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ah hello there, we've got some quiet weather at last coming into central and eastern parts of europe. i am pleased to say you can see this area of low pressure swirling away just around poland. that's producing some very heavy rain for poland in germany as part of austria recently. that will gradually just not a little further east was over the next complet day. so dry weather will, grassy come back in behind. things a little more stagnant up towards at north side of the atlantic. just around britain island. we have got this area of high pressure. it keeps it dry but it does keep it cool. was a fair amount of cloud tucked in here. got a fair amount of cloud to into spain and portugal that's producing flooding into parts of eastern spain. originally it stays very well. what's a good part of spain and portugal as we go through wednesday, dry up towards the northwest of europe through much of france. hello country is
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little more cloud than to central puffy. can see that wet weather. now easing across towards russia. 20 celsius in moscow. as the rain goes through on wednesday coast down to around 14 full days. the rain just continues to ease a little further. it was dry weather coming, backing behind was still quite a few showers there into northern parts of spain. at this stage, largely drawn across northern parts of africa, some heavy showers just around the gulf of guinea. and because in very wet weather, the sunny goal and the gambia, the news around the world, a powerful entities are working to manipulate an influence on the controls. faking algorithms that are being developed and designed to push the content that says quick me every click, we make value so often what, what ends in the, for the 5 last series raise in mexico examining propaganda and prop shape
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content. wholesale. the algorithm on i just got one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a middle east and tough or trade and money skillfully enough out 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. connecting the world, connecting the future got to gateway to whoa trade. oh, i
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welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories here and i'll just say, president biden has delivered a fierce defense of us withdrawal from a son calling me evacuation. and extraordinary success claimed forces were not holding on as long as expected a ton of bands back in control of cobbles, airport after the final us plane left. but the group leaders are angry at walked and left behind. planes and helicopters were disabled or equipment was destroyed. final us withdrawals and greeted with celebrations in several cities in july about was told al jersey where they're hosting for a system that protects them and offer new prospects. italian military flew nearly 5000 africans to italy after the taliban seas control of commerce done . and many of them are still under quarantine while being processed before being resettled in communities across italy. other rainy visits is the country's largest refugee camp for africa. evacuation in arizona. at this
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camp an hour outside of rome, more than a 1000 afghan refugees are starting a new life now far from the country. they called home. many of them like this man felt they had no choice but to flee a la carte. i worked with italian and after military, so i was a target for the taliban as you know, just he like others we spoke to asked us not to show his faith out of fear for loved ones. back in afghanistan, one of the sort of content, man, i am happy to be here, but i am extremely worried about my family. but i haven't been able to contact them for 7 days. so i don't know how they're doing or where they are. ok. it's a story repeated here among those who worked with italian or other international forces during the war. as the taliban closed in, they rushed to cobble airport. some lost family in mechanic rush to escape and haven't seen them since i was one refugee we met served as a policeman in the former government. he told us he felt particularly at risk of
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taliban retribution. since august 14th, nearly 5000 african refugees have arrived in italy, the largest number of any european union country. i feel safe here, but i always worry about my future. how can i organize everything? how? how can i continue to my higher education, those running the camp are trying to address such concerns. of course, they want to know about the future, the process of inclusion in our country at which now they are going to do in to be included in our society about today. they did the schools for the children do a job. and all of these, of course, we can not give an answer to all of these questions about doing gauging, explaining the process, step by step this camp run by the tell you in red cross is the largest processing center for the refugees in italy. more than 1300 african evacuees have been
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sheltered here. rarely as they await longer term placement. after being screened for coven 19 many received vaccinations. after being processed here the back we are then taken by bus to other shelters and hotels across italy. officials hoped to resettle everyone at this camp by friday, the 1st step and helping these refugees rebuild their lives in a new country. adarine, i'll just euro have at santa italy. the indian government has held the rare official meeting with taliban officials in the hurry, capital doha discussions focused on india national security and mutual travel for citizens of both countries. the meeting of the indian embassy came at the request of the taliban. the previous afghan government had strong ties with india while the taliban has been closer to pockets on katara has been working for a decade to end. the war in afghanistan and the gulf nation is home to the largest us base in the middle east with nearly 10000 troops in 2011,
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it began hosting taliban leaders who were released from guantanamo bay. they laid the groundwork for talks with the afghan government while at the request of the u. s. a. taliban political office. it was opened into hon. 2013. 5 years later the u. s. and taliban began direct talks leading to last year's agreement. when evacuations began and cobble, the american base at dade in katara, suddenly became a hub for tens of thousands of people leaving us stun 40 percent of all evacuated. pass through it. costs are is now hosting temporary embassies for the us and u. k. it moved their diplomatic missions for afghanistan to doha. well, the salary foreign minister says of got to start is going through a critical stage and the taliban of cooperate in the fight against terrorism. at a news conference in the shape mohammed bill up the rockman of fanny said, basic gray should be protected for all off guns. and they said it to our feet is
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fully prepared to provide maximum support to maintain stability and f kennedy. and also to provide the prospect for the protection and preservation of the f can people's rights. we discussed the mains who had any possible human catastrophes including the delivery of necessary age. we also discussed the means to combat terrorism, especially since i've got to stay and is it a turning point in its history? we reiterated that the taliban should demonstrate full cooperation and to honor all obligations placed on their shoulders in this context. and maria, european union leaders have agreed to increase humanitarian aid to have this done, but they remain divided over how to deal with people fleeing the taliban. the $27.00 nations law is looking for ways to prevent a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis. we don't know what's going to happen in a week and next month, so we have to prepare for for him, for different scenarios and what your point. yeah, exactly, of what it's going to be very difficult to support people. yeah. you monetary and
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needs an avoided meta trust catastrophe if the palo bonds do not comply with at least the core of fundamental rights and women's rights. and avoid the terrorists to have a safe haven in afghanistan. and if they do not allow you money carry an aid. ah, supreme government forces of ramped up they were offensive on a rebel enclave in the country. southwest, fighting for the city of dera, has escalated over the past week along with the space of rebel attacks on army checkpoints, in neighboring towns. there is military says it's in circles the city for at least 2 months. local officials, the keys president of the forces of preventing food and medical supplies from entering the city to say civilians have been able to leave. hurricane ida has left
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hundreds of thousands of people in the u. s. golf course without drinking water and electricity. louisiana. as governor called the destruction catastrophic and says it could be weeks before the power is back on. in some areas, several communities are on the water and 4 people are known to have died in the storm. that includes 2 in mississippi who were killed when a highway collapse. either made line fall on sunday is a category for hurricane one of the most powerful to hit the us mainland lash flood warnings have been issued for tennessee. as either moves, northeast or phil. a bell has more on the damage now caused by hurricane ida from last place in louis, louisiana. new orleans, the city itself fed. okay, in times of the damage from hurricane ida when it comes to the water release. but it's when you get outside of the main city area to place it like this is la plus just north of new orleans as a city. that's where you see just the damage that was caused. the winds wrought through here, there is a huge amount of water. it was blown. we are told from
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a nearby lake and it is completely submerged. this area, the search and rescue operation is going on. they going taught at all. there is no way of getting down these roads. i mean, this is an actual road. it leads up to the freeway. so what was happening is people having to go by boat volunteers, go by vote door to door to try to reach people. now, there are a number of dangers here. first of all, the fact that you have alligators here, perhaps not one of the obvious pages, but this is louisiana. this is marshall and you've got all of this area where you would typically have alligators living. once i mean, if you wouldn't tend to see them walking down main street, suburban streets, but once the waters create these rivers, that means they've got more space to move around to the store at george, katrina, more alligators. and you know, at least one case in the last couple of days where there has been an attack, a 71 year old man being attacked by an alligator, his wife trying to save his life. she didn't manage to it. his body has since disappeared. the other issue is disease because this water there is a current,
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but it is filthy and it is sitting here. lots of people who will have been hit by daybreak, who would have been injured. you do not want to get this water on an open wound because the fact that you could get illness disease from this is a big problem getting to a hospital as an even bigger problem because it's very difficult to move any way out of cost as the issue of power because you can say down over here, the power lines, these will really badly had these ones still kind of standing. but there are some elsewhere that we've passed it all completely down. these are in the water and the power is off. but there are always, there's always the possibility that it could come come on intermittently while they try to get it back up because a 1000000 also residents here and we see it all without power. that's a big issue because it means that people can't keep cool. it is very hot here, they're expecting temperatures in the regions of the late thirties celsius, somewhere around about 100 degrees fahrenheit today. that means that people who need to keep cool cause they can't keep their food cool. people have got to keep
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hold of their food because there's no way of getting supplies, and this is a real issue. we are told that the search and rescue operation could go on for several days. meanwhile, they just surveying the damage. we look at this, this motel, you can see the sign it with a ripped away. if you go over that, zoom in to the front of it. the windows completely blown out. people are trying to clean up, but they're also trying to say stay safe. and there is still no words or when this will all be over, but it's less likely to last several weeks. very different conditions in california and i where rapidly expanding wild far is threatening the resort city is south lake tahoe. a massive fire fighting effort is taking place in the blazes prompted unprecedented evacuation order for thousands of people. residents have also been told to leave some areas in the neighboring state of nevada. california has caused all of its national parks for more than 2 weeks, as far fighters work to put out the flames. scientists in south africa have detected a new corona,
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virus variance that they don't get know how infectious it is. it was 1st identified in the country in may and has now been recorded in 7 other countries across africa, europe and asia. tester on the way to see a fax sean's will be effective against it. exact threat from this variance. we don't really know. we're not at the stage of fully understanding that the reason we were worried about the kind of combination of mutations was that many of the mutations we see and in this, the dot one dot 2 are the same mutations we've seen in some other beta in self concern, particularly the the beater and the alpha and the gamma. but it's in a different combination. tyler, parliament has thoughts of debating and know confidence motion, the prime minister for his handling of a pandemic. the physician say the private channel, which is response was poor leading to a 3rd wave of the virus thailand. his record 1200000 infections and more than 11000
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deaths will be a confidence full on saturday. and it's the 3rd such debate. the previous is face came to power in 2019 health officials in new zealand. save the number of new cool with 1900 cases is likely to continue falling over the past 2 weeks. the country's been dealing with its 1st major. i break in more than a year, which prompted prime minister jacinta, are darned to order a nation wide lockdown. but we have reports for now from to ranga. the government is now using restriction. the new zealand governments decision to lock the country down 2 weeks ago was met with shock and even ridicule in some parts of the world. the prime minister just into rod during made the announcement when just one new case of coven 19 was found in the community. new zealand 1st in 6 months. in that 2 week period there have been 612 new infections. and the peak of the outbreak may have already passed. today, there are 49 new cases of coven,
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19 to report. all of these are in oakland. obviously that's a fair the decline on yesterday's daily case number for fewer. and is the lowest number of cases in 6 days. it does provide for the reassuring indication that our public health measures rapidly slowing the speed of the bars. the largest city, oakland, where the outbreak started will remain under lockdown for at least another 2 weeks . but for the rest of the country, restrictions will ease slightly, allowing some businesses to reopen under tight rules around mosque wearing and contactless service. this outbreak started with new zealand 1st case of the delta variants, which is seen big increases in infections in depth. in many countries to try to prevent that happening here, the government moved quickly into a strict lockdown, which like last year in the early stages of the pandemic, appears to have worked. in contrast, lockdown in australia is worse. depicted, state isn't working. the rules in new south wales,
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onto strict his new zealand and very indifferent aries of the states. it's recording more than a 1000 new cases a day, and there were concerns. the hospitals may not cope. these patients of some of the sickest we've ever seen. they require so much support and monitoring and physical care, wherein layers of p p a sometimes for hours at a time. this is really physically hardwick in both countries. the focus is also on trying to recover from a slow start to vaccinate, as many people as possible before the end of the year. to speed up the process, australia announced an extra 500000 doses of find the vaccine. when it arrived this week in a swamp deal, arranged with singapore and australia will reciprocate and see in half a 1000000 doses to singapore. later in the new zealand government says it may secure a similar deal with another country amid concerns. it's rapid increase in vaccination rates is dwindling. supplies. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on
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a new zealand says careers prime minister says the head of some sung should be able to return to work weeks after being released from prison. kimberly comb told the financial times that isn't appropriate to finally j young from the role he's just served 18 months of a 2 and a half years sentence for bribery involved in the countries former president, he was released on the following 19 public pressure. it's been reported the business decisions that some some were faltering in his absence. green for him is the world's biggest memory chip and smartphone manufacture. still to come this new therapy in the latest on superstar killian with with p s g rejecting a massive offer from rail madrid. all the details coming up shortly with leah in sports. and if you thought you had a role in problems there were thought for these people who neighborhood has been taken over by hundreds of providers. ah
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ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, let's get all the de sports news years via thank you. julie procedure man have rejected a massive bid from real madrid for superstar kilian and bobby, it's been reported that p s g said no to about $260000000.00 for the 22 year old and bobby's contract in paris runs out in june of next year, me and how likely join real madrid on a free transfer. the frenchman is currently with the national team preparing for world cup qualifiers. and his captain hugo, the rece believes in bob
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a has not been distracted with all of this transfer talk. as you can see, the last game was paris. he's totally focused and, and he was decisive in the 1st 4 games for, for paris. so that means that he respects the lot and his job is proficient and that he's focusing on every day every single day. and he's ready to perform that it's, you know, what's going on between the him, the club and that i married, i mean, he doesn't belong to us. we belong to himself. but as we could see, the, you know, the 1st 2 days of, of the national team, a brick easier way this night and ready to, to have the team ready to fight and, and to enjoy playing for the national team. well,
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little earlier we spoke to french football journalist, jonathan johnson, who said, p s g is rejecting the offer probably because they want to win the champions league . all this lead, both p s jim robber dreads are competing to win the champions league and p s g. feel that charles's will be diminished if they were to part company with him by sporting director lerner was very firm and his wording, when he dealt with the international press last week and said that if you haven't given up hard of kinda paste ending his contract in paris between now and next summer. so i think that there is now in his plan for p. s g still trying to get into extends that contract which expires next summer despite the fact that he could've moved on to around with the some i think in many ways both teams when the same time i p s g went into their kidney cost class roger when they're going to still have a child to find somebody or afraid transfer who they were about to spend the best
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part of 250000000 dollars on now. so i think that they both lose at the same time because p s job is to run the risk of not putting the champions league with them. and then hit going on. a freight truck trucks are grounded also leaders because they don't have it available to the season and also with him becoming a free agent and able to negotiate comes from january, all would and could be increased competition for his signature as well. i think you also have to remember what happened with name. all that can 29. see he was close to return to barcelona. that didn't happen. he stayed on the wrong side of the p. s g funds for a while eventually will over with his play on the pitch and he ended up finding contracts extension earlier this year. that can be done. it has been done before i p s g by and that he may name or so now i have to wait and see what happens. but on this, this page is fixed all round woodridge, and will play form at some point in the future. it's just a question,
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when's it now the p. s. g to try and find the right way to, to convince a player who has spurned the contracts extension offers from them. so from sign on a deal that did go through is with christiana, rinaldo heading to manchester, united from you, bent us. the transfer is now a 100 percent complete. united are reportedly pain, an initial $17000000.00 for the portuguese legend, who scored a $118.00 goals over the course of $292.00 games. and his 1st spell at old trafford . will tennis world number one of our junk of which starts his us opened campaign? later on tuesday, the serve is chasing his 4th grand slam victory of the year. and with that, a piece of history, i'd say, consider all hype that's only going to accelerate the more he with me, no male has pulled this off in more than 50 years. stephanie graff was the last player, male or female, that was 1988. so for novak yoke of it's not just to win the grand slam,
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which is sort of the holy grail tennis. but also if he doesn't hill, also vault ahead of rock in the dahlan roger federer with 21 majors the all time record. so an awful lot at stake here and i suspect with each round he wins the pressure, and the hype is only going to accelerate log vendors, verify, he is fired, a shot fellow top 5 player, the finest sits a pass. he's criticizing him over his link the toilet break during mondays victory over andy murray. and he's a number 3 player in the world. he's a top 3 playing well, so he's one of the best in the world and what he does at i do not believe that he needs to do that because and she taught 3 and a, well, you're one of the best in the sport. these kind of things happen at junior events at futures that challenges maybe. but not when you talk during the world it's you are allowed to do that. it's but it's like a unwritten rule between claire's well,
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it was vera who let his tenants do the talking during his opening round batch on tuesday. the olympic champion was too strong for a local favorite stem where he in street set. vera was a finalist at the us open last year. over on the women side world number one, ashley barty, she overcame the 2010 runner up beer vonner reva. after cruising in the 1st 61 party may have been distracted though when the electronic line calling system crashed at the arthur ashe stadium. but the wimbledon champion, she regrouped, and one the 2nd set in a tiebreaker party won the match in one hour and 28 minutes. this here is match. point
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the i o your score for now but hand you back over to julian linden. leah, thank you. now hundreds of copy bars, giant road and native to south america have taken over a wealthy argentine supper. this according to local reports about 400 kathy virus are living among 40000 residents in the neighbourhood of, nor delta on the outskirts of one as iris. going organization as seen, holden built on areas once used by local wildlife, but the coffee bar of population has grown over the past 10 years. some people now want the animal numbers to be managed. yeah. eco muse. vehicle that up or last year and what can be done to control it when we need to find a way so that the population stops growing. we want the copy virus to keep living here. you know, we live well with them that we like them for the thought. we don't think that is
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enough space for them. so we need to stop and increase the population. nobody's. that's it for me, jim. it's all the news. i'll be back with much more in just a sec, but by ah, me news news, news news. this isn't my story. it's the story of my friend jesus. she told us that she didn't want to be here. she didn't want to live anymore. was too hard. a survivor dedicates her life to educating and saving others from suicide. we are the ones
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that are dying, where the ones that are losing our friends and therefore we have to be the ones that will stand up and solve it because no one else is going to where there is hope, a witness documentary on, not just, you know, the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take great people, the direction fund has skills thousands and internally displaced. more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing families according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because conditions have improved back home. they say to continue to be targeted because of that and many properties are being reported and when they come taking refuge conditions here last time. one 3rd of all the food produce is wasted with tens of thousands of put out. all in
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south korea has been transformed from west offender if the global leader input recycling either reporting on how your technology is making it's possible in kenya, i mean the farmer uncertainty what he did, the oil life depended on was life or just the news with us voice is gone, the taliban has swept in to take over afghanistan main airport and claim all what was left behind. they're disappointed, they are angry. they say they feel betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. the.


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