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from the source of the, the portion. so from what countries from the out see. and also i'm going to, this is good to the source of the depletion and in the, to get saw. what's expected and we update what government is going to talk about it. and this is ready for me to see what else to management and management. you know, why going on? as you can look at the top stories now fighting has escalated between the taliban and a resistance group. in the pan she has valley enough canister on. the mountainous enclave is about 150 kilometers north of the capitol. cobble. the region has been the only province to hold out against taliban rule. and the secretary of state will visit, cut out on sunday for talks on ask anniston antony blink and says the title by
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mistake to its promises in order for sanctions to be president joe biden says the us must do more to prepare for future storms. 49 people have been killed in the northeast. it's cause major flooding in new york, new jersey and pennsylvania on biden's tour of louisiana. he said, investing an infrastructure would save lives and money in the long run. i know you all are frustrated about how long it takes to restore power is dangerous work. 25000 alignment from around the country have come here to louisiana to help cruise from 32 different states. and 2 of them lost their lives in the process of trying to get power back up. and we're gonna work in 247. the u. s. government could soon release classified files from the september 11th attacks. president joe biden has ordered a full review of the documents days before the 20th anniversary. any which can be
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declassified will then be made public within 6 months. last month's victims, families accused the us of deliberately keeping documents under wraps. they say the papers prove saudi arabia aided al qaeda attack is with the wine. he has recalled it's ambassador to china following a dispute over taiwan in july, if the way became the 1st european union member to allow taiwan to set up an office under its own name rather than chinese type pe, which is often used by other countries. beijing reacted angrily by recalling its ambassador china views self governing taiwan as part of its territory. the democratic republic of congo says it once, compensation after diamond mind li killed at least 12 people. the spill in late july is thought to have come from the waste water dam of neighboring and goal is largest, diamond reserve, the official se polluted attributes of the congo river, making thousands of people, those, all the headlines risky, it'll is next. it shows the
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world and change the us forever, but after a vengeful war and africanist on how much has changed and at what cost? al jazeera looks back on 20 years since the $911.00 attacks. yes. ah, i use use
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use the uses is on a mission. he has to set up a lumber camp before nightfall. the house, his delivering will become home for him and other woodcut is deep in borneo rain forest. among his many challenges, the unpredictable terrain. the
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i don't know why no. the the behind uses 2 of the trucks have also come to a standstill. where to get up what you did. not what was going on like the me
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one years rain forest is shed by 3 countries, indonesia, malaysia, and burn. i, it's home to hundreds of endemic plants and animals are rich and unique habitat that is slowly dying. it's abundant resources over exploited. it's where i would decimated today. less than half the trees remain. yet the procession of trucks never ends. the forest tries so that progress as best as it can. but here would means money. load a truck, stop at nothing to get that cargo to ports and big cities, 7 days a week. each journey is fraught with challenges for drivers, overcoming them, and the mist salary of about $550.00 a month uses
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have now been carrying this house on back of his truck for 7 hours. he's tired. that remains focused. the upon arrival. they have to negotiate a difficult unloading with no crane to help usa from the law must rely on their own. and bank command under the bulldozer acts as an unloading dog me
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i got to be on the houses journey is still not over. it's headed for the river bank with a men will live in the depths of the jungle for 11 months. the
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i me as the longest prepare for tomorrow's work. the torrential rain pounds down on the camp. it's not without consequence. on their days off the men only earn half of their usual salary. none will risk working with a chain saw or driving on us has been reduced to mud. ah, after 3 days of rain, the logos had eagerly taken up their work. each of them make sure to speed up the
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cutting and transporting of the wood, hoping to an a bonus for the extra assets they want to make up the wages that the giant tree grows one centimeter every year. it's taken thousands of years to grow to this size. it's wood is the hardest and densest in the world. and the name ion, which i even one from the ground, it's still managing to make the longest life difficult. the sheer weight of the tree is driving the pull towards the ravine.
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the even in the cages, the drivers have to be careful that you know they just provide them up with that company. mm. the moving the trunk is proving to be a big challenge, especially as the bulldozer is now stuck to free at the forest once again to pay
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a heavy price. i know the tree is felled. to help slide the logs onto the truck. the battle between wood and feel last more than an hour. i me
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the youth is heading elsewhere to load up 10 tons of iron woods. but the rain has transformed the trucks into muddy trenches. this journey promises to be especially difficult, as it will be, tackling completely unexplored tracks.
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yelling at me. the bull doza devours everything in its path, creating a trail for the drive and another, but not monday. let me know, but you got to buy up each new track brings its own unknown dangerous. according to the driver, they have never been any debt,
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but many in the each one of them except the risk as an occupational hazard. the drivers on a fixed salary with added bonuses, if they manage to transport more words than expected. it's not looking promising. for today's bonus, the driver bring back bad news. the road is inaccessible. unless the drivers use this technique nicknamed the conga,
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use this return journey promises to be event, feel take on the same route in the opposite direction. fully loaded, transporting the joint would log to the river by ah
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i said you don't have to go in and bring down the money the money you can do with me
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even on the most dangerous journey use of thinks of his family some 5000 kilometers away in indonesia, the stuff on promoting today's journey is over. you said the log he delivered the journey is just beginning
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the tomorrow. they will take a completely different route to reach the sea and the shipping port. ah off the 10 hours of driving and logging, the men are exhausted. deep in the middle of the forest, temperatures average around 30 degrees celsius. the humidity, a suffocating, 80 percent. it going? oh, nice mark. if you do that almost now, i'm going to stop by
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a lot of a lot of my head around the guy. i'm not the one that runs with them, but nothing in that i'm i'm not moving about not doing it but didn't finish. and a lot of them do and then in a moment, i don't know. i mean i'm what i would benefit from you john. stupid it up with another with the when the dog monday level in
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the there are thousands of tons of tree trunk piled on this we're transporting them requires massive quantities of petrol, inexpensive option. instead the logs will complete the journey to the shipping ports by water. a small outboard motor to keep it moving forward. this job is for the hill and river dwelling tribe . it takes considerable know how the ropes holding the rock together can easily trap their hands and feet. the
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body shop for nothing. you're telling me what to sit on. ready yeah, yeah, we shall on i the river itself can present different challenges. there are twists and tongue and the current can be unpredictable. the small engine is struggling. i eventually gives them time to run hot now,
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but i'll be been given there until the with him and you could oh yeah. hello. yeah. my banana gotcha. are you here? i don't you need to be able to get us at the lot of you need to have you decide to
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move on i guess once an hour mobile so i should, i never did it just had to be more that in the depth by me on this day close to 30 rocks, i headed down the river. ah, and what many describe as an ecological massacre? forestry companies are the ones who profit most oil palm plantations, and residential communities, often replace the d forested areas. sometimes mother nature seems to exact
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a little revenge. was 20 years ago, a housing development around a 100 houses built was completely swept away by a hurricane and huge waves the that's prompted, i guess say the property developer to make a change. the bar wasn't during and they're actually in a on what should the construct trash i'm going to be going along but long but i come up to the next. got on with that are going to need much of into instead of rebuilding the houses, the builder decided to start gardening. after removing the rubble,
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i guess they read planted hundreds of thousands of trees. they now from a green barrier preventing the erosion of the coast michigan and i'm going to get a little bit. yeah. gosh, i don't, i got that because i got your mind got back. i'm to sit down. have you stopped at the why? what name did you are calling about either because it
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started in our come way i do. i got to be done in i guess philip is housing development. within a few months it took him 20 years to replant $100.00 hector mangrove. new ground a bit worse. but we're going to be in today, i'm a born use and demick pounds and animals i once again starting to return to the area, i am doing that family calling my bunch from the i love to brush you down to keep on right. but not going on or make another one. yeah. but yeah,
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great. i see it. do you know how to run until you can come down to montana, indonesia, mac and leah? ah, more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leo we follow the citizens of this war to a nation as they pushed the limits for supplies. risking is sierra leo. on al jazeera news, news,
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news, news that amber and russians closed in parliament re election in the president, putin 21 year grip on power. the listening post dissects the media, how they operate, the stories they cover, and the reason why the 911 talk to all of the world, 20 years on the war that followed had finally ended and i've done it. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on ask, and help you and history through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it . germany goes to the poles and elections of the angle, america replace up to 15 years in power. what would the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera frank assessment by where it went. it was awesome again,
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freedom, the press, welcome again, freedom of expression, it's a weapon to get a human life. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places the state are really invest in that. and that's the privilege. as a journalist, let me taliban battle fight. as a ne afghan is done in a bit to take over the last pocket of resistance against the good. we're looking at what actions, what policies? any new afghan government pursues the us secretary of state, anthony blink, and expressed his concern about the formation of a ton of bond government. the.


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