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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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i didn't fall with joe action from the world cup, qualifies as messy. imagine, tina continue their impressive basin, run awe on air or online the pounds at the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the, when no help get off the table, it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t f. d like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era cut out one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i needed to open and develop into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough trade and money,
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skillfully enough re key is up to about filling up front of connecting the word connecting the future. got cut to gateway to whoa trade. oh, i hello, you're watching out 0. i'm emily. anguish, reminder of our top stories is our fighting and i've got this done is escalating between the taliban and resistance course in the pension valley, north of the capital cobbled. it's been the only province to hold out against taliban rule. 5 being entirely surrounded place in new zealand have shot and killed
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a man after he stabbed 6 people under supermarket and the government calling an ice . 15 attacks already said the attacker was on the security watch leap, japan prime minister, you know, she had a student says he was safe re election as leader of the governing party this month . it sets the stage for his replacement after just a year in office. there are reports of heavy fighting in the libyan capital. tripoli between rival armed forces it's believed the world class she's in a year have been near a military bank. libya has been divided between 2 rival administration supported by armed groups and foreign governments. there's been unrest in the country since and uprising troubled mama gadhafi in 2011. i mean the bus has plunged into a valley in west, in iran, killing at least 16 people. it happened in the kurdish speaking called us down
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region, one survivors that she jumped from the window when she realized the vehicle was out of control. it's unclear what caused the crash. iran has one of the worst road safety records in the world. me astray layer is saying record levels of new code 19 cases and deaths. while new zealand numbers are declining after a 3rd from the delta variance. meanwhile, south korea has extended social distancing measures ahead of a holiday there. and taiwan gets its 1st batch of 5 vaccines. it's got high la has a look at the co 19 situation across the asia pacific region needed vaccines arrive in australia's new south wales state as it marks its worst day of the pandemic with a record 1431 new covered 1900 cases and the most deaths in a day at 12, the half a 1000000 pfizer jobs arrived in sydney,
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the country's largest city. the shipment came from singapore in a swap. arrangement. australia will deliver the same amount back to singapore in december. a similar deal has been struck with the u. k. that will bring $4000000.00 more pfizer vaccines to australia this month. the next fort not is likely to be worth in terms of the number of cases. but as i've said, it's not the number of cases we need to be focusing on, but how many of those cases end up in our intensive cables to hospitals, and how many people we have vaccinated as quickly as possible. more than half of a stillia is under a stay at home order, along with sydney, melbourne in the national capital camera have been in weeks long locked downs. and in new zealand, some progress in its battle against the outbreak fueled by the delta variant, a large drop in new cases from the previous few days. we need to continue to keep those testing rights up to give us the confidence that we are catching any kind of that, that may be in the community. and then finally decided that these results today are encouraging. but as doctor medical ne, his seed, the job is not done,
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we must continue to be vigilant and get on top of this ap rec, this low cobra, 1900 outbreaks across south korea. officials there have extended social distance in curves for a month. this ahead of a thanksgiving holiday, later in september, the toughest curves are in the greater sol area where many small businesses are suffering. well, you know, we barely see people on the street. if our profit was about $1700.00 per day, now it is about half. we can barely pay the rent and don't think social distancing measures are affected. my family has been running this business for more than 40 years, over 3 generations. and we are facing the war situation now. it's so hard. taiwan received its 1st shipment of the 5 biotech vaccines this week, 930000 out of 15000000 doses acquired by tech company and a charity. political pressure from china has made it difficult for taiwan to strike deals directly with vaccine companies. beijing views self rule taiwan as part of
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its territory. the recent deal was made with a china based distributor. after months of negotiating scott either al jazeera, north korean leader kim jong on has ordered tampa corona virus restrictions. after turning down some vaccines offered by the you and back to kovak program on tuesday units. if said north korea proposed east allocation of about $3000000.00 sign events, shots be sent to severely affected countries in fed. some experts believe it may want to other vaccines while questioning the effectiveness of sun or back and astrazeneca a palestinian man who was shot by israeli forces has died. the 260 was hit during a protest in 8th and gaza. people have demonstrated 469 was against is rouse, 14 you located of the territory, some protested for burning hive. an improvised explosive toward soldiers stationed
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along the guys of border. okay, let's go to a live event. now. european union, foreign ministers have been meeting, and so if any, to discuss afghanistan's few jump in, use chief and diplomat. joseph fall is thinking about what came out of those talks . let's have a listen and after we had the pleasure to receive it, thanks to the initiative for the inconvenience. but then my friend, indian, for the minister with whom we had no change of view about what's happening in the, in the pacific region. later this month. we are going to bring lunch and our work on this field, releasing a jang communication with the commission on the in the pacific strategy. and we share with india and minister our views about what's happening in this part
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of the war, who is going to be the center of gravity of the 21st century in the pacific area, starting from india and finishing in california, is going to be part of the world where the history will be written and i would understand it social plays with histories being written. we share with our indian colleague our concerns about the situation that the way the tele vines are going to behave, migration possibilities. all that. and finally, we had in any of the business and the important issue related with the data you'd ation of issue to ation embed arrows and had the opportunity to deploy that location course regime cynically has been using during the summer migrants and refugees to artificially created pressure on what eastern
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borders, because the for any and polish border, ah, you to be on board. as we said that when we had to saw the migrant pressure on the spanish border, we said to spanish border with murder because they knew to be a border. now he's time to say that the board, there's only so many in poland on the east part of europe are also also the borders of you to show the ministers a spanish really that it really said yeah, with latvia and pollen. and we are ready to took our measures to support them. here's the situation, continue doing so and about again the stand. i think we already explained the conclusions concluding because it no decision for conclusions from the high representative about the discussion today from now
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on to not actual service. we have to work a lot because we have been tasked that way to conceal on coordinate in the context with a tally ranch with a telegram with the new government. and i've got the stan, including with jain, you presence ink of all coordinated by this that and i can service if the security conditions allow for it from there. we should support the departure of the nation, knows you to be a nation, not that i still there and i've gotten a risk that could be received. you need to be in union member state as decided by them. there are many, are member states still have quite an import. the number of either nation knows all
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african that has been cooperating with them. or they have been identified as people at risk, the coordination of trying to bring these people out to africa. and then we'll be in charge of the interaction service that if you could take one teachers are met, they insist we'll, we'll have nansen in google. and the 2nd task that the ministers agreed is engaging with regional and rather than international partners. and know that to create regional political platform of cooperation with the afghan you stunned neighbors to face altogether. the challenge is created by the new shoot tuition and i think the other aspects of our discussion about that's going to be time that you're ready to form in our previous
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presentation. thank. thank you. 100 percent of the minister. you can go ahead. okay, that was a foreign policy jason, joseph burrell, giving an update to own amazing with ministers defining the conditions, the blocks conditions and the level of engagement with the taliban. as we heard from the u. k. foreign secretary, yesterday the a you will work with the taliban? but will not recognize it as a government worry challenge ease in london. and he's been covering this for us up worry. what's the ministers agree on today? well yeah. and that press conference. so we just heard from joseph burrell. he didn't really go into any more detail regarding afghanistan than he had done earlier in the day. he said this basically the we had already talked about the conclusions of the foreign ministers have come to when regarding as kind of stone. and essentially what those amount to is that the,
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he was going to try to coordinate its response to the new situation in afghanistan. so rather than having the member states reopening embassies and going and dealing with new taliban government, one on one that basically going to if the security situation allow us have a joint you presence there to oversee the evacuations of afghanistan. afghanistan is at risk. people who want to get out and to make sure that the afghanistan government, as far as the you actually has any clouts with the new african assad government at his, to what the you would like to do, what it calls its commitments the now the is not saying that it is going to recognize a taliban government, but it's tracing this and that kind of where re pragmatism, sense and saying that it has to have some kind of operational engagement. and
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depending on the behavior of a taliban governments, that operations engagements might increase over time. plenty of moving parts to this one. thank you for the update were a challenge for us live in london to other news now, and it's been 2 years since the state of ass in india's ne, released a list of citizens living. ma'am. the name of the registry wants to crack down on migration from bangladesh, but it is since been suspended and many say the system has left them in limbo pattern metal has moved georgia, robert b and his mother were relieved when the name showed up in us army national register of citizens or an r c. they applied for the unique identification number, which is needed to get a job and government subsidies. it's been 2 years and the family is still waiting. i do not have any hope right now. yes. even if i would have,
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if i go got a response from someone that the i will get rectified in sweden, so did or so. and so month i would have still had some hope. but no one responds carried out by more than 50000 officials over 5 years. the n r c cost taxpayers $200000000.00. now stakeholders are questioning its accuracy. the process has been mired and bureaucratic red tape throwing millions in limbo, a bridge. it's our miranda nonprofit, that opposes illegal immigration. and who's petition in the supreme court paved the way for the n r c? he says the list includes each 1000000 migrants from bung rubbish. and he was prepared to detect foreigners. but here in this cannot be foreigners, are made indian is completed in the national activities done is a trap to the nation. soon after the list was published, this n r c office in a,
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sam got a new boss who has alleged quote major irregularities in the process. the supreme court has received many petitions against the national reg. these include and she's proposition who says the list include many eligible people, so it should be verified again the state government wants many names, cross checked, especially in areas bordering bung. rubbish. the opposition alleges the government is challenging the n r c because it excluded. many hindu i, king the day it taught that particular community will be maximum, but as far as our information it did not have been so. so i think their politics got more detailed and with no indication on where the n r c's headed, joyce be lansing. as a video editor to make ends meet,
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he continues to raise awareness on social media, even as he makes peace with the uncertainty of his future partner missile algebra. you deli, sir, and official say, therefore says shut down. is riley mis sells headed toward its capital. fair media reported and israeli attack targeting damascus, launched in an area southeast of lebanon. neither military provided for the town still and on al jazeera a hole in one for this goal, for in contention for a $15000000.00 prize, will have all that a more. and the rest of the day for coming out ah, the news.
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the news news with me. ah. ah.
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a time before he's gay, emily, thank you for bulls governing body fee for investigating the racist abusive. england's football is by hungry fans during their welcome qualify. budapest, hungary have been ordered to play 2 games in an empty stadium by wafer because it discriminates refund behavior at euro. but that didn't apply to this much because, well, qualified for the fee for the $67000.00. what the push arena and this plays for food when they tiffany full kick off the chord. the gesture, the english feed, without apology, merely to undermine the message that racism has no place in this england one the match. for now with rahim sterling, getting the 1st go, his teammates had objects thrown at them from the stands as they celebrated. i've
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been reported selling in england anew, substitute jude belling, and also subjected to monkey chunk. i don't think how players can do anything more than they have done over the last 2 or 3 years in trying to get the right messages out. take the right stance and it's for the people to protect them. it's for me to protect them in the main but for the authorities to protect them as well. you know, they shouldn't have to be subjected to any form of racism. favors as it strongly rejects any form of racism and violence and has a very clear 0 tolerance to such behavior and that it will take adequate actions. as soon as it receives match reports concerning the game. we spoke to pure a power, who is the executive director of the fed network that seeks to come back inequality in football. he expects fif it's punish hungry,
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but says governing bodies need to work more closely together. they will sanction, you know, their regulations are such that for the 1st offense, there is assumption and i think then we'll have a ridiculous situation where we have a you, if you have a sanction sitting concurrently alongside senshi. and there's not a correlation between sometimes the sanctions as effective as they might be being applied. and i feel like there's not a 36 perspective being taken. there's no consideration given to what's needed to solve the problem that they've been put in place to solve. rather than being in administered measure, it was quite possible way for could have applied to be fair to say, hungary, sanction this is sandy risky match, given the fact that england, the high profile, they have a very racial team. and the us function should be allowed to apply to the fee for
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woke up color fire and i have no doubts for you to reach about. but somebody that didn't happen and sometimes one guess the perception that they sort of sanctions are being applied in a way which is very perfunctory without real, a real look they can have and then they should be having. and therefore, what actions the governing body should be following up with, you know, that to, to drive the action on the sanctions that. ready they put in place to the rest of the action in europe now and spain lost their 1st woke up qualifying match since 993 freedom fought from behind to beat them to one in stock. comb is see some leap frog spain to the top group. be 2 points clear where the game and hans and ends an incredible run for spain who had gone $66.00 game since the last qualifying defeat to denmark. 20 years ago. i need the group when you're directly qualified for the world cup. second place, finish is face a play off spain,
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but i mean it's tough for me at the moment to be optimistic about qualifying, but i have to focus on what we have to do, which is to win all the matches. and hope that sweden draw one of theirs and obviously lose to us. we'll see whether it's possible given him pushes. and it wasn't a great night. italy either in their 1st match since becoming european champions, they schooled 1st or eventually held to a $100.00 bible guerria. nevertheless, they remain top of that group and on beaten in $35.00 matches, which equals the record. people in the south americans own brazil had a depleted squad but was still able to be chilly and they qualify. they mall was in the fight, but brazil without 9 of their stalls who have been banned from travelling by the english, primarily because of coke in 1900 restrictions. they want to much one know with a goal from the perio. brazil have now one all 7 qualifying games so far. but next up they face elgin tina, who had nearly all the players available,
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including lino, messy plenty of harrison's mom, didn't school. but tina still run out comfortable when is in venezuela on the thursday by 3 goals, one which extends their own beaten from to 21. again, that in class with the jewish coming up on some say to the african zone and regional champions, algeria opened the qualifying campaign in style. they thrash djibouti 8 know the on strike is the money short for the goals manual. if you read my got one of them as well. it's excel jerry's on big run had 20 again, 10 groups when is in africa will make the final playoff and then foster them will ultimately qualify to welcome english. that's meant of fighting back against india in the full test at the oval. india picked up too early, which on day 2, including night watchman, christ overton and england were really struggling on 62 for 5 that johnny best and all the pope dug in with a 50 partnership with pope still there on 60 england. and now 17613 months behind
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phelps, he'd never pitched through to the 3rd round of the us open as he continues to chase a historic calendar. grand slam joke a bit. you, on the australian open the french open and wimbledon. the ca is hoping to become the 1st man to hold all 4 majors in the same season. no male pie. i've done that since labor in 1969. but the battled pulse tell him grateful on thursday. with beautiful tennis. it took him just 99 minutes to beat his dutch opponent 626362 joke of actual phase kane is cory next and a re match the tokyo olympic quote, the final just which one that matches straight set. and mr. cory had a tough time getting through to the 3rd round, eventually beating mackenzie macdonald's in 5 set in the women's tournament top seat ashburn. he boots her place in the 3rd round. she beat tone on debutant clara telson in straight sets despite a late challenge from the dane. in the 2nd film as one is supposed to have
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a gold medal at the paralympic games hi to ali was the man to get it for them. he won the men's discus with a personal best throw in tokyo. and he has cerebral palsy and has previously one and from metal. now fresh from his play off when last week of the p n. w championship. patrick can plays once again on top, the american held onto his 2 shot lead up to the 1st round of the tall championship in atlanta. as the fedex cup points leader entering the scenes, molly can play began the tournament at 10 on the park as part of the staggered leader board. now a 13 on the can play be well, no one john rom by 2 strokes. but just behind it, a type a 3rd is american play a harris english. you have the shot of the day, the world number 11, hit a hole in one on the 15 p. finish up on a time to paul alongside bryce in december. and that puts them in contention. the $15000000.00 price. i will finish something you don't see very often in major
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league baseball, chicago cubs basses, sergio alcantara hit the ball straight up in the air for what should have been a routine catch. right sy depo scrambling it was pittsburgh pirates 2nd baseman, wilma, who misjudged it. and it's very costly because it hundreds victory to the cub. all right, that's your book now have more feel later, emily. thank you very much, joe. and this one for you and other fans. the swedish supergroup announced it's releasing its 1st music in 40 years. i feel the voyage is a follow up to 1981 recording the visitors to track have been released ahead of february in november. a virtual version of the band using visually created avatar will begin a series of concepts in london next year. okay,
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that's it for me. i'm emily anglin state. you will have more news in just a moment a. ready to often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives planning for decades, review the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden really coming soon on up just frank assessments by way it wasn't surprising informed opinions what you saw happening is come on to it was what it was for. petune is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between any other
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group that we have compet here for 6 years. re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, in 985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you gone solve the problem by removing the guy you could keep 36 years on a family's quest for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. must all be convicted for taking my father away from me and exposes the influence, the former apartheid establishment, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people empower investigation on al jazeera, investigative journalist, and government panic. they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised results in 5 days. but it's been a year examining. the headline. is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts, voices from different corner?
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every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not just one, but several time program that if you're not kind of to you today on allergic ah, fighting is intensifying between the taliban and a resistance group in afghanistan and she had valley. ah, hello, i'm emily and gwen. this is al jazeera, alive from joe. how are coming up? european union says it's ready to engage with the ask and taliban under certain conditions, spot one, recognize it government. a man on security watch leads to stab to several people in the new zealand supermarket. the prime minister says the attack was i so.


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