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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2021 2:30am-3:00am AST

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the capacity of the human species to innovate is enormous, which is going to hold. once more we are reminded that it is humanity that by diversity is biggest threat, rory, talents out his era. our stunt pilot from italy. he has proved that tunnels aren't just for trains and cars that he acosta has become the 1st person in the world to fly a plane through 2 tunnels. incredible feet to place in turkey, flew through the 2nd tunnel at an average speed of 245 kilometers per hour. all flight last thing. just 44 seconds. ah. all right, let's get around them. now the top stories on the 1st civilian flight has left cobbles airport. since the taliban took over afghanistan, the airport hadn't been running since the last us troops left last week. repairs
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been carried out with the help of cutler and turkey. humanitarian aid from katara as arrived into cobble airport. the united nations has warned afghanistan is on the verge of a food crisis. while the taliban is still trying to form a new government. fighting is continuing in the pen. she valley the last area, not on the hollow bond control the national resistance front. so they pushed the taliban back. a saudi led coalition fighting the hootie rebels in yemen, says it has intercepted 3 miss all attacks. they targeted demand in the all rich eastern region of saudi arabia, as well as jesus and nigerian close to the border with yemen in the south. syrian government forces have shelby southern rebel held enclave of there are a valid injuring civilians. it follows a 3 day sci fi, which so russian military patrol, the rebels stronghold. but people in that i'll say the government did not allow in aid. iran's president says his country is ready to revive talks on the 2015 nuclear
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deal, but not on the west and freshen talks have been paused since june and then the lawn care them to more to man. i've said previously that we will definitely have negotiations. you know, order of business, but not with the pressure that the other parties are pursuing. this pressure has failed before the americans in european to experience multiple times that these negotiations along with pressure do not work. what we are pursuing in these talks is the listing of the cool sanction lebanon's deepening economic crisis has led to a thawing of relations with syria over a few import deal. egyptian gas will be imported to jordan and used to make electricity, which will then flow through the syrian grid to lebanon. the us backs the plan, despite its sanctions against serious government. those, all the headlines europe, today, we're back in off now, right now. witness. on accounting, the costs china designs on the indian ocean bay. james investing millions in the
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last 3 months in august on can india account to china? geo. political and economic might last a referendum in berlin district for landlord of tens of thousands of hope. counting the cost on, i'll just 0 i me ah ah
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ah ah no official coming to remit and she will dance. patricia no initial proposal to catch a fresh chill a service petition. yes. wed tuition for just go to
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you of the people news until 11. i did okay, so can you prove to pay for on the smith of hong bodies? pocket colonel, don't you know, why don't you, mam? or market dean affect the motion of his bus. it is the elite. and normally we didn't, and about the mom that was don't couple of them, it's gone advocate peg on us, you know, with the definite dismissal on a chauffeur for his own firm over there. what you wanted me to us, you know,
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cuz either way is going off on this bus, you have to add a new laugh as to where the business of his sacrifice georgia mom nuclear for me need a clock to dip with you. and the door comes from you is is off to sleep case in this order, let me look to zillow, ill, professional obvious illnesses. show me jamie janice,
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the cracks as you book the e might be, oh no she would. anybody got them? i got that on the, on the see the the you become deal should be what, why do you, do you need to know about
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the me a moment. let me leave you a well attributed to michael jackson. he was this guy who's clever young. i'll have that, you show me new shocks. he got me with donald been,
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won't you have to skip was today fairly fair because i was going to i lead lovey with amazon. look look awfully good. skip. was she the aim was, you know, in this lonely, sunk, it was mars nick on a good line. amir can my gaze when i said she was alone that, that even though both of us for him, i was just a minute. i really don't know. what do
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i live? it gets to the community. oh it is unit of it was fun. all right. all right, so if i were to do it in so it's not good. so now we're just going yes ma'am. and to follow up with the put off by the moon because shot the pin to do with by the she still use both job and now i think she found a gym. somebody might not want. so i did want to be
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clear on the computer to the punkin most could you give me my love show up in the middle. okay. let him up. generally sound posted on avenue because he seen off it was on tv and on settle ship. i did receive my bill so i can pay money for all didn't don't go casey, that somebody was never in need is don't belong. i need to write it down quite a bit of cheese to fish after i watch for
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josh, i fuck it hunting. if i was young solar, you conduct our list and offer them in the country. you wanna ship our tech to come down. it will ship i me ah ah ah, i montgomery come on, i don't you just money you none that me frontage him. you're not going to be greeted or will forget her. got it yet so that you could little you
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are you have to we go oh you oh my oh so no talk. you know how many more to fuel your ah ah oh, he likes relax. i live
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where the question is, why you can this is a monday as if someone did, you know, really by law may come up almo gonzales, even live, but new to the movie producers who live eyes on case keepers gallon. he. oh goodness, luna del account cuz don't forget to do glendale tell if i see a please on the have a copy. okay. ship and well, the reason for the recycle of the one of his above his actual person. and if i told him this just slight buses, vasa, by the excuse phase, we're in my see of me that makes up the all the funny on the,
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even though the movie for the whole as the wonderful saturday for the service. awful dicky billy bits lucky lose your think it for every just only with your marks if it's fast enough but you do it. the humanoid them looking for is going to derrick isn't of in, you know, built all the name is keep available like size, but they also also will the flu and actual additional to the luckless welly, to accessible because most of you know, so just delivered you minimal to his kid, he went to the oak. dizzy measure to be muttered warsaw upon the humorous related human i found you ville
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emphasis. just bunch of them will just destroy leoni cars, aren't since until i hear from the end, the bluetooth man. this is jessica islam in seminar faith in each of the pursuit uses and he says that the us yes, yes. i miss with another 14 year soccer that i know they want to film in the country. me
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the the the i me ah, nissan nissan that you, i seen the think i gotta take, you must restart. i need you enjoy the book and say to me i
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have to 15 minutes of execution. then perfect, new york city, norma, and almost one pick one to be set in weekend with us as long as you want that it is . can you tell you the honda? let me play with mud only for setup issues. if then one of the palace meet between perfect of us can have, you know, capital needs for the place of a non placebo key for a bucket for, you know, if you want to complain about this quote, don't be the emperor mister founding your school. hello. well,
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why transition put down upon the back and i for the level to look with honda the longer nikki. so i picked key so i picked the so i picked was have if his father let me pull it on it point to mac highlands. the funny as chris was havoc. okay, so if he did for you scans for landry libby thank you. he said the mileage you should i kept says i can't always are much higher than he did this, beverly, me moisture and why?
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why nurse, i why i need for monday, we feel like she the sickle, the pool you to pull you meet, she's minimal, she should it all or do you do my last maybe to little up it if i'm in the mid thought, which will make it look like, why don't chris's potter really do? i mean, i mean divani is all functionalities to try to call me holly shop me when you quit
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was in law was 64. why more? with martha as if i can a 15 year old while car. as you can see, i coming opinion of me. me quite a book like apology, a fan of izzy. in front of it is a physical damage on the coma. on medical, on a pasco mark long, this is jessica ship, read the memoir due to be 111, which is the end of 2 years or so just, you know, get experience non here, find me 12 hours on sunday capacity one. if possible. and i wanted to
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i a the me, when you come back you my or
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my job forgot pictures falls some or if information or if you will, we offer. okay. the reason why i'm calling you to see if you want to, but if you have a concern, i suppose we should point out because i was born in foster parent and
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i failed to send you all to special tonight that they needed. so we needed to, i mean a, our new one goes over, i think, which was a lie. so i think over by when, if i can. yeah. so i'll go in find out too much to me. oh wow. and she had come us to proceed. let us know and we will shoot back
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more clue not more early. so i'm not sure who knows, you know, but you don't want to move to don't worry about was a way to new orleans to atlanta with someone soon while these all fall in
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the in the morning. so my best of as well. ah
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ah ah ah ah nice book record ah ah ah ah ah,
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ah, this isn't my story. it's the story of my friend jesus. she told us that she didn't want to be here. she didn't want to live anymore. was too hard. a survivor dedicates her life to educating and saving others from suicide. we're the ones that are dying, where the ones that are losing our friends, and therefore we have to be the ones that will stand up and solve it because no one else is going to. where there is hope, a witness documentary on a just, you know, i
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around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence the controls. faking algorithms that are being developed and designed to push the content that says click me every click we make is the value, the source officer. what. what ends in the 3rd of a 5 last series raise in mexico. examining how the propaganda and proper shape contact all hail the algorithm on just the part of the time. both must always love. we are the, was reveling the extra mile there are the media. don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. in 1985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you're gone solve the problem by removing the guy, then you could keep 36 years on a family's quest for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. they must all be convicted for taking my
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father away from me and exposes the influence. the former a part i just stablished, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this of people empower investigation on al jazeera ah . the 1st batch of international aid arrives in afghanistan as cobble airport reopened for commercial flights. on the brink of collapse, afghan, as far as health care system, under stress from a severe cache crony ah, on having speaker, this is a live from.


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