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tv   [untitled]    September 8, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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that went off by the judge, what his profession was up to from said he had given up his career to become a fighter for the islamic state affiliate head on it. and now the big coin is an official currency and el salvador. we look at the controversy around it, plus i'm our fisher in richmond, virginia, where after a long legal battle, a controversial symbol of white supremacy has finally been removed from what was the capital of the confederacy. and in sports, some english premier lee clubs are set for a major blow ahead of this week's this weekend's matches. ah, hello, the weather sloppy, sat fair across the middle east at the moment. lots of blue sky, lots of sunshine,
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we will see little more in the cloud and re pushing across. it's not over the next hour, so if a caballo is fine and dry blue skies, la, she settled, pleasant weather coming through for what that's worth. she was never too far away, we got some, she was there to northern pakistan. as you can see, these will ease in the heat that i will see the showers, just grassy easing off. and then as you go on into where friday, so repeat performance really class bubbling up a few showers there. but the west weather was it was southern parts of pakistan over towards the north west of in the cross, the middle east, as i said, find rhymes sunny. pretty much sums you not a brisk when the shamal could listen. dustin's, sad, rather decent side of your raping place the highs here in doha of around 42 degrees . my cache i would say around the southern end of the red sea, petty showers. meanwhile, just around the ethiopian, rolling across south saddam, looking at some rather wet weather to once again into southern parts of chad. we have seen some flooding here. and those heavy was drift all the way across towards
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the gulf of getting for southern africa with this lossy fine. and dr. plenty of warmth as well. but a chance of one or 2 showers for madagascar. ah, it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. and behind the death of many more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the known to many as the blood alliance. inside the sin, a la carte house taught one of the key parts investigation, people and power on al jazeera joint applicant launches, trade and investment in south africa, inter african traits. it gives you access to more than $1100.00 exhibitors and $10000.00 visitors and buyers and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries participate in trade and investment deals with
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40000000000 dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition boots to you by the african export import back at the premium partners, the atl 2020 was transforming africa. o the me again, you're watching. i just need a reminder of our top stories this out. he gra, rebels have reportedly killed at least 125 people in ethiopia as i'm hard to reach . killing, as i said, to have happened over 2 days in a village near the town of double last week. he ground forces deny the attacks. the west african block co us has suspended guineas membership following sundays,
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military coups that overthrew president of conduct. it's also demanding conduct release. the u. s. says is concerned about the current makeup of afghanistan's into him government. us secretary of state anthony blinking, urged tyler bond to allow charter flights to zoom out to the afghan camp. i went to talk to bonnie in control. the u. s. is frozen billions of dollars in bank reserves that could be used for aid. other major donors like the world bank and the i m f have also hold today. they said they're waiting to see what kind of leadership the taller bond demonstrates before releasing funds. over the last 20 years i've can astonish, relied heavily on foreign aid. the biggest donor, the u. s. support about $36000000000.00 into the kind of economy for education and for any infrastructure projects, humanitarian aid. i counted for another 4000000000, but international support began to decline well before the taller bond took over in
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2009 and accounted for 100 percent of the country's g d p. but a decade later, it was less than half that have can astounds, domestically driven economy is fragile. growth in the private sector has been limited about 40 percent of its workforce lives off of farming and agriculture. i'ma had is director of the middle east and knowledge economy institute. he joins us via skype now from london. thanks very much for being with us. so just give us your perspective on what is at stake here for the aides that goes into afghanistan and how dependent it's economy has, has been for 20 years now even longer. thank you very much. the economy of god is done is almost very unique. in fact, it depends almost entirely on international aid for the last many, many years. and the situation is extremely serious in my opinion,
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because of got it done is facing decline in the number of donors so are willingly put in for the abilities. some of them for one year, some are for few years to help i've gone is done is already reduced from $15000000000.00 us dollar back to sell the sixty's haven't been to now they are pledging $12000000000.00 us dollar number to all countries, including the united states are having a condition attached to their financial support or it was the corruption strapped to use b storks and how the government is going to control its physical policy and so on and so forth. the way the where the bank is also booking lots of conditions for i've got it down to commit to reform, human rights be dialogue and so on and so forth. so the situation is very serious
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because you're talking about the country almost 40, depending on it. and this is now under tedious situation of not continuing, or at least it's been severely been reduced. what do you make of the fact that they are putting these conditions on, on further a lot like the u. s. for example, you know, some would say that they're essentially weaponized being age and, you know, holding, holding the country to ransom what, what's your view on that? my view is that unfortunately, that wish, including my country here, the kingdom is really shit. and with the fast moving it be, so it's on the ground. got it done. even our chief military best. and he and he said that in the last interview i watch him. the situation is really our fall, these changing very rapidly. they don't know what to do. no one really can even fork off how the taliban is going to react. no one really. ca forgot how the
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government is going to commit all the conditions being what. so everyone is very just waiting in, holding in waiting. the other issue is, i know this is a nice line for the way, but the west is feeling, being humiliated by in i've got to stand after 20, if nothing has been achieved. yes, millions of gale have been discourse, which is a very good result. but because see that, that all of us are now marching on the street in buried being as victory. and they have succeeded to come back on the holding. i've got to stand again. so that humiliation feeling in the mind. heart of many of the western leaders is, is making them shakey, on what to do is i've got it done. remember, we went off and got it down to try to inform that country under the war, which we call it, global war and data. and we haven't achieved that,
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we will not talk about how secure we are now after that the bonds are back. so the issue is all these countries, including the united states, the united kingdom, germany, they are all financially struggling just yesterday. our prime minister boat is johnson and now is one of the highest amount of, of taxes are going to be on board on of and even that was clear. if you like going away from manifesto. he said, yes i did because of course it is affecting all economy us and others so that we're going to be less than to try to commit to any financial support really do. ok. we're gonna, we're gonna have to leave it there unfortunately. but we appreciate you talking to us good to get your force on this alarm at. thank you. i believe you are un, humanitarian agency is warning. it needs more money to deal with a growing crisis in democratic republic of congo. this year alone,
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ethnic violence has for another 3000 people from their homes in the province over to re catherine sawyer, reports from a camp in the capitol bornea he's in, he called joseph and his family have been in this comfort, displaced people in borneo in a tory province, since may. their village is at a boot with benny territory in neighbouring north keyson. it's where one of the most feared armed groups called our lie democratic forces. all adf has been attacking villages, begun, and as you see, if i've been fighting with the government forces, the troops is treated, dental ruble started attacking us. so we also fluids. the government declared a state of emergency me effectively placing it to re and north q and a military rule to counter the rebels. but it has been a struggle since we've been here, a convoy of civilian vehicles,
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escorted by the army, was ambushed by adf. several people were killed and others are missing. dazzling vehicles were burned, and the military escort have now been suspended. a village was also talked about 30 people killed this comp or set up 2 years ago, but it is increasingly receiving more and more people from areas one or previously caught up in the conflict. it is one of many idp comes cut across this province. hosting thousands of idp will continue to flee from this conflict. the new presence of a b s. in some parts of the tory by the complicates an ethnic fuel conflict that's going on for decades, mainly between lender farmers and hema, heart as more than 1000 people, mostly hammers have been killed since 2017 and close to $2000000.00 people displaced the total needs for the d, c were estimated at $1980000000.00,
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which is nearly $2000000000.00 to aid a $16000000.00 people as the most vulnerable the most valuable areas of the country . it will re, north keeble, south q and the north of north entangle these areas where there's so much displacement require special attention. and unfortunately, at the moment this year we are only 30 percent funded of our humanitarian response plan. covenant forces are pushing rebels out of some areas, and people are beginning to return. in this belief of new day, those who come back are receiving essential supplies to restart their lives. mountains and i'm with the and he's wife. shantell said they fled during fight between troops and militia group guardian and our road. yeah, we did not find anything in our homes when we returned your starting our lives over . everything was lucid, military victories like this one in cooney. i boosting the morale of soldiers as
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well as the confidence of those they're here to protect, but some here say the successes are too few and quite far apart. catherine saw all jazeera, it tore province, a human rights activists say, indonesia, criminal justice system needs urge and reform that's after a fire swept through an overcrowded jail need indonesia, capital killing. at least 41 inmates and injuring at least 70 others. investigate is trying to find the cause of the blaze of broke out while inmates were sleeping. jessica washington reports from tangling on the outskirts of the indonesian capital fire fighters. that'll ablaze at least prison in the early hours of the morning. it started here in block. see where inmates was sleeping in their cell authority say there wasn't enough time for gods to open all the cells in the overcrowded facility . at least 40 inmates were killed, trapped behind bars. as the flames moved in desperate relatives rushed to the
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prison. when they heard of the fire, they said my son is among the dead. i had about the fire tv. when we came here, we were still hoping he would be ok. dozens were injured, some suffered burns to almost all of their body. when i heard the news, i fainted, it scared me half to death. her son with one of the survivors of his leg hurt because he said people were stepping on each other and my son is okay. the one on the prison was built in the 19 seventies and authorities have confirmed the electrical wiring had not been upgraded since the authorities are investigating. but say it's likely and electrical fault was the cause, bullying by the sensitive i voted the director general to check other prisons too because apart from fires caused by riots, they are usually caused by a short circuit. like most prisons in indonesia,
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the tongue wrong jail was overcrowded, making efforts to evacuate people even more difficult. most of the inmates in block c were being held for drug related offenses tango, prison would fill the $600.00 inmates. but there are more than 2000 prisoners here . the jail is well over capacity across indonesia, many prisons are overcrowded. and human rights activists say the criminal justice system needs urgent for full human rights activists say the fire was not just a safety incident, but a violation of human rights and one that highlights long standing problems in indonesia, the criminal justice system should be awake, a call for minister of, of law and human rights of justice to the think about improving prison conditions. the think about new policy of veiling with with 50 crime, including with crimes related to drug abuse or the investigation into what went
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wrong. we continued this week, the families of the dead and injured or demanding answers. jessica washington out to 0 tongue around crowds in the us city of richmond, virginia cheered as work has brought down a prominent symbol of the confederacy. the state had ordered the statue of confederate general robert e. lee from the american civil war, be dismantled. that's often more than a year of protest calling for its removal. allan fisher report from richmond the weight of history lifted from this part of america for more than a 100 years general, robert lee has looked out over richmond in virginia. reminder, this was the heart of the confederacy, the capital, the center of the insurrection. he led to present slavery. it continued domination of the skyline. a painful reminder there, the step in the right direction that there is going to be the high $1.03 of the
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symbols wife, supremacy. why national. now it's going to be important. i suppose that accurate that same energy to make decisions in terms of legislation. it took little time to remove the staff to the cro data gathered. didn't hide their satisfaction. yeah. the other confederate statutes and this i've been, you have gone 160 across the country in the last year here in richmond. this was the tallest, the last, the most symbolic cause to remove. it grew louder last year after the murder of george floyd. and the nationwide racial justice protest that followed there was a legal fight. the court ruled, it could come down along part of that feeling across the board. embrace to be a welcome to being they let people know that our life. i'm really glad that i can
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be here and see this moment because it's been needing to happen. we were taught this story in school, but this was, this is what we should believe in and that he was a good man and this was righteous and it turned out it was wrong. it was always wrong. and it's taken us this long to, to have our eyes opened up to see this has been like that moving for someone who is from an immigrant family. it's kind of where they should be. this is the america and my family wants to be part of the statue will be put on storage until the final decision is made on what to do with it. the plan for now remained a reminder that america may have moved, but there are still obstacles in the way of racial justice island fisher. i'll just see the richmond, virginia how angry protest, technological glitches and a climate in value marked the 1st day of el salvador, adopting big coin as
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a legal tandem. the roll out was far from what president enable kelly would have envisaged. when he began his bold experiment, john hallman reports from san salvador. it was the 1st day in the 1st country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. but his el salvador rode the crypto currency out, things didn't go quite as plain. technical glitches here is people tried to download digital wallet together with the $30.00 worth of big coins. the government a promise would be in the president naive. kelly himself went on twitter to give customer service. this is very much his brainchild hugo and his cousin glenda were among the few we saw successfully get their funds. what were they going to do now? i asked him, i don't remember right now, we're going to spend them and we're going to get something to eat. he said that businesses and people in the small central american country would now be forced to use bitcoin. the current currency, the us dollar will still be around,
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but there is excitement, especially in the crypto currency world about what this may mean. this is what president kelly wants, the eyes of the world to be on. i will start with those, take the logical jump forward, even called it chiva, which is slang here. the cool, but some people are asking, why are we thinking a lot of money into this one of the poorest countries in the america? and we've got so many more fundamental problems to address some of these people government for an anti pick when much winding its way through the city center. i know that somebody else can are going to end $200000000.00 on this. all right, so have you sorted out the rest of our problems? have you sorted out education or health care? well, there's a lot more problems to solve after that, before you come and impose a law that salvador and don't agree with the 3 recent pose show, the majority of people did a bit coin and they were real worries, given its volatility,
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while fluctuate actions can put daily transactions and people saving at risk in a country where many already live on a knife edge. the plan also relies on the government covering the cost of converting bitcoin into dollars. at the end, the taxpayer picks up that bill in the long term is essentially a benefit for so it could be, it could be very beneficial, it could connect over the better to the rest of the world that could cut down the remittance fees, at least for regular people to help them save money. you know, so far a lot of sellers didn't even have a bank account, didn't have a credit card. now for the 1st time they make, they can make electronic payments. keep somebody cleaning, saving perhaps, or go get food like glenda new. go on their hunt to use that big coin except the full restaurant they tried. wouldn't take them. and how are you feeling right now about that? okay, oh yes, we came to pay with big coin with disappointed. she says the 1st experience with
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crypto currency hasn't been great. hopefully some of those will improve with time. john, home and son salvador. all right, turn off the sport, his center. thank you very much. has him while he is up and it's effort to organize the woke up every 2 years. the president, the football governing body says almost 90 percent of countries in favor of the change. john infant geno isn't cut off meeting with footballers and coaches from 6 continents as part of the consultation process in agreement can be reached by a member. so oceans and you look at calendar could kick off in 2028th. the state, the school of the international much kind of shows us that we have reached summit its the current release period when national team football in this particular period exacerbated by the cove. it situation shows
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us how difficult it is today to for players to travel from one country to another. one, continent to another is another for the house of the players is not good for the competitions. there are too many meaningless matches. while the world cup has been played every 4 years since, it began in 1913 former awesome manager us and then is heading off of the feasibility study to see if that can be changed in may. a 166 of the 211 member countries back the principal holding the finals every 2 years. menu repeat clubs are against the idea, saying it would put unfair the months on the place. well, join us now is international football. jones, gavin hamilton gavin, we're discussing this with my colleague has an earlier saying, like if c for hold the world cup every 2 years, it could probably insure the, the spread of the torment globally in the years ahead. but that's not the main
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reason. is it no, it's fundraising mentally about money. people makes money from the gets the revenue from the world to spend on its other activities the, the way these will come from the competitions and develop the work. and crucially funds. many of the smaller member conscious payments. and so this is about money and fee to thank you for home work up every 2 years rather than every 4 years. that will be double the money for everybody, but he's not as simple as 7. do you think the plan could work? i think you'd be very difficult. i think we've seen in the last few days and no missing position from particularly from europe, particularly from clubs. i'm from the players and from many sections of european. and remember, your is the powerhouse behind drug produces all the players and producers,
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the club that employs the prize then take part in the world. so if europe is on board with the proposals, it will be very difficult, but is a membership of to $200.00 countries. the majority of those companies, if you have, say, are outside of your favorite, the maternity companies for potentially cook. okay. but i think it's a very difficult situation to, to, to think you have to ask, what is the person, what does he say, what does he really from this? because it's not clear that he can, for certain issue, may be strong, forced the clubs to, to back out. and maybe he's trying to take part in a world club cup, which is what he would like to learn. and he would like to see you a chance to think the mason status and his own free for world. cluck up, right? inspected gavin, international football. john is gavin hamilton. thank you very much for that. or
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a brazilians have been banned from playing in the english remedy. this weekend to play is not really for international duty, can be suspended for 5 days. the brazilian football authorities won the ruler to be implemented for the premier league stopped plays from traveling to south america due to coven 19 restrictions, the clubs effected the liverpool man just to city. chelsea majesty knighthood and leads and major league baseball future hall of famer albert pew halls received an incredible welcome from fence of his former team st. louis number 55 1st baseman albert. the whole thing for the early though, does the legendary left the cardinals in 2011,
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after playing 10 seasons 41 year old event, thank the crowd with the home the home run. number 679. the builders won the game 72 and the formula one will title leader has taken the cynic, the diverse diversion head of sunday's talent, and the red bull driver. my 1st stop and has been putting on a show for the residence of landmark on his way to the circuits. in milan, their stop and victory at his home gone pre in the netherlands, moved him 3 points, clear of title, rival lewis hamilton. and that's always well for me, i'll hand you back to hi. yeah. to, you're welcome. okay, i'll leave it at that. thanks so much. thanks so much that that is it for this new
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zone for me has and see can all the team you know how. thanks for your company. my colleague lauren taylor, will have all of those use in a couple of a news news news. it shows the world and change the us forever, but after a vengeful war and africanist on how much has changed and at what cost? al jazeera looks back on 20 years since the $911.00 attacks. it was meant to be
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that day. just here's a car was going on quickly, put a project attack, stop the world, and the u. s. president, a guy came in and whispered something into the previous year. what did he say to for the school children present? the events of september, the 11th, defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. 911, witness on al jazeera take the worst possible material uranium. grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into the face of people live. up to 9. for many people, this is a silent dealer. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous environmental disaster and investigation. south africa, toxic city on al jazeera teaching,
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those you can watch. i'll just say we're english streaming light on. i do channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries, and to get the new to a subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah . the taliban government takes shape international reaction is mixed. but on the streets of cobble, there are many who feel sidelined. ah, i'm trying to, this is out there. a life from london was coming up guineas suspended from the west . african regional block echo was following the military crew that overthrew president of the county.


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