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tv   [untitled]    September 8, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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this in a la carte house part, one of the key parts investigation, people and power on al jazeera, me the i'm about isn't until the top stories on our disease. a mixed reaction from world powers to the makeup of ghana stands interim government. the telephones drawn from its old guard to fill top posts in the caretaker administration, the u. s. it says it has concerns about the affiliations and track record. so some members of cabinet. some senior figures on us in global terrorism watch lists. the european union says the government is not inclusive and representative. china sounded similar warnings, but says it will maintain communication and recognize the new leadership that has been a positive reaction enough canister to the new line up. charles chopin's reports
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from couple we understand there's gonna be a lot of support for this government. certainly in and around the taliban strongholds of the south and helman. province kandahar, for example. interesting. we speak to a lot of people here on the streets of cobble as well. and one thing that a lot of the majority of who said is that there is a sense of relief, at least this government orders into room government has now been announced. and there is a sense that if nothing else, at least even amongst their detractors, those that oppose, that's all a bond, there is a sense of security greatest security. i mean, bear in mind that these countries suffer 20 years, even more out of war. lot of people have been telling us that now they just want to restart their lives. they want food on the table, they want economic opportunities, they want jobs. interestingly, some of the women as well that i'll be speaking to cobble says that they are
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insisting that they have women representatives in this government or in a future government. of course, there are concerns about inclusivity when it comes to the various different ethnic groups here. to see the lot of the focus of attention in recent days has been in the fighting in the punchy valley where we know the majority of the population there are subjects. they suddenly vary under represented in any of these into regular portfolios, as all the banks. this out of me want to basically saying, give us a chance. there was a statement made last night by the supreme leader gonzalez. he said this was his 1st statement. he said that afghan does new rules are committed to international laws, treaties commitments, not in conflict with islamic law. securities tight in the final capital as the top begins of 20 men charge of a series of attacks. nearly 6 years ago. 130 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the violence in paris. one of the accused cell of the slum is thought to
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be the only surviving attacker, or all kinds of choosing new members of parliament and regional councils. by about 800000000 people is expected to vote. this is the 3rd election since a new constitution was introduced in 2011. these 41 people have been killed in a fire at a prison near indonesians. capital jakarta has been put out as an investigation into the overcrowding inmates ability to get out a powerful ass. craig struck mexico near the popular beach resort of acapulco. at least one person was killed in the magnitude 7 jolt. buildings were damaged, including the control tower at acapulco airport by going to joe biden says it's time the u. s. got serious about the code. rather danger of climate change is declared it everybody's crisis while visiting northeastern states had by 100 can ida 45 people were killed in new york and new jersey last week. and so folks, we got to listen to the scientists and economists and the national security experts . they all tell us, this is code, read, the nation and the world are in peril,
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match, not hyperbola. that is a fact. they've been worn in us. the extreme weather would get more extreme over the decade, and we're living in real time now. french doctors and scientists are calling on authorities to protect them against intimidation, into the death threats during the corona virus pandemic. they say they're pleased for help. i've gone unanswered and some doctors have even hard body guards, but least be his father has found documents to end a legal arrangement that let him control the american popstars life and money for 13 years. the thing has been fighting against the conservative ship imposed after what is about her mental health news or the headlines news is going to continue here on august 0 in about 30 minutes time after i'll just eat a world goodbye. i
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me. ah, the glitzy hollywood movie, exotic middle east locations. dot com and global superstore to go into a middle eastern country, one that you have been explaining the godly amount of time. that is filled with terrorists to steal their gold. but while this claim adventure has all the elements of a multi $1000000.00 big screen drama, it may also be
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a soft one that is stranger than fiction. me. ah, in june 2021, a new action movie called the misfits premier in united states cinemas. and they bring up violet chance to meet the con artist, formerly known as prince. there's a store caused led by one time james bond, doctor appears bozeman supported by several big international, a list performers. the why isn't anyone saying that will be i to i just tell you, i mean, and if i had to finish them, if it will come off google,
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some people will, it does not feel good. but sure. what do you find that it can be a little bit more on the home and she had the film was loaded as a rare i was funded hollywood production short mostly in the capital of the united alabama. the story line is about the missteps so called terrorist crime fighters in an imaginary country called jazz is pair up against our group. the muslim brotherhood base some resemblance to carter which until january 2021 was under located by 4. it's out of neighbors, including the us, where the film was on. but we partner with a muslim brother, local parish organization in some country. god, you hear a stain ro. real name is adam abdulla man and
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amy odyssey the out of a reporter tom at all the solid, his team of piece together the behind the scenes story of how the misfits was produced. the movie began production as a crime cable. i said in a caribbean island, but after a series of mishaps, it moved to the middle east. not only did the location change, but so to did the funding, the production structure and crucially, 8 script. oh, the it all began in 2016 with an international filmmaker who had a vision for a global blockbuster movie. lemme one nation that is
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a better philosophy mode. that the medina to have the medica, real dizzy and i knew what mr. mack, i met you at was if you decide, well my last night and i lost my key in that that i went into the field on this mind filling bill what issues that i wanted to them had on ashley and me. the comment on the song spoke to palestinian finish. actor and filmmaker rami job, who produced and stored in the misfits. oh misfits. oh, remember little out of the book o'clock for sure for to pay for something offensive . bosh partnership. for me not how we are film or would you not right there in
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about 20 or probably not in new york to you to you to be philip. i will more so would only had to finish quickbooks. i suppose i can splash not a one. so would they cannot and get that will you need to have this kept him for boss bad and last night is crypt dental. jordan, i can put that equal, which was off of the both equal what he, what he, how can father in the f thought had a little dumb or linea phone? i was calling mr. natalie will not have it all, but i sent it to my boss and melissa melissa. bye man. 3, call back for 30 belinda. she had a little follow what from bobby, the boy leg home. bernie rodriguez and i just let the domain and keep doing good hub, but hopefully you just learn not to listen to me.
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and then when we yes, we can check. and so the film moves production from plant rico to apple dummy, monsoon, cooney on the harry is a well established mit movie producer months who are as he is known, brought funding to the table and with money came influence over how the film was produced. it was at this point that the tone of the film changed. no longer was it a pure crime comedy. its new focus included a neighbor of the u. e. in the state of kata. the hunger city company came out of the arbiter backlit development display on the bus to letting me know that you had all not in the had door and letting me know what the 5xw5xw block asia also. and then the optic is 50000000. the
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lot of but the main building with a lot of what the college about what the mission was getting. am i and then emily philip? melody has one about the neck for that national casualty. there for me now. the misfits, lucy, 15 for me years. somebody car ah, ship kits, orangey, intermediate america as kelly and kenema, and how much of a book or project, anna, and non fat hatchet. even if you have finan gate out, hop in, get your k marquee. it was kind of kind of common for michel mussel. but i should call judy about the default either for monica, this fit in my d. f. a family site that i sent him to had given him the fact that i was in the showroom and not fit accord, lock on my feet. in my li producers. what car? ha, fin gateway copper would put down the producer of walk all walking to the
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gate with them. if the more so something came up in the area. well, i mean the film was back in production only this time with months of the honey calling the shots as well as being an established filmmaker in the us months who are also holes. several government posts including in the one the chief ministry of the crown prince. of darby, the logic, but we'd like to know what sort of lofty, i've been my corner of the mecan had them for 51. how can one of the 51 to 100 off on for was a for when it came also. and if you do one, when i had the one when in town,
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if you do once more on and to show them how much do and i and the whole and, and i, and on my home i just sit down and i can enter that even for a dish for them and see how you feel about me for them and be at college. i'm working by the nist, putting them on sort of add them towards the from all are pursuing only the kind of do i just want to make sure i can fish up in here. do my narrative stuff online had on the yeah, those from the secret service secret service where we need to think of service in the on fit me. the change of location to the u. e. led to fundamental changes to the original script. a legal agreement was made in october 2018 between mon sore underwriter of the film, robert henney, this gave months or the right to make unlimited changes to the original script and
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to quote, alter, add to and or delete from the film. it also gave months or the right to change both the characters and the cloth lines in return months or would pay $50000.00 us dollars to the writer. the writer would also get 2.5 percent of any net profits of the picture. with script control. this placement sore in the driving seat, you know, the difference between film gauge and other production companies that is led by people who are not just producers, they're filmmakers and mentor has shown himself to be exactly that. he loves film. he loves writers very specifically, told me that film gate am unsure, are best in class, and i'd be really excited to work with them again. i'll just either contact the writer robert henney, offering him the unity to respond. he did not
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reply either gonna be in the, in the misfits unlawful necessity. sure. cuz he, i bought the hub timberly clinic. nadine and home had them been mckenna. fema can with fidget, like even a little for him. he cannot imagine sitting up in an action id working for the look of a judy that who will show him to you. it's about the indecision thought, but the module with the have one of the in the city and had the modules to show in the old character the bar shows in the home in about a year normally cause many confusion. see a little and a half minutes vision and a limo dean had all enough the item and yet it had the year bar western us national
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. we're now phenom, fog noise national gene and not whole about when they have washer. and what if our millie millie had been in abu dhabi. he the stars and the production team received a red carpet welcome. this document in arabic months was production company to the general command of the em. all righty, armed forces, requesting military equipment to be used as action products for the movie. the hardware included and naval ship small vessels and a landing craft. the stated rationale behind the quest was that the miss quote tackles the issue of fighting terrorism in the middle east. ah, ah,
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this permit from november 2018 by the u. e. z. national media council gave the green light for the team to film and any location in the u. e, except for military facilities and oil policies, with mr. hayden machine while i saw the boss last long before me. a bosh fin the fall punch and kind of more marsan was a hell of a lot of debate. what the her shift and i had a business open. how to be, you know, you have a live trip then this debt laska, the yellow theater, must have them off at the kenneth muscle village. usually marty for ya on the awful
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of night. and jim mitchell, comfortable with me. peter phillip number 9 will phone. i need you to kind of move that thing out because kind of what you can do, the more i meant for the little new year. how did you need me? most of the misfits scenes were shot in the emerald capital, abu dhabi, but some action scenes were filmed in the signs of a specialist direct ivy toward was hired for the car chase sequences the actual unit director. so although los angeles chasing these, all the actions hello, i had a possible solution. scanner could be mccollum,
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i'm at the levy job if you will, will be my 2nd unit we shot today. it's just a 5 minute taking. hello. hello. how are you? shirley amos dorothy? yes, the more the better for the other thing? no, no, no, no. i didn't seem like i was filming anywhere. that was pushing negatively. anybody has she had a uniform in one, he only had a phone. i. i watched half of the 1st guy up to the chasing fema. she had to be had in the, in the for how did the multiple but happy to hear me leave it fiction. let me think they can. they will if he had this. hi latisha. i didn't hear any names, but i'm in i also was tagging super attention but i i mean, i don't know. i just know that it was chasing with the middle east america. and for me it wasn't. didn't seem like a political film. ah,
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in this year i've done that. michelle office specialist libel lawyer based in london. if an actor has any come back, if their performance is in some way distorted, and then he'll come to me and he may do, depending perhaps on the terms of the contract. there are also performers now have rights under what's called a paging treaty on audio visual performances. it's governed by the world's intellectual property organization. and that that treaty has a proficient in giving perform as a right to object to distortion which is pressure prejudicial to the performance reputation. but i do think that in that situation of the actor or to know who before they get into it, the nature of,
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of the film. if they discover in the filming, for example, that facts are being distorted and they're not happy, then they would have to be in negotiation about maybe pulling out of the film. and that would give rise to a loss of adverse publicity against the movie producers. so i think it would be an unusual situation in any event. ah, it's not clear how many of the cast and crew would aware of the revised cut r plotline that had been woven into the new script advance publicity instead focused on the high profile hollywood actors that were story in the misfits can move forward as smart, neutral emergency, if you had that on the pierce brosnan. williams, 110 little mcdonald in june about an offer for family care fit camilla. so let me know my feeling when to jean,
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elephant the hell. a had a thought medical model here with him. the said i had to the school and all admitted i'm the only shad moke of him was sitting there. how do you know out of my murphy, a good while a miles in the city of f? i watch much money a she los angeles. how much money and how much biscuit and a lot of doors asked the agent, or they had beth had a dollar and asked snapped mud, but kevin, with eyes reco for some of ashes. senate hello. allow the door and sewer him canvas. how do you know what to be do by i'm interested. i can direct you to fill the bag drawn to rise. you been in the midst of any fiction,
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a story and highly. how did the man know more of the probably a smart new one wash cost. how did you do up? like in the fiction fiction movie hi, lofted off the bus, mcmann about if is skipped. 7 muttered kit men killed. she must shake in politics. it's been resolved and we made, and i remember they said they made multiple iterations to the script to address any political concerns. to make sure that the file script that we have had no issues whatsoever in regards to politics. however, it's emerge that at least one, hollywood a list or refuse to join the cost. citing concerns about the political contact back was the american actor. wesley snipes, snipes match with months or. and one of the misfits produces key
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a job and an entertainment executive. i took wesley to the beverly hills hotel for a meeting with a shake mock floor who was involved with the project at the time, i believe. and he was the one and said that he wanted wesley to be a part of the film isn't the photo vertical shot this night we had a film mother to meet them in our midst fits for him was, was, was going to be more of a favor to months or in exchange for funding the television series. and once he started talking to them about money, they didn't want to pay him what he was worth. lastly, there were some very strong political statements being made in the philip. there was just so that there was some things in the script about guitar
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and for some reason we were we, we, we were aware that there was going to be strong political statements made, get involved and things like that, you know, even though you may not endorse it if you're part of the project, it kind of that is an endorsement in some way. so i think i was one of the things that really kind of, you know, ultimately made part of the decision. easier to not be a part of that. i mean, because they couldn't, how can a well, the had to say now to live in the article, mental sort of body. yeah. that's the thing. that's what stood out like when it started to become like about terrorism and particular countries. yeah. about guitar and it's like, ultimately i don't, i don't know, and i have one friend, it's from guitar, you know, he's a great guy. so like, you know, and he makes music for me like, i don't have a reference point to say, oh yeah, you know, something's bad with guitar, but this is again when you start to see things like this in a spread,
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it immediately creates a red flag because this is a political statement, and by you being a part of a project that has that strong of a political view towards a country. and if you're not knowledgeable of the sensitivity or what's really going on and it's kit, ultimately be damaging to your career. who's coming up lights, cameras, action, the misfits begins filming, in the end of the more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leo we followed the citizens of this war to a nation because they pushed the limits for survival. risking
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is sierra leo on al jazeera september. and this era, russian supposed in parliamentary election, imitates the president putin, 21 year grip on power. the listening post dissects the media how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 attacks that the world 20 years on the war that followed, finally ended and i've got a son. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on african, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany goes to the poles and elections the, the i'm going to merkel replace. after 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera,
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i can unlock my phone with my face. you can access your bank account with your voice. unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification. biometrics a fall from person for their convenience and see me. infallibility comes across. most crucially, our privacy. in the 4th of a 5 part series alley re addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics. all hail the algorithm on the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to. and one that's far from easy situation . and now it's not clear that people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic price in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about a return to cruel punishment for the crimes the everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kid that again to rent. now together that feeling that way forward into
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the new reality. ah, roberson, until the top stories on odyssey, the us says consent some people enough kind of sounds, interim government around global terrorism watch lists. european union says the appointments by the taliban are not inclusive and representative on china says it will recognize the new leadership shall strive. it has more from couple it's important to recognize that the thought of on does have support here and certainly members of the old god as we're describing them, do have support, especially in the south, around their heart land and help and province in canada. certainly the people that we're hearing from a.


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