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solve the problem by the moving the guy, then you could keep it 36 years on a family's quest for justice reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. it must all be convicted for taking my father away from me. and expose is the influence, the former part. i just stablished, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this of people empower investigation on al jazeera. ah . as afghans struggle with rocketing food prices, the un warns of a humanitarian catastrophe in the country. plus, this is a ruthless group from the past. and whether or not they change remains to be seen. us the fence chief vow to keep an eye on the taliban and infest the african war was not fought in vain. ah.
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hello barbara, sir, are you watching al jazeera life from london also coming out. days after dozens of children were released and julia, 7373 students are kidnapped in a new school attack. people who fled louisiana before her. we can either have or urge not to return home. ah, hello, thank you for joining us. we begin the program in afghanistan where the taliban are now in charge of a country in crisis. days after the last he was soldiers departed, and in 20 years of war, it's expected the former government over the coming days. but there's no word yet on the safe relocation of thousands of people who still want to leave this as the un says, the country's food stops, could run out and just a month and there isn't enough cash to buy basics supplies. it's warning of
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a humanitarian catastrophe. with one in 3, afghans facing hunger tradition of human data in perspective, continues to be stimulated as i speak to you today from couple more than half of the children do not have it tonight or not. and that's the reality of the situation that makes it really concerned about the future of the social sector. as there will be all these limitations in the ability to see saturdays of the teachers and education workers and those social sector workers be paid because most of the budget issues to be the salary as actually came from before an aide. and right now we don't have to do provisions to cover those efforts to work well since the taliban took power 2 weeks ago of gallons. economy has stalled the taliban as
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ordered that banks reopen in a bid to help families get food on the table. but the price of basic goods has skyrocketed because the currency is plummeted with vegetables, costing up to 50 percent more and petrol prices up by 75 percent. this in a country were more than a 3rd of the population level less than $2.00 a day. or families reliant on help from relatives abroad have had their remittances cut off as money transfer operators like western union, have shocked aid, accounted for more than 40 percent of the country's economic output, and that is also abruptly disappeared. i've gotten this done. has around $9000000000.00 in foreign reserves, but that is held outside the country and out of reach of the taliban, which has yet to a point, unofficial government. public bride reports now from couple the trying to get a grip on an economy that is faltering. it best outside one of cobbles, main banks,
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the taliban allowing just 10 customers at a time as hundreds more weight that turn not very patiently. but if the commander abraham probably didn't expect to be controlling frustrated crowds when the taliban stores to victory will be a home. yes, of course we understand the problems and that's why we've brought this idea. it's how many customers have government employees who say they haven't been paid for months and caused by the speed of the former government's collapse. everyone is running out of cash. but for like a memo. because men should have 100 over everything in good order. instead of running away like it did, i have money in a bank like $4000.00, but i can't cash my money from buying people's access to bang since it cashed
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remains. the real problem, the banks have largely remain closed when they are open. there are strict limits on how much you can withdraw it all pointed to a much bigger fiscal problem of how f kind is done is going to pay its way the government, the country central bank reserves have been frozen by the us while world bank and diana funding has stopped. just surviving is the immediate concern for many businesses. it takes like 6 months. the hussein family completed the expensive opening of a 2nd coffee shop branch 2 weeks before the taliban takeover. i very contact with the people who are have restaurant who have from individual businesses. so they're all down now. further down the street, taylor hamid raheem. he doesn't know when things will improve. my name is also on call model because the banks are closed in people's mind is stuck in the banks.
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there is no business. the banks are open, the people come own his rac hanging, increasing number of uncollected jackets and suits they were ordered before the taliban victory. by people who no longer have the cash to pay for them. fabric from all who left the clothes and their country behind in search of something better. rob mcbride, al jazeera couple. well, technicians from catherine have been arriving. and if canister on their expect, that the help bring couples airport back online after it was damaged. during the recent evacuations, the air force run way is still operational, but the terminal and they are traffic control power are in dire need of repair. western powers are pushing for the airport to be back up and running to allow people to leave and to help get vital aid into the country. meanwhile, the taliban is held the military parade in the southern city of kandahar to celebrate. the us withdraw. fighter is paraded through the city center some an
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armored vehicles left behind by nato forces. a military helicopter also flew above the celebration. kandahar is the birthplace of the taliban and the traditional stronghold for the group. charles stratford is in the capital cobble and as now more on how talks to former new african government are going these talks between talk taliban leaders. officials are ongoing in kandahar and helen province, which is the whole land full taliban. we understand that it is actually included in those talks, representatives of the various ethnic minority communities. but yeah, they're all questions of, he's in tennis with respect to various factions in itala bond may differ on ideological lines. for example. they're also big challenges with respect to the basic governance when such an administration, such a government is actually formed. huge questions with respect to money. how is the
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telephone going to convince the western world international community that is basically standing by its commitments, the promises that it's made in the last few days. also, the west is saying that he's not going to release that money until it sees proof of those commitments being realized. there are also problems of connect you to, to that money with respect to, for example, paying taliban fighters. you speak journalists and they say, well, there are concerns that money isn't seen sooner or later sooner rather than later. then then we're looking at possible questions with respect to maybe even defections to armed groups. as these talks go on, trying to form some sort of administration that he's not already seen as logistics here, but vitally if that money is going to be freed, seen as being legitimate by the rest of the world. while the taliban has surrounded af galveston sponge here valley the only province resisting taliban occupation. the
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rugged mountain valley north of the capitol cobble is the center of of galler stones, most important pocket of armed and p. taliban forces the area resisted taliban rule . during the 19 ninety's, dozens of people were killed when taliban forces launched a renewed assault on con. share. on tuesday taliban leaders have called on the people of punch here to lay down their arms and negotiate a settlement with them. for a lot of developments and surprisingly enough canister. let's talk about all of them. with independent afghan journalists belie, let said wildly, who left cowboy last week, he joins us live by skype from the house. sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera and looking at the humanitarian situation. first of all, i mean we're seeing access to cash being almost impossible. the price of goods is skyrocketing, half of afghan kids, not knowing where their next meal might be coming from, from the people that you speak to in afghanistan. what are they telling you about
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the hardships that they're facing? while there is a sense of fear and uncertainty prevailing in the hearts and minds of problems, people are in fact very, very worried about the lack of cash in the bank accounts. also, 18 machines are empty, this is in kabul and other major cities. but the majority of the population who don't have bags, you know, don't have money inside their credit cards. they are worried about the high food prices and know work. for example, i was speaking to government employees and the province of sovereign in southern afghanistan. and they hadn't been paid for the last 6 months. and these were teachers. so some of these problems have been lingering for quite some time. and what you have to really do is compare the 1990 when the russians about time left. and today, you know, back then people who are lining up for bread outside of faith factories and
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trying to buy fuel in the cold and hard winter than today. you see on the sun with thousands of people are lining up outside of banks to get $200.00 limit to sit by the central bank for a week, which is not going to be enough for a family in cobbler. and i find a son. i think the road ahead for the taliban of tele bonds at one time is one of economic hardship. one of uncertainty and fear and the massive threat from the atlantic stayed down the line as well as from opposition that has been fighting against them at least. and last night and are a outside of the city of charlotte in one province just before you go to punch shared. so this is a major challenge for the thought of and how do the transition from fighting into governance? how can be secured international legitimacy? how can they keep honest and open with neighboring countries?
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this is a country that has always imported wheat and rice despite the fact there's another cultural country fuel, for example, from took one this time at the moment. all doors, when the neighborhood remains shut and that by itself as really choked the already, you know, bad economic situation and that has, i mean, it's a situation that is best for it and ultimately unsustainable the taliban over the next few days and said that they probably will announce what their government will look like, a lot of international pressure for the government to be inclusive to include religious minorities and women, or to respect their rights. that how do you think that the economic hardship, the countries on the right now might affect the taliban decision on the makeup of their government? well, it cannot make hardships, you know, has a way out as far as the taliban are concerned, because they have to secure international funding in for that to happen. the west
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and the international community have certain expectations from the on one of them will be the role of woman, woman drives, freedom of expression, minorities, and the fact that the tall bonds for the allow funds to go outside of the country if they wish to do so, so we will have to see how that relationship will unfold in the month to come. but at the moment the country has got no cash is bankrupt and all the experts. busy the mid level employees of the government from police and intelligence to the finance ministry. people are scared. people have not been able to come back despite assurances from the parliament. i would also like to think that the taller bonds, internal debates and discussions also have to do how they can convince their military leadership, you know, fighters and commanders who are hot blooded or rigid who have been influenced
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heavily by foreign fibers and kinda lost family members of the last 20 years, 2 years trying to nitrate. so it does look like the road ahead for the taliban. as a government for the taliban ruling of want to stand is is quite challenging. in the 1990 s. they didn't deal with an of one of which was socially and politically transformed today. that's a different country that they had. a lot of these issues of course, will need months if not years to be resolved when it comes to the media future to try to ease the situation for as many afghans as possible as soon as possible. what do you think would be the key media steps to take, for example, there is a lot of pressure to get the airport operational again, do you think that's one of the key issues and if so, if not, which ones? absolutely. the harmon car, the international airport is i want to fans gateway into the world in the region that will inject a lot of confidence among
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a population that is scared that uncertain that is living in fear, but also opening up a time to the neighbors. the import export business, and at the end of the day, i mean, the reserves that are honest on has 9000000000. i believe that has to be released. you know, because if that does not take place who are tougher, 18 plus $1000001.00 face the risk of famine, for example. you know, so cash injection has to come in and i think the taliban political leaders the understand the importance of securing international legitimacy as well. as funding and the weeks and months to come said worry african journalist who left cover last week, joining us live from the house, or thank you for sharing your expertise and views with us. thank you. russian president vladimir putin has criticized americans. lengthy involvement of gala, stan saying it's 20 years of war achieved, nothing. i mean can ski race,
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good american troops for presence and get this done for 20 years? and over those 20 years, they were trying, and this can be said without offending anyone civilized the local people. but in fact, they were trying to impose their norms and standards of life. the new result was tragedies and losses for the united states. and especially for the people who live in afghanistan, this is a 0 result. but to top us to friends chief say that the warn of ghana son wasn't fought in vain and they'll still be watching what happens under taliban rule. one of them general mark, my lee also insisted that recent cooperation with the taliban during evacuations is not necessarily the basis for a future relationship. we don't know what the future of the taliban is, but i can tell you from personal experience at this as a ruthless group from the past and whether or not they change remains to be seen.
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and as far as our dealings with them at that our field or in the past year or so in war, you do what you must in order to reduce risk to mission and force. not what you necessarily want to do. battle haine is worn out from the pentagon. this has been seen in the us as a humiliating withdraw. there are lots of questions these 2 gentlemen need to have answers for such as how did the intelligence go so wrong? was it in fact wrong when they publicly came out and said, they thought the afghan forces could last 6 months to up to a year and a half? was there a contingency plan? they say there was a contingency plan. that's why we had all of these troops near afghanistan able to deploy very quickly. but there are going to be lots and lots of questions about how this got so wrong, so fast. how they weren't able to get all the americans out to believe there about $200.00 or so still there. while the majority of african who worked with the united states were left in afghanistan, all of those questions. so they said, look,
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we're doing an after action report, we always learn lessons from it. we're going to answer that later. but you could see with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mark, milly, he seemed as if this was very much painful for him. he talked about the number of troops, the died nephew in the san, in iraq, in his, under his command. and the message from the secretary of defense lloyd austin was very much look, we know this is hard, but you should be proud of your service. they're trying to highlight this as a success. that's good and you do nothing to stop the question of what people saw play out before they're very eyes on their own television. so that's the latest from the u. s. meanwhile, the u. k. foreign secretary has been questioned by a parliamentary committee over the countries withdrawal from gaston, dominic, rob defended britain's security operation, saying all intelligence point that the cobble not falling to the taliban quite so quickly. likely was likely central proposition was given the troop withdrawal by the end of august you would see
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a steady deterioration from that point and that it was unlike deacon would fall this year i thought was the central section. and of course, with all the usual cabinet that you will be familiar with, that doesn't mean we didn't do contingency planning a game out to test the other propositions. and just to be clear that something that was widely shared about view amongst the nato allies. and the way that the united states ended, the war in afghanistan has re ignited conversations among european union leader is about becoming less reliant on the us and the military meeting in slovenia. to discuss the crisis, they're looking at setting up their own new rapid reaction force. we do not know the such joke, political event to dress, that you must twice for great decision making to turn them into greater capacity
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for action. and do you agree in union city is this to protect interest, to defend and values. and there was based on tradition of order to promote. and of course, we cannot each know to i teach development in the world. we do not meet more strategic to be chose. we want to be stronger and more influential because we want to have greater impact. and because we want to strengthen alliances while natasha butler has more now on those comments from the council president. basically what he has been say is that you must learn lessons from the afghan to stand crisis, namely that they can no longer necessarily rely on the united states that you heard that show. michelle saying that the you must become more which one the more independence when it comes to defense,
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when it comes to security. and his comments basically echo those that we've heard from the foreign policy chief use. a burrell can recently say that it is clear to those in the european union that the us is disengaging with the international see more and more. and that is why many in the you and now calling for the european union to become a lot more independent, as i said in terms of defense and security. ah, people from louisiana who fled their homes before hurricane. i hit the u. s. gulf coast being urged not to return home. 3 days after the category for hurricane swept through the region, more than a 1000000 homes and businesses are still without electricity and water. 2 more people have been confirmed bed bringing the tally to 6 officials in the state or no
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warning about a shortage of medical care and emergency shelters. louisiana governor has called at the struction catastrophic all lot of crazy stuff out there like boats on road houses on roads. everything is not over. busy the whole night, but i've never seen so like for you and eric in order to book that the windows all over a board in made it bring the ball is i don't always on the down the job to bring the drawings are gonna cost me x amount of dollars, will it hard for us fire fight her say they've made some progress in their battle to save communities in a popular resort area in california. but they've worn,
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that strong winds are making it harder to stop the fire burning towards lake tahoe, the flames of scorch the 827 square kilometers of land in just 2 weeks around $50000.00 people have been forced to leave go to thailand and now it's well known for it's 0 tolerance policy for those convicted of drugs charges, but a new narcotics bill with a different approach has been passed in the tie parliament. it emphasizes prevention and treatment for small scale users instead of prison time and it includes tougher measures against organized crime. scott hide lower reports now from the ty, capital bank, oak chai, got out of prison earlier this year after serving 9 months for possession of 10. instead of me pills and a few grams of the drug in crystal form, he prefers that we hide his face as he works to put his life back on track. if he had just 5 more pills when he was arrested, chai, would have been charged with dealing, leading to
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a guarantee of years in prison. many of thailand's narcotics laws date back to the 1970, when a 0 tolerance approach was thought to be the best way to combat drug use and production. but it didn't do either and present filled be on capacity. but legislators hope that will change this month. parliament passed in our context bill that were form those laws more of a focus on treatment for users and stronger laws to go after organized crime and chai is happy about the new laws, but feels the government needs to make the public aware of them. and i don't think the law my life would have been better if this law was implemented back then. but the content back time, can we? i was looking and begging for a 2nd channel. it was my 1st offense, and i had to go to prison for having a tiny mouth drug. about 80 percent of thailand's prisoners are there and drug related charges since taking office 3 years ago, thailand's justice minister has made narcotics law reform. a priority may maybe something is totally wrong. if the method we're using to tackle the drugs problem
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still doesn't solve the issue. we must change our way. a person serving a long sentence just because they possessed a few pills of amphetamine, is to extreme on me. we need to find a sustainable solution before we run out of space and our prisons. prison. overcrowding again came into focus because it covered 1900 outbreaks in thailand's prison system. like this one, just outside bank of one states over 80 percent of the incarcerated population tested positive for coping 19 that reinforced the political push to reform the existing narcotics laws. the un office on drugs in crime has been working with the thai government on the bill. even with the pandemic. 2021 is looking to set a new record on the amount of drugs traffic in thailand. maley from the golden triangle along its northern border. major organized crime groups have scaled up production as they've changed and tried to make the golden triangle essentially into a global production points. one thing that's really impressive about the bill is the shift towards the organized crime and particularly the proceeds of crime. new
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laws allow authorities to go after unexplained wealth of those suspected of narcotics operations, even if they win their criminal trial. they might not had to prison, but their money will be confiscated. but for the laws to succeed, says the un, they must be applied as designed. if not more, trafficking records will be broken and the prisons will remain overcrowded. got either al jazeera, bangkok, police say gunman has abducted 73 students in northwestern nigeria, the children were taken from a secondary school in the remote village of kaya, which is in some far a state more than a 1000 students have been kidnapped in northern nigeria. since december, only last week, around the 100 children were freed some as young as 4 years old. will fidel is by joins us now from fidelis. a good to see what can you tell us about this latest kidnapping? while the kidnapping happened to wednesday morning,
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when gunmen riding on motorcycles have found the most frequently school kaya, which is in my room, margot is said, the hometown of the state governor and abducted the students. nobody knows where they've been taking to. but people who are suspecting that they would have been taken to a very big forest, which on the boundary of the states we call the states in the northwest region of the country. this is just happening 5 barely 5 days after some sip of students will release these web students offer higher tuition in the same gunfire state. so the police trying to find the location where the students have been taking to and or the military and paramilitary as security. perhaps also be mobilized to see if they can present. they have doctors to be able to rescue these children, but the parents have been advised to hold on and be patient why these positions have been carried out. but again,
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my actually turn out to be another round of negotiations for around some payment before the student will be released. exactly, because this is really the latest the case of children being kidnapped in the area . i think, as we said more than a 1000 students have been kidnapped there since december. just explained to us why this does seem to keep on happening in the area where the kidnapping industry is so to speak, especially in the northwest region of the country, has been booming in recent months, especially in the sun for a while. this incident happened and also stayed like a car seen at the homes of the president. because of when the kidnap not just cook children, it's only actually big in the media when the number is high. and also when children are involved or students are involved. but we also have pockets of kidnappings
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across the country was mostly concentrated in, not with the region which has actually stretched the security forces which are battling in gnc in the not is region where book or her. i'm how to pretend in the last decade and also insurrection in the south part of the country where we have people. it's a section of the country agitating to brick away from nigeria. but again, the president has always, i showed that he's on top of the situation despite all these i show is we see have buckets of kidnappings happening almost on daily basis. and people are beginning to get really worried about the security situation in the country. absolutely. and absolutely desperate situation, of course, for the children and the parents involved. fidelis, and by joining us from a boucher with the latest on this story. fidelis, thank you. now a prominent ally of jailed russian opposition leader likes in a valley, has been arrested in moscow and stands if i see me if i was detained by police
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outside or office in the capital, no immediate reason has been given for her arrest. but silly eva is the means personal doctor, and has the lions of doctor union a group which is being critical of the government's response to coven 19. she is also under an overnight curfew, after calling from mass protests against nevada. these jailing in january more on that and all the other stories that we've been covering on our website there it is the address. how does they were dot com? ah, and our reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, the taliban are facing a growing humanitarian crisis and of ghana some days after the last us troops left . they are expected to form a government over the coming days, but there's no word yet on the safe relocation of thousands of people who fill one to leave. all of this is the you and says it's food stocks could run out in just
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a month. and there isn't enough cash to buy basic supplies. it's warning that one in 3 afghans.


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