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we know how to get to places that others can off as far as i said, i'm going all the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. me the news the u. s. has top diplomat bags cats off, or it's crucial role in the evacuation of afghanistan during the 2 week. alas. ah, i money. this is out there alive from dough. so coming up, desperation is not gonna stop the w h. i warn hospitals will be forced to close within days if emergency something isn't secured. a call to arms me on most shadow government class people's defensive war against the military. battling voter apathy,
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the tough challenges facing politicians ahead of morocco, upcoming election. ah . america's top diplomat has sunk cost all for its role in the evacuation of more than a $120000.00 people out of afghanistan. almost half of them trumpeted through doha . the u. s. secretary of state and city blinking has been visiting the gulf states along with the us defense secretary lloyd austin, just held a press conference alongside that guitar. it counts pots are deep gratitude to the guitar people. many countries have stepped up to help the evacuation relocation efforts and afghan ganna. stan, but no country has done more than cut it more than 58000 people have transited through doha. you welcome them with compassion and with generosity. when problems
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arose, worked hand in hand with us to address them. the men, women, and children who transited through here will not forget what you did at a pivotal moment in their lives. neither will we. while the humanitarian situation in afghanistan is becoming increasingly desperate, the world health organization is warnings that a pause and funding for the money or the wellness project. the backbone of the country's health system is leaving millions of afghans at risk of losing essential medical care. blinking said the u. s. is doing all it can to provide the assistance afghans needs situations for some of the atkins, stark and were determined with the international community to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the afghan people. and we can, and we'll do that working through partners and jose, the united nation systems and do it in a way that is consistent with,
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with the sanctions that remain in place on, on afghanistan, we've issued a license in recent days to make sure that some of the se to be facilitated on the ground, if i've got installed by the taliban, an open fire to despise. hundreds of protesters in the capital, kabul. the cincy group took over that the vine and protest, mostly led by women, all across the country. as head to charlotte, better who standing by for us and cobble and we will discuss those protests in a minute. but 1st, let's talk about the press conference, which was held here in doha, a real declaration of gratitude, a genuine declaration of gratitude by us officials to the categories for what they've done in the evacuation of many thousands of citizens from afghanistan.
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yeah that's, that's how the press conference started was with both sides saying thank you and, and that they've grateful for each other and. c americans are grateful for help with the evacuation, but as a progress they really got into some substance, especially about these evacuation. so because we know that these charter flights trying to move from missouri race to keep getting be interpreted and others are, as well as your visa holders and all those there's been some conversation coming out of the united states and recent days about people being held back and not allowed to be by the telephone secretary, lincoln clarified that in the pers culprit saying in fact, it is much more complicated than that. and that the taliban have promised to let people leave who have travel documents. apparently they discuss that even this morning that they will be leaving if they have trouble documents. that the big question is, who has tribal documents?
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because a lot of these people lot of these interprets who don't have passports, don't have visas or they have a certificate that says i work with the americans and a case number. and so there's still a lot of confusion about how these people are going to get out because the secretary lincoln said, we don't have people on the ground. we don't have any culture left off any longer enough to get these people the papers so that they can say to the taliban, here is our official paper work. we're allowed to get on these flights. he also said a lot of these people next you might have one person with a valid us visa, but then he wants to bring his family adults, people who do not. and they said there's a lot of confusion, right? know about whether those people should be able to leave. they talked a little bit about the funding shortages. that is a huge issue. we've had statements for health openings, ations with doctors without borders from the red prison, red cross all saying, raising the alarm about the impending humanitarian crisis. it is a complicated picture, and i got a sonnet. it was been a vulnerable country,
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but it has relied on international aid and donors, and a lot of that money isn't coming anymore because of the sections on the telephone. but at the end of the day, it means health clinics. the closing people are getting pace that will help organizations saying the 2300 medical clinic health clinics involved in one particular program, 90 percent close, eminently so it is a pricing issue that they really need to get on top of shala. what more can you tell us about these protests that have been taking place in the capital? kabul, many, i believe being led by women. there's been some protest this. wait. sure, although it's been smaller numbers, a lot of them have been women protesting for their rights. the been cobbled have been in a handful of other provinces as well, but smaller numbers today. the numbers were bigger. from our account, hundreds of people protested from one part of cobbled, many kilometers, actually down the roads, trying to make their way to the presidential palace. they could actually proactive
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with the telephone and watching with no problems until they got to the presidential palace. at that point, we understand about a dozen rate for ranges, those type of vehicle to go out by the telephone and they started shooting in the year to disperse. the crowds protested, telling off that some journalists were detained, and the cameras were taken a mixed picture because they were able to protest freely and they were protesting for a variety of reasons. there were women there purchasing women's rights and the push to still be heard in a new society. but they're also anti anti taliban per resistance. people pushing back following from resistant plead and the 3rd he called for people to be vocal just yesterday and it seems people have hated his cold and taken to the street, but they were able to do that for many moment. it was just at the very end that the telephone started choosing in the year and people became pan and scattered and it
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was some k also be in there. so it is a mixed picture of really what's happening and tend to be purchased and how much voice people can have and how much gold the taliban is willing to give them at this time. and clearly a lot of scarcity on the taliban at the moment. okay, thank you for that solid bellis in couple me on most shadow government has declared what is cooling a people's defensive war against the ministry rulers, the national unity government is made up of politicians, opposed, deposed in february school. it all annuity, as this is a public revolution, all the citizens with me and mar revolt against the rule of the military terrace in every corner of the country. scott highlight machine developments from neighboring thailand. he says the announcement is essentially a cold arms against the genta. this is the, the strongest announcement when it comes to going against the john to and the forces of the genta from this body, the national unity government. in the past,
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they've said this is what they were going to do. this is what they were going to try to do is to fight back against the john to unseat the jump. what you can look at it now from this message is that it's a literal call to arms that is to the ethnic armed organizations that are along the border that have been fighting the me in my army for decades. but obviously that is ratcheted up since the, the co back on february 1st. but it's also there calling for soldiers and border guards that do work for the just to also turn their guns around and go against the just the, obviously that's a tall order. it'll be interesting to see how coordinated this is, but it's also a call to political arms. they are telling bureaucrats who been working for the judge, who might support the jump or who were from the previous government, but still have been going to work if you will. they're calling on them to quit their job and turn against it. so there, and what i think we're looking at is, you know, this is kind of the next step before the shadow government. they've been organizing,
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they've been recruiting people to join their side if you will, or at least come up to, to this organization that's going to go directly against the agenda. so this is their next step. they've always said that they will probably resort, have to resort to you know, to picking up arms. so this is that, that's what we're seeing right now. exactly how that's going to unfold. that's a big question. we've been speaking with some people on the streets in young gone, and they say that there is not, you know, a massive movement of rebels if you will, coming onto the streets. but what they did say there, there's more security forces on the streets. guineas clearly does have fledged to release all political detainees just days after seizing power. on monday, the military ball government officials from leaving the country. nicholas hoc reports at the people's pal is also known as the national assembly members of president of alpha con days. anston government to arrive after being summoned by guineas who leader lieutenant colonel, mama de doom brianna was behind the closed doors. he demanded their passports and
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told them not to leave the country, but also said there'd be no witch hunter the outlines a path forward. it was not to be the star consultations in order to put a framework in place for this period of transition. and then the government of national unity will take you. i mean, on last monday and i found it on sunday when president kennedy was driven away from the presidential palace in custody, crowd chanted freedom. it was on the streets that alpha county had ordered. security forces to fire for testers with live round scores were killed. and almost $400.00 people were arrested when it was in need of a month. we were really in a solid state, there was no more security, no more just confused financial state. everyone was doing whatever they wanted. so i think we're the best thing for any because mothers were industries like animals, children could, you have no idea. i am relieved. video, getting vast mineral wealth includes the world's largest reserve of box side and or
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refined into aluminum. the takeover triggered world condemnation and sent global aluminum prices soaring, half of china's imports of the element come from guinea. despite this mineral abundance, the west african country remains one of the world's poor estates. says the corrupt economy must be overhauled on father would be glad to know that we will not give you a history lesson today. but i just want to remind you that our country has suffered from the disreputable behavior of it. so could a lead pick one up. we found ourselves this to ation of injustice and corruption, nepotism, and the deprivation of freedom of commonplace. for in guinea, the pressure is on to explain how he will begin overturning a system. he says, has stolen from the people for too long. nicholas hawk algae 0 the well food program says it's delivered, it's lost a shipment in europe is war torn t gray region. european government has denied allegations it's halting 8. no food
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or humanitarian assistance is entity gray for more than 2 weeks. the you and has a federal ships and as loyal to the rival t great people's liberation from to allow the 8 and says more than 5000000 people are in need of urgent assistance. we don't have any food stocks at the moment to plan with or to distribute whatever we have is currently being distributed or has already been distributed. so what we're looking at going forward is a difficult situation for us to keep providing services for our community. still ahead on algebra, result president finds a decreed, changing internet regulations to allow people to re post bad content on the world's best and cheapest roles that correct of ours fact scenes for children as young as
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i i. it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. hi, there will get you an update on tropical storm con thing coming up. but we're starting in australia where there had been fierce winds on tasmania. hobart seen a wind gust 109 kilometers per hour during the wee hours of the morning on wednesday. now the gas will continue through wednesday. but 1st here's a look at your temperatures. hobart 17 degrees and the winds back off a bit, but still look at this 67 kilometers per hour. our next system rolls in to western australia, so per se, your temperatures will be kicked down by the time thursday rolls around. a vigorous system is impacting new zealand, both islands, but more so than north island on wednesday. the potential and exposed areas we could see gus, 88 kilometers per hours. so wellington auckland, and the escape. se asia bursts of rain here. what we would expect,
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we've seen flooding across the borneo, but i'll get your rate to the philippines now in an update on tropical storm constant. it made landfall just ne, a c bu rolling rate through manila on wednesday. so the potential here to see upwards of $200.00 millimeters of rain and those winds really close to about a half direct kilometers that batch of what, whether that was in the korean peninsula now slamming into southern parts of japan . so tokyo will be impacted on wednesday with the high of $27.00 season sponsor cut on airways. the story that need to be told, find away and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavors in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it inspiring
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documentary the change the word on al jazeera. oh the me you're watching out there are mind top stories. our america's top diplomat has cuts off or it's well in evacuating more than $100.00. 20000 people out of us actually a state c blinking has been visiting the gulf states with us defense secretary lloyd. often i got to stone the taliban open fire to disperse hundreds of processes in the capital. couple approaches,
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mostly led by women have been held across the country since the groups took over shot, a government has declared what is calling of people's defensive war against the ministry burners and national unity government is made. our politicians deposed in february's case less return to i've got to start. as we mentioned earlier, the world health organization is wanting that millions of afghans at risk of losing essential medical care of in speaking to which brennan who is the regional emergency director for the world health organizations office for the eastern mediterranean. he says the process of getting a inside afghanistan has become complicated. well, i think we need several steps taken. we need to get the airport up and running in cable. so those commercial flights can come in. we need security on the ground. so then once those supplies do arrive,
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we can distribute them confidently to the clinics and hospitals that need them. we also need the boarders consistently open to humanitarian assistance. there are some restrictions from the neighboring countries right now, we cannot launch across a large cross border 8 operation right now because of some of the limitations of the borders. the backbone of health care across afghanistan is what's called the the basic package of health services project. and this was funded by international donors through the ministry of health. and it supports essential health services in over 2300 clinics and hospitals across the country. because the their own laws and regulations, both donors and now no longer allowed to channel the funding through the ministry of health. and what we're looking at is the precipitous closure of up of those health facilities as of september the 5th because they are supported by non
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governmental organizations. and those in jose have ever written to the government saying we can't sustain services beyond september. the 5th. this would be a precipitous and calamitous closure of health care at a time when needs are skyrocketing. laraca is holding a general election on wednesday. the turner is expected to be low. as many people offer straight to that political reforms that were promised earlier, having materialized that in smith reports from rabbits where some young candidates had been trying to regain the trust of people and convinced them to head to the pulse. it takes commitment and patience to canvass for votes in the moroccan town of satellite. it's becoming really hard to convince him to trust us as a youth. sophie, i'm sad as he's one of for the 1st time candidates in morocco's elections who came of age during the arab spring more than a decade ago. they believe little has changed
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a view. it seems shared by the people that trying to persuade to vote. they don't believe in the election to those and all these sort of the election, they're like tire or the 5th. they're all time like see the same people the same to from the get elected. old people corrupted like like symbol lays the corruption instantly more than half the people in morocco. believe corruption has got worse in the last 12 months. according to transparency international, the critic say it's hard to tackle when there's no accountability at the top. no new of evil, but we continue to live in an exception of despotism. for example, we say that it is essential to discuss the budget of the royal palace calling lot against the budget we can talk about. we say that the king should not be at the center of political life because those that are should be accountable to the public . king mohammed, the 6 points, the government and those who don't tow the line. don't get very far. rashid, our eyes from morocco's institute for policy analysis,
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believes many people in morocco for what closely, what top of the neighboring countries since the hour of spring? yeah, most ballpark is a majority of young voters who won't vote because they're not convinced by the way the game is played now. but don't forget that if one day we do manage to most of the game, we managed to control the leads and the street. perhaps they'll be convinced that we should go back to a much stronger talk with these young politicians. believe there is appetite change despite the risk, as you add to that, we must have another referendum for a new constitution because in our code when there are many political unconstitutional imbalances. if we got majority in parliament with a strong pressure for real constitutional reforms, the system designed to stop any party getting a majority. such radical policies are unlikely to get very far. getting into government to morocco is all about building coalition and keeping the powers on side, which is why sometimes it's difficult to find any major policy differences between
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the parties. more than 10 years after the arab spring. many here a disappointed of the wrong real genuine electoral choice. bernard smith al jazeera rebec katara is resuming financial aid payments for poor families and civil servants in gaza. there was suspended after fighting in may between israel and hum us that control strip payment method has been agreed to prevent the funds being used for military purposes. the g 7 group of nations is urging to miss he is president agilely appoint a new prime minister. it is the most direct international comment made by major powers since president case said, dismissed the prime minister to control in july. his opponents call to move a cou. so he said it was necessary to tackle the economic and political crises facing to nicea. facebook and twitter have criticised a decree by brazilian president abel sanara,
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the changes social media regulations. it aims to combat would cause the arbitrary removal if that's an accounts profiles that posts the president's office says the decree protect free speech, gives people the right to re post band content. the facebook says the measure will hinder its ability to limit abuse on its platforms. annual warmness following developments from argentina's capital. gwen is aries. he certainly saying i'm doing all the right things. freedom of speech. who wouldn't one that's more clarity with the use of social media again, most in brazil with welcome not yet job. also now or has a long record of using and abusing his social media. his songs have been investigated, setting up fake news accounts during his run, run up the election in 2018 organizations. let reports with our frontiers of criticize job was for an hour of attack using social media the media itself in
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brazil. and just last month, human rights watch were criticizing job olson. our oath blocking the accounts of anybody who criticized him. journalist opposition politicians, commentators were being having their accounts closed down. so we're starting to be freedom of the press with clarity in the way social media is used in brazil will come as a surprise to many of the say, i think many will be suspicious. they've happening now because tens of thousands of his support is a gathering in brazil and in cell follow the political and economic capitalism. brazil independence day celebrations on tuesday to mark 199 years ago, declared independence from portugal. joe ball scenario is trailing badly in the opinion . polls the next presidential election to the left wing present. good enough. you'll see. no one is lula. many
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a thing that shows strength to show that you still have substantial support. cuba has become the 1st country in the world to vaccinate children as young as 2 years old. against the 19 the vaccines are recognized by the world health organization. the government intends to inoculate all children before the reopening of schools, china, the u. e and venezuela also planning to vaccinate younger age groups. dr. eric fielding is an epidemiologist and senior fellow, the federation of american scientists. he says keep his vaccination plan of the children is a good move. pediatric cases are coded are on an all time high record rise in many parts of the world and piazza hospitalisation are soaring as well. and with the delta, very children are not immune. whatever people previously said they are wrong. and so with that, children's vaccines are become ever more important. now granted,
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the cuba is vaccine, has good efficacy, anywhere from 62 percent for 2 doses 91 percent for 3 doses, but they haven't been peer reviewed. so this now comes down to individual countries . risk willing to basically go forward before the complete data here. but one thing we know that precaution principal and basically looking out to protect more people use the general. ready better direction in this kind of support. so i think overall, to great, i think this is definitely the trend and i think more country should do it sooner. given that doctor very and his children very hard children are very much effective in very high hospitalizations in many countries. so i think this is the precautionary thing into the risk benefit. you should definitely back to the children, including the u. k. they need to definitely get a move on to back to the children regardless of what some of their policy experts
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are controversially thing about with holding. ready documents for younger children, young children definitely need to be protected. chile has improved the use of the chinese made sinner vac backseat on children 60 years of age on above. a studies on the way looking at the impact of this particular job on children. more than 3 quarters of chiles, adult population is now fully vaccinated. the court has heard emotional testimony in the families of victims of a passenger play, and that was shot down over ukraine 7 years ago. for suspects are being tried in their absence accused of murdering or 29298 people on board. the malaysia airlines flight and 100 barber reports arriving at court in amsterdam where 4 people are on trial for the murder of their relatives. thousands of kilometers away in the coming weeks, judges will hear in personal remotely, from dozens of people who lost loved ones on malaysian airlines flight m
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h 17. first up was ref under stain whose father and step mother were killed alliance and we know the lightning data and they know that we know that they're lying. she started by accusing russia of hiding its role in the downing of the plane. then she spoke of a psychological impact for years. i have tried to come to terms with death and knew my beloved father. and now i don't know if i ever managed to do it. i doing my best like to let things go full. but at the same time i met you do fool feelings of hate, both of revenge of anger and fear for me here. but we do not obtain just the passenger plane was flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was shot down over east in ukraine. in july 2014, 298 people were killed. international investigators concluded it had been hit by
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a russian surface to air missile fired by pro russian rebels. moscow denies all responsibility. 3 russians and a ukrainian citizen 1st went on trotting up cynthia in march last year. russian ego get kin is one of the accused. he's reportedly annex colonel in russia, secret services, and served as defense minister in the self declared don, yet people's republic, in 2014, the court notes that differ chicken to pinsky uncovering, co have not appeared of the for russian. only pull that off is the only ones to be represented by lawyers. here they said he denies the charges. the russian government has refused to expedite any suspects, but for the victims, relatives, this was a chance to address whoever was responsible for the next to the verdict that it is one of the most important days for the family members. because they can, they can speak to the court. but through speaking to the court, they speak to the suspects and also to responsible people wherever they are hiding
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. last week, investigators appealed to russia to come forward with information about the deployment of the missile. they believe down them h 17. these complex cases expected to continue into next year. the dean bob al jazeera, the american actor michael k williams has died at the age of 54. he started in the popular h. b, a television series. the wire police say williams was found dead in his new york city apartment on monday. his stuff is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. ah, i'm on the inside. the headlines here on our serra, america's top diplomat, has finally cut off a helping evacuate more than 120000 people out of afghanistan and almost comp them transmitted through doha. us actually are state onto the blinking, visited the golf state with.


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