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understand the differences, similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you or the. ready this is al jazeera ah, here watching the news, our life for my headquarters in del. hi, i'm debbie and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes, the final fight for gun, a son of joe strafford, reporting from the entrance to the punch ship valley where the fighting is escalating between the tale bond and what's being described as the last bastion of
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opposition to the rule. the european union says it's ready to engage with the afghan taliban under certain conditions, but won't recognize its government also ahead. japan is to get a new prime minister after you see, he said he will step down as leader of the governing parties. and colds for compensation in the democratic republic of congo after a river was polluted by toxic waste. from a mine in angola, 12 people had died. i'm sure i guess raska was for to see for investigates braces to be aimed at england placed during a well cup qualifier. they were targeted by chance and had objects thrown at them during the fall. now, when i was hungry in budapest, ah, well come to the news hour. we begin in afghanistan. that's where
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a fighting is escalating between the taliban and the resistance group in the pan jeer valley. so the mountainous enclave is about 150 kilometers north of the capital capital. it's been the only province to hold out against the taliban rule despite being entirely surrounded. the national resistance, france is a multi ethnic group, made up of militia and former afghan security force members. dozens of people have been killed on both sides in recent days. charles stratford has more from a village near the panther valley. behind me, you're just about be able to see the town of goulburg hall. now that is the entrance to the punchier valley, the only entrance to the punchy, about a civilian population in the thousands. when we arrived there was a lot of smoke. there was a lot of artillery being fired at that town. we understand that the tyler bond, the taliban are in control of it, but they have been responding as well in the last 5 minutes or so. again,
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more artillery heavy machine gun fire being heard. we've spoken to locals in the area of many locals telling us how terrified they are. they say the fighting started about 4 days ago. and as i say, they say that is especially bad at night. it has been escalating. they also say that the resistance, this group called the n r s that are in control of punch valley. they said that they saw this group pulling in weapons, bringing weapons into the area in and around the time that the taliban took control were pushing towards taking control of cobble preparing themselves for this fight. now, bear in mind that this valley is historically known for its, for its strong resistance. the soviets, whenever able to take it, the tale bond have never been able to take it. it is 95 percent plus tasha population of around 10150000. the resistance is being led by a man called ultimate masoud, the son of a very famous fight against the russians in the eighty's. we know that there have
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been negotiations in the last few days. obviously they have fallen by the wayside now. they have failed. while the european union has set out conditions for ties with the taliban is western powers. consider how to engage with a gun assigns new rulers. so the u wants to have what it calls a presence and cobble to oversee more evacuations. if security measures are in place, but before and policy chief, joseph borough says that doesn't mean the blog will necessarily recognize the taliban, who had been basket to conceal and coordinate in the contest with italy. events with that event with the new government vanish then including with jain, you presence, ink of all coordinated with that. and i to service if the security conditions allow for it from that we should support the departure of
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nation nosy to be a nation. not that i still there and i've gotten and risk. while the british foreign secretary dominic rob echoed those sentiments earlier on a visit to pocket on. he also announced the u. k is increasing a to help. i've gone astounds neighbors deal with refugees. pockets on says it would support any afghan government that's backed by the people. speaking, the eastern economic forum, russia president vladimir putin called a situation in afghanistan, a catastrophe. and what he does is he accused america on the west of abandoning its allies and says, those countries should learn their lesson from the to decade. conflict. and then official from cuts are as foreign ministry has now landed in capital, will seen as another step towards getting the airport back up and running and ready to receive much needed aids. cats are in turkey, have already sent technical teams to help restore operations. we hope our
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efforts will speed up the full or at least the gradual re operation of the facility . this will help more flight into cabal airport. after the diplomatic course, we need to continue to talk with the taliban to iron a certain political issues, namely to ensure the peaceful transition of power, a comprehensive political reconciliation, and above all, to restore the country's peace and stability. the usaa saying that had airlifted a total of more than a $120000.00 people from campbell. but many afghans who applied for a special visa, including interpreters who worked with american forces have been left behind. some say they were beaten as they try to get to the airports. charlotte bellis has more from the gun capital. this woman was an interpreter for the us department of state and defense enough canister for 5 years. she tried and failed to get in lifted. that makes me hopeless because we serve for the us government. they say the social media, we are helping our allies. how many of your life have been evacuated?
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she says she and his family were beaten and pushed, but from the airport gates by us funded militia? no one is in d s 0 unit. they were laid by the ca, my family members got injured because of the in the people that the unit you want to do. they were trying to kill everybody. it didn't get even, you're a kid, you're young, you or whatever. they were just trying to harm you. oh you 0 assume to 0 units as they moved into position at the airport, seemingly with immunity one day after the taliban took control of cobble. enrique and 0 units have been widely accused of human rights abuses, conducting violent night rates and acting with impunity. it worst nightmare. and a lot of those guys were just bounty hunters. they were paid us often. symbol is
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not the n v as good in even call them, forget about controlling as a total ca operation in one day they have the answer to the american people. do us put them in charge of the ports, northern perimeter to separate western forces from the telephone, the militia members, band filming, so we recorded on our phones. this is how they treated people trying to leave. the shooting appeared to be the preferred method of crowd control. the interpreter told us they would let her leave if she paid them $5000.00 us dollars for each family member. married with 3 young children. she did not have the necessary $25000.00 to pass out. the escapades corroborated her claims of bribery. they all confirmed the us funded units lead people into the port with us identification or valid paperwork. i was the what if i was watching them?
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we were just, we were just hopeless, the seeing all these people have been evacuating from the same get. the taliban took over this area from the 0 units on saturday morning. we spoke with him earlier in the week and we were told that they were from the 03 from kandahar from the 02 in the east, and from the 01 in cobble they told us that they were here to create a buffer zone between the telephone and western forces and that in exchange, they would be evacuated. thousands of the militia and the families were prioritized for evacuation the taliban. quickly filling the void, interpreters in other us allies are angry. that militia members were flowing out well. they who helped foreign forces for years have been left behind. charlotte bellis al jazeera couple. while dozens of women have demonstrated outside the presidential palace and couple they're calling on the
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taliban leadership to protect women's re monthly card. read a society in which women are not active is a debt society. there it is. a taliban official recently promised there would be a place for women in afghanistan, governments, but not in the cabinet. was on the saw in the last 20 as we the women have taken part in all aspects of life, shoulder to shoulder with men. therefore, no one can eliminate us. we not only oscar is lima camera government, but also all the international community, especially women from other countries around the world to support us. while the color bond spokesman says, china has promised to keep its embassy enough gornstein open and to increase aid. the chinese government says at once to play a role in the reconstruction of afghanistan, but it hasn't given many details. katrina, you has more from being well, john is foreign ministry has posted a statement on its web side,
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confirming that the phone call took place in that statement. it was quite brief. it affirmed the friendship between the 2 countries and at wish the people of afghanistan. well, and going forward and rebuilding their country, but it was quite scans on details. this message by the taliban could be its way of putting a little bit of pressure on aging, perhaps to keep its promises. aging has said that it will play a role in the economic reconstruction of the country, but it's been quite vague as to how it tends to do that. but no doubt the baiting doesn't tend to play a role here because it does have some existing investments enough gone us on that. it probably wants to protect. it also has very extensive investments in neighboring pakistan. so it is looking at the economic potential of the country and the impact on the region at large. now china as a major player, was one of the 1st to recognise the taliban as a legitimate political force. we had tele bond lead up to gunny bar, actually visit china in late july, and he met with china's foreign minister one
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e and throughout this whole process throughout the keiko as well as this transition, china's embassy in cobbler has remained fully open and operational, no paging, has been very critical of the us say that it's hasty with the role was to blame for the chaos caused in the country. but at the same time, china has said that the u. s. should not just cut and run that. it has responsibilities in the country and should help contribute to its economic rebuilding as well. hunter, morehead, on the altar and his r, including struggling to dry out to be northeastern states of america. clean up after tropical storm. i'd sweep through claiming dozens of lives. i do not have any hope. i know why some families in india is a psalm state, are frustrated with the government and accused of failing them. no by stock of continues his trade for a calendar grand slam at the us open. joe will have all the details in sports.
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ah, so the us president joe biden is heading to the state of louisiana for 1st hand look at the damage wrought by hurricane ida. torrential rain brought widespread flooding and power was cut to a 1000000 people after the storm hit the u. s. gulf coast last weekend. it caused more flooding. as it moved to the northeast, new jersey, new york and pennsylvania are the worst head states. 45 people have been killed in the region. we have our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett standing by for us in washington dc. but 1st christians, salumi is joining us from elizabeth and new jersey to tell us what you're seeing. where, where you are kristin and what's the latest from their well, new jersey suffered the highest death toll from this weather event. it's now up to 25 people. 2 people were added today and 6 people are still missing. so those
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numbers could rise yet. i'm in the city of elizabeth new jersey where the governor is expected to be touring shortly because there's just so much damage here. a lot of the fatalities happened in this area. all of the holidays in new jersey were from flooding. and to give you a sense of just how strong the water was here, i want to show you behind me this vehicle. the water came up quickly here in new jersey, new york as well cause many by surprise. and you can see this vehicle is just lifted right up onto the gateway there all along the street. we're seeing people cleaning up after the storm. you can see all of the mattresses, furnitures, and things that have come out of people's basement. most of the flooding and damages in people's basements, people told me here that the water came up to their front door. however,
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and the water just, i'm going to try to cross the street here is beyond this area over here and right now i can't even see the water level and must i get right up next to the fence. it's fairly low, it's moving quickly. but that just shows you it's, it's a good ways down there that the water is now so very quickly, this water flooded the area and moved up. we know 600 people have had to leave their homes. there's an apartment complex that was evacuated. that's where a family of 4 was overcome in a, in a low level apartment by the water. and these are the kind of stories that we're hearing throughout the ne, today as officials continue to take stock of the extent of the damages and, and the loss of life. frankly, again, all of the loss of life from, from flooding,
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people either in their homes here in elizabeth or in new york, a lot of basement apartments, 11 fatalities occurred in new york city when the storm drains were overflowed and the streets backed up very quickly. and people who lived in basement apartments couldn't get out in time. just her risk stories. we're hearing about people who are trapped there are people also here in new jersey on road ways in vehicles that were washed away or people tried to get out of their vehicles and got into quickly moving water and were washed away as a result of the rising levels there, so there's some pretty incredible scenes of destruction that we're seeing. yeah, sounds like it. okay, kristen, thank you so much for that reporting from new jersey. let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly how get as we're saying, the president is heading to the state of louisiana to take a look for himself. what more can you tell us about his plans when he arrived there yet? could hear the helicopters on the south lawn of the white house,
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the president sent to lift off marine one very shortly. and he is heading down to louisiana where hurricane ida 1st head. but certainly didn't stop there eventually moving northward and really carving out a path of destruction. we've talked about some of the damages in the gulf coast regions with the number of deaths, but also just the long term pain that so many are feeling as a result of that storm. still, in terms of the lack of water, half a 1000000 people have that cut off and we're the 1000000 customers last powered, so that still is not restored. so the us presidents going to be looking at that damage. he's going to be on the ground. he's going to make some remarks, but he's also going to tour it from the air to really get an understanding of the scale and scope. one thing the president talked about and he talked about at the white house not short time ago, but the fact that these storms are more severe than they've been in recent years.
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and as a result, this requires a federal response to deal with that, whether the damage is in the south or up in the north, the christian was just talking about this. would it be the coordinated federal response? and that's what the president wants. take a look at it to make sure that those that need that money get it as quickly as possible. right. so is the president feeling the pressure i kimberly, to do something on climate change? absolutely not just because of her cain either the damage inflicted but also the wildfires out in california, oregon, washington state and even up into british columbia. canada, these wildfires now have a longer season and they burn hotter and that's a real concern because we're seeing the effects of climate change it extreme weather all around the continental united states. and so as a result the us president has identified this is an existential crisis. but talking the white house just a few minutes ago, he also said this is
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a reminder of why congress needs to work with him to bolster america's infrastructure. because climate change can't be addressed overnight. and so the systems in place right now in the united states are not able to withstand this extreme weather. so it's really a 2 pronged approach to the present fully pressure on not just to get these infrastructure systems in the electrical grid, etc, up and running and robust. but also his voters are counting on him to address the broader issues of climate change. in fact, given the fact that democrats control book, the house of representatives and the us senate and the white house, the pressure on him is enormous to use that legislative might to get things done. okay, thank you so much. kimberly how can reporting from washington d. c. officials a new zealand say, a man who stabbed several people at a supermarket was being closely monitored by intelligence agencies. police shot and killed the attacker who wounded at least 6 people. in auckland, wayne hay reports and afternoon shopping in new zealand. largest city was
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interrupted by a burst of gunfire and sirens, i'd soon emerge that police shot and killed a man who had walked into a supermarket in the west of oakland and detect shoppers with a knife. he said this woman came out. okay. and then i went down to the other end, there was an old gentleman in main line on the ground. he said it didn't take long for the police and the prime minister to label it terrorism. and to reveal details about who the attacker was, the sure lincoln came to new zealand 10 years ago. and for the past 5 years had been a person of interest to security and intelligence agencies. and because of that, police say they were able to stop the man before he attacked more people. the attack began at $240.00 p. m. and was undertaken by an individual who was i know, one threat to new zealand. the individual was under constant monitoring.
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and it was the police surveillance, tame and special tactics group who were passive, that monitoring and surveillance that shot and killed him within. i'm told the spice of roughly 60 seconds of the a take starting. there were also restrictions in place in oakland because of the cove at 19 outbreak, meaning there were few shoppers inside the supermarket. the normal new zealand has been on alert for attack since march 2019 when australian white supremacist brenton . terrans killed 51 people in 2 mosques in christ church. the prime minister said it wasn't clear a friday stabbings in oakland were revenge for what happened in christ church. but the police say that confident this was a one off and that the attacker was acting alone. wayne, hey, al jazeera toner, you zealand japan's prime minister. oh, you're sure he'd suga says he will seek re election as leader of the governing party this month. it's. that's the stage for his replacement after just one year
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and office su got took over after former leadership. i've resigned last september, sighting for health to get approval rating has since dropped below 30 percent of the nation struggles with its worst wave of cobra. 1900 infections. a general election is expected later this year. michael penn, as the president of the she gets a news agency that's an independent japanese new service. he says, so guy has struggled and the face of growing criticism. the fact that he's out as prime minister in the season is not, is not much of a surprise at all. although the, you know, the timing that it would happen. you know, within about 12 hours of him saying he was going to run. so like last afternoon he confirmed that he would be running for the presidency of the party. and then in the morning he said, i'm not running. so that part was a little bit surprising, but he was, you're basically in the middle of a political crisis and wasn't able to overcome it. suda was never able to move from
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that number to position where essentially he was, you know, the right hand man, the enforcer, the person who would go and sort of, you know, knocked together bureaucrats and terrify them to get done what the government want to get done but then you become the number one man, you become the prime minister. and a big part of your job is communication. it's creating a career man, a connection with the japanese people. and on that score. suga was just never showed a spark. you never showed any ability and essentially for the entire year, every time at a local election came up, the ruling party was losing. so it was clear, he just didn't have that touch of, of connecting with the japanese people. and that's what he was really missing, the reports of heavy fighting and the libyan capital for police between rival armed forces. it's the leave the worst classes in a year or half a near a military base. libya has been divided between 2 rival administration supported by
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armed groups on foreign governments. there has been unrest in the country since an uprising toppled mamma gadhafi in 2011 me while the european union and austria, seneca have reached the deal to end a legal battle over the slow deliveries of code. 1900 vaccine shots. the pharmaceutical giant will now deliver 300000000 doses by march next year is agreed a year ago. that you accused astrazeneca of acting in bad faith when it provided doses to the u. k. from plants in europe before fulfilling orders for the block. the columbia health ministry has said the new covered 1900 strain. mew has spread to 43 countries and regions that variance, which was 1st identified in the country in january as being closely monitored by the world health organization. according to the health ministry,
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39 percent of the confirm cases under treatment were infected by the variance. australia is seeing record levels of new cove in 1900 cases on death, while new zealand numbers are declining after surge from the delta variance. meanwhile, south korea, as extended social distancing measures ahead of a holiday there, and taiwan. guess its 1st batch of pfizer vaccines skyler. as a look at covered the cove with 1900 situation across the asia pacific region needed vaccines arrive in australia, new south wales state, as it marked its worst day of the pandemic with a record 1431 new covered 1900 cases and the most deaths in a day at 12, the half a 1000000 pfizer jobs arrived in sydney, the country's largest city. the shipment came from singapore in a swap. arrangement. australia will deliver the same amount back to singapore in december. a similar deal has been struck with the u. k. that will bring $4000000.00 more or 5 vaccines to australia this month. the next fort not is likely to be worth
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in terms of the number of cases. but as i've said, it's not the number of cases we need to be focusing on, but how many of those cases end up in our intensive cables, hospitals, and how many people we have vaccinated as quickly as possible. more than half of a stella is under a stay at home order, along with sydney, melbourne in the national capital camera have been in week long locked downs. and in new zealand, some progress in its battle against the outbreak fueled by the delta variant, a large drop in new cases from the previous few days. we need to continue to keep those testing rights up to give us the confidence that we are catching any kind of that, that may be in the community. and then finally decide that these results today are encouraging. but as dr. michael ne, his seed the job is not done. we must continue to be vigilant and get on top of this ap rec, this low cobra, 1900 outbreaks across south korea. officials there have extended social distance in curves for a month. this ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, later in september,
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the toughest curves are in the greater sol area were many small businesses are suffering. well, you know, we barely see people on the street. if our profit was about $1700.00 per day. now it is about a half, we can barely pay the rent and don't think social distancing measures are affected . my family has been running this business for more than 40 years over 3 generations. and we're facing the war situation now. it's so hard. taiwan received its 1st shipment of the pfizer biotech vaccines this week, 930000 out of 15000000 doses acquired by tech company and a charity. political pressure from china has made it difficult for taiwan to strike deals directly with vaccine companies. basing views self rule taiwan as part of its territory. the recent deal was made with a china base distributor. after months of negotiating scott either al jazeera and the north korean leader kim jong, who has order a tougher restrictions after turning down some vaccines,
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offered by the us back kovacs program on tuesday units have said north korea proposed its allocation for about 3000000 cinemax shots be sent to severely affected countries instead, some experts believe it may 1 other vaccines, while questioning the effectiveness of sinback and astrazeneca still ahead on al jazeera, we had to put a territory in chile. that's where many indigenous people say it doesn't say long to the space. hold on one, but this go for consumption for a $15000000.00 prize. more enough story a little later in the program. ah . done and dusted another hot one in the box across the middle east. we'll repeat
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that on saturday. so here's your details. still have 43 degrees. we've cranked up that humidity and q weights. we've got a high 47 degrees for you. so le, some showers in the forecasts. we may see some storms pop up through the alpha jar, mountains in northeastern oman. same goes for areas of yemen, spilling into the he jazz mountains in saudi arabia, monsoon, moisture, may leak into southern areas of pakistan impacting karachi. they've got sand and ducks coming down from circ minutes down rate along that border with afghan. his don and ron on saturday off to turkey, our brains, or peter, or petering out across the black sea region toward the northeast. this sample has a high 26 degrees through central africa. wow. what a drenching for do, ala more than a 100 millimeters of rain, and still we're seeing that line up. those heavy falls on saturday for their toward the south temperatures. really bouncing back nicely. south africa through botswana, namibia, and also in bob boy, but our next system is pulling in to the western cape. so those winds will wind up
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and we've got some rain, so we'll see gus to about 40 kilometers per hour on sunday. that's it for me. thanks for your company the. ready too often of kindness, tiredness portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film, archives planning for decades, review the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real coming soon on up just around the world. a powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence the controls. faking algorithms sort of being developed and designed to push the content that says quick me every click we make is value
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them. so what, what end in the 3rd of our 5 last series.


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