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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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now will live the organizers say, there are enough measures in place to keep film buffs and the rest of italy protected. and the studio done with waiting all in all, i think jude is realizing that basically they have such a big backlog of products. so they have to put the stuff out. the good news for the film fans who are ready to take their seats while maintaining a social distance can vanelle al jazeera venice. ah, this is all just here. these are the top stories. the un says food enough kind of sun could run out and just a month and there isn't enough cash to buy basic supplies. it's wanting of a humanitarian catastrophe with one and 3 guns facing hunger conditions. and i've got the status of medicaid in perspective, continues to be extremely tense as i speak to you today from couple more than half
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of the children do not have it tonight or not. and that's the reality of the situation that makes it really concerned about the future of the social sector. as there will be all this legal taishan in ability to see saturday of the teachers and education workers and those social sector workers be paid because most of the budget issues to be the salary as actually came from the for an aide. and right now we didn't have budgeting provisions to cover those. those support top pentagon officials say the war in afghanistan hasn't been fought in vain. but general mark melissa says they'll be watching to see if the group remains as ruthless as it has been in the past. technicians who caught out have been arriving enough kind of stand to help get couples airport operating again, it was damaged during the recent evacuations, the runway is still operational,
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the terminal and air traffic control tower need repairs. a group of gunman has abducted 73 students in northwest nigeria that children have been taken from a secondary school in the remote village of chaos in some final state. all schools in the state of, in order to close more than 1000 students who've been kidnapped in nigeria since december, dozens of women and ivory coast of demanding that a t v host should be punished for making light of sexual abuse on air. the hosting kind of a man who was introduced as a former rapist, to use a mannequin to demonstrate how he abused his victims. us president joe biden has promised to protect women's reproductive rights after the state of texas introduced the most extreme abortion laws in the country bonds most combinations by prohibiting the procedure after 6 weeks of pregnancy that includes cases of rape and incest. those are the headlines. the news continues here on all to 0, after witness the brother to buy how
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many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties down to the. there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. me ah
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ah ah. ah no official coming to me and she will dance patricia. no initial proposal to catch refresh. jalissa tisha. yes. wed
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tuition for just got to take a love. compassion for the people, news and also i did. okay. so clear and prude to pay for on the smith of hong bonnie's pocket colonel, don't you let your mom jump out by some or market dean. i felt the motion claim you of as if but it is. yeah. the elite in the navy doesn't about them on the top. don't get program. it's american peg on us, you know, with the definite dismissal on
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a chauffeur for his own phone voice. you wanted me to us, you know, cuz either way is going off on this bus, you have to add a new laugh as to whether ms. nancy is or sacrificial mom. nuclear for me, need clock to tip with you and put the door cost for you. it is closer to sleep. casey of her father left me
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approval, ill, professionally, his innocence shown me. jeremy janet, the quacks as for the e might be oh no, she wouldn't got them. i got that all the oh the you become you should
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be what, what, what do you need to know about the me i mean my buddy lee feel like she was it is like a jacqueline birch. it was this kid whose core app young golf had that you fair show me you.
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she'll kill me with donald bin. won't you have to skip was she got fairly fair because i was going to, i led lovey with amazon and look look, awfully good to skip. was she the image you know, different this loan is sunk. it was merging nicole. nicole lamear the wrong way. again, alice, if she just give us a little that that liberal, don't both of us for him. i was just a minute. i know it's a little you know,
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i know i live it gets to the really oh it is unit of it was bought. all right. all right, so with our annoyed and so good. so now are they probably going to go see my mom and she was put off by the moon because shot the pin to do with by the she still use both just now i don't she found a gym sometimes you may not want so i did want to be
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clear on the computer to the punkin most could you give me my love show up in the middle. okay. let them up. generally sound posted on avenue because if you seen off it was on g and on settle ship i, i think was you can compare ones for on don't go casey decimal a, d, which one i'm needed. don't want, i need to, if i don't push the problem one marker,
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bit of g to be jacqueline. i do watch for josh, i fuck it out. anybody was young solo conduct average to offer them in the country . you wanna ship bottex to come down there to ship. i me ah, ah ah ah, my modem to come on. i just wanna,
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you know, need frontier jim, your personal excuse me could did or who forgot her. got it yet so that you could little you are you have to wait. oh, you, oh my, oh, so no talk, you know, how many more fuel can you also the rest of the removal
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acts when the russians running this is the monday, as if someone did, you know, believe by law may come up almo gonzales, even live, but new to the mobile computers who live eyes on case keepers gallon. he'll just luna tell the count because okay to, to do glendale, it's going to if you and please have a copy. okay, ship and the reason for calling we spoke off of one of is above his actual person
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before until the district. but his fossil by the excuse, the flavor is from there. it must be tough me that makes it up to the funny on the, even though the movie for the last, the but the full cell. you for the service, for dickie, the beats lucky lose your. think it for every just sewing machine as long as it's fast enough. but you do a humanoid they're looking for is going to derrick isn't of in, you know, built all the names. keep envelope all over the wall. so what will the floor and actually this are the 2 of the legless wiley, 2 weeks ethical. mr. viaz, so just delivered the minimal to his kid. he wanted me to the oak. did he measured
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matters will show up on the p numerous related human algebra. emphasis. just hello melissa. this is shirley me because aunt simpson taylor just hear from the end of it. yes ma'am. this is cheryl casey, case l'm. any submitted to the pursuit or if so did the gus miss? yes, i miss or another frontier yourself. i know they want a film in for
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me the the me i choose nissan. nissan you. i think i got it. take us really start. i need your engine book lucy, to call up i
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to 15 minutes of execution, empathy, new york city, norma, and almost one. pick one to be 3, set the weekend with us. as long as you want that it is. can you tell you the ponder? let me play that's going to be book with mud. only for french was one of the ballots meet between perfect us could have, you know, capital music if you play the l v non placebo key for a bucket for, you know, if, if i want to complain on this quote, they don't look at the, the, the emperor, mr. funding your school.
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hello, ms. williams. well you want me to why she put on the phone. i'm going to switch the level to respond to the longer nicky. so i picked key so i picked the so i picked it up. hold on, let me pull it on it, pull mac highlands before me as chris was havoc. ok, so i said it's just a 2nd fall underneath libby. thank you, keith. second, my lead you them. i can see if i can list
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that messiah. it is beverly maria. moisture and boy, the nurse i lie. i just, you know, from what we feel like she this he called upon you to put him in it. she's let him she, she didn't want to do my last movie to lease up it married for me. and now my mid thought of which will make it a cut. why don't she potter truly do measurement of on is or function enemies? to tell me,
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holly shop me when you quit was in law was 64. why more? with martha? as if i can a 15 year old while car, as you can see that i can repeat, he left me me quite a book like apology, a fan of se. if this is a physical damage on the coma on declaring a plesk mark on this is jessica ship, read the memoir due to be 11. what was the end of today or suggestion of good experience? the new fund, me 12 s on sunday capacity won. if possible,
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and i wanted to i a still the me, when you come back you my or
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my j forgot it and i think is false summaries in general we offer okay. the reason why i'm calling you to see if you really want to believe if you have a concern, i should say we're showing points
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out for because i was born in foster parent affairs and send you all to special tonight to talk to me soon either or 2, i mean a, our ministry news was already there, which was why, so i think all of us can settle . olga is white up too much to me when a man come us to let the
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machine back more crew. more eli 17th we're sure will. ready know both of you don't want to move and it'll be more space for the new people and we're here someone customer while out please all fall
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in the in the money a demo to my pay stub as well. mm
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. ah ah ah ah ah nice book look at me
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ah ah i this isn't my story. it's the story of my friend jesus. she told us that she didn't want to be here. she didn't want to live anymore. was too hard. a survivor dedicates her life to educating and saving others from suicide. we are the ones that are dying, where the ones that are losing our friends and therefore we have to be the ones that will stand up and solve it because no one else is going where there is hope, a witness documentary on, not just september. and they were rushing close in parliamentary elections in the president, putin 21 year grip on power. the listening post dissects the media how they operate,
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the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 attacks also the world 20 years on the war that followed to finally ended and i've done it. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on african, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany goes to the poles and elections of the angular merkel replace up to 15 years in power. what would the result mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera in $985.00 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you're gone solve the problem by removing the guy you could keep 36 years on a family's quest for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution, and must all be convicted for taking my father away from me and exposes the influence. the former a part i just stablished,
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still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this of people empower investigation on al jazeera eunice trailer aboriginal children as young as 10 being arrested and locked up in the 1st of 2 special report. $11.00 ac investigates straightly as indigenous incarceration cross on which is 0. ah, un warns of hunger crisis enough. gonna stand adding to the challenges facing the country's new taliban rulers. ah, i'm about this and this is all the 0 life from don't have also coming up. this is a ruthless group from the past. and whether or not they change remains to be seen.
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us defense change divider to keep an eye on the taliban and insist they act on war hasn't been fought in vain. 73 students have been kidnapped and yet another.


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