nation's or invest a partners that you can trust us. you can invest in us. and also, maybe more importantly, are to a lot of very jittery afghans, the african population. many people has still a very,
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it's about what kind of administration this will be. people who still want to go to the airport and get on the plate if that were possible to do. and people who are on their way to or to the board is with pakistan, which, which you people are able to pass through or are thinking of that and the message is being please, you have no reason to fear us. this is a time for forgiveness. and rob, i guess, when we think about the governance to do list of the taliban, which i'm imagining is 50 pages long, very least. but, but what's the top priority and does it involve not just the airport in cobble, but regional airports and of course land borders as well. yeah, i mean, so many things. i mean, you look through the list and it is that the food situation with reports of malnutrition, at the cash situation, the banks that we see constantly people simply can't get cash out. people are owed salaries going back months and the security situation. we tend to think that's it,
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they are in control and they are by and large and control the puff and maybe the punch valley and the nascent resistance movement to something similar to the northern lives. more seriously though, is the threat of islamic state, the, the version of it that exists here in afghanistan. so they're not quite secure when it comes to that security situation. but the thing which would improve immensely the whole situation here is a functioning airport. every country has an international airport or at least one at the moment. i've got to stand has the shell of an airport. so at the, at the, the priority at the moment is putting in place all the things that make that work, the traffic control, the security, the ground handling the refueling, etc. and that is a monumental task which he does need helpful. it is getting that help and that will be the priority this week from bright. they're joining me live from cob rob, as always. thank you. was some of the binge of a it is in the eastern city of july about which was captured shortly before taliban
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fighters moved into cobble. he says people there have been celebrating the final withdrawal of us troops and there's optimism. but the ton of bonds, leadership celebrations have been taking place across the sun. this is one of them in the city of delilah by the commanders of the taliban, have been congratulating the people saying that they have ended the system of corruption. the system which favored the powerful and the system that was against the oppressed. they have been expressing their commitment that they are going to continue to uphold the values which the taliban have been promising. which means that they are going to provide justice, they're going to provide basic freedom and they're going to provide a system where people are not going to be subjugated to us to corruption or other ills of the society. again, these are promises that we've heard before. this album came to power and now we're hearing these from this is again in front of an audience. i mean,
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these people are the residence of denial about people who have been injured about for a long time. and they have been witnessing quick take over by the taliban and their hopeful that there is going to be a system which protects him and provide them with much needed social security as well as prospects. will have also been celebrations in kandahar the birthplace of the taliban, where much of its decision making is taking place. odyssey was be about the is there done or should he be medina to the house? you will be up at the motto square in the heart of kandahar south of afghanistan. as you can see, there was a march, as people took the street carrying taliban bennett being there, celebrating the rule of all foreign forces after 20 years of occupation, which was the facility to remove, sweeping the city and beyond the body. but not about the did the taliban flags also waving on shops and residential houses as an expression of the court to the 2
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decades of occupation. the last american soldier left the country last night with the chanting slogan, or the current leader of the telephone movement. also praying to the late leader passed away years ago, but they are also changing slogan, celebrating their freedom, freedom. they have been longing and believed to have restored with withdrawal of the loss of a soldier after 20 years of occupation. one of the top priorities for us on the stands, the government will be the economy. there have been long queues outside banks in common with people trying to withdraw their maximum limit $200.00 a day. many government workers did pay for months and the standard of living has plummeted. regarding the departure of the americans, i must say that we do not want a foreign country to be in our homeland. we are happy that security is provided, but we need bread and water. we were dependent on our salary and used to take care
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of our families. we even borrowed from some shop. what should people eat aware when there are no salaries? i do not feel well everyone floats and there are no work opportunities and kind of stuff at all. but when americans were here, there were many thieves, but now they have all disappeared. and there is peace concern is going over the worst thing. humanitarian crisis with the u. n. chief urging countries to help the people of afghanistan in their quote, darkest hour of need. well, let's speak now to all the know because she's a senior conflict. humanitarian advocacy advisor. it saves the children all, are very warm. welcome to the program right now for your organization. what, what's the priority? well, we're really concerned that the situation that children and their families in afghanistan are facing decades of conflict. the impact of the 19 crisis and climate change issues as the country is officially in drought, since june of all combined to create a humanitarian crisis that pre they,
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their events of recent weeks. so, at the start of 2021 more than $18000000.00 africans, we're in need of humanitarian assistance, including $10000000.00 children. and we know that the events of recent weeks with insecurity disruption to monitor in aden services as well. that lack of availability of basic goods to, to disruption at the airport and borders all are combining to make prices of food, bike and to make it inaccessible for families. so a huge concern for at this moment is hunger and malnutrition, particularly amongst young children in country. so order for an organization like yours right now, what are the options in terms of guessing, humanitarian aid to those that need to i'm thinking about access, of course, land borders and the source of course that might spill over into neighboring countries. so our biggest issue at the moment is that predominantly our humanitarian services are suspended. so currently the children's activities on the ground are suspended as we assess the situation. and we assess whether it's safe
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for our staff to return to work and to reach people in need to meet that alone has a huge impact in 2020 we reach more than 1600000 africans with our services. so we are absolutely committed to staying and delivering and making sure we can get that a to people as soon as possible, but insecurity in the country makes it really difficult for us to do that. so what's crucial is that we're calling on the authorities on the ground as well as the international community to prioritize managerial access. in the 1st instance, we need to make sure that my attorney and staff, including female staff, are able to move safely around the country and are able to reach people in need. or i'm wondering what kinds of stories that you've been hearing over the past 2 weeks and months before the withdrawal was reached, from your people in the country, just reflect for as if you will what the situation was like with all of those competing difficult circumstances within the country yes,
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so more than $5500000.00 african children were predicted to face crisis levels of hunger in the 2nd half of this year alone. so the numbers that we're talking about are huge, half of under 5 or email nurse and the special ed services in order to survive. and now we have a massive wave of displacement. quarter 1000000 people have been displaced by the surgeon and security in recent months. those families are really desperate and in dire straits. so we spoke to more than 600 families who had been displaced in chicago. we spoke to them earlier this month and every single family spoke about having to take desperate measures in order to pay for their next meal. so some of selling possessions and others talked about sending children out to work just to be able to, to buy basic food items. and we know that certain food items, such as far as oil prices of those are spiked as much as 63 percent in the past couple of weeks. so this is obviously a huge obstacle for families because access their savings. bank closure atm aren't
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open for people for usage. so it's, it really is so different. we're talking a meal meal situation and in a case for children are already malnourished to begin with for them. and joining me, their senior conflict and humanitarian advocacy advisor. i've saved the children all. thanks very much. well, there's lots more still to come this our cities on the walter and houses torn apart the u. s. golf course could spend weeks picking up the pieces up the hurricane. i'd apply these patients to some of the secrets we've ever seen, strangely as cold wood crisis worse since that new zealand hope that it's on a sport christiana, when all bill is officially a manchester united player again has moved from event to finalize on transferred deadline day ah
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hello there, we've got some quiet weather at last coming into central and eastern parts of europe. i am pleased to say you can see this area of low pressure to swirling away just around poland. that's they're producing some very heavy rain for poland in germany as part of austria recently. that will gradually just not a little further eastward over the next couple of days. so dry weather will, grassy come back in behind. things a little more stagnant up towards at north side of the atlantic, just around britain and ireland. we have got this area of high pressure. it keeps it dry, but it does keep it cool. with a fair amount of cloud tucked in here. got a fair amount of fat to into spain and portugal that's producing flooding into parts of east and spain. race li stays very well, was a good part of spain and portugal as we go 3 wednesday dry up towards the northwest .


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