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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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it shocked the world and change the us forever. but after a vengeful war and african, it's done. how much has changed? and at what cost? al jazeera looks back on 20 years since the $911.00 attacks. ah guinea as president african day is held by special forces. soldiers on television, say they dissolve the constitution. video is released showing president on the, surrounded by special forces. his whereabouts are unknown. ah, you're watching old, is there a lie for my headquarters in delphi and a navigator also aheads renewed fighting and i've got to stand pens. your valley
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overshadows the taliban efforts to form a new government. the resistance forces oppose its rule. protest, summer block failed to stop in duration of the new head bishop for the serbian orthodox church in montenegro. ah, hello. we begin with breaking news out of jinny, where a group of soldiers have detained president of the con day and they've dissolved the constitution appearing on state television. the soldiers have asked the country to rally behind their coup attempt. because i want to see the up to date. so we have decided to dissolve the constitution because we will write a constitution together all of guinea. we will bring together the 4 regions to the diaspora and have inclusive consultations to decide the future of this country. they also release video of president's office on day surrounded by special forces
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personnel. it remains unclear where the presidency is being held and who has control of the country. the earlier have gunfire was heard near the presidential palace, but guineas defense ministry, which is loyal to president con. they says it repelled the attack by special forces . the military husband deployed on the streets in his urging people to stay home. this is the presidential palace in the kaluan business district and cannot cree heavily or, and soldiers have been seen the area. the exact whereabouts are president con, there are unknown. it was earlier reported he was near the presidential palace hotel, calhoun. while there been celebrations and parts of cannot cri with strong opposition supports, there are still anger less than a year after president africa, and they want a controversial 3rd term usa bozza journalist in guinea and has this update from cannot cree. this is charlotte right now. is betty betty confusing?
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the coup fitment? oh, by the national television show support. i was thinking too because i'm so used and now dancing, welcoming day brought us the message about the defense minister just now it's very, very confusing because the team off do we are not all of the center. this is true to the city. i've been divided one party support in the proton up parties. classes between both 5. it's very, very difficult on that's exactly what he's talking about as far as what i did going to for the baby to call to say now. but i know that when i most of went on the computer because he says that sound is why you buy one of the men, but it's too bad. i call a com summary. com summary. while he was the contact
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was the come where he was living dot com. yeah, i was very close to the yeah. what's the president shut down? this is also a drop down to center phone. so we don't know exactly what's happening because the presidential god is mix god. because you have the special said that the presidential god so called what me the presidential god, we don't have to support the special force because the outcome in the same uniform current defend barrett. anybody confusing to see what's received for this 44 hours. but for this week, we usually go out to the street to stop as it goes, i'm not seeing any john down around. he's one of the military pupils of the south driving around center or west africa correspondent nicholas hack is monitoring the latest development from the car in senegal. what happened last week at the,
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at the parliament where some had a salary increase, others had a cut in their wages, was just the drop that made the cup spill. there was a lot of people disgruntled with the current economic situation and their circumstances. and this really started last year and the election in which president of, con, they had tweet the constitution, allowing him to run for a 3rd mandate despite widespread protest across the nation. and we saw security forces then use heavy handedness, fight shooting, live rounds towards protesters. and these are protests, there's members of civil society, the opposition, and just regular get in. and so these, these are the scenes of, of the security forces, shooting on protectors, just fermented even more discontent among people. and despite his assurances that
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he would lead dialogue in conversations and try to unite the country, it seems that this country is ever so more divided 1st on the ethnic front of a cone days, a 1000000 k list 1000000 k hold senior position in office in a country where the philosophies make up the majority and in fact the united nations office for the prevention of genocide had, had really warned and asked the president to tone down his ethnic rhetoric. but then there's also, quite frankly, a division between those enriching themselves in a country where most live on less than $2.00 a day. the un secretary general has tweeted about the parents cou in guinea. he says, i am personally following the situation in guinea very closely. i strongly condemn any takeover of the government by force of the gun and call for the immediate release of president alpha on de what more now on the president himself. and he 1st came to power in 2010 in the countries 1st democratic elections since independence
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from france in 1958 con. the victory was seen as a break from a history of military coups and authoritarian rule. he went on to secure a 2nd 5 year term and 2015 backed by his melancholy ethnic group that makes up about 30 percent of the population. accommodate face the series of protests for pushing through constitutional changes to secure a 3rd term in office last year. he argued that the to term limit didn't apply, claiming the new constitution put the clock back to 0. opponents accused him of intimidating voters. marie roget body was ceo of africa international media group. she explains what could have driven the leader of the special forces to stage this a parent's coup. dearly the security forces the right, as you have pointed out, but we are the one leading the game. and is
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wondering if the leader in the background is to say that what we know is actually the, the head of the mission forces. we are either one leading the mr. my, my do, we're had arguments with the minister of the st. he's been involved in a, in a huge repression in that being 2008 or something in a stage. and where in the, during the transition government where the military raped remained by killing people. he was using trauma, traumatic experience for people in genie. and that many have been seeking just miss it. we are 11 was one of the guys who was called by people to respond to just because he's been involved in that and,
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and surely a part of the grievances in, in there who up to date, ah, the leader of the national resistance front says he's willing to stop fighting the taliban if they withdraw from the passenger valley, there's been heavy fighting in the mountainous region north of the capitol, where opposition forces are battling the taliban. the national resistance, france is made up of militias and former african security force members. both sides claim they have inflicted heavy losses. a top u. s. general has war and there's a chance of a broader civil war. charles stratford has more from capital. there has been heavy fighting of the last 24 hours or so. we've spoken to sources in that area. they're telling us that the n r f a saying that they have taken captive hundreds of tale,
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bone prisoners apparently. and there is no way that we can independently confirm this. the solid bond were taken by surprise having crossed the bridge in an an area called don suck, at which point, according to this, so saying that they were then surrounded by the riff. and the bridge was blown up. some of the n r f. very well armed, we were there the day before yesterday speaking to locals. who said that to the build up to the thought about taking control of cobble they had seen lots of weapons go into the valley. analysts say that the n r f, which are predominately made up of former a. i see i've got national army soldiers, militias, and an ethnic minority in that valley made up of topics. and these analysts to saying that they build up a weapons has been going on for years, their growing phase about the estimated 15200000 people inside
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the valley. and all communication has been cut off. we also know that the taliban, so we've been told to talk about a cut the electricity as well. so it is very difficult to get independent verification of exactly what's going on. katara has become a major transit point for refugees. fleeing of done is done, and it's using accommodation meant for the fif of football world cup next year to how's them as a big reports just a few minutes drive away from the heart of gutters, capital doha. this residential compound is now hosting african refugees. the accommodation was meant for visitors during the fif of football world cup next year . but the situation in afghanistan has changed quickly, causing many to flee. those arriving here are given health checks capital for them to move to the corner. there is a clinic operating around the clock and a p. c. r. examination. this compound containing a mosque was closed. but we opened it because our afghan brothers wanted to pray.
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and for the occasion the 1st friday prayer was held yesterday. but there has been at the center of diplomatic efforts with the taliban, who are now in power enough harnessed on and it was also closely involved in evacuating people from cobbled airport, one of the largest humanitarian evacuations in history. the united nations and fif appraised its involvement. it's impressive. it's amazing that cutter is doing this, and capital has done so much from hosting the talks here for so long from helping now to build the lift for humanitarian supplies to start going back into afghanistan. and for helping in many, many different ways to help resolve the conflict for the benefit of its people. the fact that this compound has been able to be transformed into a home for people from ganley's time for transitional period is something that, of course, filled with joy. the united states and european countries are also being asked to
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host refugees. but for now, it's the host nation for the foot will, will come in 2022. that's making its new facilities available for command can release the i said big i just 0 don't still ahead on al jazeera, we're selling and syria is rebel held enclave and despite a russian broker ceasefire agreement, we look at what's driving the ongoing fighting there. why china is imposing new rules and removing celebrities from this spotlight. ah hello, good to see you. it's all about the heat across the middle east, as you might expect, that some of these places are well above average, so i don't want to keep you hanging. we're talking about q $849.00 degrees,
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your september average is $38.00, but we've got a small wind here, so that's coming out of the northwest and that's going to swirl around the sand and dust. and the days ahead, you know, for pakistan settled both for the south and also toward the north, but we may see some wet weather leak in here for the hor, with the height of 35 degrees. it stumble. make it a thunder storm. but i think the bigger story here is those brisk winds through the black sea coming through the boss for us. and over the next few days. assemble could see those winds crank up to about 5055 kilometers per our temperatures. however, our rate where they should be for this time of the year, tropics of africa, as you might expect, we've cut her storms come in and go and pretty good batch of what weather rolling through the democratic republic of congo. on monday, we had disturbed weather for the western cape. it's now transferred to the eastern cape and durban. it's going to drop temperatures for some of us including johannesburg. but meantime, cape town, your temperatures are on the rise will get you up to 23 degrees on thursday with
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a mix of sun in cloud that your weather update will see again soon. the news up to more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge sincerely. we follow the citizens of this war to a nation because they pushed the limits for survived. risking is sierra leo on al jazeera o.
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a hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the sour, several soldiers in guinea had declared on state television that they detained president of the count in dissolved the constitution of the country to rally behind their attend images. a president of the con, they appeared on social media. it's unclear whether con day is still in control of the country. earlier, have gone, fire was heard near the presidential power. the battle for control, if i've done it sounds, pens, your valley is intensifying and overshadowing efforts to form a new government. more fierce fighting is reported between the national resistance front on taliban forces with both claiming to have the upper hand. the inauguration of an orthodox church leader and montenegro has gone ahead despite protests, demonstrators blocked roads and fought with police before the ceremony. opponent see the church as
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a symbol of creeping serbian influence. 15 years after montenegro became independent. davis ravi reports police and protesters fight in the montenegrin capital of the tenure. demonstrations against the duration of the new head of the serbian orthodox church. fascism, fascism, pure, fascism, their secretary and gang colorado. this was the true tear us. it's all for no reason. they were not over $5000.00 of us in the sense that in front of them, one of 3 they to tear gus all the time. and visa didn't see anything. montenegro declared independence from serbia in 2006 following years of ethnic violence and political turmoil triggered by the breakup of the former yugoslavia. but the serbian orthodox church still represents the country's dominant religion. and the 10 year old, serbian capital remains a cultural center for serbians inside months of the ceremony to inaugurate
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a new church leader. reopening old wounds. it's difficult to find the serbian priests who kill have of yugoslavia. montenegrins who opposed ties with serbia say the serbian orthodox church does not serve their interests and is influenced by belgrade. protest are set up roadblocks to the monastery to keep church and stay dignitaries away, but failed to stop the ceremony. the new church leader acknowledged the deep divisions or boston forgive us for a lot of inconvenience and divisions seen here since last night. these divisions were artificially provoked, and we have done everything to prevent them and to remove. but it will take us a long time. nearly a 3rd of montenegro, 620000 people consider themselves serves. some, refused to acknowledge montenegro independence and oppose montenegrins who want an independent orthodox church to replace the serbian rival political parties. stoke
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tensions by backing activists on either side of the controversy. the ascension of a new religious leader. now a flash point for ethnic tensions in an ongoing conflict over national identity is in basra, b o 0. now to iraq, where there had been 2 attacks on security forces, blamed on eyesore. at least 12 police officers were killed when their checkpoint was attacked near the northern city of kirk cook. 3 soldiers were killed in a separate incident near mosul. my mother in law had, has more from baghdad. there is heavy military presence in russia area and southern nuclear cook photo and the attack the twin attack by iceland. the idea that killed 12, the federal police, individuals injured the others and one for the police individual is still missing this according to security sources. and can cook. now the area in there are a shad is very difficult which help isolate launching multiple attack starting
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think for the police. and also at that follows the sweep operation by the federal police that led to the apprehension of military commanders isolate commander in the area. and that's probably the reason why they came in under under attack by iso militants in the area. remember this area isis ice, the militants have been launching multiple attacks, talking security forces including federal police and also a popular mobilization forces in the area. over the past 2 years, syrian government forces have, shall, the southern rebel held enclave of that are enduring civilians. it follows a 3 day seas fire brokered by russia after weeks of attacks on the area. the truth was meant to allow aid in, but people in dare say supplies haven't arrived and accused government forces of trying to take control. so we'll take
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a closer look at why that is important. the city has strategic and symbolic significance that are borders, jordan and is also close to the is really occupied goal and heights. so also where protests lead to the uprising in syria and 2011 rebels seize control effect during the decade long war. but after weeks of fighting, the russia back government reach a control in 2018 since then, data has seen regular attacks. at least 38000 people have been displaced in the past month. that's according to the un. president's assets forces have been accused of blocking food and medical supplies. but one calon is the head of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies in doha. he explains what's been happening on the ground since a 2018 says fire deal in the area. there was an agreement that was signed by the russians, the americans and the job damian's in 2018 that has actually allowed the city of the ship to take control of more of this,
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of this area and exchange for excluding back from actually taking biking. position and so that was issues actually here the board does with justin and is ready for the use. there have been some sort of assisting help of this to agreements on both sides. but in the recent, in recent weeks actually that she decided that they should actually take control of actually still head by dock by the opposition. the 2000 in agreement. if only life weapons in the hands of the position, it's actually post the post them to, to, to start under their, their heavy work including the dance and the machine. but now that he actually is finding a golden opportunity to take control of the whole area. and so forth,
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the opposition into something, even the life weapons that are still keeping in in the area right now right now. and are trying to broker and agreement between the city and, and the opposition. and the 60 to actually to do saw last wednesday. hundreds of thousands of farmers have rallied in northern india calling on the government to repeal laws, which they say are damaging their livelihoods. they fear the laws fail to guarantee minimum prices and leave them with little bargaining power against big retailers. probably much, all reports the and with that cause farmers in india upping the ante. hundreds of thousands of them gather and was up. and again, 3 oz drive away from new delhi. it's the largest rallies and farmers began protesting
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last november and come 6 months ahead of state elections. farmers have been protesting for 9 months, but the government is nothing he to the concerns. well, the government is behaving like their dictators. they're not listening and are making left difficult for farmers. the farmers are not getting the right price for their produce. the price of sugar cane hasn't increased in 5 years, but the price of fuel and electricity has doubled, inflation is shooting through the roof. the b j. p claims farmers incomes have doubled. what method are they using? they should tell us the reposing 3 agriculture laws passed by prime minister and rains or movies government last year. the pharmacy, the rules will damage their livelihood and favor be cooperation. they want them repealed 11 rounds of talk between farmers union and the government have failed to resolve the candle. and several people were injured in violence last week when police broke up a street in stage by farmers in the northern state of her yanna. mo,
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these pottage and the party says the farmers have little backing, do they have their my support? i said no. because because look at the look at the level of participation. yes, but i did participation. you have by dissertation by force, in terms of block it, of roads, or if you are perpetrating violence like what happened in the protesters are now making their fight against the b g, b government, an election issue as a go rise real cod between hindus and muslims. in moves offer and go in west and the position that benefited the b j. b, which both to power at the center and the state with the backing of the him. the vote with this rally that community is trying to men bridges with the muslim leak and b j be ahead of post. next february, many political analysts say the b j b has lost significant support because of the dispute. what the farmers, so the people belong to john community,
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which are the dominant phase in 3 class in the u. b. and they have a very sizable presence in almost 6070 assembly constructed invest in you. and if you look at the voting by them to look at the little vertical verdict of 2017 assembly elections, they have worked there for be dipping a very large number. the mass gathering math, the start of the new phase. in the protests, the pharma said they won't back down onto the demands are met. and they have called for a national shot down on september 25th. pardon me at the al jazeera was offering to publish. when as well as government says negotiations with the opposition to resolve the countries long running political crisis are making progress. a 2nd round of talks is being held in mexico last week. the opposition agree to take part in regional and municipal elections set for november. it once guarantees the vote will be free and fair. president nicholas maduro, says international sanctions need to be relaxed. exam all we update,
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and we are very attentive that all the economic guarantees that have been cut off blocked and stolen from the venezuelan government a restored this is a good opportunity for the people of our country to recover their right to economic freedom. the right to constitutional order, so that no one should ever have to leave here sort of thing. but i know these early agreements will seek to lessen the crisis, but the crisis has severe underline problems. the model failed in venezuela, which does not recognize the democratic and constitutional order with the rescue of democratic constitutionality. we will be able to solve the immense economic problems in our countries experiencing. hundreds of protesters and argentina have rally to denounce the government's handling of the pandemic demonstrators. and what if i raise laid out rocks representing some of the people who have died. 112000 have lost their lives to cope 19 despite argentina imposing one of the world strict,
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this locked down, china government is cracking down on its entertainment industry. it wants to remove what it calls negative and chaotic influences in order to promote socialist values . it's targeting celebrity fan clubs, online gaming, and l g b t 2 i groups. katrina, you reports from beijing. millions of young fans loyal to famous actors and sing as our lucrative force in china's entertainment industry. now celebrity fan club has become the latest target of government regulators. authorities has banned activities, which encourage fans to spend money on their favorite stock. online celebrity rankings, and discussions about the salaries are also prohibited state media newspaper. the global times says fan clubs could be used to manipulate lines and split chinese society. mega rich entertainers have been criticized and punished to the tax evasion and other undesirable behaviors. the moves are part of aging efforts to
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promote chinese socialist values among young people and cracked down on so called negative influences and entertainment culture. it follows the announcement of new rules limiting how much time young people can spend playing online video games. matos can now log on for 3 hours a week, maximum, and only on weekends. aging says the cubs unnecessary to calm that gaming and internet addiction, the critic se it'll do the opposite. a prominent i don't think the new regulation makes any sense to help teenagers or for the less access you get, the more curious you will be on the surface. these changes seem like rules designed to stop unhealthy or obsessive behaviors among young people. but for the chinese communist party, it's much more, it sees the entertainment industry as an ideological battle ground that needs to be kept in check. regulators have also been the portrayal of
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a feminine men. an online l g p t q i. communities have been censored. activists are main, says the government is actively trying to mold the identity of young chinese hash. you or even the government wants a traditional image for its people. not taught diverse one to one. i think this really limits the imagination and creativity of the young people. it shows the societies become less accepting to those who are different and others like him are worried. there are more changes ahead and the freedom of chinese youth will increasingly be replaced by the agenda for the communist government. katrina, you al jazeera beijing. ah . hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, several soldiers in guinea had declared on state television that they've detained president of the country and dissolve the constitution. they asked the country to
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rally behind them. images of president con, they appeared on social media. it's unclear whether he's still in.


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