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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2021 5:30am-6:00am AST

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11 laughs living on the native wolf volcanoes, and expedition to count them didn't find any newborns. pink iguanas are only found on the northwest and slopes of the active volcano, which is on is abella island. liberal pansy patient can be someone with the impulse of the expedition to the full kennel, was 1st to update the population census of the think you wanna done in this area. second, distribute groups in their area to determine one of the most important factors to research the species. to find nesting areas, newly bonding one us and locate the distribution of the one us in the will fall kennel later was. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your help stories. us president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan, cooling the evacuation. extraordinary success, he's face criticism over the case. the past few weeks as i've gone on rapidly fell
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under the control of the taliban. the biden blamed afghan forces for collapsing. far more quickly unexpected. we succeeded what we set out to do, and i can't stand over a decade ago. and we stayed for another decade. it was timed and this war this is a new world. the terror threat has metastasize across the world well beyond afghans . we face threats from l. sure. bob in somalia are kind of affiliates in syria and the ruby peninsula and isis attempting to create a kayla fight in syria and iraq and establishing affiliates across the african asia . the fundamental obligation of a president, in my opinion, is the defend and protect america. not against threats of 2001,
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but against the threats of 2021 and tomorrow. taliban leaders say they want to try international investment on form. an inclusive government for the group says it's disappointed by departing foreign troops, disabling act croft and destroying equipment. cobble airport. hurricane ida has left hundreds of thousands on the u. s. gulf coast without drinking water and electricity. and night time, kathy is in place in new orleans to stop the crime off to the city was left in darkness. thousands of fighters, the losing the battle against and out of control fire in northern california. the cow, the we'll fire, threatening south lake tahoe. tens of thousands have been ordered to leave. as the headlines coming up next al jazeera after s rise wild recovery. the telephone has taken control the scanning 20 years also it was the whole from power . the country now faces a new reality. how will that impact the people?
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events on falls in the will stay with us. the latest news and analysis promaxima dot org ah hello. well, continue to monitor. it's pretty calm rather windy out here amongst cause minds right fine. but the has been a real sense of urgency making this in the middle of panic that brought the welts for me. which started because we should be bringing nature to its name over 19 is just one of many illnesses that is built. i, which was for wildlife as we quite frankly plunder than at 12 and come into close
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to contact with bars to found the bowler. saws h i v a 3 also saw emerging infectious diseases come from animal and one families every 4 months. so the neat safeguard walls faces like this one and to protect nature. it's the bible and all road has never been clearer. but panoramic is also generated to design a green recovery and stop for about here with cash price solutions to the environmental crisis. we're starting to serious binder to wildlife, and that'll help you to invent future outbreaks. i think that charge is a coven, 19 or on known investigation, have been carried out into the likes of i'm hanging in and some spacious that these mammals are amongst the 1000000 plants, animals, freshman extinction. so that is hype, and yet now we meet the team, we have been taking truck tangling and southern end. yes. local for the fan. think the only remaining home of one critically endangered.
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nearly one in 5. my move in the world is a bad and the room us. it's around their existence of perhaps as extensive as the bad family itself. associations with darkness an evil which of pious, including count dracula, have led generations to see these flying creatures as sinister. but the gram i chose to call our home to a unique bath conservation story for decades, wiring devastated land leaving its god and degraded. but that was supposed to stop when a colony of discovered in a cave in these hills belonging to a species so rare that it was thought to be extinct. i've come to canada in india to find out how conservationists and locals took on the mining and dusty wind protected status for this last,
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the last remaining home in the lug of the coal. our lease. no spac only around 200 of these baths exist here in the call, our conservation resolve. it is also home to 5 other bad species. the majority of which reside in the tiny cave in the rock face. i meeting with bats biologists, roy chakrabarti and citizen scientists, rogers for just one mile high. so going to finally today, the capturing back using miss nets and collecting d n. a samples of nightfall. these nocturnal animals begin to emerge audit the cave flying into the softness, the place of the ring from where i'm digging the punch. it will grow in 3 weeks. the lockable to be
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able to see and in danger. like this one up, close back clear the vital rolling ecosystem including pollination and controlling the color leaf. no bad. it's thousands of insects each day. but traps including habitat, last and hunting, have left $21.00 species of battle critically endangered globally. including this one. you have about 30000000 on thank believe the most fucked you help them in hunting and detecting 3. you want to compare it's been proposed. the bad have links not only to coven 19, but also to other do not diseases which can spread from animals to human, including boa and stars. this is why the destruction of their habitat has potential public health consequence. it's only when people start destroying for this and directly or indirectly come in contact with bats and their habitat. that's when
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these 2 not diseases break out. so it's not the back itself, but what we do to it that actually threaten after the species back, use the technique called eco location that allows them to navigate using sound, damage, sound waves of very high frequency, which bounce off objects, enabling them to quickly establish what is in their vicinity. if you've seen small batch fly on st. louis, you should just observe the speed at which pick out and fix the angle at which is whether it's the, whether it's better, but it's object or better it's another but. so they do all these calculations in 3 to 5 milli seconds, which is really faster than any super computer. the more i find out why from them on the was in feeling this spread of coven 19 people have attacked perhaps around the world. in march, 2020 and solo indonesia. hundreds of bats and wildlife market were called on order
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of the may. i may 2020 authorities issued directive to protect bath across the state of rochester in india. after more than $150.00 were killed there. ah, the goal, our region one is india graham i've mining minus still be on the hill. would not the determination of bat scientists, dr. bar giving sri nevada, who discovered calling me of color, leaf nose bath inside the cave in 2030. the species hadn't been spotted in several decades. we found the hosting side of the bat, and we found that the board mining lots can mining happening, lots of trucks on the hill. and the mining had come to almost 100 meters near the
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listing site. so immediately be alerted the local authorities 1st and also the local communities. we also ran a signature campaign with the religious vidarres continued to produce that, you know, you need to stop mining. a ban on my name happened in january 2015 and an area of 223 acres was declared a conservation resolved in 2019 finally bringing protection to this critical bad habitat. these are the cut marks that you can notice over, you know, the mining that was happening back then because it had no disturbance act on the habitat, the healing, and the for signs of healing is the presence of grasses on it on us. i mean, it just goes to show that when you give a line the time to hear it will bounce back. have you seen a difference in number back and are they coming back to the old hosting spot? the back had stopped using the 2nd thing site because they were moved out by the minors is the mining band has happened 15 that you know, daddy,
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they are coming back to doors. interesting sites and populations have also increased wonderfully res. i'm do you think that population will continue to grow? yes. kind of reclaiming last land in the sense? yes, exactly. various species of birds deal. i'm even predators like leper incited in this landscape in the recent past. all because of the protection that a bat brought in to do it, and i am heading inside the cave to try recording the high frequency vocalization of the call. our leaf no spots using an ultrasound recording device will be getting right up close to them. the cave is less than a meter high and 15 meters deep. i'm pretty sure there are no claustrophobic but scientists
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ah right next to my face. so cool. now. so we are the ones who are here, but none of them are back, in contrary to popular belief, does not exist. so yes, the back detector. you can see the axis from 10 to 200 kilo hertz. so this is frequency only at this time. so this spectrogram represents the sounds at the bottom making right now. yes, that's $8.00 to $9.00 times more than what we can higher than what we can do. we know that the color leaf no spot has
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a distinct call which can be used identified amongst other baths in the cave. to hear it without disturbance. i need to put your phones on. there's a couple of them calling right now. you know, when i put these earphones on, i can hear these bad booklets, ations that sound almost alien. but as soon as i take them off, i can hear the sounds of the communities who live nearby of the farmers who live alongside that. i mean, if there's any evidence of the fact that bats on humans can co exist together seamlessly. this sounds gave is exactly that. the, this resolve would not have been possible without the support of the community. some of them have become ranges me and let me know, but again, just wanted to know more about that, but oh,
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no luck. jemina partner come from local farming villages around the result. she will say that it can be looked into the grammar and the rest of the product for that purpose. i get my managing perception around the 5 species taken the especially when public hostility to them run time rejecting back in the 21st century will entail engaging with the local community live alongside that and awareness workshops like this with the next generation. you can make all the different modes i have bad, good ones that i can get by that
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that's my alarm. what my time he'll have left me with renewed optimism about the survival of the coal r leaf. no spat. now that it's only home has been faith, guarded for the future. if anything this plan to make her height and the need to fiercely protect every last corner of habitat that were left with a newly protected area, like cool, our, our step in the right direction. so we're all still wheeling from the facts. the kind of 19 panoramic, remember what we said earlier, that in you infectious disease just every 4 months was hodges estimate. there are $1700000.00 virus has yet to be discovered in mammals and birds on around half if they could cross over to human. now when that happens, it's really down to us. any given species of animal has viruses and bacteria that
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circulate within that population of animals. these are viruses that are grown up with that animal over evolutionary time. the point where they've come to an understanding and through normal interactions, different animal species might exchange viruses or bacteria. those pathogens are able to john, from one animal to another. human activities, like agricultural, intensification and expansion of farming systems, deforestation, and land use change even the wildlife trade or moving wildlife out of their natural environment and moving them around the world. these are the types of activities that bring people into closer contact with wildlife and create opportunity for those viruses that normally would circulate with wild animal populations to make the jump into people. and that can happen directly or via domestic animals. and once a virus successfully makes the job from animals and the people, then if it's able to spread from person to person, has the opportunity to do that through social interactions locally where a local outbreak might occur. but really because we're connected globally more so
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than we ever have been in history, all it takes is a person getting on an airplane, carrying a news do an audit virus. and that virus moves from one location to many locations . and that's how a localized epidemic becomes a global pandemic. it's almost guarantee that we're going to see another large scale academic or even a pandemic, whether it's a corona virus or another type of do an audit virus. as long as we're continuing to do the types of activities around the world that allow these viruses to jump from wild animals and people, we need to stop thinking about epidemics as random chance events that were victims of. we are directly influencing and have the power to prevent pandemic from recurring. we need to make better choices and do things to protect ecosystems and the natural environment around us, which is ultimately going to protect our own health and security. now the global wildlife trains, we've heard one of the things increasing, the risk of animal virus is coming into contact with human. the start of the
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pandemic, the cause to bind it to become louder, but no regulation across will stop the illegal wildlife trade. and that's estimated to be was up to 23000000000 dollars each year. and it's driving a number of animals to extinction. on x stop is vietnam to meet conservation is protecting one of the traffic kings most vulnerable victims. langley have been roaming the earth for at least 45000000 years, but now they are threatened with extinction. despite an international trade ban, nearly 1000000 have been traffic over the past few decades, with many of them being used in traditional medicines, or served as highly prized to meet. one of the train i'm here to visit us to apply for baseness were racing and tired to save the world, only to annoy the bustling capital of vietnam.
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far removed from the natural habitat of a shy, sensitive, wild animal. but behind closed doors, illegal trade and penguins continues here. even with the countries tough wildlife protection laws and the prime minister, calling for their strict enforcement after the cobra. 900 outbreak. along my way to the center of a popular destination for people looking for its traditional chinese medicine. i hear it's not hard to find the animal scaled care for a range of health issues from arthritis to lack patient problems. and going under cover with our producer who's got a hidden camera, will tell the shopkeepers and seeking remedies for my sister was just had a baby and is having trouble breastfeeding. we try 6 stories. shopkeepers either tell us they don't sell scales because it's illegal or say they have them, but get suspicious. then we find many of them go
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on the same way for us to deal with the bangle and one of the world's most traffic wild mammal. vietnam is home to 2 of its 8 species, the chinese and soon dep hangal in both are critically endangered. globally, enter numbers are thought to have fallen by 80 percent or more in recent decades. wildlife trade monitoring network traffic estimates that between 201620 nearly 90 tons of the animal scale. thieves globally were linked to vietnam,
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but there is still hope for this disappearing mamma. i am traveling shelter, paranoid to come from national park, where a local n g o is working tirelessly to rescue and release spangler and so i so i know a lot. hi douglas, my last tie and his team have returned nearly a 1000 paddling to the while since 2014 and are preparing to release another 7 over the next few days. there are currently 20 other centers, all rescues from traffic in network in vietnam and other southeast asian countries . many of the animals that come here are weak d hydrated and have serious injuries like this one angle in 1588 identified by the last few digits of his coat number at the center. the 7 year
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old last part of the sprint, paul, after being caught in a trap, he's now ready to be released. nokia to bed 1830. then i do come from suffolk holy sunday by sal data among cool work by one of the can. manuel can not give good, i'm good, not by soul, marble and kind of way with my money. and i pay total if i don't have a mass. i how i'm not mean to let you go. i don't what day and i know but hung up if nom de b. she's a dale a much lima duncan been much, much come to very well lamb the to does it me, nikolai, i don't. but you know, my number's plummeting. each tangling baby offers new home,
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yet their survival rate at the center is low with many born prematurely to females that arrived pregnant. but injured and stressed. ready since 2014, only 10 out of 23 meetings. this female. now 3 months old is a well magician. the man he land line and one mileage which i know number one, he might have to invent 80 some would not give jam. ready just a way to get him in mingo, for him to take them in one at a time. i'm trying to load here. let me know when they take that job. i think this is the only baby at the center right now. ready growing more independence by today, she'll be able to breed herself within a year in
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a better take on the last one. but i'm now tell. and i thought of when i opened up with 2 can condense man tonight, he had to pay that much invoice that you know, the amount in which i hangal ends are mostly nocturnal. and as night calls, it's time to prepare their 1st meal khaki like $92.00 it took i'm just kinda got dumped on my some gram. get nice. must hit the think all the time. all look in the door and then do to get inside. look like they've got a life ah, joining 1588 for his dinner or rather breakfast amputated penguins don't always recover well enough to be released. so he is one of the lucky ones. not many
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meals to go here before he has to find his own in the wild se, vietnam's wildlife release, his penguin in protected areas, which are controlled by forest ranger team. these need to be on constant alert to ensure the animals don't well pray to their most dangerous animal cultures. but there is another threat rangers will need to look out for you know, evidence has been found that 19 originated from pendulum, but some have been known to carry corona viruses related to the one behind the disease. today the rangers are being trained to take samples from animal encounter in the wild to 8 ongoing research efforts on the potential spill over of disease. the specimen for today's training is a dead stork. oh,
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that's where the law when can land ok. i'm here with another one that you know if you didn't on. yeah, i came in for going down the descent. they do have a problem with back at the center, the big day. final health checks have been done. microchips attached and panel in 1588 and 6. others are ready to be released. tell, cocking into another that we've done with jam. good day. i time like to know, so i thought i thought you were going through dinner 5, our journey to a national park in central vietnam where the penguins are going to be released under tight security tonight. the
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me. ready ready ready i'm working from so from i think on the line i got the pieces now don't much because like i really the, the 1st tangling reset free is 1580. ah. ready ah, i don't know nimbly my name and i've only been here for a few days, but during that time i really seen how vulnerable these creatures are. so this is a really special moment. i just hope they don't end up as traffic and that i stay with so few tangle and left in the world. every one that survives in the wild
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really count the me because in 1900 panoramic is revealed only to lady how our health depends on the planet. but it's also shown that nature can thrive, giving her a chance during look down for world over there was fighting with animals reclaiming open spaces as we retreated into our homes, dolphins, phonics, and the bus was list sample and packing team is proud to santiago, chile, mountain goats rome just treats the wells, houses, landed in the u. k. b. m to doubt breton, patrick nested, an unusually high number of the us highland packing, and here and cut these glimpses of nature at ease. rosie common cheering lockdown myself to remind us we must renegotiate her relationship with another world. like the lives of fellow creatures on earth depends on it. this is kind of in my teens
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shown off. i really do. ringback ah, one 3rd of all the produce is the wasted with tens of thousands of put out fall in south korea has been transformed from what still found a it's a global leader in foot recycling, either reporting on how your technology is making. it's possible in kenya, i mean the farmer and santi, what he did, the oil life depended on was life afraid, or just one half go fish and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and i'll just 0 is the most diverse place i've, i've worked, we have so many different nationalities and mrs. ease brought together in this one nice organization. and just diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage,
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giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on, and that's a key strength of answer 0. the use defintely defending the pull out from afghanistan, us president joe biden, call the evacuation and extraordinary success. this is right decision wise decision, the best decision premier ah hello, carmen jordan. this is the rely from dell coming up with us. force is gone, the taliban has slipped in to take a rough gun. it's don's main.


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