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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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perfect, they convenience and see me. infallibility comes across. most crucially, our privacy. in the 4th of a 5 part series alley re addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics. all hail the algorithm on jazz o launch has m c k and the headlines on jetta. the u. s. and cotton say they want cobble airport to be open for international passenger flights. in the coming days. they say it is essential to keep our humanitarian a, to afghan as don, and help people leave. the united nations says f canister is facing the collapse of basic services and food and other aid is starting to run out the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs urging donors to give more assistance ahead of
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an international aid conference for afghans thought on september 13th charlotte bellis has more from cobble will help a sion doctors without borders, african bridge prison, red cross all putting out releases saying this is really getting serious. and a lot of it comes down to money. the taliban. essentially, the width and community is cuddle funds to the telephone because they sanctioned with you in sanctions. but because going to some was running for the most part on international aid. and during talking health care education, a lot of the staples that people rely on that's been cause amnesty international says dozens of syrian refugees have been detained, abused and tortured by security forces since returning home. a report describes violations against 66 people, including 13 children. it says 5 still in custody, while the fate of more than a dozen is unknown. me and my shadow government has declared what it's cooling,
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a people's defensive war against the military rulers. national unity government is made up of politicians deposed in a qu in february. the world food program says it's delivered its last 8 shipment to ethiopian war tone t gray region. the government has denied allegations it is holding a, but no food or humanitarian assistance has entered t gray for more than 2 weeks. the u. n. is urged federal troops and those loyal to the rival t gray people's liberation front to allow 8 in police in brazil's capital, say supporters of president jack. both sonata tore down the barriers during a protest on monday night. security has been heightened the brazilian head of major rallied, expected in support of the president later on tuesday. for some hours, popularity ratings are dropping and is rallying his right when base. those are the headlines you're up to date right now. it's back to shadow world.
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i me, the doctrine that has endured from bush to obama is that the world is a battlefield and that the united states has the right to go into any country around the world to conduct what they call kinetic operation legal operations. regardless of what international law says, the, what is president obama's response to that? how was he going to deal with it? he embraced the very covert shadow forces that a decade earlier had only been talked about in hushed homes in the pentagon. not just as the implementers of a policy that said we should decapitate tara networks and gauge and preemptive
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strikes. but they became the policy itself in, ah, president obama's administration have built up something called the disposition matrix . is like an algorithm for determining who should be killed or who should we seek to capture. and one of the more sort of grotesque aspects of this is that there were actually meetings on tuesdays in the white house that have been nicknamed tara tuesday meetings, where they're going through rosters of names to put on or take off the list. maybe someone within that group has been in contact with someone that the u. f is watching. they went to the same mosque is someone that keep ordering pizza from the same place of the taliban leader and you decide these guys are probably up to no good. and so on this particular day, we're going to remove them from planet earth. and now we're getting into minority report into this sort of sy fi world, a p k. dick. where as justifiable, homicide, even though it's for an app that might take place in the future, it's ok to kill from a distance without a warrant, without a trial, without
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a jury. and the execution takes place on screen. in the where appropriate we will bring a terrorists to justice when when we, when we, when we went on to we went on the job on the basis that we're doing the most of that woman is worth paying attention to. obviously, i do not agree with much of what you said. the president is not implementing
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policies that we need to see change, for example, that he would stop the authorization of the signature strikes, which means killing people on the basis only of suspicious behavior that's led to the killing of many innocent post the question on my facebook page and ask them what they want to ask you and a lot of them said that you were hurting your own cause because one you appeared rude to the president of the united states and to you just seemed a little crazy. well, i've been killing innocent people with drilling is rude. i think not apologizing to the families of innocent people who are killed is rude. there are a lot of rude things about our policy. i want to make sure that people understand actually, drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties. for the most part, they've been very precise precision strikes against al qaeda. how do you expect to be focused on not to have anti american sentiment, wendy, in and out we had about drawing attacks that get more infant beaver's than militant
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how do you explain that? well, i do not believe that there is any basis for your comment made would you need us mon boat was married though? beacon of the manila who to be sac tomorrow, either but a b s. money let the janet and doesn't get my money. they live, they show the bus monitor to show it to show the keys, you don't what actually guy got the new new new last month. he gave me the wrong or in the said, the lockheed martin, boeing dine corp international computer sciences corporation and aero vironment. all told eric about 70 companies are interested in this $1000000000.00 contract. as
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we look out 35710 years. this market remains very much a gross market. i in the disease of
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permanent war, the destroy, the medalist islam, luck fundamentalism. empower all of those who profit permanent or politically, economically, and militarily make no mistake. a nuclear under on is not a challenge that can be contained, would threaten the elimination of israel, the security of golf nations, and the stability of the global economy. it rest triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and the unraveling of the nonproliferation treaty . and how close is iran to getting? well, let me show you brought a diagram for you. here's a dagger. this is a bomb. oh, this is a fuse. where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. the stress from iran is
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a political football. what was interesting was that many israelis, including people from the military said, as long as there is an existential thresh, somewhere. somehow that is certainly helping us expand our budgets in ways that it's not possible to do in the actors on anything that can be defined as such a threat. if you are around, what would you know? i'm in israel as what? $3.00 to $400.00 killer weapons are the ones who started the dam, arms race in the middle east. anyway, they, they didn't find a nonproliferation treaty, they built this program and secret india and pakistan then went on to do the same thing. and iran would, you did find the no killer nonproliferation treaty looked around and realized they've got screwed. the obama administration wants to sell bunker buster bombs, which can penetrate 20 feet of solid concrete to the u. e. deal is the latest
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u. s. arm sale to members of the gulf cooperation council, 6 nations that neighbor iraq, our commentary. but i called to and i asked them what, what has become a commodity for several reasons. one is because you need somebody to buy the stuff to produce another us deal with saudi arabia, the pipeline. the biggest in this deal alone to passes the entire global sales already 57000000000. don't solve it. does this enormous service recycling stream was also a business in another sense that is a business that uses war to get its n established. georgia as $984.00 to power is always going to be in battle. and guess is making out really well. of course, the weapons dealers and the people involved in the ultimate manifestation of the national security state is that it not only
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seeks a perpetual state of war, it will even go to all ends to create that perpetual state of war. i'm always reminded for book at a long time ago called them physical math. and that book has a beautiful sentence. i am and physical math, not because they don't exist, but because you choose not to see concerned are the, you know, the been loving family. this is ironic and mid eighty's, if you remember we in the united states were supporting that which i did to liberate, understand from the target. the lead them came to thank me for my effort to bring their americans our friends, to help us. i get a few, he said the communist when i last saw been logged in this camp high in the mountains of afghanistan with an air raid shelter built into the living rock of the
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mountain 2530 feet high. that campus built by the c i a later they tried to cruise missiles, of course they knew where it was. they built it. no wonder, been love and kept smiling at me. no wonder he did me american salary. we put $1000000000.00 each to get an armed training equipment. we are the ones who are clear on those people to go. we knew there must be something wrong with the way we think that we can't say that the grammar of the past is operating today. we have been pumping money a great deal of money without congressional authority, without any congressional oversight. prince bond or saudi arabia is putting up some of this money for covert operation in many areas of the middle east, where we want to stop the info and they call it the she presses. thank you. the air
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before it is sitting civil war, we're in a business right now of creating and someplace to tech, terry environment. it's not situation because we're trying to destroy a liquid corridor. and molly, but kind of give all this training to them. in normal, syria, it really will gone mad, but oddly enough, you have to be in syria to realize how it is when you actually traveling around the area and you listen to the news coming out of washington. it's like americans are living in this kind of fantasy world. there's no relation to where i'm trying to report the
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today, there are good dennis and bad, didn't the bad better said those in yemen who the united states seems to be attract the good dennis and those who are inferior. the joke here is we've been there before. i mean, if you consider the star story, they've learned nothing today . if i see the, the saudis are giving money to groups that are in the city that not only a little, but also the i s i s. people who say you want to comes present, here's what i'm just trying to say in the moment of the contemporary, this grammar of dangerous politics. sounds insane.
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along the so what appears to have been a conspiracy at the time when documents appear turns out to be true. we must address the cycle of conflict, especially effect terry and conflict. that creates the condition, the terrorists prey upon in public. they say we have to enter them. meanwhile, this brian that we're getting involved in conflicts to the fact which produces characters that appear to become debtors, which reinforces the public narrative and then makes things like intervention. ok. good morning everybody. last night on my orders, america's armed forces began strikes against ice or targets in syria.
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# # # just ahead of air strikes and syria defense firms, lockheed martin, northrop raytheon, and general dynamics corporation. all set stock price records, their shareholders are making money off the unusually large number of conflicts around the world the every 2 years or so. these really military attacks, the gaza strip and right after there is a trade show in which is really weapon companies to show their technology. all of these is really companies which are becoming an increasingly important and very significant part of the really economy depends on those wars. the 1st thing that they say when they try to market, we've already used that an actual human being. by making that claim they're able to compete with weapon manufacturers from other countries. the united states is the biggest supplier of military aid to israel. this attack on that also trade off with
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the united states arms industry. ah, ah, the iran and isis are competing for the crown of militant islam. one calls itself the slavic republic. the other called himself the islamic state. both want to impose a militant islamic empire 1st on the region and then on the entire world. they just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire. in this deadly game of thrones, there is no place for america offer israel. today. after 2 years of negotiations, the united states together were international partners to achieve something the
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decades of animosity has not a comprehensive long term deal with iran that will prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapons. this was a very difficult negotiate. and part of it is because of the entrenched and compounded mistrust that we have been between ourselves mutually for the last 2 decades. but i'm happy that reason p rate diplomacy rate people exercise restraint and patience and wisdom. we are very odd and i hope this will be a good beginning at this nuclear deal goes through. we're still dealing with the problem that the states of this region are collapsing and avoid that. they will fail, you will see more violence and you will see more weapons is important to understand that that's not a result of this deal. that is a result of the paradigm, not shifting towards demilitarization and collective security soon enough. the
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saudis, in the israelis around the same page, they worry about rent, and then they do anything new. they've been worried for the can they do anything they can get their own weapons. this is a region that has more arms for coffee than any other region in the world. so much thanks to the defense industry. israel and some of the arab states are going to be able to buy more weapons and more advance if the nuclear threat from yvonne is decreasing. why should these other countries get a chance to actually arm themselves more? pakistan is a friend of saudi arabia. pakistan has nuclear weapons, are you in discussions with pakistan about perhaps getting a nuclear bomb from package, which is known each other for 25 years? you don't really expect me to answer this question. we're not going to have actually the militarization in the region unless israel
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nuclear arsenal also is addressed. the significance of this piece is that it is a game changer in the region. and it's going to be a question about the political willingness of leaders to whether they will pursue these opportunities or whether they will fall into the patterns of the past. i me and once you start a war, oh you open a kind of pandora's box. you don't control it, it controls you the use of that kind of violence has unforeseen consequences, but no one can predict and it propels you in directions. you never thought you'd go
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. that's what war does. so the images are very carefully controlled and countered by the lives that have been disseminated through every institution in society, schools, government, entertainment, the press when you shatter the mis and when you understand especially what tech no or industrial wars about, which is really about murder of slaughter people be so repulsed, it would be very hard to wait for i i me
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oh, i didn't mention were you saying who would you want to get into doing, you know, get them in the boxes to see another question. a as in me, friends to come and see you. i don't know the
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scene about this after non england, luna saying you need to miss that. i need to i seen in london them again. i i
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news news news. it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello, thank you for joining in. here's your headlines for the america. still watching this disturbance in the gulf of mexico, it could turn into something tropical. but either way, it's going to strike the u. s. golf states with some heavy rain in time for the pacific coast of mexico. we've got this intensive fine area of low pressure and probably within the span of the next several days. this will turn into something next. stop or go into the desert south. why still heat alerts in play for southern
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areas of california and nevada vegas coming in at $42.00 on wednesday for western canada, fairly quiet. se for a few showers for the south coast british columbia. vancouver has a height of 23 degrees, disturbed weather across the great lakes and breezy conditions at times as well. for toronto is seen. those winds will say about 40 kilometers per hour. that moves further toward the northeast. as we head toward thursday for the top and as south america, it's our usual bursts of rain that we're seeing pretty much from the pacific coast right to the atlantic coast. but really the bigger stories as we head further south is vigorous disturbance around the river plate region spreading some very heavy rain, but also gusty condition. so montevideo, going to see gus that about 68 kilometers per hour, and it's fancy on has cooled down big time with the high of $23.00. on wednesday, the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. the
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me to the must it be better know that emitted put it up on the truck or to the for what we're talking i the yeah me. you know if maybe you know the body to take the
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fact i'm clean enough. we knew who was the me, me but to kick in for me to i to let it work and get me through what song or what are you, what you mean you me? yes or no? well, i'm going to be to you i
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to you, when you get it in video feed, if you're able to they have been waiting for weeks to be allowed to cross the gulf now, which finally happening, thousands of migrants were allowed to travel to the town of i can be where the journey towards the darian got me. i didn't jungle on the border between. when am i on the begin. this is the 1st time microscope using this crossing people p around $100.00 each to the guy locals are involved in the business. they offered to take migrant on cards, tractors, and motorcycles. but only
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a part of the way. those who cannot afford it have to go on foot. the pace is fast, and the heat humidity makes it difficult for the most vulnerable. there are lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half. it's a dangerous journey, and many do not make it across the junglin, migrants know the risks. they say they have no choice. the this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm hasn't speak of this is the news out live from dall coming up in the next 60 minutes. a flight and people wanting to get in and out of afghanistan. us foreign minister provides assurances cobble airport should be open to passengers within days.


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