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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2021 8:30am-9:00am AST

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is being held by new zealand prime ministers in the den from wellington and use it and following an attack at supermarket in oakland for several people have been stabbed. a man had been shot and killed by new zealand. police, the prime minister there describing it as an individual known to be under constant monitoring. it was a hateful and wrong attack. ah, this is all, these are the top stories. the taliban is expected to announce a new government in afghanistan. it's also in talks with cutoff to try to reopen cobble airport as soon as possible with the help of turkey. a 2nd custody jet carrying a technical team has landed in the capitol still help to evaluate how to restart operations with taliban is still facing on resistance in the punch here valley,
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the only province to hold out against the group. dozens of people have been killed out to talks between the 2 sides failed to reach a settlement. charles trafford is close to the entrance to the punchy volume behind me. you'll just about be able to see the town of goulburg hall. now that is the entrance to the punchy valley, the only entrance to the punchy valley civilian population and in the thousands. when we arrived there was a lot of smoke. there was a lot of artillery being fired at that town. we understand that the tyler bond teller binary control of it, but they have been responding as well in the last 5 minutes or so. again, more artillery heavy machine gun fire being heard. we've spoken to locals in the area of many locals telling us how terrified they are. they say the fighting started about 4 days ago. and as i say, they say that it's especially bad at night. it has been escalating musicians, prime minister just around the says stopping in a supermarket was a terrorist attack. the man was shot and killed by police after he stopped at least
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6 people. but it was short, panic shoppers fleeing the attack of the shopping mall and the city of oakland re, people are in a critical condition. us president joe bivens declared an emergency in the state of new jersey. at least 45 people died. when the remnants of how can ida hit the northeast in the united states with a record breaking rain flooding has been reported over 400 kilometers stretch from maryland to new york. japan's prime minister yo shahita. so guy says he will not run in a ruling little democratic party leadership race in september. so the took over after former leadership, so abi resigned. last september, the sizing, ill health unless the headlines and all disease were going to be back with more news in about half an hour after witness. thank you very much. bye bye. eye witness accounts and historical events from arab israeli conflict and sinai. i witness
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dissident 1st hand from beginning to end to espionage and the occupied west bank. the jordan government started destroyed the device from a fight for independence in egypt to an infamous hollywood production and his algebra world. his personal stories from those who are that my own private history on algebra. i me i
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most of the questions you can if you want as, as if somebody be that you know, really by law may come up on law. got those leaving it, but new to the movie producers who live eyes on case keepers gallant he'll just luna taylor county, you know, get through to do glendale glendale if you can please, and have a copy of a ship and we can recycle for one of his above his actual personal
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and therefore until the district joy, it buses, fossil by the police could if a phase from there they must see puff me. that makes a little different funny on the, even though this movie for the whole as the by the full sally for this or this will for dickie billy bits. lucky lose your think it is just don't feel as much as if it's far enough, but you do it. that was you know, the looking for is going to derrick isn't of in the built. all the name is keep our local lungs over the will. so horse will the floor and actually this or the to the legless. i'm only doing physical was severe so just delivered the minimal to his kid. he went to the oak dizzy measure to be motus. was sort of one to numerous related human algebra
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emphasis. just bunch of eliminates this is troy loom you because old simpson taylor when you're here from the end of it, you may get to show basic a slim any submitted face in the pursuit of justice. and if so, did the gus? yes, yes, i mean missile and i wanted your soccer. i know they want a film in the country.
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i could get the 1500 of extricate empathy, new york city, norma, and almost one pick one to be through the weekend with us as long as you want. that is, can you tell me the honda? let me, peoria, can we book with mode only for safety officials one of the palace meet between perfect of us can have you know, capital needs. could you please help me if not, don't proceed. we can for a bucket for, you know, for the if i want to plan on this quote, they don't look at them for mr. funding your school.
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well, for me, why should we put on the phone? i'm going to click on the blue level to look under the longer nikki. so i picked key, so i picked the so i picked highlighters offers on. let me pull it on it, pull mac highlands before me as chris was havoc. ok, so i said it's just a 2nd fall underneath libby. thank you. keith. sexy. my lead. you can say. thank you. lisa.
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messiah it is beverly mia? moisture and boy, nurse, i lie. i just, you know, from what we feel like she just called upon you to put me. she's not, i'm she, she did all or do you do my last movie to listen up. it is. i'm in the mid thought of which will make it look like, why don't she potter really do with michelle, middle one is all function enemies. to set it coming hall. the shop me when you
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quit was in law was secretary for mama with martha. if i can a 15 year mark, or as you can see, i can please give me a call here at the college of anniversary of is your physical damage on the coma on medical, on a pasco mark on this is jessica. she read the memoir due to me, i love him, walk what he ended tonight, or suggestion experience non fund me 12 essence on the capacity one,
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if possible. and i wanted to the the me to when you come back to
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my home, i was just trying to figure out if not the case for some reason for some reason we offer okay. the reason why i'm calling you to see if there was a new plan that has on my concern, i was supposed to receive it when they were supposed to
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because i was born in foster into affairs and send you all to special and i think the needed so you need to, i mean a, our mission you want was already there, i think which was a lie. so i think over by one of us can yeah, you know, the whole settle in find out to me was to me was man come us to let us out
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a little shit back. more clear now more early so i'm not sure who he was. you don't want to move in worse and worse place was a new to the land with someone soon while out not far. oh yeah.
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let me work up the the demo as well.
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ah ah ah ah, ah nice book look at that. i
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me i this isn't my story. it's the story of my friend jesus. i'm. she told us that she didn't want to be here. she didn't want to live anymore. was too hard. a survivor dedicates her life to educating and saving others from suicide. we're the ones that are dying, where the ones that are losing our friends, and therefore we have to be the ones that will stand up and solve it because no one else is going to. where there is hope, a witness documentary on a just, you know, step hammer. and there are russians floats in, parliamentary elections in the test of president putin,
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21 year grip on power. the listening post, the media, how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 talk to all of the world, 20 years on the war that followed, finally ended and i've done it. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on african, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision refill makers. germany goes to the poles in election. the anglo merkel replace up to 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera frank assessments, the spyware is, again, freedom suppression informed opinions. what you saw happening is come, mark, you've talked to, there was $42.00. there was petune is the critical debate. here it's not between kula and any other group. we are confident here that 4 years re
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running to keep them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah and rob madison and joe, how the top stories on ology 0 new zealand prime minister just in the are down, says i stopping in a supermarket in oakland was a terrorist attack, and i was shot and killed by the police after he stopped at least 6 people. 3 of them are in a critical condition. the prime minister has been updating the media on the situation this afternoon and approximately 2 40 pm a via.


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