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gray on the outskirts and when there is a luxury gated communities, built on a wetland. that is the copy bars natural habitat. now some residence, a cooling for the right numbers to be better managed. yeah, equal means less you and what can be done to control it when we need to find a way so that the population stops growing. we wants to the copy virus to keep living here. you know, we live well with them. we like them. we don't think there is enough space for them, so we need to stop an increase in the population. nope, ah, this is out there are these, you top stories. you as president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan and said the evacuation has been a success. criticize his predecessors deal with the taliban on a timeline. he said he had few options to change. we succeeded what we set out to
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do, and i can't stand over a decade ago. then we stayed for another decade. it was timed, and this war this is a new world. the terror threat has metastasize across the world. well beyond afghans. we face threats for males, sure. bob in somalia, al qaeda affiliates in syria and iraq peninsula and isis, attempting to create a kayla fight in syria and iraq and establishing affiliates across the african asia . the fundamental obligation of a president, in my opinion, is been defend and protect america. not against threats of 2001, but against the threats of 2021 and tomorrow. while i was on the u. s. departure taliban leaders spoke of attracting international investment and forming an inclusive government. while the group has been celebrating is also expressed
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disappointment at what's been left behind. and couple airport planes and helicopters were disabled and all the equipment destroyed. their reports, the syrian government and local leaders from the rebel health city of the ra, have reach an agreement for 3 days sci fi, which is due to begin on wednesday. the government forces have recently wrapped up their fences to take their all including blocking food and medical supplies. guessing in our cane, ida has left hundreds of thousands on the u. s. gulf coast without drinking water and electricity, and nighttime curfew is in place in new orleans to stop the crime off to the city left in darkness that you 2 people have died in peru after boss plunged off a cliff. 20 others were injured in the crash. the fed such accident in the country and the space of 4 days. okay, there's a headline. news continues here on out is era off inside stories,
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stay with us. me . ah ah, north korea appears to have resumed its nuclear activity. it follows young warning . it will extend its program unless sanctions are lifted. what are the u. s. and his allies ready to engage in more diplomatic talk? this is inside toward ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program i'm during obligate. the un nuclear watchdog says
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north korea has restarted its main nuclear reactor. the international atomic energy agency released a report saying it has observed evidence of cooling water from the plant, indicating its in use. the 5 megawatt reactor is capable of producing weapons grade plutonium. that's one of the crucial elements needed to build nuclear weapons. the finding poses yet another challenge for the u. s. and it's goal of the nuclear rising, the korean peninsula. some analysts believe it may be a tactic for future talks with the biden administration, but will it work? we'll bring in our guests in a moment. but 1st to this report from chicago, without inspectors in north korea. dia relies on satellite images using these it says is detected a discharge of cooling water at the main nuclear plants and young beyond. and that suggests the reactor is operating. if the latest findings are correct, the you and nuclear watchdog says it's a deeply troubling development. it's believe young beyond react to produce
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plutonium for north korean nuclear arsenal. in the past. the white house says the a report underscores the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy. whatever warmer relations that appear to be cultivated under former president donald trump seemed to have grown cold under his successor, joe biden. as u. s. military exercises were held with the south. unfortunately, the biden administration has been slow off the mark on the north korea file. of course they were dealing with the renewal of the strategic reduction pretty with russia, which happened in february. the resumption of talks with iran on the comprehensive plan of action by thing with will bit and also there were draws from of not just on . so these are a number of important programs. but unfortunately, it seems that the united states prohibition position has not changed. the oil demand or complete irreversible verifiable disarmament of north korea's nuclear
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program has never worked at is not likely to work to subject of consternation and negotiation for decades. young beyond the heart of north korea's nuclear program, it's cooling tower was famously destroyed in 2008 as part of an international drive to dismantle parts of the program. in exchange for relief from sanctions, the following year, north korea kicked monitors out. nearly a decade later, kim jung own offered to dismantle young john in return for the same concessions. the trump administration rejected the offer that would have left cam with other reactors in secret sites. not to mention possible nuclear weapons. weapons i would give north korea leverage right him if they've got, you know, 30 instead of 20 or a 100 instead of you know, 50 or whatever. we don't know how many they have been this, give them more bargaining chips when events renegotiate, can take place by apparently allowing the world to see this new activity at young. beyond the north korean leader may be signaling he's ready to talk and her chappelle al jazeera. so let's take a closer look at north korea as recent nuclear activity. this was the 1st sign of
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operational activity, a young beyond since december 2018 months after the former us president donald trump, mac can drug and singapore. north korea has continued to develop nuclear weapons since i inspectors were expelled. holding its largest test to date in 2017. and the previous year it conducted a warhead explosion that the us geological survey registered at a magnitude of $5.00. the. let's bring in our guest now. joining us from sungard, germany is seelong, who is the publisher of korea expos, a, a newsletter on contemporary korean affairs. and sol, june park, a fun global fellow at princeton university and singapore graham on web who's a defense analyst and research fellow at 9 young technological university. thanks for joining us. welcome to you all gram. if this report is correct, if it's anything to go by,
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these are the 1st signs of operation to be spotted since late 2018. what is the message that kids are going to sending out? well, it's clearly a signal coming out from, from the can regime that they want to be noticed once again, because i think they have been ignored for some while there is a lot of strategic movement going on in line with the bye. didn't administration series of policies, you know, giving with foreign affairs with defense issues. and i think the north koreans have a concern about being left off, particularly at a time when we're seeing with withdraw all of us, baltimore, kindest. on the thing of us. interesting to the asia pacific and also with the discussion of the awful back to the table talks with the iranians on the nuclear deal. say long. do you agree without assessments? as is a signal that kim jong room is ready to talk or what's going on here?
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absolutely, we have been seeing a series of developments out of north korea that clearly suggest that kelly has become very impatient with the state of the process. so we have seen change in the language used by the north korean state media with regard to south korea to definitely become more hostile aggressive. we have also seen remarks coming from kenya, john, the sister of kim jong and belittling south korea to the point that the south korea media and probably have observed with quite some alon and as many of korea experts know when north korea starts to engage in activities around young b on this is very clear signal that it wants to get a response. the only thing was that they could perhaps do at this point is certainly conducting another nuclear experiment. the last time it did was in 2017.
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and i wouldn't be surprised that we actually see that happening again. ok, important points arrays will get on to all of those in a moment. the 1st just, let's drill down a little bit more on this particular un report in june park. you one is describing this as deeply disturbing, deeply troubling, excuse me. can you tell us what exactly the discharge of cooling water indicates? well basically the fact that the reactor is re reactive is an under operation now indicates that it is going against un sanctions. and it is clear to many observers on, on north korea that what's happening with inside north korea, with regard to the premises of the nuclear station is not really built on something that is trustworthy for, for the south korean side or the american side and gender also indications,
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according to the un report of mining and concentration activities at a uranium mine and planned as well as activity of a suspected at a suspected enrichment facility. how significant are those? well, the enrichment facilities, if they are activated than their, their, their surely against the un security council, thanks guidelines. and so if that is the case, then there has to be an emergency meeting that should be, can be in the security council right now. it seems to be the case that there are 2, there is a huge concentration, not just by the international media, but the u. s. government per se, just don't get us then it'll take time for, for these kinds of attention to be paid to the north korean issue right graham, the response by the international community. what do you expect it to be?
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because the u. n. is also describing this as a quote clear violation of relevant un security council resolution. and what they're saying is this is deeply regrettable. so do you agree with june that some sort of meeting should be held and might be held? i definitely concur with june's assessment. i mean, the united nation is compelled to, to gather on this issue to convenient to and to discuss it because it is all to see that there have been a newsletter violations. and this has to be tackled. i mean, we've seen over the last few years, an alignment by members of the global community. first of all, in general comes on the proliferation of nuclear weapons. but secondly, in particular, states are concern north korea and iran fall in this category. and i think
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a lot korean regime has gone pretty far in its nuclear development program. it's weapons program. we've seen some headway some constructive results a couple of years back. but a lot of that has on rebel over the last 18 to 24 months. and i think it is, it is time for the community together and you will gather to put back stop to this, but taking to mind a host of other global issues that need to be tabled and discussed at the u. n. level. and so we're seeing a bit of a backlog here, but i was hoping that i think that it's going to be a little bit more responsive because the north koreans, i'm going to wait for the rest of us, that they're just going to chug ahead and continue to, to develop the speaker weapons for a range of political reasons. right and gram. i mean, some people are saying that the north koreans are moving to expand its curren arsenal with the current moves on the ground. it's not a safe assessment to make definitely, i mean, dave enough and of course i know it's, it's still a black box. north korea. i mean,
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no, but what's going on on the ground because you don't have, you know, experts and observers in the country to report what's going on with a great degree of fidelity. but nevertheless, there are significant indications that the north korean regime mr. kim, don't own this pressing ahead with a range of military and nuclear weapons related developments and seen that happen over the last 18 months and it's expanding as we speak and it needs to be curtailed . that's just, that's a german some, a point that graham was just saying that the i a has had no access to north korea since getting kicked out the inspector is back in 2009. so everything is monitored really through satellite imagery. so does this mean that we things perhaps can be under reported, and we actually don't know what's really going on. it's difficult to ascertain what's going on in the country. but according to the, the report that was released,
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it seems to be the case that the activation has started since july. and if that's the case, even if they're satellite imagery, there's enough of a case to remain at the security council. and not just that the global community level, but by bilateral level, between the u. s. and south korea as well. and what's really alarming is that the south korean government has not been alert to those. they had been watching the changes in the satellite imagery. they had been receiving the reports, but they haven't, haven't actually alerted the public about the development then it only came to, to, to light after the u. s. pulled out of afghanistan. is the perfect timing for north korea. see what you were mentioning a moment ago that the last nuclear test was back in 2017. so do you think that the north koreans are now on the path to conducting another one with the revelations
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from the ground? well, i said it's a possibility. i don't think any one of us can say for sure that it will happen in the near future. what we can only acknowledge collectively is that north korea certainly feels inpatient and wants to see response. well, we have heard until now from the us side under the bargain is industry. sion said it is, of course, open to a new dialogue with north korea without any condition, but clearly from the north korean perspective is just not enough because they know exactly where this is going to go. it's going to go back to the point where us demand the same thing as always, which is the complete it reversible verifiable and then then of nuclear arms. and that is something to know is not interested in doing a lease from the very beginning. we saw and the noise from it in $2191.00 north korea is looking for it all for to dismantle the facilities in young dion in exchange for the relaxing or lifting the sanctions that everything post since 2016
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. and clearly that is not what happened here. we are, but it's also interesting to mention at this point is the development of washington . just last night or this morning. there was a high level meeting between hong can the u. s. special represented for north korea and his self korean counterpart where they were discussing the possibility of actually offering humanitarian a to the north. and this is something that the soft, green goblin certainly has been fully support team. they really want to go back to the point where they try to assist or at least offer some kind of incentive to north korea in exchange for coming to the negotiation table with more, let's say accommodating attitudes. right? and given that the negotiation c wong between the u. s. and going have stalled. what is it going to take to break that in past?
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yeah, we're going to need some major gesture and the south korean government hopes that this gesture can be the proposed into a korea economic cooperation that it has been talking about since the very beginning of the ones in ministration. 2017, they were always hoping that the us would also be on board to support this, which was clearly not possible. while donald trump was american president and was by them the administration. not yet having quite clear and be articulated in north korea policy. it is the whole certainly of the korean government, south korean government that washington would be on board for this more, let's say, appeasing sense a gram. they are agree without assessment. and what do you think needs to be done now to move forward and break the sticking points, at least between the united states and north korea? well, it's really hard to say, i mean, i agree with you on that. i think we've been moving and circles with the last few
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years and the last decade alone, a broken record has been playing over and over again. i always think about the fundamentals of what north korea presumably want to. i mean, fundamentally, in addition to economy aid, economic cooperation to little, to north korea, to get the people out of this very difficult situation. food short, short. the joe's natural catastrophe cause catastrophes flood them. the like, it really want something that's fun to mental as the withdrawal of us for foods from south korea and from ortiz, asia lodge. and i think that is something that is, you know, often ends up being the elephant in the room. the need to be discussed, i mean in the larger issue also about the $953.00, almost disagreement. whether or not the idea that the establishment of a peace treaty finally might mean something. but it's going to set in motion a whole range of issues even relating to the syrian so be standing us south
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korean defense treaty, which came out from dom this disagreement. so this whole package of things that need to be tackled, which i think deeply concerning from the north korean standpoint, which amounts to them saying that is in this hostile posture of the united states, against north korea, as we speak right and graham. so then did the weapons is what gives north korea leverage does not have north korea is looking for more than washington is currently offering when it comes to talks. definitely, i mean this brings us back to the fargo 2017. i mean, not only to be see an unprecedented number of missile tests and anyone. yeah. well, the also the for the combination of the testing of the awesome 15 icbm missile, which is still not a foreclosed scientific journey from the north koreans is still the question of the re entry test. and that's why i still couldn't edge my feet wondering when the north koreans, me resume that that testing regime. and so the, these weapons,
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particularly the intercontinental ballistic missile, a potent to turn weapons that the north korean feel the need to have, in order to blackmail the, did the, whatever us ministration of the b. that's impala to seek for political confessions . and while the confessions that will benefit the north korean regime, james erica lee. this is the latest activity on the ground. could be some sort of bargaining chair by north korea for any potential talks with the united states and its allies. it could be, but it could also be just a hostility move by the north koreans. there hasn't been any of these kinds of international attention when the north koreans fiber had south korean institutions. in starting from may, there were pack phone astrazeneca, but there was not enough international media attention on north korea's behavior
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back then. so anything that happens on the nuclear front is a gesture that north korea wants to get some response to, but it's not really clear whether they would want to have a warm engagement or a cold engagement. the south korean foreign ministry, the south korean spoke some excuse me for souls unification, ministry june said that the south korean government is monitoring the situation, closing cooperation with the united states. but behind the scenes, what could be going on right now and south korea? there could be the contact that we can discuss the hotline because they were not mentioned, but the hotlines were re established. and there must be a channel between the bull house, the n i s, and also the north korean authorities. visa, the re engagement with the united states. and i'm also expecting that
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washington has its own hotline with ongoing, with the blue house. but it's not really clear what the washington people have in mind. it is quite clear that the south korean authorities want to have re engagement going on. but think about political capital in south korea. there's not enough room, especially when there is a presidential election coming up in march. the wrong one key question as well as what role china will play in the diplomacy. obviously, given it's economic and political leverage over north korea. but with relations between us in beijing described as tends to an extensive china willing to work with us on this issue. yeah, that is a very good question because china is always involved in some aspect of the, the nuclear radiation process. whether it's because china is helping to prop up north korea or whether because china is helping avoid some aspects of the sanctions
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. and also china perhaps has the key to making sure the nuclear radiation actually takes place because it is the more important partner for north korea on the international stage. and that's the reason why many experts in south korea also demand that any kind of future negotiation with north korea involving the u. s. most also involved south korea as well as china. a question is, getting china to support any aspect of the negotiation would imply that us needs to make some concession. and given this current geopolitical circumstance, which china and the us have been in order for such a long time already. can we really count on that situation? to happen, more importantly, as graham had mentioned earlier, if north korea wants the us forces in south korea to indeed withdraw. but for us,
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this is not just about north korea. they have soldiers encounter can, humphreys, which is now the biggest overseas military base for the american military. and it is fair to consolidate americans to your political interest in the region which certainly concerns china as well. so this is a very complicated picture in china that certainly has a very will be brought to play in all this right graham. and to what extent is the you west willing to work with china on this? in my assessment, i think it remains to be seen. i think funding center right now. the range of issues that pertain directly to beijing and washington that need working out comes on the ongoing trade wall. the ongoing, all the logical development on access to technology, the ongoing. all disputes are the perimeter across the south china sea in the china,
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c. and i think that that's immediate for both sides to i think it remains to be seen all the amount of bandwidth. it's going to be a portion to dealing with the north korean issue. so i really can't see right now, but that's what happens, right. judith talks don't take place in the short term future, at least. what does this mean for the future of the new cloris ation? the new car is ation. that was only a political slogan during the send a poor and how noise summits the new cry is ation of the korean peninsula is the coined term used by all parties. south korea, united states, north korea in the, in the formal declarations that they keep on building. but in fact, dina grows, ation on north of north korea in a very,
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very concise and precise manner is not something that we can expect from north korea based on what we've seen today. okay, understood, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. c one qu, june parking graham on web. thanks for speaking to us. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com for further discussion. you can go to our facebook page dot, facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside story. you can join the conversation on twitter or handle as a insightful read for myself and the whole team here and how, thanks for watching, bye bye. for now, the i
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discovered a world of difference determination. i am coming down when we are moving the freedom we saw on the 16th of corruption and compassion. the al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. it's the u. case, biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar
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sites are underway. the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought me each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our patients. for the better, the more we could do this experiment, many of us could increase in just a little bit that would be worth doing. but he had any idea that it would become a magnet, who is incredibly rough, asking women to get 50 percent representation in the constituency assembly here in getting this pick up to collect the segregated sales. the reason this is extremely
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important service that they provide to the city we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah hello money inside and with the top stories on al jazeera us president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan, calling the evacuation uninstall ordinary success. his face criticism over the chaos of the past few weeks. as i've got this down rapidly fell under the control of the taliban bought and blamed afghan forces collapsing far more quickly than expected. alan fish has the support from white house,
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my fellow americans. the war in afghanistan is now over. joe biden brought an end to americans in.


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