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towel in south korea has been transformed from west offender is the global leader input recycling. i the reporting on how your technology is making its possible in kenya, i mean the farmer and santi, what he did, the oil life depended on was life for you. or just for me, the news with us voice is gone. the taliban has swept in to take over afghanistan main airport and claim all what was left behind. they're disappointed, they are angry. they say they feel betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. ah,
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they're dealing with donald. this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. that was the choice, the real choice between libby or escalating i was not going to extend this forever war. president joe biden defense himself against criticism of the cale surrounding the u. s. strong. ah, this amid jubilant scenes in the southern city of kandahar, birthplace of taliban? ah! welcome to the program of gum. a storm has had its 1st day in almost 20 years without the presence of foreign military forces in the nation. major general crystal mac, you commander of the u. s. army, a 2nd airborne division was the last soldier to depart, marking the end of the mission. in the past few hours, president biden says it was time to leave what he called forever. war over
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departure was celebrated with runs rhymes have gone far across. cobble taliban officials have been meeting in the groups birthplace kandahar to thrush out. arrangements for a new government. they promised their will, will be different. this time around committing to united country with an inclusive leadership with the taliban. now clearly in control, many people inside and outside the country are nervous, waiting to learn what life will be like in the new of some child, bella reports not from cobble. the roar of jet engines and the cries, the vacuum, we've gone. the united states biggest humanitarian air lift is finished. foreign forces have left and the taliban is surveying territory. it hasn't howled into decor today without any doubt. with the day of af janice. dan's independence when we don't see a single foreign soldier and whoever invaded this country without permission, we got rid of them and this was
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a proud historical moment for us. but the celebratory tone fell flash cobble international. when we drove from the civilian to the military side of the airport . we are very sad, believe me, after we saw the situation, we're hurt. this is where the americans vacated from last night. you can still see their planes, equipment helicopters here. the tele bond was off here and last night they moved was one of joy celebration. they were shooting in the sky. there were, there were fireworks, they were very happy that the americans had left. then they saw what was left behind to save planes and helicopters after the last c, 17 transport plane took off. so layman, aka was the 3rd to enter the former us space. the 1st thing was they were panicking in a hurry and destroys everything that was useful rigorously. they didn't leave us
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anything useful nor did they leave any dignity or pride in themselves. the telephone c is it was supposed to have relationship and mutual respect with the us and international community as the group seeks foreign investment. but they say this is a bad stop me. this is a national betrayal. nato said we will help you and continue our assistance. what kind of help is this? the focus now is on resourcing commercial flights. the taliban, lex, the resources and technical personnel for this sir cutter and turkey. helping thousands of us can still want to leave car bull and believe they are eligible for foreign visas. many still fearful. the taliban will run a brutal repressive regime reminiscent of the 1900 ninety's. the taliban held a news conference aimed at reassuring people. it wouldn't. that isn't nice to bother this. yes. yeah. we should turn
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a new chapter. we should bury the hatchet. we have no animosity against any particular faction, party or individual, no one we transcend above this all. this is a close chapter of our history yet, but we are looking forward to the future with one goal in sight. i mean, not rebuilding our country, but this is a country with a long memory divisions and distrust run deep. the tele bon admits it will take some years for its government to reach its potential. it may take many more, the afghans to heal charlotte bellis, osha 0. couple us president. jim biden has delivered a fierce defense of his withdrawal troops from going to stun said me. evacuation was an extraordinary success. 24 hours after the last us play left campbell. he insisted of commerce tons, conflicts should not be an ongoing focus for america. alam fisher reports from the white house, my fellow americans, the war in afghanistan is now over. joe biden brought an end to america's
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involvement and it's longest war 20 years, which still lives cost money, and damaged america's image in the world. war to remove the taliban, which again sits in power and kill. are left with a simple decision either follow through the commit made by the last administration and leave afghanistan. or say we weren't levy and commit another tens of thousands more troops. going back to war. that was the choice, the real choice between libby or escalating, he promised all americans who wanted to leave would be evacuated before the u. s. military where they went somewhere between one and 200 are still they are stranded but bite and insists not forgotten. and for those remaining americans, there is no deadline. we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out
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. but the president pace is going criticism from political opponents. and even though is on his own site, the say he fail his leadership feel, america feel the lives have got to stop the accountability needs to be there. but most importantly, americans need to be able to be brought home. this cannot be our history. this cannot be where this ends we will not allow it the. 6 whitening says he did the best job possible after the previous administration, never mentioning, come find name, saying to deal to pill trips out without political assurances. and to the new threat, the group behind last week, suicide attack at the international airport. there was this warning, isis k. we are not done with you yet. here left the organ, i think. how do you know in such a short space of time was undoubtedly a military, diplomatic, and humanitarian success with americans left behind it. for very little america has
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questions to ask about this involvement in afghanistan. questions that are obvious and difficult to fight and has been politically damaged by what has happened over the last few weeks. he didn't start the war, but what happened at the end? well, hang over the remainder of his time and i'll fisher, i'll just get up at the white house some a binge of ages in the eastern city of gyla bar, which was captured shortly before taliban fighters moved into cobble. he says people there have been celebrating the final withdrawal of us troops. and this optimism by the taliban leadership celebrations have been taking place across the san. this is one of them in the city of gyla by the commanders of the taliban, and have been congratulating the people saying that they have ended the system of production. the system which favored the powerful and the system that was against the oppressed. they have been expressing their commitment that they are going to continue to uphold the values which the taliban have been promising. which means
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that they are going to provide justice, they're going to provide basic freedom and they're going to provide a system where people are not going to be subjugated to corruption or other ills of the society. again, these are promises that we've heard before. does album came to power and now we're hearing these from this is again in front of an audience. i mean these people are the residence of denial about people who have been in july about for a long time. and they have been witnessing the quick takeover by the taliban, and they're thoughtful that there is going to be a system which protects him and provide them with much needed social security as well as prospect. there have also been celebrations in kandahar the birthplace of the taliban and where much of its decision making is taking place. i'll just here is be about multi. is there done or should he be medina? thea,
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the hydrogen will be after march square in the heart of kandahar south of at canister. and as you can see, there was a march, as people took to the street carrying taliban bennett, being there, celebrating the rule of all foreign forces after 20 years of occupation, which was the facility to remove, sweeping the city and beyond the body by the taliban flags. also waving on shops and residential houses as an expression of the court to the 2 decades of occupation. the last american soldier left the country last night with the grounds of changing slogan, or the current leader of the telephone movement. also praying for the late leader passed away years ago. they are also changing slogan, celebrating their freedom, freedom they have been longing and believed to have restored with withdrawal of the last foreign soldier after 20 years of occupation. while the top priorities far gone, a son's new government will be the economy. there have been long queues outside banks in cobble with people trying to withdraw their maximum limit of $200.00
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a day. many government workers have been paid for months of the standard of living as promises regarding the departure of the americans, i must say that we do not want a foreign country to be in our homeland. we are happy to security is provided, but we need bread and water. we were dependent on our salary and used to take care of our families. we even borrowed from some shop. what should people eat aware when there are no salaries? i do not feel well everyone fled and there are no work opportunities. and i've got a son at all. but when americans were here, there were many thiefs, but now they have all disappeared and there is peace. we'll go, mac said sob. it is a former african deputy finance minister and he says is important for us going to start a new government to connect with the world market. one thing that's very important for the pilot is to remove the wadi heads and work as statesmen right now. it's sort of but for the boss going economy to stand on a seat,
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it's very important for afghan assigned to be connected with the world market. not only for attracting aid, but also making it possible for the businessman to, to trade with other countries. so that cross border financial transactions to banks in banking sector is very important. all date will require a state or a government that will have a better diplomatic relations with that assessment off the world. so i hope they realize that. and then on the other hand, i hope the world understand that any restrictions of financial districts and including those of sanctions, what heard the common people who are already suffering right now and they have suffered over the years still to come this half hour cities on the walter and houses torn upon the us golf course could spend weeks picking up the pieces, the hurricane, either these patients to some of the sickest we've ever seen. drill yes,
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cool with crisis worth. but new zealand hope its peak ah hello welcome to look at the international forecast is looking largely dry across much of australia at the moment. we can little more can down towards the southeastern corner. i will shift out of the way. tiny practised pass through the byte that does indicate some very, very windy weather, which will gradually make his way across the far south west almost radia. busby showers long spells of ranges, tucking in here as we go through webs by then. but ahead of, i'll have a look at this warm and dry down towards south east $23.00 celsius from melbourne to $26.00 in adelaide and 18 in hobart. it gets warmer still as we go on into thursday. so we could touch 26 in melbourne by the state. 29 in adelaide and 24 in
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hope that rain will just put the fall south of south australia ahead of that smell too bad for sydney as well. new south wales, much acquaintance, fine and dry and la, she draw 2, went uneasily. we will see some wet weather just coming into the south island as we go into the latter part of the week. white weather meanwhile continues across the korean peninsula, easing out of northern parts of china. we are going to see some very heavy rain. therefore south korea, that'll roll over towards han. she will see some very wet weather coming into a good part of central japan southern japan also sinks and heavy rain, but dry to the north. the in ledger life beat or the huge ball is one of you with your right. i do not know an individual that is followed in your life football.
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my name is nadia is your development manager is this, is my nigel? my analogy there. ah, let me, ah, ah, ah, the me a call back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera telephones back in control of cobbles. they are port after the final us play left, but the group leaders are angry at what's been left behind planes and helicopters would disable or equipment was destroyed. finally asked to draw in, greeted with celebrations in central africa, cities in raleigh bod residents, schools officers. here they're hoping for a system to protect them for new years,
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president biden says the african son evacuation was an extraordinary success to play in the countries forces were not holding on, expected less reflect a bit more on the u. s. militia pool, we can speak now to wesley morgan. he's written a book on america's military efforts in afghanistan and joins us live by skype from washington. d. c. wesley. good to have your company was the prison biden's, torn earlier was kind of fiercely unapologetic and he said it was just simply time to leave this forever war. do you agree? i'm not going away in with you know, whether i agree with the decision or not. i mean, i think there's a wide range of opinions among military veterans i've been talking to over the past couple weeks, ranging from relief that the united states has left the country to just real anger and not understanding why why it had to be done or why it had to be done in the way
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that it was. and wesley listening to the president's and i, he gave me quite a sort of detailed breakdown of why he thought it was time to leave afghanistan. when we look back in the g. u. s. his involvement over the past 20 years. how, how can we characterize the, the role the u. s. is played and done a son. well, it's changed a lot over time. and soldiers and marines have deployed there at different moments in the war and at different places have seen very different things. it began as narrow counterterrorism mission. i'll be at one that always had an element of nation building, implicit and built into it because the fall of the, you know, the ouster of the taller bon required it. but over the years you saw the kind of a mission creep happened. as more and more troops were committed even before the obama administration serge, in 2009, 2010. leading up to a peak about a decade ago when there were a 100000 us troops in the country. $40000.00 allied troops in the country spread
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out into practically every district in every province. trying to build structures of government that we have now seen collapse before. and more recent years, seeing a gradual pull back into a more limited counterterrorism role. again. and so wesley was like, who is that? of course the withdrawal is complete and there are no more u. s. military in afghanistan. it's likely that the u. s. is going to have to play a role in the future of us, going to stand in your view. what might that look like? well, i think the real problem for the biden administration and the military and the intelligence community right now is they know that there is remaining outside presence in afghanistan. it's fairly overt in some ways. they certainly know that there's a presence of the afghan branch of the islamic state, isis correspond. but most of the struck most of the ways that the military in the us intelligence community. i had been planning on gathering intelligence post us
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pull out have collapsed with the afghan government. so i think there's a real scramble right now to figure out how will there, you know, how will the military and the ca, even know where to launch strikes or who to launch strikes against. if indeed today you need need to large strikes in the, in the months and years ahead. we also hard by and paint a sort of new direction for us foreign policy abroad. and he said, you know, human rights is going to be at the core of that. if we apply that to, i've got to stand what, what might that direction look like? well, it's a little hard to hard for me to square, you know, emphasis on human rights with the future of ghana stand that we now see. i mean, i'm not in afghanistan. i don't know how to talk about or behaving 1st hand. but after having spent a couple of weeks, pretty much constantly on the phone and whatsapp with african colleagues and
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friends and former translators, former u. s. military interpreters who are, were desperately trying to leave the country ahead of the head of the tall and take over in the u. s. departure from the airport. i don't think human rights is really something that you could say is essential to the way the u. s. is looking at as can stand now and what it's actions speak for. and i guess then be interesting to look to the future, wasting morgan. and joining me there from washington, d. c was the thank you. thanks very much. the italian militia flew nearly 5000 afghans to italy after the taliban seize control of commerce done. many of them are still under quarantine, wellbeing process before being resettled in communities across italy. i'm really visited the country's largest refugee camp for african evacuation in office on at this camp an hour outside of rome. more than a 1000 afghan refugees are starting a new life now far from the country. they called home. many of them like this man
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felt they had no choice but to flee a la carte. i worked with italian and after military. so i was a target for the tiny banners. you know, just he, like others we spoke to, asked us not to show his face, out of fear for loved ones. back in afghanistan, one up up is sort of wanted to call me unless i am happy to be here. but i'm extremely worried about my family, but i haven't being able to contact them for 7 days. so i don't know how they're doing or where they are. ok. it's a story repeated here among those who worked with italian or other international forces during the war. as a taliban closed in, they rushed to cobble airport. some lost family in mechanic rush to escape. and haven't seen them since viet. i want one refugee, we met served as a policeman in the former government, he told us he felt particularly at risk of taliban retribution. since august 14th, nearly 5000 african refugees have arrived in italy,
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the largest number of any european union country i feel safe here. but i always worry about my future. how can i organize everything? how? how can i continue to my higher education? those running the camp are trying to address such concerns. of course, they want to know about the future, the process of inclusion in our county, at which now they are going to do in to be included in our society about today. they did the schools for the children do a job. and all of these, of course, we can not give an answer to all of these questions. so by doing gauging, explaining the process, step by step, this camp run by the tell you in red cross is the largest processing center for the refugees in italy. more than 1300 african evacuees have been sheltered here to rarely, as they wait longer term placement. after being screened for coven 19 many received vaccinations after being processed here. the fact that we are then taken by bus to
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other shelters and hotels across italy, officials hope to resettle everyone at this camp by friday. the 1st step in helping these refugees rebuild their lives in a new country. adarine algebra, have a santa italy. ah, the syrian government forces of rams up there offensive on a rebel enclave in the country. south west fighting for the city of dera, has escalated over the past week. along with the space of the rebel attack from army checkpoints in neighboring towns. series military says its in circles safety for at least 2 months. local officials accused president of the forces of preventing food and medical supplies from entering the city. the se civilians have been able to lead. harrigan ida has left hundreds of thousands of people us golf course without drinking water and electricity. louisiana's governor called the
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destruction catastrophic and says it could be weeks before the power is back on. in some places, several communities are under water and 4 people are known to have died in the storm. that includes 2 in mississippi who were killed when a highway collapse made land fall on sunday as a category for hurricane one of the most powerful fit. the us may not fit. lavelle has more now on the damage caused by hurricane, either from luckless in louisiana newly in the city itself. bed. okay, in terms of the damage from hurricane ida when it comes to the water release. but it's when you get outside of the main city area to place it like this is la plus just north of new orleans as a city. that's where you see just the damage that was caused. the winds wrought through here, there is a huge amount of water. it was blown, we are told from a nearby lake and it is completely submerged. this area of the search and rescue operation is going on. they going door to door. there is no way of getting down
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these roads. i mean, this is an actual road. it leads up to the freeway. so what was happening is people having to go by boat volunteers, go by vote door to door to try to reach people. now, there are a number of dangerous here. first of all, the fact that you have alligators here, perhaps not one of the obvious pages, but this is louisiana. this is marshall and you've got all of this area where you would typically have alligators living. once i mean, if you wouldn't tend to see them walking down main street, suburban streets, but once the wolf is create these rivers, that means they've got more space to move around. and we saw at jury katrina more alligators. and we know at least one case in the last couple of days where there has been an attack, a 71 year old man being attacked by an alligator, his wife trying to save his life. she didn't manage to it, his body has since disappeared. the other issue is disease because this water there is a current, but it is filthy and it is sitting here a lot the people who will be hit by de bray, who would have been injured. you do not want to get this water on an open wound
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because the fact that you could get illness disease from this is a big problem and getting to a hospital as an even bigger problem because it's very difficult to move any way out of cost as the issue of power because you can say down over here, the power lines, these will really badly hit these ones, a still kind of standing, but there are some elsewhere that we've passed it all completely down. these are in the water and other power is off. but there are always the, there's always the possibility that it could come come on intermittently while they try to get it back up because a 1000000 also residents here and we see on it all without power. that's a big issue because it means that people can't keep cool. it is very hot here. they're expecting temperatures in the regions of the late thirties celsius, somewhere around about $100.00 degrees fahrenheit today. that means that people who need to keep cool cause they can't keep their food cool. people have got to keep hold of their food because there's no way of getting supplies. and this is a real issue. we are told that the search and rescue operation could go on for several days. meanwhile, they just have a w, me look at this,
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this motel. you can see the sign over there ripped away. if you go over that, zoom into the front of it. the windows, completely blown out, people are trying to clean up, but they're also trying to say stay safe and there is still no words when this will all be over, but it's less likely to last several weeks. very different conditions in california were rapidly expanding. well, far as threatening the resort city of south lake tahoe, a massive fire fighting effort is taking place in the blazes pointed unprecedented evacuation orders for thousands of people. residents have also been told to leave some areas in the neighboring state of nevada. california has caused all of its national parks for more than 2 weeks as firefighters work to put out the flames. health officials in new zealand say the number of new cove in 1900 cases is likely to continue falling over the past 2 weeks. the country's been dealing with its 1st major outbreak and more than a year, which prompted prime minister, jacinta, or darn to order a nationwide lockdown. but when he reports from to wrong or the government is not
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eating restriction. the new zealand governments decision to lock the country down 2 weeks ago was met with shock and even ridicule in some parts of the world. the prime minister just into rod during made the announcement when just one new case of coven 19 was found in the community. new zealand 1st in 6 months. in that 2 week period there have been 612 new infections. and the peak of the outbreak may have already passed today. there are 49 new cases of code 19 to report. all of these are in oakland. obviously that's a fair the decline on yesterday's daily case number for fewer. and as a lot of number of cases in 6 days, it does provide for the reassuring indication that our public health measures rapidly slowing the speed of the bars. the largest city, oakland, where the outbreak started will remain under lockdown for at least another 2 weeks . but for the rest of the country, restrictions will ease slightly, allowing some businesses to reopen under tide rules around mosque wearing and
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contactless service. this outbreak started with new zealand 1st case of the delta variants, which is seen big increases in infections in depth. in many countries to try to prevent that happening here, the government moved quickly into a strict lockdown, which like last year in the early stages of the pandemic, appears to have worked. in contrast, lockdown in australia is worse. depicted, state isn't working. the rules in new south wales onto strict is new zealand and very indifferent aries of the states. it's recording more than a 1000 new cases a day, and there were concerns. the hospitals may not cope these prices. so some of the sickest we've ever seen. they require so much support and monitoring and physical care, wherein layers of pe, sometime for hours at a time. this is really physically hardwick in both countries. the focus is also on trying to recover from a slow start to vaccinate,
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as many people as possible before the end of the year. to speed up the process, australia announced an extra 500000 doses of finds the vaccine will arrive this week in a swamp deal, arranged with singapore and australia will reciprocate and say in half a 1000000 doses to singapore. later in the new zealand government says it may secure a similar deal with another country amid concerns. it's rapid increase in vaccination rates is dwindling supplies wayne, hey, al jazeera toner, new zealand, the ah, the top stories amounts to 0. after 20 years of war, millions of afghans a back living under taliban control and what the groups called full independence taking control cobbles airport. after the final us plane left was the symbolic hand over taliban leaders. around gri what's been left behind, plains helicopters, and other equipment was left disabled if not destroyed. taliban described it as
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a national trail criticizing nato for a lack of assistance of the final us withdraw.


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