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my name, is it possible for you specially miss dungeon? nothing. mind i do they are women are strong with my my dear on i do there ah, play an important role checking human. ringback face in the news guineas, military leaders declare a nationwide curfew after detaining president alpha con day and seizing power celebrations on the street. so can i agree in support of the union military when a regional brock has threatened sanction? ah,
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but i'm having to think of this is a live from the house are coming up, the leader of the afghan opposition group resisting tyler bond forces says he's ready for talks to end the fighting health regulators cold foul on the page while argentina and brazil woke up qualified with cold off ah, the soldiers have detained guineas, president alpha con day, in a coo and close the countries borders. the military leaders say conduct has not been home. they have announced the dissolution of the government and the constitution. the gentle lead is replace regional governance with military commanders and impose the nationwide curfew. the west african economic block eco s has condemned the military takeover and is threatening to impose sanctions. nicholas hawk reports from dot com in senegal. not in his usual
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presidential attire. mobile phone video, the 83 year old president appears the shoveled. he's being detained by the countries special force men meant to protect him. now hold him in custody one soldier asked him, have you been beaten or injured? no, he said on national television, cool leader, maddie, doom bu. younger, a former french legionnaire, now head of the country, special forces says the borders are closed and the constitution dissolved con day has been deposed. that one is actually up when the personalization of politics of political life is over. we will no longer entrust politics to a man. we will entrusted to the people who become only for that it is the duty of a soldier to save the country. the only thing that motivates us is that we are going to put in place a system that does not exist and we must have all the better the system together. more. while there has been celebrations in some neighborhoods in the capital
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around the presidential palace gunfire and explosion were heard with men in uniform, asking residents to stay indoors. alpha con, they won last october as presidential election amid widespread protest. he mended the constitution, allowing him to run for a 3rd mandate. the outcome was disputed by the opposition and members of civil society. ah, courses fired live rooms to disperse the demonstrators, french president, my colon, huge con, they have grabbing power with neighboring synagogue and guinea be south closing their borders, leaving the president increasingly isolated. the country has been accused by critics the corruption and profiting from the mineral rich country while leaving the citizens in poverty. clearly, the secret to the right. as you have pointed out, but we are the one leading the and is wondering
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if the leader in the background is too early to say that last week out to con, they asked the parliament to raise the budget for the president while reducing budgets and wages of the civil servants and members of the security forces during a further discontent, especially among the ranks of the armed forces. after 11 years in power thwarting numerous attempts alpha come to appears meek and humiliated. no longer in power in a country in chaos faced with uncertainty. nicholas hawk al jazeera again in journalist the use of the bar has this update from cannot creep up to. now the president is going to handle the special false i'm. they said, if i didn't, the 6 is going to off when the president getting else to go to walk model
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or government authority report to more defined event. anybody will refuse to go to take, especially the room in the special ed will be at rest just now committed most looking to will be john at least i don't do national tv show tonight. do we have the coffee? they said yes. so this school is not submitted to court, this is what it people to free to people were suffering. so they're all giving us the support that you said you're getting the support from the public. everybody's in line with the pool. it goes up to now did you call people? so mary asked when the street still dancing. welcome individually and there's no military patrol industry. nobody's working history there by 7. what is the model? so you go to work tomorrow, definitely 100 percent the minute job. so see that everybody's in support of the time when we're simple change most of the input change. so this is
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exactly what happens of the un secretary general. antonio gutierrez has tweeted about the qu in guinea. he says, i am personally following the situation in guinea very closely. i strongly condemn any takeover of the government by force of the gun and call for the immediate release of president of candidate while quasi o say is professor of history and political science at delaware state university. he says, as of now, the crew is a popular uprising, and citizens are behind colonel doing williams. don't forget, general is a condiment. he was placed in charge of the special forces and specially trained to protect con day. so i think it's important to understand why perhaps the country seems to stand behind him because he is considered a candidate person and he believes that this is what they need to do,
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then perhaps that's why they're following him. so our sources say that in spite of the a you echo was requests for them to go back to the virus. it's not working, it's not being heard and get it and people are behind them. but we just have to look next door tamales to find out what happened in money and could be one for, for example, we're talking about situations where sitting president for their way into unconstitutional 3rd terms. and we know what happens in molly, we still have the military control, they're still discussing what to do next. in miami, i believe that is precisely, we're going to happen again. you know right now there's no question that is in charge and neither the fact so sections on those sanctions that they would
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have to talk to. and more importantly, they would have to take the measure of the country. and it is clear that it is a popular uprising at least of the moment. i am the leader of the opposition go resisting taliban forces in afghanistan. punch you valley says he's willing to stop fighting. if it withdraws. battles have been raging in the mountainous region north of the capital for days. now, the national resistance front of afghan install is made up of malicious and former african security forces. led by mad masood both sides claim they have inflicted heavy losses since the fighting intensified earlier this week. a spokesman for the anti taliban resistance front has been killed in pan she, a valley they say for him, dusty was killed while fighting on sunday. he was a prominent media figure in afghanistan and the nephew of de la de la,
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the former governments chief executive, charles stratford has more now from campbell. there has been heavy fighting of the last 24 hours or so. we've spoken to sources in that area. they're telling us that the n r f a saying that they have taken captive hundreds of tale bone prisoners apparently. and there is no way that we can independently confirm this. the solid bond were taken by surprise. having crossed the bridge in an, an area called don suck, at which point, according to the saw saying that they were then surrounded by the, in our riff. and the bridge was blown up. sort of the n r f are very well armed. we were there the day before yesterday speaking to locals, who said that to the build up to the thought about taking control of cobble. they had seen lots of weapons go into the valley. analysts say that the n r f, which are predominantly made up of former a. i. c, i got national army soldiers,
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militias, and an ethnic minority in that valley made up of topics. and these analysts the saying that they build up a weapons has been going on for years. they're growing phase about the estimated 15200000 people inside the valley. and all communication has been cut off. we also know that the child about so we, we told the child about the electricity as well. so it is very difficult to get independent verification of exactly what's going on. a top taliban officials have held talks with the united nations humanitarian relief coordinator in cobble martin griffin. i met with taliban co founder mala, but other and other members of the group, the you and says, the focus of the meeting was resolving afghanistan's humanitarian crisis. the envoy call for all civilians, especially women girls and minorities to be protected. more meetings are expected
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in the coming days. a po process has urged countries around the world to accept afghan refugees received mom in the punches. in these moments of hero, in which afghans are thinking refuge, i pray for the most vulnerable among them. but i pray that many countries welcome them and protect those who are seeking a new life. most people also pray for the internally displaced, so that they have helpless and necessary protection. my young afghans receive an education which is an essential good for human development. and that's all afghans, both at home and in transit hubs and in host countries, made living dignity and peace and prosperity with their neighbors. the white house chief of staff, is at least a 100 americans remain in afghanistan. ron clain told us, mediate with the help of kata, they will try to evacuate americans when international flights resume. we're
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hopeful that in the coming days, the guitars will be able to resume air service article. and if they do, we're obviously going to look to see if americans can be part of those flights. we're going to find ways to get them the ones that want to leave to get them out of afghanistan. we know many of them have family members, many of them want to stay, but the ones that want to leave, we're going to get them out. a cutter has become a major transit point for refugees fleeing afghanistan, and it's using accommodation meant for football as well. come next year to house them. i said bag reports just a few minutes drive away from the heart of gutters, capital doha. this residential compound is now hosting african refugees. the accommodation was meant for visitors during the fif of football world cup next year . but the situation in afghanistan has changed quickly, causing many to flee. those arriving here are given health checks capital for the month term or whatnot. there is a clinic operating around o'clock in a p,
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c. r. examination. this compound containing a mosque was closed. but we opened it because our african brothers wanted to pray. and for the occasion the 1st friday prayer was held yesterday. but there has been at the center of diplomatic efforts with the taliban, who are now in power enough harnessed on. and it was also closely involved in evacuating people from cobbled airport, one of the largest humanitarian evacuations in history. the united nations and fif appraised its involvement. it's impressive, it's amazing that cutter is doing this, and qatar has done so much from hosting the talks here for so long from helping now to build the lift for humanitarian supplies, to start going back into afghanistan. and for helping in many, many different ways to help resolve the conflict for the benefit of its people. the fact that this compound has been able to be transformed into a home for people from ganley's time for a transition period is something that,
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of course, fills out the joy of the united states and european countries also being to host refugees. but for now, it's the host nation for the foot will, will come in 2022. that's making its new facilities available for command can release the big i just 0 don't. alright, still ahead on edge 0, surrounded and under heavy bombardment, the syrian government attacks rebel held that the the classes in montenegro as the relation of a new church leader exposes divisions in the country. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways, boated world's best airline of 2021, a guy and poorer to across the yellow sea for 1st south. and then north korea. sweat still east was by what is effectively a cold front which meet the sun comes out and beijing at $25.00 degrees. it's relatively dry in holland shoe, some rain, possibly in tokyo, but it's going to be tuesday. i think that heavy rain falls in north korea and this orange center is going to drift across the sea of japan. the se, towards the islands may not japan to took his 26 as a temporary dry day on tuesday in the southern part of china. another line of what you could probably call the plum rains will produce some decent down pause, possibly brief flash flooding that they can take too serious. it's also fairly wet and loose on or with warnings out, at least for the northern part of the north of, of manila. but you can see fairly widespread showers in malaysia and indonesia are developing. now in sumatra has been flooding. there are still big showers around
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here. so that could be a repeat process. the heavy rain likely in the sunny retreating monsoon. rain system in the northeast, wind your bank. there's, but that rain does still stretch almost to the pakistani board. not really showing very much interesting falling of the countries. so from the far north, in the whole, if you're lucky, the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. eye witness accounts and historical events from arab israeli conflict and finite witness dissident 1st hand from beginning to end to espionage and the occupied westbank. jordan government started to destroy the transmitting device from a fight for independence in egypt to an infamous hollywood production engineers. yeah. out there a world has personal stories from those who are that my own private history on algebra. oh,
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i the me again, you are watching as a reminder about top stories this out. guinea and soldiers have detained president alpha con day, in a coo and close the countries borders. gentle leaders of dissolve the government and the constitution. they've also replace regional governors with military commanders and imposed a nation wide curfew. the economic community of west african states is now threatening to impose sanction echo us alongside the united nations and the african union have condemned the coo and demanding candidates immediately of the leader of the opposition group. resisting taliban forces in afghanistan. pant you valley. says he's willing to stop fighting the arm. if it with jaws. both sides claim
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they've inflicted heavy losses since the fight and intensified earlier. this was the in front of the serbian orthodox churches. leader in montenegro has gone ahead despite protests demonstrates his block roads and foot with police before the ceremony opponent see the church as a symbol of creeping serbian influence. 15 years after montenegro became independent zane basra were force police and protesters fight in the montenegrin capital of the demonstrations against the you know the ration of the new head of the serbian orthodox church, fascism fashion and pure fascism, their secretary and gang colorado. this was the through t does it for no reason, they were not over 50100 of us in the sense that in front of them, one of 3, they threw tear gas all the time and we didn't see anything. montenegro declared
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independence from serbia in 2006 following years of ethnic violence and political turmoil triggered by the breakup of the former yugoslavia. but the serbian orthodox church still represents the countries dominant religion and the 10 year old serbian capital remains a cultural center for serbians inside montenegro. the ceremony to inaugurate a new church leader reopening old wounds. it's difficult to find the serbian priests who kill have of yugoslavia. montenegrins who opposed ties with serbia say the serbian orthodox church does not serve their interests and is influenced by belgrade. protest are set up roadblocks to the monastery to keep church and stay dignitaries away. but failed to stop the ceremony. the new church leader acknowledged the deep divisions or boston forgive us for a lot of inconvenience and divisions seen here since last night. these divisions were artificially provoked and we have done everything to prevent them and to remove. but it will take us a long time. nearly a 3rd of montenegro,
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620000 people, consider themselves serbs. some refuse to acknowledge montenegro independence, and oppose. montenegrins who want an independent orthodox church to replace the serbian rival political parties. still tensions by backing activist on either side of the controversy, the ascension of a new religious leader. now a flash point for ethnic tensions in an ongoing conflict over national identity is in basra, v o 0. at least 3 civilians have been killed. the syrian government attack on a rebel held enclave the shilling in the southern city of the fall as a 3 day cease, far broken by russia. the truce was meant to allow aid in the people they say supplies haven't arrived. and the accused government forces of trying to take control soon. state media says fighters in that i have been given a final deadline of monday to accept their condition.
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woke up qualifying football match between argentina and brazil has been called off just minutes after kickoff. in sao paolo off, the health officials walked onto the page to try and quarantine. some of the players for the argentine team are accused of breaching brazil's isolation rules. they've been playing in england's premier league, but the health regulator says the players gay false information on the immigration forms or daniel swan, la, joined us from argentina's capital when saris. so daniel, extraordinary scenes there on the page which led to the suspension of the of the work up qualify. is it any clearer? what went on not march. i mean, these are some of the most bizarre scenes seen on the foot will pitch in south america. a region not,
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we'll know if that's not uncommon to the 1st few minutes after these officials will turn to the pitch. it seemed as though these players and we're talking about some of the best plays in the world. name are of brazil leo. messy the arch and tie, install, didn't know what was happening. i think some of the players possibly thought this was some kind of pitch invasion. i took some time before they could establish what was going on. the matchers you say was suspended after just 5 minutes of play, but there is now a full inquiry by the argentine in the brazilian football authorities commingled the south american football authorities and fif because this was all for the world cup qualifier for the guitar. 2022 worlds comp said that still has to be on and out . who knew was why this game wasn't called off beforehand. why the brazilian helpful authorities didn't talk to the for english based arch in time players
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before the game kicked off. these rules are still questions that need to be answered. there were some fans, a small number of fans were allowed into the stadium and cell follow. they left totally confused, angry, having been quite excited about being able to watch this game. so yeah, we have, we know something, but a lot of questions to be answered here in dade, and we're talking of course about the to power houses of south american football, long standing rivalry between them is they're likely to be anything political and all of this. i think very likely, i mean this is the 1st time they've met since early july, when autrand tina beach prevail in the final of the copper america played in brazil as well. amidst all the controversy about the copper america told them and should have been played in brazil at all in the midst of the 1900 crisis. brazil, one of the worst effected countries in the world. 583 people have 583000 people
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have died. 21000000 people have been infected. the president job also narrow, coming under strong criticism for the way he's handled the pandemic. and on tuesdays independence day in brazil where many tens of thousands of thought to be planning to march in support of president both for not all this perhaps feeding into the nationalism against the old enemy against argentina. that's also a possibility. and there's also the fact that 9 brazilian players who play in the english premier ship did not make the journey to play in this game because of the currency restrictions on their return to the u. k. so some brazilians angry at that, so a lot of politics playing into that. some of it will related to some of it's a wider scale. or daniel trying to live 1st there in, sorry, think hundreds of protesters in argentina have rallied to denounce the
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government's handling of the pandemic. demonstrators in, sorry, laid out rocks representing some of the people whose died. 112000 lost their lives to cover in 1900. despite argentina imposing one of the world's strictest lockdown, america's top infectious diseases experts as fighters corona vice booster shots are on track for regulatory approval this month. the government wants to see the jobs rolled out in the next 2 weeks, but drug mega madana will not be part of that push and still needs to submit further data. warden, 374000000 vaccine doses have already been administered across the u. s. clean up, cruise and divers, are trying to locate the source of an oil spill in the gulf of mexico from harkin. ida photos taken by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration show the slick more than 3 kilometers off the u. s. state of louisiana. it is believed to be
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coming from an offshore drilling side all hand. phil is a senior oceans campaign of greenpeace usa. he says this latest slick was predictable. this is happening again and again and again because we're putting critical fossil fuel infrastructure in the, in the direct line of climate change impacts in an area that is repeatedly getting pummeled. busy by, by ever increasing more powerful storms as well as, as well as sea level rise. so while i am, i'm very concerned. it's also just sort of a fed up moment that this, that we just don't learn from past mistakes and it happens again. and again, this is an extremely vulnerable region, as at any lay person can, can see it is pummeled again and again by very strong hurricanes. but on top of it being sort of in a direct path, the hurricanes tend to tend to head towards it is also extremely low line. this is, this is, this is land,
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it's just above sea level. some islands are disappearing. some community level coastal islands are already having to think about relocating inland, relocating to other areas after after after some hurricanes in new orleans, you have to, you've, we've had 2 entirely relocate communities out of that region just because it's too low to withstand not only hurricanes but the increasing threat of sea level rise in this region. so really you're, we're not just talking about hurricanes. we're talking about a range of climate impacts that make this an extremely vulnerable place. and a really ill advised place to put a lot of fossil fuel infrastructure are people in morocco will be voting in local, regional, and national elections this week. there. the 3rd since the new constitution was introduced after the hour of spring, bernard smith reports from rakish. the every vote counts here for the largest party in morocco's pond, but the conservative justice and development party has to reckon with
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a new and unusual system of allocating votes that the parties lead to say is specifically designed to reduce their influence seats in local and national assembly will be divided by the number of registered voters, regardless of whether or not they can balance. that's a should. unfortunately, the aim of this law, which was passed by opposition parties, and those and coalition with us, is to minimize the justice and development party. that's why we rejected it from the outset. it's a strange, a very strange law. it's a mis to limit the p. j. d's chance of winning the biggest challenge all waiting people to vote one major survey suggest 64 percent of all them on the real power still live in hand. the snake. he takes all the major strategic economic decision. the king allowed constitutional reform after the arab spring,
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10 years ago. political parties were given a greater role in policy. but mohammed the 6 appoints the government and hi as all fires, cabinet ministers matter. and alex, here are the new way of calculating houses are located will stop one patio dominating, which is what happened in the 2 previous elections when the p j. d, shift important results. now the door would be opened for smaller parties because the 2 tional court is also ruled that this new law doesn't go against the constitution. i. the 2nd largest party in parliament is the authenticity. maternity founded by a former adviser to the king. it's viewed by diplomats in the local press as being close to the power its candidate, the merimark cash rejects suggestions that the new law is unfair. nobody else you can stop america from trying its own experiment. once we have the right to do our own experiment, or do we have to always worry about what the fee is?
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we'll say, every time we've taken a step forward in democracy with our own tools, the new system is expected to result in coalitions made up of many parties that could make government's weak. and it's being brought in during the pandemic. when the king is consolidating his power by taking all major decisions from buying vaccines to economic support packages, bernard smith, i'll just 0 marrakesh, ah, is edge 0, let's get around up the top stories. guinea and soldiers have detained president alpha, convey in a coo and close the countries borders. they've also replace regional governors with military commanders and imposed a nationwide curfew. because i want to see the up to the left. so we have decided to dissolve the constitution because we will write a constitution together all of guinea. we will bring together the 4 regions to the diaspora and have inclusive consultations to decide the future of this country.
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nicholas hark has more from docker in neighboring senegal. there's.


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