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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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here some of access points shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister if it clamped down on the press covering the wave. the news is covered. the listening post on i just oh, it was time and this this is a new world. president joe biden defends the pull out from afghanistan, saying the u. s. succeeded a decade ago. what it set out to do a hello, i'm down, jordan, this is a lie from also coming up with us force is gone. the taliban swept in to take over
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afghanistan. main airport. and claim that was left behind crowd control oxide banks and cobble and economy. and crisis stuff, electronic takeover in other news health concerns and that's kind of you to stop crime hundreds of thousands in the us. um no drinking water power off the hurricane either i i was not going to extend this forever war. those are the words of us president joe biden, defending his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan. the 1st criticism over the chaos of the past few weeks, as a dentist on rapidly fell on the control of a taliban. but biden says the evacuation has been an extraordinary success and blamed afghan forces collapsing far more quickly than expected alan fish as more from the white house. my fellow americans. the war in afghanistan is now
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over. joe biden brought an end to america's involvement to end its longest war 20 years, which still lives cost money, and damage to medic. his image in the world war to remove the taliban, which again sits in power and cabal, were left with a simple decision. either follow through on the commit made by the last administration and leave afghanistan or say we weren't levy and commit another tens of thousands more troops. going back to war. that was the choice, the real choice between libby or escalating. he promised all americans who wanted to leave would be evacuated before the u. s. military, where they went somewhere between one and 200 are still they are stranded, but bite insists not forgotten. and for those remaining americans, there is no deadline. we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out
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. but the president pace is growing criticism from political opponents and even though is on his own site, the say he fail his leadership, fail, america, fail the lives have got to stop the accountability needs to be there. but most importantly, americans need to be able to be brought home. this cannot be our history. this cannot be where this ends. we will not allow it. whiten insists he did the best job possible after the previous administration. never mentioning, come by name, signed a deal to pill trips out without political assurances and to the new threat group behind last week, suicide attack at the international airport. there was this warning to isis k. we are not done with you yet. the air left to organize been carried out in such a short space of time was undoubtedly a military, diplomatic, and humanitarian success with americans left behind it for very little america has
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questions to ask about this involvement in afghanistan. questions that are obvious and difficult. you're biting has been politically damaged by what has happened over the last few weeks. he didn't start the war, but what happened at the end? well, hang over the remainder of his time and often. allen fisher. i'll just see it up at the white house. well, in a moment we'll be live and combine with charles stratford to get an update on discussions to form. a new government refers to our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett kimberly's. president biden's been defending the u. s. withdraw, but he also tried to turn a page and refrain u. s. foreign policy didn't yeah, there's no question that the u. s. president is trying to turn a page to silence his critics who are disappointed with the explanations they've gotten from the president. the far with regard to the hasty withdrawl, the americans left behind and the americans killed as a result of this evacuation that was messy at best. and so that's
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why there is this effort by the administration to re frame the policy moving forward. not only is he promising to end the forever war, but he's also planning to take american wars elsewhere. and other words, he's saying that the threat to the united states and to sort of american national interest is no longer in afghanistan. and as a result, the u. s president same that the resources will be repositioned, but at the same time, no longer will there be the policy of trying to kind of inflict american style lifestyle or democracy on other nations. the us president promising that this will be far less interventionist, moving forward. yeah, and kimberly opinion polls show that most americans still support the u. s. withdrawal of many, of course i'm happy with the way that by managed it. so what sort of political fallout is this like to have? do you think?
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well, the problem for the president is that really nobody a, whether it's republican or members of his own democratic party seem happy about how the afghanistan conflict came to an end with respect to republicans. it's not surprising that they're pointing fingers, but democrats are saying that the president should have listened to the g 7 allies . he should have extended that august 31st withdraw date, because now there are americans that are stranded in afghanistan and, well, the administration argues that they will be able to get out if they want to. that's what they said prior to withdrawal, and those people are still there. so that's a broken promise that people are unlikely to forget. matt never bodes well for presidents tried to win reelection, but it could, you know, that's a long way off. and it could be a problem in the short term for the president, given that republican critics on capital hill, or calling for an inquiry and investigation at or even calling for joe biden to
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resign. alright, or kimberly, how can life or stay in washington dc. kimberly, thank you. we'll go live now to cobble and talk to charles stratford. he joins us live from there. so johnny taliban have been talking about forming this new all inclusive government. how does talks progressing? well, those understand have been ongoing. now in kandahar the birthplace of the child, the last couple of days we understand all the various high ranking officials, potential leaders are there in those discussions. room is have it that they're taking a lot longer to come to some form of agreement signed was expected. we can confirm whether in fact, for example, the former president, have a college is, is down in kind of how we believe he may be here. because of course, it's all about have said from the get go that that was going to be an inclusive government. and we've seen cause i discussions,
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we talked about leaders since they took control of cobble. so those discussions are ongoing. let's keep in mind that the trial about have never done this before. as i say, they've been telling afghans in the world that they want to form some sort of administration that is inclusive of all the various ethnic minority groups in this country as well as having potentially women in some full of administration. so a lot of questions, even about forming this government and that's, that's before the problems of governance. start to come to the for. and those problems include basically avoiding some of some of the, the factional problems of questions that are being off maintaining cohesiveness amongst the various factions. in that's all about, there's also questions about paying taliban fighters. there are questions that are being honest about whether they could well be defections. if indeed, come on,
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those and fighters are not paid. we know how cash strapped the tylenol, because of course, all this money has been stopped by the americans, by the i m f by the world bank. then there's the problem of paying the 10s of thousands of government workers and a and a for the afghan national army. because of course, i'm no longer have jobs and they're all just say thousands of them that need to be looked on. accounts for brought into the future of this country. so there are huge questions not only being asked about the forming of this government, but obviously good governance and how the taliban pull this country out of the crisis that it's currently in. yeah, and charlie, there are reports by potential armed resistance in the pun. shift valley is it likes to become a flash point of the taliban. do you think?
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yeah, this is very interesting. and very worrying for the tyler. one would think now the punch valley is about 120 kilometers north of college, a place of historical resistance. the last 40 years of this country, the soviets were never able to take it from marcia. dean fight just because it is a very deep valley, very well defended, and indeed the tale. whenever able to take it from opposition forces they either understand when they pushed forward came from the knolls into cobble. they put in a few probing fighters into, into the valley. but they were repelled. now the group defending this valley as calling themselves the national resistance from it's made up of ethnic tactics mainly and members of the northern alliance, which were the all going to be at the time about years ago. it's being headed up by a man called masoud, the son of a very famous, which was, i had the fight to for the soviets. and the national resistance from the basically saying to the chat about it has been for now almost 2 weeks. so that it's got to
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guarantee an inclusive government. it's got to guarantee them that they will be involved in any political future in this country. it is also said that if those guarantees will those negotiations, we understand they're being taught. we know they have been told between it's all about and the n r f. but if those to go she ations failed in the n r f say that they will defend themselves and fight for their, for what they believe their rights. we know that the telephone have now surrounded that valley. they have positions, right, the way around the valley walls, we understand. we see pictures of reinforcements going up there to that area. certainly yesterday and also yesterday that was the 1st report certainly being reported in local media, all crashes. indeed one media local media organization saying that they'd heard the number of taliban by just had killed. so we had no confirmation from that from the
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taliban. but yeah, a very worrying development there, of course, which has huge implications for the displacement of people. we understand around a population around 800000, mainly ethnic times. you live in that valley. so it's going to be very interesting, very worrying developments north of the capital in the pension valley are it's a challenge for their life for some couple johnny, thank you. what i was after the departure of us forces taliban lead is expressed disappointment at departing american troops. for disabling planes and helicopters accomplish airport, charlotte bennett says more of that the roar of j t engines and the cries, the vacuum. we've gone. the united states biggest humanitarian air lift is finished . foreign forces have left and the taliban is surveying territory. it hasn't howled into decor today without any doubt with the day of f, ganeth dan's independence when we don't see a single foreign soldier and whoever invaded this country without permission,
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we got rid of them. and this was a proud historical moment for us. but the celebration return fell flat it cobble international. when we drove from the civilian to the military side of the airport . we are very sad, believe me, after we saw the situation where hurt this is where the americans vacated from last night. you can still see their planes, equipment helicopters here. the telephone was us here and last night they moved was one of joy celebration. they were shooting in the sky. there were, there were fireworks, they were very happy that the americans had left. then they saw what was left behind disable planes and helicopters after the last c 17 transport plane took off . solomon aka was the 1st to enter the former us the 1st thing was they were panicking in
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a hurry and destroyed everything that was useful rigorously. they didn't leave us anything useful, nor did they leave any dignity or pride in themselves. the telephone c, as it was supposed to have relationship and mutual respect with the us and international community as the group seeks foreign investment. but they say, this is a bad stop me. this is a national betrayal. nato said we will help you and continue our assistance. what kind of help is this? the focus now is on refill. i think commercial flights. the taliban lex, the resources. ready and technical personnel for this sir cutter and turkey, helping thousands of air scans still want to leave caribou. and believe they are eligible for foreign visas. many still fearful. the taliban will run a brutal repressive regime reminiscent of the 1900 ninety's. the taliban held a news conference aimed at reassuring people. it wouldn't. that isn't nice to
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bother this. yes, yeah. we should turn a new chapter. we should bury the hatchet. we have no animosity against any particular faction, party or individual one. we transcend above this all. this is a close chapter of our history yet, but we are looking forward to the future with one goal in sight. i mean rebuilding our country. but this is a country with a long memory divisions and distrust run deep. the taliban admits it will take some years for its government to reach its potential. it may take many more, the afghans to heal charlotte bellis ojo 0. couple. meanwhile the u. k. says is indirect talks with a taliban to secure a safe passage out of the canister for british nationals and african allies who remain there. the talks involving u. k. officials. i'm senior taliban members taking place in doha. britain's mission came to an end on saturday. it's for more than 15000 people out in the past 2 weeks . but other european leaders have also spoken about evacuating afghans who worked
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for their governments and continued to be stuck in the country. monday, after finishing up cuz we always said that we didn't only want to taking local stuff, but also people that were actively involved in civil society matters are in connection with germany. and we made clear throughout the evacuation that everyone should help everyone, such as when we flew up people from the u. s. with our air bridge. we also took others, and now we need to get everything organized. you also what the situation was at couple airport and how people that were in need of help were taken in. unfortunately, there is a big issue of kind of stuff which we might need to discuss. how can we have some form of presence in order get to get our people out working closely with also the germans and the brits to see what i thought about as possible. one of the issues i need to discuss but also how can we help to continue making sure that afghan is down is at least and also in the future,
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a place where not terrorism is coming from and will have more on canister on later or last motor cars, including under quarantine in italy, thousands of african refugees are an account waiting to start a new like ah, hello there. the weather remains glossy, dry and sunny across much of the middle east school, a little bit of wet weather just coming into what turkey over the next day or so, but nothing too much to speak of as a very hard to back down at 49 degrees celsius. 44 there. full q. wait. and even here in bo, how with touching 40 degrees over the next couple of days may was a couple it looks dry. 29 celsius here. that's not wester. weather. i'm more than positive turkey just around the black sea using over towards the caucasus charles have one or 2 shells just around the solomon of the red sea and to show on the
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other side of the water, actually into a p o p. the clutches storms here rolling off the open highlands. some wet weather there for that western side of e. c o p, south. so dancing some sharps. now, as you gander, also looking while the wet, along with northern parts of the democratic republic congo, running across into the gulf with guinea, some more lively downpours coming through here. as we saw them africa there, it does look lousy dry and settled. there will be one or 2 showers into towns and they haven't in northern parts of mozambique. we have of course, seen that ref, snow and 2 parts of south africa recently things looking a little quiet over the next couple of days on a drive for much of south africa. but with the heck towards the weekend rain pushing in to the western cape. the in 2009, a tortured victim of the brutal argent time the dela regina confronted his interrogator
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. torture? no, no, no, no. i wasn't trying to, i was interrogating. has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier i do. you were telling like an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3 wind interrogating a torture on al jazeera? ah, the welcome back. come on about top stories here on our era. us president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from august on going me evacuation and extraordinary success based purchases in the chaos with the past few weeks of
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canisters rapidly fell under the control baton about the u. k says it's in direct talk to the taliban, secure a safe passage for british national than afghan allies who remain there. the tools are taking place in the taliban express disappointment at the departing us troops for disabling planes and helicopters under strong equipment. a couple of airport reports i sent it wanted to attract, fund investment and run an exclusive government as well as the taliban puts together its new government. one of the most pressing problems is a state of the economy chemist on long standing financial problem got worse as the taliban advanced, but long queues, outside bangs and the capital combo rub rider for the trying to get the grid on an economy that is faltering. it best outside one of cobbles, main banks, the taliban allowing just 10 customers at a time as hundreds more weight that turn not very patiently. but if the commander
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abraham probably didn't expect to be controlling frustrated crowds when the taliban stores to victory will be a home. yes, of course we understand the problems and that's why we've brought this idea. it's how many customers have government employees who say they haven't been paid for months and caught by the speed of the form of government's collapse. everyone is running out of cash. but like men will not. because men should have 100 over everything in good order. instead of running away like a did, i have money in like for $4000.00 but, but i cant cash my money from buying peoples access to banks and to cash remains a real problem. the banks have largely remain closed when they are open. there are strict limits on how much you can withdraw. it all pointed to a much bigger fiscal problem of how afghan is done is going to pay its way taliban
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government. the country central bank reserves have been frozen by the us while world bank and diana funding has stopped just surviving is the immediate concern for many businesses. it takes like 6 months. the hussein family completed the expensive opening of a 2nd coffee shop branch 2 weeks before the taliban takeover. i very contact with the people who are have restaurants, who have from individual businesses. so they're all down. further down the street, taylor hamid raheem. me doesn't know when things will improve. my name is also one called, well, a model because the bang fact lost in people's minds stock can be banks. there is no business. the banks are open, then people come own his rac hanging, increasing number of uncollected jackets in suits. they were ordered before the taliban victory by people who no longer have the cash to pay for them. fabric for
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all who've left the clothes and that country behind in search of something better. rub, mcbride al jazeera couple. the italian military has flown nearly 5000 afghans to italy since the taliban took over. many of the refugees austin, under quarantine, while the process for resettlement to 0 as adam rainy, visited the country's biggest refugee camp for afghan evacuees, and of its on it. at this camp an hour outside of rome, more than a 1000 african refugees are starting a new life now far from the country. they called home. many of them like this man felt they had no choice but to flee a la carte. i worked with italian and after military i was a target for the taliban. he like others we spoke to, asked us not to show his face, out of fear for loved ones, back in afghanistan, one of the sort of content, man, i am happy to be here,
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but i am extremely worried about my family. but i haven't been able to contact them for 7 days, so i don't know how they're doing joining or where they are. ok. it's a story repeated here among those who worked with italian or other international forces during the war. as the taliban closed in, they rushed to cobble airport. some last families mechanic rushed to escape and haven't seen them since. i want one refugee, we met served as a policeman in the former government. he told us he felt particularly at risk of taliban retribution since august 14th, nearly 5000 african refugees have arrived in italy, the largest number of any european union country i feel safe here. but i always worry about my future. how can i organize everything? how, how can i continue to my higher education, those running the camp are trying to address such concerns? you know, of course they want to know about the future, the process of inclusion,
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what county at which now they are going to do in to be included in our society about today. they did the schools for the children do a job. and all it is of course, we can not give an answer to all of these questions. so by doing gauge, explaining the process that by step this camp run by the town in red cross is the largest processing center for the refugees in italy. more than 1300 african evacuees have been sheltered here temporarily, as they await longer term placement after being screened for covert 19 many received vaccinations after being processed here. the fact that we are then taken by bus to other shelters and hotels across italy, officials hoped to resettle everyone at this camp by friday. the 1st step and helping these refugees rebuild their lives in a new country. adam rainy jazeera, have at santa italy. reports the syrian government and local leaders from the
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rebels held city of that i have reached an agreement for 3 days. c, science is due to start on wednesday. government forces have recently ramped up there offensive to take data, including blocking the supply of food and medicines. and there's been a space of revel attacks on army checkpoints, and neighboring towns. thousands of firefighters are losing the battle against them, out of control blades being pushed by strong winds toward the northern california city. the call to fire is threatening south lake tahoe, across to major highways on tuesday. tens of thousands of people have been ordered to leave their homes. authorities won't extreme fall conditions will continue on wednesday with more strong wind forecast. or can, ida has left more than a 1000000 people on the u. s. gulf coast without electricity destruction in louisiana is catastrophic. and many of so stranded by flooding, restoring power could take weeks raising phase of a health crisis, as residents swelter and run low on drinking water. philip l reports now from class
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near new orleans. some on top of they are completely desperate here with the help. please, ida tore out rubes and windows ripped bricks out of wolf destroying lives and buildings in a few long hours. now they are pleading, let me go, please look him up with it. i want to go through your with you. i love what we appeal. we need some help, a plea, but where do you even begin from the sky? it is just water everywhere. roads now rivers. they look like boats, but they're actually cause residents just have to hope the engine holds out. almost all of the phones down here. ever since this thing started, we have no communication with anybody. some are getting on line to ask for help on social media. but here in la plus just north of new orleans, they are pretty much trapped. j owns for hotels, his 30 stuff have been stranded inside for days. he can reach them to see if
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they're okay. but the issue isn't it. you have to try to rescue them. yeah, you can't get so i can't get there because i don't have a boat. i'm a real hotelier. my would be on a boat. so that's why i would just hoping if somebody would be here, they'll go. i was hoping the national guard or somebody be protecting the danger for those who are now trapped by this water is enormous. first of all, you got the risk of alligators because they are moving into these. what are essentially now rivers we know of at least one attack than this disease, because if you've been hit by dave or you have an open wound, this water is filthy. you don't want to go anywhere near it. and then of course, there is the big risk of the power lines. low to them come down. they lifted the side of the road where they snapped like twigs some, making the simple act of walking home incredibly dangerous. the power has been out here and in the wide and you will the ins area since hearken. ida struck, the official said, the great is quote, 100 percent smashed. it may be off for weeks. some have generators,
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which means they can help with the clean up, but they need gas, which is scarce cause line up outside this gas station because there's what a delivery as you drive through this town. all you see is devastation shop fronts. gone and tie a homes destroyed. that's my living room. we are actually in it every year doing the time. jason was watching tv when this tre up rooted, and came through the ceiling bed to take a decision between what danger i want to deal with. he and his wife had to run into the storm to escape. even in those winds, you have to go outside and run down the street. yes sir, definitely because at this point now you have air weather when it's blowing at this point it could lift the whole roof. and now we for now sells it, which we put ourselves in danger, but i to take a decision between which things i want to deal with from the sky. they search for those who need immediate rescue and through all of it, that deep south resilience and humor shines through. by the way,
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i want to cut the story anyway. and i have the people, it either helped you. it helped me and i'm what do we bottom up front that exact area. so that's going to happen. so i mean it's nothing to do but smiled about it. i that took a lot from them, but she will not take their spirit. phil laval al jazeera le class louisiana. ah, top, a quick check of the headlines here on algebra us president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan, coating the evacuation and extraordinary success night. and he says, criticism over the chaos of the past few weeks as a dentist on rapidly fell under the control of the taliban. but bite and blamed afghan forces collapsing far more quickly and expected. we succeeded what we set out to do and i can't stand over a decade ago. then we stayed for another decade. it was
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timed and this war this is a new world. the terror threat has met tag.


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